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Image 1 of The Breckenridge news, May 16, 1900

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y Cd C HR WHO DOSRNT READ ADVERTISEMENTS IS BLIND ISPAGEi3 I J 1 56 THE BRECKENRIDGE NEWS I COLUMNS AIL TEE I XXIV VOL LOVER ORT SHRINKAGE REPUBLICANS IT WAS IN WHEAT p Mass Convention Hardinsburg Monday SMOKE A- J c1ci f P of i jj 4FOR MAY The Washington DO May 10 monthly crop report ot the Agricultural Department is as follows Returns to the statistician of the De partment of Agrlcnllnte made up to May 1 show the area under winter wheat In cultivation on that datejto have been about 20535000 acres or 3 603000¬ or 116 per cent less than the area esti mated to have been shown last fall Tho reduction in acreage In the principal Btufcts owing to winter killing and the ravages of the Hessian fir is as follows ¬ ra Indiana nnonnn nitn ORO VM1 Mich igan 317000 Pennsylvania 158000 and Illinois 137000 acres For the area remaining under cultlva tiori the average condition on May 1 was 889 While Ihls average condition is 02 points above the mean of the averages of the last ten years and has been exceeded only three times In fifteen yearslt must betemembered that the acreage plowed up cut for forage except in California where it is not yet definitely ascertain able or otherwise abandoned has been entirely eliminated The htghjaverages for of condition reported lastj month Missouri Texas and other more Kansas more or less important wheat producing ravages of states that have escaped the and the fly have been fully maintained nearly onehalf of the entire tT on May 1 winter wheat acreage remaining under cultivation reported a full normal or still t higher condition rye on fc The average condition of winter K ray i was 88 6 as compared with 852 on May 1 1809 04 5 on May 1 1S08 and 897 the mean of the May averages for and the last ten years Pennsylvania toNow York with 421 per cent of the country tal winter rye acreage of the 4 points report conditions 11 points and respectively below their 10 year averages of anfiae which ral1l1s third in the scale ¬ acreage reports the high average condi highest reported on May tion of 107 the 1 ot which thero ia any record The average condition of meadows mowing lands on May 1 waa 908 against 1898 1 849 on May 11899 020 on May and 013 the mean of the May averages of the last ten years ¬ The average condition ol spring pas was 013 againet 835 on May 1 1809 ture 012 on May 1 1803 and 000 the mean of the May averages of the last ten years Spring plowing hi more or less lato in almost every state in which its condition is a matter of any especial significance ¬ The only notable exceptions are Penn Illinois Kansas sylvania Kentucky Missouri and Arkansas The work already done in the country at large ia estimated at 634 per cent of the total contemplated the proportion usually done byMay 1 being about 75I per cent of the whole In South Carolina Alabama Mujatfisippl and Texas the work is later than in any year for which records are available In consequence of the almost If not entirely unprecedented backwardness of the season the statistician is unable to make the canal preliminary estimate of the new acreage of cottonBt Louis Globe Democrat most painful but also very dangerous as tile inflamed no ¬ dules are very Apt to take on malignant action and cancer of the rectum is pro duced They should bo cured TAB LEES BUCKEYE PILE OINTMENT wiHcmre the most obstinate cases Price > Woeata in bottles Tubes 75 cents Pile are not only I i If t ppim TB Joseph Smart near this place has had 1 the good luck to save hla corn crop The heary ralaa have made it necessary for many1 of the farmers in his section to replant but Mr Smarts crop waa uninjured SI l 1 = Taylor ¬ vote as a unit for McKlnley for Presi ¬ dent They were also Instructed to vcte for the following delegates to the Nation ¬ BradleyGov White Jesse R Eskrldge was named as an al ¬ ternate from the Fourth Congressional District to the National Convention The Rapublican County Committee at a meeting held previous to the conven ¬ tion reelected Allen Kincheloe chair ¬ man and Clint Hook secretary for the ensuing four years RUNAWAY ACCIDENT Three Ladies Thrown Out of a Buggy When Returning From a Funeral NO ONE SERIOUSLY INJURED May 15th Special An unfortunate accident occurred here Tuesday morning in the street near tho store of DeHaven Co The horse attached to the bupgy occu ¬ pled by Miss Cora Furrow Mrs Burch of Mooloyville and Mrs Jones of Meade county who were returning from the funeral of Doc Furrows daughter be ¬ came frightened and ran away