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Image 1 of Louisville daily courier (Louisville, Ky. : 1851), April 11, 1860

Part of Louisville daily courier (Louisville, Ky. : 1851)

LOU nsuranrf, FIRE, MARINE, W. S. LlfE VERNON INSURANCE. &. SONS, 472 M&ii street, over E. ,..l ...l,,l C.r,. !""" mol ait descriptions ofr'jk' pr..pen, auo me ue ot oniiQ J . 'SSK L- I- - frv C' si-NL- vy UcaiLuy person, ' INSURANCE and Luk tun est hi tut: Uartford. Coon. FIRE - CO- 1EVINO F1P.E INSURANCE Caau Capital (XL. COODnrt TEMPLE. XO. 2 31. XO. 106. TFAsillNC.TOX INSURANCE Capital aud NltKlu - J. BRYANT, AND RTII BRYANT & MILLER, Millinery and AND MARINE IXfTUAXCK toMPANV. --f UvUunl, Conn. tZX.QOO Cash Capital and Surplus FOl fcTREKT. XO. 104t. Fancy Stores, eJV a full CO.. of New York City. Si'S TIKE INSUKANE City. of New York CaU Capital tV LOSSES AT THIS AGENCY r i u i; i. s i ii a x . . lioop t rv. jl"Vea, lrre pAirouareao ( E! Utwally bestowed tui lirlirtt"f. re. M. A. O CONNER. dim Corner Fourth and JetTerson dj14 HUE li.r air. cauerat aholesaie or retail. COMPAW, trEClHITY FIKE lt-- l Merrhjuits and others aHiii.g lllaiik Rooks made to oder Ho. SI line street. New York. can have ttiem ruled and lound to any paper and paved iu .vo.tM ' beautiful and accurate style. Cash Capital ! Every description of book Binding executed on reason-- J This Company the mutual plan, return-Iiithe policy holders tnrec tourtb of the pruiiu of Uie ! able terms. S'eamiwoit Books of all kinds kept eontant!y on hand Company. and made to order at short notice, and of tue tiiiost matePUOLMX FIRE IXnl'RANTE COMPAXY, rial'. I Country merchant- - are Invited to examine our stock, Xo. C Wall street. New York. eoti Drisins a lurre assortment of CchnnL Miscellineou-- . i'Jfl.UOO Capita! and Surplus and bUuk H.oks, Papers, Stationery. Ac. iitl f hieli will C OMPANY, ! be I KVEKIXi. Ellil FIKE IXs s.ildourcasona'. le terms. Uonksellers and ISIaiik book Makers. fe .ll No. 0 Wall street. New York. tlM.nnO Capital and Surplus HART & CLARK. ATLAS TIC FIKE INMR AN4 E C1LH1VAM', IMPORTERS AND WHOLESALE TEALK!tS In Wines. Liquors. Citrars. aod Fancy 4i roce. No. 14 Wall street. New York. rles. No. 3 l'uird street, have in store and for Surplus 34.wn Capital MUrU k PARK FIRE No. &J rgj; KAX4E COMPANY, 5(. 2sl.onO above re- - . Iae, jonx mcir. XW Oiliff at Jeffee-o- n Insurance Company, Main street, fipposite batik of luifvUle. dtf IiIUTUALi INSURANCE. R. A. MIRDER 4t 4 ., Llgl'OR MERCHANTS, WHOLESALE AND Retail Dealers In Whisky. Brandy, Wines. Ac, (VJ7 Market street, above Brook, north aide, Louisville. Ky. In store and fir sale 21" bbls old t opper lo.i bbls common bi; 7a blls Bourbon do: MoiiuiiKahela do; Iibhis old Appie brandy, 4 years old; S bbls k casks Imported irandy; i cbls llnmetic do; 5 pipes Holland Cin: 12 cask Imported Port Wine; do; 12 bbls ;ills-e-r 10 bids Madeira do. Also. I peiieral assortment of Liquors. Wines, Cijmrs, decl4 dtf Tob:,cco. c. ac. BI'IDIXO. entrance on NEWCOMBS OFFICE-I- X prn. fOMPAXV. IXsrRAXfE PEOPLE'S comer Main lUidLuiiiuttreet ttu;hutrr-t- . chartered Capital lUMMd Paid in and Scoured n khipDieuU hy t.r vwli at su aiid t y the nud oi iiiUml tmuMM.rtaUi.n; l Wj. on Luildium and food acaiut losa or dauiate by lie. E. BCRGE, Prei'Ien. y. aRMSI KON'O. Yice President. 4 H AS. Jos. L. DiKroarn. ii DIRECTOR?. Jolin A. Dimlnp. Jaine Hndeford, Wi.-i-. E. Sn'.dir. W. i. lire'it, R. Alien. .1 .ho S. riranniu. n Hubert MurreU. T. Moore. R. H. WarrT)T, K. l.Miiic Jylshf HOUSE, LESAKOIC, 1IARUIS jrrrrnsoN iksttoancs co. street, oppofit' north A pide of Main on t!i OFFICE the LocvUie, over tue store of Eaaon. Good, T.xld. Charted CriUl' l'ad in andAe':irtj ttamboata, klbKMaken ouFliipniebtsby v-at ea. and liy tde urual modes transportation. AU 'U tUe bull 'Vt4X fcf V 4 . anu aipuruluulLr? n nr:i:''ii- JOHN ML IE. President, Vt 1U.1S iH is, Secretary. OF r.'BAivxoiv'sS" John V, h.ite. y 'Iuum-- i iiteu. !iO KY. DIRECTOR 'm. Oar. J a. ics S. I.itheow. INSURANCE AMERICAN So. 511) Ml!I CTRFKT, SoCTH Si f Ornaments fir MANUFACTl'RER T all kinds , of such as Capitals for builiiiu-'Solu uns. Window Cap, brackets for Cornices. Doors. Ac : '"hiinney Tops and i.arden Vases of every variety of rpii ces. Uunninut desU n. STl'CCO s. ic.. of the lat- -t and modern style alv.ajs on - hibition at the Works, tr'irculars with reference miT dtf price list to be had on application. and RICHARDSON'S CO., IRISH LIM1XS, i MI1K. ' Linens, and those deir-- i "lON'SCMER!" of Richardson's . us of obtaining the genuine roods should see that iclsk tiiey purchase are sealed with the full name of the j thet.rui. J. N. RICIIARDSOX, j j ! MnmsMBBiiHBBBsanBnHaa i J. ULXLOl'Ki: M V J. It. LOCKE, Church street. New York. Apeiita. dly s j niSMrLFTIOX. A rfHF rartnersLip of f TIRMAX F. MERRIWETHER U SIIKMAN. O. X. oaolvtd. J. B. MLRUIW ETUER. COPARTXERfrHIP. hae formed partnership for the THE underfienedLaw in the city aof Louisville and the of toe ailj ornns couitiea. aud the Court of Appeals. Omce on itftu street, four d.xjrs north of Court P!a-- e. WIXTERSMITH. CHAS. J. b. MKRiwirnitit. asma OPAUTXERHIP XOTICE. day received as partner In my HOCSE IRAVF this business, Mr. KK'llAKil DA Bit. and shall In future carry tt on under tue style ot LiCkMLUU A DAbK. JOHN f ACKSTEDER. a di'. April Hh. DISfsOLlTIOX. CO. is this day dissolved firm of A. F. WARD rf-II1 by mutu'd conaent, Juo. W. Stevens hav ing retired on the 21st of January last, and A. D. Miles lis vine Soul his mire iuterest in tue firm to Kichaad P. Lirhtburn, retires from the same. K. P. liirhibum and A. t. W ard succeed tneiointise same business, and aiil settle all liabilities. ud are autborixed to collect all account due U firm of COACHES! 