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Image 1 of Jefferson reporter (Buechel, Ky.), April 18, 1973

Part of Jefferson reporter (Buechel, Ky.)

"2"::-:- : 0 n;.cz(ii d Jingle Lifestyles Explored ey rLLi j a..:::.iu3ter Liberated women seeking fellowship sn4 unlibcratecl women seeking help attended the Women's Rights Conference at University of LouiaviUe last weekend. One such woman, already liberated, headed the discussion on "single lifestyles" at the conference, sponsored by the Civil Liberties Union. Marsha Lipetz, a Sociology professor at Indiana University Southeast, chose her panel carefully. As chairman she spoke from the perspective of a single woman who has never been married. She included a woman in her 60's who has lived a full and rich single life, a young divorcee with no children, who for the last year was faced with the problem of being single again, and a nun, who faces special problems of being single. ld No Burning Bias Through these four perspectives, Miss Lipetz hoped for a good look at single lifestyles. Confident that the conference would be a learning experience for some, she hopes that it will dispel some of the .my'ila about what the feminist movement is trying to accomplish. "No bras have ever been burned," said the advocate of women's rights. laving been involved in the woman's movement for over two years, Miss Lipetz recognizes that the woman who join are not extremely radical. Maybe they are women who are just discontent, or perhaps their children have grown up and suddenly they're alone. Others have begun working and find real discrimination in job opportunities. They are joining the movement to find out what they can do to help the situation. Most, of the women attending the conference were between the ages of 20 and ,30. Every type of woman, from the PTA enthusiast to girls in long hair and blue jeans, was present. All the women were not involved with the woman's movement; many were just curious. become generally accepted," said the young sociology professor. An active member of the Metropolitan Louisville's Woman's Political Caucus, she is working on a committee that is looking into the problem of amnesty. She also took an active part in the fight for the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment. Woman's groups from Louisville and Lexington were responsible for getting it passed. Marriage Philosophy During the panel presentation, she explained her philosophy of marriage: I may marry at some point in my life, but I don't want to live under the theory that I have to marry and if I don't there is something wrong with me. Even if 1 do, marriage would not be the only thing in my life, for I know that I will always want to work." Having in student government in high school and college, she has considered entering politics. "But as long as I'm single and I couldnt afford it." "I'm a political person and would like to become involved with the Kentucky Committee on Women's Rights or the Human Commission." She participate As a liberated woman she's trt r!n anu riri Kr 1if rf ' ' going to let it happen. M ' ilicf J Relations feels she could that level of politics jeopardizing her teaching at without responsibilities. Planning right now for a single lifestyle, she hopes to overcome condescending attitudes of family and friends. Thinking of buying a house and making ohter investments seems ridiculous to them for they think because she is single she should live in an apartment. t . k ' vf Four clubs participating in the Third Annual Reproter Cookbook Contest held their preliminary contests last week. First place winners will compete in the final contest June 2 at General Electric's Monogram Hall. Both first and second place winning recipes will be published in the Reporter Cookbook. St. Bartholomew Ladies Guild Members of St. Bartholomew Ladies Guild met at the St. Bartholomew's Church to display their favorite recipes. 5210 E. Indian Trail, won first place with her main dish entry "Curried Chicken Spaghetti. Second place honors went to Mrs. Jo Ann Mrs. Margaret Blunt, P. Hayes, 4001 Lambert Ave., for a chicken, cheese and bacon combination called "Hot Browns." 4 Hikes Homemakera It may have been snowing outside on April 10, but that didn't bother the Hikes Homemakers who prepared several delicious entries for judges Reporter Cookbook Contest. in Photo by Charles Springer ADVENTURE happens, as Mrs. Anna Meirit teaches a favorite game at a Newburg day-car- e center. The children, (from right) Rene Gilkey, Robert Montgomery, William Blackburn, Angie Barnett, and Mike Blackburn join in the fun on a sunny afternoon. the Easy Easter Buffet Main dishes containing meat, fish, or poultry were scarce, but Mrs. John Seubold, 3917 CJenoak Dr., did win first place for her "Chicken BroccolJ Casserole." Second place went to Mrs. Frank Kleinsteuber, 5907 Six Mile Ln., for her "Mexican Beans." (Continued on page B2) I jtfl v O A ) I JL " nkv " I'vJjL-'"'- jjr.iL V A cheese-potat- o 7Vr 0A U You'll have a crush on these shoes set on a lower heel and shaped our liveable pump gleams in newly topline with an textured Spanish Crush for days of spring living ahead. - Reg. 16.00 .. .. . 137 HANDBAG Reg. 16.00 Indian Trail Onlyl m 1997 f Pi Js . Yv M 1 N tj OFF 1 ALL CASH & CARRY ORDERS APRIL 16.22 J. , fresh-cooke- d . -- t CAr:D3Tc:;:4 road eizs or 2:3 :2i riior j Cite 4 fc . 