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Image 1 of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1809), April 2, 1836

Part of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1809)

.u. .. - -- -- all L Ht " ". BKADFOKD, Editor. ' . ,,BY THO. T. BRADFORD, vwysj'sMJis BY OSCAR, FOIl DANL. BRADFORD, ' (Sire of Eliza Bailey, Mary M'Farland, and others, Publisher of the Laws of the U.States. '' S WILL stand OFFICE, MAIN ST. A FEW DOORS BE LOW BRENNAN'S INN. tUBLISIHNO ''Printing Officatthe i old slmd. Mill street. OF THIS PAVER: 82 50 For one year in advance 1 50 do " Six months 100 '" Three months domonths ?. 00 vG ,4fnot!paidattheend of 3 50 year within the j. ., "No paper will be discontinned until al.arrear-'fcgesar- e paid, unless at the option of the Editor. QLetterasentby mail to the Editor, must be postpaid, or they will not be taken out of the of the sea- son, which has commenced, and will end the 30th June , at the Forks of the George town and Henry's Mill road in Lexington, (at piice of 4,30, payable by Hoagland's)atthelow the close of the season. Good pasturaga for mares sent to him will be furnished without any charge, Separate lots for and grain at cost is required. All possisuchs may be sent before they foal. escapes, but ble care taken tqyprevent accidents or no liability will be Incurred for either. black legs main and tail full sixteen j CHAS. MORGAN, RICHD. PARKER, JAS. HARRISON, B. W. THOMPSON. hands high, uniting in one form more ISAAC BLEDSOE, of. I certify that Eliza Bailey by Columbus, dam beauty and trancendant comeliness face and countenance than any horse 1 by Stockholder, was loaled on the 20th day of have ever seen of his strength, solidity ;April, 1832. Given under my hand at Gallatin, 'and Herod like stoutness anil fibre, was Ten. tins an day 01 uecemDer, ihjj. REESE. A. W, got by the much admired and distinguishSrENCER'i Choice, Ten. Sept. 13, 1831. I have this day been called on for my opinion he by the celebrat-!ed4mil- e ed race horse Oscar; horse"Wilkes' VVonder: he by of the celebrated stallion COLUMBUS. I saw feel in several races, the old imported Diomed. Wonder's dam him runhe is a race horse andthe firstno hesitation was of saying order; he 1 was Col. Lppes'gray mare; she by at all timet badly managed, and in the worst pos (he by Linsley's Arabian) by sible condition to run, when 1 have seen him start Brimmer by Valiant; Valiant was out of and do not think, properly managed, he would Osstarted for his have ever lost a full blooded Jolly Rodger mare, bp- - car, was ooe ofany race hehorsesevar ;raisedsire either the best pes' gray mare was also the dam 01 Oren. in Europe or America; his blood is as pure as virgin gold, and his powers as a race horse have Jackson's Pacolet, Palafox and othprs. in Oscar's da'm the distinguished and very been rarely equalled not this or any other countrya I do believe, Oscar ever had by the on earth and in the days ot Childers . I am told superior brood mare Rosey Clack, superior, even mported, Saltram, he by O'lvelly's lv the eeutlemen. Mess. Thompson and Bledsoe, the clipse (who was able so give any horse Ipresent owners of Columbus are about to remove 1 leel no Hesitation in recommending him to Ky. 111 .LjiiL'iuiiu au stance in ins uav ;i juuse of the bfood horse, in this or any Inim by Marsk, he by Squirt, he by Bartlett's' otherto the patrons1 think he will suit well to cross country. Uhilders. Saltram's dam Virago, by on the blooded stock of Kentucky, as he possessSnap; her dam bv Reji'uuis;he by Go- - es uncommon stienglh, with great purity of blood, as will be seen upon examination of his pedigree, dotp.hin Arabian) out of a sister to of the purest English crossthat his veins run Rosey Glack's dam Ca es, such as Diomed, fullSaltram, Flimnap, Eclipse, milla ; Camilla by the old imported TVild- - &c. O. SHELBY. We were present at the fall races over the air; her grandam Jet, by old imported Flimnap, her gr. grandam the famous Hartsville Turf, when Colonel Elliott's Pacolet beat Columbus, both three years old. The brood mare Diana, by Claudius; her gr. Jerry of the