9.T I i SULKIES, A nUCGIEs; THE G ALT HOUSE, L4HIYILLE, Xl'KC T LEING ALLS TO TO OrR ARE HAPPY WEnumerous friendsATand custoiuer s, that FAYare now iu we 1 receipt of the following uew and dcsirahls Spriuz Good, vir.: Ladies'. Misses' and Chlluren'i Heeled Kid and Morocco boots; stitched aloft Coat Heeled Bootees; plain black Ca.ters; Children Metalic tipped Shoes; Do Ladies' very tine black Heeled latter. Also, another lot of Ladies' hirti heeled Gaiters at only Ladies' (.aiters without heels at only 1. ts. and tl Together w ith many other kinds of desirable and season-hiuld be pleased boots. Shoes and Gaiters, which we to have ourcbascr call and examine, as they will be sold very cheap for cash by ilERWIN A GALE, No. 471 Market street, between Third and Fourth, FUiQ. p Siiro of the AnirU-ii- (WARTVERisUlP X4TI4'E. 1860. SPRING TRADE. 1860. fctf i iuDS business atUie old stand of Martin A Petiton, S. 7. MARTIN, s roar? b street. JNO. K. CKLMBACGH. fell dtf IMPORTERS ZJISSOI.TJTICIJ'. I GLASS K .bin-oJr.. of iieorrefiwn. Ky. The business of the tirm e.f tieorge S. Moore A Co. will I settled by Moore, Wheeler. A Robinson, who wiH couthiue the business at tue o.d &taud of Oeo. 6. Moore A Co., No S.Main street. .F.O. MiMiKI JulIN C M AshX, J. L. W HELLER. Louisville, March 14, (IIIXA, B IURET, t FIFTH. BET. FOl RTII lately taken larre and cominodlous--HAVINGwe would this tfully solicit a coiitinu-Vj-.- . oatronaee heretofore so lilierally bestow- ed upon us. Every department in our establishment 4K6 M 1IX C. MA0X. j - taal eoissent. rattier party isautuonneu to seme me fAMt H, CASSEDAi. tbeoldarm. 1 t:is ns.r. January 1. 1V. OPART.ERSHIP. copartnership rnnit und.rsimd have formed a aiid will continueunder the I stvle of S. CASsEDAY A SONS, 'I hey Hopkins, as Importers and Dealers CHINA. L'TLEUV and I'LA-solicit a continuance of ED iie favor extended to tneir wVak. January L (urt tipn predee-ss,,r- SAMl EL CA fc. l). nn KDAY. ADD1MJN CASSEDA Y. jaiiTrttf ,. tellers of svsr? rtescrintii Our removal from Fourth street will in no way whatever Interfere with our furnishing any one with whatever quantity of roods thev may want, let it be ever so small. our facilities f..r buying are not excelled by any one in thtrade, and hence we will warrant entire satisfaction to ail and every one who may favor us w ith a call. fifaltf afriPRIXU CRAIG HAS JUST RECEIVED AND READY FOR a lanre and desirabte lot of and Lace Hats; fancy Straw, Infants' fancy Straw and Leghorn Hat, Caps and Turbans: Riding flats, new styles: Lidies' Leghorn Lois' fancy and plain Straw and Leghorn Hats and Umws, Wen's sVra'sr and ttilith IiFE, PA ALHFKT MINPt;. rTLPUEX M. V.IER. Bl lillO lt ORRlATED HROI CHT IttlLIM. tfTYLEH FOR 1MH! Fourth and Main streets. V . sale this morning, COPARTXERSIIIP. Jos! II. inciuoe. every srtble in the HOI SE. Hi if EL. and STFAM- Miss.-- ' rwiTF smderslrned fhave this day formed a copartnership 4 o. for the purpose under the firm.. I. F. STONE Harness and ,! mai.ufaurii and deaUnr in Turr'aire Maker's l.oods. said partnership to date from to conducted at the old of February. 11. "d land of L F. iHone. Nu. ts- Maiu U.reh H IROX AXD WIRE LFTTF.ES PATENT. Admirably adapted SrCCEED BY Public m.itnd. Cemeteries. Balconies, Hurdle. flieep.nd.ix variety ofPatent Wire, f Iron wItIi every iron Furniture. Patent W ire Coal Mosouifi for Sand, and (.ravel Screens. Wire Nett-nOre. s. Wire Summer Houses, "e. pu Soeeu. founry. an.i great arietv. forOardens. Ac. ancy Wire Work In tt AI.KFK a SON. Manufacturer. oSdly No. 5.55 Market. N. K. eor. Sixth street. Pi dl- - iotlic. Lich, medium and low crown Hen's Straw and Leghorn wide, medium, and narrow brim Hate: Men's Straw and Leghr.rn Uats, white, black, brown, drab and tea colors: Men's Straw and Leghorn Hate in all fashionable styles of the Men's Silk and Cassimere Dress Uats, our own style and manufacture; Caps in all styles fashionable; Men's and Men's and Boys' flue Soft French Felt Hals: A. CRAIG'S, At Corner Fourth and Maiu streets. J5fJ"' Mt fvi't . pEALEIiS . i will low prices. W'ik-SXV..f- a oor afore Third, IN a m31 Children s and Servbm; wear.' to their especial order, and on su u all order, at unusually them to tni'k BOOK BINDING! in, fa BLACK AND BROWN ZOUAVE HATS JUST by , Mal .tr(.t. k WATTS. Iictween Third sndFourth. received, a full supply of Sap CAP SA(rf) CHEESE-Ju- st O Clirw. also a prime article of Holland Cheese iu "'uS'"'1 'r BURKH ARDT. 417 Market street. POTATOES:) bushels prime Northern Neshanoc Potatoes received and for sale by W. k II. BUKKH ARDT, 417 Market street. iir brands of on the SCOTCH ALE fnnetintly Porter,hand, for sale by and Ale and l.ndon w. A II. BURKHARDT. 