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Image 1 of The Big Sandy news., April 18, 1913

Part of The Big Sandy news.

AWATtDFT) ' TraJe Mark " m ( j thouU 1 1 FIRST PRIZE BY KENTUCKY PRFSS ASSOCIATION )uTZ- AW PFST PPECTWEN OP EIGIIT-PAG- WEEKLY IN KENTUCKY. K Ce"czt& Ct.'.'.Jren - plump, vigor- Ml and sturdy on gmt ,w7. HA Ccott's Emulsion of Lmul&Ioi 5 I It wuuit Im It kt jftL Volume XXVITI. .iwt foventam vtam, o LOUISA, LAWRENCE Number 82. DEATH OF MRS. CLARK. emeu Is. l:: Term Began Last Monday, With Judge Kannab Piesldiae. The spring term of the Lawrence Circuit Court began on Monday last, April 14, with Judge J. B. Hannah presiding, John M. Waugh, Commonwealth's Attorney, was present at the opening of court, alert and (althful In the discharge of the of hit responsible position. As usual, the first business of the court was the Impaneling of the grand Jury, the Big Doxen. to whom is entrusted the grave and Important duty at making thorough and Impartial inquiry Into the condition of the county as regards the commission of high crimes and misdeThe Inquisitors for the meanors. present term are men above the average so far as cltlienshlp and intelligence are concerned, as may be seen by reading the names. Grand Jury. Joe B. Preston Foreman, J. N. A. George, Q. L. Burk, K. B. 8pencer, J. H. Hlllman, J. K. Compton, Wm. Cary, Lewis Bennett, W. O. B. Dixon, J. A. Waldeck and . 19 du-tl- ot I to ill)" ) til 1, G 1 i C) W , M. 8. Moore. Judg 4 I t I machine In the NEWS office. One child was born to the union with Mr. Clark, a girl who died In August las' at the age of two years. The deceased Is survived by her A. mother, two sisters Mrs. J. Shannon, of Central City, and Mrs. John Wellman, ot Louisa, and two trot hers George and Ora Atkins, cf this city. Quite early In life Mrs. Clark united with the M. E. Church and continued In that relation until her d ath.WhUe not a demonstrative woman those who knew her best have every reason to believe that the faith she professed In her youth remained with her and gained for her an entrance Into the home of the blest, Mrs. Clark was a good wife, daughter, mother and sister. Those to whom she was connected by these ties will evef hold her .in affectionate regard. Elk-hor- ignorant of the true situation, and and that neither you nor your correspondent intended to maliciously publish a story to discredit the Consolidation Coal Company or its em- ployees. 1 will deem it a pleasure to demonstrate o you what we are doing at Jenkins, it you ever feet that you have an opportunity to visit us. Yours very truly, E. DRENNEN, Mgr. SPECIAL NOTICE. WIN A GOLD MEDAL.' 50 M. WELL. THE. MARTINS WERE NOT LOST. During the recent' flood Jas. of Two Mile, received ' n, v X - tour-hand- '. medal to the school boy or girl between tbe ages of 10 and 15 who wrltgs tbe best composition, not to exceed 800 words, on tbe repair and maintenance of earth roads. Is to be awarded by Logan Waller Page, Director, Office of Public Roads, United 8tates Department of Agriculture, Washington, D. C. All compositions must be submit-to- d to Mr. Page before May lb, '13, and the medal will be awarded as soon thereafter as the compositions can be graded. The compositions may be based on knowledge gained from books or other sources, but no quotations should be made. After many years' experience in dealing with the public road situation of the country. It is. Mr. Page's belief that Ignorance on the subject of repair and maintenance of road is as much the cause of their bad conditions as any other one factor. It la expected that tbe competition will bring about a better understanding of tbe subject of repair A gold ' i President L. E. Johnson, of the and Western, is authority for the statement that the road is arranging to electrify Its line from Eckman to Bluefield, which Is 27 miles through a mountainous dls trlct. Negotiations are in progress with the Appalachian Power Co., to supply power. The electrification of this part of the road is in line wltn modern railroad practice, which uses heavy electric power for geting loads over stiff grades. The Appalachian Company has its distribution systems near the N. and W. right Norfolk COXLEY, Publisher. Died of Spinal Meningitis. The NEWS last week noted the son of Richard of this city, saying that was but little hope of his rethere covery. The young man died Thursday night of spinal meningitis, one of the most deadly diseases known, to physicians. Early on Friday morning