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Image 9 of Bourbon News, February 27, 1906

Part of Bourbon News

I w 4 r 1 THE BOURBON NEWS p r The Kind that Burns tight and Heats Right J 7t t- 5 Frt i CO L t There is Nothing Better I I mI Cannel Coal Aathricite and Coke J NEELYS 4- iiJI 4i J1 CI i IM 1 J w t GHRE AND PREVENTION 1I y- t Hog Cholera Lung Troubles Etc I O- y via v 45ft f r T slffe If j 16 Itj GONDITI0N MEDICINE I O i I I I our hogs et sickbut make good money for yourself by giving the medicine now and frequently Dont wait until One Pound Five Pounds PREPARED ONLY BY CLARaE PARIS PI1AR1I t Price 5Oc Price 2OO 7 i t- KENTUCKY fl- 7- > FairbanksArkSoap 3 Cakes Faitb for i 5 Cents Brawn Large SizeJ 3 Cakes for 10 Cents t PJI m I 7- W A Bacon bought of Smith Hil Busy Kenney i I I Clark = a x I I eS- Main M PHONE i 247 dreth Bourbon Wilkes mare 11 years 1fold for 200 for John Donovan of St y Louis Mo Mr Bacon has refused an This time of the year making offer of 1000 for his jack Dr Strong Shirt Waists and those who GI recently purchased by him from Flem- ¬ ing county parties for 800 would be uptodate should let us do their Ferguson Webber sold to Geo stamping K Redmon one 6year old mare fox 6 175 to Ed Welsh one 5yearold mare We Slav e All for 165 to Geo W Redmon one 5 BrewNew in 1- yearold mare for 165forto Jung and one¬ ing Co one horse 200 team of 4yearold bay mares for 350 SJamphl1g All of these were draft stock and sales have been made in the last few days All Kinds of Material for Goldfinch is the fortyfirst royally bred stallion to arrive at Elmendorf Embroidery He came last weak with a carload of brood mares from California in charge of John Mackay who managed the New Line of Linens and Rancho del Paso farm for Mr Haggin Linen Lawns Mr Mackey condemned the stables at Elmendorf some months ago and are they being rebuilt to suit his ideas BD Mr Robert Hughes agent for the I F- 0 7f i- h1- db OCX T ACTi for Patterns doses it right along in It will pay anyone well to give them from diseasesmall put to and to their hogs to immune them In a growing and healthful condition f I I The AND AS A J v I The Ladies arced AN EFFECTIVE REMEDY FOR THE it I Hog Remedy OF 1 r ares t H j A- TR I I < w t- I I i ALSO no 1 Benedlton Nichols bought of Jesse Ttirney Saturday 27000 pounds of to- ¬ bacco at 8 cents James E Clay reports goals at t Marchmont of chesnut filly by Charlton Grange dam Out of Sight by Luke Blackburn r Abnee Mussirion sold 50 hhds of tobacco in Cincinnati last week at from 5 to 15 per hundred They I bought of Woods Ussery 10000 pounds for 8 and 3 cents Talbot Bros report foals at Mt t Lebanon bay filly by Kilkerran dam Talpa black colt by John Bright dam The Crisis and a bay colt by Killarran dam Wainamonin I i J W Ferguosn bought ten years ago a pair of 2yearold horse mules for 175 After working them eight I years he sold them to his tenant J HMcGinnis for 160 and he sold them at Mr Fergusons sale last Thursday 1 The Original South Jeliico Cpal 1- i- l I JELLICO > I f Good Soap Cheap Ke see Proctor 1Ji K r I i i STOCK AND CROP f If LJ1v t P BIS KENTUCKY FEBRUARY 27 1906 Street I I Paris KentucKy r j PUBLIC SAl E I VOTERS OF MILLERS I BUR6 I KY 3 OF TAKE Mulps Farm Impllllcnts Etc i I 1 JOTirE F i 1 Our lease having expired in order to dissolve partnership we will sell at Notice is hereby given that i the County Clerk of Bourbon County has public auction all our farming imple- ¬ this day delivered to the undersigned ments mules etc < on Sheriff of Bourbon County a certified Wednesday Fiarcfi 14 1906 copy of an order of the Bourbon County Court and the voters at the Wiggins farm on the Bethlehem of Millersburg Ky are notified that and Hutchison Station pike seven the election therein ordered will be- miles from Paris one mile from Hutch ¬ held in accordance with said order ison the following 18 work mules age 2 which order is as follows 5yearold bay mare to7 Lord Rus ¬ by sell BOURBON COUNTY COURT 4yearold gelding by Grey Squir- ¬ American Tobacco Co has purchased T In the matter of George W Mc rel safe for lady to drive and others for a Vote on Local LllbJ Jt 1 the following crops in the last few Option in the city of Millersburg Ken ¬ ladysorrel gelding 6yearold safe for to days From Jonas Weil 20000 pounds tucky 8yearold bobtail horse = at 8 R A Bishop 10000 pounds at 1 3yearold ORDER gelding by Scarlet 9 and 4 Sid Ardery25000 pounds at This proceeding having been docket ¬ Wilkes 2yearold geldings by Bourbon 8 Mr Gillispie 10000 pounds at ed and called for hearing and comingon to be heard and the petitioners hav- ¬ Chief 875 Ed Rash 15 000 pounds at 850 ing introduced witnesses in their be 2yearold filly by Kenton Rex W A Thomason 20000 pounds at half and the Court having heard 2yearold saddle v proof and it 825 to the Court bon Chief that the