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Image 2 of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1789), April 16, 1796

Part of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1789)

X1&ERINE THE AT?. 'sell $. Trearyvof peace and amity concluded this prefeutday'lami of .the Luthe twenty-Ari- l nar Saler year of the, Hegita 1210, corr?fpoding with iatur-- , lay the fifth of September, 179J. between Haflan Bafliaw, Dey of Algiers, his Divan and fubjecls,. and George Washington, .Prefi-eleof the United States'" of orth America, and the Citizens of the said United States. i, Ar-taf- any vefre! of NvaVto arrital of part pf the .Brililh Bcii at Baibpdoes. Two sail arrived, on the 20th of Januaiy and 13 sail of the line about eight days aficr. by llie' Dey in person, and no otlien aWy-toa0- t war with the United States of Anydilputes that may ante beNorth America, or any veflel capa tween the vitizeno of the United ble oFcr'uifing to the detriment of fetares hall be decided by the Coin thc'commcrce of the United Stares. 1 fi . ,. thev are in fucli cases hot Art. 8. Any citizen of the United. States of North America, having bought any prize condemned by the Algerines, fliallnot beagain captured by theciuifersof thelie-genc- y then at sea, although they have not a pallport j a certificate from the Consul relident bting deemed sufficient, until such time they tan procure such palfpoit. Ait. 9. Is any of the Barbary nt H and not with moie feveiity Should any Citizen ol the United States of North America, in the above predicament, escape Prison, the Conful lhall not become, aiifwerable for him. Art. 17. The consul of th'eUni- , ted Stats of Noith America, fliall h.ivp cn?rv neflo', al lecUntv iven y,jn aild ,5s household ; He fliall hav6 liberty to exercise his religion in his own house. Allflavtsof the same religioh ihall hot be impeded in going to said Consul's house, at hours of prayei 1 he tonful fliall have liberty and peifohal given to him to travel whenever he pleases, within the Regetl-c: He fliall have a fiee licente to go on boaid any veflel lying in our loads, whenever he fliall think sit. The, Consul fliall have leave to appoint his own Drogaman and Broker. Art. 18. Should a war break out between tie two nations, the Conful ot the United States of North America, and Al citizens of said States ihall have leave to embaik themftKes and pioperty unnioleft;-ed- , s on board of what veflel and they fliall think pioper. 'Art. jo. Should the ciuifersof Algleis capture tin veflel, having citizens of ilie United States 01 Noith America oil board, th'ey having papeis to piove they aie leal ly io, they and t!ieir propel ty ihall be immediately difchargtd. And fliould the vefltls of the United States capture any itflels of na tions at w ar ith them, having of this regency on board, thty fliall Le nested ill like wanner. Art. 20. On a veflel of war belonging to the United Sfates of Noith America anchoring in our orts the conlnl is to infoiin the Dey of their arrival ; and flie fliall be (aimed with 21 guns; which flic is to return in the same quan- - he huhiber of ii oops said to be Martinique as to be the place of rendezvous. The troops that had been at andbtherEnglifhlflandSjhad been carried to Martinique, vheifc preparations veie making to go against. Gaudaloupe. iniWtd, vas ib,coOi J subject to the laws ol this Regency 5 AtV. 16. fliould any Citiscrt of the United States of North Ameri ca, kill wound or strike a fubjeel of. this Regency, he fliall be pun-iihe- d in the same mahnerasa Turk, St;-Kitt- in. i AUGUSTA, feb. iS. On Thutfday last his excellency the governor made the following communication to the legiflatuie. The honorable the president of the feharc, and the honorable the rpeaker of the house of reprefent-utive- Artlttl.T ROM the date of the present treaty, there fliall fubfilt a ns" Nnrrh Aini"r!r.i. (Iiall tanture a- firm and iincere peace and amity ny American veflel and bung hfr between the president and citizens into any Ot theoortsot tins Ke Aof the United States of North gency, they (hall not be permit merica, and Haflan Balh&w, Dey of to sell her but fliall depiit the port STAT HOVSE) 'A Algiers, his Divan and fubjetts ; on procuring the requlfite supplies Louisville, February 10, 1796 Yeiterday evening I leeivtd exane veneis ana lumects 01 ootn 11aptoviholi. 