the body was taken to Terry-vlll- e, near the Johnson county line. ana ouriea in the Skaggs burying ground. The unfortunate young man nad been at work In Portsmouth, where the malady is sold to be en- ldemlc, and when he came to Lou- isa on the N. and W. train Tuesday night the evidences of cerebro spinal meningitis were so many and so decided that the physicians who saw him and those who bad a description of the case bad but little, if any, doubt concerning the nature of the dlsordef-Dr- . Bromley, who- attended the case, . had the house where the boy died fumigated . and took all possible precautions to prevent the spread of the disease. Spinal meningitis Is a highly infectious disease and it Is apt to become epidemic, but it Is also sporadic, or occurring here and there, singly. But In any form the death rate Is very high. Of course, where It rages as an epidemic, the disease) seems to assume a more virulent the illness of John, the Skaggs, news that two relatives, John and James Martin, whom he had reared morgan County's Oil Field Shows Up from childhood, had, with their families, been drowned at Hamilton, O., With Another Gusher. where they t lived. The report of their death was not true, although it seemed well founded. The two men and their families were saved, The gas well recently drilled in but their escape from watery graves near Kermlt, W. Va., by the com was narrow and When pany composed of Watson, Stewart, Hamilton became thrilling. Inundated etc., is estimated to be good for Martin and 1)Ib family walkedJames two five million feet per day. miles to a little town called Tren-tioBOO Barrel WelL ; where they found refuge In a Another well completed at Can church. Here they were cut off from nel City. Moritan countv. : came In the rest of the world and for three 600 barrels per day. The Ohjo Fuel days and nights were without food company completed a well some dis- and water but were finally rescued tance away from the town that is and taken to Cincinnati. estimated all the way from 25 to if -- barrels per aay, Entertained For The I Arnold V The test well recently drilled to the Berea sand on Mill creek by the On last Saturday evening Mrs. L. Oho Fuel Oil company was dry. The S. Johnson entertained very handcompany has decided to drill it to somely a depth of about 3000 feet. This guests, In honor of her relatives and Cowell Is about three miles east of lumbus, Mrs. and Miss Arnold, ofvery O. Louisa, a section not heretofore numerously The reception was being attended, there tested. eight tables Flinch, The well on the W, V. Roberts with several ot guesta who seemed to place showed no oil of any conse- prefer the game of "hearts." The quence in the Berea and is being playing began quite early and enddrilled to the Clinton sand. the tables were clearTbe well on the Lackey place has ed only when discussion ed for the of a menu been abandoned as unprofitable. which embraced many appetizing an The owners of O'Brien well No, appetite-satisfyin- g things, a delight1, on Three Mile, are negotatlng for ful combination of aubstantials and a pipe line connection. If a line dainties. ' Is secured they will put the well The function was a very pleasto pumping at once. ant affair throughout, and the good nights and good-by- s were spoken N. AND V. ELECTRIFICATION. . with regret. i P. STORMS CATCH JAKE WILLIAMS. The recent storms and floods did not neglect Jacob Williams and his family, of Hannah, this county. His barn was blown down, catching 12 nead of cattle. Five were killed. The others were rescued with the help of neighbors called In by telephone About the .same time, over at Co lumbus? Ohio, other members of Mr. serious Williams' family were In trouble from the flood. NUon Wll ' Granville Moore Hams, a son, arid and daughter of of way. and wife, Jacob Williams, were confined in DEEPLY APPRECIATIVE. the third story of a building for three days and nights without food ' The people of this city will ever or water or beds. have a warm Bpot in their hearts for the Big Sandy valley, as Palnts- LOUISVILLE BOOSTERS. vllle, Plkevllle, Louisa and Van Lear each unsolicited sent a separate carload of supplies, including hardboiled eggs. pies, cakes and everything they could themselves possibly pre pare and they will be glad to learn Special Train to Visit Eastern Ken- through this medium that the car ,Qa HiMnlv ntinrwf H t prl ond was irt , tacky Towns in May. mmeQiateiy distributed to those In need. Harold also sent a