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Item 49 of A Bulletin of the University of Kentucky Graduate School, 1958-1959

Part of University of Kentucky Graduate School course catalogs

, _ ,, l } . GRADUATE SCHOOL BULLETIN 47 } 115NORTH AMERICAN ARCHAEOLOGY. A study of the origin and growth of pre- i} historic American Indian cultures north of Mexico as revealed by archaeological data. 3} 1 (3) II (Schwartz) }: l IlBBEGINNINGS OF CIVILIZATION. Prehistory of the.Near_ East, the earliest 3} evidences of agriculture, pottery, smelting, writing, law codes, kingship, priesthood, and 3 1 science. Prerequisite: one course in Anthro. (3) I (Schwartz) i - 117DIFFUSION OF CIVILIZATION. Prehistory, ethnology of primitive tribes, and spread of Near Eastern civilization in Europe, the Far East, and Negro Africa. Prerequisite: i; Anthro. 116. (3) II (Essene) [ 3. llSCULTURES OF THE SOUTHWESTERN UNITED STATES. Development of l 3 sedentary and nomadic Indian peoples, from earliest times to the present. ' (3) I (Schwartz) ,1 l25PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGY. Lecture-laboratory course on the biological nature of Man: the primates, fossil man, races, race mixture, constitutional anthropology and human growth. Prerequisite: Anthro. l or three hours in any other Bio. Science. } (4) II (Snow) lZGHUMAN ANCESTRY. A lecture-laboratory course on human origins and the fossil remains of Pleistocene man throughout the world; the lineage, formation and inter- i l_ breeding of modern races. Prerequisite: 125 or special permission. (4) 11 (Snow) I _ ISONORTH PACIFIC COAST CULTURES. Ethnology of the maritime peoples of I western North America and Northeast Asia. Cultural connections between America and Asia will be stressed. Lectures, 8 hours. Prerequisites: Anthro. l and 2. (S) I (Essene) 131ETHNOLOGY OF OCEANIA. A survey of, the various cultures on the islands of ). the Pacic. Both aboriginal and modern acculturated societies will be considered. Lectures, i - Di 3 hours. Prerequisites: Anthro. 1 and 2. (3) II (Essene) 5 ct 140MYTHOLOGY. The unwritten literature of primitive peoples: themes, diffusion, : . style, literary devices, and function of myths. (3) II (Essene) : 3 )- 14lAPPLIED ANTHROPOLOGY. Application of anthropological methods to con- I . I} e- temporary practical problems such as acculturation, colonial administration, intercultural 15h III education, and race relations. Prerequisite: Anthro. 2. (3) II (Essene) . l; } LIZCULTURE AND PERSONALITY. The cultural basis of personality. Personal j Wii is character considered as the result of culturally fostered patterns. The ideal personality in }3}3 y. several selected societies. (3) II (Essene) , 3 }i } 1 150a-dTUTORIAL SEMINAR. Anthropological methods and theory. 'i} (2 ea.) I, II, s (Statt) } } } 3h ISOANTHROPOLOGY: MAN AND HIS WORKS. Survey of the major elds of } }- 3' anthropology: physrcal, prehistory, and ethnology and a guide to source material. Designed ' l a l n- for students not contemplating further work in anthropology. (3) I, S (Staff) 3 ,3} _ 185aDESCRIPTIVE LINGUISTICS: Morphology and Syntax. An explanation of l}i} ll some of. the ways speech-sounds are put together in patterns so as to form languages. (Same 3 ' } ii: e as English 185a.) Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. (3) I (Faust) . i H} . IBSbDESCRIPTIVE LINGUISTICS: Phonology; Communication by Language. An : ! }3 f investigation of speech-sounds and systems of speech-sounds. Also, attention to both ' 13. 0 speech and writing as communication systems. (Same as English 185b.) Prerequisite: 5 l} 333 3;. Anthro. 185a. (3) II (Faust) = :3 i}. ' 3i - . 201a,bSEMINAR. Intensive work in particular elds of anthropology. All students - 3! I}; ,ge during a given semester will be assigned related phases of the same problem. Primarily for ' ,i i}} in, students working toward a masters degree in anthropology. (2 ea.) I, II, S (Staff) " lzgj re- 203a-dRESEARCH PROBLEMS IN ANTHROPOLOGY. Intensive study in the } }3i} elds of physrcabanthropology, archaeology, and ethnology with qualied staff member. 3 3:15} 3 Term papers required. (3 ea.) 1, II, S (Staff) 2 }} me 500-1; 2, 3THESIS. (0) I, II, S (Staff) 3}} it, he 3" .ll . ,H 1: _!l ART 3, H} .i 3} - - . . l 1: b As prerequisue to graduate work in art, the Department requires that the ,3 1}}. ' n u o o . u 3 " studentshall have had preliminary work in art equivalent to that required of its 3 ,3} majors in art. In general this means the completion of an undergraduate se- 3? y}; aha: quence of six to eight full semester courses in drawing, design and painting, ll i'}} balanced by four to six courses in the history of art, and a reading knowledge I} }E of of either French or German. The graduate program in art provides for creative } f' work in painting, design, ete., study and research in history and criticism of art, l ,j M and also in the eld of art education. Any of these may be emphasized. In } pl} of every case a written thesis is required. i} 31} [8 'PM department is housed in a modern building with special equipment. 3 }lii, v" Studios for practical work are designed to meet professional standards. An art I .17} 3 library adjoins the classrooms. There are extensive collections of photographs, if} I} . 3} i

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