first heat of the two miles which they time gr. grandam Sally Painter, liy Serling; ran, was recorded, we believe, 3ni 484s; second her gr. gr. gr. grandam the celebrated heat in 3m 47s; that of the third in 3m 51s. Is the Judges imposed mare Silver, by Bellsize Ara- - we are wrong the entry ofere won by can correct Jerrv. CO The two last heats u biHri, in England, as was also the above it. LUMBUS was badly rode the first heat, which he by he won, however with apparent ease. Our opinnamed Sterling. IFildair by Cade; Godolphin Arabian' Claudius bv the old ion was at the lime, and now, had he been well would have the second muorted Janus; old Janus of Lngland ode the first heat he he lost it onlywon one length. bi was, by Godolphin Arabian. The dam of also; and as it was- trained that (all by Captain COLUMBUS Claudius by Sterling; he by Bellsize A- - Haney. We witnessed and timed the trial on his rabian. Columbus's dam was got by the turf before he was taken to Hartsville. With a bad start, and in his training shoes much worn, he n imported horse Dunganon, he by We do not hesitate to 50s. in of England, he by O'Kelly's E- - run his mile that lm performance at Hartsvllie, the prononunce cupse, ne oy iviarsK, Oic. Jjunganons and.tnp"mariy evidences which he gave of both dam Aspasia, by King Herod; his gran- heels ahd'bbttom in the training at Captain entitle Columbus to rank among the first dam Doris, by Blank; his g grandam Hel running horses in Tennessee. en, by Spectator; his gr gr. grandam ANDKEW J. UUiMiLaUiN, Daphne by Godolphin Arabian.-- . ColumROBERT DESHA. Lexington, March 1st, '36 I0-- 3t bus's grandam by Merlin ; his, g grandam by the celebrated race horse rlagot Truce. Merlin was raised by Stephen Twelve years old this grass a beautiful blood Smith, of Virginia, and was got by John bay, DlacK mane ana tail, Merlin.' Young Merlin's dam Holmes' BY DUROC. was a splendid marc got by Old Quick PEDIGREE. sflvt 5Jl silver, and he by the old imported Med- f S3 1HIS distinguish SL. ed racer was"brell ioy; Holmes' Merlin by Celar, Janus, by Samuel Purdy Esq &c. Flag of Truce b imported Gold-findof New York and foal-shis dam by Flimnap; grandam by ed in May, 1824 ; he Aristottle: g grandam by Old Fear was got by Duroc, sire of Eclipse: his dam by the nought. Flag of Truce was the sire of imported horse Light Infantiy, his grandam by old many distinguished racers, among them Messenger, his great grandam hy uasnaw, hisg. his g. g. g. grandam Colonel Taylor's Jamous running horse g. grandam by True Britton, y bterlmg. Leviathan, and First Consul, who won twenty-on- e races from 3 to 7 years old, .PERFORMANCE. averaging 100 guineas each. On the Union Course, L. I., when 3 years old, Sir I.ovell ran a match against a Dinwiddie DAVIS THOMPSON. Colt of C. R. Colden's, three mile heats, and won, Burnt Tavern, Ky. Feb. 17, 1836. distancing his antagonist: when 4 years old he In offering'ffo the breeders of Kentucky for a third time (lie services of this distinguished Stallion, who has- - already been so liberally patronized py mom, j cannot, sujipress an expression 01 tnc iLongerones in proporton. When mseited by satisfaction and pride winch 1 leel, at ,theyear,suhjecttoa deduction of 15 per cent. the fact that all my prophecies in regaid to the performance of his get, are 'in a fair way to be sully realised and that the liberality with which this distinguished CABINET MAKING. HHE subscriber respect-- horse of a renowned and unequalled - his old fullv informsis likely ifl.,oe 3customers,and thepublicgen- - Sire, has been patronsed, flerally, that he has removed more than compensated in'a stock of his CABINET SHOP and horses possessing game and speed and House Jti!IH: Sg iJnwellina occupiedto the stand beauty rarely equalled. There is no 5 Jw'"! '"'''' Tn fjformerly by J. J: horse on the continent of America, known SSheridan. on Main Street. seaimmoHlfifpIv nnnnsitH the Masonic Hall, where to me, native or imported that in a line of business can be had on son of restricted serviSE has produced "all articles in his so much stock likely to prove first rate. ehort notice and