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Image 1 of The Adair County news., November 11, 1908

Part of The Adair County news.

W 1 jf 7 r t altttl1nft em agofsetsl hade I 4t J trJcf < VOLUME COLUMBIA XII II < A frightful runaway oc red on Jurkesville Street last Fr r after noon Rev J R Crawfo if e and Death of Mrs It little daughter left their hbj for the square in a buggy Whe ear th Presbyterian church the ho became scared and started at a rap ait run- ¬ ning over an embankmen ipsetting the buggy but fortunate he occu ¬ pants were not hurt The e pulled loose from the vehicle and le on to the square and was stopped Staples and Flowers store All th amage a wrecked buggy and a v skined places on the horse I that we state embracing a part o Gileadcountry Cosmopolite t day Mrs C R Payne Bi The hunting season in this section will companied her husband begin on the 16th as the 15th comes on last week Sunday Mr Tanner Ottley and Columbia Chapter No 7 will meet in Payne of Burkesville were regular convocation next Friday even ¬ ThursdayMrs ing A full attendance is desired H Pelley and sod are visiting at Liberty and Hu this week one Misses Bettie and Martha H rA j i- i tIil Henry Altsheler c4 PRECINCTS Q a 168 208 162 West Columbia 135 127 135 127 Militown 101 98 Gradyville 162 109 14 lQ6 14 16g li3 173 148 63 86 167 117 Glenville > Harmony White Oakpel1yton CMr 1still y f R c 4 Zsg J f 11 c > J In tfill 6 + Mr 167 2 CF- IF i V VV t- 1t in CaneValley 117 I I ve B HdSiJpip wj w Dave Baker LouisvilleMr Baker is v burne Texas 1751 110 Roley Theold District School house Thursday e mn A 180 I 117 th Mrs Geo F Stults ville last week vi- Mr W TStephens here last Friday Mr was here i Fridaya Mrs L B Hurt is j weeks in Lebanon Mr W E BradshaJ sick forseveral days I i AK Rue a visit last Sato Dr Garlin Grfejf last week has re fice Mr Geo week or twr s y leey ° t-rwiJ rr r fa rig to oxide w bIal e n- j- Iy a r gibr s > t l I rr s = 1tI > < Geo H Gowdy C 3 O >y Miss May Harvey is 115 71 Little Cake r- v n f I here Friday 84 79 I h ft i c < Murret esMrs J A 5 F < 1 r i z I EFJ Wjthllarg > ftt at the Presb me4Perso KellnerElroy > aytob- uY mules andhprsesr See ah e in a 1fi n another column i i > t J t- co- I the v 113 114 i J services People livin should arrange to gentlem hisJSQunty1fr1HepqrAltsheler t 71 quiant f 1 > every night this week ford is an entertaining who can is requested 206 pyoeye r Services I East Columbia forI youngi MtPI groundil hatter ketfrpm V3 Mr Harry Goldstein of jNashvillet representing a millinery establism t has been in Columbia fora few di i zI w iEi Tim Cravens accompanied dsRelatives arid Feese surprised him wi dinner last Saturday heed his 64th year Ovtl persons were present ai was a magnificent affair I f4 d1J professionallyg Sale Congress n Q 1 Mrs W R Myers has about recoverchurch last Sunday forenoon and evening The ser ¬ ed from a long spell of sickness She was out driving Sunday afternoon TICKETS I i I a tfi myhome for IectorsI Mr 1 i L have a firstclass heavy work team Mr J O Russell andjwif left Th of horses for sale Sound and in good fey morning for Cincinnati to pure condition W D Kin additional stock of Fall and Wi 52 = 2t i Columbia K 52 64 53 Egypt 64 New tobacco has been on the market the couple left for Catapbellsville in Louisville for two or three weeks t One mile of the pike om Knifley gentleman who was in Louisville 1 TOTAL 756 1874 1428 persons wagon intersecting the Campbell lIe pike has week states that he saw hogshead of bread will call at the Isenburg wanting 4een completed This is stretch of corner He is also conducting a first u M6 I five miles restaurant Fresh oysters bee MAJORITYf was present said class stake coffee and milk served at all The vote for Congressman in seven hours up to ten oclock at night precincts was not certified to hence erg boi cordially invit to see if that quality of the weed would Notwithstanding there will be forty those precincts the vote was not coun sell at any price ed Mr Huffaker Prohibition can ¬ Ke on the od times didate for Congress received 40 vot promISed Republi s in the Adair Medical Society will meet at holidays It is already announced that in the