large box. dept. Independent. ! form. . , , That the sporadic or single cases by the fact that a . kill is shown death resulted at Charley,, this county, last week from the disorder. The victim was a child of C. C. (Lum) .Bowling, of Georges creek. Physicians who attended the case say it, was decidedly one of spinal meningitis. It Is not within the province of, a newspaper to say much, if anything, of the, medical treatment of any disease, but It surely Is its du- ity to urge the public to clean up and to keep cleaned up. Admitting the possibility of the spread of any infection it Is" well to lessen that posslbl'lty aB much as possible. Personal and habitation cleanliness, the - Communications Intended to pro mote the candidacy of any aspirant to office will not be published in tbe use of lime, copperas, soap and watNEWS unloss prepaid for at the rate er are to be urged upon all. They of one cent a word. It will be easare all cheap, all avallabe, 'and they ily seen that If such notices were are all antagonistic to disease. admitted to these columns free of charge thre would be room for but ft, kWlmor. Bam Bee. Isaac Cun- little e'se. This notice applies to Telephones for Chesapeake & Ohio, nlnghaui, John B. Spencer, Harmon all. Irrespective of party or person. tiiu..vt..irti ii I . uurnuue nuu i Correspondents will please observe In continuance of Us policy of inB. BillUDs! this rule, as nothing they say in creasing telephone equipment on its formation of the Juries concerning any candiThe their letters lineB, the Chesapeake & Ohio Rail-w...lag- - been accomplished the trial of date will be allowed to appear. Co. has placed an order with, cases on the commonwealth's dock the Western Electric Co. ' to equip et began and has proo Mien an casanother division with telephone and maintenance In tbe rural disweek. The trial of anj nd all train dispatching facilities. This la DENIAL OF REPORT. tricts. ts of note, If "any the , be will be on the Big Sandy division, in the Many children living In the rurduly noted In these columns. eastern part of Kentucky, and. the the al districts have experienced i uoim to those who have watch telephone train dispatching circuit many disadvantages of roads made impas ed the conditions of things for coverB, the entire section,' approxiproper vsara that the gladness and the. manager at Jenkins Says No Break of sable through a lack of mately- 135 miles from Asblaad to maintenance and it Is expected that glory, the Joy but not the Justice EJkhornj City. iThe dispatcher will their interest In the competition tit the old tlirt" courts have gone be at Ashland. Western Electric No. Dao Was Imminent. will stimulate greater interest among Then the time of "big glimmering. 102 type selector sets arranged for the parents. Had roads have pre court" was long enjoyed in antlcipalocal battery use will be employed you vented many children from obtain tlou. and anybody could tell at way stations for receiving the dising a proper education and nave .....ii. hn the onenlng day would The Louisville Commercial Club patcher's signals.. These contain the following courteous coin- - even prevented doctors from reach know when the next come. Now, to The DRAG. . No. I'SE THE SPLIT-LO50 type selector. will send a special train of boosters widely-use- d ing the aide ot rural patients in term Isdue one must consult a court munlcatlon is way stations will bo through Eastern Kentucky May 21st Twenty-eigKy., April 8th, 1913. time to save tbelr lives. directory or ask the ciera. Jenkins. ' Whenever the spl't-lo- g drag has to 25th. Plkevllle will be the first equipped with selective signaling Any child between tbe ages men tnn Bmn Idlers attended court In MR. M. F. CONLEY, Kdltor, tioned, attending a country school, been used on the dirt roads It has stop on the morning of the 22 nd. and talking aparatus. the' hope of being summoned on a Big Sandy News, the best method stops will be made that day at Only one side of the been pronounced may compete. Louisa, Kentucky. Jury or "coughing ' one s . Palntsville, Richard Convicted In The Federal Court. paper must be written on; each yet for working them.Wby- - don't you PreBtonsburg, "Mr. Sheriff, summon another Jur-- Dear Sir: name farmers try it? You can make one son, Louisa, Catlettsburg and Ash page ii'nnth.) The sheriff would On March 17th. the management age, should be numbered; the ana in two hours time and at an ex- land. The train will also visit Mc and address or tne