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Image 1 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), June 1, 1911

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

Jeffe The onian A NEWSPAPER DEVOTED ENTIRELY TO THE INTERESTS OF JEFFERSON COUNTY Jefferson town, Jefferson County, Ky., Thursday, June 1, 1911. No. 50 Every Thursday at $1.00 Per Year willing to do the these lots, commencing the sale your confidence in yourselves, your promptly at o'clock p. m. June 12, town and the surrounding country, Then, let us remember that it is up 1911. that cannot fail to redound tremendWe know that it has been the cus- ously to your advantage and profit. to us to show our appreciation of their generosity, and our opportunity tom in public sales, generally in real It will mean that all the property in is here. Let us all get busy on the estate to have some direct or in- your vicinity, from a lame mule to a grand "Gala Day'' and picnic for direct reservations or some artificial, thousand-acrfarm, is enhanced in that day. Let us all (each and every and often secret arrangements, for value. one of us) contribute something to protection of the seller, or either by If it be a failure, it will indicate a or otherwise to manipu- lassitude and indifference to imthe picnic, the success of which is assured, but it is our desire that late the buyer. provement or advancement that will every one have some part in the fesWe wish to say with the utmost surely repel all enterprising, ambitivities. The ladies' committee, of possible emphasis, that nothing of tious people for years to come. This which Mrs. Snively is chairman, is this sort will be permitted directly result is inevitable aud cannot be esdoing loyal service and will see that or indirectly. Tbe lots will be sold caped. there is ample provision made to feed on that date so long as there is a This sale is of great importance to all our visitors. The young ladies genuine demand lor them at the the whole county of Jefferson and all will see that every one is waited on prices fixed by the purchasers who are interested that it should be a and the reception committee will be are present at the sale. pronounced success, because it will on hand to give the glad hand and a Also, that it' any profit should be prove an object lesson. What Jeffergeneral welcome to all who come. realized when the transaction is sontown and vicinity can do other Let us show to all that we are de- closed, one half of it will be donated parts of the county can do as well, intermined to till Jefferson Heights to the school building. As is well and this sale may be made the with a good, solid, reliable citizenry, known, Jeffersontown may be reach- ception of a movement that will mean that to such we hold out open hands ed by either steam or trolley cars, enhancement of values all over the ready to take them into our homes the latter running every hour, which county. and our hearts and make them feel, may be soon shortened to every half Away, once for all, with these little as soon as they move here, that tbey hour. whims and jealousies that invariably become one of us and shall be so act or break on all comprehensive The surrounding country is high: treated. improvement in every direction! being 300 feet above Louisville I now appeal to our club members healthy, beautiful, rolling, fertile Take the broad view, which includes and to the citizens, who are not club land, well watered, tine trees, What helps one etc., the whole county. aud particular to the making it a most desirable residen- part of it is good for all. if we only members, ladies, to get in touch with the tial part of the county, and one learn how to pull all together, this ladies' committee and semi them which will undoubtedlv see a ranid county can be revolutionized, and the word what you will do toward helping and coril iuuous improvement. value of all property enhanced a Let Mrs. Snively with the picnic. hundred per cent, in the next decade. It is our deliberate and conhden t know what you will contribute in the Terms Of The Sale. judgment that this sale affords a way of edibles and what you will do very unusual opportunity fora profitcash on delivery of the to help on that day. able aud safe investment, wliether deed (10 per cent down when lot is I say wake up. To our merchants, one wishes to take up a permanent knocked off): the balance in monthly Make the best of your opportunity. residence or not. installments of ten dollars each until n To whom does the growth of The absoluteness of the sa le, the all is paid. Or cash, the so much appeal as the merlarge number of lots to be disposed remainder in three equal instalchants? Kvery new comer, certainly means a new cust&mer for some of of within the afternoon, and the lmentsone, two and three years. liberality of the terms, are certainly Or all may be paid cash if the puryou. So, again I sv wake up. To the churches, I say get to