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Image 1 of Louisville daily Democrat (Louisville, Ky. : 1862), April 19, 1866

Part of Louisville daily Democrat (Louisville, Ky. : 1862)

jfiTFrJi'SOtiX REMEDIES The THE LOUISVILLE DAILY DEMOCRAT. Congress Sprirg Water. Empire Spring Water. VOLUME XXII. LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY: THURSDAY Columbian Spring Water. SEWING MACHINES. I hey have thoir own folly to thank lor these trouhlcs. Tht'V were not wise iillhoUL-l- i at enoni'li and (.vevimn h and making them selves overmuch nNe, and thus destroy- insi themselves, as .Solomon said they and if they take counsel from .artisans in Kentucky just now, they will repeat the jirocef-sWho cares, shouts the Journal; let the Iladicals howl like wolves, growl like tigers and yell like hyenas. If they do, they will hold power. They will beat the Iciiiocr:iIs XorUi. We don't want them to like wolves, growl liketigers, and yell like bvenas. We don't want to stimulate ffieir wrath, but t. euro it. We want enough of them a! list to be cool and sensible to vot the vmo- cratic ticket. We know by experience their power to do evil, and although they '11 destroy themselves at last, they will other people ith them. We pre- ferthat they become cool, and don't want to increase t!. crainess by any action in this State; : rid, in our judgment, the best this State ' an do, to heip her friends, Thp MORNING, APKIL 10, 1SG. From U NUMBER 25. ItllroJ. Hsil comoierl. Cnci:ai 1X. Char lea M. MeOhee. the new!y-e!ect-- .l Presidentof the Knoxviile and Kentucky railroad, ban inst ieturne.1 from Nw York and Washington, and authorise t j of facts a ad figures followinir railroad from Knoxvilj to relative to the Ohio T - f: red the service of Col. A. He has i . TerTerry a y neer ! th rrwl. ry is bro 4 : of Maj. tien. A. H. y, a. n.J on exi .a;.i.. Jattenamewrsm He is now - vasbmgton, securing ''ly ur s luade by tn L niri ,a-- l. ofth im1 tnrf orixiLuta military ei f fiL be road, which were taku and map tv the t.o .t oient alter tfwwsr Col. Terry reach Knoxviiit withm few day, t will commence at oue'e th fug and laying tho iron. work of )i The rnai'on'fT'Sf the bridge over the Clinch river is ail completed, and the woodworm poiiimen,,! at once. Piesalent will Mif ib.f has already secured a geat nniii-t- r ot hand from the dihrg-- c lore,! I 'a-soldier of the 1st an! lien I i. colore, I infantry regiments, which hiv men ar been ilisbandeil. These ail anxious Ut work on ti" m1, h n ! hundred of them ot'er their lalx'r hi verv reasonable rate. Thi snrplu of han n wi.l enable the engineer to push f rward his work very rapidly. The weather is fine, and promise to cntin1 so, and th work ctn be com me need aten-e- . Tbw Fresident res-nti. k 'im statement of h asset of t h roint n v. will be seen, shows t.i! have aniplty means to pr- secu:e t;.e work with enersrv: Th" tat" el Tennessee ha guaranteed to thr company flil,1" pr nine f,r the iiii.erstrin;ure, said money to paid as f.i- -t a the ur grading is completed. It is six-y-miles to til State line, ten nioesof w'nen is finished, and ten m;; more g- - ie-d- , which make for the superstru. i.iro of the road ;iii.ii. The tat eiv- -, r bridge money, Sion.' el. The M.i-.- ' loar numpany, !.y a rc-elaw, t,ji tie The taniplieii county subscrption amounts to fi.infl, a totsl of assetof f tin amount the company baa drawn f the S ie, under the former insnsgenient. .i.iiai, lenvi'ig to the order of th jsjo ei, ( ;' this aiuouut f '.i,ii,i is t. Le in grading and building t.ri.'ges. Tl.. balance must lie used f,.r suirstructur., f nt is available a n a the grm..c. is conipiete. unie by u..:e. Ti.o ..uv.ii.u.. l.l, i largely indebted to tno r. r u and ibiiuagu el.iring the r..fnr.n;ion of East Tennessee oy the m. T'..s sum they hof" to at an e y :,-- . rr.i!.. from t;.:s ll is thirty-tw- o t t:. coal mm. and the ri'-r:er.ii regi. n adjacent, winch pong trie i'resider.t s assured he will rea, h by tne c.n.iiig r.i. While in W.ishing'on, Mr. M .we ! . con:'.reic with T .i .-. of t Ixmisviile i:.tilr"ad oijipany. who assured him that their c.u; inv wou'.J meet the Knoxviiie at t:i une, Mr. fituhrie says their road wi!l reaC, Crab rehard s.rue tune duriiig the p. resent season. V'itrl tii.s assiiiniii-of cooperation from If.uisviiie an ! with a speedy like from f m"inna'i, tne director of th Knox vi e road ''eg:n with energy tiie work, which, :ri a ears, when ci nipleted, will give t Last u Tennessee an avenue t. the r; h and valley of the ( ihio, and give to heavy manufHeturing intere-t-sCincinnati and I.ouisvi.le tne tneUt of mineral riches of the. country. The President and Con pauy are well known for worth and enenrv, and, t:e-- in presenung the m l premise, the oinpanv feel authiT zed i. give renewed assurance t,f proui: and action. j the late rebellion against those in enmity XEW TORK GOSSII'.Ar. Love Among the Ilain. with the Government. Snadaj A ma seme nts ia On tho 3d of August, lsoi, a t eras. IVi.m nt P'm, rtU'f and fl,,aestiou in a Xew Cav. The Labor tiutii ft co,.y. d diam I,r many years the cavalry or drauooli airy organization of six regiments was Ligiit Tho Strike of the y f,Tr The Matamoras (Mexico) correspondjtiwrwi ly Ui MixT eiio' of niaitr thousands ho r arm of service attached to our armies was lormeu uie Dragoons, Mounted Ritle-rtie- n ln?. IrIverH Tiie .Merit oft he aF TriJMS OF TIIF. DKMO-- j ent of the New Orleans Crescent given, in feav 1cnt tUn f r years, w I: U Up dkk benefi- but a mere dead letter, but after the and Cavalry being all merged under II.. w lltv tmi. toe hiinay i.rinaTO Starvation Mages The F.xpnl OI 'XTUV. a recent letter, an interesting description (lf(..KlSW!ll' break of tho Mexican war it beeamo a the head of U. S. Cavalry. The First sion of CotigreMsiiinn Ilrook-- Hi r tii of that most popular sport of the Mexit C What a s.arkline laug liter lurt .Wr1 H 4TI R rH'l trT. l!.TmMv rued organization, and has shown its Dragoons were known as the First CavKe election Certain lten TIIKI MTirs 32.i cans, as follows: M ll great ellh iency duriis the late civil war alry, the Second Dragoons as the Second 6 , nett h allograph? The l'urton 4A.-- i .eal.ell an'l The great weeklv jubilee of the i i:.k ' WHEELER & WILSON'S is oa in America. Xot only in tho Vnion but Cavalry, the Mount. d Riflemen as the BilieusCuui- Article in the .orth Aiaeriean won Sunday afterroon. Snti.l.ii Th.v are rnarrie.1 hut 4n- - tkim iu warn in the Confederate armies has it shown its Thhd Cavalry, the First (old) Cavalry Ite lew Some Omission week I went out to se the sport cal led Sup as J 'h .1.1 1...... cod verse, gay LOCK STITCH great value. The Confederate forces at the Fourth Cavalry, the Second (old) To our 4 on nl rj I'i Irons. Most of th population plieil The C'oIleetorship- fUrl KT WTI R iti. I .tain nd f ,tie h er rant;'ti. I.' ru. e.v r the nty seemHl to te there, crowded ,,. ra, the first of tho outbreak were superior in Cavalry as the Fifth, and the Third Cavn Mnyllio 1 ppcruiost W h o is lev... .e,cv..f the , v ,p SortJ that shame the wanton air. ng on t h breastworks, the "port ta k i ng 11. ..I ' i.ui. t SEWING MACHINE heir cavalry tactics to our forces, and alry as the Sixth Cavalry, so that at the I. r serenca. Smythe? The place on the Daniel H this .lark lair flame w li n "st-s to us when letters at (X'isu-r'lWe are m rrir. i. t tu- l- t.rl.s lM" a. the natural disposition of the Southern present time our Cavalry Mr the gayer. Mejia snd staff were there- - niusir Hags Dickinson Xcwpaper F.ulo In ti fnr organization liunvji.j-d- . and all that. The gay shawl of the sas o srrmo:: picked aud rhrowa, youth for dash and bravery, with their consists of six regiments, with 7,"1 olli-ceJsmin.sre gies The Fenian Flutter Dow u . 'er li.'nN piavine. -a tncir and rti and the fancv cosWi.-r- e me .e,i, r.trvet in kill in horsemanship, perhapsaided them and men. Eaiwt, etc., ete. tumes of thesenorita. the pen in angle Mexicans; Joins lian.N praying. 1'amily X'o. vi.s'ly in this respect. Without wishing These eix regiments are now commandof the formications containing some tirfv k tir.KK r iim iit r pn:ius. Special C'urrtjsiwoi'l.