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Image 1 of Kentucky mountaineer, April 4, 1913

Part of Kentucky mountaineer

Kentucky mountaineer. FOR THE RIGHTS OP THE MOUNTAIN PEOPLE OP KENTUCKY, NOT THEIR WRONGS. VOLUME r SALYERSVILLE, MAGOFFIN COUNTY, KENTUCKY, FRIDAY, APR., 41913. NUMBER 12 2. EDITORIAL. WHOLE NUMBER 64 Come! Comeli The stork visited Mr. and Mrs. Green Risner and left a nice TO MAGOFFIN INSTITUTE. We arc authorized to announce You will then enjoy our travel little girl. Issued Every Friday. Everything is flourishing. much more. JAMES DEEMS, Mrs. Sarah Riceof SalycrsVille The attendance is good, New EDITOR'S NOTE of Lakeville as candidate for BOSTON is visiting relatives at this place ones coming in evory day. TERMS. We have been compelled to throw of the nomination for Justice E. L. Stephens and Dr. E. H. $1.09 ayoar in advance "BOSTON!" some- splendid letteri into tho waste "BOSTON" Good board and room $2.00 per Peace of the 4th magisterial Atkinson passed thro here .60 six months. will be conductor c a i 3 out. basket recently becauso the writer district subject to the action of our Ivy ton to'orgasize a Law week. Tho dormitories to to put their real name as well as .85 three montl3. We get our belongings together failed in charge of John Franklin Cooptheir assumed. the Republican Tarty. and Order League, and find that wa arc at the Back one of Magoffin County's Mrs. Collinsworth preached at er swood'claM matter Jan-...KsUrsd go to a resBay station. We best known Citizens. e at Sal- 19 ibis. t the this place Saturday and Sunday. Wheelersburg. the Tuition, Primary department, Kj. Mder tue An oi March EUROPE, AS I SAW IT taurant and decide to try Wo are sorry to announce the Hopeful. baked bcan3 for famous Boston $1.50 per month, 7 th and 8 th 8.1M9. grades $2.00 per month; Normal breakfast, (something we would death of Elva Wheeler who ten (Advertisement) Being a Reminiscence of a tour through weeks ago left for Hunington ELAM. Editor & Owner. Eneland, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, hardly think of at home.) An for an operation. Also the death You will look a good while be- and High School pupils $2.50 per S. S. All tuition payable two France, Belgium, Germany, Switzer- earthen jar, which holds about a fore you find a better medicine month. Advertising-Rates- . land, Italy, and Greece. quari and bread to eat it with, is of a little son of Bradley Lemas- in advance. for coughs and colds than Cham months in the same 10 coots per inch. instruction in all departserved for a dime., Such a delici- ter who was buried berlain's Cough Remedy, It not The grave yard, the same day. By THE EDITOR. First page ads twelve and one-ha- lf ments o f this school will be strict ous dish. We can hardly believe Larence Wheeler and Virginia only gives relief it cures. Try ly high class. The teachers aro From my youth I had longed cents per inch. it is beans. We find that here it when you have a cough or cold per inch extra for to see England, the home of my tofora we did not "know beans.' Henslcy were married. Five cents experienced and thoroughly qual We are glad to see the an and you are certain to bo pleas ancestors. When I entered composition. surprised to learn that We are cd with the prompt cure which ified to handle their respective I decidsd to make teaching Boston is a faster and more hust nouncement of our editor for Locals 10 cents per line for first departments. Special Course frr I realized that ling city than New York. Watch superintendent We like to see it will effect For sale at Dr. insertion. 5 cento per line for my applicants for CountyExaminatio Kash's Drug Store. such a tour would be of inestima- that man. Ho takes long fast courageous men announce themeach subsequent insertion. JOE RICE. Principal. Ivyton. Such a steps and, brushes against you selves for various offices of our Resolutions and funeral notices ble value to a teacher. K. C. GOODMAN. With the high waters of last Cards .'of Thanks and Obituaries, journey would enable an instruct- turning you almost completely, county, men who are not afraid ii week, about fifty thousand ties FARMER'S FREE to'speak for law and order. or to give his pupils mucn one cent per word. around. Tho women seems to be I stand for law and order and were on the float in Middle Creek that could never be ob- in greathurry. But Bcs Announcements for County ofRev. L. F. Caudill, and Thomas tained through the reading ol ton is slow in some respects. It I want every man in the county Want Column. fices, $5.00 cash in advance. $2. 