upsetting the buggy The bucgr was overturned on the la ¬ dies who were painfully but not eeriout ly hurt Mr Ell Miller who was near came to the relief of the ladles and ren ¬ dered them much aid IlABDiNsnuBO OLD KY PEOPLES DAY The 4th Sunday in ThlsJMonth Has Been Designated as the Day Rev F M Potty pastor of the M E Church South at Hardlnsbnrg has des ¬ ignated the 4th Sunday in this month for tho old peoples gathering and tho Sunday School rally at Mt Zion The church being ono of the oldest in point of interest in that section Ho anticipates a largo delegation to take part in tho Old Peoples exorcises on that day There will bo dinner on the ground An invitation is extended to all to como I j GRAND JURY The following med form the grand Jury of the circuit court now in session Organization Ot Rtd MMat Hardinsburg F K Rhodes foreman JeEn B Yanunt of Louisville was at ISamAhl MandeviUa Galloway 0 W Haidlnsburfc several days laet week and Kasey Philip Ploch Horace Hunter Warden Bandy Jas < H Carman Chas Reldel Clint Brnner Lee Walls and David N Howard ir ir uleproE 0 = r IlfhU atJ be Mawnlo Hall tf 1 0 r Cora Crops Uninjured The Republicans of Brcckenrldge county met In mans convention at Har diusburg last Monday to name delegates to the state convention which meets in Louisville tomorrow Thursday Chairman Klncheloo called the con ¬ vention to order and stated tho object of the meeting i iatt3 Tho lIon John P Hagwell Jr was on motion chosen permanent chairman He mado a brief speech In which ho pledged his support to the party and the administration He referred to his stew ¬ ardship at Frankfort and said he etood on his record for he had done what he conceived to be his duty to his people Clint Hook was chosen secretary Tbo chairman on motion appointed the following committee on resolutions Jesse REskrldgo Senator R M Jolly Capt J H Rowland Owen Cunning ham and Hou Chas Blandford The committee retired and brought in a set of resolutions endorsing McKin i CA llJl 211 A Card ot Thank5 oare very thankful to the many friends who so kindly assisted us the morning of the fire Ka aridYBs Faoot ILlBwzLIa It Could Not Have Been a More Ideal The wheels of industry have ouce more Day Pretty Women Were began to turn in this city There With Their Baskets The Pattou Vitrified Brick Works af Filled to Overflowing ter an idleness of two years WitS running Monday afternoon preparatory to stait ¬ THE SERMON in full force this week Mr Geo 0 Patton President ot the company has had allof the machinery thoroughly overhauled buildings re ¬ paired and yard cleaned Ho has a contract with Louisville par ¬ ies to furnish over one million brick He will make nothing but building brick When the plant gets incomplete oper ¬ ation it will give employment to some ¬ thing near fifty men Mr J H Lloydof Louisville has come to take charge as general foreman Ho has had years of experionco in the business He will be assisted bv Mr William Har ¬ per who will have control of the burn ¬ ing He is also a Louisville mao Mr Kile Adklajon a sterling young man from Guaton Meade county will be in the department of machinery Fifteen hundred people attended the dedication of the M E Chnrch at the village town of Kirk Sunday The day was an ideal one Men women and children came from all localities in buggies on horse back and by train The town of Kirk is situated on the Henderson route branch and its in ¬ habitants are of the most wideawake and Industrious kind The undertaking of constructing such a magnificent houce of worship in so small a place shows conclusively what perseverance and de ¬ termination can do Those who were Instrumental in pushing its construction forward have the praise of the entire KENTUCKY CHILDRENS HOME community They deserve great honors Iu location is near the railroad in a picturesque and beautiful grove It Is Officers And Committees Of The Har dins burg Auxiliary OfThe Ken ¬ of modern architecture and would do tucky Childrens Home its size honor to a town of fifty times Society is handsome and artistically The interior finished Elegant pews adorn it and the President Mr C L Beard Secretary altar is dainty slightly elevated and sur ¬ rounded by a railing of the latest design Ellen M Stithj Vice President R L NOON PROCEEDINGS McGuffin Treasurer 0 L Beard Committee on Petitions DrlKlucheloe was present with a basket Everybody overflowing with the substantial of OE Hagwell P M Heard Misses Lillie life table cloths wero spread upon the Scstt rida Mercer Committee on Applications Mrr ground and the good women began to arrange their contents The man stood Green Beard Mr < Charles Heston Mr