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Image 1 of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1789), April 16, 1796

Part of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1789)

' ' KEN T- U C js - AiT'U SCSXL PMJMB. A Scheme of Chances of Inftiratjce ;p: A A Q" A R he Lattery anthorifsd by Lain for ratprig 2250 dollari,'jor Lo'dre, No' 25 ; to raije ihe same Jumfor the purfift of repairing thtjtreets duildiug jloric bridges ,$aDingy drc. the town of Lexington. ulei-.nen lf EsHavv-iu.zen- s. ,- ..,;., invi-rora- td T as there are ticketrfaPipai!& ton f clnnctfs cf ",i(Vra:ice, and i' t.e iiu e Lodge 2J3 , 2 75 IPO 53 35 20 5 13 JO 10 5 10 2jii- 6 2049- for. 2 of 100 each,. being the i:rtt and I tor tiie lalt 600 53 25 20 2 1.5 2550 2W 10 103' - 6 2 of Too eaic h.' beldg one for t!.e chances or the' same numbers as 442 - 1 a? .., roo J oSo1,4 IS "J3 f . . loi'6$BJJM 1984 olajdej Coliart 15,300 ..a.J!te. H I NIK VCiU HAVE FOR SALE ui L 0 T, and T. I IN THIS TOWN, two jlory Jrumcd 5 12 30 100 170 2JI 44 KOTIOE At tNCOLRAGLWKKT 2 J aco 100 50 2J 20 U 3 for pvisei. HEKSA'S she iubfciibers living on High ttreet, oppohte Col J Patterson's, SVe now about, to eiect a jV A R. p, AN wjQ give tfie. higheflr price fcr gocd Oak Tiarkyor Hides j and will drive to keep an auortrftent of Leatoer till they cave ir oi tiieir h tanning. Any perlon bav:rg for sale either of fonser articles, or waiii-in- g to ptn tbate tne latter no doUut will he latiSed witb. th; treatment of the fubfen-ber- H0 six liy Vi 7 I- - 500 600 of TOO each-Bra- thelafl-drrfwiifatHe- r t L v )- O ft ' iiairdfto-wn- VU-tli- e &1 -- v t Ik- TO BE jc-- Squa.'e V?"Q RENT LOT neai -- vice. at the frorit'dooT oi lh Eaptat tnaet f ing- boufe on Cox'j ct8:lt he Public (A Copy.J Teite )Jyto TIiO?.lA HARle SON SN. GllAYSON, C C. i r ,1 ' 7 ahi6 -- ".-...- is PVDLrFFn. UAi AT TH (Pr'Cf - "''-- P'rcr u HHUU' MAYr.r.Hin AND JLIHR..RY ROOM, rtlreefoi t.ghtier.ferc;.) - .11 I1II L..KZ ' AVaiN up by on Clarke countv, a foriel 1 sour years old, thirteen hands his, bald face, some laddie ipos ; branded lett moulder $5 5 appraJeo to 9:. teJ2 Mtg"a, 'jbertfon. J- January, 1795. V J ?A Notice to all pcrfois whom is may concern, that coMm'lhoners are appointed by the county court ot Bourbon, " An t undo.- in act of Afl'emblv entitk--d to eftaolilh the boundaric ot l.ntis, and for -- ota other pin poles' who wi'l me t on TS " IVll.jJ t next, tor tne pur.'ou :iaa " edcpoCtions of witr.e.les , eftabiifh a certain nupioverae..t raws Jo? . 1 1 anJ of a Jeffe cs tion ot 430 acres, which irr.n on Strode's creek, I mile beio v mil; trie Uicilettiemti-.- t and preempt-oafpatented in the name of Kil. h 7vI)i..b,' partof laid land was ticxsil:,-- - ; tj(dslf . conveyance, to James Let'i, .tuualj-; Cray, Jpfeph Ket'e, J.'n.cs L, ode, gg U Ar.derfon,of fcouibon irwi'i, i JaufaWr' gan. T he ccmmuTicr.ers win ir,eet on ff " dav appointed, at fcid Hod es's- - imjlWre-,- K s t T their in Lexington, a quantity mer.t. of Badon, Whilkey, Hemp and' Coun John Strodfyf try .wnent tor vnica ar generous price win James Beethi ' 1 0, '"'"ve n person - . '' aftioa uao tne gravel, clav, or eaitr.f.ora .. . .t any n Bi oritf- - of tbeSn ri. HUGH M'iLvALI. Chatrmin. .eXinTtDn. Jrhil a1, . a jv. f nrri "r "" commence-a- rifnot '" ."-'!- tii.-eon- 264O the firft.atjdii for 11 the lhcets of the town, of Lexington, or public grounj ; or commit anv other tref-pa-fs . 