writer, The recent look In the direction from which the of the Klkborn Division was transschool pense of about 25 cents, and by Roberts.Whitesburg and other towns a bankrupt intrial and conviction of the Federal Court at cough came, and wnen ne caugui ferred from Mr. J. Q. Smyth to tbe the name and location of the must using it about two hours in each on that line. attending or she is man with the eye of the cougber thatgetting writer. Having only a slight ac which he written at the top of the month can keep- - the roads around It was announced that invitations .Covington,to Ky., carries may beIt ina oe plainly oualn'anca in this section of the first page. Tbe announcement of the your farm in splendid condition. Try have been sent to Gov. James B. warning others who atood a pretty fair chance of on a Jury. But the Impartial wheel country previous to this time, I have competition bos been sent to the su- it, and see how easy It la to keep McCreary and to Lieutenant Gover clined to defraud their creditors in May a ha. riotm iwiv with most of this been devotlnc much or my time ici nor E. J. McDermott to accompany ler similar manner.' doing & Whlttak- of schools In the rur- your dirt roads in good condition. I were business at and, well, it's greatly for the bet extending this acquaintance and ay perintendents No further Information the boosters, and one or the other Kteevllle, merchants ., al districts. Johnson-voBan and became find the medium ot tne Big ter. of them will go. Among others to bankrupt. the Office of OF A DIFFERENT KIND. great assistance. can be obtained from announcement Whlttaker turned over all Th first three days of the ses News has been a go will be J. W. Newman, State This Public Roads. hlB possessions to tho referee, but taken un with the trial A number of our employee at Jenk- should be plain to everyone, .inn and pistol ins are on your subscription list, It lssaid that a camel has a Commissioner of Agriculture, who It was suspected and afterwards of the usual misdemeanors all children will thus start on a ba- stomach that! will hold enough wat will speak about the State Fair, and proven in the Federal Court that toting, breaches of the peace and and 1 have been fortunate enougn sis of equality. er to last tyo or three weeks. Sev- a representative of the Perry Cen May bad hidden and disposed ot None of these was to see the last few copies sent to thiuKs nihr tennial Association. eral "camels" were In this city dur much of his property which of right nf Imnnrtance sufficient to merit Jenkins, through some of these sub A GOOD DIRECTORY. ing court time.Judging from the odofl belonged to his creditors. They toot special mention. On Thursday the scribers'. came from vanous breams, ur Men- OF INTEREST TO TEACHERS. the the matter into the court, with ths The article entitled "Tbe inldemtlon of felony case began directory Issued by the the liquid might have been brought in "Pike The latest result that May was indicted, tried The eases agalust J. W. Harris, of nr of Elkhorn Creek."last edition Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone in trunks not carried by that oth Ths C. & O. has made a rate of and found guilty in four cases for Gnllun. charged with unlawfully cut Countv Newa" of Vour comThe liqshould and carrying away timber, were attracted my attention, and I During Co., for this section Is a very Hunt- - er animal, the elephant. sort that 16.80 from Louisa to Louisville and concealing his goods and making: iild referred to waa the plete one. It embraces the like to refer to it briefly. return on' account of the K. E. A. false' statements to the referee. The .11 filed away, ine owes the FlemlngBburg llcry Loar, charged with defacing the heavy rain of Wednesday night- inston. Konova. Logan. W. Va.. Lou the editor of calls murder Juice. meeting. These tickets must be punishment is confinement in a re- isa, Palntsville and Prestonsburg dis bought Apl. 28, 29 and 30, and are Federal prison. saw Ions, were set for Tuesday next March 26th, the Elkhorn Dam, a very severe tricts, and Is also a directory ior valid to May 6. with Judge A. J. Kirk as special rerred to, received was ae- - ProctorsvUle, O., Davis Creek and teat. A the time the Dam A number of census reports have DIED FROM BITE OF CAT. FINE TIMBER. Judge to try. sought the ad Four Pole, Kenova. Denver, Flat already come In, but trustees are The case against Tobe Wiley, of almnd our Mutineers engineers, anu Gap, Hippo and LayneBvllle, Ky. vlna