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Image 195 of University of Kentucky Football Media Guide, 2012

Part of University of Kentucky Football Media Guides

. il ` , WEAREUK W V ` -. E 4 ___V . -~ 1.;;:.; V ` z P _ , MFn|A Rzmriums / PUBLICATIIZIN5 / PnuTu|anAF|-iv STAFF __ _ CnFnFi\mA|. Puucnas ~ 1* 2 -*?2 if L ) of i f mntinuedf}0m page 192 S " if if l l - . K ~ L, by the SEC and its member institutions; . ' - Q -4* i f { P 1. The SEC and its member institutions . \ i i ` " i N ii grant a media organization a limited license to ' , .- Y U I use certain gathered information on the media I A I I _ organizations ovim Internet or online site begin- - W fh" H ning at the start of an athletic event and up K0 < Q i I i " 2 / H the conclusion of such event, all subject to the E E1"? NEB'? Sunfn Ix_ JN"} nauqen Brfmt '"g';m DEP M"? following limitations and conditions: Lu edu: Rzlutmns Associate Mzdza Axunute Mzduz A.u1.rtuntMedxa A;;;;14nMgd;4 , RRMMM (Primary Rzbxtiaru Director Rzhnbns Director Rzhtiom Direcmr Rzb1tim1sDi1ztor <> N0 mm than 10 mu Phmogmphs may E M FRWR11 cRMW) 4.m1tantFuutImII jRiRR.hRyaR@Rity.aR brenrlngi-am@ukyedu aRi,_m0.,M@.,k,Ra,. be used for nsws cvr~g of the game and Lu n Homer (859) 224-9493 Cvnwd other editorial purposes during the event. Such I _ meIy@uky.ed slax0@uky.cdu grill photographs must be used on a time- l' delayed basis that is at least five (5) minutes C r_ / 7 n " after the happening of the event depicted by the A _` H- i.` , still photograph. d `T To . pg _. i` 1 ji _; I p N , (b) Video tape may only be shown as part I V if { 4 - of a single, non-archived, online simulcast n ll g ii EF `l w of a television stations regularly-scheduled l . *} lin. (c) \X/hile a game is in progress, the use of Metz Camfleld Jumln Hulluwag Chet Whlte Britney Mclntnsh textual statistical information is time-delayed Mah RW`i*mA-"- 0]** C''" S'#`Pb.Ph ""8"P}| I""' and limited in amount (e.g., updates pertaining jamie.h0lloway@ukyedu to score, injuries and national, conference Ot institutional record-breaking performances, a condensed half-time story) so that an organiza- tions Internet or online game coverage does not undercut the authorized and rights-paying fee _ i_ - 7 g my ._i organizations rights to play-by-play accounts of i` _ . ' W the game and/or exclusivity as to such rights. , V7 Q _ , fl ll 2. Any proposed media use on an Internet A ` I - . ' _ ~. > Q i or online sight of the game information that A iii; I. .;.2* . g I Q 3% is more detailed and/or more than described n Cralg Husnhergr Klm Truxall Callgn Hustnn Pete Camagna Guy Ramsey above will require scpmafc Written abuhgnza- Director qfAtI1lti Gentiva Director A.-immtP:1blicntiup Assistant Mediu A3SiftdH!MEllI2l {lon by the SEC and/Or lts member msfluk Publrkutiam ldm.rroxa1l@ukyedu Dimtm Rzbuians Dimemr/%b Rebzrimrs Dinemrl tions. However, such written authorization { chom3@ukyedu cailyn.husron@uky.cdu Development N|0Mdl}l will not norm]; the usc of game information P['a"lag"a@kld" gulmms@ukldu in entertainment contexts and will not A authorize game coverage that, due to immedi- SEC AFFILIATE Nsrwumt / X05 Dnamu. Wn.n:Ar Pi.AvFn Imrcnvnzws WY Of derail, constitutes OY PPF0ch$ 3 PlY The SEC now offers access to free licensed All player interviews must be coordinated b}"PlY account Ofc g&mc a game highlights and other newsworthy event through the UK Media Relations Office. 3- Should QHY Ofthcsc c0cllFl0$ be a video, including select live streams, through the Approximately 5-5 players are usually avail- bFalTl Klm SEC and/or lis member l$lY SEC Affiliate Network. This annual program is able at the Monday news conference. GODS Wlll lSSl1 3 written Wamlng {Of Kl1 HYS! a exclusively available to the accredited media. It Depending on class schedules or other commit- violation. lffllis violation OCCUFS Clllflllg Lll last 3 { covers all teams and all sports for both mens and ments, most players are available to the media game of the institutions, regularly-scheduled __ ' womens teams. Video is delivered through a cus- after practice, Tuesday and Wednesday. Post- season, the media organization may not be cre- tomizable digital video player immediately after practice interviews will be conducted at the dentialed for the SEC Football Championship [ I televised games/events conclude. Participating Nutter Training Facility or by telephone. On Game. A second violation of this policy will ~ V , news affiliates can also select individual clips to game days, interviews will be granted only after result in revocation of credentials to cover insert directly into online stories. Television sta- the conclusion of the contest. figure football games hosted by rho SEC and/or _ tions also have access to an FTP account to run Telephone interviews are available to the media its member inS;innions_ in content on-air. The SEC AfHliate Network is on a call-back" basis only Individual player tele- . tg= h=s*t2$l.a2%i;.R T ii .v*=4e . . I ` ~ i ~ -, VQ l _ I g . _ i _ . , *. airsr -i Lice .- 1=. M- _ y gg; - pg A ,_.. i* * .| .,-- ; `~ , . R R .. . .i.-i. Q V _ ` A _ g LIKathIetir:s.cum ,_ ji aura Kemucxv FDDTBALL

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