-nAiv the Louisville Ivmocrnt.1 i.rksl epulc!ie head of cattle; and the numerous to be sectional we would say, with true ed as follows; d the i;i:(iMn!rr,(!i:i;ms New York, April II, !r,. caball-ro- s. prancing arolln, on First (hi!,-!li. li. honesty, that the caval i v material in the The whole city has been kept in a ferv their horses, combined to render the rnlnm-,i: n"'...v v"i;"M.r,;'"'' 'Ipnrn. A. e ltlv South was far superior to any other mili- it.Hav fro!'v scene oneof great mterest, and,artis1 itnal rti;vie and fl i;ht M. OF F R A h ta'u, LIN COUNT T. ment the few days past, owing to a gen .i.fu. k..j jo.,-.- : v Mnj. . I""? " "v .1; mni rwnd.T it cp;.1;' of performAlliert (1. llraek- considered, a real picture, to look si tary ortriini-zattoat the outbreak of the HI, l.lmor Oil: liiiiKton 1 cloister Distil eral strike for higher wages on the part U hen the General and staff got a.te.l l.ove, thj uioruinu ThWHt. rrpH,u.pi fresr, n1 purf (mi car- h .Vvmi late civ il war. in of the various drivers of tho city railway Drrliilou ( (mn llic I'ropo.Hilion (o e their easy chair, the band plavinn me ,,,, H' and .1. WochI. tte-en they (,, n,l h,;! Rut to come to the history of this or-- I I. X. fain W r:pt ui patriotic air whi'h a wgg.h friend said . er cars a body of men numbering fifteen or a t M ill. ther .r,e.rve alt tLeir mW,. ir.n ol'the ( hiiciis all a Com ery mono. nt kwanlli!l Atfrod IMiLianton, he thought was either II U Coiuexi.-ganization. The first squadron of caval- I'rank Wbeau tual fur yearn, a,,l r. ,. t ,,,,3, ,,,,,. or sixteen hundred. Thousands of fit and ant more Maty loodIei, the sport began. Third Omi'r.). cf Hie oiiNrrralive Domocralir ry ever organized in the United States of llnnp-Marhwn cr "rvl.-li.usan.l.f miw.ii.t a, greasy citizens, who are in the habit ol all mllerle, The caballeros ranue themselves in line How. Wtaaaaafeea . M.irh . i henry, ! fruiu t!i.' JTombers of tlir IrRislalnre, America, was auihoried by the act of Mt. I'oloMl Ueorue lon.'man facing the ditch, leaving an outlet from .'U" the in the tree. s. Itoljcri.,' TlmmiM iMincun, using these vehicles to reach their homes Congress of March, 1702, to serve for Ki liner llarrartl. the pen aU.ut twelve feet wile, through Held in Frankfort Frbrnary is to do nothiii'. and places of business, are com which the beeves are to ran the gautlet Fnurlh I three years. This squadron consisted of rjA-T!pelled to use '"Shank's mare;" but as Courier is trying to make some p. orahain. ie 6h, Several men with whips then lash and Vun are Lranrt.: ou u,e uf the c. I.I. .' ,., iriik. fun at the expense of the Journal, because four companies, eomprisinc each one ran. chase the animals round the pen till thev a little pedestrian exercise, will not hurt manual Lxeitement in Balti get Vf. Juliuson, I.ouisvlll Dfnifvrat.l J"hn P., il.litm I". Ciiaiulilias. them thoroughly frightened, and have more. l'un' "ie lieutenant, one cornet or ensign, 4 them, that feature of the strike is not of rtiiv vr,TV, of the Conscrative Dem-- j the latter has postponed the great mass The Baltimore American says there steam np for a run. Now one is single,! rgeams, six corporals, one farrier, mtetin- - tweiTtv-seve- n much account. For the men themselv .lavs. The Courier W T1 k. (.'olonel Win. If ocratic memUTS of the Legislature, lield has lieen considerable excitement for ut and driven to theopening. Of course tm sad,,1,'r' OUL' trumpeter and sixty-fiv- e T I. Colon. l says the Helicals in that'lime may pass tho strikers there is a 4 .. s. c.i An. some time past among the higher circles lie dashes through like a regular "bull-gineat the ball ot the House of Reprsenta-- 1 fVioffNl wflr This cavalry squadron distin- - Majori heart-fe- lt a doz. :i bills, acd init each and remove I'rivil',s. followed by the uperu-s- t 'iiin.', f.r sympathy, arid it is to the credit of Baltimore society, relative to among in Hur. L:es, on the iii li of February, lMiii, on mo-- j Irpim-r- t It. .nr prt of t,i tiie ftjtti (hrar. guisin ,i itself subsequently at thevietori- ..rKTo an1 of the daily press that they are almost oi anonymous letters, which have been Soon caballeros, all grabbing at his tail. t;on of W. R. I'.radiej-- , Ksq., Kepresenta-- j the President all for this delay. It is a r iu l f.tir.rr one ha it; the rest fall Colonel pavl.l Hunter. SEWING MACHINES, then unanimously calling upon tho railway oi me mosi iniamous character. They ommences the con test. Now. ba.-- Catal-Wo- , little awkward to postpone great events. ous defense of Fort Recovery, in 17D t, and t. ColonW Naniiifl l. sturgls. nave lound tneir way into very many ,a Water ID live frotn Hickman and was Mr. n. eaiilo;i, lirWifrt II. .Morris in the battle of Maumee Rapids during -boa, how your horsemanship! and yon, ompanies to do them justice. Hereto households, and they have been workiic tt Sauiuel II. Starr. o.ntir jr 4 or t Of 4 C.'CD Fesflwl, THAT IX OUR JUDGMENT Put still lhee calamities can't happen. the same year. Cornet David Torrey was Th( re is the first of May; the Courier fore these poor fellows have been obliged their career of mischief for nearly three Mr. Bud. vour mettle! Away they" go' TIIE CAVALIIV OF KENTUCKY. Til ERE IS NOW XO XECESMTY EOK rippery-,);.- , rvin over the "plain l:ke pav. ine the first United States cavalry olllcer who Seventeen regiments of volunteer cav to stand on the platform for sixteen hours jews (if scandal amnor commenced mad! Na.nMr Bui!' hindquarters- are A CALL OK A O XVENTIOX CF IMP. overlooked tliat. After one resolve of the gave letters, address.! ries lii.itt end Shcniiuki rs. ins jne to the service of his country, alry did efficient service in the late every day, in all weather, receivi seen to swerve toward the horse; hi fails first, the Radicals will run into the first r wives of im itcousinir ine civil RARTY, AND WE WOULD (iiiilrr i'iirs. in the year 17VI, at the former battle. In war. The Fir-- t, MirrLaiit ani f'trsf-rlas- t ircrcrs. Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, compensation only the lggarly pittanceof proper familiarity with men, and to and rolls over in ach.ud of dust, amid he EULLY URGE THE TARTY XOT TO hole they find and pull the hole in lifter the Wemng shouts of ti.e multitude- - Mr wives, pretending to disclose improp.r campaigns of General Wayne after- Mir r.:ni!cs, lenin and fourteenth regiments were f 12 per week. There is not one of these intimacies on the part of their husbands trtballerog-4iI-.p- s CALL A COXVENTIOX, Will X XO them. We shall have repeated just what leisurely back. ar(ls' Ulls cnv:Ury corps rendered dis-it- s conspicuous for their bravery nnd ef- railroad companies that is not absolutely with the other sex. I'l'lhlMlftTS. lutle Fathers and mothers queror; less hoiu,r than "a Boman conNECESSITY" EXISTS FOR THE SAME. happened in ls.ii, when the Courier and JiariiiAs ZAen. service. and Mr. Bull gets up and quietly They were increased ficiency. were also le-- to great anxiety on account coining money. Their semi-annuDemocracy got up a convention to Jln.-lli-sl divJ. E. EFtrxtR, Chairman. or their daughters and sons, who were .gees to grazing where he fell. EOTCHKISS SONS, Prorr's., nomina'o a clerk: oulv that time the 1,1 1:;,s h' Kil additional troops. Early Morgan, the celebrated raider of the idends are enormous, and their shares warned by anonymous letters of In this manner the pen was emptied of isn ALL their al"Rress authorized three regi- - Confederate army, was a Courier ran instead of the Radicals. Time 111 '"'' Jas. A. Dawson, j Octanes. Kentuckian, are so scarce that but rarely can you buy leged improprieties. Among the mem a.l the one. (tiite number Manufacturing Purposes. lnoM!i 01 cavalry, of ten companies each. 92 Bcctmui street. New Tork. them in Wall street. Tho individuals bers or tiie .Maryland club and "The Ger were thrown on the run; others could not about is fair ulav and organized much of the best cavalry The alove expresses the opinion of l I UL AnM K IHEll. thrown after lonz and iri,,,. man club'' there has beeu great constermi uiese were never tilled up, and the for that STTice In Kentucky. They were chiefly interested in them are millionover the prairie. In this, a ad other nation ami trouble, with much the Conservative members of the LegtfTTWe Lave received files of the Mata- - whole cavalry force was mus'.ered out of admirable aires like George Law, Marshall O. Rob- and suspicion of one another, sports, there is science, a as scouts and sharpshooters. . shown bv caused by a handsome moras Ranchero, an Imperialist paper service in March, ls02. islature, by whom the matter was disMexican follow wl.n, it,,.,". erts, and Congressman Darling. The in- letters received relative to the alleged