of Government Forty years ago the cry was thai; Pulntsvllle, charged with obtaining Charles McCoy, a small boy who hereby notified that where children their rec after the money by false pretense, was call- thn dealsn la In excess of for weight lived in Catlettsburg, was bitten by move into their districtsmay report In a short time the timber indusdimensions reports were, made) they ommended Important Association Notice. try ot the Big Sandy would be ed und set for Tuesday next. The a. mad cat a Bhort time ago and was night in ques for the facta to me by May 1st and have thing of the past, But each spring coses of Boiler Baker, charged with and thickness. On the so rapidly that sent to the Pasteur Institute Berry tlon, the waters rose Teachers who expect to attend the treatment, where he di ,a"t- week the records corrected accordingly. hniiRnhreaklns. and of David tide carries out tbe logs In apDam was unable meeting ot the JAY O'DANIEL, Supt. parently undiminished numbers. The for obtaining money under false the spillway of the now, ana tne al AoanntiiHnn Kentucky Education- Two other children who were bitten will St I .nillnvl lie , to take care of the pretenses wore set for Thursday, latest timber tide in this river let ,at the same time.tne McCoy boy wa crest take notice that reduced rate the case against William Ham water unread over depth entire out the amacipg number of 1,850.-00- 0 kJ"J attacked, have recovered In Boyd. in 'he Road Maintenance of possibly -- v( vu via wo uiu vui logs of splendid quality and mond, Harrison Kitchen and Char-Jo-n of the Dam to the Adams, chanted with shooting at six inches. The Dam Itself snowed 30, and are valid returning up to ties. All GONE TO VIRGINIA. Bids for maintaining public roads 24,860 fine oak railroad top no effect of the strain whatever.ana May 6. of the Sam Bartram, Hammond waa disin Boyd county were opened Tues this output brought the the water waa well confined below market. charged and the other defendants The Rev. Charles E. Crusoe went day. They ranged from 121 to S29 y get- the Dam, until the flow Joined the Contest Buwlneos. Partner In were tried Thursday, the Jury to Virginia , last Saturday by way per mile. Some years ago when the of the so called "Big Elkting the case about 2 p. m. At this watersCreek." which, were similarly His Thirteenth Anniversary. ot Washington and Baltimore. Mrs. roads were In better condition they horn This W. C. Potts, who successfully con Crusoe accompanied him as far as were contracted as low as 113.60 3 turned. Theiie Dartles were found by swollen bv the heavy rain. surface water men ducted the Big. Sandy News contest (Ashland and returned In the even- per mile per year. The NEWS and other friends of Bartram in- bis melon paicn on me great amount of Elkhorn Creek be- has formed a partnership wltn tfraa ing. Robbie Dixon hope that the thirthe main Point and were fired at by him. filled the branch so that the eleva Chaffin. ot this city and the firm low teenth anniversary of bis birth will QUITE AN HONOR. They are charged with returning the tion of the water In the large creek will manager newspaper contests in not prove an unlucky one. The oc AWARDED HONORS. The jury aisagreea was fire. LATER: hleher than the basement oi me various parts of the country. They casion was made very pleasant on and was discharged. Supt. Jay O'Danlel has been chos Wednesday already have several engagements, evening by the presConsolidation Coal Company's siore, of Company past the one of which Is at Somerset, this Salyersvllle, E. Second Regiment the en by the directors of the Kentucky ence of many of his young com The grand Jury up to date has at. the notnt where it flows won first honors In So far but Educational Association to examine panions at his beautiful home.wnere, water drains State, where they now are. store basement surface 1912 rifle contest and Company D. the list of essays offered In the fow nonresident attorneys have been until the water had reacbea an el '' WhlteBburg, won second honors. The three contests for the prizes to be with music and good thlngB to eat. presont. Among thei were D. J. evation of twenty-fou- r In Jail Awaiting Trial. inchea In the and suitable presents to the young., Adjutant General Department award given by the Association. PalntavUk, Jno. Woods store basement. He will Wheoler, of When the store ed them a national defense trophy select twelve from each of the three host an enjoyable time was had. M. C. Kim, or