417 Market street, m bushels extra Corn Meal for fandly (tORN inMEAL--a- and for 6ale by store W. in2 H. Ill KKII ARDT. 417 Market street. I ' fill. LOUISVILLE JOB BINDERY i rrowr,) rkH 4rU. KarthiMConr UH IfSVILLE, KV. .rii)Tirertnv OK BO0Kat abort notice, and ' P.I N'liING executed toD"!a & rlre. to the Bindln. Third vl r7-b- V '"I'-- ' i. "7V TTOKS-- We c and Merer od 3f niSdem toueder. receirln daily. Northern Neshsn-- """psyr.rR JIarket Street. ' a CO., Grocers. fu J CARD. FROM HAVING P.ETt'RXEDLADIES' NFW YORK WITII A stock of AND Gr.Vl'LFMF.N'S Ft KNISHING AND FANCY tiOODS, would respectfully invite the attention of my customers to an examination id my selection, cousistiiu; ol all articles Usual!) in a Furnishing. Store-F- ine Linen and Muslin Shirts, new styles; Silk, l.l.sie-nrcail, Merino shins and Drawers: S:lk, Thread, .Merino andCttou oe and Half Hose; Kid ami heaver I loves and tinuntiets: Silk. Thread. Berlin, and D g Sklu (i loves; t:ilk. Linen and Lawn Handkt r. hiels; ; Silk and Satin piala and fancy Do do do do Stocks; Silk. Merino, and Oil Print Rol es; Shoulder bra . s and Mousy Belts: Purses, port Mouais, Card and Bonks; trold, pearl, and Canes, new style; Perfumery, Oils, soaps, Ac. Ac. corner Main and Third streets, -i A. 1. MANSFIFLD. 74iU3 ket tists X TIOAL EDITJOX OF liU IVG'S WOKKH. ftlMIS fine edition of the Works of Irving (including the of Washmetouj will be published i subscriliere only, Li' monthly for in volumes price 1.511, each payable on delivery, beautifuliy printed on heavy super-tinpaper ct the hm st quality, and bound in he r. y bevelled boards. Each volume illustrated ith vignettes, on steel and wood. The hrst volume will be the sketch book, reaily April loth; to be followed by Life ..f Washington. Vol. 1. ISdi: Knickerbocker' New York, June 15th. and other volumes iu succession every month F. A. CRUMP. until completed. si Fourth street, PoleaBont for Louisville and Jefferson county. ai". ftO bbls fine New York Apples re". 1 KEEN APPLES JT ceived per mailboat ami for sale bv JOHN SNYDER A CO. aiai 1 Jn Chanctry. I ee oi tlie Lomsvtile hancery Court, above cause, the un.lersiirne.l. or- one of us will, on .Monday. April Pitii, si. about the hour of .. clock. A. M . sell 11 t Public Auction, to the bidder, nt the Court House door, in the city ..f Louis. ii;,., on a credit of 4. s, and li months. .. much as may be necessary to satisfy the decree herein of the f.llowiio' described Two lots of around, ins aid ciiy. at a point on tiie South side of Market street. lfeet east feet, thence east ill feet, of sveoud street, thence south feet, thence v, .1 feet with Market thence north street to the beginning. The other at a point on the east side ol Second street, liif. et s. uth of Market street, at the corner formed by Market str-- t and a f mr feet alley, thence east luj feet, thmoe south :! feet, thence west Hi:, feet to second street, thence north to the be- gi'H.itllf. The purch:. r will be reiinire l to give bond with approved security, bearimr from dAte until paid, alol s. curite. a lieu will be retained us addition-W. C. D. Willi's. M. L. C. C. li' i'"s!11M' apfidM !i'o. , Dl'",utU'- FIXIUR, LIME AM) CEMENT, CtONSTANTLY elsewhere. fold; dtf -- fZ J V on hand and receipts daily. Purchaser purcicLsing to call tueir PEII K SMITH. Main street, between First and Second. KTRAYEI) OR TOLE. from the subscriber, living on the corner of n streets, ,,i,e ilAV HoRr-Madison and about ixteen hands bigh. front feet white, four i years ohl past, w ith a sore i the inside of the n ill be iveu to any one either of his whereabouts, Stable. a bleuu ancle, nutdeliver! ery to me RAXK OF LOlIsVILLU, APRIL 3. Blink- of Louisville are hereby i will be held, at the Banking House In this city, on MONDAY, the 7th of May next, at 10 o'clock, for nine Director to serve the ensuing year. C1!S. TTLI'I'N, Cashier. a;.."idtlay7 Southern and Western Merchants! AND ALL OTHERS IN GUEST OF CUSTjLIKB, CAItFETS, I.INTiX GOODS. AXD IIOlE-F- l RXIMIIX4J 4JEXERALLV! ImjiorUil Dirtt twiiteiaUy frtt fviitViern and Wet MADE THIRTY D AYS DURINOTHE PAST and attractive WE IIAYE to our audition hitherto unequalcd stock id EXULISII AXD AMERICAX" CARPETIXG! as market. a t jT'l'rictt uniformlyillTElow SM any other Main street. ALL. 4 i k apS tliree doors west of the bank .f Louisville. box. s Layer and MR. Ii iii'.ns; do do 11 5 frails super Bright Dates; d chs. s frunes in trmss; tute Currants: a casks The above just come to hand ami for sale low by K AlK. ;s Main street, McMULLEN adjoining bank of l.auisville. lnO ni. IS. K. MIRK U.F.DOWM. 1 t ECEIYED THIS DAY Kid (.loves; Poplins; French Oray Pliun Colored Silks; Colored Illusions; For sale at low prices. in30 DOWNS, 471 Main street. MARK E. BUSTARD. No. 544 Main street. bbls Circle A Baltimore SUG A lo" Powdered Sugars, received per J. It. Ford. CooD A MOODY. ud for sale by SUES, ich brushes, ten different sizes: J do Shoe brushes, various styles; do, do; do Scrub 50 do Dusters, plain and fancy: M do Carpet Brushes: 10 do Fancy Hearth Brushes: For sale at manufacturers' prices at tiie Woodenware Store, J. b. Ul'isSLI.L. No. ru Main street. ap.1 between Third and Fourth. kJUGAK sVl bhds strictly, fully fair to prime Sugar lanu-in- s from steamer Argile anil l'ur sale by COO I) MOODY. OLD MEN'S BLACK, BEAVER. AND DRAB ter Hats, juit fini:hed for our Spring trad. none A. CUAIU. finer inade. (LOVER SEED oO bbls prime Clover Seed received aud for sale by JOHN F. HOWARD CO., Main street. nioO between Third and Fourth. REFINED l'l t r t MOLASSES 1LANTATON by ap2 2fi0 H 31 OLASSES for sale bbls by ud 250 choice up; barrels choice, in store 'TV I.Kit & M ARTIN. Plant ntio I'VLLH A M ARTIN. casks Macklin' Suearcured Hams; X prime Shoulders; M do do Just received per railroad and for sale by T. L. JEFFERSON. ap5 comer First and Market street. t?iUTHERX MILI.KTT 7Kha?! prime Southern Millett just received per learner Melrose, in store and for sale a p.) li. W. BASHAW, ulii Main street. t J i AM. B A warranted Pennine iu store and for sale by HASH AW. olh Main street. unrivalled l.y Corn Drills iu G. W. BASHAW, nil! Main street. " in store aud for sale G. ap.i V. and fresh Seed Sweet kJ FED SWEET POTATOES-Pri- me Potatoes constantly on hand and for sale bv G. W. b.VSH A W. .'