divKentucky had also an able representan eight published in Mexico, for thirty days end- Six years later a regiment of mounted steers out of cussed fully, and to whom interested tive of her cavalry in Humphrey Mar- comes of each of these "eminent citiens," ings to their members. These letters are started after, and nearly all of nine he inir tho blth ultimo, from which we take troops was raised, nml in lspi n ro. md have numbered several hiin.lre.1. within a few according to the internal revenue returns, and Ooro the impress and other parties presented every reason ,he following: yarns ol me pen; and he missed of having been the of twelve companies of light dragoons shall, who commanded a regiment of is at least fifty dollars per WM. SUMNER & CO., ' ninth only h tm, u th-- . .,i ; day. It would written by someone who was on terms of a.,, Kentuckians in the Mexican war, and ,. -..T; to induce them to recommend a call. Ei. Sis. D. Pkmto Ji are. Thewherea- - were added. Prigadier General Conimr- not kill them, therefore, to add an extra intimacy and irfts t knowledge of the bi left hand. VKV AVT1 T!!K rRF Sr Juarez seems ton was chosen commandant, of (,! who fought bravely at Btfena Vista, in The one animal that remained was a A IM. family relations of thoe to whom they We hold that the judgment of this boutsot rrrufh I'R Kto'ki.m.v Anti4'moi mt Muxico, under General Taylor. Hum- fifty cents to tho pittance they pay their to exercise the press of the United Stat bull, to tie ridden by some daring cit? annresse.i. were iu No. 1 Masonic Tctcple, toniirille, Ky caucus is correct; that any effort to call II? is placed in Chihuahua ai his head- dragoon regiment. Three years after- - phrey Marshall was afterwards a General employes. Twelve dollars a week for tylethat indicated mey authorwritten high a He was lashed fore ami f thru nfellow the .!.. to le : l a.n riA i".al'U....1-fX'tMt',,--,,'''quarters, issuing decrees and playing wards these dragoon regiments were in the rope passed round his for his sixteen hours' labor, to a man with a ly educated and lerfectlv tailiar with and a to hold a convention will tend to disintegrate would-b- e Confederate service. President. rider on bv. Set disbanded. on family depending upon him for support, ancient and modern history, aUmn.lnig and his niter seated, with upfirm hi feet KENTUCKY REPRESENTATION The fact is, ilr. Juarez was much deIN THE and break up the party. a irrip on iu quotation ami comparisons that but ceived. TIIK IUtAGOON REOIMEXTS. He was in. In. .,1 lo is not exactly the thing just now, when few could be familiar with. iovo f lo.t the rope and his heels dug into tne aniCAVALRY. Tic vote in the caucus Mood vj.on the the Imperial troops had entirely abaudou- i I 'or some years previous to the Mexican two years past there have been sus mal's tlanks. the head Ins. The Second regiment of Cavalry is rents are so extravagant, flour twelve to Death f Ole Ball. eu ineironiieriieparimentsot and the tiie Empire. But riotvm of J.rr. Bradhy, ffj-si- x agninst a and he, poor soul, came all the way from ' war, our mounted forces consisted of two commanded by Thomas J. Wood, Briga fourteen dollars s?r barrel, butter sixty picions afloat as to the authorshiD of run him bull starte.L. outlet they couldn't through the The telegrapn brir he hH us the news f ;!m these letters, a comparison of those reco7we)i!,on thequiet villagecf El Paso to receive the regiments of dragoons, and one regiment dier General of Volunteers, who entered cents per pound, etc., etc. Petter let ceived by ditl'erent parties having estab- enongh of that, and probably judged he leath of lie Bu.1, the fane.u vi linst. and nineteen fur it, would have to undergo a tailing beside which took place on the Utli ic.stat.t, at 'ifcelamations" of the good people of I hi- - of mounted riflemen was raised during the the army in July, ls45( as a Brevet Sec- them bars the extra fifty ceuts, ve lished the fact that thev all emannte.1 carrying his rider. N he huahua. whom he had so recently robbed from one person. Several persons have naliobs. went thromrh 'lii'tiw, Canada East. The de, eased muVory Rrnvc. by his forced loans. He did reach the 1st- - ' :'r' 1 he lirSt reBlmet of dragoons was ond Lieutenant of Topographical Engisuspected at times, but a few months trie fence with a crash, sending his rider sician wa born at Bergen, Norwsv, on Private telegrams from Washington Xo citizen of Kentucky, who isn't a dis organized in the year city, but lie remained only a few and Henry neers. Charles J. Walker, a graduate of say that "Smythe"' now stands the best since a rumor was suddenly put afloat as whirling high in the air, and creating a th."th of Ksbruary. Dlo, a:i,l was, il.ere-fo- re, grace to her, cares how furious they (the l"urs. Taking the advice of Lady Mac Dodge was its first Colonel most laughable stampe-lonly ! year of age when he ,i..l. amon-j- . tl Among its tho Military Academy, from Kentucky, chance of being appointed collector at to a gentleman (John Henry Keen, Jr.) spectators JifPO'JTANT TO LAHTIS. outside th in. Il ! Originally destined for the chorea by h.s Ka.Jioalsi pet, says tho Louisville Jouris a Captain in the same regiment. The this port. I have been trying hard to being the author of them, although both some d isUimv 'ind " goinlv but left for his safe retreat beyond CaI1tili,,s at that til,le before hestorre.i father, a chemist, he wa sent to tho find out who Smythe is, but give it up. he and his family had received a large SEWING nal. Well, whether we are a disgrace to the Rio Prayo del Xorte. of R. I?. Mason, David Hunter, Nathan Third regiment of Cavalry is represented Nobody seems to" know anything at 1 the dav about number of these missives, and some of I feel free to xum cioeed enioved a sport. university of Christiana mm.u eigiile!!. Hi's. Windows Mystic Pills the State or not, we do care some how say that I d What a farce! This but his pie ion for musie Presi- - Boone and Edwin V. Sumner. From 1834 by Captains Joseph G. TilTord and Alex- him. There are about two hundred and these of a most mischievous and offensive led b .u it i e his ,l'e furious they get. These Radicals are a urui, w nose term oi service nas long since lo character. Being unable to tracw this iiiu. u m any lexican. I hert was noth- to lfi'r. Innms-v rot a n 4W inrPAWn w as conspicuous In ander W. Tarleton. Tho Fourth Cavalry fifty persons of the same name in the di' '''mem Simple, i,.fiiM..iiiirarniif r.'.il rectory, and the inference is that it must rumor to any definite source, and being ing brutal or bloody in it; it was pure we find him at Cassel to tudy part of the people of this country, and w e expired; who has no more claim to the 118 campaigns among the Indians, espe- - is represented by Chief Magistracy of Mexico oth-- ! Major Richard W. John-so- be one of these, but that, even, is mere unwilling to rest nnder so grave na ac- harmless fun, and quite aa exciting as with Spohr, where his reept;on d.d r.ot uuuu u aub- horse-ra-inLave to live with them in the Kiime Gov- erof the eight million of herthananv pleaa iiiui, aud. ioucvd Lli.l :o inhabitants, cially in tho Florida war. In June 1830 Captains Eugene W. Crittenden, a conjecture. There is, by the wav, a cusation, he resolved to make an effort to U Gottingn, with a view to reading I iw. ernment. Democrats used to get along in They are tiw cm?y Genuine Teraale Tills prejudice, on the part of the discover who was the real author. For Colonel of Volunteers, and Eli W. Long rgi,nCnt 'SilDiZed sadd Here. agin, hi love for arl can" I hun rWnJ of the second dragoons with a Prigadier General of Volunteers. A NBW SwiXDI.ITr Tlorw.agreat Smith family here, against those this purpose he employed ex perieuced depeace w ith these Radicals, because they Txtact. f'. llllllie feIico. Perfect. uiu tare now to abandon th new pursuit and H o nnlr .n.i,il, ,.n The of iheir brethren who spell their name tectives, and labored some two months in week ago res.ectable looking individiunous mey got. It is the, the tilhl.usters auiona our neighbors of David E. Twiggs, of Georgia, as its Coliv Sixth Cavalry is represented by Captain with a"y" and final "e," as it they were tiie investigation, during which time the ual in th watch and jewolry onie more to music. He gave a -:i -favor as Ar. business .f Lyon A Co., in Chatham street cuesiful eor ,ert at Minde-n- , but wan blued ,l0i. General Harney was also atone Joseph 11. Taylor, a Brevet Second Rl. Every Machine Marrank-- Fitc Tears. portion of a statesman not to make any tlic North. Mexican Times. I ?1l- fi."iirsn. Lieu- ashamed of .V.niVA, pure and simple: and missives were flying about as usual. The to leave place in consequence i f a matter has now in of the people furious. We are from monterky important movkmi-xttime its commandant. This regiment dis tenant of the First Cavalry, and a gradu hence, a if the President is really going to it will be made assumed such a form that and .uo ,oiriniF-aa he pricing some watches duel whjrhthat result! in mortally wnn lint? .tfl v u,' ....... f., ...,.!.