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Image 1 of The Kentucke gazette, November 29, 1788

Part of The Kentucke gazette

hit JJtUMB. l-- .a ' - ' fVOL. II. XIV.l T. U ,C S LEXINGTON: 0r Printed, fcyJOHN BRADFORD received, and . T A at K U V RD j K A-- , Z- T" T NOVEMBER' sj, 1788." Y; t vshere , Subfcriptioni, Advertisements, Main 5t n its different branches done with Care and Expedition. Office Printing E - &c. for this paper,, are thqnkjtilly ' , , I ?6 .the sake of some '('erious people 'whom it is our be places of trufi, profit,' "and importance to fijl; . fhterell not ta offend. But upftn fecpnd tho'ts, and fhal! those who endeavoured t(j viihft ,nd AM preparing a petition to Congress' to slop ' I conceive this part to have bee E- or counteract their mcaCnes, receive cm '.lnments-the freedom of the Press fn this district. fupplementally -t-ackd-to itidigna-tion, dntl their bed friends' Tittrfffen; jetyopd. peaeeable.cUizen'BebQklS' with the TTtner; i""'CR)ZV'-,-M' to the wise, is enough Let the happineR of suture this (so much extol'd)-bulwarof. liberty, 'who perhaps, may not yet have perfectly recoproftitutcd to such mifchievou.s purpofcS, as the vered from the iiflraclion fubie'quent" to the Iofs generations, be their care wh has Whiuch entl tfi-aftoT the "WOO as to think of it; for my part, I am for' (he EN S Tl LL, oor man! should attempts of your Farmers, your Brtitus's, your Poplicola's &c. the poo'f happy peo-pi- e this be the case, I since cty pity'rinn: he" is" not- - present hour"; and leave fuwritv to p ovid'e.for ofhis di drift, intoa bel'ef that a Teparation withlldnding e ill this, in his lucid-int- ' vals,) a" ve- - fi jtfelf- -n 'And novv . d or two W11J1 niv-b- i other . r n 1. frtTi Vinia. and (wie b he dace whifpcr it;) iy gouu reiiiinie ror; orf man; ma u was certa'.rwriEflruiiiu.; ne too, it Jeems, is, tOi 'cpaaiion( ly unpardonably ill ivired to publifii 'WhySnS must have a pelt at the poor Co'nplarter. eve" from the grand continental union, would "anecdote; an 've'C heu.iu '"'ler ieaf')n bu;th s make us happy : and 'flrameful to r.efief!,') nt-iii; jives us a na ;.uive ot iix 1 onvenr.on-- . ,.antU 1 dire "ay a ve alone, it .ve.a fuffic cn o ''up he preiV, and in jingle man of sense has Taifd his pen to oppole tr ie oije; (foi when I look for deed raze the p. iv ;u .l"c ra rhe ouudr them i The hflneft Cornplanter indeed, truth, it h from a faimer, and is J 'find it not oBut now lmceiei' ietiafl, ,'nd be'i le.rve to relation of,mine,) jrjas made a feeble attempt there, I q, it re' search' :) bi t what dec lie recall that raih and ill iu ed exp e'lioa of no prove, by is? Nor that the people "were ever to undeceive his Countrymen; but instead of rc ceiving the thanks he merited, they (ligmatized sensible men diaining thei pens in 0111 savour. agreed; for rhir'y five men are not the people: MAKv. H )O.Vl Jbjm with the cpntetmtibl: epithet of "mife able Hoe come-- our mi) ft able ad THE PEOPLE, aie ALL, THE PEOPLE and fcnbe;" and trumped up an .ugly fcandalpus flory, vocate he s a man of mi idle 32c. and moderate. wniie one man is uiiiansr.ea, an tne people are very moderaie pHnci. le-- : and has so methodiA not agieed: an! is not a single m n, w,: e, or aboijt a deserted wise and cjiild ; never reficfting that his wise might have been a scold ; or that caliy, an Judiciously dwided his lubject, into child in this dift-iftwas to dilfenr, ex..e,.tin the be nerhaps, "had no ajjfolute demonftr,ative':et-ta;nt- y "firltly, lecondly, and thirdly;" hat cm hardCornplanrei, Valerius, and myself ; it wou d lack that the child wSs his own But what ly think of him, without ihe-v- e iention due to three votes of beinc the compleat voice gf the. some antiquated and unmtel rble Dvyj. bad that to do, with the present cjueft on? I beHis people. And 'I w fli this were his word hi' nder; lieve "sir, it' will appear that the Cornplanter .had arguments aie grann, afton, and unsathomlint is ic nnt fn Vir rnlk unnn fho rnwanno r.C f'C gooilrealorj fqr hi- - con&icl, is we find it to be as it able: and ml ueTm!, conttyar Nw into executiOi-- : tjus fur-fleers, to car-treated with the moil vince every oody. And though con el's, they ze me; I had at eidcl to hi- - rcafonrng-- . anid, is reported ; v:z thithe-va'are too sub .me and abftia6ied, forme ever to be Uacrant