.lo Main street. fc4 p .'MO boxes Claret lu-- t received per (1IIEAP CLARET Chancellor and for sale low by apt J. II. SCIIRiKlil'.R A SON. 2 Wall street. LIF. DE KAY Wooinn and Warrinr in the Wilderness-- A by ( has. I. Kirk. Price Story of Old Cane l. Just received and for sale at S4 Fourth street. F. A. CRUMP. apt p fMIE 1 MONIKINS The fifteenth volume of Darley s II lustrated Edition of Cooper s Novelsuow ready for old ai'PERIOR BOiiKS-lla- zh tt's Table Talk Opinions on J Ml. books. Men and Things. 2 vols. Harden s spirit of the Age, or Contemporary Portraits. Price l 25. The Lady's Guide to Perfect Beauty, by Alexander Walker. M. D. SI. Hood's Whims. Ac tl 25. Just received aud for sale at S4 Fourth street, apt F. A. CRUMP. I'm dozen Sirup for sale JEMOX sIRUP BORIE. Wholesale Confectioner. low by A. ordinary merit of the present "stars regnant." The beautiful little play of the "Prima Donna" wait ofl' very hapi ily. Mr. Iiiehiugs displayed a great deal of comic talent aud a quiet humor that was irresistibly amusing. Of Miss lUehings it is difficult to dec ide w hether she is more attractive as an actress or a vocalist. The beautiful little part of the Prima Donna was en-ted by her gracefully, charmingly, and most The music, with which the piece cll'ectively. abounds, was most rapturously received by the audience, especially the ballad of Softly, ye LL'iit winds, La Sicilliene, and the beautiful from the Crown Diamonds at the variations linale of the piece. The Marseillaise, sung be-- t wet 'ii t lie pieces, was most vociferously encored. the Muleteer of Toledo, a piece never before performed here, will be enacted, together v ith a ( harming little farce called Peggy lireen. We beboth pieces interspered with songs. lieve that Louisville has a reputation as a city where musical taste is cultivated to an cslilit surj assing that ol any other west of the mount-tinIf this nputation is well founded, we shall be surprised if Miss Iliehings, oue of the most charming cantat rices on the stage, docs not succeed in drawing full houses during her sho. t engagement lu re, more especially when to tliis rare accomplishment is added that of dramatic talent of the very highest order. and Hail Storm. Last evening, about o'clock, the long threatened and wished for rain came in earnest, and fur a brief space it poured down in torrents. The weather had become ral.iyand unseasonably warm, and the signs of the impending storm were apparent to IIi:avv K wn The fair ladies, and the most casual observer. all pedestrians who thronged the streets, were seen hastening home with the utmost rapidity, ofieu turniug their gaze with wonder and amaze at the dark, threatening sky and the huge black clouds gathering over their heads from the four quarters of the compass, while the wind was as variable as the clouds. Amid the c.mtlieting elements the overcharged found vent in one or two vivid a! hp .sphere ishes of lightning, followed by a territie thunder clap, and then the nun came down thick and fast, almost deluging the streets, allaying at once the heat and dust. The rain, for a few moments, was accompanied with palpable, heavy, continued hail, almost a regular hail storm, which very materially cooled the atmosphere, and made the weather seasonable. Who Would be Blind? Dr. E. Sincere, a seicutilic and practical optician, of several years experience, aud who is eminently worthy of the continence aud patronage of the people of Louisville, has jjffiH'infiVu located in this city, and oilers to our citizens a, large stock of genuine pebble aud Brazilian Parabola spectacles, microscopes, telescopes, trausts, surveyor's &e. compasses, &c., Dr. Sincere is a modest, unassuming fjent lemon, without any disposition to thrust himself or his spectacles and instruments on the public. Ollering nothing for sale not of the best description, making no empty promises, and relying upon no mere pretensions, he expect a that his merits entitle him to, and no more. The Louisville Optical Institute, under his charge, is on Main street, under the Louis ville UoteL Fike in Nashville. We learn from Captain Pish Henry, messenger of Adams ct Co.'s express, that an extensive lire was raging in Nashville when the cars left, at 4' i' o'clock yesterday It originated in a wholesale confecmorning. tionery establishment, on L'noiu street, between houses Cherry and College. Four three-storhad been burnt, and, as we have said, the lire ravages. was still continuing its JEAN'S (u3l AND I.INSEYS 1110 bales (best brands) Negro sud Linsevs in tnre and for sale by bltOTHEIt. No. 51 Main street. JACK South side, helweva Third aud Fourth, Iu the Common Council Mr. Vaughan, the old Clerk, called the members to order, saying that the first business was the election of President. Mr. (Jilliss nominated John Barbee, who was chosen by a unanimous vote. On taking the chair, Mr. Barbee tendered his thanks, and said he would endeavor to discharge the onerous duties of thu place with impartiality, and without favor or alfectiou. He hoped that duringtheyeartbc members would exercise the Utmost courtesy towards each other, and that no one would let fall an expression of harshness or reflection. He sincerely hoped that at the end of the year each member could return to his constituents who would say, "Well done, thou gond,and faithful servant." John M. Vaughan was then elected Clerk, for the ensuing