work. attractive and unusual features and chaser so wills. All deferred payThe growth of our town must mean we fully believe. that e ery purchaser ments to "bear six per cent, interest, stronger congregations and better will have a handsome profit within a to be paid very short time. We would call especial attention of paid preachers. young people and others wishing to I say get Now, a particular word to the peoTo the property holder, busy. Every lot sold in this addition ple of Jeffersontown and vicinity: save small sums to this $10 per month means an increase in the value of You have an advantage in the pur- proposition. It is a savings bank, chase of these lots not possessed by based on the safest and most reliable your property without cost to you. To the parents, I say, seriously, the people outsile, in that f of security real estate, which is almost gift of this school site means more to any profit that may accrue in this certain to enhance in value while your children than can be estimated transaction, is returned to your com- t h e payments are being made, munity, as an additional free gift and unlike a bank, it can neither by me. In conclusion, I call on all who are towards the establishment of a s break or run awiy. Jefferson Heights Land Co. school, the operation of which interested in Jeffersontown, all who (incorporated) are interested in the education of will fructify, not only in dollars and John B. McFerran, Pres. the children, to join us in showing cents, but in every other way, all inE. K. Sprowl, Secy, and Treas. these men who have done these terest of the entire community. us our appreciation by Therefore, don't sit on the fence and things for Strawberry Social. making the 12th of June the biggest think you are not uersonally and and the grandest day we have ever deeply interested in the results of The ladies of Christ's Lutheran had here. this sale, because it will have an church, Jeffersontown, will give a We will have a band of music, we inevitable, a vital and far reaching strawberry, ice cream and coffee will have one-hahour cars; we will influence on all your interests for social at the home of Mr. and Mrs. have an abundance of ice water; we years to come. If-i- t be a pronounced Philip Graff, near Hike's Point, on will have everything that conduces success the effect "will be to compel Wednesday, June 7, from 2 to 10 p. to a good time. Come, oring your the favorable attention of outsiders m. All are cordially invited to basket and join us and you will lay to your efforts at improvement and down that night feeling that you haye done a good work and the Lord will prosper you accordingly. HW. .1. Semonin, STYLE SATISFACTION SERVICE Pres. Jeffersontown Com. Club. would we find men GRAND OPENING OF JEFFERSON HEIGHTS same? 1 e On Monday, June 12, 1911, Beginning Early in the Morning and Con- tinuing Throughout the Day. Beautiful Site of Five Acres to Be Donated to the Public School of Jefferson-tow- n Addresses by Profs. H. N. Reubelt and R. H, Snively Brass Band Lots to Be Sold Beauty and Picnic Dinner-- 97 and An Desirability Unsurpassed A Word From the Owners and W. J. Semonin. Old-Fashion- ed A GALA DAY IN JEFFERSONTOWN AND A BIG CROWD EXPECTED and the property otherwise improved. Jefferson Heights is located on the void insl outside the' Tavlnrsvill Jeffersontown and is comlimits of posed of about, thirty acres of ground along the inlerurban electric line, with three stop-- on the The country around Jeffersontown is high and rolling: over 300 feet above Louisville: the best water on earth, and the land fertile and very beautiful. Tbfs community is made up of some of the best of the people in Within a radius of a mile of public square in Jeffersontown the 1 John B. sub-divisio- Olm-stea- d be surpassed by the state. At a cost of several thousand dollars streets and sidewalks have been made: the ground has been leveled and given the proper drainage: several hundred trees have been set out, in the population will reach something ol like 1,000 or 1,200. About but the these people an native-born- , others have come here from Louisville and other places in the state, as well as a few from other states. The citizenship here is as good as you will find any where, and we have everything to make life pleasant and enjoy able in the way of sociability, hospitality, and charitableness and Eight churches, progressiveness. several general merchandise stores, a bank, creamery, urugstore, newspaper, and some of the prettiest residences in the county, together with other things, make this community a desirable place in which to live. W. J. Semonin. president of the Jeffersontown 'ommercial Club, has so well covered the avantages of the opening of Jefferson Heights and the one-hal- d sub-divisi- One-fourt- h Jeffer-sontow- tin-stat- When God, the Almighty, created the heavens and the earth, and made the little birds to sing, the flowers to bloom and the world all grand