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Image 2 of Interior journal (Stanford, Ky. : 1905); Semi-weekly interior journal, August 9, 1907

Part of Interior journal (Stanford, Ky. : 1905); Semi-weekly interior journal

FOR SALE I 1 The official count between Wihianw KINGSVILLF U S Senator was and Vardaman for China Dont forget the Maccabce picnic on el eweh 6 runs KOcxJonMlO Polandregliler to IU to have been made at Jackson Miss Aug loan bent In the 24th K Cook farm WALTON L Apply to J U Unmet on J yesterday Williams looks to be a win ¬ Blackberries are selling at 14 cents llowlnnd Kper gallon nerM C Miller aged 70 county clerk of I yNotice J T ROBERTS Miss Anna McIntosh of Memphis is died at his home at 1 It In the candidate for MnRUtrnte Ubect toCrab RockcastleHe was a veteran of the Civil spending the summer with her father It tbe Vernon Good refrigerator V fret high and A feet Orchard Mngliterlnl District Mr Louis McIntosh is expected soon party wide for sale at n Imrgnln Also n lot of f lion of the MAKMIALL HKHKINO War and had held the position of coun- ¬ C M Gooch day operatorat the tow ¬ I utehur tool llnitonvlllc Ky ty clerk for the past 20 years JOHN J MOSER er was given a 750 raise in salary for or Lincoln tounty Plans for the Democratic campaign thorough competency and prompt re ¬ subject tlo thforction of tbe Democratic UTCHER STUFF WANTED I in Kentucky this fall will be discussed sponse to duty party at a meeting of the committee and the The lid is on The drug store post I want to buy butcher cattle of All kind load the Knitern market Want Jn car wn1I M BRUCE Democratic candidates to be held in office and barber shop were all closed Yfor son week W r of IaIDI Ibone M4 Stanford Ky Tt it candidate for Jailer or Lincoln count c Frankfort The opening probably will Sunday Sunday base ball playing has the Democrat InbJect to the action be the week of August 26 or Septem- ¬ been prohibitedFins Hut Grass Farm For ber 2 but the location of the first rally Dr R A Tate is here again this W J Bryan JAMES C HAYS has not been selected week He has become very popular Jailer laud excellently Im It A randldnte foraction of the Democratic may come to Kentucky and make three and is proving himself to be a firstclass SHncrei of Rfertile tury trllllle of object to the two proved with party speechesThe dentist He is getting a large practice enormous stock burn and never tnillnt on entire South will be for Louis- ¬ Miss Alma Trimble of Arabia aged tlltturnptke y hostedfrom tide OotleyV lIultolIIImiltS DCALLEN ville as the place to hold the next Dem- ¬ 17 and Ben Hudson of Lexington also In Lincoln Coudv Kentucky being the ¬ U Carpenter reilded said farm on which candidate for Auwssor It Asubject to the nctlori of of Lincoln coun ocratic National Convention nt private the Democratic a minor eloped to Lexington with the in his lifetime will be orient owners arc ty The Hon Thomas B Love Speaker of the intention of getting married sale for it limited Her non rvsldents of thetime State and not being House of Representatives of Texas at father objected and boarded the same able to Rive their iiertonal attention to the partyDemocratic tell It at fair I am sure that Louis ¬ train intending to prevent the mar ¬ farm have decided to for price a term price The Seelbach Addreti nil Inquiries tois well able to entertain tho vine other particulars tinge CHAHIKHX MA NJNO For U S Senator J C W Beck convention and tho thousands of visit ¬ Born to the wife of Bud Skidmore Heeurlty Trust lo Lexington Ky will be attracted The South a boy The father is able to ors that hamFor be out GovernorS W Hager is entitled to one convention and Lou- ¬ again after a siege of typhoid fever For Attorney GeneralJohn K Isville which is one of the prettiest Mrs CoJ Gooch entertained a few places I have ever visited is the proper friends Saturday evening HendricksFor Miss Esther Louisville Superintendent Schools place in which to hold it Murphy is suffering from the effects of M O Winfrey Times poison oak The injury is on her feet For Commissioner of Agriculture and ankles Misses Mabel Williams of MIDDLEBURG J W Newman Lexington and Pearl Soper of Lancas ¬ For Lieutenant Governor South The late copious showers have made ter were guests of Mr Daisy Walter doubly sure a good corn crop TrimbleFor Cash Leach and wife of Lexington retH M Bosworth Sheriff Lincoln Wells sold to Gus Mc- urned home after a visit to relatives For Secretary of State Hubert Cormack of Lincoln 60 stock ewes at here I B Roland is visiting in Grant VreelandFor J525 county Sam Rigney wife and child ¬ Ruby Laffoon There was a new arrival at James For Clerk of Court of Appeals Winfreys on Aug 5 It is a girl and ren