signatures to the petition are 3yearold saddle gelding by Bour ¬ Chief JUSTICE WITHOUT USUAL DE ¬ genuine and that the petitioners are bon pair 1 residents of and legal voters of the of 2yearold half Percheron LAY town of Millersburg Bourbon Co Ky mares 1 fresh extra good cow andcalf and i the number of legal voters Willis Page the negro who assaulted who signed the petition herein are 2 Fish Bro 1 Old Hickory wagon and murdered Fara Gant a little white more than twentyfive 25 per cent 1 Kentucky drill of the votes cast in the town of Mil ¬ girl who lived near Bienville La a lersburg at the last election and that 1 iron roller iy few miles south of Shreveport was the application for this order is by 1 Deering hemp machine x tied to a stake and burned to death by written petition signed by a number 1 Osborne hemp machine the leading citizens of Bienville late of legal voters in the town of Millers ¬ 1 Black Hawk corn planter J 1 Bemis tobacco setter burg equa to and exceeding twenty f 7 Saturday afternoon 9 Vulcan plows five per cent of the votes cast in said < f Charles Coleman the other negro town of Millersburg at the last preced 10 sets doubletrees v 1 Randall harrow who murdered and then assaulted Mar ¬ ing town election in the town of Mil ¬ garet Leer another white girl at lersburg and all other things appear ¬ 1 drag harrow 2 harrows ing proof Shreveport was sentenced to death pearfrom theentering necessary to ap 3 cultivators before the after a fifteen minutes trial at Shreve- ¬ petitioners having this order andwith 1 gasoline engine deposited 1 cutting box port and was hanged yesterday Gov- ¬ County Judge in money an amount i ernor Blanchard was present at the sufficient to pay for printing and post ¬ 3 double shovel plows 53 hemp breaks ing advertisements and the Clerk for and signed the death warrant as making trial 1 Stivers bluegrass stripper H entries in the Order Book soon as sentence was passed 1 buggy I It is ordered on the Order Book of j this Court that an election be held in 1 road wagon x 1 water tank holds 10 barrels pump HUNG JURY the town of Millersburg on the 9th day of April 1906 and that the Sheriff of and hose sets of gear At ten oclock Saturday night the Bourbon County who is appointed to 20sets buggy 2 harness hold said election open a poll at each jury in the Garth will contest at Log chains and all of the places in said Georgetown reported that they were town of M illersburg Grain shovels on said date for 12000 tobacco sticks hopelessly hung and were discharged the purpose of taking the sense of the hemp hooks Eight were for sustaining the will and voters of the town of Millresburg who Fowls and meat qualified to vote at elections for four for breaking it It has been sug- ¬ are TERMS Made known on day of sale county gested that the case may be retried at whether officers upon the proposition LAIR WIGGINS or not spiritous vinous or A T Forsyth Auctioneera special term the next regular term malt liquors shall be sold barteredor loaned within the corporate limits v commencing May first of the town of Millersburg Bourbon S County Rates and the provision of Special HOWS THIS S this law and prohibition shall apply VIA We offer One Hundred Dollars Re- ¬ to druggists ward for any case of Catarrh that can ¬ STATE OF KENTUCKY Set I Ed D Paton Clerk of the Bour ¬ January 2nd not be cured by Halls Catarrh Cure and 16th and February bon County Court do certify that the CO Toledo OF J CHENEY and 20th the Southern Railway We the undersigned have known F foregoing is a true and correct copy of will sell Homeseekers J Cneney for the last 15 years and be ¬ the order for Election on Local Op West and Southwest at Tickets tot e the lieve him perfectly honorable in all tion in Millersburg Ky entered Feb- Southern Railway is low rates line the only ruary 5 1906 in the Bourbon County business transaction and financially able operating service from Lex ¬ to carry out any obligations made by Court said order being of record in to St Louis Order Book No 30 page 22 in my his firm If you contemplate a trip to any office WALDING K3NNAN MARVIN point or Southwest be sure to Wholesale druggists Toledo 0 Given under my hand this 5th day of call on or address us before making Halls Catarrh Cure is taken inter- ¬ February 1906 your arrangements all communica ¬ nally acting directly upon the blood ED D PATON Clerk tions receive prompt atttention and mucous surfaces of the system H C KING G T A Testimonials sent free Price 75 cents AN T P A 111 E Main St Witness my hand this February 6th per bottle Sold by all druggists E P CLARK Take Halls Family Pills for constipa- ¬ 1906 Williams Carbolic Salve With Arnica tion 23mar 916232 Sheriff of Bourbon County and Witch Hazel I INTERNAL REVENUE RULING The best Salve in for Liens d Cuts Bruises Sores the world Salt Commissioner Revenue