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Image 1 of Interior journal (Stanford, Ky. : 1905); Semi-weekly interior journal, August 9, 1907

Part of Interior journal (Stanford, Ky. : 1905); Semi-weekly interior journal

THE INTERIOR JOURNAL tVOL Bobbltt on the Circus Etc POINT PLEASANT Rev W G Tilford filled his appoint mont at this place Saturday and Sun I dayThe South Kentucky Association willbe held at Eubanks on the 13th and 14th of this month Quite a number oC Pleasant Point peoplo contemplate goIng Wo are glad to know that out church house will be painted in the near future I > c Squire Harris Is very low Mrs Martha Walls who bite been sick for some Miss Emma time is convalescing has returned from Lexington Koutcn We are glad to state that she 151m proving and Is much better than we exi pected to see her John Dye and wife of Duck Creek visited W D Dye Otis Hamilton and wife of Harrods burg are visiting at Frank Whitehalls Misses Grace and Florence Walls oC Leo county are guests of relatives here Charlie Alford has gone to Bra head to work In the restaurant of Da vld Rambo Miss Della Vogue was the guest of MM Rob Dishon Sunday Mr and Mra Mack Petrey visited Wm Lynza Sowders Murphy and wife pent a few days with the homofolks Mrs Allle Uastln wife of James Has tin died at the home of her father Sunday morning She had been III for a long time of a complication of troubles and her sufferings had been great Death must have been a welcome to her She was about 35 years old and Is iurvived by her husband and three small children Deceased was a daugh ter of Mr and Mrs G W Cummins of this place and was loved by all who knew her She leaves three alsten Mesdames Mary Leach of Lexington Mattie Ruby of Pittsburg and Llllie Graybeal of this place and four brothers Asher Will John and Sam Cum mini Sill of whom were present at the funeral except Will who resides In Texas For a long time Mrs Has tin had been a member of the Christian church and she frequently expressed herself as being ready and willing to meet her Maker ¬ y 1 o I I Always The Typo Among Clyde Fitchs amusing col ¬ lection of ecrap books there is one de ¬ errors The voted to typographical noted playwright snowed thU volume to a reporter recently and the young man copied some extracts from it One Item concerned a dance The word bonnier was misprinted with this deplorable result There were no bonier ladles present than the Mayors own daughters and this fact was further emphasized by the jverfcct fit of the shepherdess costumes they wore A country paper after telling how a got in front of a train said As the safest course under the clr ¬ cumstances the engineer put on full steam dashed into the cow and literally cut it Into two calves A New York society editor misprint ¬ ing the word chill published this state ¬ Icow I I ti mentMrs Astor waa unavoidably absent t rom the reception being kept at home by a bad child A political editorial which should have said The masses believed him said instead Them asses believed him Supporting a candidate for the may ¬ ralty a country editor wrote Mr Smith is also renowned for his great veracity and enormous capacity for work and you will always find him even under adverse circumstances full of good spirits This paragraph appeared in next days paperMr e Smith is also renowned for his great voracity and enormous capacity pork and you will always find him full even under adverse circumstances ofCor EI CRAB ORCHARD Aug desire to say n few words In commendation or hangs Show the finest and loudest praised show that has been at Crab Orchard in five decades They have more to show and showed more thanlan show that ever showed here Dr Phil lips says he has seen many a show even John Robinsons great show but nothing over beat this show And what a crowd I What good order I What satisfaction I Oh it was grand I Nit hundred peoplo under one canvas When they asked the mayor Col J W Guest what was charged for the li Ten dolcense the mayor replied Why Lancaster only charged lars Well thcrt said the manager Is that much difference between the replied the mayor and af two towns ter the show was over the circus main ger looked up Col Guest andsald You are right Wo made 12 times as much money here as at Lancaster The This show has done much good people have gone to work in earnest to get ready for the show when it comet back next July which it promised to do on invitation of many of the people hero What nice Southern gentlemen Maj E A Holmes of the Confederate army and nt Shiloh and what a ringmaster and what a manager Mr Mc laughlin of Rockford III asked into name him personally as