violation of that re'fpe5!, which had hoped, thar hcper fiom his being owes so another The case is rcprcTcnted able to comprehend ; yet he ceitmn v felt the . h.rps, was" a m:in of niuch ' 'en Te - M . Cq u- force of them ,1 his1 vn mn ; a id. I revere them last SBmmers tobe thisT" a the" letting jff-clie planter, or myself; bu' ji r was Ldpte ved! I'o convention, he proposed an amendment to one as some pewfe do G ee. and uftlnanl for the I call .for a Tax! D d ivei any mar :n In, ieufe.v 4f the rciolves, in qnly fingJe word, (perhaps it same reason, that is, for not undc (landing a word wish his money to be taken fiom him P i. it ne'e was to ftlbftitute a which instead of or of it. Butto Jo mfe': afticc, a- we'l as him, eviden' that the moie money v ehae he xicher some fich important alteration:) hen a'ccond a this much 1 underihnd, that jt was forty five . . iuj- ...w.j artd meadment. of nearly tJTe years, froin ihe day- he- was leaver unr "fWtltnsnirFrer jb'an we ' wpTe 'be'c?T " 2?rli ,. .r" third, as important as any of them; and day of Octoser 1788 : and this I mav vnnnrie and the notthK ..' ve Jf.i.ea."ON, whv .'sie: C". n. t& affirm, that should he ne fortunate enough to' roX a gentleman out of about thirty pielent, had planter, mvleh, -d eery srood nn'i vifje- the complaisance to fecpnd .liio, in any furvivc the "illegal tliat are to endanto fcparate f iri V g ; his pev'e, nyiie of the three: And what gentleman of fpi ger the lives of ihoufands oi odr bests lends, ' he any tax,' an! we bope'never wdl. By tbig six, could ever afterward' a'riree in opinion, wittf mo pcihapa beoldei than he is! at ,ire em : and I s t rie, I exte.t Mr Faime is convinced him with such intoleia-lid- e thbfe who hadTJntc-treate- d that he had not affmned this subject much lame-millake, and that he will ;c racl his address, to neglect. But sir, rhey defcenJ even to d : wha- - neids of pmer. and fiob3s of live years the Affcmbly 'of V.igmia, (for as to an, atfrf ef-itself, for an rnfolent neighbour of mine, ink had iHien saved to this dift-ifw .ercboth are Contention, 'tis all a farce wfipiavc .icpt'v d so dear. had the effrontery to tcj me to my face a sew But i leave h s argumeits lue poicu-pin- e them )f iccciving the euormou-fd- l power; tey-fdays ago1, "that he believes him to be of the race quills, to iheir wn icfcncje ; ai'd fnall only insatiably gaped J'Ci and from a Cunj entioiK of CAIN, (who, quarreling with his brother, proceed to mention one irfink of considerable without p&wer, we hqve nothing to sear. challenged him to single combat ;) but' (line our wetght, (which has never yet been mile pubit; But theie any still othci reason-- . for fupurefling' mo Jem 'Kentucke dueiiite,) having no Swoidior and wh'ch the en.'eme.i n the other side of some of vour suture p ihl cit ons : the convention' Jiltoli, without his neighbours to 001 row, the queftioh, ieem not to pe awaie of; andlwifii I14S had one mee'ing, in which we all hoped, that-iyou to publifli 11 only in the papers, is our friends,) the Cornplan'er and- m.fel(, that the good-nes- s ASmote him into- - the midriff vith a Jlone" has ever paid which is th ; Co:ij;--fof our cause, toge her; with the eloquence" attention, 10 such meafaies, as appealed beftpdapt-cd.t- o of our Oiarors, the will of the people, but moief aSMikon ingenious tells us,) and this opinion the purpoe of eftiblifMn a per.nmQiit Go. e'pecially their sears, which we had prevToTllly be. endeavours to support, by the similarity ot vernment, ovet the .iintcd tatd : they have had care, by eveiy means, to wont up to, titer their jiames : the word faoi (as he says figni-- 1 a'ftfict eve, to eve y thing, that1 feem'd calculated his;hefl pitch, the idea of fubie tion to fia!r,-which- ' lying a "tiller of the ground" which in modern had ditTu'ed f'elf far beyond our mqix' to agrandize that Government, and te Virginia Enjglifli is CORNPLANTER: this how ' puuble-amon- jifanguinc hopes, the amaz'ng afTiduny ve had nations; (the It'iS NG GLOH Y dverwill'appear at firll sight, to bea designed qf AMEIliCA, ha. beei a favo te tope of de evev so the drerjs and h.wcft fieps of 'bri- -' ' calumny none of tbar marderers race having been cla,maDon, fiom the lo ty Statesman, to bery, (viz giog,) to elefl ireipfeis 01 tui.owro' the g'ro admitted into 'the Arto. I.ihould ndc have dwelt