2000 2550 2)IO UP T6V n THE n, 750 s. 1 f -- v notice"! Tiuftees w;ll jo - ' Dol'lae. ltf.Qp thirty; finiflied IO16 prizes ; ,ot two Win vrpnrn.aillei inir. It.hastwo y a priae. ( 1984 blanks 5'mnms nncra coiiveiiier.t paiHtfie be uh a good and three sliove, low. 1 j,oioo the 3000 tickets at 5 dolls. cellar under the whole, andninety-te The Pr'zas subjet1: to a deducadvantage of a v?eil. r'lU., tion of fnreen per cent Frizes feet of Ground fronting nine to be paid for by the inanagets, Capt. . Roberts's tavern, .. artel rnn- ' rr days aster the lottery Is Kiefer, " K. uacic oioiij; i ui.-- j Jacob Tiinji drawn.: A credit of one half of Mia, 86 feet ot Uioumi, trontmg JfiPb Jsfs- - any number of tickets exceeding fripr's ilore honfe and ano- 3W twenty, hall be given, until the hfp.ftrcet. lAofeet for depth. Ah Lekinjort,' Aptll 6, 1 796. . ' Lottery fholl have finifheddiaw'ing. Fronting v afum. At Grt ef Qfdrter ScJJhns hetifor T?4' so, Lcjt 1)02. , County, afthc Ctyrt roie in ftrcet'i vtfch its appur'f nances. an Prizes driwn and not called for ton tVtinfin tie $h dy qf SsjterAfr. ia tit within eighteen n;on.hs clter the above are some of the mbft yjrl-()SLotterj' ftnithing diawin, will be cUt'oI? fittuition in town. Aifo, FtrzK rovns'lmt t,unar.t, ojf coniidered as a- donation made to Frankfort, thirty acres near ariKZI1 the Lexington Lodge. Ground, a pait of whkh is iniprov,-cd- . iikMfiffMoRRCSON DtfersdJni. AlI ne drawings ot the lottery and has excellent firings. IN ClMNChKY. will Bepuhlilhgd in the Kentucky ve j' low.tei ms, the remain-In'tia on fjr 'HF. said DefsndnE notha'int Entered papers, regukrly, fnewing the Stock ia traiiaof DhulG-no- k L JL his appearance to tne act of Bkp. couiiliftg chiefly of Dry auemoiy &na tiif ries uj vuo wmtauu ic LijanKS an.i prizes. 1 niMianiay uc iuu u uu uviirg iu Goods lTanlWarand Groceries, appeal ir.p; to the fattsfecaori of the court, James Morrioi, 4tex. M Grctor, that the Defendant is not &n' iiaabytJuit of ilf.i, on: or twcrOlean Boats. Al-oil tiie this ftateJ Edm. Bitltoik, Ifagh M'llvaiu, i;,63 acres offend onllcdrij ant by his on the motionordersd,1 complaincounsel, it is Robert Megoiaan or tract is Wll vatered, (aid Defendant do eppaar hsre on thaf tiie ver; this the Vill'mm Murray, John Fowsr. Febjuary next, ani anfeV has en it a quantity Pine timber1 "Managers appointed by Law. t'he Compl.iinErit'-- . biii ; and tnat a cop of and aitords iVveral vWble - onb'.'.iha-- l m tft? Kentucky Gi nrder rais. fe'or terms, appi zz FrankiVa i), 7tta' for tw'o- nwnlbs factsilii'ely ;' and V fort to lomeSaniKy iinnj.ediately aster r'.viae fsr- - WJy ABUAH& JOHN W.HUNT, DATyANO. n-"cn- tv .v i Eli ndj4mes Huges,' $rtiftees'of the w U S &, y V; !..' ihir.ct A Lottery nthf.vf. of A credit for onealf of any number of elatiees foall bt given Untft" thafkifl- - lottery tell have nni'hevi drawing. Is tue iiveral funis which- luall befooie dua 6 tbe hokiojj cf changes be ailed far within tiSiteen months, they wjj 14 coniidered as ft&tticils. 'Jiiele thaiice of infiir 'ice depeijid,upon the drawing Of the lexington JLog liirtery authored by 1 extort of fie drawing of which is to'be' publrfhed in' tee Kentucky pa--! iiers. fnwinr; the blanks and pnaes. H-aT.T'Iivain, James Morrifon llobeft Patterson,! Tickets ma be had bv applying to AleKnder i'drxr, TJo;nj3 JAiuiryj' tosrnof La.:i;'t9n, who will managi.thennfuraiic.,, and v of-A- 20a ''-- i'etrdn, s ....,.. t.wr nfo&l 3000 chafiee4kM 300 tickets at 5 Dollars. lantf ptMitJertas toe The holder;, of.chances of mfurance,avho h61d chances ot the daVS'aftet tiifijtJdge t.ceti lottery whichore p.izes, lhallbe paid the AnnV due to them Geor"e : . ; 264O j$ji$l ?dJ?ot two blanks to ;, '"" i ei 2j3 asertanfllaftdiwnric,ke. Is,003 Nbt twobkisl;stoa'prizei' Dollars,- job'j. vr?13- ' IOOO T70 750' 37 I016 prrees. 