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Image 1 of Kentucky mountaineer, May 2, 1913

Part of Kentucky mountaineer

KENTUCKY MOUNTAINEER. FOR THE RIGHTS OF THE MOUNTAIN PEOPLE OF KENTUCKY, NOT THEIR WRONGS. VOLUME NUMBHR . 16 TP SALYERSVILLE, MAGOFFIN COUNTY, KENTUCKY, FRIDAY, MAY 2,1913, Wc are authorized to announce, and for twenty four hours a very CIIRUCH$; WHOLE FARMER'S FREE lh?T' Want Column. p. I EDITORIAL. , .Jan-air- . post-offic- e a o-- 1 . . ' i In order to show our farmers pays to advertise", wo will rim this column in which eacli subscriber niny use, free of charge, fifteen words, in anyone issue, to advertise anything ho wants to buy or sell, (from tho farm,) to secure work for himself or hire farm hands, sell t lands, find owners for lost articles or live stock or advertise his ovn lost or strayed. Additional words will be put inatwie cent pur word; or tho advertisement may be ran in succeeding issues so long a.s de- sired at one cent per word, pay, able IN ADVANCE. If you would get your wants in this coluniu phone, write, or cal on us bofoyo Monday night. ' WANTED I 1 e, te . I DENCE. I JtJiWwl-a- t s "t that one-wor- 2utf tfS LODGE DIRECT- Advertisement. LABET. MINIX PltY doleful sound was made every Tliero never n limn lwn of Suhlett, as a candidate for the two minutes by a largo coarse ...n.TLMf Jfjoed Every Friday, w? ?'M Peoplcnpprccintcd Unreal merits . -. ..... ' " J nomination for Jailor of Magoff- - whistle, called the "fog hprn" H.JL x , In countv. mibiVet tn thn nstinn NINTH DAY. At oicht o'clock . " u"" vl,4t rpCu"ir 1ERMS. more than now. This is shown , : . ' as bcKunand contin- I.. of the Republican party. , Bounding IJl.OQayearinaoimca iiicrcasu in siiicMniui vonaptiuMUlim.v) ci.urc!,- -. luntary testimonials from persons ;tied all ilnv. Every half Ijour. '.80 stf months. T, the loir, which measured 100 pnclilne first nan. flht nn,i r, who have been cured by it. IflS three months. If fathoms, (GD0 feet), was let sun. Morninc nnd niRht. Conferencu you or your children nrc troubled Wcdnijadnniglit nfti-- r the 1st. nnd 3rd. y nWrd aa second class matter with n cough r cold give it a NOW .3 the time to begin war down in an attempt to find -a Sundays, s. s. 9:30 A. M. . P n mi i at Sal-- f 12, 1912, at the onthefiy. It is good to kill himT. V. 11,0 ,csl coasi 01 United llnptint 1st. aid. nnt,;un. trial and I'ecomc acquainted the A,ct of March ersWIls, Ky. with its good qualities. 'or but if you would really get rid of 1Are" "ll stBVCfy aaneeroua coast. followinif. six o'clock in the afternoon M. E. S. S. and Union S, 8. at 9:30' sale by Dr, M. C. Kasl(. him koep, your barns, and out houses cleaned. Thus you will o i 'hearts were made glad to hear A. M ,1' H.uudny. A BIG BARGAIN wclcqms S. S. CUAM, Editor & Owner. destroy his nest. Don't delay. shout "Land!. ' Urndloy. Every farmer should take one M. E. Cliurch, Jtli feuuday mornini;. For the first time in life we partAdvertising Rates. or farm journals. Wewill ly realized the feeling of Colum- S. S. at 9 n'oloclt. 10 oents per I neb. The pepple seem to thmk ye ,,,,., be glal to furnish you the Farm bus and his crew when land was irat page ads twelve aqd onc" Editor's platform for iJtillfciU, .Chrlntlan Church Ith Sunday of each Journal five years and tho sighted. per inch. HOUSES, SCHOOL half ceata BETTER ,v , .... month. Mountaineer one year Five centa per inch extra for EQUIPMENT. AND BETTER l., n, t Ileech Grave. ,. pre - , Unltcd na,,tUt 3n, .al ,, sun (ALL FOR ONE DOLLAR AND pompoaitlon. SCHOOLS FOR THE cooolinemverjyierscy nuv were FIFTY CENTS. 