having solo charge of the tents that cover one of the grandest shows in all Christendom A dark eyed lovely lady from Memphis also gave me her name and address but I have misplaced It I am to send herPer ¬ D copy of the INTERIOR JOURNAL haps 1 shall find the address against then I remember when this show was at Stanford the J spoke of what a set of gentlemen they were and what a good show Well I want to welcome Clarence Coleman back to the dear old INTERIOR JOURNAL Clarence I have read of you at or rather from Port Said when you were going around the world Well the daughter the beautiful charming daughter of Mr A M Hiatt who has net been at Crab Orchard for 17 years U coming to see her venerable father I refer to Mrs Susie Hiatt Kinnalrd and as she once said to me in a letter I must leap upon the epistol ¬ ary tapestry to go and meet her at the depot I must however say two or three words about Miss Flonnle C Hammond I have never read after a more agreeable writer She Is evidently a lover of the romantic and poetical FONTAINE Fox BontuiT 5 ¬ r NEWS NOTES Three men were killed near ville III by a Chicago bound FRIDAY AUGUST 9 1907 Nape HIGHLAND Carmans wheat thresher vicinityManly Is in our McGuffey has been sick for a few days F J Conn has sold his farm hero to Eugene Hutchison and has moved back to his old homo near Lancaster Work begun on the new Methodist church Tuesday and It is to bo hoped that the work will be pushed to early completion H S Cook has gone to Oneida Tenn to work on the railroad C R Cook has gone to Somerset Mrs Ju- ¬ lIa Graybeal of Somerset visited Mrs Jennie Baugh John Cash of Middle burg and D A Baugh of McKinnoy were here this week Mr and Mrs Alex Gourley of Eubanks have been visiting D 0 Ballard Rev W G Bradford of London preached an interesting sermon at our School house Monday night He waa en route to the district conference at and Rev Science Hill Elbert J M Cook are attending dlstricCcon ¬ ference at Scicuco Hill President J W Easley of Union College Harbour vllle was in our community last week looking for students Ten Years in Bed For ten years I was confined to my bed with disease of my kidneys ButChamberlalns Colic Chol ¬ writes 11 A Gray J P of Oakdale Ind It was so severe that I could era and Diarrhoea Remedy not inove part of the time I consult ¬ Cured Him ed the very best medical skill avail It la with pleasure that I give you able but could get no relief until Fo this unsolicited testimonial About a leys Kidney Cure was recommended year ago when I had a severe case of to mo It hns been a Godsend to momeasles I got caught out In a hard O L Penny rain and the measles settled in IIIV stomach and bowels I had an awful Threefourths of the Golden Cycle time and had It not been for the use of Mining Companys million dollar redChamberlains Colic Cholera and uction plant located In the foothills Diarrhoea Remedy I could not have south of Colorado City was destroyed possibly lived but a few hours longer by fire The loss Is estimated at 750 but thanks to this remedy I am now DOO Insurance 300000 strong and well I have written the above through simple gratitude and I Hay Fever ana Summer Colds shall always speak a good word for Victims of hay fever will experience this remedy Sam H G win Concord great benefit by taking Foleys Honey and Tar as It stops difficult breathing Ga For sale by all druggistsimmediately and heals the Inflamed Mary AnnNow look here John air passages and even If It should Henry If you keep on staying out so fall to cure you It will give instant re late youll kill yourself lief The genuine Is In a yellow pack John HenryThen I should shtill be ago G L Penny your late husband me dearsh The grand jury of Perry county Ala The Pennsylvania Express was wreck ¬ las indicted the Southern Railway near Kelley Sta ¬ Company for doing business as a foreign ed by a sideswipe don Pa and six persona were killed company without license HAD AN AWFUL TIME ¬ 1 ¬ ¬ C A large delegation from this locality Burlingto attended the Danville I 46 NO HUSTONVILLE I O Route S6OO fair Friday Misses Sallie Goode and Julia Stagg trainJefferson Scott said to have been 113 are at home from a delightful trip to years old died at the Seneca county Niagara and the lakes 0 infirmaryThe suspension foot bridge across the At Atlanta H U Krumholz an Aus- creek on tho Bradfordsville pike will be trian shot and killed his wife whom completed this week he mistook for a burglar The telephone exchange has been James H Banta the oldest engineer moved up stairs over the rooms lately on the Illinois Central Railroad was occupied by Marshall Herring who sold struck by