good terms. He invites all wishing to purchase to call upon him. It is a remarkable fact that in the searANNOY'S PATENT BEDSTEADS son Eliza Bailey &c, made to order on snoit notice. Columbus Was-- ' suffered to serve but a JOSEPH M1LWARD. tf Lexington , Dec. 12, 1835 limited numb6r of mares, and out of that number not one that has been triNEW AND POPULAR BOOKS, ed, has disappointed the expectations of RECEIVED BY THE SUBSCRIBER."' JUST its owner; eight or ten have been trrtin-.e- d "W" 1FE of Sir James Mcintosh, 2 vols and run, of the produce of that seasJLi Life or Sir Walter Scott, by Allen I have said on a former occasion, Poetiy of Life, 2 vols on". Theulston Tale, 2 vols and I here again repeat; that the breedPaul Pry's Comic Sketch Book ers of Kentucky have not paid sufficient The Partisan, 2 vols attention inlftoiUne&s in, their course of The South West, by a.Yankee " Slight Reminiscences of (he Rhine . breeding. Thisis a great error. .No Miss Sedgwick's Tales and Sketches has been stallion of Euiopor-.AmericRambler in North America of racers to distinguished.asa-profJuce- r by Paulding Letteis from the South, much extent; who had not this quality. Hall on the loss of Blood Blaze and Herod Dwight's Theology Those uniform-breeder- s ,Beauty of Female Holiness of England, and Sir Archy and Eclipse .Chronicles of Gotham of America, are cases in point. Give Ros?Hill, or tale of the Old Dominion blood an ancestry without blot Remarks on Homopathy Clark on Consumption or blemish, and then give me stoutness Gerhard on diseases of the Chest & indicating a perfect constitution, and you Good's Study of Medicine; new ed. cannot well sail to have a race horse. Mcintosh's Practice; new ed. " It is not to be expected that a thin slat Beck's Medical'Jurisprudence light boned skeleton sided, bandy-IegeDr. Uoit's Uible. English Annual shaped animal, is he even have soot-'caYoung Ladies' Book than contests, or bare Young Artist. Magnolia ?v three repeatedyears old, nor run itlater is to be"gx- or sour' Oriental Annual Lan"uaee of Flowers and some others. peclerl mat a stallion ot tne aiscripuon CHR. WALLACE. named will produce.stock other than like tf Cheapside, Lex. Ky. Jan 22, 1836 Beingxalled on by Mr. Ihompson him. It has been regretted for two won the two mile sweepstake, over the Union the stock produced in relation years past in our state by the breeders COLUMBUS, tohave no hesitation in by hisnorse Course, L. I. beating five good horses. In the fall FAYETTE COUNTY saying that, ,nrJAKEN UP by Hallet M. Winslow, living of the blood horse, that our stock were his colts are equal is not supeuor to those produ of the same year he was trained again, and ran or the S200 purse, two mile heats, over the Pough- in Lexington chesnut sorrel Horse, about growing too much of this d sine generally in itrthe ieii wtc u.nh civ I'pnm nld. a .email star on the flimsy character; our in and in course ced by any horseand the state possession verymore keepsie course, which he awon with ease, beating in full of size and color, number of other cele Hotspur, I imoleon, and sorehead, two or three small wh.te spots I of. power and higher form than any set of colts I brated horses. The night following, his groom neck near the, aim a iuhu wmio of breeding has injured our stock. seen. I tiained two of his colts last foundered him notwithstanding, on the last day have ever spot on the inside of the ri,jhtarrn near the breast ; ter them in (Jolumbus a cross wlncn fall, and although they were quite too low in or Appraised of the same month, (October) he won a sweepno brands or other marks perceivable. will be more remote; and a form best cal dernlionl took them, they exceeded all'my stake, 3 mile heals,over the New Market Course, doby John Love and John Ingles to thirty-fivI lan bliza Bailey at Crab Urch culated to remedy the very defect alluded expectations. L. I., beating Grey Koman (out of Ariel's dam) llars, befoie me this 9th day of Februery, 1826, to: In regard tothe get ot (Jolumbus, 1 lard two miles and lepeat, won the first heat in 3m and manyotheis. In the winter following, he was JAMES