2:3-712- 4 "go-along- s" Sherried Ham d boned ham fully-cooke- 2 cups brown sugar 2 cups cream sherry Score ham and stud with whole cloves. Press a thick layer of brown sugar over ham. Drizzle wine over sugar and pour remainder around ham. Bake at 350 degrees for 1W hours, basting occasionally with sherry-suga- r drippings. Makes 12 to 16 servings. With Hatching llzat&aj! shoes SPECIAL! -- the grand finale for your company dinner a lemon pie with sour cream the secret ingredient that makes the guests ask for seconds. tif d ARRANGEMENTS Whipped cream (optional) BY MARY REISINGER coarsely grated 2 medium onions grated 7Vi cups Gray ere or Swiss cheese, grated 1 teaspoon salt 14 teaspoon pepper Va teaspoon nutmeg Butter Mix all ingredients thoroughly. Butter h an springform pan. by Pour potato mixture into pan and bake at 450 degrees 1 hour until golden brown. II II II I cares izzi to 66 on MMWLMF Tha only true conditioning parrn avtilablt todayl Actually laavn hair in battar condition. Ptrftct hair condition tvary time. Acid P.H. formula makat hair silky, toft. No Evan tinted or ' abused hair it left toft yet permanently waved. Ideal for all ttylas from gantla curvat to curly curli. 214-inc- I M5 Makes 6 servings. Sour Cream Lemon Pie cup sugar V cup cornstarch 1 y cups milk 3 egg yolks, slightly beaten 1 teaspoon grated lemon rind 13 cup lemon juice Va cup margarine 1 cup dairy sour cream 1 baked pastry shell Q CONDITIONING PERM" 1 --i- Exclusive Revolutionary European Discovery -- y.f? f"- - 1 Fern Creek Women Host Flower Show S) ) 1' ROSES Make Xb ease-fitte- F0.1 EASTER! CORSAGES POTTED PLANTS If you're looking for an easy Easter Mix sugar and cornstarch in a 2 quart buffet this year, here's one that's just saucepan. Gradually add milk, stirring ' that. The main entree is the traditional until smooth. Stir in egg yolks, lemon ham, but this time it's baked in brown rind, and lemon juice until blended. Add sugar and sherry for an exciting flavor marline. Cook over medium heat, treat. stirrii.j constantly, until mixture comes An elegant pie that stays to a boil and boils 1 minute. . ; hot inside its crispy crust makes a Pour into a bowl. Cover surface of delicious companion for the ham. Put it i puddir" : v axed paper or plastic film. on a p latter large- - enough; to Chill. Fold in sour, cream. Turn into baked pastry shell. Chill. Serve with accommodate your favorite green vegetans. , whipped cream, if desired. Curried fruit, cranberry sauce, or molded fruit salad and hot rolls make nice to serve with this meal. Swiss Potato Torte 5 medium Idaho potatoes, peeled and ( Mr J I U;i CriER Includes Sherried Ham , Elegant Pie Mrs. Delia Ledford, 4100 Roxbury Rd., took first place honors in salads and desserts. Her entries were "Concealed Salad" and "Sout Cream Coffee Cake." Second place in salads went to Mrs. D. F. Holmes, 2916 Westfield Rd., for her "Gold Lemon Salad." Mrs. Ivis Record, 3238 Radiance Rd., won. second place in desserts for her "Peachy Peach Pie." Erenkinridse Homemakers Breckinridge Homemakers met at the home of Mrs. Al Blunk, 4219 Alton Rdn for their preliminary cooking contest. Wilma Bunch, 2613 For 'yce Ln.,won the blue ribbon in the main dish division for her "Sweet and Sour Meatballs." "Hot Chicken Salad" prepared by Mrs. WOMEN & CHILDREN'S SHOE DEPARTMENT Phono E34-516- Ext. 273 INDIAN TRAIL TRADING POST ; DAY-CAR- Whole cloves f ! Ft J - 4 to 5 lb. ji) vioJ WEDNESDAY, APRIL 18, 1973 ::: In Cooking Contests i J SICTION B not going ( Four Clubs Participate In the salad division, Mrs. Sharon Liberated Home Howard, 4313 Wintergarden, won the Brought up in what she termed a blue ribbon with her "Heavenly Hash." liberated home, both Marsha's parents Mrs. Mary Grace Mattingly, 41 12 Sanford were professional. "From the time I was Ave. won second 'place with her fpur years o! I knew I v.s gobj to have ,"Ceven-U- p Lime Spring Salad." a rr.rS r's dcre, even though I didn't The winning dessert entry was a know what one was."' Marsha prefers being called Ms. and is "White Chocolate Cake" baked by Mrs. glad to see it being used more. She thinks Frank R. Hcil, 2135 Buechel Bank Rd. it eliminate problems, such as what to call Second place honors went to Mrs. Sharon a divorced woman or how to address Howard, winning her second ribbon for someone you don't know. "I think it will her "Strawberry Cake Roll." J sJ-- T Si 4 participated Kentucky fj The Fern Creek Woman's Club will hold its annual flower show, Tuesday, May 8 at the community center. The theme, "Reflections of Fern Creek" will feature horticulture and artistic arrangements in a total of 63 classes. There are classes for junior gardeners, organizations, and the general public as well as those limited to the Woman's Club members. Anyone interested in these exhibits may call Mrs. Charles W. Peers Jr., at 239-510or Mrs. Mclvin Bates, 239-782- NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY FERN CREEK 5719 Birdstown Road, 233 8228 KIKES POINT 3319 Hunsinsw TCPPS-PP.ESTO- Lane,4S3-S32- CAFl'ELOT CENTER 1311 Herr Lane, 425 S177 PLANTATICrj 8703 Bayberry Place. AZZ ZVA ST.tfATTrT;;:; PLAZA 4124 Outer Loop, CS4 9138 POPLAR LEVEL PLAZA CENTER 4333 Poplar Level Road, 8C3 6529 5330 Dixie Klyhway, :;:-.:- i 310 Wallace Avenue, ZAYRLsc:n:i VALLEY STATION 1CS10 Dixie Hwy. at Ai! ly Lane, 837 fir 3 f, :

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