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Image 3 of Interior journal (Stanford, Ky. : 1905); Semi-weekly interior journal, August 9, 1907

Part of Interior journal (Stanford, Ky. : 1905); Semi-weekly interior journal

N I IarRoole 11Delt New Veils YOUR MIDSUMMER NEEDS Hoeiery Velvet Ribbons Side Combs altitr Glovee White Waittings Laces closing out we are showing Underwear Corsets just the things you need for Summer wear Decides the little things EmbroideriesG10VC8 yet are Fans i SON STANFORD SEVERANCE IIAMMOCKS at cost Stanford Drug of Rome Ga It Aua 0 1907 STANFORD KY tho guest of Miss Josephine Warren Co MR R B MAHONY was at Gravel ° SOUTH BEND watches for sale at Diamond Ink Eraser will remove Ink Switch vesterday on Insurance business paper clothing Miss ANNIE LEWIS GENTRY who has e and other stains from been sick for several weeks is out Iennyand other fabric LOST horse collar Return to Dave again MRS THEO LINNEY and Miss Grad Embry colored PERSONALS Taylor of Danville were with Mrs W 1 SIZE bottle Burdock tonic com- ¬ Mns MARY C GIVENS Is very sick S uenham pound for only 25c at the Stanton THE MISSES ROBERTS of Clarksdale H KENNEDY has been quite JAMES Miss are guests ot Misses Cooper am Drug Co sickSAM Adelo FelandLEVITAN spent several days in CITY TAXBS DUE Your city tax is R L McKECIINIE who Is in the life Louisville hRS due FIR Insurance business at Please call and settle same R MIC JOHN LUTES Is In Clay county been with his father in the Rubble sec G Jones Marshal 4t tion buying cattle PENNY Is at Crab DALTON was placed In BUCKSKIN MR GEORGE L ¬ Orchard Springs jail Wednesday by Deputy Sheriff Wm terday for a sojourn at Mns W B McRoBEfiTB has been Springs Hester for riding trains sick but is out again MRS LEONORA GOODKNIGIIT and Da- ¬ WANTED 200 MCNTo pick seed Isof Mobile HOLMAN Mut W C vid Goodknight spent several days with the family of A J Rice In the corn good wages write for particulars t with James Guest Herrin Funk Bros Seed Co Bloomington is so country ATTORNEY GEO B SAUFLEY 111 journlngat Crab Orchard Springs LOCALS MR AND MRS WILLIAM SEVERANCE PONY Fort SALEShetland two years HEMP knives at W11 Higgins aro visiting relatives at Finchville old white and brown spotted well broMRS ANNA HOLTZCLAW has returned Price 1DO A T Martin Som ¬ MAGIC stock and poultry food at ken from a visit to Lexington relatives erset Ky MR It B MAUONEY was in Casey SingletonsBEAUTIFUL NOTICE There will be no more county working insurance this week postline of souvenir t blackberries on our place for anyone MRS LINDA TUCKER of Somerset la cards just in Mrs W S Jones after this date Aug C 1907 Miss her sister Mrs Kathleen Bcarley W CURIE of THE Brodhead fair begins Wednesday Hattie H Hewcs MESSRS J T AND A 1 1 Burgin were here Wednesday on bus I week 14th Secretary Robins hay our W II MUELLER has bought the cot ¬ thanks for a comp ness tage on Lancaster street now occupied MR JESSE TRAYLOR and wife have Jesse by himself and family He will add SEE the great production of returned from the Jamestown Expo James the Outlaw in the big tent on another story before long Lancaster street Saturday night Aug of Cincinnati 10 HIGCINS WOODS hinny W EVANS for many years a i druggist in Danville is dead at Kansas is here for a week with his mother and Youn attention is called to the adver¬ City He was a son of the late George slater Memorial W Evans of the East End of this coun MRS J L BEAZLEY and little son tisement of the Brown are spending a week or 10 at Dripping School at Mt Vernon which appears ty cUowhcre this issue Springs CLAUDE L PRUITT has sold his gen- ¬ Miss MARGARET MILLER of Rich ¬ THE creamery is now using about 2 eral merchandise store and residence Is the guest of Miss Dollie Mc mond 000 pounds of milk per day and tho 2 at Middleburg to William M Wheat It Roberta ¬ MRS W F VAUGIIAN visit- 400 pound mark has been reached Sec Is hoped that Mr Pruitt will return to DR AND retary W H Shanks informs us Lincoln and reside ed relatives at Salvlsa Mercer county this week WE were In error as fat mans J R BEAZLEY captured a blue on Miss PEARL HANNAH ALDRIDGE Is ring at the