250 12' 2SI 440 drsrtvn ticket TJ3 3 . .' ; 1 3 1 I ! ?-- IOOOf ! thr Wn y -- e " " Im S- " - 2 4 H ciance 01 the ljuiie nuinber, as a ticketwhlcn iliad price and tiiev wiHpSJcto'the hai.lcr draw'a ir.'tiiat iofteiytl iair.c lui ".'ich tne tai'tunate bol.ier of the tick.t fiiail Ik char.tsiof laivrance, to bs (u'jeft as the fortunate entitled ta- Tne fbitunate iojders of ticket's in that otxeftfto a dedaauaof i- c.r.tcizi. Lejjnctcn Chances or L"HJ".anc. ito. 25. inihi&ToWLgDCS r chance of 11.iur.1nce of 5 "o dis. is x I Pwe 01 J5J3 ijouais 15 15 LoTi-kXy- Apri 4, 1 796. : -- f: ',e the aSie rfcr!Ver lottery with t.e w'" tne-- ,ft HR. BRADroRD ' . i. the TUolt'eKlJlVUnfiAf Tne fciieiu? tith'y .I'UKW XL1"11 EQF.A:LQTTF.RY. LB rec-e- i inMtM)t VOL. IX. are divefs reports pro- 'X'TJHEREAS T pagated by my enemies, Sconce i luiig the burmjig ot my milJs- - it appsais ioiu . ttieir behaviour and Jinuage, tnat they ; would willingly make tne public bebeve, CLAbaTH FIRST. that some innocent perlon was ti? cauie, I Prize ot 2033 Dol. is 23ooDoI. and have gone so far as to say I burnt tliem ' J mylelf ; which reports are intended to cloais, I 100a iooo tneir own villany some of them have ic ' far declared their malice againlt me, as to wilh I had been buint witntuein Juts wi 1200 200. be proven. I take tnis metliod trough tJi O 20 channel of ycor paper, to uiioim' puohc IO30 of the of tueir beam burnt i 20 310 . 4833 800 They were burnt on tiie 27th of March in. 13 9600 J 6 ., vk 69? uje mght, just before the moon had nlen.' 4173 2, of 2JWJ4alkt s ijach being ) able to prove there was not taeia ., ' ' - ifStpt firil awf t for - 4WS? KJJaiit ol fire-wAbout tueja ' A ft the la drawn ticket,' J u.... j. iwiB t.wm tiiicis Lectins tii yet sons discovered by a young man who'll ved 26670 t my mills j tliey came a private way down trie "9 Eianks. null dan. tney bad about twenty or thirty ?555 yards to wade uj the side of the dam, where! the water was wiit aeep tiie tracks came 5334 Tickets, ?t Dollars each is 26670' udto a d.tCoui t cf Fijtten sir Centum. aco w ent the same way. No perlonever t- teiapu-- to pais tnatwayhoui the lail t.ui- oi t'.ciiulagenient cjgtt to ing that t.e dam, unleis tiie ivater wis it Aeeiy to tlieimil could nptgnnc which be p.ien to rr.u"i'aOcnes m tris nat?,' very ieloom. There as this in psrt.cuh.- ci mis tiw attention of the breech cf a gnn to ce &en the print of the: very plain jnthei The i....'iy udTai:tn,es jvnen will mud, public. wi.eie it is iuppoieu t je'y pulien olf se frcni n cuiuCti.rjng Duck, mult befo .. V'"e to Wttoe. ii.e oun.. man sent ioi .l.'y ftr kr.A t" eveii li...n of reliccior, nie woiij conceuiu ti.c t.iicovv.iy i,e uact t .ikit unsecellk'N to en- t'rijct''e mana-e. rt, T h, "iiiciiA ct,oK ltiu.e penons wittl iioerai piinci- - I tl.e fu tje :,ico" Tin. t; me, auo t iound every f..inj n,oe ren w t'le ichenie is sounded snot ; p'e u;'-lated. One of to be a two b. j'.:s t" a pr.ynf iviU, cf boy s cf uLout tiie tracks nltet-y.a,s ole, and ,.!s' iufiify tne lpecalf-tivthdt feet batt .. e ether two were 'ii.11,. nd had' sdveu' urer upo.i p.i.iciples cf gain. The fljoes 01 tuey'came and w.i.t fjaej tl erefo. ; iiattcr thei.i.t.vs that I, counc 1 lc rii.cKs went, w..eiim heinn was, the ivii' Treet wir'a such encourdcinent in ibnteriy Curnt. . the Jijes of t1 e rLkfcts as will in a hort My mills Here judged to be worth trec' i 'ttity their appointing and giving pub-- " t'comanu poviw,ij., I was ofcrd t.iatf vucn the drawing of cue lottery money ic for t.iem and one cie of lnd tLey i ii! lood on. 1 Ipit ut Ti'krts nizy t :.'d by apply ing'in Lex- -, worth of givm, fio.,kr tvo i.uuured pounds and . p in t.em.' Aiexan-c!ini'or. to rr.cT Jo c Eradfoid and .