county the Sociolist ticket 3 and event of Taftlectiori Dr Cartwrights office Nova 12 1908 the Labor ticket 10 a m with the following progra Turkeys that do of wap to bcon Cholera Infantum Dr Hancoek Men The glorious rain has come week d ingitis Dr Holland Simpson Hemor ¬ spendChristmaS xF The skating sink has Been disco n ¬ v rhoids Dr Russell MrJEL C Feese was awarded the Vj W F Cartwright Jf contract toT build a cottage for Mr J tinued at VW T Grisspih >i 0 GStrange on Burkesville street The Thanksgiving services at the Chris r r rR YHindman 3 frame is now u > and the building will tiari church at Cane Vale i tfti J Committee J b e completed in a few weeks bye 1 I f officials lastweek visit to Frankfort Ruth the little daughter of Revj nd Mrs A R Kasey was qliitejstf sev ¬ There is not any likelihood of th eeral days of last week Standard Hardwood Lumber Mill start ing soon at this place It has bee x Rocky Hill Station visitedrelatives in closed for many months Adair county last week fire did not reach Mr J T Mr J H Graham an attorney of jes staves in the eastern of the county and he is now makin preparation to remove them Mrs Kent Marks who visited her aunt Mrs Mary T Harvey has TeA turned to her home in Springfield Finder will return tome Drs Woodruff Flowers and Garlur Mrs Jennie CoffeyI Grissom will leave for the Loufsville University next Monday morning attenw nterc heFor Official Count Of Adair County Presidential f V hard winter has manifested itself Th squirrels are laying up an unusually large supply of nuts ¬ > qordially invited i Mr H B Ingram will remove from Mr A S Stapleton who Knifley to this place this week He Knifley is recovering from a 1 and his family will be given a hearty of sickness welcome Mrs R J Lyon of Can M 0 Stevenson who is a thrif- is spending a few days ty farmer living neat Columbia will Lorena Pile j please accept our thanks for some very Mrs M Cravens is span excellent apples days in rFrdnkfor tnnerW F Hancock i SALE FOR TWO bird I dogs They are good ones Apply toMiss Claud Bumgarner Luther Chapman Valley was shopping in Colu first of the week a tT I Mrs W F Jeffries and da Miss Mollie visited relatives a badly behe themselvesJfoure Henryvilled resbyterianc Mrs T R Stults made a misstep a her home last Friday morning and fell spraining one of her wrists very This is a question of vital interest yet it is not under ¬ stood by many of the people who will be expected to cast their vote for or against it The fact is that only a small per cent of the people are famil ¬ iar with the proposition and only a lit ¬ tIe over two week until it must be set- ¬ tled We suggest that a meeting held in the Courthouse at an early date for the purpose of giving information that will prepare every one for an in telligent vote The tax must be in- ¬ creased which is not an inviting step for many to take The location is an- ¬ otherproposition that concerns the peo ¬ the proposition is worth in¬ ptroduction it is worthy of a full free investigation and to determi whether it shall be established or de- ¬ feated ought to rest on the broadest information possible to give The Ne tenders any reasonable amount of spa for its discussion and we trust that t people will use it le ant ti week t and West Columbia v JS I Mr W G A s Okla vas here the Columbiahas been filled with smoke Mr S U Wright from the burning forests for the last county was here on bu a Graded Public School shall be esta spk the J if it knocking him from the steps at Tabor closed last y verydangerons rS <> sMr n tJut > iced The diptheria scare is over If there is a case in the county we do not know ¬ glisticChurche jihe election imw t tow hipsy live i- vercd Jy The building of the United Brethrelachurch has been temporarily postponed andbutted progressjSchoolr The meeting The Condition of the Pike The pike from here to Campbellsville taming sermons As a result of the is very rough at this time and very meeting the Church was greatly r valuable timber Mr Jas Page of slow time is being made Rock has vived and there were three additions it one to Taber and two added to the Co- ¬ this place who has a great i ly stavein that locality left at oe with a1i was crushed