Danvillo fair It was J Sweet Marie In the saddle ring at visiting Dr and Mn J H Dnrham at Crit Eubanks who won the blue tie in ¬ the Harrodsburg fair Wednesday also BryanUville on best team and a red each on Happy stead of his brother M B Eubanks Miss WILLIE HOCKER of Little Rock Beau and Andy Pence QUARTERLY COURT was in session is with Mesdames J A Rice Ark this week with Judge Warren presld ¬ ONE of the neatest and best fair and C E Tate The docket was light and the catalogues we have seen this year is MRS J C McCLAUY and lon R C ing Saufloy arc with Mr S M Sauflcy judge soon disposed of a few minor that of tho Somerset fair Sept 3 4 5 6 from the press of Sam M Boone and family at Frankfort Mns EMMA CALMESt has moved Into casesG T ASHLOCK has rented the Gooch Sam knows the printing business from i the Leo cottage she recently bought of Hotel at McKInney and taken charge A to Z Mrs So C Lee of Knoxville He has changed tho name to the New A MR J E DUCK has contracted with REV GILBERT GLASS of Covington Ashlock Hotel and Is making it a most Mr J R Powell fora good twostory happy this made his many friends here popular stopping place dwelling on the site of his present week by paying them a visit Minnie WOODS Miss Denver home The building will cost in the TilE bad news MRS ADEUA t ti Woods and Mr Higgins Woods are at Col that Clarence C Mocker brother neighborhood of 1500 and work will of Mrs W 0 Speed of this place was begin MondayCrab Orchard for a few days is quite sick of probably fatally hurt by being struck BARNETT FRANK BLUE GRASS FARMS FOR SALE Finley Alexander Davis is by a street car in that city tonsilitis Fine farms throughout Central Ken his stead at Farris clerking in of Robert tucky for sale ranging in size from 40 TilE SENATOR R L HUBBLE is spending Rockcastlo Springs with Rocker colored for killing Newton to 700 acres From 30 to 100 per a few days at Veal in Fayette could not agree and acre in price Write us for list or deshis brother Mr Frank Hubble Ten were for hanging cription Hughes Swinebroad Real MILLER and Cynthia was dismissed MISSES LINDA and two for life imprisonment Estate Dealers Lancaster Kg 0 Dock left veeterday for Graytown to visit Mrs Justin Guy Ballou Tim circuit clerks of the State have TAKE supper at the Open Air Restau- ¬ MISSES SARA DUNN nnd Mary Burch been in session at Crab Orchard rant from 4 to 7 oclock Saturday aftspent Wednesday with Miss Berta Jean Springs Considerable work was done ernoon next Aug 10 in the beautiful Penny at Crab Orchard Springs and tho meeting was a most enjoyable yard of Mr J M Phillips on East Main ¬ MRS L M WESTERFIELD and chil- one Mr George B Saulley of this Street Regular supper consisting of dren of Livingston passed through to place delivered an interesting address good old country ham fried chicken Campbcllaville Tuesday to visit rel ¬ before the body other meats salads pickles hot coffee awes ice cream cake etc STOLE A DUCK John Traylor color- ¬ and iced tea Middlcburg of MR J C COULTER etc all for 35 cents Supper without W C Shanks took Wednesdays train for the moun- ed stole a duck from change for only 25c Benefit of where ho is looking after his tim ¬ and was given 90 days at hard labor by Rowland Chapel Goand help the good tains Judge R C Warren The judge says ber Interests very light sentence as to cause and at the same time get more MH JERRY SMITH and family of Jel that was a i1 do the next time in a case than your moneys worth lico returned homo Wednesday after n what he will of chicken or duck stealing TilE most delightful crowd that has months visit to Mrs Smiths motherln the West End THE Seventh Annual Reunion of the gathered at Crab Orchard Springs in tt JAMIE CARPENTER is working for tho Slue and the Gray will be held at years Is there just now and everything N at Crab Orchard in the place Deans Grove threomlles East of Kings is moving on beautifully at that grand L of Agent Ivon Fish who Is a sufferer rile on Wednesday Aug 18 19 and 20 old summer resort The young people from rheumatismThere will be speaking and preaching fro enjoying nightly dances to music ¬ W H MUELLER and family will oc each