'tions reciprocally treating each - of Art. prsfs, a letter fi 0111 Major BlaCk-lliir10. Any veflel belonging ro lf mer wun ctviiny, nonor ana rei the Uniied States Of North Ame 5 (a copy of whieh'I do V nedr. the honor to inclofc you hereat war r with1 a!hy other Art. 2. All veflels belonging to nation fliall be permitted to send with) in cohfequence of the the citizens of the United States 01 their prizes into the ports Of the it contains, I have di- - ' reeled a detarchinent of hoife to North America, (hall be permitted Regency, have leave to tlifpofe ot be put in motion, and general to enter the different pors of the them, without paying any duties '1 V iggs hav e eceived my orders to Regency, to trade with our veflbls wanton sale thereof. All or any other perfpns efu'ing make 1 turner arrangements for'the provifiortsor refreshments fliail within our jurifdiCtion, on paying ing immediate protetftion of the fron-'tie- r permitted to buy them atmaik' -. the usual duties at our cuitoin-liouf- e be price. fettlcis. I inull bfcg leave tofifggeft the that is. paid by all nations at et Art. lit Allfliipsof' war belongpeace with this Regency : obferv necefhry ns provifiofi bping made ing to the United States of North ing that all goods disembarked and America, on aiuhoi ingin the ports for the lemoyalidf-- the magazine not sold here fliall be permitted to of tile Regency, fliall receive the in Augulla todilspilace. '"" be without paying y usual presents ofpiovifions Jarip Irwin. duty whatever, either for A copy from th original. gratis. Should ahy of or embarking. All namake val and military itoi es, such as gun the Haves of this RegencyTeflels, their escape on boai d said Honored hx, powder, lead, ii on, plank, uilphur, they fliall be immediately returnAbout two hours ago niyfelf timber lor building, tar, pitch, excuse fliall be tnadc that ahd i7inenveie on tho trail of " turpentine, & any other oods ed ; no themfelveS among ft have some horses that the Indians hatl denominated naval and miHtaiy theypeople hid cannot be sound, or and lloleti from our neighbbiiiood, llores, fliall be permitted to be sold, the ,any other equivocation. one mile above Cair's BlniF in this Regency,' without Davinir,i Art. rj o ii. No citi7enof the Uni was ambuscaded by a party ot Inany duties whatever at the cuiiom ted States of North America, fliall dians supposed o be 100, at leall house of this Regency. ltjdeem any slave there Mete 150 'guns sired by the Art. 3 1 he veflels of both na be oblite to even fliould he be his will, tions (hall pass each other without two parties, their numbeiS being his brother j neither fliall the ownso far fupcrior to any impediment or ltioleftation ouis, w e supposell him be fed ourfel ves not to be able to drive nnd all goods, monies or pailbn- - er of a flavc will foiced to such ; bis but all them, but flood till they began to ge,sj of whatfoevci- - nation, that against must be made" by fcf 3nay be on board of rhe veflels be- fui round ns,at w hich time vt movof pai ties. Should a (iy Ameed oil' in order, and made a safe re m longitnr 10 ejJicr p'my, iliall bei be taken on tfbaid an confidtied as inviolable, and lhall ' rican citizen treat with! the lofs;f( men milling, enemy's fliip,by the ci uifers of this jbe allowed to pass unniolcited. but have a l.ope t) t il.ty aie net Regency, having a lcgular pailjiort rt. A. -All illinsnf v:r bflnnnr- all killed ; at tl is tl'c fettk-men,. , is lpeciijing they ate citizens of the alarmed ard hiunLly rravisthe i.v Litis i. " ...v, , uii 111.11411" 4ii United States, they fliall be ol goveinmejit. I expect vi'h merchant veflels belonging to set at liberty. On the con- Tto gf t what mt it i can and fuppOrc citizens of the United States, fliall e be allowed to visit them with two trary, they having nopal port, they fieh provi fions 011 L Jlcl ' s thib fiontier to the lalt txtremny, persons only beilde the rowers ' and their property fliall be conii- - is cufloniary, gratis it is out of my powtr to give jour this Ivegen-cArt, 11. i lie omul of the United excellency teiliiuonials tf this at these two being only permitted to deied lawful prize ; as thcirpail-portknow their friends by States of North America, ihall not piefent, but pawn niyfelf, that at goon board laid veifel, without be required to pay any duty on any any rime, it is called toi the while obtaining express leave from the citiArt. 13. Shonld any of the things fiom a foreign couiuiy for paity will make afTdavit of tle commander of said vefl'el, vv ho lhall zens of the United States of North compare the pallport, and immedi same. the use of his house and family. e expeiTt to be attacked America, die within the limits of Art. 22. Should any diltuibance ately permit said veflel 10 proceed on lome quarrei within 2 or 3 hours on her voyage unmolcfled. All this Regency, the Dey and his take place between the citizens of ihall not interiere with the the United States and the iubjtL'ts nuiil therefore deiifl while I ihipsr of war belonging to the niyfelf, your exitllency's ; but it of the deceased united States of North America, piopeityunder the immediate di. of this iegency,orbieak any diticle obedient and er humble ler'vant. fliall be ot this tieaty, war ihall not be deoh meeting with an Algerinecruif- D. LiJ.ACKSIllilE. 