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Image 1 of Citizen (Berea, Ky.), April 9, 1908

Part of Citizen (Berea, Ky.)

j IIHESIIJENTS OFFICE I3EHEA KY X l I IIHOOroATJ iSTAILIY J THE CITIZEN the Interests the Mountain People CO o o 1 lll iSn mnrfnucoooooeooeoeoo SIM 1ode ke tto Xsetarond Devoted to o I OF NEWS THE WEEK for Edu Beckham and His Followers Mean to Drive Old Line Men Out of Party Warship Sunk with cationBritish Isaacs May Run Against Edwards Thirty Three MenConvicted Pris Detective In Court oner Kills Carnegie Gives 5000000 ¬ CARNEGIE GIVES f 5000000 Andrew Carnegie has announced that ho will add to tho gift ho made some years ago for a fund to provide pensions for college professors no that It will bo able to care for teas chers at state institutions It Is ox ¬ pected that this will cost him about 5000000 more- I J A ENGIdSII WARSHIP SUNK torpedo boat destroyer of the Brit ¬ ish Navy won sunk in practice work oft Portsmouth on Friday and thirty three oft her crow drowned liar com ¬ mender mado a mistake in an ord ¬ er and she turned directly across tbe path ot a larger Vbscel being cut in two MURDER IN COURTA prisoner convicted of arson in n court at Terre Hftute IDd shot to death tho man who Secured the evidence If that had happened in Kentucky the i a ers of the rest of the world would have been full of remarks about lawless> It ness Anoth ¬ RAILROAD FINANCES er step ib Uw tight against tho rail- ¬ road has been the completion of a method of keeping accounts which Cougrou provided for and which s expected to show just how the roads aro getting along Already several things have boon madq much clearer and It is hojtd that tho now meth ¬ ods will prcvfeut watering took anJ will show Just what the real earn ¬ ing ot tho road art BO the people will know what Is right for them t r doThu tabulation ehoAs atatlrtical that out of over 15000000000 ft outstanding utctirlllcu 5000000WV Is held by railway corporations leav ¬ ink in the hands ot tho public about nsoofOIooo of funded debt and 470000nOOO of stocks RIOTS IN LISBON The disord ¬ er in Portugal which subsided a lit tle after tho kllllnc of tho king I i getting worse again and tho authntl U1l are alarmed There were oar oral rlotr In Lisbon last week which ¬ had to be put down by troops and firemen wero killed in them f HELPED BURG ¬ policeman arrested In Philadelphia on Sunday contested lie had helped burglars make robberies In which they cot loot amounting to POLICEMAN LARSA 15000 I BRITISH PREMIER RESIGNS Henry CampbollBannorman Prime Minister cf England has been forced by IU health to give up his place and hoy been succeeded by Herbert Amiulth There will bo no Important changes in tho govern- ¬ Sir ment A o l t t c Z BANQUET The members of Alpha Zeta told aside their routine forensic work last Saturday evening and gave their Eighth Annual Banquet at the Pariah From year to year this n > House vial evert IB looked forward to ua one of Beretvs most delightful soclad occasions For tho first tlmo In years the weather conditions wore such as to add to tho enjoyment Thli combined with the spirit cf the hour made tho banquet a notable and memorable success The audi ¬ torium was tastefully decorated with tho crimson and gold colors of tho ro clcty Interspersed WIth branches ot evergreen and strays of awe tsrneli ¬ ing blossoms On the walls were many binnqra and pennants bearing their mufiagcfl ot victorious con- ¬ quests la day goiiti by The lights were turned low and here and there on the tables a candle gleamed The tables seated ono hundred and sixty five pertons At 715 the members of the sod ety with their guests marched from the reeeptlon room to the banquet hall Bnhlnd a bower of foliage from the orchestra came soft music Dr Thomson returned thanks The menu prepurul by Mrs lilt and Miss Speer was a success It consisted of chicken la aspic tomato jelly salad paridwIcliPB fruit punch Ico creaai rake and bonbons At tho closq of the banquet the Alpha eta Orchestw again playol after which pamo the program Sparkling with wt and bubbling with humor hardly expresses In daft CcmttnueJ f a Third lare WILL FIGHT DEMOCRATS Hcckham and hla followers are deter mind to Imitate the dogt delight nests and arc sharpening