day and fire works at night A furnished by a splendid orchestra and cupy rooms over his jewelry store rood band of music will be in attend- in day games of various kinds are In- ¬ Miss Mattio Sacrav will also take ance and there will be various kinds of dulged in by young and old It is a post congenial gathering and the clover rooms in the same flats amusements on the grounds MR JOHN CORMINEY got overheated host and hostess Mr and Mrs J B PEN Deputy Willis are leaving nothing undone that Tuesday while building a fence for J R Nunnelley and for a few moments Sheriff Arthur C Hill brought Frank will add to their pleasure Chapman back from the penitentiary his condition was regarded critical MR W H HIGGINS has a picture of Tuesday He had served one year in VlROlL McCLURE representing MR ¬ the Transylvania Printing Co of Lex the pen being sent up from Marion old Geronimo the Apache Chief which ington was hero this week Ho has ounty under an assumed name There he appreciates very highly It was A Ham ¬ Is an indictment pending against him Bent him by Trueheart Bourne who been with his relative Mr J here in the circuit court charged with now lives at Lawton 0 T and who mondsMRS had it taken Geronimo is 95 years old E B RITCHIE and handsome tenting a watch from Jack Terry and is said to havo 97 scalps on his bolt son George who have been visiting her Tho old warrior is anxious to add three Mr and Mrs J N Menefeo more so an loft Wednesday for their home at Palo and you sell trash We counsel the use Is hoped as to makeho even 100 but it hero that will not trouble material for best cloth- ¬ Pinto Texas the best of and our Hart our young friend Bourne Tho picture Mns B P MARTIN and little son Ing namely Wool Marx clothing is made only bears Geronimos official signature havo returned from a visit to friends Schaffner 1 Resultwe have sold more which shows him to be something of a > In Louisville and Lebanon of wool and relatives good clothes to good dressers this sea ¬ Junction Her daughter Mrs J S son than ever before Avoid cotton penman Ho has seven wives and as It may seem he gets along Cordier returned with Mrs Martin and mixtures They are dear at any priceI trange as well with them all Cummins McClary is her Mn RA OLD ASBURY MuellersS Lexingtonjoined Iwith IslUon the t from ¬ themecase r v FROM REAIIDisscmlnnte guestI W w1sk Wrwiww ply at r Hand kerchiefs We are making great efforts to have just what you want in the way of Besides the Summer goods wo are wearing apparel for tljeee hot days Low Shoes r- Buck Combe fashioned sideboard for sale this office South BO that cost to little neceeeary 1Depot r aI Ap- ¬ I T Frank Cordiers sale near Rowland tomorrow Saturday ATTEND We are now ready to show you fulland new line of Wash Belts But ¬ tons Collars Cross Barred Dimity Handkerchiefs Persian Lawns Em ¬ TilE Central Kentucky Real Estate Exchange Title Co has farms of 100 to GOO acres for sale at a bargain Write or apply for particulars and prices Miss A C SINE GETS CONTRACTS Jean D Warren of Danville has just given to Mr A C Sine of Stanford broidery and Beadings Give us a call and let us convince you that this is the place for all UptoDate Goods Shoes 5 and lOc Ware DryJ the contract for the erection of two with eight room modern residences gas electric lights and bath Ground has been broken upon South Fourth street upon the lot she recently pur ¬ chased from Mrs Jennie DillehayAd ¬ vocate I newer traction McKINNEYMrs S little daughter Louise r Ii 11 engine one separator self feeder and wind stacker One saw mill with 300000 feet of logs to saw at 50c per 100 The owners only reason for selling is on ac ¬ count of ill health All this machinery is comparatively new and cost about 3000 It can be bought for a very R low price See or address L Hughes Stanford Ky FOR i HUGHES TRIBBLE 1 156yR Dry Goods Notions Shoes Phone Opera Pulliam and have returned House Block Opposite G STANFORD to Washington City after a months visit to her mother Mrs Dr Moore Mrs Winter Wright of Lexington Misses Clara Tabler and Margaret San didge are visiting relatives at High Bridge Mr and Mrs Robert Walker of Danville