year, without a dissenting voice; as a'.BoMr. Thus. Keaugh was chosen to act iu the capacity of Sergeant-at-Arms- . A communication was received from the May- or, and with it the poll books and certificate of the oineers of the late election. His nonor also stated that the reports of the Auditor, Treasurer, &c, would be furthcoming at the earliest practicable moment. The communication was referred to a special committee, composed of Messrs. Wclliuan, Gilliss, and Pomcroy. The President said, at the next meeting of the Council he would announce the Standing Committees for the year. by Mr. Giliiss, appointA resolution, u ing a com mil tee of three from the Common Council and two from the Board of Aldermen, to select a suitable house for the use of the Council, was adopted. After some Utile business of trivial importance the Board adjourned. The Board of Alderman was not organized so readily. Jas. Trabue, Esq., was elected President on the first ballot, and this was succeeded by an exciting contest for the office of Clerk. The following were voted for iu the course of some twenty or more ballots, viz: J. W. Tompkins, Robt. A. Hamilton, Barrett Mulligan, B. H. Smith, and A. Claggett. On the first ballot Hamilton received four votes and Tompkins four. Several times subsequently Mulligan and Hamilton g'd four votes, and Tompkins a similar number, bnt neither having a majority there was no elect on. The contest was prolonged by Alderman Baird who changed his vote whenever an election could have been effected. President Trabue, Petit, and Sargent voted uniformly for Mr. Tompkias, who was finally declared elected by a vote of five to three, as follows: For Hamilton Gunkle, Osborne, and Jefferson 3. For Tompsins President Trabue, Alexander, Petit, Sargunt, and Baird 5. Several persons thought Mr. Baird cast his vote on this ballot for Hamilton, but it was recorded as above. Subsequently Mr. Baird rose to an explanation iu reference to his vote. He said be did vote for Hamilton, and as a bet had been made, aud he had been appealed to, he deemed it neeeessary to say such wis the case. Harvey Seaton was reelec ted Sergeant-at-Armand this was ill the business transacted worthy of notice. The General Council w ill meet again ou Friday night. K?We noticed, a few days since, the robbery of Adams Express Company at Vincennes, lad. Officer Ileauy, the active detective belonging to the Cincinnati police force, with another officer, visited the scene of the robbery, a day or two ago, and made an examination of the safe. We learn from the Cincinnati Commercial that they found that a paml had been taken out of the back door, but a close scrutiny made it apparent that it had been taken out by a person inside the office. They wen also satisfied that the hinges of the safe, from w lich the. money was taken, could not have been broken, without thu door had been opeueiL It was to them evident that the door had been opened with a key, after which the lnnges were broken so that the robbery would appear to have been pcqictrated by an outsider. Tlie result of this close investigation was, that James Reynolds, the express agent at Vinceunc?; was arresU'd and held in bonds of $o,000 for ex- animation. Our readers have Ei.eoani Furniture. doubtless noticed C. C. Spencer's advertisement of elegant household furniture and housekeeping articles to be sold on tivmorrow, Thursday, morning, at a private residence on Waluut street, The furniture is all between Eighth and Ninth. of the latest style, and was made to order iu New York and this city; has been in nse but a short time, and is emphatically fine and desirAJe. A large French plate mirror, with marble case, Is included in the lot. We, of course, advise the ladies to attend, as they are specially invited. Memhius of Woodi.awn Jockey Club. Those who wish to become members of the Woodlawn Jockey Club must hand iu their names to the Secretary, Mr. W. E. Milton, by May 1st, so as to be acted on by the Club. The annual subscription is fgo, which confers many privileges, such as are particularly acceptable to a gentleman. We hear there are great preparations for a brilliant meetiug in May. The purses are large and w ill be contested for by some of the fleetest horses iu the world. are requested to call attention to the great drug store auction sale on account of underwriters this morning, at the store of Sutclitfe it Preuss, lately damaged by fire ou Main street, near Third. Iu the lot will be found many valuable drugs, chemicals, liquors, w indow gla.s, paints, oils, dye stuffs, soaps, perfumery, etc. Terms of The sale commences at 10 o'clock. sale is cash. D. Ileaton is the auctioneer. f to Messrs. S. G. Henry & Co.'s large cash pay advances of superior plain, marble sale slab, rosewood, mahogany, and walnut furniture will commence this morning, Wednesday, nt 10 o'clock, at auction rooms. The ladies are especially invited to attend as Mr. Henry informs us this is the best lot of furniture he has ollired at auction this spring. First Ward Democratic Meeting. We learn from the A Patriarch Gone. Abingdon Vriginian that William Beatie, the oldest man in Southwestern Virginia, departed this life at the residence of his son, Madison county, Beatie, near (ilade Spring, Washington Va., on the 2'st'j ult. Capt. Beatie was about 100 years old, and was the last survivor of the King's Mountain veterans from Virginia. Honorably Discharged. We stated a ago that G. Vi. Choate and D. W. Barnes, o Napoleon, Arkansas, had been arrested, charged with mail