too large and it will be lumbIa congregation Messrs Lest i number of hands and severa earns to severalmonths before it is beaten Chapman and Mont Waggoner joined down The heavy loaded wagons shun here and Mr Bryan Garnett at Tabo save his property the bed of the pike traveling over the Woods were afire at a number of The meeting which has b n jn pro ¬ sides which have become very dusty gress at Tabor for the pas m days hence when a rain comes the route points in Adair and Taylor counties closed Sunday There wer several from here to Campbellsville will be over- last week It is reported that fire across the river from Dulworth got n ¬ conversions during its proos Rev large rock or thrcu8ha loblolly R L Tally who did the eaching The only way out of the difficulty would to Mr G W Redmans cornfield doing geos fro Tabor to Fre h Valley be fine crushed rock over the course considerable damage Mr Redman lives We hope the management will take in Campbellsville and owns a river church to hold a meeting this matter under consideration and farm It is said agreat deal ofdamage What should attract the aantion of make an improvement in the present was done near Eunice and the Miller the people of Atiair county ilhe build slow travel old Fields this county irg of the pike from here totie Green count gin 9 Qf course A Card The old District Schcpl is billed for al jiulst on us butSolicitors olFkckc6uId r Thursday evening the 19th inst at die t Courthouse There are about forty ing Ed tor News persons the older residents of the town Will you kindly give notice through who make up the school It will be the column of your paper that on ac Eld Leslie Botton will co mence a court- ¬ meeting at Dunnville next Hecount of my health and the burden o room people in as o umbia I withdrawmy appointment g From Dunnville he will go th Vatsons ornext Sunday in the Baptist Church Syne indall appointmentss in the future in Chapel thence to Ecbank n Pulaski pefinitly The burden of colectin county I r¬ money the erection of our Mrs Susan Tucker who w 3 the wife kviJ call me out of town and this of Mr H H Tucker C ey Creek amasses me and the public if I try to Crabbe State Superintendent that the school money will not be here next Sat ¬ died Monday of last weel She was keep up a regular appointment Also urday taxes coming inslowly It will about HO years old and had en ax con ¬ i want to thank the Baptist people for only be a short time until the check ar¬ sistentmember of the Chri iri Church the kind offer of their Church ives and when it reaches Mrs Shelton since early girlhood will notify the teachers through the News A son of Mr C C Bott Knifley Public Sale accidentally cut his foot w i an axe a I News announcing the burning of the On Thursday the 19th I will sell all business house and stock of drugs the he is now thought to be bet r my personal property consisting of property of Dr C M Murrell Elida an New Mexico was received here a few Mr Frank Sinclair has so his stoc The loss is estimated at n¬ days ago of goods and rented his st house to ery household and kitchen H B Ingram Sons for 01 year with 14 bead of cattle and some hogs Sal e the previlige of threeJ1h inventory at my residence 2 miles from Columbia origin of the fire will be taken the first of J lary on Somerset road Asbury Chapel a house erected by NaY tor Mrs Amanda Wallace w operated 12t the Methodist people near old Tampico on by Dr McChord for ai ndictis at was dedicated last Sunday The Chap ¬ Mules and Horses Lebanon Monday after n Word el was crowded to its utmost capacity from the infirmary state that Mrs arfSvthere were many who stood upon Wallace is doing nicely Will be at Columbia Ky on Friday theoutside failing to gain enterance ¬ d There was dinner on the ground suffi Beginning next Sunda the Pos cient for every body to office will be opened at 4 o ock in th years good flesh afternoon and remain o nor onehalf mules from four to eight years old an ¬ twelve to sixteen hands high t accordingly married in the parlors bellsville werE Will pay the highest market priceof the Columbia Hotel last Thursday Pemberton Bro RevJiRe Crawford reaching a ¬ Say 1908 fop hursdaythat I II St Ss thn Kyo