are visiting relatives here Miss Nettie White and brother of Lex- ¬ Ington are visiting their grandfather rela ¬ Mr Reuben Williams tives House I KENTUCKY weather suits HOI aother Court Eczema r Foi tho good of those suffering with eczema or other such trouble I wish to say my wife had something of Remember we Have Reduced that kind and after using the doctors remedies for some time concluded to try Chamberlains Salve and it prov ed to be better than anything she had tried For sale by all druggists ¬ the Prices on All Our KyI PUBLIC SALE Light Weight I HATUUUAY AUG Wth1kRall my personal property emulating of hones cows calves lions chickens tunning implement Home household goods Ac balo ut JO oclock AM JUNK OOHDIKU J Suits POhnndlorb- etBlue a Grass Farm for Sale I wish to tell mr farm at4 miles Writ ot lullutrom Huitonvllle consisting pise and Carpen of IWiicres of rich tersttMatlon nump grass or tobpceo lund all In blue gross This farm can lw rquully divided to advantage to ai to linve n good dwelling on each piece olio necvitutry outbulldingi The farm luyi almost in n Square only one angle In lines There ure three stock burns 1 good toUtcco dun 3 ttalilfi 1 tenant house good water in every Held MX lasting springs with 8 ttrvunii running through whole tract J HTEELE CARPENTER Huttonvllle Ky W J3 PerkinsCrab Orchard How to Cure Your Piles If sufferers from piles and rectal dis ¬ eases would first try a reliable laxative like Dr Caldwells Syrup Pepsin instead of using external salves and supposi ¬ tories or having an operation performed they would save themselves a world of trouble expense and pain The reason are is that in nine cases out of ten the result of habitual constipation and when once the constipation is thoroughly disappearPiles what pimples are to bad blood simply an out ¬ ward symptom And jnct as face lotions arent naif as good for pimples as a good blood medicine so salves sad suppositorIes nnt half as rood for plies at a reliable Isis tire like Dr CaldweUs SyrupPepsIn A SO cent or SI bottle will prove these claims and every druggist It authorized to guarantee results Hundred of people have written us The Best and The Cheapest I The Old Re ¬ liable Old Hickory Wagon Call and See bat Dr CaldneUt Syrup Pepsin Is the belt pile cure they know of and It It surely worth a trial from you Not only will It cure the plies but It will permanently correct bowel trouble to that you will have regular movements It will tone the stomach and make digestion easy for you Dr Caldwell Syrup Pepsin it the belt remedy for constipation dyspepsia bllloaineis all resultant troubles such as plies arising from disordered stomach liver or bowels Itt gentle action and pleasant taste make It especially suited to children and who are too weak to stand purgative waters salts and griping powders and tablets A physic Is rot what pile sufferers need but steady easy bowel movements and these can be obtained by the ute of this wonderful remedy It brings about a permanent home cure at a minimum of expense ¬ FREE TEST Those Syrup A Good Shorthand Bookkeeping it Typewriting and all other commercial branches taught in the Business Department of the 0I PEPSIN SYRUP 11B CaMwell Bldg Meatballs Position For You The man or woman who earns a good salary has madetlpreparation Let usl help We have helped others and can help you you to prepare for a good position to try DrCild Pepsin hetore bur I nil can have a tree sample bottle sent to thtlr home by addressing the company TMi offer Is to prove that the we claim and U only open to those remedyjHll do never taken It Send for It ff you have any who symptom of stomach liver or bowel duress Gentlest yet most effective laxative for children women and old permant horns cure THE folks A guaranteed NO Laxative So Good and Inn PUBlIO vrROICT This product at OR CALOWELLS SYRUP PEPSIN bears purity guarantee No 17 Washington D Ci wells E T PENCE STANFORD KY Sue Bennett Memorial School Write complish in for leaflet giving particulars and showing what our students are able to ac Address J C LEWIS or E H LYLE London Ky j3 II

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