L. HICKMANfj. p. 54s. notwithstanding, by a manoeuvre in the start sold to a gentleman ot rennsylvama, and was to J. C. RODES, elk. ,A Copy Att. would add in addition to what I have said, ' she ran more than a mile before she started for he him on the by WALLER RODES, d. c. that his colts are more uniformity like (the heat, and was then in five minutes, compelled ing delivered to the contract 1st or April, in cover not having been made condition him. than those of anv stallion I have to go for the heat; the second heatshe was 80 good on the part of the purchaser, he was again JNEW FURNITURE sine size smooth 'yards behind at the start and lost ihe heat by one put in training and commenced walking. On the ever seen'jtjipossessing dm bus. ; the tnird heat she Jost again bth of April, at the time he commenced training, WARE ROQM. wide bone richness of coat, and in an em- length sad- he was very fleshy notwithstanding , on the lath iJWII1II!HIMIIIIiiiihiiw undersigned, from inent degree that peculiar beauty of 80 oraO yards) at the start, but carrying the idle and rider 6 miles on her neck; was too much, day of May following, he was entered for the $400 THE havinglo unshe lost the race, but was quite able to have won puise, three mile heats, which ne won with ease. countenanee which to be properly cated themselves in Lexing derstood must be seen. Three of them lit. Tne same evening I ran Mary M'Farland carrying 122lbs. beating the famous mare Ariel, ton, respectfully invite the atmile heats although she was running under the Bachelor and Yankee Maid- - time, first heat om. and Gen jy ijjjjjjyj!j tention of the Ladies vicini only have been exhibited at any fair in iaw at the time with the distemper, she won the 47s. second heat, 5m. 53s. Taking into con llernen of the city and the state they all got premiums, nt 'fiist heat in lm 48s and lost the the second heat sideration the very short timo he had been in train ty to the examination of a In regard to the performance by five feet in lm 50s and was drawn. The next ing (five weeks; wis lace was considered as one small assortment of their man Danville. rtjfacture now on hand. A general assortment of of Columbus on the Turf, a list of his week I took them both to Richmond, but did not of the best ever run on Long Island, and at once run Eliza in cqnsennence of a severe cut she re stamped SIR LO.VELL as a first rate race horse. all articles in their line, will he kept, and ot as races and of the races run by his colts, ceived on one of her sore legs, inthe second heat Inthe ensuingiweek, he ran with Arielfpr the Of the quali .good materials as can be procured. this bill to too great a at the Crab Orchard race. 1 stalled Mary would stretth S500 purse, sour mile heats, at Poughkeepsie , ty ol their work, they deem it unnecessary to say mile heats (although still running with where he won the first heat in great t:me, 7m. length; I will just add that in all his rasmuch, preferring that their friends should call ces between eighteen and twenty in 'distempers against seven othernags, and won the 50s. considering the state of the course, which and examine for themselves. first heat in lm 51s (and lost forty yards in the was very heavy the second heat he led the mare are prepared to attend to Funeral number he lost but two, he was beaten start, the second heat, and the heat also by one or calls. in those for the want of condition, (as two lengths, 1n lm 51s,) The third heat she was three and three quarter miles, when she passed him and won the heat he was then withdisiwn. An arrangement has been made fof a supply of testified by his trainers,) and befoie and pulled up. Two weeks afterwards I took them There was no jockeying at the time; it was owEastern made PIANO FORTES. l to Lexington, and ran Eliza two mile heats Afterwards beat both the nags by whom ing to his want of sufficient training that he lust for sale. six other popular racehorses: THOS. W. POWELL, he was thus beaten. By a reference to first heat in 3m 50s without running she lost the the race. Two days afterwards, over the same a jump for course, he took the $200 