1. M. er, and lhall havefeen her pallport leclion of thfc Consul ; unless clared immediately; but every His exrellency governor liwin, disposed of by will. Should and ceitificate from the Consul of be feanhed into legnlarly, hall thing the United States of North Ameri- thei e be no consul, the effects some and the paity injured ihll be PHlLADi-LlMUMaich 10. deposited in the hands of be ca, lefident ilj4flSocn U made repaiation. ol a letttr from a Spanish person woitliy of trust, until the be periniiyfoTfpfpteea ors her On the a ill of the Luna of Safer, gentleman to a mei chant in cruise ugiTtole.led : nopafiport to party fliall appear who has a right I2io,coireiponding v ith the jihof dated December 3, be illmra 'to any ihips but fucli as to demand them; when they ihall September, J 795, Jo'epb Donald- I7pi. cuder an account of the property. anlmSutelv the proncitv of the Neither fliall the Dey or Divan son, jun. 011 the part of the Uni- " I transmit you the incloftd the United States; and .ted .States of North Ametica, a- printed paper, and requeil you leityitee'ri months fliall be the term give hindrance in the execution of greed with Haflan Baihaw, Dey of to ihew it to jour frier.ds. allowed for furnilhing the ihipsof any vv'ill that may appear. Algiers, to keep the articles con. UnitArt. 14. No citizen of the the United States wHi pailports. .tainedin this treaty facre'd GLORICi VfCTOllT) Art. 5. No commander of any ed States of North America, shall which wethe'Dey and Gained by the lrmies under be obliged to pui chase any goods thiSTlegericy," Divan pi omife to observe, in ; but on the conagamll his shall be allowed to take any per-lbof the United Mates paytrary, ihall be allowed to purchase ing annually the value of 12, coo of whatever nation or denomipleaieth him. The Algerine, sequins in maratime nation, out of any veflel belonging whatever it I hall en to impart toyou our triConlul of the United States of N. tothe United States of North lloies. Should tile United States umphs The checks we have met Amei ica, or any other citizen, fliall forward a larger quantity order to examine them, the with obliired us to ivrnl.c- new Vffm rs or under pi etence of making them not be amenable ior debts contracvernlus fliall be paid for in monevj. which aie crowned by the most cons fi any thing desired ; neither ted by any one of their own nati-by the Dey and Regency. AflyJl ;ipicnoia and n'.glt clicntial luccel, on ; unless previouily they have veflel , fttall they inflict any corporal that may be captured fioinv and of which a peace will so to do. or any way else inolesl: given a written obligation ine aate or tins treaty or peace ana be the neceflary cenrtquence. Should the Dey want to freight them. fliall immediately be delivYou have hearewf the American veflel that may be in amity, on her arrival in Algiers. ' Art.&. Is any veflel belonging ered up efleclet'by Gen Jonr-da- n the Regency or Turkey, said vefto the United States of Noitli : This iKilfujnianceuview 01k-e- d Signed, fel not being ti imaged , in conflhall be Uranded on the up the confkhnce of iheAuilri-a- n the cast of this Regency, they fliall erence ofthe friendfliip fubfifling General Chfajt ; he made between two nations, he exVizik Hassan Bashaw. ceiye every poflible afliitance Auldeii and viorous attacks: carto have the preference given alHm the fubjec1:sof this Regency ; pects ried all our woks- before Majence, hj goods saved from the wreck him, on his paying the fanie fi eight Joseph Donaldson Jim. took our artilry and a quantity edjl be permitted to be re embark-w- ? offered by any other nation. of arum lining al)d formed a plaa Any disputes 01 suits at Art. 15. on board of any other veflel, j to besiege ij&mbiiigh ; Cllnltuhb OiN, Ke im25. take cu.hout paying 'any duties at the "l.iw, that mav rhe place between ' Capt Freeman from St. Croix, j mediately aier publiihcd his ad regency and the informs, that he was 111 St. the fubjecfisof row house. Ki$ts anced pog a far as Ijjevcs, WJt. 7. The Algerinesarcnpt, on citi.ens of the United States of 26 days ogo. At that time they JTicnegru nian- sfi pretence whatever, to give or North America, lhall be decided had authentic accounts theie of the J W i - o- rica-whe- v fub-ject- s, 1 andre-fiefhinen- ts s. e, nry-fe- 1 1 vef-fel- 10-li- n, ,0 t con--len- . -- fob-jec- v 5 w imnfe'-diatel- v ts t y c s. '- fub-jcc- ls h.b-fiii- oth-erwi- be fe .E-xtiacl ia, -- pii 1 aiidin-violabl- cruifor-belonging-- to i e; confi-derati- ime-riahft- ill s. n, tj 1 fpei' pun-iihme- a-- niafler-lyictre- I - 1 k jjf at 'I I F

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