their ax ¬ es for all tholr enemies In tho party This means a scrap between Bv ham and his gang on one hand and McCrocry Buckncr nut Wnttcrson the old line men an the other IU rJl meat for tho Republicans LILLURD MAY LEAVERep II W Lllllord one oft the Democrats who voted for Bradley and has been blUely attacked by his constituents has sold his house in Danville and has now advertised his drug Btoo there for sale It U understood he will niovo away ECHO OF SENATORSIIIIAnecho of tho Scnatorehlp fight was heard in Frankfort last Monday when JUdo Stout charged thq Grand Jury to look Into tho reports that several members ot he Assembly had sold their votes ISAACS MAY RUNTbero Is a rumor that the Hon John L Isaacs of Jackson County will run for Con iroia an the 11th district Tho Clt Ueu has not been table to confirm this U ho deco It will make tin campaign one of great Interest and IT would be amply able to represent the district Mr Edwards who re irncd Sunday to London denies cvrrnl ot tbo stories being told by enemies and in particular says Unit he not only signed the Powers par ¬ don petlton but offered to get signatures among other Congressmen COLORED GRADUATES MEET Adopt Resolutions Urging ThAt Their People Be Given Chance to Help inNewCellegeEMhuslasticand Hn- rrnonlouMntlng Tlft colortfl public rchool of Bcrca closed Its extended or subscription term last Friday night with a most creditable exhibition There are 88 colored pupils of school ago la the divrlct but the attractiveness of the tcnohers and courses have brought a number In from outside 85 students in all were enrolled in the pub- ¬ lic school anti 41 Ir tho subscription school These pupils have lied the opportunity of doing corns industrial work under the teachers of Berea College 20 girls having been enroll ¬ ed in Sowlnc 17 In Cooking and 2C young men In Carpentry and Sloyd Tho principle address of the occa ¬ sion was delivered by Rev Goo W Bell of MIddlcuborougb Ky and there were shorter addresses by Prof Sato of Danville Prof Russell ot Iox Ington und others Those adortjunca were all unusually interesting and tho exorcises of the students re ¬ flected great credit upon tho parents and teachers Tho next morning a conference of former colored students of Boica was hold in the Library Prcs Frost explained tho Adjustment Fund which the College Is undertaking to raise In order that It my continue Ita good work for both races Tho funds ot the College having keen partitioned tho Adjustment Fund in to real ro to tho mountain work an amount equal a that which has been whit draws Jar vho benefit of tho colored people and at the came time to odd to tho colored peoples fund enough no that thy cat have a large tract of land with buildings and equlp meet equal or superior to those ol the old Bcrca The dlscueslond wore animated and harmonious and tho prospect of a thoroughly equipped school was her- ¬ alded with Joy Willie no rosulutlon on the subject was passed it was the unanimous lnlon of tboso present that even should the Day Law beset IUIldK by the Supreme Court it would be the best for Bcrea tQO forward with the establishment ot this great colored school The grad ¬ uates present Included omo of tho best representative members of the Bcrca aiunmlr The following was un anlmoucly adopted 1 We hereby affirm out faith in President Fast and tho Board of Trustees of Berea College In the crl ¬ sis that faceo the Institution at this time II Wa record OU sense of deep erntltude to Mr Carnegie for hla splendid pledge of 300000 for the Adjustment Fund of DerN College to enable It to contjnuu Its good work under new conSltloiig and topr idflnt Frost for i1g indefatigable ef CrtlMft Tfc howler Rapo Primaries and conventions will soon be held to choose candidates to be elected next fall nUll delegates to the big conventions There is no fight between parties going on and none of the spread eagle orato ry that marks the fall and many men fail to take the part they should in these preliminary doings But the conventions and primaries are really tho times when the best work for good government and honesty tu public life can bo done and every citizen who wants to see honest officials fair cleat administration of the government and the