purse two milelieats HORACE E. DIMICK, his pedigree it will be seen that there is the heat; the second heat . she won easy in 3m beating Hunter, Maryland Eclipse and Jordan's Row, 5th door from Main st. not in his veins one single drop of blood '54s; the third heat she won without a struggle in Malton time, first heat 3m. 51s., carrying 1211bs. Lexington, March 26, 1836 12-- tf that is of doubtful character. He is ,3m 57s. In alitliis race she carried her saddle This is great time, considering Lovell run eight the more nearly related to thejgreat English and rider on her neck hundred whole six miles she miles two days previous, but it was soon forgotten FOR SALE. yards fijtheclose of made i'runofa sew and Eclipse than any horse in 'America, na- last heat that astonished every body, and induced in his superior heat almost unequalled time, time IiHE residence of the subscriber is offered for which was contested inch by of the second is nleasautlv situated on the sale. It tive or imported. The "performance of some to believe that she was 4 years old, which I inch in the most spirited style by Sir Lovell and Mr. Thompson has pioved satiscity of the two Alleys brought by me from Tenam glad to learn Curd's road, just within the limits of the Lady Hunter, and won by Lovell in 3ni. 46s. the city ol Lexington, containing about 40 acres, nessee last spring, is given below in the factorily not to be the case, at the same place I When 11 is known that the course is eightfcfeetover , new ran Mary M'Farland mile heats against six other a mile, and that the horses carried with a 'statement of Mr. Dunn thenf trainer. of the best nags in Keutnckv ; he won the first BRICK DWELLING-HOUS- E, jweights, this heat will doubtless be recorded as e feet; 'five rooms and an en- The arduous duties of a station at a dis- - heat nil m 51s the second heat she blunder one of the quickest in the annals of racing. In Fifty by sour rooms above stairs ; taut quarter have rendered me unable ed alter getting "within 70 or 80 yards of the stand the following week, he ran a Match Race of two try on. the lower floor, and "d 'osjher rider and ran out second best in lm mile heats , over the Union Course, L. I.,"for e and to procure, n due form the performance Brick Kitchen; Brick anew wpk I InnbhArlMarvl tn UnirHs. Water, of several other of his colts, one Butler's five with the well known roaie Ironelte, in which Dairy, &c. ; a well of town and ran herjwo mile heats against a ential. is not superior in quality, to anv in the he won the first heat in 3m. 45s. and in the next, colt that has been running last falfin West Jar horse Bertrand; she won the first distanced his opponents in 3m. 45s. - Thus runcity, and situated within 12 set of the House. Tennessee successfully J several races, heat in 4m 14s, and the second in 4m 61s very ning sour races in the short space of two weeks and Any persqp wishing to buy can have an oppor tunitv ns dninc so. bv earlv antilication to the sub also one owned by Mrt'Tompkins of easy, track heavy. Given under my hand, this only losing a single heat further comment is un17th Feb. 1836. necessary. Possession will be given by the 15th of scriber. Summer Co. Tennessee,ithat was trainJAMES DUNN. April, is sold before that day ; is not, on the 1st Puffing has become so common with persons ed and run in the south, and some oth-rs- ,. I was present and witnessed all the races spokof September next. Horses, that I deem it a disgrace to a good JAS. L. HICKMAN. At Lexington "last fall the evi- en of in the above .certificate, that ivere run by who havesay more than what is recorded in the horse to ., Match 33, 1836. 