robbery and forgery. Mr. Choate was tried at Memphis on Saturday, when his entire innocence was made manifest and he was honorably acquitted. Barnes w ill be taken to Pontotoc, Miss., for trial at the Federal Court. The Democrats of the Second ward w ill meet at Turner's Hall, on Wednesday, the llthinsL, 7 o'clock, P. M., for the purpose of at half-pas-t appointing delegates to the convention to nominate a candidate for shcrilf. A full attendance is J- - W. OSBORNE, earnestly desired. JAS. ROWLAND. April 10, lsCO. dtd cars on the Louisville and Nashville Railroad, yesterday, passed through a heavy rain from Cplon to Glendale, a distance of extending twenty miles. But the cars were faster than the wind, and the train reached this city several hours iu advauee of the storm, with which they had had a trial of speed. J5TThe Value of a IIi shan i. Morris Lane was kill ed, about three months ago, on the Covington tnd Lexington railroad track, by being run over by a freight train. His widow has lately brought suit, in the Kenton Circuit Court, for damages The sustained in the lo.-- s of her husband. amount claimed h $5,000. our readers wish if If any ofand delightfully nnd to purchase a conveniently located country residence, they would do well to give their attention to the advertisement in another column of Dr. E. W. Masou. Ti'RTi.E Sot p roii Lunch. We are requested to state that Rufer, of the "St. Charles," will serve up at lunch green Sea Turtle Soup and other fixins to match. J5f Yesterday morning we called attention to the new advertisement of Harris' Gallery, that Wb thought would be of interest to everybody. Unlortuuately it was omitted, but it appears today. Stealing. A man by the name of Charles Brown was sent to jail yesterday for the alleged stealing of two coats from Louis Kalxher. tffFive shares Bank of Kentucky on Saturday. stock Sold 123, in Philadelphia, I ?' William P. Brannin, Esq., has become one of the editors of the Chicago Leader. Second Ward Democratic Meeting. Democratic Meeting. The Democrats of the Sixth ward will meet at J. W. Barr's law office, on the west side of Center street, between Jetferson and Green streets, on Friday evening, at 7 o'clock, April Ulth, for the purpose of appointing delegates to the County Convention to nominate a candidate for Sheriff. Fiust of the Season. Jo. Garciu requests us to say that his soda fountain Will be running this day, and hereafter during the season; and that his ice cream saloon is open for the remainder of the warm term. Should any of our readers desire either of these cooling beverages, call ou Jo. and you will be sure to be pleased. There should not be a single individual in this community without a bottle of Hurley's Sarsaparilla. It has effected some most astounding cures, and commands the confidence andpat-rouag- e alike of physicans aud the suffering. Procure it. This is the very time, and you will d&w thank us for the advice. Fun Aura i. There will be a cotillon party at The managers Odd Fellows' Hull this evening. w ill do all in their power to make this one of most brilliant all; drs of the season. It will the be graced with the youth and beauty of our city. Tickets to be had at the door. A little sou of Dr. Henry fell iu a cistern in Hopkinsville, Ky., ou Monday, and was drowned. Iff Mr. Sinithers, of Adams c Co's. Express, will accept our thanks for New Orleans papers of Sunday. See card of " Know Thyself, Charge," iu another column. Is. Free of Picayune Er?lhl A friend in this city has kindly permitted us to publish the following interesting private letter Irom the peu of one of the lenaiug English, merchants in the Mexican capital. '1 he source from w hence it comes entitles it to the utmost We publish it in full as it coiued to confidence. hand, that the reader may see what is the version of the affair at Auton Lizardo that obtains at the capital : Mexico, March IS, lSiiO. The detention of the last mail lor Europe, by orders of Gen. Miramoii, caused it to nrrivu in Vera Cruz too lute lor the packet which saiC j from that port on the 4th inst. This occurrence liss delayed my letter to you via Havana. An event hits since Liken place which bids fair to call attention to the Mexican (;tiestion, and, perhaps, may induce such action as will settle tlie altairs ol this distracted country. Some two The most of the timber that it pas.-- ; l through ; G, ncr-i-l growth, bcli.n.-ini- r S. Iriek, John VooIst..u, .S. A. Lo'-bit- .s, W. IL Iriek, and others. The lire originated by ome at Gernif.'i-towburning over a few acres of meadow for the; benefit of spring pasture. It In ing excessively dry and the wind high, as soon as the tire was of second Iriek, John was kindled the flames sLre.iU in all directions, a".,il waa impossible to check or control them. lire at the lust accounts, was doing considerable dainage.and it h, not believed can be fullv extinguished while the present drv, windy weather continues. TheManuahawkin stage, on Its wsv to Mount .., Vn rniinv, met Willi a narrow est ape from the fire. The driver, before he was aware of it, found himself almost in the mid-- t of the fl unes. The great body of the lire however set nie.d to be in advani r him it..i ..r..i round to make g aid his escape but he h ut not proceeded far before the flanu s cheeked him in uii retreat, and he was obli"id to pursue his journey iu another direction.' In a short time he again "found himself s rounded by the flames. lle ssiw rr ..tber curse to pursue uut to go straight ahead, and urging his horses