-- . l!,J. place jewelry, the subject of a legal in"y" and final "e"' in the customAfter obliged to Uike men as they are, and not two victoriks ihk woi;k praws to j tinguished itself in the Pluck Hawk V' ' ""''I i: ate or the Military Academy. vestigation before the courts. A spicy .....n..,,lf,r..., a lot of goods he stated that he a fellow artiste. Sevral year of his 1. ., he cannot calculate upon the suphouse, ' "" I.T. were next spent In Paris. wber, ia..Iin to get along with lofty scorn and n,. "V."" port of the Smith family proer. Seri- correspondence in relation to the matter was a stranger in the city, and asked COMi., oian war, in its Florida Iudiancampaigns ,v!i.r .,r...... i CONFEDERATE CAVALRY OFFICERS. or! . , !.,.,),, .a.l A a KINPS OF FAMILY MWINU PONE .: w . a a prei. louse poor and niKf r. .... from detiam. Petter keep an eye on era,, -- d durinK the war with Mexico .o u,- ).t. The Cavalry officers ot the late Confed ously, Mr. Johnson can scarcely be med- appears in the advertisement columns of ness partner Mr. Charles Lamb, the busi- ne aUempte,!xistence, n him un i k. h! ..ii.. tl, ti. Un.n TLroad. Cotton. Ar.. a full t a to drow in charge from which appears any such ,.t..w-,t, .. i,P ot I, ltr- people who have method in their mad-- ! inst. ?- - - n coii.staLt y oa Land aud w York id at cially in the conquest of Xew Mexico, erate army, who formerly were connected itating important aridiculous anppointment the Americau, led, from theitevidence that ment, to be allowed to of the establish- . f', ,. a UkIv. whoee dee- - d. in th.j Mr. Keen was kv , of it to so oba!.rt post, at crisis like I 1. a. rfc--t,., nes. The South had as well not despise Gen. Jenanegros has been busily en-- : under Gen. S. W. Kearney who was with tho regular army of the United this. A Conservative, of commanding tained by him, to charge the wife of Fred dircted to his store, hv Lamb,i.. ,o:nl .Nnrvoiu. prf". tm'.jgiy rembleil, as'tj,,' himon b , ., Mr. .N,. supor Iu..lh,.r and Pu'esiDoms and OfBce- -7 Maaonic Tii)ie. a. t? tiei these Radicals. They Lave outgeneraled posing i::il.,tiHir IM, Hn'V funded at San Diego in December, 1S46. States, have risen rapidly in office, much character, a man known to be heart nod erick Bernal, representative of her Bri- good tlwt this request was made m f. Paris hima to make h5''.- - , . , ,' ' "V''M as violini- tannic favor of W. U. (iOLPKRMAN, s..iuu tLis time, and are, therefore, tIlose lawless 4 CO., Harney's cavalry light, near Vera Cruz, more so than those of the Union army. soul in and who the President's restoration matter Majesty, with the authorship. The srtori faith, allowod him to do so. , In ,a- f uccesa nirir t . . . characters who stilfclin" is stilfunsettled. Ton. . policy, t i...x, or j t,., f,.r j".. For jaic t.y ail will have nobodv about ,nila iimcrs m(tii nC. nf ral Aefnts. : not to 1 sneered at. It is the Radicals' to the idea that the ends of government iu - Irt, is " .itij:4a. dressed to James Hamilton A Co.. which uual Ita.ian tour, andI tuen parsed credited to tho second dragoons ' For instance, the old Dragoon regiments him who is not commitPsl trtlike princples, ,, iir .,. ,,, were duly delivered to the stranger, whr, the next .even year in' ,.,. foil v and OPaOVEU furnished some of their best officers. The is best qualified for the place. Such a UAKEU'S day to laugh and sneer at ourthemselv t !,n defeated. le.ia tQm Napoleon's policy towards GerGen. .Ten.nnei.roa i o., man, acting with proper enersrv, could weakness, and congratulate i.em. vne day two con ntry-me- n Je,;"orsnI1 Davis, the head of the late First Dragoons furnished Lieutenant ments, came along, looking at the trample under his feet every vestige of many, in the event ot a war, remains trie. by which he realized CKLF.ER ATKIl on their siqxrior skill and management. suiting completely routing the enemy, re- in the establishment of peace fur Confederate armies, was formerly an ofli-- a Generals Kirby Smith aid Richard S. Radicalism in New York in less than six- still in doubt. The comments of the Paris uxiau v mey enterea, when they store. nd i,rtUD lN h m"ied Frenci' exhibite. We can't give them much credit for wislong distance around .Monterey. .ovuiar oi jam.u Hamilton A Co., No, woman, bought as est,, in b;4 n5l(1 in the First Dragoons. He was made Ewell; Generals W. S. Walker, J. E. B. ty days. On the contrary, a press on the subject contain sentence ot I a robber band between 1' and Prer.iu:mSeviicMacb!ncs dom or virtue; but they, starting out with thathere was notChina. man would be worse than no ap:lT m wtllttl w" state.! Hnd.year settle.! down upor. it. !k . ""st Lieutenant of this regiment in 133, Stewart, George H. Stuart, Wm. J. Hari v place and pointment at all. These are not the times ominous import to Prussia one of them, L'j:i: reurement he TjHteiJ Lis. waicn and jewelry would iv a minority of a million, have accom- and in ls31 we find him acting as Adin- - dee and Col. Andrew Jackson, Jr. The lor half-wa- y i General Iiouav lm.l not amro.l measures, nor the Debats, proclaiming that she "has no d io any person in the country in ',7,-- wtl."-hi:n enthusiastM..,; y j.lished their tmrposes in spile of the but it was expected he would enter tint. While bo n.lmtiio,! u - Second Dragoons, Lieutenant Generals men, Mr. President ; and. if von are think- safe frontier either towards France or return for three dolLam. tr. 1M ir...i.-- .i tiirning to Karor rn U;ST0UEHS!! he a,lirH. a letter direned to James Hamiivon A Soulh- - They have been crafty enough to rp imp', arah'e. an4 lSP lii ing if.feY.I'5?:, U"ln.?? 'V UK- - most excellent otlicer and a strict discip- - Robert E. Lee, Commander-in-Chie- f Co., na?in iT JU"lf " bM Alg-r-an of some of appointing to the "Collectorship Russia, and that the Silesian territory . ., man of straw, who hasn't inlluenee get the aid of the Journal in the work. several niu. al mstr soeei. ia stranger Tl I WI T.Y.I1CI1 Alhorr SMnc. enough to revolutionize a oiip or two f?;iv liitr tiifin th. tin... . Inan:iri. he was at the R.imn tim n- - the Confederate force U7n.x, not In and no rew inding want'd to barbershots could be easily turned by Galicia and Bo h .... their watches for mn - !... w' ol Ll n ad Tiie editor at l:wt sweated and toiled lor tinned. Gen.'loiiHv's armv is en r( nt Johnson (killed), and Joseph E.Johnston, 'simply beca.ise you are afraid the Radi- - hemia." The Paris Liberie says that the u,.ur.-,iirn- , in ha nn nmiT,a,wi,- they had Il w Vm lla r t,,e constitutional amendment, the grand to James Hamilton A Co. Mr. sent Umo .i i a. j Lamb whose friends only were those oQi Generals John 15. Hood, John Pcgrani, cat senate win connrm none other, vou annexation of Savoy and Niee by France then saw ttat he had better let the place remain vanint all the time had been brought him! nowl'v.r f hey distributed along ,'!lllloal the river, should so l'ers and men whom he had drawn to his John T, Villipigue, Fitzhugh Lee, Earl awhile longer. Nothing is charged for "opened a parenthesis which will toot be imposed upon by the party who receive.! himl.7'J?iA:'L1 n'J r','-v- . and IT IS NO HAIR DYE! that it cver , ' , , , 'i io use mm. in iact, larire a force be necessarv to nnwnv ilm wJ.t,m ,i r... n i it .h r Van Dorn R. H. Anderson, besides Colo- - this advice. hecame,-.n. closed until she has obtained the Rhenish tnee letters, and that the two countrymore to a .r, r rn ri'nwcv apon tf . ri'" o' th I icr. It fifti es ' !A et.dis f t!ie warn I u euuir-,i- t ;oi men had Have you read that article in the last frontier." IHimi- I' u swindled. He therefore nels N. G. Evans, W. D. subverting Alfred own n Saturday nit-h- t. " ""'re is no count mat I tie end of our lbor were them to his while mirnoses.- Iverson, jr., and a score ofSmith, officers, North American Eeview, on the when the party an- -' of IJa t.