came up from Somerset to visit Weekly their parents Fount Dishon wife and John B Chenault is as proud of it as if it was th- children have returned from Glenn Ma ¬ Representative of Lincoln coun ¬ Jim ry Tenn Walter Milburn of Stan ¬ irst AND H Shanks = The infant son of Luther Toms who ford is with his uncles G A and W lives on the Liberty pike below here W Walter MIss Corinne Johnson has¬ home of her sis quite sick LINCOLN will soon join the list of died Sunday afternoon after a long ill- ¬ been Mrs G A at the Walter ter dry counties the license of the BlueIness of stomach trouble Wing Saloon at Rowlandthe onlyI Deputy Sheriff Jack Wells arrested Endorsed By bar room in this countyexpiring Sun ¬ Cy and Parris Strowd colored in the BOTH ONE YEAR FOR The most popular remedy in Otse day week Aug 18 After that date Southern part of the county Monday on go County and the best friend of my point Lexington will be the nearest warrants sent out from Lincoln county M Dietz editor where red liquor is legally sold The Mr Wells took them to Stanford and family writes Wm and publisher of the Otsego Journal Traylor ex ¬ distillery license of W H delivered them to Jailer Herrin Is Dr Kings Gilbertsvllle N Y pires Monday after which five gallons A protracted meeting has been in New Discovery It has proved to be ia the smallest quantity he can sell progress at the Christian church at Yo- an infallible cure for coughs undcolds So it will be seen that this is soon to be Few people In the United State have not semite for a week or more Rev JosDemocratic a dry section and as the people have eph Montgomery is assisting the pas- ¬ making short work of the worst of beard of tbe CourierJournal all said they want it dry and the courts tor Rev J W Hall and is preaching them We always keep a bottle in the In all things fair In all things clean In Dy house I believe it to be the most thing It U essentially family paper have upheld them in their work and some good sermons though there have valuable prescription known for Lung a special arrangement we are enabled toot wishes it should be the duty of every been no additions yet Guaranteed fer tbe WEEKLY COURIRKOURXAL one and Throat diseases ¬ good citizen to do his part in preventRev Andrews pastor of the McKin- to never disappoint the taker by year aDd thlt paper for the price named ing traffic in the whisky business A ney Baptist church has been in a meet- ¬ Pennys Drug Store Price 50o and drove Send your subscription for tbe com properly managed law and order league tc the CourlerJoornal blnatlon to ing at Grove for the last 10 days and a with the support of the county officers very interesting meeting is reported U Trial bottle free and public opinion can prevent blind There have been 27 additions to the tigers and bootleggers from flour ¬ church to date 17 of whom united with ishing if work will begin at once but the church at one time delay is dangerous in such cases and Glancy McWhorter and wife of Son ¬ the longer such things run the harder erset are visiting J H McWhorter at they will be to stamp out Now is the Yosemite Clell McAninch went to accepTed time now is the day of grace Strong teachers in all departments High School Grammar IntermeMonday to see his mother who league Let it Linnie Only three places left in the for the law and order is sick Mrs Winfrey of Adair coun- ¬ diate Primary Music Cooking and Sewing get to work and do so at once ty is spending a few dayswith her son dormitory and cottages but good homes in the town are open to students is 15 For Un Tuition alone 830 820 Terms Board and tuition 810500 JUDGE M C SAUFLEY of this place James Winfrey quite sick at B K Swopes Rev and catalogue address received a communication from Gov Beckham asking him to act as special Mrs U T Willis went to Science MISS IDA M TAYLOR Principal judge in the case of the Commonwealth Hill to attend district conference Rev Mount Vernon Ky against Caleb Powers but the judge W G Gilford went to Pleasant Point regular appointment declined the appointment we are sorry Saturday to fill his to say Powers says he wants a fair MrsRosa B Hurt of Salina Texas trial and this paper wants him to have arrived Saturday to visit relatives She it and it knows that he would have is a sister of J W McWhorter Mack been given such if Judge Saufley had Wheat tells us that he will leave in a H consented to sit in the case Though a few days for his home in Texas pa- ¬ democrat and we might say a partisan K Lucas the only typhoid ever Judge Saufley docs not let politics play- tIent in this vicinity is thought to be a part in his court and if Powers and improving O R Jones and wife of his attorneys knew him as do his Trenton Mo who have been guests of