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Image 2 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 9, 1920

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY KERNEL PAGE 2 CONCERTS DAILY, AFTERNOON AND EVENING THE STRAND ALL AMERICAN ORCHESTRA "The Best Orchestra In Open STRAND 10 A. M. to 11 P. M. the Qouth" Everybody Says So. Adults Ncw,,ort' Ky- - AndrcW8 stccl Mills, Newport HoimiB anus; i;tncm- nnti, Amerlcnn Tool Works Company, HamilTriumph Electric Company; ton, O., Nilcs Tool Works Company, Long & Alstattcr Company, Beckett Paper Company; Dayton, O., National Cash Register Company, Englewood Dam, Taylorsvlllc Dam. .Members of the party were, Professors R. D. Hawkins, E. A. Bureau and , W. A. Newton; students, Bruce Ernest Daulch, Herrick Bell, Sol DeBrovy, Frank Eastwood, George Hlllsman, Bishop Hlnos, Frederic Houston-Shaw- , Fred Luker, Marshall MoWhorter, Edward Moynahan, Robert O'Hara, Ben Orr, Emmett Shultz, Drury Smith, Willis Thompson. Barry Thornton, Forrest Weatherholt, Preston White, Gaulbert Wilson, George Zerfoss, Eli Zuckcrman. MEETING OF TRUSTEES !c,: (Continued From Pn&c 1) Imminence, T. L. Hornsby, Ghent. The resignation of Geoffrey Morgan, Assistant Director of Extension, was accepted. Insurance on buildings and equipment was raised from $GOO,000 to sullies; mid H. M. Kroinnn, A committee composed of Mr. Lylo, Mr. Grady, and Dean Anderson was appointed to spend the $60,000 appro-printe- d by the Legislature to the of (Engineering. The Student Loan Fund was Increased by $1,350 donated by members of the board, Mr. Stoll donating $500, Mr. Lyle, $250, and Mr. Colvin $100. Members present were: It. C. Stoll, Lexington; R. G. Gordon, Louisville; R. P. Ernst, New York; J. Irvin Lyle, New York; Rainey T. Wells, Murray; J. W. Turner, Palntsville; Senator Froman, Ghent; Frank McKee, VerC. "W. Hanna, Frankfort; sailles; George Colvin, Superintendent of Public Instruction, Frankfort; J. R. Rash, Henderson; W. D. Grady, Louisville; P. Preston Johnston, Lexington; Tom Governor Eminence. L. Hornsby, Morrow was not present. Col-log- o JUNIOR ENGINEERS RETURN FROM TRIP Visited on Inspection Tour. Places of Interest Paramount, Artcraft, Metro, Realart, Goldwin and Select Pictures. Children, 18c, plus War Tax, Total 20c. 27c, plus 3c War Tax, Total 30c. REMEMBER When Extremes Met. Said the Scicnlst to the Protoplasm: "Twlxt you and me is a mighty chnsm, Wo represent extremes, my friend You the beginning, I the end." OF "THE BEST IN MOVING PICTURES" THE CLASSY PLACE FOR THE COLLEGE STUDENTS CANDIES AND LUNCHES HOME-MAD- E The Protoplasm made reply m gf j Yj e ry ITICvJUriV Ct fx OI 1611 As ho winked his embryonic eye: "Well, when I look at you, old man, I'm rather sorry I began!" New York Evening Post. "EVERYTHING NEW" Bar-tee- You Don't Say So! Her arm, It slipped around his waist, Why shouldn't it, Her head, it dropped against his breast, Why shouldn't it, Hor heart, it gave a tender sigh. Why shouldn't it, Her hat pin stuck him in the eye, Why shouldn't it? Miss lEdna Berkele, a former student at the University, and Miss Elizabeth Clay Highland, of Mt. Sterling, guests of Mary were the week-end Elizabeth James. Leading industrial plants at Cincinnati, Hamilton, Dayton and Newport were visited by members of the junior class of the College of Engineering of the University on the 12th annual inspection trip, from which they returned Sunday night. The following plants were inspect- - Admission HOME Overdoing It. with the We deeply sympathize Stratford man who asked the magistrates for a separation order because his wife chased him with a hatchet every day. It is too often. London Punch. PHOENIX FRUIT STORE VICTOR BOGAERT LEADING JEWELERS 133 FOR FRUITS, CANDIES, NUTS PHOENIX BLOCK Established 1883 "THE HALLMARK STORE" Lexington, Ky. 135 W. Main St. Send Your Suit in Early to Avoid the Easter Rush! BECKER DRY CLEANING CO. C. R. McGraghey, Proprietor CLEANERS THAT SATISFY. PATTERNS THAT APPEAL TO COLLEGE MEN See Them At we are always on the job when you want anything CLEANED, PRESSED OR REPAIRED. 3USTRIGHT TAILORING COMPANY PHONEB21Y 145 W. Main St. Suits made by us pressed for one year free of charge. Cropper s Laundry (Incorporated) W. B. GRIGGS Opposite Agriculture Building CIGARETTES, TOBACCO CIGARS, AND SOFT DRNKS PHONE 210 114 N. UPPER STEP IN AND SEE MB C. D. CALLOWAY & CO. FOOTBALL SUPPLIES, SWEATERS, KODAKS, DEVELOPING AND PRINTING i46 West Main Lexlnften, Ky. Street COLLEGE MEN Here Are The New Things for Spring NEW SMARTLY-STYLDE- SUITS-N- EW R HATS AND SHOES-N- EW MANHATTAN SHIRTS-N- EW HOSE AND SCARFS Ask to see the new Braxton Belt, it fits snugly without binding, new cordovan, seal and pig-skleathers. Special at $2.25. in Shirts, neckwear and other furnishings to please men of discriminating taste. Shirts of silk, madras, percale and novelty weaves in the new colors, shades and patterns shirts that fit as you would like them. Neckwear of the finest silks, from dignified designs to the beautiful effects. Already for men who want to change to lighter weight underwear. New Spring hats and caps. all-ov- er United (gifting Storea INCORPORATED Special Display also of WHITE DUCK TROUSERS, suitable for outing and tennis wear. Graves, Cox & Co. Incorporate.

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