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Image 1 of The Adair County news., December 21, 1910

Part of The Adair County news.

I 4 JiSr I i f1 lj I z t bf J = 1 27 UM F XIV t att I T t 1t 4V ITT11 T MANAGE After thirteen years of experience r C 1 T- MO < t IHt On Thursday evening itiJJflt1 NUMbtk 7 jOn byRev Married at 730 oclock I under the credit systemThe News finds at the Courthouse there will be two nie Farris and Mr Arthur Obanion plays given by the children of the Grad drove to Cane Valley that it is not best for its well being to and were happily ed School An admission of 15c vria bejMr WL Wilson of Cane Valley further experiment along the line of 25c Every promises andwill beginning January How Fourth c hargedreserve toseats and spend a daughter Candidates Stand End of and Miss Lizzie Feese of this body is requested come of Mr and Mrs R H Farris the first 1911 go to a cash proposition > pleasant evening You will regret it if Place to Wed ChristFrom that date no ones name will be you do not attend Be on time Weeks Voting > v mas Y placed on the subscription book unless ion Green county and is a prosperous OddFellows Elect Officers young farmer We wish them a long accompanied by cash Due time will be > and prosperous life L tiN YxIlEtATIVES AND A FEW FRIENDS PRESENT given to allow all subscribers to adjust COUNTERS JW FLOWERS BRUCE MONTGOMERY AND ROBERT REED Columbia Lodge No 930 I 6 0 F their subscriptions before any ones Examine the Stapp lot at once and elected the following officers lastThurs paper is discontinued There are hun- ¬ decide how much it may be worth to JOn Sunday afternoon at 1 oclock at dreds of accounts from one to two you Such valuable lots are very scarce the home of the intended bride Miss years in arrearage and Ballots cast in Piano contest to Monday night 7 p m Decyl91910 1 V in reach of the business center of this the loss to the J >v Rose Hunn Columbia city Think of the great ntfmber of 160 200 V y office every year along this line is Nellie Follis Columbia businesses that might be carried on J W Flowers Treasurer W Jfc > > jf v59 650 tf v quietly married to Mr W L Wilson a heavy There will be no favorites and u 134 550 Julia Price Bliss upon this lot The opportunity is S F Euoank Warden l young business man of Cane Valley a no one need expect us to purposely vio- ¬ yrs Better not let it slip It is Alva Knight Jamestown V H J8 800 v L V Hall Conductor a Madge Rosenfield Columbia late thenew rule If you want the 81 b50 f Flowers R S toNGJ f ti n Wm Sandusky L S toN G paper pay up arrearage and advancNora Bradshaw Montpelier the Brack Massie property in one of 72 800 tAw John Lee Walker R S to V G your subscription and it will do the bes Butler Columbia best neighborhoods of the town 72 100 > Fred Hill L S to V G t mo ythe couple will leave for the it can for you an this section Ada Feese Cane Valley Think of the number of business houses 63 000 v Henry Ingram R S Supporter home of the grooms parents where Rosa Bell Nell cL that could profitably be erected on this 59400 J R Garnett L S Supporter A Union Christmas Service many friends will be in waiting to re ¬ lot Say a fine blacksmith shop wood 59 400 MrsJ C Browning M1l1townn Jo Sandusky Inside G ceive and congratulate them nT The local churches will all unite in The intended bride has been a valuaMary Squires Columbia shop fertilizer and poultry houses and 57 800 r Past Grand WD Frazier ble compositor in this office for five the Christmas service to be held in the l Lucile Winfrey Columbia many other buildings such as skating 39 200 years and her non presence will be Presbyterian church next Sunday eve ¬ Allie Garnett Columbia v 29 400 rinks shows and other buildings for Card ef Thanks greatly missed by the entire office ning Aside from the excellent proGrace Dudley Glensorku 24 bOO convenience of ine young people of the > force She is a very modest attractive gram of appropriate music to be par ¬ Louise Grissom Columbia We say again the opportunity is 21 100 > young lady and her friends throughout ticipated in by the combined choirs of > Nellie WaggenerColumbian 19 800 It will certainly sell and the ¬ Ethel Moore Purdy JU 19400 kindly administered to my comforts title will be made perfect viv dresses relating to the day we cele ¬ Rosa May Conover Montpelier 18 200 duringmy recent affliction I desire to v > The intended groom stands high in brateThe L Mabel Hindman