mouths open wide eagerly waiting for Gus Brown Mr W K Barnes Lgielative Committee G WJ Beard the announcement word to reach their ears They formed in groupa and strang ¬ John P Has well Jr Gus Brown Membership Committee Misses Ellen ers ami friends from a distance were in ¬ vited to partake of their hospitality An MStlth Bessie Beard Mr B F Beard Beard abundance of food was on the ground Mr County Organiration Commlitee C and if anyone failed to get a dinner it E Uaawell Owen Cuuningham R L was his own fault After the magnificent spread and all McGuOln Press Committee V G Bnbbage A had become rested they were directed to a spot just behind the church where S Worsloy Jesse Whitworth Sunday Sahool Committee V G nab a platform had been erected for tho choir and the delivery of the dedicatory cor bageJohuP Haswell Sr GusiBrown Committee on Ways and Mean Misses mon All the members of the Hardlneburg Tida Mercer Lillie Scott Katie Eskridge M E Church South choir were present Eva Heusley Mary Board Irene Board and numerous hymns wore sung This Mrs A U Davis Clothing Committee Mrs Clayton is probably the strongest and best choir the State Their enunciation is clear Beard Mrs Morris Biard Mra G W in and distinct their rendition of songs un ¬ Beard Mrs Coleman Haswell Mrs J aim der tho direction of Miss Tida Mercer and Ilensley Mrs Owen Cunningham and Mrs Thomas Withers is far superior CLIFTONJVIILLS to the average choir and they should feel people possessed of proud of having two Success to the Nswa such rare musical ability countys great ¬ Our Sunday school is quite a success Miss Mary Board the est singer rendered a solo which re¬ Fanners are preparing for a now to ¬ ceived compliments from the entire con ¬ bacco crop gregation Hello Raymond A greeting to you Rev John M Crowe read a chapter or old neighbor two from the bible interpersed with Mrs Wm Urane visited her parents at songs from the choir Rev 0 B Over Webster Sunday ton of LousvUlemade the opening pray ¬ Arthur and Thurman Drane Qwere In er alter which the choir sang Jesus town Saturday of my Soul Lover Mr and Mrs Ernest Beauchamp Rev John M Crowe of Lexington preached the dedication sermon He went to Hardinsburg Monday It Mr Radehelmer of J Cincinnati is vis ¬ gave his famous Four fold sermon was a discourse of two hours in length iting his daughter Mrs BeauchampUhyde Adkisson of Brandenburg is vis ¬ but the majority of the congregatlonjhad not heard it before and consequently it iting his aunt Mra Haddock Jthls week was appreciated Henry Beard was called to to the bed ¬ Rev Crowe bears the distinction of side of his sister at Oorydon Ind Sat ¬ being one of our most talented and gifted Hois a great urdayMr Radenhelmer sold to Mr Dye hla ministers of the Gospel speaker and doesnt lack for words store house and other property in Clifton Evervone present felt verylgrateful to Saturday him for coming and many were heard to Herbert Haddock of Hardinsbnrg was express themselves thU8 J long for the called to the bedside of his father H 0 time when I can once more hear Bro Haddock last week Crowe preach Rosco Hendry and Mr Beard of Har¬ The ministers In attendance were Rev dinsburg passed through our town last Crowe Rev Campbell Rev Davis Rev week enroute to Raymond Overton Rev Roberts Rev Petty and Gea Nicholson attended the ministers Rev Cox meeting at Raymond the Sunday At the conclusion of Rev Crowes dis ¬ and reports a good meeting first course Rev F M Petty pastor of the Mr Styles of Sirocco has moved his Hardlnabnrcc ME Church began the sawmill to this place and will give em ¬ raising of funds to liquidate the church from all Incumbrancea There was a ployment to several hands for a while Mr Muncie baa sold to Mr J D Hay balance of some 300 and it was but a for abort time until pre required amount was neaa tract ol land ontalnlng 33 tloOraJa onetrsct1 MMOUe of W b raised and a few dollars over The day was a most enjoyable one to ater containing 40 acres all and many old comrades met who had fl 0 Haddock baa Deen seriously ill not seen each other for years It was a but by the timely and skillful aid of Dra day of feasting and hand shaking and all 8 P Parks of Webater and Milner of nedto their homes rejoicing over Union Star he is now on the road to re covery the pleasant day spent P1 1 = r Cr 1 N i For The Mijor Crofoot Organizes the Dietary hausage Trust on n Capital of 5 000000 and Accepts a Small Installment of Cash on Account THE LIFE I Ab olutely Pure OF NAPOLEON 1 W Man low priced Imitation baking powders are upon the market These are made with alum and care should be taken to avoid them M alum U a poison