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Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

SERIES L OFFICIAL BID FORM _________________ ,1982 To the Hon. Chairman and Members of the Board of Trustees of the University of Kentucky c/o Mr. Jack C. Blanton Vice President for Business Affairs Administration Building Lexington, Kentucky 40506 Gentlemen: Pursuant to your "Notice of Sale of Notes" and "Invitation to Submit Proposals for the Purchase", we offer to purchase your "University of Kentucky Housing and Dining System Revenue Bond Anticipation Notes, Series L," dated June 1, 1982, in accordance with and subject to the terms set forth in said Notice of Sale of Notes and Invitation to Submit Proposals For the Purchase and to pay you therefor the amount shown below (not less than 99%; bidders must bid for the entire $4,200,000) plus accrued interest from the date of the Notes to date of delivery, said Notes to mature as to principal on June 1, 1986 and to bear interest at the annual rate set forth below; to be issued in multiples of $5,000 at the election of the purchaser. Amount Bid for Interest Rate $4,200,000 Principal .Amount of Notes This bid is made subject to the unqualified approving Legal Opinion of Henry M. Reed III, Bond Counsel, Louisville, Kentucky, and tender of customary closing documents at delivery, including No-Litigation Certificate. Respectfully submitted Authorized Signature Name of Bidder Address

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