Columbia 17 750 express my most hearty and sincere IGifts will be distributed next Satur May God bless you and care tke community where he was reared Worlds Preparation for the Mrs Dan Clark Columbia k v 17 200 thanks for you as you have for me in this time and his association will rejoice to know First Christmasby the RevZ T Mary Miller Columbia 16 200 n that he has selected for a companion WiUiamsHThe Christmas Story by Lois Hollady During the holidays will be a fine 15 70 0of sore trial n Most Greatfully Yours the Rev B M Currie The Worlds Mrs C M Russell Columbia 4v time for the contestants to secure 14 300 C A Walker Debt to the Christmas Story J> by Creel Nell Gradyville fcV 14 200 The couple will be generously remem ¬ Judge H C Raker There should be a A Nancy Willis Columbia 1 14000 a v The brick work on the banking build i bered with presents They will reside very large attendance at this service PREACHING NEXT V BettieLoy Fairplay 14 000 at Gradyville is about completed CVr and its inspiration Should be felt at Cane Valley Mallie Moss Columbia v 13 700 y7f r t throughout this entire community Zella Fields Breeding J v 13 000 W H C Sandidge Ebineezer > Fr > t rl Be sure and attend Miss Hatchers i 5 Ina Hulse C LindseyWilsbn 12 400 F J Barger Glenville < recital this Tuesday evening at the to a Good Old Age Roley Lived Gertrude Gabbert 11 bOO VVvi Z T Williams Columbia ndseyWilson chapel 7 1 Helen Upton Glensfork 11 600 The plays given at LindseyWilaon J R Crawford Columbia v v T Lutiie Barger J oppa 11 IQO G W Pangburn Pleasant Ridge Mr Zach Burton who was eighty Friday evening by pupils of Miss Mac tJ Dwelling houses are scarce in Cpi Lee Vista Koyse Columbia v 10 700 Gavock wasa decided success from be one years old died in the Purdy coon J F Black Clear Spring We know several parties who Mary Hancock Cane Valley JC 10 600 a ginning to end s If a single mistak was try a few days ago The end came at areanxious to rent property Montra Thomas Milltown 10 400 made throughout the program it was the home of his son Mr Sam Burton f4 Mrs Sallie Kelley Cane 9 300 B M Currie Tabor aot detectable The first pay The He was a man for whom his neighbors rli 1 wf iC A little son of Mr Tom Powell who 1 Mattie Gibson Breeding 9 100 v S P Stapp Liberty Moon Menagerie ti was given by the had great respect The burial was rides deputy sheriff fell from a horse Luia Royse Garlin 8 900 V T E Ennis Greensburg little tots principally each one repre largely attended last Monday breaking one of his legs Lettie Dunbar Columbia 8 500 Rroach Harrods Fork tenting some animal So perfectly did i V Mattie Stephens Bliss L F Payne Mt Pleasant each one act his part that it was like Death of Mrs Deener Hulda McFarland Rowena f 7 400 D H Howerton Cane Valley There will be a Christmas treefi vvVV visiting a Zoo Two vocal quartets Beatrice Breeding Purdy 7 300 Tabor Church next Saturday W B Cave Gradyville were given and the audience was dis v Last Wednesday night after an ill1 J y Estelle Bennett Purdy Tha exercises will begin at 6 7 00l appointed that they failed to respond ness of four months Mrs Martha Minnie Rodgers Milltown J 6 9UO The vocal duet sung by Misses Mi li Deener who was the v Valuable Lot > or Sale beloved wife of > Virgie McLean Columbia < = ken and Hatcher Hark to the Mando Rev C M Deener lvv 6800 tiv We will give tOper cent discount now Montpelier closeary Caldwell sr iVi 615 er eyes in death She was sixty years e on Ladies coat suits cloaks and Misses Mrs B M Currie Columbia 5 2u iivfh seven months old and had been a and childrens cloaks Susie K Page Cane Valley vV 4 700 ent and Columbians are always delight ¬ devoted member of the Baptish Church day of January 1911 the lot known v VS Ethel Thompson Milltown V 3 900 vv ed with an opportunity to hear them for many years She leaves besides her the East Columbia public school Annie L Blakeman Milltown The piano trio by three young ladies 310 > husband and children many relatives in 18 5 Milltown < Mattie Hatcher 2 00 pupils of Miss Hatcher was fine The i Manerva Stone an old colored wiv Adair and Russell counties MrJ W me was m P V T Mrs Marvin Young Columbia second play 1 40U who wins given by Richards of this place being a brother the Master Commissioner last summer man who made her home with her sun = Valerie Turner Glenvihe Misses Curd Leachman 1 f Dunbar ana The News extends sympathy to a i ill inlaw Hedger Garnett died last