&c. &c. &c. , M'ljreso', .n Ficinktoit to snr. George ELI CLE"V3LAND. MicUfoa, m Vcrlau1?: to ,L'ofto'r?ieltcn, or to J. GXAN-TV. KENKY, PUBLIC NOTlCE.that I have a Managers. lying in t.(ie couni-- of Greerfe, J. H WKINS. j, one thouiina person pjrchaling 20 tickets," y acres, an4 that fhai. have a credit ur.t.1 the Lottery is drawn.' May nrvr f fl,atlo.n ThurMuv tiie 12 th . .1 nnA rtL - piace vrere? aut,,u th ryt-,. ai. .,Jn4-- iuv;nurHOieoi r3k'n(r Il?phtnn ux a o be hereafter read as evidence, fiifruld zrr Kor rsifing thefum of 2250 Dollars; dilpute anfe. All oerfons for ths tile of the LEXINGTON in, or having a claim that int.'rtares with" my claito, are hefebjr required to LOOGK, No, 2J. attend on "So. l'' Liolls. Doiir. wc uuy uiia piace atojelmd. or I 1500 15 1500 as Bar bee, 2 1060 500 : . as the reprifcr.tatjves qf the inhabitants,' fiibnuf to t le citi'cns of the fi.te at large. the fallowing ftbeme to their conlUtiieiit.,-&nor mechanics, ami tie The inhabit tnts of the town, v'hetuer merc.iant ti ril inters and labourers of the country mutuail depend tpon, and aiiiit each other. The inhabi'MiV; of tl.e town have fomethmg to diipole of to Uc; cultv atr of the land, which be at the same price; 0.1 tac otiurhand, as h occupation precannV m.nufaCtiic for is comsents hi.n fioin fnann? by his own labor in the fiiiri, the p.oujce of the country, eiIn return, for w.iat ne has furnilhed to tiie huibandnian, that produce, pelled to it in the ;ntie!e itlelf; or the prite of it. ther property aojacent These oblcrv ar.unii are verified by the great rise in the value of hi ot ,er to the town of Jxinstou, so fi.perior to tne rise of projwMty of tie fan.c oefenption increale parts of the (taterwhch can only be accounted for by tie rapid iinpiovement nd of population .n the town- e trcftees ftgS?t ttfflfWtn I'M futo Sfutho" To the cit'ueirt of the town ns t.exington,-thby hw to o, collected and appiopnited by ttiein, the proceeds cl seven years teses lized ""tfiH be'iniwrt'eient to build Hone bridges, to make leweis for teirymg oif the Wuter, to link wells ,jid erejit pumps (the neceflity of bic'i has been evidenced by the Wte calamity by iirej and toinaLc iuch other lepairs, as arc lWctflaly for the health, fclety and convepiei.eeha-- , e .tiWhat purpose the teropovaryrep.1115l.crv.tofu1e.11.ade, of heir which have even C.cefued tr.s amount of their funjis, every citizen can determine. Jweied of population is n To the citizens of flute at large they liigg?ft that all jncteafe of w?ith - and t'.at the lnereafit of inhabitants wlo are employed in tjae'e, merchandise or jrfitrlni'.iftures; and who on D;tt.uiivate tiie earth, mud ineseafe the demand )or tho: necelfiriei flf liie,a-.r- i t:.i competition; of purchasers for a forcijn market; ami t'.at of town is the molt likely way to procure iuoh encic ai'j of the. proposed population. .hi i ., circulaThe trade and' c'tftajaBitio'i betwecYi tw town and the country, relembles theand bloTJd,i6flflW'CtBpolleiltotUe'hSatt, and from thtnee driven to warm tion of the iij JL - 1796 fen Thcufani Pfllurs, raising tUefum-o- f for the purpose of ere'clirfg aflUCK'and LINEN MACtlf-Atri'ORin .George- -' town. In three Claffes 4000 Dollars by ihe first, and 3300 the two last. , fTpHE trustees cf the town of Lexington, J. A- Tor the Lexington On April' "i 6, Y; CH EM ..-- jlLj TS hereby given JL ' totilcitw.' ?-- (r.t jj s .' -- Us ,b ffveriV tf pl"'r&t.S ior-ifk.- s nr Marcliy, 1796 As V

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