never to bo taken In the food 100 WULIAM ST ROYAL BAKING POWDER CO n n vrjt occit ir ynr VKJ TOO price m calf is And you are to be our purchasing agent and buy our niw material Diet ary sausages Till be mado In several different lengths and sIzes and wo shall use beet pork mutton fish and what not everything to bo bought alIve and killed In onr own slaughter bouses and hashed up with our own knives You attend to tho buying and Millions of I attend to the tryIng dollars will pass through your hands every year but we shall trust to your honesty salary 15000 per year tit least and you come In on tile ground floor for stock I just lack 10 to meet the expenses of organization and Ill borrow It of you for a day or two Wo shall capitalize at 5000000 but probably Incrwise to 15000000 Inside of a year And what Is the name pleaso My name s Taylor slowly replied the canvasser but I have no 10 to put Into your scheme Im soiling the Ute of Napoleon It Is printed from new Large type Illustrated by Yes wo will call It the Great Amcr lean Dietary Sausngo company Inter ¬ rupted the major and as purchasing agent well deposit 500000 to your credit to start on salary to bo paid weekly or monthly Just as you elect and the dividends on tbo stock to como quarterly I need 10 to see my way door but If you caut sparo that sum give mo And there you arc sir there you arc nut I havent got 5 Dont ncgloct this golden opportuni ty my dear contemporary dont do It The man who Invented the Welsh nIl bit made 3000000 and lived to bo 00 years old Angel cako brought Its In ventor 1000000 while bo lived and n monument 40 feet high after death Hoky poky Ico cream wont be In It with dietary sausage Peanut brittle and lobster salad have already gone to the rear Why sir any moment a telegraph boy may como In with a tele gram from tIle president reading Con gratulations on your dietary havo only eaten one barrel and am sure I Send another shall bo rvnomlnntcd by express The very next mall will probably bring unsolicited testimonials from n dozen actresses null tour or five senators It Is needless for me to tell you that delays are dangerous Time tide and tile dietary sausage wait for no man If you havent got Ill try and make do Leave your name millionaire but bow Tos was asked about tbo book major You havo heard of tbo dietary sausage of course sold the major as ho walkfcd to and fro Invented by accident by ono of tb greatest chefs In America and as ho had no Idea of what a good thing ho had struck I bought his right title und Interest for i ¬ ¬ SALARY TO BK PAID WEEKLY OB MOSTnLT Tim d a has jumped into popularity In n day lias nil tbo juiciness of fresh pork the nutritive qualities of licof ntid tho tasto reminds you of venIson can bo mado of seven kinds of meat If you happen to havo them on hand or you cnn gut along with only one Its tbo way they are trIed that makes cm dietary and has set tho gormands crazy sure to drlvo every other sausage out of the market In tour weeks Inorotiuro to do It cnn be furnished as rations to every army and navy In tho world can bo sold In ovcry hotel boarding house and family wherever humanity exists good for breakfast dinner or supper cant run no romp meeting picnic or Sunday school excursion with out em My dear fellow man your fortune Is made If you would select tbo style of began the man binding But wovo got to go a little slow for a few weeks interrupted tho major There is a disposition on tbo part of tbo worlds aristocracy to class sau sago way down on tbo list of meats cant expect that lords and dukes and presidents will order a second plato of them until tbcy realize that it wont affect their social positions got to look out for social prestige you know Onco get tho whirlwind of popularity started and tho public wont stop to uk whether our dietaries arc mnula or dim mrsn or coco mataug tfit thug IB to warrant them to euro indi gestion torpid liver and all that They are a spring and tall tonic All sing ers actresses and athletes uoo them testimonials from professors actors clergymen and thousands of others and all family doctors recommend them above everything else And there you are my boy there you are andSAlIM ahaka t AB4a vr IH ran amis a mere song ¬ ¬ lor 1J J For the third ofa century the standard for strength and purity It makes the hot bread hot biscuit cake and other pastry light sweet and excellent in every quality No other baking powder is just as good as Royal either in strength purity or wholesomeness ICoprlBht 1300 by C D Ixswls It was a canvasser for The Life of Napoleon price 3DO In calf and bo had scarcely exhibited his sample copy when Major