Internal Ulcers Rheum Tetter Chapped Hands and Yerkes holds that where a wholesale Wanted to 20 good Turkey all skin eruptions liquor dealer upon an order received It is guaranteedad to give satisfaction or money re ¬ from a customer and at his requesst Hens It you have any for or phone this oi ice 9tf funded Price 25c by Druggists snips the liquor to himself as con ¬ signee and sends the bill of lading to WILLIAMS MPG r Co Props y LONGDRAWN CONTEST j the customer who presents it at the Cleveland 6 For sale by Oberdorfer freight house and receives the package The Revenue V and Taxation Bill is be ¬ V4 > 3 Give It a Trial of liquor the sale is regarded as hay- ¬ fore the House at ing been made at the place of delivery certain that long Frankfort and it is drawn contests will Physical Culture for the face 0ur of liquor to the customer The ship ¬ be numerous If the bill is not passed new Electric Massage drives awa f per is thereby involved in special tax it is declared the State will have to wrinkles and eradicates blackheadi liability as a wholesale liquor dealer face a deficit of between 400000 and from the face A trial is oof > 7V f at that place ELITE BARBER SkoPk 500000 v 4 I I I I I i I I I S I The fair I 11 THE FAIR The fair L r 1r r I I The Fair The following attractions are booked to appear at the Lexington OperaHouse this season other important bookings will be added Isle of Spice March 10 Sothern and Marlowe March 5 Wizard of Oz March 16 Billy Van Tom Jefferson V> Vogels Minstrels Mildred Holland March 8 Jas ONeill April s 1 From A to Izzajrd cs x t 1 r I i 99 j 23 I Z i I = > I j I I I I the skin soft x I The Humbler Grades Of Crockery- t L i 1 r b r I f I r I We seldom say much in our ads about the humb- ¬ ler grades of Crockery the lowpriced everyday kind for common use our finer China being naturally the principal subject of our advertising But itmay be well to occasionally remind you that our stock of Staple Crockery is satisfyingly large and diversified It con- ¬ tains everything needed for ordinary use in plain sub ¬ stantial qualities well adapted for the severities of every- ¬ day service and in wide assortment of size shapes etc Cups and Saucers Plates Platters Bowls Vegetable Dishes Meat Dishes and the like are to be had at as low prices as are anywhere quoted and the same IS true of all kinds of Toilet Crockery such as basins etc Prices vary so widely according to size and stye that it would be futile to try to quote any of them here But we assure you that you will have no fault to find with the values we give I k THE FAIR I L t t t f t Ih lC I I i I WI CHURCHES Js- wC i If CONDEMN The Southern Railway SENATE UNIT BILL CD I e I I e e I I I Telegrams were sent to the congre ¬ gation of every church in the State from Frankfort Saturday afternoon asking them to pass resolutions con ¬ demning the substitute local option bill that pessed the Senate Sunday Reso- ¬ lutions were adopted by the congrega- ¬ tions of the Baptist and Methodist churches in this city Sunday to that effect were forwarded to the clerk of the House yesterday asking that body to pass the original Cammack bill Churches in our neighboring cities also acted Sunday and passed similar reso- ¬ I turkey lutions HOCH HANGED I I 1- ISfSSSSSfSSSS I smooth and white Try and be convinced CAHAL BROS Insure with W O Hinton He has the right kind of insurance t Johann Hoch convicted murderer and confessed bigamist was hanged at the county jail in Chicago Friday With a fortitude and courage rarely display ¬ ed by men similarly placed he met deathlike the soldier he claimed to be un- ¬ afraid to the end and even as the trap was sprung protested his innocence of j the crime for which he was the next instant to pay the penalty f1- it- t < t r 0 t fir tr1 I S a d U cozL f 1- ti y i sBteffi iIIl i Want I JJ4- S < 17 + I i it I i I I > a I c f Anything in Crockery from A to Izzarcl that eYOU ARE NEXT in brief describes THE FAIRS stock Nothing that a Iwellordered China store should contain is lacking or For a haircut and shave no other shown in scanty or indifferent assortment One may but firstclass barbers employed We give the only Vapor Massage in the come to THE FAIR for any need from a 5c dish to a city It cures all kinds of skin disease full dinner set in full confidence that our stock when It is a pimple eradicator also removes weighed in the balance will not be found wanting all blackheads from the face leaving k- I 1 I I a I The Mayor of Tokio Florence Davis Grace George March 19 Olga Nethersole March 15 The Fremont Stock Company Dora Thorne Henrietta Crossman April 5 Piff Paff Pouf May 12 T > i 5 12 Richard Carle March Lulu Glasser April 9 < r I Viola Allen May 7 ti- 0 r I z c r I Howes Pictures I k Bur I i I iii AMUSEMENTS- i c PI1IIJ U J

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