-- acre of land in cians. They can adapt their means to ( It"oam.tV eh cm at ..rPrvrn-. petty Mitch, remany who, they ad!ei-- th bonier nt e ony. will Herald? If not, calling be cause,! " dis-- : mired his military abilities, bated him for all of whom were formerly connected it to your attention as I would commend their ends with great skill. They can set tant. troubles is not a cable's Wreck ofthe Steamship Vera Crcz. reared agruji.Jester. lay for letters, brought l mchero. f their d:sas(roa, resu;-.- . wm.-r- one of the curiosities He wss . ii fc c tif t.W Kt.iet' A rn a largo rH.ri.,r ,.t f,rlh. T;ht. . Ti- -i i'j.i wies, ana practice ponu- - Of Cortina, the editor says: asLllig btUer his selfishness and his overbearing char- - with the United States Regular Dragoons of literature. The writer shows how pos- Tiie steamship Vera Cruz, which left New before Judge Dowlinsr. when h T! d lirxn- (the hies of tne remaindr bv an' iii al.d v sible it is to play Hamlet with the part of York the early part of last week for Ha name as Charles Mar k One nf th. eal tricks adroitly, and avail themselves Our neighbors, just over there, o:i the ac'er. The natural feelings arising from and Cavalry. unrortunate'-nvestmen- t ne V, receive,! at Lvor. Hamlet left out. In other words, he un- vana and Vera Cruz, w as wrecked on in tne New'York. of the blunders of their opponents. greenback side, are discussing wavsand 'sectional prejudice has not produced this the ILllrv stV.r- - containing three do! Academy of Miua complied his ru;:" 2"At a recent meeting of the stock- dertakes to write up Dennett's career as a 1X9 t.etumincj once more to Europe for and tift v They slro watching Kentucky now. vnlixu, for we find it in a history writ- - holders of the Atlantic cable project, Mr, journalist, from tho beginning, without I arohna coast on the 12th inst. Among and with c"nts, was found on his per purpose ,.f mrieving his fortune, he the a view of finding soma nf the remotest reference to the memorable the passengers were Luis de Arroyo and ra-t- n Irs. VIssv Hair give They hate the State; and they hope she panv. Pv every hook and crook knowir ten long previous to the late rebellion. Cyrus W. Field amused the assembly by Helen Jewett murder, which really gave family, agent ol, thecontin-n- t nntil w parties to l au an. jum ol hi of Maximilian, E. W. Bar- against aw.ndled, was enter a complaint him, he Theuniform Of the United States Dra- - several anecdotes of suggestions which that remarkable creature his first solid ron temporarily comhere his long arJ"al. ia and the Chevalier Wikoff, bound on a mitted. The accused is a young man lift in life. Previous to that awful tragecareer atiained its cl..-- . m the fall elec-- ; of lves and the banditti. The elephant fe"1""8'. previous to the Mexican war, was had been made to him. One gentleman dy, as twenty-fou- r everybody knows, was lions. The editors of the Journal and was not at all troublesome to get rid of. much different in character from the nres- - had gravely pioposed to him to sink a scarcely known lwyond the Heraldbagn- special mission to the Emperor of Mexico. Canada. Hpyear of age, and a native of A NaTFRAI. Wittbpii i i. r. represented himself as a the lowest Perhaps this shijwreek is a forerunner 'ourier are just the simple ones to run coaipared to the trouble ot breaking that . '"t "a!ry "lforlu rJlRL BORf WITH A CnmNON. Y i m the army, hollow printer. N. Y. Herald. THE LADIES. tube in which to go down and ios; but the graphic descriptions which ofthe fate of the Imperial cause border in Mexico, inan orthisntv is the hai ny into a snare. The Radicals would rejoice resented alliance. The sul ie.-- is rep-- ! Tll ,ls,1!ll dress w as a tilue fatigue jacket seek after the cable, and he was so an Dill Attree Dennett's principal reporter Salesroom, No. 5 Maaonic Terajle, as of growing importance and editor then) gave of the scenes at 42 which several of the parties on board were gy An autopsis of Green's body, the a brt;jht little daughter six" months ol.i. qq:z to see severa parties in this State. They and involving more kinks and turns trimmed with vellow lace, Hat forage cap, noyed by E. EEED he iheCh.ld continual Chlls at his hotel that Thomas street, and of the mode of life engaged in assisting. '. ::r UimtlLLE. HT. Maiden murderer, was made shortly'afti? , entirely devoid was bom the Lead wM jexpe-- t to get material here to fire the !!'"" 011,e, celebrated Gordian knot. ,vith broad yellow band, sky-blu- e one morning he told his visitor that it trow-- ( f hair, except that in. ii 11.3 iiiiiiiitex nan ieu previous to tne C. U KAI'W AT. his coadi'itors were invited! ., . T. Ji.HWtX. lie art of the party and save the disaffected of the back head whi-- h. wi b ia,l ,s, wnu two yellow stripes down the should be done, and that the author ot murder, at once took the public taste and President has ordered that the the unfortunate man'sexecution. No JicTThe there, and were granted certain privileges Ken' a demand was found to exist, the fun- - covered by the water!:,. I, n.l thi tsjr-tio- n from abandoning their colors. sheet after they came; now the question comes outside seam, while theollicers wore a the idea should make the first attempt. created speedily put for his indirty purse, Treasury agent, Dexter, who was con- was covered with a. thick ,m,e. r.t which money his Xo doubt the Northern Democrats wish up now to get rid ot them. Most of the silk net sash of a deep orange-colo- r hair, three inches lonir. and enabled him to sail along smoothly victed by a military commission of fraud tire system being m a perfectly healthy r.r- and He had not seen him since. rr.rr.zc. xktu. murdering work on that side has been condition. The bonea of the head and the eisely in the shape of the n.,e,r ml on his career as a successful journalist on the Government, be turned over to ,..-.l tLe Journal and Courier and their politi- epaulets of silver gilt. The tho traced to his command, and the feeling is A Smart Girt The Augusta (Georgia) ever afterwards. There were dark tales! , ,, w ear were examined with especial mirjur. waterfall. Theyonnir lady rn:A ut the An IVtoute.l Ootolr 17 ill, . Family cal musses in pandemonium. This fall' rijx- to eject them at the point of the bayo- dress uniform consisted of a dark blue papers announce the advent to that city told of money wrung from wealth v citi-- 1 cml autlw"'t"'s s, m v weerin nessand care, but no trace of disease oniU! compliment of a visit vest-rd- a PTM AVp w TAVF TIAD BF CV-ta-- T net; but then, Cortina reported one M;:'jor coat, with short swallow tails, trimmed they will have to meet a Radical on the her ..uihionable but natural apptnda- -Irivtriiraciit. who were known to have been vis- - huetnent in default of two hundred thou-itotor I.' ,' Lii . of Miss Ann Edza Leak, w ho was born in and, it sai l, secured his reat the house in question previous to sand dollars baiL This ia looked upjn be discovered The brain, however, tya, La ir remains. stump. He will come w ith Lis pockets General,from the isRio Grand.; command, with yellow lace. Pants ol light blue, that State, without arms. o".su..n r.iia appearance l moval She is repre- the tragedy, on condition that their names ' a rrot,-,lxtremely small and remarkably KAJ'WAY JoHNsTYjX MF-sR-- i. BAVE stufled full of Journals and Couriers. He and might lie not displai-- a common, verv with double yellow stripes, and a heavy il a soiution of tlie peae-- proclamation i:U. d U. a hUj- - rt eing oni v flightlv sented as exceedingly attractive in her would be suppressed; but whether these ' at bv the iLjual common, lUk 1 resident himself to the effect that The exact weight has not yet been atr-tainewill get tip. Fellow-citizenI want to en. with a .....uo!of the i.ii Hair ou thoottier VvervUred'ovfr u'ert''t'i'.e personal appearance", aud as exhibiting were founded on truth or common rumor 10! 2 ruurlii s:,bct. laiket SVWK horse-ha- ir "iv "en. ' 'Via 10 IV7 ODf but it will undoubtedly p rr,ve to tie portions Jt Xenon tell jou a little about the associates of; are pettin "s, only has never been, removes martial law. head. never tu nuptial ta.Ia.ti.. and are endeavoring Vo break l'OI!lr- - Tl!9 fuU llress w "rely worn the most wonderful dexterity in the use will be, ascertained. and probably of the! it W fcoft. ll;. y l.avt f.,r sa'.