50. books. "Those countries wnich J. Biggs, of Pikevllle. Drenched Jake. Justiooa of the Peace leaves arc just td know it. is June and her In order to show our farmers had held the flickering llame of putting forth. This fact helps THANKS-T- he Editor. to a largo crowd Friday night at that "It pays to advertise", wo the First Baptist Church. civilization and Christianity us to understand Lowell's poem ANNOUNCEMENTS. The Magoffin county Law and will run this column in which through the Dirk ages and Gapvillo. "A day in June." each subscriber may use, free of Wc are authorized to announce caused it to burst into a world It means a day in April, to us, Howard, started to day Order League, was called to John wide flame and ive birth to that It would have been A day in for.his home at Turkey ford, Okla gethcr here Sunday Evening, and charge, fifteen words, in unyonu FRANK BLAIR, a largo number were present. issoe, to advertise anything he period known as Modern History' f 8alyeraville. as a candidate would be a source of informa February." had he lived in the leaving his mother (Mrs. Mary and we hope tho " ' intents of it will want to kny or sell, (from the clerk of Howard) to stay a while with far South. for the nomination for farm,) ttcectwe work for himbo great m this reckless place. tion and inspiiation to the true (Continued.) friends and relatives. She has Magoffin county, subject to the hands, sell or Homer bpradhn, is very ill at self or Mr farm owners for lost iiving in Okla. for 10 years. Republican party. teacher," thought I. been rentlenOs, find Mtioa ef the this writing. An soon as 1 had begun teach articles or live stock or advertise Bertha Howard, passed here a Advertisement. Cor. his own lost er strayed. We are authorized to announce ing and had freed myself of debt, son had a very few days ago, on her way home "My little L. C. BAILEY, Additional words will be put I deposited my earnings for this NOTICE-A- I1 Ministers and In at one cent per word; or the severe cald. I wa3 .recommend from Louisa, where she has been for the of Falcon, as a candidate Magof- trip. I could hardly realize that ed to try Chamberlain's Cough visiting for some time. Justices of the Peace will ploace advertisement may be run tn the dream of my chilahood and office of County Judge of The recent storm a few days turn inarriago Iicens into this succeeding issues so long as deto the action the fondest hoiio of manhood Remedy, and before a small ago did lots of damago blowing fin oounty, subject office during my term of office sired at one cent per word, pay. bottle was finished he was as was to be fulfilled. able IN ADVANCE. of the Republican party. H. down and breaking off timber. that the records may bo complete On the 30th. day of May 1907 well as ever," writes Mrs. If you would feet your The stork visited Dr. Dotson's The law requires tha they, be thie.coluinn.feh$ev,write wants in or call announce I Jef t my f Old Kentucky .Home Silkv29 D Jwling StreetSydney. last night leaving an cxtra'Hino returned here within CO We arVauthortodtf days. on us before 'Monday night. and turned my face toward Australia. This remedy is for boy. All deputy clerks will report J. J. PACE, salo at Dr. Knsli's Drug Store, Europe. Jim Howard, and family will and settle their accounts on marCeoley, as a candidate for the of I arrived at Washington Sat start in a few days for the onion riage license on or beforo tho TO SELL One farm. Also the Magoffin counoffice of Sheriff of NOTICE TEACHERS fields. of the urday aftornoon and on Sunday first day of the April term of the timber from another tract For ty, subject to the action went to the little Dutch Reform Jack Baldridgo and family Circuit Court. A number of .the leading teach Repablioan party. further particulars inquire of church where the President of ers and one trustee of have come back from Van Lear, F. C. Lacy. D. M. Atkinson, to announce the United States worshipped We aro authorized Magoffin have expressed their and gone to house keeping, Salyursvillc, Ky I was struck by the very plain PACE, Jerry Richardson, from East PROCTOR A CLUBBING. desire to the Editor to attend the building. Any person who will bring or TO SELL RHO. ISLAND REDS Kentucky Education Association. Point was the welcome guest of .ofSelyeraville, as a candidate for ness of this Jasper Holbrook, Tues. and Wed. send in during this month, two Eggs from pen headed by $10. Magoffin I visit:ed the White House, R. R. rates will be half faro. office of Jailor of the Capitol, Congressional Li Martha B. Adams and Minnie sr more subscriptions AT ONE cock, at 85 cents per 15. A see-o- n Wo hope that a good number ceonty, subject to the action of The pen at 55 cents per 15. brary, and went to the top of of the teachers and trustees will Holbrook, SDent Easter with TIME, (paying for them in adthe Republican party. . Eggs delivered to your Post Washington Monument, which is attend this meeting. their sister who lives at Myrtle. vance of course,) May keep ten Cor. cents to thedollar for their trouble Office by Parcels Post. the highest stone structure in the Let us know if you areexpect-iu- g We are authorized to announce woild (555 feet) . Later, when Send order early. to.attend this great meeting. PATRICK, w. J. Mrs. W. H. Caudill, Advertisement. I get to Paris, Franco, I see Remember the dates April 30. e8aryersvllle, as a candidate Eiffel tower, which is a steel May Falcon, Ky. For rheumatism you will find 1, 2, and 3. Judge of THE UNDERTAKER Chamber-Iain'- s for tke office of County structure almost twice as high as is expected to be the biggest nothing