Sat- = Ruth Reynolds Garlin Mr Milliken brought down the house surviving ed urday night relatives The last St Cecelia was also well I bond to bear 6 per cent inter security received and was both humorous and est from date of sale e j pathetic Miss Pelley had the feadin Commissioners Sale i Sh this Brains Out v a Ill f l Mrs Hattie Stapp part and certainly was at her best In night Every body invited a good tune Over to the world comes a change mo fact each one deserves special mention guaranteed J Sam Lawhoin about eighteen jears CUMBERLAND CIRCUIT COURT For one day For Sale > but space forbids It was a very en mentary but wonderful Do not forget to attend the unions olda son of Mr Andrew Lawhornwho KENTUCKY joyable evening and Miss MacGavock services at the Presbyterian church cease away td their lives in the Fairplay country committed W P Shipley Guardian to to be heartily congratulated V jlwi1l on the 4th day of January sell opposites Charity replaces greed suicide last Friday afternoon It is re ¬ H Christmas y tpthe highest bidder at theJ K P delightful night Short addresses and kindliness replaces jealousy and hate ported here that he got mad at a mem ¬ i music Dont Forget Conover place on Jamestown road the brotherhoodreplaces competition Ri ber of his fathers family and could not pollowing property be reconciled secured a revolver placed and Corbin MrW H Burton and Miss Ruth One pair of six year old horse mules Only a few more days and you wil Lawrence Deft the muzzle to his head pulled the trig¬ year Redford were married in the Sanb 16 hands high > want a nice basket of fruits candies By virtue of a Judgment and Order ger and went out to try the realties of country one day last week They will One 4 year o d c I have just what you want and wi an unknown world The have of Sale of the Cumberland Circ u reside in the neighborhood filly 3 year old fee glad to serve you Anything in the reality to the precepts of Jesus Court rendered at the November Term There the sympathy of theneighberhood Two milk cows grocery line you may need and at the is on 1910 in the above cause 1 will offer earth if not peace at least the Remember and attend the Union ser ¬ One thoroughbred Herriford cow right prices Call and see for sale by Public Auction at the Court vices at the Presbyterian Church next One thoroughbred Heriford Bull PartnerWanted Geo E Wilson 7iHouse door in Burkesville Ky Sunday Christmas day There will be on fat hogs Monday the 9th day of January 191 special music and several short ad ¬ r Mr R F Rowe and wife who now farm wagons Party with complete moving picture about 1 oclock p m upon a credit of live at Amandaville will soon become One residents of Columbia Mr Rowe has the change is from ordinary habitudes outfit Wants partner with small cap ¬ 12 months the following described All kinds of farming tools household The picture show that has been en ¬ purchased Mr Sam Becks property we contrive a fair imitation of it Con ital For particulars see H FAllan property tow t and kitchen furniture and a lot sidering too that the Christmas spirit Columbia Hotel Being three tracts of land lying and provender located near the Graded School Terms of sale made kno past give its being situated in the counties of e nday of sole last show this Wednesday evening sell Cumberland and Adair and on the k The sale will commence at 10 a m Lawrence Wilkerson cof Glenville property for 225 Mr Beck will rent great respect to the Galhlean shepherd who is employed by the Columbia waters of Sand Lick creek and being Luther Conover The interest in the contest continues a borne for this winter and next sprin Column Company met with a very seri ¬ the same land owned by S C LaIn to grow and the older it gets the more rence at the time of his death will purchase a lot and build Mr and He was Miss Pearl Hindman entertained a1 ous acciaent last Friday e Mrs Rowe are fine people and will b working at the machine when a swing¬ further description d boundary ref few of her friends last Thursday e your votes every paid at as well mg saw f valuable acquisitions to Columbia year we are Refreshments struck him on the right arm erence is hereby made to Civil Order Wing with Lost Heir as name this office a thousand votes is given Book No 29 at pages 65 66 67 in the were served and a most enj Yableev population They will be given posses cutting to the bone Other parties office of the clerk of the Cumber > nilWing spent The following were pres- ¬ aion about the 15th of January On the evening of the 27th of this The popularity contest which wa ent Misses Elizabeth Drake Vic month Columbia Lodge No 96 Fand conducted last week by the Colorado The purchaser will be required to ex Hughes Sue King Messrs FredSirppJ IMr C M Herrifqrd wilt build a two Grant Show was won by Mrs V Sulli M will elect officers forthe ensuingo ecute bond with approved security im son Herschel Baker Willie Diddle and story eight room residence on the armR year All members are requested to be r J Hhand Pinkie Christie of Camp mediately after the sale This 12 day Leslie Chapman present By order of the Master I kerecently purchased in Russell Hei g snow Ey have several fat hogs for of November 1910 The contract for putting up the buil- d ¬ y J W Collins Master Commissioner ere W earec requested to announce that sale Parties sending packages or books bYl1 ing has been let to J A Willis and W 63t Clare Smith Attorneys 73t the Roberts Brothers of Texas willJmail should remember that if the wrap CMurrelli They will begin the work Saturday night there being only commence a revival meeting ator articles are sealed with stickers as i soon as the weather will admit contestants on the last vote Miss two Ladies aid sOciety of the Presbyter i Clara ov Coutthouse e in Columbia on the Therewill probably be eight or ten Wilson and Mrs Sullivan the latter ian Church did a paying business a dy Sunday in Jan 1911and continue irigs bUiltiIJli hat addition the u winning by a good majority their Bazaar Hot chocolate and coming spring t were served and fnanyuleful tticl is Theseare the same men who held sev book rate the article must be so wrap John B Burress charged with d heroes not kriew exactly how it occurs era successful meetings in Cum b rPed asto be subjuctto mspec There will be services at the Chris patronized < serting his wjfe and children caul e J He says than in walking up an in land county and at Breeding this list Man church Christmas morning Mrs r clinehslippeqand fell catching with fall IThe Grad school entertainment wit 1 Z T WiiHims will give the Christmas The American Saddle Horse Braed his right hand but he experienced no addreee Some special songs suitable > d be given at the c irthouee Thursday inconvenience and went on with his I will sell my house and one acrd yill be rendered All the members l night The proceeds go to establish a t rstpanuanyartlee wlioV Y a ft f orkiptripping tobacco and hueking ground at a barg kin Good location ti stock be the Bible School are toonte rm1It do than- > TjG 1RA B 1 4 corn er several days Fmally his J1 present There will b8someChritm date Tha AlOCi ljti1bu emAiOred w him sand he hurt irifhfe and IntL tog ef color d H Cabell to look after the malt hiss children l 1 Di trla- t oere jorolurhWi sib hard his Tha EteventhCongr Nres to t ki w P en r 1< z t rmth sfection Therefore if ydiit Hiisdbwa ezaiidtaat in fie be1 riucatlonal iociation will vI 1toIk flT N 1jrrisSon ad flCOj poukryvdj I want toettiploy two work bod for honcloe g the 2fth 30a f rAaw d irwed > itciliiOtr ifocd orW Mitdkr c wV 10 lira Ajta d615 turkey here hr Sao thj FiitHtda of Ttflfc the 7ean1911 < Jr chsrgs j J tid tCatteDd taMt ke x fT Kl v i jL Jt RAu f J 2 > k 4 ¬ the f 4 1 < Thursday Evening at Courthouse THE PIANO CONTEST lYi 4- iIIL11U21LVOi N WtDMESDAY DECEMBER 21 JTL 1 l tCOlUMBIAAOAIRCOUNTYKENTOCKY cmYTh I h I Important Notice APPROACHING i t c- iitii f Ii t I at the the ladyThe T I MksH Theciremony the3ap ¬ yearII I c th5e IcTo p y w c r frontingit JE tBell 1 V 1t i i ¬ i isinads r s < Columbia fightinlifesbattle vl t > v- r voteso i SUrDAYi olumblat rT VJ 1 + i > ¬ V jt Vallei T ¬ JF f7500 t 0 htwo ¬ dh ¬ f Milltown 1 0F 7Uivv drawsg efforts 1L ini ift to4ard Ji J SINCLAIRof WUU atfHutchisons x l ¬ I vsLouie conformsIl 4 l > I ni6flitJ f f IlMrs 3 thU ThU h i- x itOne 4 1Two ¬ ¬ airgsays the thGarvin theworld builI hussyV Ro dressesI housewn I withe ¬ fatweeGt Courte ¬ ¬ 1 = 1attended 1e accidee anof enlB Everybodyinvite tatrlabelsstamps ¬ rlested1nearMilltownt tJ I hteaeastn R a 1 j I > hCHei inir 1- v n J it l attendedn > t f f < VvW It r b I s 5 tto I j 4 ° f 12 q Q c Y Y a 0 t > 6 rL oi MttWdThmarrttheool h wiUattblll Vt V- r1 rulesof j jOQr = brokt will1f6 I j pt oairtit I y w Ujt et t vbejk tJf tper VVV 5 r r z 5 r- f j i C f < 7

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