- every The circumstance is. of course'y very much lighter than the general aver- of The writer these Democrats. Here is the Journal, tliem oil, it they can. To this exceiit uiion parades and inspections explained by the rrevaifng' iurs'l". of her feet. She writes with her toes Review article (James Barton has n t an'TTiafif y of Color, A Fast Railway Train. The London FjiLiilj i, we are well of wearing the hair, and the imnr,l n Mar.nfaclurfns trie erguu ol one crowd Qf Democrats, councils are being advised, the greenback The Third regiment of IraironA much better than most persons do with half done his work, iu omitting all allu- - and Northwestern milway company directed. S jjrj licity e f tTsc, supporters of Johnson. The editor went made by tne style upon the) mind of t j to that episode in the early career of ilacliJiivs organized in lsfT, and Col. Edward S. W. their hands, besides knitting, sewing, emA Man Foi nd DEAn -- ' )n the j ;.h The Ranchero, of the bah, says; mother. Another explanation has l.e. the satanic Press. Moreover, he men- - t""'ls rutting a tram on tho road to run once and was delighted to' T!. Butler was appointed Colonel, with broidering, m.i: Certainty cf Satiifattion. Of tl,o fsiron. IHV tt suggested, namely: that n;:nr, see in . one of see ('a;.'.. Hines. Ho denounced the la-- i fn Monday night last several I'egro Thomas 1'. Moore, of Kentucky, as Lieu- of needle-wor- k crochetingaud doingall kinds tions but it will lie remembered,Bennett. express between London and Liverpool tuck y river, about irale and half ,ow 'l''Vei,nJ. in this county. wnatadealof trouble and eipenwtbA with astonishing ease and whereas, n he was t vtry .:. k.xrt. stopping at any of the interme- . There w .uo, n,uu,i .pur wnen (.an s house in Brownsville, and porpe- tenant Colonel. In the battles before the rapidity. construction of an artiticial walerfUii the deserved recipient of at least half a diate Unn'Jred of LoalstlMe Families, stations. Water will b taken ui no evidence on his person that death had has dee idesl to provide the next genhe cahed for troops to Put down th re- - tratod on the lcmalu io.noies a most city of Mexico, and at tho dozen. An been caused by violence. -- cVrticlc. taking of that H4 was about eration of yonng from a trench at Eugby, while the train six feet high, with The ladies with the genuine Magnets. To make a cast-iro- n leilion. Ho advised the officers of the' . mag- James Radical vipers, in expelling Hon. ; city, the Third Dragoons behaved with , ; .', . . KfPllli Bro ks from the House of Repre- is in motion, without any perceptible turned gray and is black hair, partly article from her own laboratory. Th " ine oi ine women inane Known to ner , snpposej to be about wU be a army tr.ii.e.. up their commissions if brother place sentatives, have bitten the biggeet kind next day the infernal crime that Proat gallantry, and won for themselves net, take a smooth bar of invrei to r.ll anl er- slacking of the speed. Smoking and re- forty-f- i ve or hfty year8 ot age, and was famuies. great saving ot expense ia Ures war wasnoi ennaucted to sun him. had .Sandusky R.g:,ter. M..,,,.;:., .r.-..I ui committed. dreseed in a brown jans suit. land their commandin officer golden the middle of it to the north pole of a of a file, as the ultimate result only will liruj su 1,11 t'10 following night by freshment rooms will be attached to the He aict-teher brother, Lex. Observer and Reporter. magnet and draw it to the end, repeating be, as I havesatd before, his sometimes great zeal for the The Catti.Tr vn.-T- he such a rousing majority as will nut it out train, which will accomplish the distance Teodoro Marline-- , went lo the bouse to opinions. This regiment was finally dis- lie irlti. h.o wi..!. Union, but more zeal to defeat its i ry lu re. the stroke always from the middle to the friends. protect I he f:imi: v. but theof the cattle traflie- - on the Great .1 id banded in Is IS, til lie .1 sj Anl here is something bett(-- still a not n.aue iiicir appearance. rie.rroesmglit of the Gilinore-Jaekque- Eastern rai.way render ir interesting to The Manhattan club give him u me Lieut. Col. Nathan Boone, for a long eud and rubbing in the same way each Ml peace mission to Richmond, recapitulate th receipt At sweet scerjb .1 Democrat, the Courier, ii:t-e- d loiluwing he was there again, and a lie-- ! time virtually commanding this retrimenf ban,U?tat )Mr time. Then place the 'middle of the bar fr,,1!i!;!ii-,'o1t'"'of that utio'er-takiu- g Camden, N. J., and in that trom the c,.uvovnee of avenue, on evening the noted Illinois Methodist, who was arby a returned rebel, w ith the oath in cro entered, while his companions in lust brought it up to a line state of me '.lu, magnet and rub next, heep and pigs during iho last sevenca";. discipline while the Democracy and Conserva-- 1 cmi,.' the religious revival has been rested seme remained at the door. The negro could GEO. H. LIED L CO., Ecitcs, ha,f time since on charge of caus- years. In the six montus ending Marcn his pocket. He is a Democrat; tho organ not be understood, of course, but so near- - and elliciency. Ho resigned in July, i.imu3 mo opposite end ot t tie bar, re- tives at large are getting up an out door more extensive than anv which has 25 BtKTUTTHniVlMi l f I IflKF.. tj5 -; 1 this branch of business p indued P meeting, to speak their etirred for years past. Hundreds of new ing the death by abortion of a woman he 1, i. rsi.m Magnets can be made iUNLTACTrui-.HSOF Hf.WF of the same party that strove to carry the ly as couiil be known, ordered the old! 1S"iX He was i true scion of Kentucky, peating as before. W is..-,er i,r..-- .r the company fJl,.no: jn the six month hfcer ai,.1 minds freely upon the outrage that has ;lt'I,ll,rs hj i, Q seduced, State for Lrei kinridge ami Lane, and to man out of the house, that he and his and was a son of tho pioneer, Daniel in this way of steel as well as of cast-irot :m fc2 r.wsiie t.y ITTiL'nst v. a here. "de& to the different had given, and was released on bail, ending June ii. J) 7 ;i . in tt,A six been practiced upon them through him. black devil companions at the door could has carry the State into the rail'.1. l,si.s the crime of a few nights previous. Iloone, whose name is so interwoven with and may be in the form of a horseshoe or Brooks was the only Democrat trom the churches, and still tho work goes on. It by failinir conclusive proof of his guilt montu endmg vii; to appear for trial. in the six months tnd.n J me ... star as well as a straight bar. ing in that, he ran away to Dixie, to aid J he old man. however, was not thus to the history of this State, city of New York, Black Republicans is estimated that more than in til.'s;ls.4,the six;iig rie.-- . these who were ready to slaughter your anandoti Ins sister and her family, but to MOUX1RD RIFLEMEN. Know Thyself. An be hilled defending them. c'el.'iss; in tie six mon'h other districts, bv means of Democratic di have united themselves to churches in the I.The wburyport (Mas.) Herald -: sons nnd brothers. .!: knni urns. ; The negro leveled his musket at the old Although several independent regiwi in thesix of the motives of other people was visions, and a free distribution of green- First Congressional District during the says that, owing to th activity of the ending June m. montusending !eceairer il, 1.'., tl,-..sman and blew his head oj en, and then ments or squadrons of mounted men ODce backs. The city ought to have a proper last three months. These, gentlemen, are the Democrats, Stat constables, th brought to his senses by a very representation in the next Congress, business of It will be seen that the first half of Lie lied. The women were saved, their and They support Andrew Johnson, whom defender, Teodoro Martinez, a but lil'tv-fiv- e were organized at various times since the quiet remark, ne OlAR. HIOWlSi) A M'AtE FOR An Queen Victoria forwarded a flat- that town is on the decline. About one, year is the most lucrative a regards he man C v'. .had declared that he so it will, if our people do their duty. you fleeted, but w ho would now betray I Xf7.IiP AI L OTllKI: year lsiis, only one has succeeded as an did not believe there was one truly hon- No Radical has a right to speak for this tering letter to Mr. George Peabody, half of the Americans have stopped sell- - ' .""