10 cents per line for first SCHOOL Local OF CHILDREN l!apti.t (Missionary), 4th un and s tido was ebbing, for MAGOFFIN, is n sound (aswtion. G cents per line one. ( .. We land at 11:30 A. M.. and I a. 9:S0, Edgar Patrick Formerly each subsequent insertion. Ivyton. United Baptist Oiurch d sent the telegram, John F. Sebastian of Mountain Resolutions and funeral notices 2nd sun. and Rat. before. Iaw nnd Qf this County shot. Carda of Thanka and Obituaries, Ky. who served in Co. D. 45th. "Arrived", to my parents, as well Order Society 2nd ami 4th Sundaya in as tp The girl I lett behind me, ejcli month ut o'clock. Ky. Mounted Infantry and who The following letter was reone cent perVfpyiV l!'(MisB.) ceived by Dr. Solon Patrick at Uckinf; Hlvcv. Announcements for County of- - was taken prisoner, iron Salyers-vill- in Sunny Tennessee, Miss Davis, 1st Sun. nnd Sut. before. Ky. Oct. 3Q 1863. relates who, afterwards became m wife. fiocs, KyOQ cash In advance. Bloomington last Thursday. 1,'akevllle. llapliit Olmrch $2, 60. the following incident that occur-e- d Cost ?5.(10. the Peace (Edgar Patrick had been a Justicea'of 4th Sun., and Sat. beforv While on board I mgde the while he wa3 in Jarvia hospit'member of the lwlic? force for Mash Fork. CanaANNOUNCEMENTS. al at Baltimore (he having been acquaintance of a youn, the past four years) dian who planned to see Great Baptiat (Mlauonary), M un aml parolled from Richmond prHon) : sat. before. S. S. 9:.'!0. Pasadena, Cal. ApriV 1G 1!)K!. We are authorized to announce "One day I saw a shore aud a Briton with me. We boarded a United Baptist 4th sun an sat Dear Papa: tall man shaking hands with all train for Old Chester, arriving following. Am writing to tell you of the FRA1IK BLAIR, here. in he afternoon NOTE. We use small s'f , because our awful accident as a candidate the soldiers. I vas told that the that happened to of Slyrtvitl. 14 and visited the beautiful old supply short. Edgar last night, or this morn-ing-nomination for clerk of tall man was Pres. Lincoln and for We were surprised cathedral i:30 o'clock. While y toppMagoffin county, subject to the the short one a Senator from to learn bpt this county paper is a greiV famous old but the parry. Ohio. They shook hands with force 1M- the upliftand enlight- - ing: over his bicycle, his rcvolw Mtion f the Republican me and Pres. Ljacolu asked me cithcdrialhas stood the ravages enmefttof a county and for that dropped from It's holster, struik We are autborited to announce whore I was ffQrft, "Kentucky" of time ever since before the reason we urge Mr. Crace and tho ground, nnd fired. It did noti dircovqry pf America, and that L. 0. BAILEY. I replied. damage as qjr other, correspondents, aa well do aa much did enough it might Won. aa a candidate for t,h,e The Senator stftfd,'. "Oh he'll the town of Chester hed been inbut nt that. our subscribers, to stand by have,, l County Judge of Wqujj. make a good Buttsrut", mean- habited evrsfpec 30yenrs after as The bajl tool: effect in tho right ' us in our JfohtfQr'rifchtAypn if thigh. abouJ hftlf J.y hetwec'il the crucifixion of Christ tore. uirtfto the aeti&n ing a;ort of turn, goat. - ; yl , it la an ''unhlH" imposition. IT the knee and tho groin, went uj I said, The words tired me and ajtej time to accomplish big the leg about five inches and "I was born in Illinois nd lived CORRESPONthinxs. t announce in Kentucky while Pres. Lincoln out, entered tho body aluiut We ar authorized half way between the corner of was born in Kentucky and lived J. J. PACE, Ann.twicement of Labe T. tho hip bone nnd the navel, lodgCeedfk aa a candidate, for the f ing near or at the surface of the j Wehave been compelled to throw ' Jkariff of MagoAncoun-- . butternut about him". Minix for Jailer. liver. t4 llaiVVi His action of the The President grasped my some splendid'" letters into the waate I have hyen wit1, him a greater hand again and gave, me 8Uchlbasket recently because the writer :VuUiii fvty. L WE part oh U)t tune. I ho Doctors anelectripgripasl nevWr felt. THE REPUBLICANS OF 1' say his chann.'s are very good, as xfe r aathorfrd to announce A broad smile came on bis facej MAGOFFIN COUNTY. as he walked away. Iwyinever; HOCTOR PACE, the. last thirtv Venn and the ball punctured no internal IVYTON. For and grip. He n,a immo fiinnnr Tim v aorued mv nnrtv. jit, organs. Wo aro entertaining t rinatti at Solvertville. aaacaadldate for forget that smile ugliness became; Mack Patrick, at Wenateho. 