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Image 7 of 2004 - Board of Regents Meeting Minutes.

Part of Murray State University Board of Regents Meeting Minutes.

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7. l MURRAY STATE UNIVERSITY, AS FOLLOWS: i 1. Murray State University accepts the transfer by the Helen Irene Shemwell Estate of twenty five (25%) of its residuary, being the principal sum of $204,069.09. 2. The James J. and Helen Irene Shemwell Rousseau Endowed Fund for Excellence [sometimes the "Fund"] be, and hereby is, established inthe principal amount of $204,069.09. The Fund shall be administered by the Foundation as herein set forth; and the Foundation shall render periodic reports to the Board of Regents at reasonable time, I detail, and manner. 3. The Fund shall be managed and invested, and the income therefrom distributed in accordance with the laws of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, agreements of the University and the Foundation, and the by-laws of the Foundation; and as each of the same may be amended. 4. The power and privilege to determine the disposition and use the income is reserved to the Board of Regents, including the appointment of agents, representatives or directors, who shall serve at the pleasure of the Board of Regents. 5. Net income ofthe fund alter July 1, 2004, shall be distributed as the Regents shall direct. Initially, such distributions shall be to the Commonwealth Honors Academy as a single recipient, and for such purpose as its Director may choose. 6. From time to time, the Regents shall review the expenditures by the designee. Each Board will decide its frequency, but at least once each three years is recommended. As with most matters, the Regents look to the President for recommendation. 7, Subsequent gifts, so designated by the donor, or so assigned by the Board of Regents, may be accepted and incorporated into this Fund in accord with established procedures. ' 8. The Board of Regents may accumulate income at any time(s), and such sums remain available for future distribution, or at their discretion may be added to the capital. Mr. Rose moved, seconded by Mrs. Buchanon, that the gift be accepted. Motion carried. Personnel Changes Staff Leaves of Absence Without Pay, approved Ms. Hays moved, seconded by Mrs. Ford, that the Board of Regents, upon the recommendation of the President of the University, approve the Staff Leaves of Absence With Pay as listed below: Name Department Effective Date Adams, Rhonda Food Service 1/28/04 - 5/7/04 Caldwell, Tatrisse Food Service 3/27/04 - 5/7/04 Campbell, Misty D. English and Philosophy 2/12/04 - 5/12/04 Ferguson, Debbie Food Service 2/13/04 - 2/27/04 Ferguson, Debbie Food Service 3/26/04 - 4/12/04 Henson, Johnny W. Facilities Management 5/14/04 - 6/30/04 Jones, Kelli A. CE/AO · Henderson Campus 3/12/04 - 8/24/04 Lyle, Judy R. Health Service 1/6/04 - 1/7/04 Parnnell, Dorothy J. Facilities Management 1/16/04 - 1/26/04 Rogers, Kathy Food Service 4/30/04 — 5/3/04 Shields, Joette Journalism and Mass Comm. 1/ 1/04 - 4/30/04 Vance, Jerry Procurement Services 3/1/04 - 5/31/04 Motion carried.

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