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Image 1 of 1964 - Board of Regents Meeting Minutes

Part of Murray State University Board of Regents Meeting Minutes.

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MINUTES OF THE MEETING OF THE BOARD OF REGENTS MURRAY STATE COLLEGE October 27, 1962 The Board of Regents of Murray State College, at Murray, Kentucky, met in regular session on the 27th day of October, 1962, at 10:00 a.m., in the office of the President of the College. Chairman Wendell P. Butler and Mr. Max J. Blythe were absent, and the meeting was called to order I by Vice Chairman R. H. White. Upon the roll being called, the following members of the Board answered present: R. H. White, H. Glenn Doran, C. H. Hall, Bob T. Long, O. B. Springer. The Secretary of the Board, ‘ Miss Patsy Rowland, was present and duly recorded the minutes. Agenda President Woods presented the following Agenda: AGENDA for MEETING OF BOARD OF REGENTS October 27, 1962 I. Minutes of the Board Meeting held on July 3l, 1962. II. Report of the Committee on Credits, Certification, and Graduation. III. Resignations Name Assignment Effective Betty Hines Clerk, Public Relations 8-25-62 Billie Jo Jones Part-time Nurse - 9- 7-62 Edna Gowans Part-time Inst. Music 9- 8-62 College High A. M. Harvill Assc. Prof., Biology 8-31-62 Ruth Moore Asst. House Director · 9- 8-62 Elsie Myers Part-time Sec,. Fine Arts 8-ll-62 Robbie Nell Kemp Cashier, Snack Bar 6- 7-62 (deceased) Glenda Chrisman Secretary, Home Economics 8-31-62 IV. Retired Name Assignment Effective Mark Parker Cook 6 Food Porter 6-30-62 V. Adjustments in Salary Name Assignment From Tg Effective Elvie Carson Cook, Snack Bar $150.00 $160.00 8- l-62--6-30-63 L. G. Curd Dishwasher 160.00 165.00 9-13-62--6-30-63 Moved from Su Cafe. to Orchard Heights Cafe. J. D. Jones Janitor 160.00 165.00 9-13-62--6-30-63 Moved from Su Cafe. to Orchard Heights Cafe. · . V John W. Mitchell Cook 155.00 165.00 9- 1-62--6-30-63 Moved from SU Cafe. to Orchard Heights Cafe. Betty Scott Cashier to Secretary l¤5.00 190.00 9-10-62--6-30-63 Moved from Su Cafe. to O. H. Cafe. Verna Patton Cashier to Secretary l¤0.00 200.00 H-16-62e-6-30-63 1 W

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