'all times. found working in thb'Keod livpcn. 11 o lias had no the office of Jailor of Magoffin, was ugly but his Wash, nndjook their loving little interests of the various nomin- fevr as yet and shows no signs 8unjeci to we bv"" Wi him. ffgatft babe, and the love they have for ees of my party, during wbiph of weakness. Of course we can't KepuMtcan pany. A CORECTIO. their old Kentucky home, they time I have novel asked the tell as much about him as we On the first day of Court ye wojld like to kn iw. It will tale We are authorised to announce Editor distributed a number of shipped th; bpdy over the Rockies support of the party for any my- time for blood poison to develop, to their dear old home near this nomination, but contented W. J. PATRICK, cards. A portion, y these cards about all we have to fear accordmy friends. as a candidate had a typographical error on place, wherq it was laid at rest. self with helping 9alvnvme. I ing to the belmf of tho Doctors. Wesley Patrick is very ill at In view of these services, (or the office of County Judge of them, I shall be pleascdi to reWo havo two Doctors nu(J two now offer myself before the Ro- writing. Magoffin county, subject to tne place any of them wit,h one that this KolsonSnlvnr nf Carver nublican Voters of Mairollin Co. ' trained nurses, lie is getting has the correct printing, Noone action of theRefjibVcan party. possible attention. Ho is in on business a few las a Candidate for Jailer to be "very ' but a printer knows ho.XvQy it hero voted for at the Primary to be tho Paiadena haipitnl. has a days and every body glad to see to announce is for the type to become so mixprivate ward. We are anthp; held in August Up. him, especially the girls. ARD DOC G. ed as to make these errors, If any thing disagreable turns In this writing f will sav goodi It is needless for me to say "P ;will let you know at once. candidate fc$ tiie office of aa a bye ta tho Mountainosr; wheal! that I fuel mysplf capable of iw".-ij.Wrf at llaseffin, county, tub EUROPE, AS I h..tnrH tne intr thu Of ice. If nomitiatec ' " SAW IT hnui. to ne ro e" Repub Hope you aro entertaining tho 1 I will to the action oijMet and elected, and, that Judge lor tlio truths which ijein party. written, I will lay this preciate the assistance of every best of lic'Jth. The rest of us Being a Reminiscence, of a tour through arc well. England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, work a side. 1 had to faco tho Republican who can conscientiYourson, We are authorised to annouace Fxance, Belgium, Germany, Switzer- Court for an unjust causa which j ously vote for me, yet I wish to R. E. Patrick. W. S. ADAMS, land, Italy, and Greece. I nmuj.ri nn lunt Sutnrrlni hnfiirn nniinnni'O triVKi'lf a !1 candidate 148 Wost Walnut, St. of Falcon as a candidate for the more than five liuuured ptojile. for jailer subject to the action By THE EDITOR. Vyitl. 1 ilb.lUCUU, nomination for sheriff of Magoffin I only wanted right in our county of the Republican Primary, nnd Later Mr. Patrick is hotter county subject to the action of support but I soon lound out that it was shall appreciate fujy tl e THE VOYAGE. and improving nicely.' tbe Republican party. agaimst the law to speak of it, of all for that nomination (Continued.), Respectfully submitted, p0or appetite is a sum sign r SJXTH DAY. A sun of silver or at least it would hurt some ELAM. S. Labu T. Minix. impaired digestion. A few doses qame right up out of the deep ones leelings, so I will not write editor of tbe Mountaineer anr of Chamberlain's Stomach ipd. blue water and a broad glittering any more, but I wish the neencea as a candidate for LYKINS. Mountaineer a long and prosperLiver Tablets will st'iigthcn