an engine and instantly out to V B Morse Co killed while crossing the track in Chic Mrs Kate Culbertson and daughter Miss Ruth are guests of Mrs Walte agoJohn A Lozter known as the fight- VanArsdale Barnes Wearen and wife Ing chaplain died at Mt Vernon Ia- were called to Lexington Sunday Cape May and other Jersey Coast Resorts nt the ago of 78 lie was popular as On account of the excellent train serTHURSDAY AUGUST 15TH an orator and was tho authorof several vice from our station now there will be war songs Fifteen Days Limit much larger crowds than usual frog As tho result of an old feud existing this vicinity in attendance at Oho Lexbetween Abo Clark and Manuel Dewit Ington fair next week at Athertonville Nelson county Clark Wheat is turning out fully as well as shot Dewitt with a shotgun fearful was expected and the price is holding without change For full information and reservation address mangling his right arm up well A splendid hay crop is beGEO W BARNEY D P A Lexington The choice of Louisville as the meet- Ing harvested and prospects for a boun Ing place of the next convention in 1901 tiful crop are flattering closed the business sessions of the A magnificent 230acre blue grass Swiss American Sacngerfest of tin farm beautifully situated two miles Central district at Canton 0 from town with splendid improvements Gov Glenn received a telegram fromI for sale at a bargain For particular the authorities of the Louisville and call on or write to W R Williams Nashville railroad saying that they McCormack shipped two Cowan would put the two and onequarter cent cars of 1200pound cattle for which If you have a Farm or any kind of property State rate into effect yesterday they paid Ic to 4Jc and one car of 25 Alfred Stone brother of Col Henri lambs at 6c This firm wants to buj you want to sell or an account or note you want L Stone of Louisville died at Mt 100 grazing cattle 800 to 1000 pounds Sterling He was totally blind and was collected write to us at once We refer you to Notice has been served on parties a bachelor He was 71 years old and living on and near to Sims Branch on any bank in Somerset as to our reliability Adhad been in falling health for months R It No1 from this place that unless suffering terrible agonies for the road from the pike is put in better After dress three days Ruby Morgan the five condition for travel service on same yearold daughter of W R Morgan is will be discontinued Sept 1 on the loup ROUND TRIP BEST OF THE SEASON eresa ATLANTIC CITY I 9 4within Ky 1J Wanted Farms < ¬ dead from hydrophobia at Waco Texas The child was bitten last week on the face by a cat Work is to begin next spring on the canal to connect the lakes with the Ohio river It will require six years to complete the ditch which will reach the river at hearer Pa The cost will be bo 76000000 At a conference of representatives of more than 40 silk mills in Lackawanna it was and Luzerne counties Pa unanimously agreed that it would be Impossible to grant a shorter work day to silk workers Many mourners at a funeral in Lex ¬ ington were thrown into a panic when the floor of the parlor of the home in which tho funeral waa being conducted gave way under the weight of the large number of persons Sheriff Scott Bullitt raided the pool rooms in Jefferson county just outside the city limits of Louisville and an nounced that he will stop gambling IfOnly the em he has to use guards ployes of the rooms were arrested Tom Wilson serving a sentence of 19 years in the Eddyville penitentiary upon conviction for shooting up Bowl Ing Green escaped from prison but was soon captured hnd locked up again He was found hiding in the Somerset Real Estate Agency via Richards school house Services at the Presbyterian church next Sunday by Rev S B Lander Morning subject Sanctification The union pray- ¬ Evening Justice er meeting at the Christian church Wednesday evening will be lead by Rev S B Lander All invited Misses Grace and Cora Goode are at home from a visit to relatives at Cov ington and Cincinnati Born to the wife of Marshall Herring a 10pound girl C K McClure and family visited Miss Effie relatives at Mintonville Drye is visiting relatives at Harrods Somerset V B Morse has returned from Vanceburg where she has been visitW D Hocker is at Ing her mother home for a months rest from his duties at Tyrone Brack Simpson who is traveling for a stock food company ar ¬ rived home in his 16horsepower auto mobile to spend a month with his par-¬ ents Mr and Mrs Elam Simpson Charles Lutes is on the sick list ¬ ¬ IN NEIGHBORING COUNTIES Ky ATTEND THE GREAT Casey county Fair burgMrs ¬ of good spirit t KY