velin pela-t;- ) pinion; the fo.midable. and tcirific uea'bp aft"; and in.oidet 50 this; it was ncceflaiy, fb long on thi fubiect, had I not been prompted Vto tJ.ll.ngaii'h the charade's, ani abilities of men ; above all, our having pieventeci the.rreceiv: hat" by a charitable dofign tpnlefend the chamber of bpd maKe a judicious ufc' of such whofa dir.mfiri. aangeious "tuii powei, wn ctrthe iorrerconven- xsn ipnocent person. from' the afpcrfions of his ons were best attun d to promote those 'salutary tion, (fuppfjfing nodoubt, that rhey tern'eK.e9, and-1- , was induced to this the rather,' meafurec; and who, at the e, had a"d- - would be clefla, wcie lb affiduo'us to piocure: 33 he himfelfhtrl been frfWrenrcly modeit, as to diefr to gain an alcendant over the peo- - twe trulled that probably 'my,-p- f thee,' but ine"-have carefully avoided touching uppn any.rgiCj pie: we find they hacbeen happy enough vitality all 'of thcncolleclyivgald .h.ave k'ck'd' hither- '. ment, either from reason, or sift, which mght lo. to have P.irniuM nnu, all rhnilffri' ns 4 rjin.i, '.irir,r,5STif-'.Mir .ir have renewed light onrhpfelf, his character, or iway to this important end: even 'the gratid fede- - rSdto us- - 3,1 ever listing Ufgbn'ivith Virginia, and1" lywiples; indeed I thihk He Tias been treated Jral Conflitution, irro generally exeer.ated.i at its I Hibjecliort to the Un tecSiStates: 'thpi) in'dccd wc' An t?ic'farae haughty, and contemptuou; manner, Ifirft dppearanee ; has at lad gone down pretty'' might have oeen to have" 'in which ourprbud ancThot-headeWHIGS, have fmoothiy, a.nd a certa n jme. and place, is fixpd " looked forwprd, to the ipi iometime,dar'd to treat the poor innocent TO 'for the commencement of the annals of Ari(loc- - America," though we had happy n'firij gUry of never been' permitted IES, and their kindred BRITISH OFFiCERS racy: and do we, can sbiy rcafonable man believe, IP ftl3re ln i' .but a'a! what have they done?- I find too of a later date, a School boy, whom, that Gentlemen of charafler and abhty, who hey have, aVter all our pains, taken the fubieiiN master has taught to appear under "the figna ' iu iin" havc.-mo'- mi,- - Nd)jy union, win ahd .ui uutijuuu : vuriiiueration inpi es reifloning f ture of Criticus," arid who 'appears by.ihe firll be unrewarded ; they ofrcafoiiing on that fubjccLwe too wellknoyV lately, refuted , . .Z . part of his efTay, to be entering oh the rudiments .i rLn jiian ii iay, ui liimci ueciinea,; to ratify the com-patne coniequence. . f Philosophy ; and s certainly a great genius entered into between the State of Yet still there is hope: the matter is to comci for his age, pofietT'd of an" unbounded slow of and diftricl of Kentucke; for reasons Virginia, before the people ;andiri ecefiary that tire, peo- of State, Tjinguage arranged with grammatical exaelnefsj goodjeafons (no doubt) known to thcmfelves; p!i should be difpos'd to hear rea'bn ' as wejl as rhe disposed in, well turned periods; and dignified with our fcparatifts are ch igrined r now, at this imporspeaker to pronounce n, or i, ivjII avail but .little an elegant Style. Alas--! what pity that it conveys no tant crisis, could we have the But fliould they addrels, to 'lead be cpnvincL there is a meaning But 1 thipk, (and this the Cornplamer too the people into a tame certain pride in the mind of mn, vhich make? fubmifiion to what-eve- r agrees an.riSthis tutor ought to have whipt ordinances, or refofves. shall firm time to it appeal too humiliating to mankind, tp.give, up tim fpr calling bad names, for having in the lat-- . time ifluc from that honoraole body, do you. an opinion they have once wamry efpo'u'ed r' his language wholly to an auter think we could poflibly retrain long ununred, as. this is an acMiowledt-men-t that they weie mifta-ke- n, dience collected from Billingsgate, and its neigh-- . ter (uch impoitant fcrvues ? and that there were 'T's true, thev ha-ofll perior diC Routing biothels ; 1 make this obfervatton for at present no 'conSderable funds; but thete will Comment; which no man ofjpim will ever tub Mr. Bsadfori, J n er a-- . 1 it r- 1 h-- 1 ; 1 . 'ab,-latel- pi ' 1 -- - e; born,-to,-th- e ie'f a- , 11 ef-hi- io falf-fcoo- . 'to--th- t - -- tav-ke- di famfe-tim- : , d fi ii i st ei-e- ! part,-adapte- e

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