better than It ftf nubiect to the sHMgUlM vww'V Washington Monument. Liniment. Try it and sec has a new stock of coffins and FOUND-- A revolver that must educational meeting ever held in party, have been lost during the War. action ef the Republican York City, quickly it gives relief. For caskets. I left for New Kentucky. It will be a treat to how Prices; Infants sizes, $3.00 to Owner call at this office, Idontify Monday afternoon, and airivoi sale at Dr. Kash's Drug Store. all who attend. $10.00. Adult sizes, coffins $8.00 and get samr. We are authorized to announce at Jersey City at one o'clock A. to $25.00, caskets $20.00 to U. KUWAIT DOC A BIG BARGAIN. Elam. M. Tuesday. Our entire train These prices include TO SELL $85.00. the office of was run on the ferry barge and Died at his home on the river boxc3 and trimmings. Best strain Indian Runner Every farmer should take one ms candidate for county, sub- t- -j Uamffin Duck eggs five cents each. War taken under the, Brooklyn bridge, or nr re farm journals. We will Jesse McGuire. and was buried beOffice located mid-wa- y Repub (the. largest in the world) up to be glad to famish you the Farm at his homo grave yard. ranted to hatch well. tween Ivyton and Bradley. Jost to the action of the W. W. Preston, There were several houses un 135th street where it was put on Journal party. five years and the Phono write or call on how Bra'dlev, Ky. roofed and some blown down on tho New York, Hartford and Mountaineer one year J. V. Kelly, Bradley, Ky. authorised to announce New Haven, rail road. At day- ALL FOR ONE DOLLAR AND Caney. We are CHOICEST LOTS IN SAL F. E. Electricity Healthful. light, I saw Connecticut's splen FIFTY CENTS. W. S. ADAMS, BE Auto factories are said to be besJUl YERSVILLE MAY building, which is one the did capitol of Fakon as a candidate for ful places for workmen because of BOUGHT FROM THE ED- He Was Late. sheriff of Magoffin of the best in the country, and electricity employed. i.tlm for "What made you so late?" . TOR. CHEAP TOO. J f1 eomty subject to the action of arrived at Boston at 7 o'clock Mil ri--1i s no "ImetSmithson." ij A. M. They are located near Ma. party. AeBepublican "Well, that is no reason why Pope says, "The greatest goffia Institute. you should bo an hour late get thing in tho world is man, and ELAM. 8. 8. ting home to supper." man is want ad page. TO SELL. a farm of 125 acres. editor ef the Mountaineer an- the greatest thing in "I know, but I asked him the mind" and I think if Pope were 25 acres in, bottom land and one a, candidate'fo'r nounces as jj No legitimate propo how ho was feeling, and ljo insistliving, he would agree with me fourth mile on Licking river. 50 nero nation for superintendent of telling me about his stomacres In timber. Price $2000. of Magoffin County, sub- that one of tho greatest faculties sition need hesitate to ed on schools ' ach trouble." I will oxchango to mineral or ject te the action o f Hie Repub-es- u of the mind is the imagination, launch forth to find "Did you tell him to take Great inventions and discoveries timbered lands. party- Chamberlain's tablets?" are made only by those who response. P. M. Elam, The "Sure, that is what he needs." Kentuoky. We are authorized to announce have vivid imatrinations. Drug Store, enjoyment that one gets from tfllNeed not even sign Sold at Dr. Kash's Charles D. Arnett A POOR HOUSE FARM Advertisement. depends very e West Liberty as a candidate reading travels The Fiscal Court desires to or address. for tate Sen-o- f much upon this faculty of the your name fee the nomination purchase a poor house farm. Bradley. Dis- - mind. We have now reached This office receives and the 84th Senatorial Call on or address Judge Salyer us Bettie, tho little daughter of trfct, subjsct to the action of the that city which is dearer to or any of the Justices of the and MOUNT INEER Charlie Roark died Marih 29 than any other city in America holds replies for you. the Democratic Party, Peace. burried at tho Hurt grave you may fully was and in order that and fodder. Call TO BUY-p- orn yard. enjoy it, I want every reader to at this office. place who go with me through, and around Born to Mr. and Mrs. John Iitiria Marshall, of this Photograph In Colors. Closaly Allied. boy. uaouieed several months ago Boston: then we shall go togethPhotographers In Lyons, France, Cain a Virginia Ms often mistake tho tear that tbr Case of - Beaver, Miss us to with er across the Atlantic and visit take Instantaneous pictures In colors far akriff reaue8U irtll t foomd out tor conscience. M visitinz her sister. Mrs, Smith, as it were. by the cfxl oashllght powders. draw hi announcement, in fav i Europe 'at this place. Vor of NO ONE: 'I do not want you to listen to me, KENTUCKY MOUNTAINEER. but yfiu must join the party, Cont! for- get your cares and see what I see CORREPSON- DENCE. te 1 . cost-offic- o, col-eg- e, life-wor- k. intor-matio- WANTED J. raise here modesty about this vTkelly FOR 40 cts. WE Will Send the To vou until hand-in-han- After The Next August Primary.

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