?va,n (' caitle: and as in the current years old, was murdered. Tiie family of Mexicans are poor, but etlicient organization. M not lUeiv lx you into the hands of such Democrats. ; I, This was the est man in the world, when his opponent overwhelmingly conservative citv in that thanking him for hia "princely munifi- ing, and the foreign population are more Iv uave iu ifnei;t oi moretian two moi,;hs body. Even Raymond represents a very Vo.i may know your opponents by the highly respectable. cattle trattic while even during that periThere are other particulars which wedo Mounted Lilies, who were organized in said: " is quite impossible miseraote minority in his tlistrict. His cence" towards the pxrer classes resid- - largely supplied from private houses. company they keep. They have a great not give lor prudential reasons. od it was greatly reduce.! . ttiw diminu! June, Jsp;, by I'ersifer E. Smith, and who that any one man should know the mo- election was accomplished by all sorts of i"g in L:ndon. Mr. IVabody would have Our advices from the continent tion of th deal to say ' the tais hea,t eauuot was astives of every man in the world, fail to be serious, CIIKAP FOIl CASH! the reVflM-'u- fgainstlittle men who put down Death While I'npeii the xn.rrv. v sisted afterwards appointed Colonel, Ken- - very possible that some one man but it is dirty tricks, which have never yet sen been create! a baronethe or have a Grand show that the war attitude waa still carriege of dead although the lncre-to sav against the but by George L. Ilurbridge. of ;.. ,. vl . .IX of theBath did not f,el himself maintained by Austria and may be he mat Prussia. tent a comtensation. will the to some exrebels. v. ii . or i s. i.aicua .'i j.isier, iueivy, as lieutenant Colonel. This latter: perfectly acoua uteil with ,;,.w" On impudence for bun to Pretend to retire- - "debarred' from accepting such distinc- other hand BEN. MASON, If one of these conventions should put of I'hiladelphiu, vent, in company with otlicer, however, resigned in ss, about sent a district which is good lor an aver- - tion. The London Times approves highly France, England and Italy were agitated, more cattle than formerly are now twun iADIEV PAFEE COLLARS. and tlwir commercial and financial inter- forwarded from Norfolk to the metro. . ThE IJoval 1'ai.acf.s asd Castles of age Democratic majority of six thousand forward a rein soldier or a sympathizer a female acquaintance, one day last the time the Dregoon regiment's were of the m lis by sea Lloyd'a London Xewspaier. "'Pliment. o k :wrvm i i .. i .ar- e.jil. i...e n i I icK.-r-- i.imii ests sensibly a.Tected by the crisis. with tie n The following is a list on any day that a lull and fair vote can for otlice, it w ill be a week, to the rooms of a dentist to have musb'red out of service. This regiment Great 15'"taix. KD VM.A LER IH le- e,..n. Iii-- c -l aj- -r cuSs I.i La. lie had, and when there are no bogus i,...--;s- . 1 sw.-e- t We nited States gunboat V,i- morsel lor these enemies of the teeth extracted. obligations te the in" . delicate, and did splendid service in the Mexican war, ' of ,Le Pall,'s and castles (fourteen in Democrats found willing to accept "the Fiji Inlands are making pro- - sect world are under of EEADY-MAD- E OCLOTEINa Varm'ai'irfr.t cerr nany I.aales- l'atenl for some Democracy. the modi beauti ui to the British enemv's money in order to divide the nosa.i is at r.astport. A suspicious briar gress. They will throw themselves fearing she would sutler much lrom the among s- ine of its b' st officers we nuni,,or' aPPei"-annThe value of the exports amount color with which our fabrics are adorn.o.p.' p 'W hy I ?i...e t.r; ...- - a. iph.,' ' 1N1I away on sii'h a point. No mat ter about 'operation, she requested the dentist to ad- - ''"'I W. 1 L Walker, of Georgia, W. W. !''rown: Win,-soCastle, Frogruore, Cum-th- e Democratic strength, so as to let a Radi-- ! was brought in l.v th,. I'niii u.,. AV ed to X1J,0J in rsoj, to 1:1,079 in Is!, ed. The tmt valuable product to which 1. 1". I A.M. sup in. jvu tins sort oi tiling will be enue cutter Ashuelot on SI. 'or:. tin- . qualirc-ationCraubourne Lodge, dyers are Saturday night. and to XJ7.000 in lsrt. The of the nominee, Lis in- - minister chloroform, which he did, in a Lorin-r- , ff Florida, and Major George Ii. berlaml rectified before another year runs round . ..t. I. increase in Ierhap. ofindebted, i wun the excepIl(;rl tS7 Main indigo,, known an. I competency. quantity, as he thought, suited to Ik r Crittenden, eif Kentucky. In Aucust borne Castle, Claremont House, Hamp- - "The mills of the gods grind slowly, but The corresjiondent of the Montreal Ga- l'rt was owing to the cultivation LoiiM... Ky. . XN"o. 12t Tliirrt street, of cot- now to be an insect preslu.-tionzette, telegraphing from East port, says ton Court, Kew Palace, Kensington Pal they grind exceedingly small." T'mre are What will )k-- the effect on the Demo- - physical He ton in the island. also the grain of Poland. LacUke The city journals Patent Reversible EjamclcJ Water-- : EAST flLE, EKT. JEFFEKSON AND r.EES, ends? They lined make a defense to all to ex t tactcondition. when was proceeding lse.l, this regiment was disbanded. Democratic the Feniana are scattering, and that thev ace, Buckingham Palace, St. James' Palthe teeth the patient was and lac dve, furnished bv ditferent inas well as Disunion seem to be THE I AVAI RV EOItCE. Proof Paper CclJsr, ace, Balmoral Castle, Holyrood House, which can lie the most eulogistic trying are without arms. Three British war European news to the 4th inst, sects, which are the btaia f our finest ie Tff ANK'TNi'l TH T this, nnd the moi-they defend the weaker discovered to be in spasms. An effort of the Tho first regular cavalry organization l.e is ji.-- t ,, re ei... ,, i, ,,:,.. ... I, f ,,,,.,, II I HI LAR prtE character of the late Daniel S." Dickinson. steamers, he says, are there. states that serious Fenian riots prevailed color, and how iniinitelv are we indebt. Ill- ten I they ill jet. (in theoid-iinDemocrats was at once made to restore her to con-th- e in the United States army was com- Dublin Castle. ' SKI. en,tn,li, ed to the The zeal of the former in this matter in Bradford, England, in which th cneen nut, fromlittle manuiacturer of th.j ..i " fleet will be little; but others must sciousness, but though all proper means menced in U which ink is made. License Law in March, V, and the First teiTOur exchanges from the central, was deuounced, 'i So might well lie restrained without intS' be won to the fipport of the President were used, it was h.yi ai;d low lor ca,-Iryli.'. and the English residents unsuccessful and she cavalry regiment was organized, officered strong is the feeling against the Massa- - fringing tho dignity or truthfulness of western and upper portions of New York Rt i RxveNCK. Of the -i :. ng"inst ti.e Radicals. We don't want to died in a few minutes. had to lock themselves indoors for safety. their profession. Mr. Dickinson, personTlilMelf Btiu; pnncij.aiiy lrom tho old dragoon regi- - chusetfs liquor law, on the part of Boston ally, was a good man; but what's State come filled with accounta of the ternal revenue rceipta for thi yZ' HEWITT, NORTON S CoT furnish material to make these crowds the use ing June :kl, ' KoyMr. Andrew Johnson tatt-rathe laxgeat iuonue fn , in the town elecsaying that t ?- - correspond-u- t of the London Ex- ments. In May of the same year, E. V. l'otel keepers, that at u recent meeting it of anybody'a changeling he was not, IVmocratic any one item of man, , .. forious. if ih y ure Radicals. We v atit . . .....Ccmniiwipu and a trimmer? tions. Siityor seventy important addi- to tue xiumor r air Kir th. relief,J the aminer writes that an interesting dis- Sumner was appointed Colonel and Jos. was proposed to close all the hotels in politically, of w,9 ln, nin tl.cio pt m cool. There is a great al He was a llemoerat ol covery lias inst been made in IV o v Orleans." al,ei,.t E. Johnston J ierb mint Colonel, while Boston and keep them closed until they Lincoluites came intoall his life until the tions to tho Ieiiiocratie column have just destituto women and children of the tilled and fermented liquor E. RETrllNSTON & SONS, Impiau nature in t!i. power, and then he i Iladicals, and and long neglected 'eUuIlough and Win. Ji. Emory re allowed to sell liquors at their bars became, iu fact if not in name, a Lincoln-it- e Ken made, and in the cities the majorities South,a beautiful basket of exotic flower, sho, P14111 ut three mil library in the w est of f',rty prejie'ices ur" as stmrcr amongst i ngianu. R. ATKINSON & CO., v.e ii also, and in that capacity was all are increase!. of cotton aveu nit d .Majors. At t'us time wo w ithout fear of molestation from the State from the White House conservatory. is a I'l'giiientary it These felloivs North thou as it is he,-,' t0."0 (Hux.