12 is . dences that Eliza Bailey gave in her Eliza Bailey and Mary M'Farland, except the Sporting Registers concerning them, for which, as at three two mile heats of game and spccO, raceMr. Bairdstown, and know the facts set forth to Silt LOVELL, the public is relerrett. Given under my Dunn to be correct. RENOVATING, SCOURING AND induced some to question the age for by will stand at my stables on the Tates' creek WM. BONER. hand, &c. , n tts tjvf.ks -- wATinnj Arn Iroad in Jessamine county, 8 miles from Lexington which she had been entered; sundry cer Rvp frnm N irhnl a svil Jr. Owinr tn thp. prpat bay silly by dam HE "undersigned would 'inform the citizens tificates will be sound below, settitig that) er, The raised by Columbus, givea by Stockhold 'onrl was at about six number of horses in Kentucky , Lovell will he let me,and LexinTfouandTlie-publicgeiieralthat 01 . to which .imn'iw ...u. v cnw... BP.iMnv-4'nNi-, J...... u , matter in its proper light. She is again months old soldmy nephew Mr. A. W. Reese, n0 mares at the reduced price of is30 dollars,the n ne nas uugugu by to hompson, who ''can be discharged by 25 dollars paid in SCOURING and TAILORING BUSINESS, in Kentucky, andunless bad luck befall and her him Lexington, Mr. Davis Imile Ky. two at heats, was pson. The season will commence on the 10th of on Main street, opposite "BTrinnan's Hotel. He hcrygcnllemen may be made to think she three years old last spring and no more, which canMarch, and end the 1st of July. All possible assures thojie whrfmay feci disposed to palionize is older still than they did last fall. be attested by ja number of gentlemen in this, care taken with Mares from a distance, but no will spare no pains to give Salisfar-tioAre. ,'$? ADVERTISING. 3 insertions $100 SForl square orlessl 3ormonths 3 00 S?Do" do do G months 5 00 do do JIDo 10 00 do 12 months do Do k. REMOVAL. L m St. 2 ff which-.procJuce- 2-- 's, SIR IjOVEIX, a -- me-pur- s. d, " - 3-- lormy-ppin-io- n To-wi- t. light-bone- h e 111 A m -- .V iK 1 4J O Ljlj thirty-thre- Vi ' Meat-hous- never-lailin- JLov-.e- T ll lj, . sea-ra- tht n he in all cases. His work will be done in the verv best manner, and on the lowest terms. him, JOHN FISHER. Lex. March 2G, 1336. 12-I- m DAVIS THOEaPSOH. PEDIGREE Sf CERTICATES. COLUMBUS is .a deen r d bov with tior leil. Given under my hand at Galla- this 20th of November, 1835. FRAS. ROGAN, MALONE, bility for accidents or escapes. ; ,1 CeA at a small nrir. R. DEgHA,, . AV. l Good pasturage,' P. E. TQDUUNTER Jessamine County, Jan. 30, 183G Association T).:...l ix.i.,iuauc raiucuiaia Jr. .,J tfi4.jfg-W- T known indue time. Pedigree in a concise form. Messenger Uuroc, by uuroc; aim vinrcnm, by Messenger; Slender; Lath; Wildair; True Briton ; Joseph Anderson's imported mate by Marske; Starling; Partner; Smiling Tom Tra veller's dam by Almanznr; Bay liolton's sister Dy Grey Hautboy; Makeless; Biimmer; Diamond; r a tUPS SHV. January 10, 1836 2-- tf MAYES BLANCHARD. 4" is the largest Jack, (,!"" 10 and has proved 11.. 1,... ail nvcr. Shimself to be the surest and bestbreeder now known in the world. His colts have more man lusuneu public expectation, not only in size, but in form T .nu. u: M..t.. ...its. at weanlne time4 -i- Myers, of'Garrard County last fall, to Col-W. ior $uueach, cash in nana, anu uuicia enma nra. V ...... nrt,; Tnrk rnlts ROW Ontf year old, can be bought for $500. The sum of S1500 has been offered for either of two, and 1000 for several others. Does not thisjustify th price at which Warror stand's? Warrior hu be preferred, 3- -ti BR. AND TIMOTHY SEED F RM INthe Ocitizens3 of Lexington and RE hereby informed that their notes will fall due on the 4th day of March ; and that as claims against the estate are numerous and pressing, no indulgence can be given, but payment must be made at maturity.- E. K. SJ.YRE, Adm'r. Lex. Feb. 18, 18367-- 3 SEED. D TjA-- VERY Fafmei. .perhaps, has some ground Bijtgo rich for most vegetables. This is the verytbesl Kind lor growing tne common smu "black mustard. A dung hill, is well rotted, is not too rich. It grows well where old builJings have stood. A quarter half an acre of this sort of ground would be well worth cultivating. This "much, the feeblest families, perhaps, could do. It would probably, from the experiments I have made, produce at the rale of thirty or forty bushels an acre. It should be sown as early in the spring as the ground can be worked, and when ripe, reaped and laid in hands, and two or three day's sun will dry it sufficiently for thrashing. This should be done on a sheet laid on some plank