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Image 3 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 9, 1920

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

issJMIsj THE KENTUCKY KERNEL PAGE 3 SMITH TO REPRESENT Down Town MEMORY BOOKS $4.50. II. K. AT KODAK ALBUMS 50 Cents ot $8.00. PENNANTS $1.00 and up. Winner of Oratorical Contests To Compete With Northerners Meeting Place Orders taken for special College and Fraternity Pennants and Banners. Clifford E. Smith, winner of the Kentucky Intercollegiate Oratorical Contest, and of the contest of the Southern Association, left Lexington this week to represent the University of Kentucky in the Northern Oratorical Contest to he given at Holland, Michigan, Friday, April 9. Following Is tho program, with the names of the competitors, their colleges and subjects: Michigan, Hope College, Harry J. Hager, "One Country, One Language, One Flag." Minnesota, Carleton College, John Wlngate, "From Isolation to Leadership." Ohio, Muskingum College, Gerald H. Melone, "The American Ideal." Wisconsin, Belolt College, Lyle L. Benedict, "An Educated Citizenry." Illinois, Knox College, Dan H. "The Crisis." Indiana, Wabash College, Norman Llttell, "The Path to Peace." Kentucky, University of Kentucky, Clifford E. Smith, "Shantung." for FRATERNITY STATIONERY If we haven't your Fraternity Paper we can get it for you. University Boys COLLEGE STATIONERY, DANCE INVITATIONS, DANCE PROGRAMMES SENIORS, ATTENTION! leave your order now for Caps and Please Gowns, also engraved cards. Open Until 8 P. M. Every Evening High Class Haberdashery College Boys Styles in Our Special Designed Clothes DOBBS FIFTH AVENUE HATS MANHATTAN SHIRTS URiversilyBook Store l, PHILOSOPHIAN PLAY (Continued From Page 1) course he ignores Mary and Miss Pry-o- r does not return his love. With two women to boss, Mil liken, who has no will of his own when ladles are giving orders, and the triangle love affair What happens? Well, that will be seen on the night of April 22 at the Little Theatre when "The Wolves and the Lamb" will be presented by the Philosophian Literary Society. The members of the cast are working hard each day and night to make the production a success and are making much progress. The unusual talent displayed by those composing the cast has received favorable criticism and everyone is waiting with intense interest for the first performance to be given. The cast of characters as have finally been decided after a careful process of competition and selection are as follows: Mr. Milliken, E. Kraft; Mrs. Milli-keF. Bethel; Miss Pryor, Mary Elizabeth James; Lady Kicklebury, Ruth Kelley; Lord Kicklebury, Margaret Howells, butler, Jennie Harbison; Bulkley, butler, Edna 'Simmons; Snapp; Capt. Touchitt, Mina White; Mrs. Pryor, Amanda Forkner; Arabella iMUllken, Luclle Moore; George Elizabeth Brown; Page, Mary Hardy Ligon. the Shull addressed Professor Maysvllle Community Club on "The 20th Century Crusade," on the night of April 6, 1920. This lecture is one of a series being given at Maysvllle through the Extension Department of the University. "Senator" Crum, of the class of 1916, was calling on friends at the University Easter week. During the war Mr. Crum served In Franco in the He will enter the Field Artillery. mining business In Martin county. Basement Main Building. 233 West Short St. Most Complete Assortment of Silk Shirts We Earnestly Solicit Your Patronage Geddes & Luigart iHammoili Garage Co. Phoenix Block GENE SULLIVAN "Let's Get Acquainted" Studebaker Automobiles That Good Gulf Gasoline and Supreme Auto Oils University Pharmacy offers to the students of the University a complete assortment of Stationery, Candies and Toilet Arti- V. W. C. A. Prescriptions filled promptly. cles. CIGARETTES, CIGARS and TOBACCO Bring Your Kodak Films Here. Opposite Campus. Everything for the Automobile East Main Street. Dick Webb, President. WELSH & MURRAY PRINTING CO. COLLEGE STATIONERY. GRADDY-RYA- N " ENGRAVING CO. AND Incorporated DIE STAMPING THE COLLEGE BOYS' STORE FRAT and DANCE PROGRAMS Clothing, Furnishings, Hats, Shoes and Tailoring DE LUXE Ladies' and Gents' Tailors 124-12- Aeollan-Vocallo- 4 Treat BwlMInf, 4 Fr MM n PHONE 692 Established 1899 Records Musical Instruai Player Rolls Sheet Music The E, C. Christian Music Co. Everything Pertaining to Music Moving, Tuning, Repairing and Refinishing Pianoi a Specialty Competent Home Tailor UnlM Bank LEXINGTON, KY. N. LIMESTONE 1 Pianos Player Planoa Columbia Grafonolas P. ANQCLUCCI Miss Minna McLeod Beck, head of the Art Department, will lecture on "Art in the Home," Friday, April 9, at 8 o'clock p. m., at the Lexington GEO. LUGIART GEO. GEDDES (Incorporated) 177Y 205-20- 7 East Main Lexington, Ky.

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