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[492b] Wolf Valley Coal Co

Part of Louisville and Nashville Railroad Company and Lexington and Eastern Railway Company records

\ , fl. , ,,. 1 , NOVGI"1bI 9.6, 1915. 2.1., Seargcant, Esq., 7 . t , Supt., jootci-Kjtgiyision, bcvcnnc, Ky. 39:13: iii": -' iicrcvith, $2.11 Order this: (my mac- by 351. 3.30 Gutigcll, ' . chcrco in Bankruptcy in the cattcr oi tha Wol Valley Goal : Comncny, bankruot, now in proceedings in bankruptcy in the ; Eictrict Court of the United States for the acctcrn Jictrict of Kentucky, directing that certain itoms of groperty do- \ scribcd in said Order be elitcroo to r. JG 3. ZiChords. Er. Richcro and his attorney, Mr. 4c 13 Koch, of Jackson, called to 53cc mo in regard, to tho matter this afternoon and, ::Ct2r going: over the JCL of item: cnbodiccl in the Order and after talking the matter ovcr with re Richards, I feel satiofied that there is no cart of this wropcrty to which - the L a H can assert any pomsiblc ciaim and I therefore advise that tho Order of tho Rcfcrce ho comtlicd with as conveniently as possibleo enc. Very truly yours, Counsel.

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