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Page 0 of Kentucky Negro Educational Association Journal v.22 n.2

Part of Kentucky Negro Educational Association Journal

TYPEWRITERS Royal Remington Underwood L. C. Smith Portables Standards NEW - USED TERMS LEACH BUSINESS MACHINES CO. 105 S. Second St. AMherst 1151 Louisville, Ky. Miss Robbie Gentry 1030 Fifteenth Avenue, South Nashville, Tennessee Presents Class Jewelry Senior Announcements Diplomas Medals Club Pins Trophies by WRIGHT &STREET, Inc. Chicago, Illinois "Fine Jewelry Since 1903" Write for Appointment LOUISVILLE'S MUSIC CENTER 10 Years of Service to The Teachers of Kentucky PIANOS Kimbal Kranich and Bach MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS Penzel - Mueller Reeds F. A. Reynolds - Vincent Bach Brass William F. Ludwig Drums and Tym 422 West Liberty WAbash 8761 Louisville, Kentucky MILLER'S GRILL SOFT DRINKS - ICE CREAM BREAKFAST - LUNCH HAMBURGERS SHORT ORDERS 24-hour Service 630 W. Walnut Louisville, Ky. NEWEST CREATIONS Jewelry and Diamonds Wedding and Graduation Gifts The Watch Shop, Inc. The Hoffman Building Louisville, Ky.

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