to their utmost speed, hoped soon to be free from the devouring clement. But w hen he was surrounded by the greater bodv of Bre and smoke, bis horses became frightened and toppled, and it was impossible to move them. Here they remained for a minute or two, the fire roaring aud cracking to a terrific extent, when suddenly, the smoke clearing away, the horses started, aud the driver founi that the great ma-- a of fire had crossed the road a short distance in advance, and was making the most fearful ravages in its track to the right of him. Ho was soon enabled to get entirely out of its path, and felt that he had never before been in so terrible a position. At one time it appeared to him that the flames must entirely surround him aud cut off all means of escape. He hail two f- rnale passengers, and, as may be"suppoed, they were frightened beyond all description. Fearing tnat they would perish in the tire and smoke. their screams were frequently of the most pain- - v.,.oV,,,a,, ... takst, w ho adhere to the cause ol the cl. igy. lo , oue Gen. jlann, w ho was m Havana, lor the pur- chase ol some vessels and some munitions; of war, to aid Miramou in las attack iiinm era ; The vessels and munitions were pur- Cruz. chased, and made their appearacce at Anion on me oiu nisi., aim me ooieers inc. nil- mand were making their arrangements to o;k u with Miramoii, whose ca mp communications close at hand on shore. The American r Saratoga, w hich was cruising in ;he waters of Vera Cruz, paid a visit to the vessels of Gen. Marin, and, alter signaling, without obtaining any reply, sent a boat orl to ascertain dhe character of tue new comers,, were li.'ed upon the boat from the vessels ol Marin. 1 his caused the commander of the fyiraioga to g ive Marin's vessels a broadside, which did such execution as to induce to surrender at once. After this affair Admiral PeiiMud,of the Fremch squadron, iu the Gulf of Mexico, who was at Vera Cruz, addressed a strong letter in behalf of the captured, to the American commander, who replied by saying he knew his business, aud. if the rencamau w as as well advised as to his cun- cerns, they would get on well enough together. There were two vessels taken bv the Saratoo-a- . i and, according to our last advices from Vera Cruz, were to be sent to New Orleans. j This atfair has created a most intense excite- incut in this city. The government of this cap- ital are iu the greatest rage and tribulation, and it is difficult to say what they may do. Fears are entertained that they may vent tueir rage in new atrocities upon the American residents, and this fear is made the stronger by the knowledge of the fact that the British (lovenimeut have named a minister over Mr. Mathew, aud as they supiMjoe this has been done in couseiUeuce of the interest Mr. Mathew has taken in behalf of the unprotected Americans. Their journals have since been filled with the most w holesale abuse of the Americans, and threats of Vengeance. Tiie French Minister, M. de Gabriae, sends by exceedingly strong orders ti the mail of Admiral Penatid instructing him to take part against the Americans. H thescordcrs be listen- ed to, it is clear a collision must at once take place, but it is to be hoped Admiral Penaud will follow the example set him last year by Captain ' Dunlop, in refu.- - iug to obey a mad order given by Mr. Otay, our late representative iu this country. The expedition of Mariu was declared a piratical one by the Government 4f Vera t rnz, and it is w ell known here, by advices from Havana, that the crews and the vessels were all Spaniards, most of them persons who have bjieiit all their lives in the African coast trade, seizing negroes and bringing them to Cuba for a martlet. But even if the crews were honest men, the exjiedi-tio- n altogether cannot claim to be any better than that of Lopez against the Island of Cuba, and for the first time (he Americans have the strongest side of the case w ith the Spaniards. By the last mail from England, we learn the appointment of Mr. Wyke as Minister to Mexico. This appointment, at this time, has had a very bad elleet upon our interests here. The clergy regard it as a special victory, and notice it as such in their journals. They think the appointment of a uew man over Mr. Mathew's head implies a disapproval of Mr. stathew's con- duet, and as Mr. .Vaihew has distinguished him- scll over his predecessors in looking alter Ins own countrymen, and in lending at all times a generous and helping hand to other foreigners who are here without protection, the clergy think this course of conduct meets with disapproval at the Foreign Office. It is possible they may be correct, and if so we unfortunate English residents in Mexico are certainly in a The true causj of the appointsad position. ment of Mr. Wyke ocr Mr. Jiathew, 1 suspect, has been the calumnious abuse anonv- gentleman bv latter of the t u, " is lhe tally sheet WASUINGTON. W Dr. Baekhaus Dr. J. Smith C. Metcalf Wm. Hall Andy Housman J. Crooks J. L. Marsh Pie Marsh Fcrd Smith Phil Ptau II. B. Pierce EST END. ' 3 Josh R. Gibson.. 