or on a thick sod of grass. Care must be taken to sift the trash out before it is put into the wind, or it will carry the seed away. When well cleaned and dried, it will meet with ready sale at about S3 a biiieLby applying to AT 3t be sold at Public Auction, on the premises, on Friday the 8lhdav of April, 1836, at 11 o'clock, a. m., the cityipropeity purchased of R. Higgins, esq. situated on,Maincrpss street, between the lots of Frederick Norwood and the heirs of Moses Hall, dee'd. laid out into beautiful building lots. The plan of the lots may be seen with the City Clerkjand will be exhibited .on the premises on the day of sale. Terms. The lots will be sold on a credit of 6 and 12 months, the purchaser giving negotiable notes with good and approved security. Possession delivered on the day of sale. M. C. JOHNSON, I J. B. JOHNSON, ILL i ts JACOB ASHTON, Committee. HUEY 4-- CITY PROPERTY TO I,EASE AT GROUND RENT. City Propeity on each side the will be leased for ninety-nin- e years with a claim of perpetual renewal, on Friday, the 8ih day of April, 1836, at 10 o'clock, A. m., at public auction, for ground rent, payable Brick buildings of not less than two stories high, will he required to be elected on tht premises, and the punctual payment of the rent The secured by the usual claims of forfeiture. property will be divided l.Uo lots suitable for business houses. The situation is admirably adapted to every species of business, but especially to the larger or "l" wholesale line. , THE M. C. JOHNSON,' J. B. JOHNSON,' JACOB ASHTON: FROST, Feb and purAVING formed a chased out the Stock and Tailoring concern of Messrs J. T'Frazer Si Co., are now ready to execute all orders in their line. They will constantly keep on hand a complete assortment of CLOTHS, CASSIMERES and VESTINGS, andrrespectfully solicit a continuance of public patronagg. HUEY & FROST. Lex. Feb. 16, 1836 . iigil?' FIRE BUCKETS! BUILDING LOTS FOR SA.LE. -- vicinity, that he purchased has the entire stock, &c, of Mr. John R. Shaw, and will continue ths above business at the old stand, on Short street opposite O. Keen, psn.. wheie" he be happy to wait on all who will give him a March 5, 1836 9-- tf call. a meeting ofthe President and Council of City olLexington, Feb. 16, 1836,, Resolved, That the President of the Council advertise in the several newspapers in the city, until the 1st day of May next, that the citizens of the city will be required to comply with the city ordinances, in furnishing their houses with FlrB Buckets, by the first day of May next. Resolved, That on the 1st day of May next, the Marshal and Day Watchman of the city shall commence visiting every house in the cityyand make a return to the President of the Council, as early as possible, of the number of Fire Buckets which belong 10 each house in the city, which return shall be made fiom his own knowledge and from actual examination ofthe Buckets. THOS. P. HART, .ftwt!. A copy H. I. Bodley, Clk. N. BURROWES. Lex. Feb. 20, 1836. FOUND, WEEK or two since on the Rail Road, a pair of GOLD'SPECTACLES, wfiich the owner can have by describing them and paying for thisadveitisement. Call on ' UO, 1836 9-- tI proposals for leasing, at perpetual ground rent, or purchasing, the City Property on Main street, extending back to 'fater street. The property will be divided into five fionts on Main street, of 20 feet 6 inches each,'and as many on Jfaterstreet, and each running back 110 feet. Proposals may be for any number of these lots, extending through from street to street or only going back halfway, as may suit the bidder. The proposals must be lest with the Clerk of the City by the 15th day of March next. M. C. JOHNSON, J. B. JOHNSON, J. ASHTON, v Feb 20, TAKEN UP Y WILLIAM LOGAN, living near Beth MARE .1 lvioBiWiohmisB a BROWN supposed to be thtee years old last spring, about 14J hands high, small star and smip. both hind sore soot, feet white, some white on the lest apprised to $45, this 23 Sept. 1835. DANL. BRADFORD. 