ferwperintondento path stretched, apparently," all ous life, and hope that Wallis, nitnhiafhp W. R. Rudd and family of your digerfion and improve your the way to the sun. This was the dweoMoffln County, sub-fa- " finest day of our voyage. wontget mad at the nextCones-- J Grassy Creek, ar visaing their appetite. Thousands havo b,t:en of the Repub-9U the, relatives this week. benefited by taking these Tah'ltta in inc auenoon we got near pondent from Iyyton. srty. Xony B. Reed and Lamia Whitt Sold by Dr. M. C. Kash. Devil's Hole, where many Osgood EDITOR'S NOTE. We arc sorry to loose such a have returned from Berea,, where Wt are authorised to announce veassl has gone down. The correspondent from our force. tljey have been going to yhool. whole sea surged westward and Charles D.'AsBeU Sunday School will bo organ!-i;ej,candidate to our surprise, tbe rolling mo Mr. Crace has been one of our Wort liberty as of a little caslfo tp the M. E. church,, house J Sen- tion of the steamer ceased, owing most faithful correspondents and far the oeal nation for SJalp counteraction of the waves we hope that he will reconsider tbe'first Sunday in Wy-- . finance that proposition? ator of the Setk Senatorial Dis- to the Cor. the matter and furnish us with trict, subject to the acon of the Thti sea was real rough during Lykins, Ky. J want ad may find tbe news from bis home town,! the night. tje Doaawajfcic farty, we been, easily discouraged SElam,, SEVENTH DAY. Showers du Had Salyersville, Ky. tbe fellow who has idle the Mountaineer would never We are, Mtboristd to announce ring the day. Sir:- f EIGHTH DAY. In the. after-noo- n have lived through its first year,.. Dear cash which he would JAMES BEEUS, we got through Devil's It is great sa iBfaction to know You will And inclosed, $1.00 aa eaudidat for UhjUe will iktl soisshutko for Justice of Hole, whfeh ia about 500 miles in that the good citizens of a county for which youRudd,Bend the p(a; be glad to invest. Grassy Creek Wtiit of the 4th BsagUteriall diameter and the same distance are with you. The work of a per to W. R. Q It's worth trying. correspondent, like that of an Ky. efetrfct shieet to tbe action of west of Ireland. ' J.K. Whitt. saaemjbneji rty.a We ran into a very dense fog ditor, coon becomes monotonous MWMTAINEjl, ftgNTKKY NUMBER TO SELL One farm. Also tho timltor from another tract. Foi further particulars inquire of D. M. Atkinson, Salyersville, Kj TOSELLRHO. ISLAND RED. Eggs from pen headed by at 85 cents per 15. A !cc- on pen ut 55 cents per 15 Eggs delivered to you? Post Ollke by Parcels Post. Sf nd order early. Mrs. W. H. Caudill, Falcon, Ky FRbbE. gurden seed nt this uflico F0,UNi.-- A revolver tliat must have been lo&t during' the ' War. Owner ea'lat J;h office, idantify ad yet t;E,'U. TO, SEW,- .- ' Best strain Indian Runner1 Duck eggs five cents each. Warranted to hatch well. W. W. Preston, Salyersville, Ky. CHOICEST LOTS IN ISAU YHUSVILLK MAY E. BOUGHT FROM TUB EIK TOR. CHKAPTOO. They arc located near Ma. tfoffin Iwlilute. TO "jELL a farm of 125 acres 25 acres in bottom land and 'Jl"' fourth niileon Licking rivu 5, Price $2000. a timber. I will exchange to mineral or timbered lands. P. M. Elam. Kentucky , y I ap-ha- I I i a te E Thousand.! rail tliou- sands ot women, who luvecvcrythlnijlhatheart a could desire to make tlicia QntC's luppy, ;te miserable on ii iJ V account of womanly trou- ble. If you are of this Jj-f- l n.umbcr, stop worrying, BtDS1 ar,2'vc Cardul a trial. 1LJ"j II lias healtli and napplness to" thousand. ff Sh TAKE qi Tin WlKM'S Tliic TrOl ct aon Ned i A I f V TL I Ol Hf fA V,' HOI 101 Mrs. Dtrphlnla Chance wsltee from CoUm; MlM.iMlr4Htr(41(rrlefr from woaiaty tfeubiea. We had lvp doctors, but it werrted I, could ooigrt nr belter, 1 dedoed to tryCartfuL Alter I began to, li'not Detter everyds!. Now I feel as wellasl wretfid.". Try Cardui, todiy. E- - I

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