inex of Ashland and Another chanter In the story of which they will retain one year. watchman noticed the water rising divisions, and to these the prizes affray noted In in the basement, he asked the Pow- the Adklns-Savag- e THIRD QUARTERLY MEETING. will be awarded. er Plant engineer to blow the whis the NEWS last week Is Adkins' reHughes At Home. Congressman A CARD OF THANKS. Mr. O'Danlel la known throughout men to help arrest on a charge of assault with tle and arouse enough The third quarterly meeting, of The husband, son, mother, broth the State as one of the most comhim carry the goods stored In the intent to kill. This followed his rethe Conference year, Ashlair ' disThlB lease on ball pending a trial for a ers and sisters of Mrs. Daisy Clark, petent und progressive SuperintenA. Hughes, basement to the floor above. Congressman James desire to extend their dents in Kentucky. What he has trict, was held at the M. E. J mrcU who had been critically ill in Wash- signal accomplished Us purpose and less offense. He was brought before deceased, neighbors and accomplished in the short space of South on Sunday last. Eldof ). F. ington for several weeks, has re- the store loss was light, due to County Judge Boggs on Saturday heartfelt thanks to kindly quartern voet-Ihim this high assisted turned to Huntington, somewhat Im- prompt action in removing the goods last and waived an examination and other friends who so bereavement. one term has given Lawrence coun- Williams, who held the duT at FallBburg ou rank. The people of Ho will not return to the But there seems to nave been an was committed to Jail to answer at them In their recent proved. circuit Their generous sympathy and help ty should be proud of him and his lous, held his Louisa me Cnultiil until hlB' health Is fully re- impression, which reached the col- the present term of the night. work. ful acs will never ba forgotten. umns of your paper, that a serious court. stored. Hammond. Oscar Graham Katcllff, John Maxey, Thomas J. Ash, Mart Duly. Floya Ogie, w. Boggs, L. univ.n Z. T. Webb.Alley,T. Lindsey Berrv. L. 8. w.hh Chas. P. Peters. J no. Beut lev. W. 0. Kitchen, C. C. Hays, Geo, r.irrod 3 ' - Hannah did not consume much time In giving his charge to the Jury. Many of the members were "old timers." so to speak, men who know what it requires to constitute sn offense and what it takes to make an lndlctment.Tbe Judge made a strong cbagre, but not along any ' , specific lines. Tho next fluty was me tiiu6 impaneling of the petit Jury to serve during the term. Petit Jury. (5 Mrs. Daisy Weatlake Clark, whose critical Illness caused by uremia following the birth of a stillborn enlid was noted In this paper last week, died about 7:00 p. m. Thursday last. She was burled in the fulkerson cemetery on Friday afternoon. Funeral services were held at her late residence, conducted by lUevs. C. B. Plummer, ot the Methodist Church, and L. M. Copley, who preached a very appropriate sermon, addressed mainly to the living. The funeral was very largely attended. Mrs. Clark was 43 years old and was born in this city. She was the daughter of Lydla and the late Lewis Atkins. She was married twice, and Is survived by her second husband, William Clark. Her first husband was E. R. Weatlake, by whom she had a son, Ernest Westlake, who operates the linotype faeiam. COUNTY, KENTUCKY, APRIL, 18, 1918. catastrophy bad occurred. ' No damage was caused In Jenkins other than that mentioned above, and to the best of the writer's knowledge, nobody had any fear for the safety of the Dam, which impounds the water to a depth of only thirty-fiv- e feet. The Power Plant, located Immediately below the Dam, operated continuously, and business resumed at Jenkins at six o'clock the following morning as usual. A few of our n residents about two miles down the Creek were frightened hoavy tains and rise In the creek, but I haw not beard an expression along the lines ot your artlcii irom anybody. It Is evident that you were In this matter, and realising that you were not in position to get in touch with us and learn the facta, because of the effect of the storm on both telegraph and telephone circuits, I am writing you the account as abovtf. Feel sue that your correspondent was completely compels health 11. i:rn . son-in-la- w ay , G SWS. in. r an itics ht .'- - si r..M: 1'i.t.i t 'vi" la t r we Uluy . wa - b1 Times-Democr- -- - TV r4 ' ng -- , . r ( I

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