courts and wants to work for tho improvement of the state should give his time now Your vote at the primaries or the convention is worth three or four times as much as it will be worth in the fall Then there are only two men to choose between and if there are dirty politicians in your district both will probably be bad men and your choice is bound to be bad Probably you will vote for your party nominee whether he is good or not on tho ground that his better the party should win But now Is your chance to have even if some of its then are not good There will not be io many men vote at the prima good nominees ries nor so many nl tho conventions ahd your vote will count for one Also there are good and bad men in any party and this is more your chance to vote to havo a good man made the candidate of yours After tho primary it will be too InteThe primary is the bad politi there and it has cinns weak spot If you can ever beat been proved over mid over again that when a state gets good primary lava tho bad politicians lost power Politicians try to control the primaries and mass conventions by menus of tricks and they try too to get men nominated that the vot ers know little about mid may not agree with J3o suro to find out what the candidate stands for before you vote for his nomination and dont let tho politicians get the power away from you by a crooked vote or any of tho other tricks that everybody knows but for ¬ gets to wntch for And get together The bad politicians Democrats and Republi cans alike get together and can beat any two or three men but if sev- ¬ eral good men unite they can win out sooner or later Talk it over among yourselves and know what is expected of you when the time to act comes Particularly see that your delegate to the district con ventions will vote not only for the right man for Congress but the right man for President And make him promise before the convention just which way ho will vote And very particularly tcafci the nominations of precinct chair The party gives a lot or power to those men men and committeemtn and thorn is nothing more important to your party in your district than who is chairman If he is honest you will have honest nomiua lions and probably honest elections If he is dishonest he will cheat you ns well itS the other party If he is working for the party ho will help it more than nny one else can and if he is working for himself he will hurt it more than any oueou the other side This is the time when you can do the most for tho success of your party next fall If you do not pas attention to tho primaries and uiasncouventions you do not mako a hand fight for the good nominees and good delegates you will not bo doing your duty by the par ty or the state no matter how tnuclTyou work next fall nor how much you give to tho campaign fund Aoio w the time for tho good citizens to pet together and see that the voters havo a chance to vote for a good man on their ticket next fall ¬ ciR OWN ° Let Yeur Business Keep Pate With it iy Arfver I 5 tlsht Ioeoee STATE ° r o tn Oae Dollar a year IN M as idly KENTUCKY APRIL 0 1908 WATCH THE NOMIKATIONS SPLIT DEMOCRATIC g of BEREA MADISON COUNTY Fire cents a copy Vol IX ala 8 I 41 No MONEY TALKS How t the Man that Plans to se May Become Rich fl this do- orI uponI Floods Do Heavy Damage Frotts Seems to Have Hurt NothingTo ¬ To attain success in any walk bacco Lawbreakers Being Indicted lite a man must have a plan G O Barnes dead must bo a man with ctrength DIG FLOODS IN STATE The character able to stick to his heavy rains of last week caused floods In the face of difficulties fend dis ¬ In all parts of the state The Ken ¬ couragements lie mutt decide tucky river was the highest in ten years in some places the Ohio was on a rampage again for the third time Especially IP this true In money in six weeks and bottom farms every matters for In financial affairs fre ¬ where were under water It was a quent changes can end only In ruin great tlmo for logging and taking out The man who makes up his mind the rafts but considerable damage was to do something and then does It Is the man who succeeds doneNO What course have you decided up ¬ Reports to FROST DAMAGE on with regard to your money mat ¬ the U t> Weather