and beautiful, he made Kentucky the garden spot of nil this wonderful and beautiful handiwork. Nature's beauty is manifested more andappi eciat-emore in Kentucky than any other But place onGod's green footstool. it srriDS- -if such a thing is possible that nature has been improved upon in the making and beautifying of Jefferson Heights, the new that is to be opened to the public here on June 12, 191 1. God has given this tract of land its natural beauty, which cannot be surpassed, but Brothers, of Brookline, Mass., same parties that laid off the the lovely park system in Louisville, ha ve added to nature's loveliness by laying off Jeff erson Heights in such a way any Mil sub-divisio- : McFerran, Pres. that the site cannot I'll one-fourt- - f giving free lo Hie public school of rive acres of ground in a letter published herewith, that The Jefferson-iawill not comment upon this side of the question. It is useless to state that this paper is doing all it can for the success of the sale of the lots and in making June 12 the grandest day in the history of the town. Everybody in Jeffersontown and in Jefferson county should do the same. n To the Citizens of Jeffersontown and Vicinity. One week Jrom next Monday, or on June 12th. will take place the opening of Jefferson Heights and the lots therein. sale of the ninety-seveTo Jeffersontown this means more n h semi-annuall- Sprowl, Secy, and Treas. K. R. than any event that has ever taken place in the history of the town. has been laid off on This a scale never before attempted by any one in a small town the like of ours. There has been no time, care or money spared where it could be used successfully in beautifying these grounds, and now that it is so nearly completed it is only necessary to take a walk through it to see what a beautiful place it has been made and what an ideal plan for a lovely country home. To the originators of this scheme be all praise aud credit; to them our town owes a debt of gratitude for their liberality and generosity in so ably accomplishing what they have started out to do, giving us a most attractive addition to our town: also, in donating five acres for a school sile, which will make possible to our children that education which will A Word From The Owners. lit them to meet the arduous responsibilities of later life, properly Editor Thk Jeffersonian: Maj equipped therefor. What more could we have space in your excellent pabe asked of the richest philanthropist, per to say a few words to the good and where, outside of these men, people of Jeffersontown ami vicinity, and to the people of Jefferson county at large, concerning the public saw of lots in the new Jefferson Heights addition which is to come off on the 12th day of June next? As is well known by many, this real estate transaction had its inception in the effort to procure a suitable site for a good school in the vicinity of Jefferoutown. This effort met many complications and difficulties, all of which by perseverance sub-divisio- n one-hal- first-clas- lf The House of Quality If N OTIC 13 tbe coming you wajit to realize large profits season on your crops of CABBAGE, ONIONS, POTATOES, APPLES, ONION SETS, ETC., don't forget to call and see the "old reliables" SCHAEFER BROS. 426-42- 8 ( East Jefferson Street, Louisville, Ky. They are leaders in prices and always pay the top of the market. QUANTITY IS NO OBJECT Any growers not having previously dealt with this firm, we advise to give them a trial. They have both phones Cumb. M. 3603, Home 3603 LQUISVILLE'S LARGEST BUYERS AND SHIPPERS (Cyrill A. Schaefeir and Hugo L. Schaefer.) aud work, have been overcome. The school site, iu every way desirable, containing 5 acres, is now , sured to the people, as a free gift, provided it is used for the purpose intended within a reasonable time. And we can say with conlidence that uo school site within this county or state, or any other state for that matter, surpasses it for beauty, location and adaptability to the purposes for which it is intended. The of about twenty-seveacres of land surrounding it, which has been platted and laid off under the supervision of Messrs. a-- sub-divisi- Good buggy, $40 Best buggy, $ 1 00 Styles Are Ready for Inspection. Our 191 1 n Olmstead Bros., of Brookline, Mass., and who stand at the yery head of all the landscape architects of the United States, has been completed in accordance with their well matured plans. The title to this land is absolutely perfect, having been passed upon by both the lower court aud theCourt of Appeals, and in addition, has been insured by the Louisville Title Co. There are ninety-sevebeautiful lots of varying size and conformation, pleasing and desirable from every point of view. Our purpose is to sell every one of n McCormick Mowers, Binders, Hay Rakes and Twine. SOUTHERN SEED COMPANY Incorporated r Preston and Jefferson Sts., Louisville, I

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