wieforbhe ns ofn buts se thef Tn wt Supeh addition He then exchang this piece of property for the r ence on Greensburg street owne by Mrs Sallie M Shepherd paying a difference of 8200 Mr Grissom remove to this last named dwelling s soon as he can get possession II now oc ¬ cupied by Mr June Pic ett Sprrcomes NOVEMBER was wellknown in this section visite at the home of his nephew Mrl B F Chewning last week He is now eighty years old and at the age of nineteen if we are correctly informed he left this section of the State traveling almost constantly until two or three years ago when he returned to Green county and for some months he has been stopping at Greensburg He is a son of Col Robert Ball who built the first courthouse in Columbia the years being 18034 Col Robt Ball was a very ardent Baptist and when the Reform move ¬ mentwas started in this county seven ¬ ty or eighty years ago the principal mover being Uncle Johnny Steel wh left the Baptist Church and joined th Piqiples called Christians by man Mt Gilead was the hot bed of who held to that faith and debates w frequently held inthat church be ¬ tween Baptist minister and a Christ ion preacher Upon one occasion Eld Steel went to the church to preach and found the door locked and he there upon corn ¬ menced preaching from the steps leading jnto the church Col Ball was resent and when Uncle Johnny made some statements that met his di ¬ the residence from J Hgever in which the latter resides the Tutt Wris WEDNESDAY A appendicitis1Dr Hr Lee Grissom purchas last week greatdeal KENTUCKY Green and Adair counties once contain ¬ accompanied Mrs Lucien Moore to ed as citizens who were farmers Louisville the latter to be operated traders etc the wealthiest men in all upon for cystic tumors Mrs Moore this section of country Many of the stood the trip to the city very nicely wealthy families who resided in this and Friday morning she went under locality removed to Southern Ken- ¬ the knife the physician being Dr W tuckY long before the war of the rebH Wathen who removed two tumors ellion broke out It is not likely that the operation being very successful any of the heads of these families are Dr Grissom returned home Saturday now living night and Sunday morning the news of Mrs Moores death reached Columbia Mrs Amanda Wallace of Cotiurg She lived about thirty hours after the well known in Columbia a very esti- ¬ operation Besides the tumors Mrs mable lady left for Lebanon last Fri Moore was otherwise seriously afflicted and it would have been impossible for for her to have lived but a few weeks few days before her departure telling without an operation The operation her that an operation was the onl was the last resort to save life relief It is hoped by Mrs WallaceI The remains were embalmedand many friends that the shipped to this courtty Monday morn ¬ successful and that she win soon re ing and in the afternoon all that was cover her health mortal of the deceased was buried in Pleasant Hill cemetery after yell ou place will leave here today for Hunts exercises e Mrs Moore was a daughter of Edrington who died many years ago intention of coming back in about a She was also a niece of Mr Gaither year but says something might turn up Bryant besides she had many other to cause him to remain permanently in relatives in Adair county A large Arkansas Mr Bell bas a brother in circle of friends attended the funeral Huntsville whom he has not seen exercises and burial every body in the twentysix years andthis trip is made deepest sympathy for the bereaved principally to see and be with him for a husband and motherless little children few months Mr S T Hughes who r ally sold his farm informed the Ne last Fri ¬ day that in all probability would re- ¬ move to Columbia It is n his inten ¬ tion to permanently locate e but to remain until he decides w e he will purchase a farm or open u business of some other character Ir Huges and family are excellent ople and would be valuable acquisi is to this community 11 COUNTY We learn from Mr J F Montgom ¬ ery who came into possession of the information by tradition that the Mt Lucien Moore- will be remembered ADAIR

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