STANFORD XXXV At Liberty AUG 28 29 30 Liberal premiums on all kinds of Stock L F Shadoan familiarly known is is dead at Somerset aged 62 Whitley Station In the Southern part of Pulaski voted Saturday to have a Graded School Lum Whitaker was shot and killed by J W Woodall near Be natadt Lau ¬ rel county in a fight over n card game The second day of the Perryville Fair will be Old Soldiers Day Every old soldier will be given a free trip to the old battlefield College Hill one of the largest and most thriving villages in Madison Is to celebration on S hold a homecoming JASON WESLEY BARTLE CH Secretary President Zed weedsJohn E Schuyler convicted of the murder of Manning Riley at Fleming N been sentenced to be hanged on August 30 He will probably be the last person to hang in the State as under the new law condemned persons hereafter are to be electrocuted Patrick Artis Sheriff of Greenup county and Jesse Wilson Marshal of the town of Greenup were both shot 10 by James W Wilson of Hanging Saturday August N K Tunis sold the George Smith Rock 0 Artis is not badly hurt but property on the Shakertown pike on Willson is quite seriously wounded His the edge of town consisting of 23 acres head and body are filled with shut to James H Swope for 6000 Advo ¬ A thresher on the farm of John Nil cate son near Clarksville Tenn was blown Ben Chestnut aged 80 left the home up with dynamite by unknown persons of his son W D Chestnut at Somer- ¬ The thresher was owned by Luther set July 15 and has not been seen or Ramsey who was threshing Wilsons heard of since It is feared that he Both men are members of the wheat has been foully dealt with Dark Tobacco Growers Association S K Vaught for several years city Remedy for Diarrhoea Never editor of the Kentucky Advocate has gone to to Somerset where he has ac Known to Fall position as Business Tanager 1 want to say a few words for cepteda and Editor of the Journal Mr Owen Chamberlains Colic Cholera and McIntyre will in future have charge of Diarrhoea Remedy I have used this the news columns of the Danville publi ¬ preparation In my family for the past lye years and have recommended itto cation The two barrels of whisky that were a number of people In York county never know It to fall to siezed by the revenue authorities a Lad havo effect a cure in any instance I feel couple of weeks ago when they arrived that I can not say too much for the hero to be stored away by Sylvester Newton have been returned to him best remedy of the kind in the worldSpring Grove York The authorities held that there was no S Jemison County Pa This remedy Is for sale desire on the part of Mr Newton to evade the law and it was clearly shown by nil druggists by testimony that he was merely Prof M E Jaffa who has been con- ¬ bringing his property here for safenected with the State University of keeping since he had been forced out California for 30 years ease in a bul ¬ if business at HustonvilleSomerset letin just prepared for the United Journal States Department of Agriculture that ten cents worth of peanuts contains For an Impaired Appetite more than twice the protein and six To Improve the appetite and streng times the amount of energy contained then the digestion try a few doses of in porterhouse It Chamberlains Stomach and Liver Jhas r the Lincoln County national Bank Of Stanford Kentucky 5000000 2600000 500000 Capital Surplus Undivided Profits J J H SHANKS B PAXTON W M BRIGHT CASHIERPRESIDENT W O WALKER ASSISTANT CASHIER VICEPRESIDENT J W ROCHESTER BOOKKEEPER DIREOTORSIp B Owsley Stanford S H Shanks Stanford Geo AV Carter Stanford John B Foster Stanford W II Shanks Stanford W O Walk W H Traylor B Paxton Stanford er Stanford Gilberts Creek H11 Hubble Lancaster W II Cummins Preachersville L G Gooch Waynesburg Ky J saVEI r Copifort economy and durability are all included in hot water heating 15 worthof heated my house last winter 5 rooms and bathroom with I The ideal heat for a No ashes no coal no kindling in your rooms coal Now is the time Dont wait until frost reminds you that winter residence KentuckyI is here Books Wall Paper 1Foor DetroitIich W B McRoberts Warning- If you have kidney and bladde trouble and do not use Foloys Kidney Cure you will have only yourself to blame for results as positively cures all forms of kidney and bladder dls eases G L Penny etlte when Impaired relieved me of a boated feeling and caused a pleasant and satisfactory movement of the Price 25 cents Samples bowels free by all druggists ¬ PHRWHAL supervision IBTANORO given to all Proscriptions compounded r i t y I JlyYb + s Hr iGrn

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