Bureau at Louis ville from all parU ot the state say tors What Is your financial aim that the frosts of last week did little Are you getting poorer or are you or no damage In some sections getting ahead If you find It hard to cave or It peaches were touched but no trees lost all their blossoms and there is you are not getting ahead as fast us you would like let ug help you thru still every prospect ot c tine crop our eavlngs department AFTER RAIDERS The campaign We receive deposits of any slzo against night riders has been going ot from one dollar up Small deposits full tilt this week and there have are welcome and there la no red tape been a good manj indictments reYou can deposit as often as you turned The most Important Is That desire and you can draw out tho against Dr Will Champion ot Lynn money at any time without any prev- ¬ County alleged to be tho leader in ious notice or other formality Wo three counties He has surrendered pay four per cent Interest on savings and given ball Many of tho men accounts supposed to bo lesser leaders havo Berea Bank Trust Co also been arrested There have been ¬ good many threatening letters cent a to the judges and juries but they last Thursday night and burned l1r ¬ seem to havo had no effect for the the barn and fortytwo head better class are being aroused ant horses Including twentyone valuablo ¬ supporting tie law There have bean brood mares This shows how the fewer outrages this week too but example set by the night riders is tha may not provo anything The beginning to work Law and Order League has petition ¬ FELTNER FREED Felix Feltner ed the Governor for an extra session who was sentenced to two years Iti and It is expected that one will be prison for contempt In the Marcum called to deal with this subject and case was pardoned by LleutGov a County Unit Dill The business ot making it dangerous for tho riders la CoxPOWERS CASE UPGov Wlllson golpg on Madison farmers seem to be planting more than usual and rro will hear arguments today on the said to be organized and armed and question ot pardoning Caleb Powers over in Boyle tho planters have put It Is not expected that he will an ¬ charges of dynamite In the road and noun o his decision for several days expect to explode them when tho BOYS TEETH BLEED The Lex ¬ riders come along ington Leader tells the strangest GEO 0 BARNES DEAD The Rev story of Grover Williams a boy said George 0 DarneD the famous moun ¬ to live near Dig Hill who was taken POLITICAL NOTES tain evangcllrt who has for years to Lexington to see If doctors there been one of tho best known and most could not stop his teeth bleeding Taft Still Bagging DelegatesIs loved men in this part of tho state They dropped blood and a good deal died last Friday In Florida whero he of It There Is no pain but it was Working Hard on His Campalgn Populists Nominate Watson FIIII had gone for his health fearec the boy would bleed to death buster in Congress JUDGE CANTRILL DEAD Judge No one could help him and he was TAFT WAY AHEAD A letter re ¬ Cantrlll who won famo as presiding taken homo the paper said ceived at Frankfort from tho Taft Judge In the Goebel CASes died at You havo got to be either headquarters nt Columbus Ohio his Georgetown homo on Sunday Chrbt or against Him There is a states that so far 2G4 delegates have BURNS 42 HORSES A man sup ¬ fence between salvation and condem ¬ been selected to tho Chicago con posed to be a discharged employe of a barbed wire fence nation venIon and 111 ot theca are Instruct ¬ James B Haggln set fire to the bis and you Its cant sit on It or stand on ed for Tart 42 Instructed for other barn at Mr Elmendorf Hoggins It You havo got to be on one candidates and 28 uninstructed famous stock farm near Lexington side or tho otherM H Lyon Since tho letter was written Mr Taft has taken all tho Minnesota delegates and in Massachusetts whero it was expected he would get hardly anything he has won 20 of tho 12 THAT Wf NEVER SLEEPi7InTIS delegates YW CAfST CATCH UgYAPPVG RUNNING HARD Secretary Taft MCHT CLOTH Eg WDIs having a hard run for it and has been making speeches at top speed Bjn CLOTH ETS YOU CANT WEAR This wlU probably keep up for the THEM ALLTttrr TIME WE CAN next few weeks till all tho delegates