-a.'rwoolen tabrie-- euhL ISewiu A. Co.) the Captains the names of constabulary force. The proprietors of through the war ''hail fellow well met" script ol great icje from an find nmon ni"-n- ,t " g s proud of the revenue from with the Red iS-Tas their a'j! Supreme Court of the United Irishmen, employed on a '., Republicans. cy r monastery, 'vhi- h shovvsthat on Tho' uas .1. Wo I, of l entu. ky, W. N. R. several of the largest hotels favored such His reward wasand Black Attorneyship tho U. S. - ate of being Democrats, aud it opponentat Cambridge, States having declared the military comrecently (Je f e H. SM'urt nnd lames E. B. a movement, but it was not carried. the occ hT for this district. If consistency is any of seme early an d. striie. is I'D easy metier to break these party JALIES EEWITT & CO., liv e ...e,,iiii limine man, wnv not say so mission which tried Howies and Milligan, struck because two negroea wer put to portant producuv uitert-ssLraider, nil except rain, a da v f fasting and pe:i- - S'Marl. !le C' ( s cos., w i;i J, to j .re vent it. wotk witn tnem. I tieir plae-eDe Witt (Iowa) Observer says: alter a man is dead as well "as wheu he is f Indiana, to be illegal, and thone have since Bulletin. Wood luring held hiith posiiiI13 j tho auee w as ordered, just as in the nineMen die but principles are sons having been discharged, the friends been supplied by colored laborers, Liverpool, A fee ;:!!, ve liave to live iu the same teenth century. H shows, also, th Conf. derate armi"s. L "Jesse G. Royalty, who was taken last AND f Alvl'.lM Ss, week to Fort Madison to serve three .t . m',n l of Arnold, Spangler and Mudd, the FiWlhc t i. ii. sun s, ro. .. es fry r I'll tlese Fadicals, bad as they while all were then agreed that the plague The Second Iegii"ent of Cav alry was years for having three living wives, has the sacrifice of the principles? 0. W. THOMAS & CO., " 1,1 . K T l VII I 1.1 LAI J',K H FT AD ' I ;. s,f. I l''Who will care tor mother, now I1Dr.Olltsi.Iu Fenian pother '.sj;. .a vountr f.,f're i d. ere: and V hen ve how absurdly was punishment for national bins oiganizod abo"t the seine time, with At- - been discovered to have two more t frontier excites much on tho northeastern sussination conspirators, propose to make wa-- the exclamation of an affectionate girl to tseeu wuhia. less remark than it an effort to release them under the same hopeful, a few dav sir. vlioirae.l Jjoulsvlllc, lty. ui'-- S "th pc'cd, w hy le amazed at the manya attributed it especially to the sin of; ''"t Hney ,. . vrt'vlnr I' Tie, lefii- aiM si.q ion l.irr.'- both for the -i' as . v. ,. . ,l "" and Rob- ,' ner I1IUVPH...UJ would if the conviction prevailed to any dec ision I.vvtuu laaeraaiel N!. e v.. ,,. A IK t AllVAVCIS mirsB nanng "ii'iie,i "" . nt r "T-- "'.""'f oi belong to ity. she 0J ALL SHIP- - fo ll " 1 riwle t fallen de ilui.-nin the other e nd of fro inquiry. ert I . I ee as 'tenant Colonel. Among black woman whom lie engaged to marry considerable extent that the O'Mahoney " ln 1.. uuy uress :. lorene-e'"ooir, wnicn is savage ud in ..1 I.. -- There w as never so much crime in the I nion? WedouT want to furnish the its officers at ibis time, we find the names wmie mey were contiueel in jail at this folks really mean light. Tho Roberts-- 1 for t nsensi' to toe charms of love."' '! I. M " TON - I, I The Boston Traveler says that the aifthTw means to iniliieucc j issioti orpieju lice; ofthe following ollicers; W. J. Hardee, place." officers say ' . fl i.f S Mitheru trade has completely collapsed, t'-TR P.iti.otrM.-Int- eli Hicksite branch of the Society , '',rl- Jt .j,- - lr be Ml ;s...-s of it is to be attributed to for tlese are powerful for evil. Fkek Baths in Bosto-n- . The Boston ness on hand is not ascertained Per. l"at en e George H. Thomas, Earl Van Dorn, E. IW. Of Friends, at Philadelphia, ar and hardly a ingle vessel i on its way SONS. U,;,t. K'-m- au H PEftUKGlTCr; I erecti ng i 0 and prejudices are bad counselKirby Smith, Theodore OTIara, of Ky., city government has appropriated f 10,0tJ haps it w ould le a correct summing up liquor. 'ne county has fifteen criminals, Mix .It K j UcFEREAN & MEXEFEE, Ml IP U.AS Alnls. thither from New Orleans, Mobile, Savan-- 1 "if t.rien- , " "isuaie. l enn.. f, jr "aru. ana w none rMi.iun...:,. ll. ,. . who W'U to the Saate Prison, ors ju t now. John B. Hood, Charles W. Fi3ld and for the establishment of free .url. .,..! etieei, Nw Vera. ,r"riv p reseti t of tliisenCT i nab or Charleston. The pope have the education of their own children, p ','oh" reel, had been appointed cmi.u (11 of Lo'iiavlJl Kj.) bathing-placin- g Th' lieinocials ruled this country for Fitzhugh, Lee. This regiment particularfir use this summer. The Mcthoelist conference at New will cost upwards r Delgium, in pi.ce ol LVnn. probably us much cotton on hand as they sieved IhT tiine 1 of JH.nno LOCKWOOI) w ith all the jarring CO., IrOMMISSION MERCILLMS, half a century in peace ly distinguished itself in Indian cam0rIe,,n3 h'4-- '' xtendd the juris.liction ot t0? The United States Assessor for When j supers, led, effective blow could material i.'iit; not by scorn and defiance care about holding, and wish thequautity paigns, and look a prominent part in the Utah reports the revenue collected in that struck an tho at , K4-lPanadas, tho jother in t'ie Southern church in every direction jViT " lo M,wn ,M oth lessened rutin r than increased. PeteTsbunr great Sioux campaign of ls."jj (. of oj isition, but by adopting measures borrow son. money to buy him a doe anybody know Mr. ,lt ". Territory for lvd at ? 10,000. The amount "front of Campo Bello" is a. mere bit of; asked for. her"l detimtiou ' churn. A broker lant him tn tor . t- to fcuit the pee !e, instead of trying to1 uramatic M BrOTrtwtty aiul 6 Wt! St., .V-t- t J'oi-- , cuMajor-- f ieneral E wing has return-forc- e designed to stick pins Tho Third Cavalry was organized in for 1,05 will reach f'(),000. Ac4 lanutao(oren' Ajenu (or ttie aaJ of t-a-at 10 per cent, a month, and at last ael voung ladies. She in the Blue Noses, but not calculated to boy in Philadelphia was arrested the p.o:.!e to suit tiio measures, ed to the Governor of Mississippi several lsiil, with David Hunter as Colonel fea a.B4 fhsr lieea. enU;t. and BrayThe pay of Brigadier Generals on litciiiiato more important results. . Jsav i j n, for stealing five thousand dollars in gold, counts S. L. was offerinz his cow tr. r BALE KOPB A1D BACtUISH, lf.ea. They failed when they consulted passion dozen of books belonging to the State li Wm. IL Emory as Lieutenant Colonel. n Wlth tv,,i ofl from the bargain. tJee- - od iemlta of ofti aud . mm '' awmbiarts.'J .Spectator. duty at Washington is 5,2rJ 77 per anon t ruiay, from bis employers. and 14 wot Columbia at., bet. Vir-- and Race. ana pre;u.nco insieuu oi reason ; wnen a"4 areK'UUr brarj - , which were taken from the ca pi- - This regiment has also seen much hard num. They dou't get so .si piveu to U Av uii much in the jriT Quantrell, the guerrilla, ia reported 'onsvsk."Tj Frank Blair has rented! ti-- tm no IX . . Havill e' amtry tiaoika ati: Laiilttra. they began, to provoke and defy jtople. tol at Jackson during the war, . CIS CUT 5 ATI, wo friv, service, not only on tho frontier, but in lield. tohaveB-onelnMex!nvi. uaa laiueel some Of Urge cotton plantation near Vicltsburjr V? U. tults" is of but.-he- r the cottun in Louisiana, eDtale,:1 intending to work U with 3U0 teedmen, G7d JCo NAjtRALOR A r.TI FILIAL (IMPOUND gaili) JlcmocnitJ; nouh JtT mi: III.Y t 1l ,,, ;"'.rm.- lOLLIN(J, Forces of the nitcd States. Mounted I tft. fi (sr !' .i. is0. lti - iTortl) .,( "singe lt'S ive ,e. 0 6p: ceiai rTotice! i it MACHINES. ot 11. t X, r.n.n,. ?..v e.,,.,;, ,.ff k J Tin: lIAIlt ... 'ii"i oi' ZXVXr?, ZiL rinT',' J'lL i. T'"nrnZl rr '""r1, i. Zun!orkn ti tTeX;uT"l TO Gia i,wrf t domestic dyes. kct Umii 3I.ic!bc! Irti!Iipnalile tI- i arl Usq tho lcsrt l' t t. wn. STAH COLLAd. SPliING GOODS! Hiatctit Ctylcs - '. 'i r.Tcxciarvxit llr Tnilor IThe ,. mi:i.f ... Merchants, ,., " rij M, i c i.rVIL .. fhVmZ -- B A N el tt" k ea Cotton Pnotora ,..A..iiu iZJ ,...j,0 acts s,..7 sj. i u,,nf. i."'' mv MLc'

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