11 TO JOURNEYMEN e: 3t. PRINTERS? or two steady, industrious Journeymen will meet with constant employment, is immediate application is made at this riexington, marcn o y- -ti Office. ONE TEXAS. HAVE FOR SALE, a large quantity of TEXAS SCRIP, in Leftwick's grant, ad joining, and immediately above Austin's Colony, including tne Hrassos and extending to tne voiera-d- o river. This is the most fertile part of Texas. Any person wishing to emigrate to, or engage in a speculation inland in this delightful region, would do well to apply to the undersigned, who will give a first rate Dargain in an respects to sun ine "Apply to Mr P. Scott at Dr. Whitney's in Lexington, to the subscriber, or u.Kj. uver-toat the late residence 'ofVJValler Overton, five miles from Lexington, near the Boons- boro' road. JOHN W. OVERTON. January 5, 183C-- 2-lf Committee. Council of the THE President andreceive and consider City of will sealed DAVID GLASS, Sect. J" CITY PROPERTY ON MAIN STREET 5 miles from Lex . Leestown Road to Frankfort. FAYETTE COUNTY, the SIMEON SHY & CORNWALL. 3-- 2m PURCHASERS AT THE SALE OF THOS. OUTTEN, DEC'D. Feb. 20, 1836. HARRIS, DENTisT,informs BLACKSmiTHING. for sale by M US Lexington, March 5 of Lexington, that he has returned to the City, and may bo sound at the PHD3NIX HOTLL, (Room No. 6) where he will be happy to receive the calls of such as may desire his professional services. He will remain in the city fof March 4, '36. a sew weeks only. tf BUSHELS Clover Seed. 100 do. Pennsylvania Timoti.j 8, 1836 HUli&Unll DENTISTRY. for a man with a small family, well Qualified for business, either as a Clerk or Superintendant of a Hemp Factory. SuitCall im able recommndations can be produced. mediately at thisorhce. Lex. Jan. 19, 1836 3-- 4t MONTMOLLIN B. 9- -tf learn the Art Printing, TOboys between theofages of 14will betaken and 16 would WANTED, A ,j ONE OR TWO APPRENTICES. SITUATION CLOVER gtatis. P. Winchester, feb. 20. 1836 HORACE F. JUDGE MAYES &associated themselves in having the practice of the LAW, in the Fayette Circuit Court, will attend to all business entrusted to their care with zeal and promptitude. Lexington, March 4, todb WARRIOR. I HAVE not sold Warr-- e or. I beg leave to caution thi public against falsernmors, in relation to him, during lh year. Is any change takes place in his health, Or abiliti-- . furhirh have never been HHiw4iaM itefirlivt in his life.) I will notify the public through the newspapers forthwith He will remain during the present season, at his ,M i tir: Uncar TIir mice'will be m33 the season, or $52 to insure Jennetts. Pasturage i. A BMAf.r. RAN! RIT.I. sound about xSL two weeks since, near the University, which the owner can have by applying at this Office, describing the same, and paying for this advertise ment. Lexington, marcn j, iouu j- -" $6,-00- 0, 11 MAMMOTH stand the ensuing season at my stables I g popu-torT- v.1 W1 Jan. ". . No. 13. Vol. 51 on the Lexington - JJun-gano- fcs . MESSENGER DUROC. Seed I' 1MMMMI1 ..I. ' i 'I in m LEXINGTON, SATURDAY, APRIL 2, 1836, THE TURF HORSE WEEKLY PRINTED n he comes, the Herald of a noisy world; News from all nations, lumbering at his back.'''' " True to his charge, : iimumMiia. - . t; i. immiMMiamMliiLiiir 183G Committee. ds LAND FOR SALS. will offer THE Subscriber of LAND foronsale on the 25th which he lives the tract containing 100 ACRES, 14 miles south of Ky. on the Turnpike road leading from Lexington to Danville and Lancaster. Also ALL HIS STOCK of Horses, Cattle, Sheep, Hogs, &c. Corn, Oats, Hay, Sic. Sale to commence at 10 o'clock, a m. Terns made known on the day of sale. S1KWAUU JJlJuLiUn. Jessamine county, March 7, '36. 10-- 2t N. B. There is another tract adjoining the one offered for sale, which can be had is wanted. S D NEW SPJRING GOODS, POR 1836. TILFORD, HOLLOWAY $ CO. now receiving at the old stand of J. No. 49, Main street, a large and splen consisting of did stock of MERCHANDISE, Dry Goods, Hardware, Shoes and Boots. To which they invite the attention of Wholesale and Retai) Dealers. Lex March 8, '36 lU-- tf ARE NORTHERN BANK. KENTUCKY. ,he fourth instalment, of $10 on each share, huanierinc on the 127th ultimo. Lexington Match 6 t lt,-

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