You OUT IN 7WE NICEST aro elected Last Saturday and Sunday he was In Chicago Ho will RAIMENT TOR LESS THAN OTHERS como to Loulf vlllo Friday and there CM WHO DONT KNOW THEIR BUSV will be all kinds ot functions In nls HfVE MADE A STUDY honor POPULISTS NAME WATSON ARE t1LWp1YS The Populists Convention in St Louis last Friday nominated Tom Watson ot Georgia for Prealdent and Samuel Williams for VicePresident A fov Bryan men boltedFILIBUSTER IN CONGRESS John Sharp Williams has made good his threat to do all he can to prevent legislation by Congress until the re ¬ form bills he and the President agree about are passed and there has been pretty near a fight there for the fast week He has worked all the tricks that the rules of the louse allow Co1YacNlioa sv rssllVrrtRBibWN and las almost prevented the doing MJMalo Y ot any kind ot work A truce was WATCHING THE MARKET WITH BoTH EYES arranged under which the sew Em- ¬ ALL OF THE TIME TOR YEARS HAS MADE ployers Liability bill went thru but that ISiIISevere rules to prevent ABLE TO GET THE RIGHT STUFF FOR the Democrats taking up tlmo with THiS COMMUNITY GooDS HAVE NOT BEEN too much talk havo been passed but WE SoLD To US WE HAVE BoUGHT THEM nothing has come of It fgr they still find ways for delaying things The WE SELL THEM REA- ¬ OWN THEM CHEAP end of theifl ht is not In sight yet soNABLE WE ARE ONE FIRM THAT HUGHES FOR SECONH PLACE DONT YoU A PROFIT ON OUR GOODS There laa strong movement among politicians now to nominate Hughes WANT To DEAL WITH A STORE THAT MAKES evidently an for vlce president AND IS WIDE AWAKE A attempt to shelve him in the same way that Rooeevelt WRB given that office to get him out of the way this goes tpehow that the men who You Pay Gat Mir are supporting him are only trylnr tu get him out of New York polities where In jha been doing good I a ¬ o- ¬ ¬ forts In securing this and similar gifts In this as in hit entire couwo In relation to the separation of the races in Bcrea he has been earnest consistent devoted ant loyal to the principles of our beloved Institution III We plane ourselves on record as in hearty sympathy with the plans of tho President and Trustees look log to tho organization somewhere In the State ot Kentucky ot a Ne ¬ gro School Normal Academic and Industrial In character and looking forward to tho establishment oL n College Department at the proper time and hereby pledge ourselves to coopcrato In every way possible in furthurlnjj this cad IV Wo recommend that the Trus ¬ tees committee on Colored School formulate a plan by which the col ¬ ored people ot tho state shall be given an opportunity to subscribe to the uncle needed We believe that with prorcr methods and sufficient energy at leant GOW000 could be raised among our people V Wo hereby reaffirm our loy ¬ alty to the prlrclples upon which De reaor tho put wan founded awl confidently looking forward to tho tlmo whoa thtre sera prevail in our beloved country and thruout tin world We do not in our approval of tho colored depnrtmtnt in any de- ¬ gree renounce these principles but ye bellevb that In this new field cl labor wa shall best subservo them and thus hltt n tho day of their realization Tho colored people present at the conference all of whom approved lit resolutions were Joshua Crenshaw teacher of the colored school at Be ¬ reft and Mrs Patti Turner Crenshnw his assistant Principal J W Hughes of the Cynthlana Colored Schools Dr Henry Clay of Georgetown lira Barbara Robinson Courtney of Lax Ington Principal W Hi Humphrey of the May vUio Colored Schools J 0 Whittaker of the Richmond Col bred Schools A It Cobb of Rich ¬ mond Henry W Bond of William burg Principal Green P Russell ol the Lexington Colored Schools Prig ¬ cipal J D M Russell of the Richmond Colored Schools Dixon M Flack oi Klrksvllle Dr A B Dean of Win ¬ chester Mr N W Magpwan an ed ItClrorft Sterling the Rev Dr James Bona of Nashville the Rey George W Bell of Mlddletboro Prof John W Dates of Danville Mr Jas A White of Richmond and Ttfiv and Meg D D PUMO of Richmond ¬ I oft I 1 witht RtS a LVED 1 You HE DUSTER HS QEDy I FIT t bni TNDWE 1 Of 3HlclcoiIIlWo 1 R JS A a MAKESn Its n pRorIT COYLE HAYES LessOr t t1 W i p r +

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