Crofoot arose and took hIm by the band and exclaimed Just tIle man I wanted to see of all others In the world I By George but this Is luck I shall Ixj happy to book your or ¬ der smilingly replied the canvasser Will you take calf or morocco 1 My dear man continued tho ma ¬ jor my name Is on a sign at tbo door but It doesnt etato my business Let mo eay to you that I am a grand promoter of enterprises on organizer a consolidates an originator of some of the most stupendous and gigantic You have schemes of tho country como to tho right man In tho right time Will you toko calf or morocco Six stupendous enterprises In the last six weeks ono per week and every ono of them bound to pay a quar¬ terly dividend of 80 per cent bound to do It Thats 120 per rear and Id like to BOO tho diamond mines doing better Six stupendous enterprises originated capitalized and floated and now comes tho seventh Fortune must bnvo directed your footsteps I am going to take you In 1cs sir Ill give you a show compared to which tho Llfo of Napoleon cant bo mentioned Let mo congratulate you sir let mo Bboko bands with another newborn it ytf i Book Canvasser ONE MILLION CONTRACT PREACHED JEJNTI The Grand Promoter Too Much TO START ON REV CROWE 56 COLUMNS I THE AGENT The Dedication Ser vices QOYENMENT REPORT AIR People Gather at Kirk Sunday Pattons Plant Will Be In Full Operation By Thursday From all Points to Attend TO STATE CONVENTION MAY 16 WORKED INTHE At Area Under Cultivation 3563000 Bushels Less Than Last APPOINT DELEGATES Falls Estimate KENTUCKY WEDNESDAY BIG DAY J- iAleet In TS FJT =0 NEVVS T r r3PAGEST I J NEW YORK == RECOVERING == RAPIDLY Engineer Henry Wright returned last week from Iouiivillu where he had his foot amputated several inches above the ankle He is now out on crutches and is recovering rapidly Mr Wright hRS been Buffiring all win ¬ ter with a diseased ankle hone and am ¬ putation the last resort was found nec ¬ essary toeave his life J 0 Kennedy Honnokt Tenn says D6ittsWitcli what the looters oalloil an incurable ul ¬ cer on n y Ouraa piles and all skin dieeates Look nut for worthless Imitations A It 1 Fisher jv Ill With Fever Mr John Duller a highly respected cltizsn of the Weat View neighborhood U confined to his bd with lever Mr llutler IB 40 years old and a prominent citzen of that section Doesnt Look Well Mr Houston Dellavtin was present at t the dedication of the M E church at 1 Kirk Sunday He said the wheat crop wasut looking aa well as he anticipated anti in general tho cereal dill not have a healthful appearance Her Recovery Doubtful D Pumphrey who resides near West View la critically 111of consumption and her recovery is doubt ¬ ful Mrs Pnmphrey Jma reached the ripe old aite of 71 and Is a most elegant Mrs oM M lady ¬ i lull 3- 5 a The Life of Napoleon Never mind the Life of Napoleon i my boy Napoleon was a great man but Major Crofoot wasnt on earth then We arcnot delving In the past Where but digging Into the future Napoleon made 100 youll make 5 000 Let others conquer tho world by force of arms If they will but well conquer It by force of dietary sau sage Youve certainly got 2 about you I want to get tho organization perfected today Ive Ive only got a dollar stam ¬ mered tho canvasser as ho exhibited thobllLWell Ill take It and make It go as tar as It will replied tho major as Youll tho greenback changed bauds feel safer tor having Invested money In tho enterprise Stock will bo ready In about two weeks and as soon as we can erect and equip a factory youll begin purchasing stock Yes Ill make tbo dollar do and youd bet¬ ter begin posting up on meats When wo once get started But I came up hero to sell you this j I ¬ bookl Wha Concluded ij 1t > I i- woNk 5V fCMtltarted ra Eighth page wen Great opoortunMynfleied to good reli ¬ able men Salary of15 per week and ex ¬ penses for Ulan with rijt to introduce our Poultry Mixture and Insect Destroyer Inthe country Send atamp7 American Mf f Co Terre Haute Ind On The marguerite The following party were the guests of Mr 0 T Skillman on bin naphtha auudi Sunday afternoon Misses AI lien Murray Elizabeth Skillman Mar ini Elizabeth and Margaret Bowmer RoyIIlyslr hourI and tWHnty minutes to Addieon where tile party called on Miss Nellie Burks and cpent a delightful afternoon Agents on salary of 1500 per week and expenses the greatest agent seller eyer produced every flock and poultry ralcer buys it on sight Hustlers wanted Reference Address with Matnp American MIl Co Terre Haute Ind CASTORIA Tor Infants and Children Thi KW Yoy Hall Always BttjM Bears the Signature of I

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