friends in this section he would be their friends and relatives here for several weeks will leave in a few days choice to try the celebrated case The Interior Journal = q c Butchers Reduced We have the best the Light ¬ est and Coolest things pos ¬ sible for comfort We are I ready for you with > i partyh Sill 1 Ticket HENRY WATTERSONSPAPER r i l i CourierJournal I 1For tyW o son 150 and 2 Low Shoes to 5 Gauze Hose 25 LIand 50C Long Soft 4 in HandsWin sors Ties l3 i 25 Rochcasllc co Fair I i a CHURCH MATTERS CAPT W J STONE of Kuttawa former Congressman from the First Rev J Murray Taylor will preach at district and once a candidate for the Coffeys school house next Sunday democratic nomination for governor afternoon at 3 oclock will be an independent candidate for Rev C C Brpwn is holding a series Third district the State Senate in the of meetings at the Walnut Flat church composed of Lyon Trigg Livingston Services begin each evening at 745 and Galloway counties in opposition to Rev George H Nicol of Roseville Senator Conn Linn the democratic meeting of several weeks sorry to see Capt Ill closed a nominee We are at Logans Creek church which resultStone take such a step A democrat ed in 20odd additions for many years a gallant soldier in the Confederate army and a fine old gen- ¬ j tleman he should make his last days says C G Hays a prominent businesshis best instead of his worst as he man of Bluff Mo that Bucklens seems determined to doArnica Salve is the quickest and surest healing salve ever applied to a POLITICAL sore burn or wound or to a case of Wm H Upchurch has been appoint-¬ piles Ive used It and know what Im Guaranteed by Pen ed postmaster at Oz Wayne county talking about W W Hopkins was nominated by nys Drug Store 25c I the democrats of Floyd county for the The Junction City Enterprise Com- ¬ LegislatureThe House killed the bill pany has filed articles of incorporation changing the sessions of and at a meeting of the stockholders providing for Sam W Burke was the Legislature from every four years last Saturday Mr chosen president Mr W L Sharpe two to every D Shelby Mr J H Jackson was nominated for vicepresident Mr James William Trosper of Owen county by 19 secretary and Representative The company will im- ¬ votes over his opponent in the demo treasurer install a wire fence machinemediately cratic primary d begin the manufacture of fencing The two houses of the Alabama Leg voting in separate session on a large scale hlature I elected Joseph F Johnston for both the It is reported that the German War short senatorial terms long and the Ministry owing to the success of the Sam Fessenden for more than 30 latest military airship intends to ask a controllin factor In Connectappropriation to icutRepublican politics has announced the Reichstag for an political life defray the expense forming a sec- ¬ from his The resignation pf David Hutcheson ond balloon battalion reading room at superintendent Congress Washington Orino Laxative Fruit Syrup Is sold is announced He had been an employe under a positive guarantee to euro of the library for 33 years constipation sick headache stomach A larce crowd of Georgia Prohibi ¬ trouble or any form of indigestion at tionists watched Gov Hoke Smith Pro ¬ If it falls the madufacturers refund the tach his official signature to become a your money What more can anyone hibition Bill and the act do G L Penny law effective January 1 1908 AUG 14 15 1250 v ¬ S I j l 15 and20e t f tl sary for your comfort J H I We will have everything neces I McROBERTS STANFORD I KENTUCKY DIAMOND INK If you want the best Ink in the world use the highest of standards The DIA- ¬ t They run from a 5c bottle to a 75c quart MOND 16 PENNYS DRUG STORE Stanford Kentucky Balloon Ascensions Each Day JOHN ROBINS Liberal Premiums R H HAMM Secretary President THE BIG BLUE GRASS FAIR Aug 1217 25000 In Premiums rl I We have this Soap for convenience cut in 5 and JOc OVER Big Days 6 25000 6 In Premiums KOPPS MILITARY BAND The Great Knabenshue Airship DAILY ASCENTS The Best and Most Extensive List of Free Attractions in the Country 16 n < AT LEXINGTON KY OVER I Imported Castile Soap iWOOnPOHATEU ¬ 1 tSerge 650 At Brodhead EverybodyouldKnow I and 50 Cents Hats from 50c to BROWN MEMORIAL SCHOOL Attend the Great t Linen Straw and Panama 150 unot fi i The ONLY Light Shirts with or without Collars at The Interior Journal I 10 Thrilling Acts Each Day16 For Preliminary Prize List and Catalogue address JOUETT SHOUSE Secretary Lexington Ky tlltltt LYNE BROS Blocksr 5 arIL Crab Orchard Druggists Paris Creen When you want Paris Green do not forget that we handle the best at the lowest pricetiSTA1 NFORD DRUG CO j 1

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