7 J. F. Hoy 5 II. L. Robinson. . . So 27 Miss '. '. . Miss. ll- Total. Total Everything considered, the above is tall shoot' ing, and although the Washington Club lost the match by three birds, they do not by any means consider themselves defeated. It is the intention of the Clubs to have another trial us soon as the birds can lie procured, which is just at this time a very difficult task. Cin. lluz. 112 Reported ' Expressly for the Louisville Courier. J POLICE C OURT. ' i JUDGE. Tuesday, April 10, 1SCA Hugh Douglas and Maliciocs Shooting. Wm. MeCorkle were iu arrest, charged with ma- - j liciously shooting Geo. Nutton. Nutton says that Mr". Bailey w anted htm to go on an errand for him, and let him have a buggy belonging to " Douglas, and bis own horse to' go with. While on lhe way he met Douglas and MeCorkle, who asked him" for the buggy saying that Mr. Bailey bad sent theiu for it. lie ret used to get out, when lliey pusneu nun out, ami ne caugiit noiu of the buggy wheel, w hen they drew a pistol on him. A miin named Wall, who wasstauding by, made some remark about their conduct, when Douglas jumped out of the buggy and struck him MeCorkle Striking Nutton at the same . time. Nutton then ran, and they tired at hiiu, the ball taking effect just above the knee. As Nutton was walking along on the Point shortly after the above difficulty, he met Douglas and .ticcorKie in me uug,. Heard MeCorkle saj. Shoot him." He ran, and thev fired at him twice, one ball striking him in the hip. Another witness testified that when the prisoners asked for the buggy, Nutton picked up a brick, and threatened to throw it nt them, and it was then they drew their pistols. He also had aslung-sho- t in his hand before they drew their pistols. Security iu S200 each w as required of them, aud "?g00 each to answer uu Indictment. t Interfering w ith an Officer. Wm and Wm. Gagan were on the bench for interfering with a policeman iu discharge of his duty. It appears some men had been lighting, aud'the officer attempted to arrest theiiu w heu these men tried to prevent it, but fell back when the officer drew his pistol. Bail in ?2u0 for two mouths. Disorderly. Richard Steward, f. m. c, was arraigned for being disorderly in his condui t. It seems Dick has been visitiug a negro woman, w ho lives on Lafayette street, lor some time, and on Sunday she threatened to kill him. Yesterday he went there with a rock in his pocket, and the woman giving Dick some "jaw," he threw the rock at her. lie gave security in 50 to an swer an indictment at tlie next term peace warrant, sued out Peace Warrant. bv John Walton vs. Wm Mekmncy and wite, resulted iu McKiuuey giving bond in 200 to GEORGE W. JOHNSTON, keep the peace. Astounding N. O. Bulletin, of F'riday, says : There was an immense deal of excitement ia commercial circles yesterday, consequent upon the failure of one of our largest cotton brokers, Mr. W. E. Starke, whose cash liabiliries are vaWe riously stated at from $:(50,(X) to $400,000. learn that the sheriff lias al tached 4,IM) bales of cotton, a portioned' bis recent purchases, not vet shipped or relieved from the seder's lien. The losses are divided between a considerable number of parties, allot' whom are believed to be abundantly able to bear them. This we believe is the largest failure of the kind that has occurred iu New Orleans for maiiv vears. regret to learn that Dr. Samuel O. Peyton, member of Congress from the Second district, has been called home by the daugerous illness of one of his daughters. She is afflicted with that dreaded scource. consumption, and her recovery is scarcely honed for MUwX AVvlMfee. j . TOn Tuesday night last, the tarn of Mr. James Rav, iu the western part of this county. and burned was set tire to by some down. Suspicion having tixe-- on oue uaniei u. Newman, he was arrested, and ou Thursday brought to trial before Justices Lcdbetter and fsinims; but the testimouy was not sufficient to convict him of the charge", and he w;s acquitted, I im.ii another complaint, however, he was held over to keep the e:u e. Tlie barn of James Rav, m the same neighborhood, as tired anddestroy- ej on Wednesday night, while Ncwniau rov.f.o--i (Ky.) Hull. fin. under arrest. Burning or the Fanny Holmes. From the purser of the Florida, we learn that the bark Fan-- I load-bv Holmes, Capt. Smith, of New York, and ing at Apalachicola, li.r Antwerp, was, on the night of the 3d instant, burnt to the water's edge. eveThe fire broke out about 11 o'clock in the nna-- -' i ning. and all efforts to extinguish it proved The mate thinks it originated in vailing. the lower hold. The Fannv Holmes had on board at the time 850 bales of 'cotton, all which, w ith the vessel, One of the men, asleep between was destroyed. the decks, when the flames broke out, was likewise burned to death. A. O. W., &itnniiy. Marriage is Literary Lirs. The Queen of "Ada Clare," w ho Bohemia is to be married. once ese.avcd the tragic stage, has at last fouud her "llanilet." The happy man is a Mr. Robert W. Pearsall, jr., the sou of a wealthy Quaker He was at one time the proprietor gentleman. of the Saturday Press, for w hich "Ada Clare" The lady with the has written for some time. above now te Stone is, or ought to be, well known in your latitude. There must he some- at m,s,,.s alld ,.ievcr authoresses would the i ln tho h:Uad. ever repeating nolbe p, tht. the command "Rock the cradle, Lucy." Cor. CAiirfeafoi C'o'irtrr. Failure. The K. A. Brewster, of MidiUebury. divo 'ee from her husband Owen the tenu just dosed of our Circuit true love", they say, never dies they coutesed their sin and mutually RcrAIRED.-Mr- s. obtained a Brewster, at Court. But mct again forgave kissed and made up, and on Friday were once more made oue ttesli. T he happy pair are denow enjoving their second honeymoon, and e as the first. clare that" it is about as are now wedded ... strong that hope that thev nor neither powers nor prim ipalitics.kmgdoms courts, w.U ever aitaiu be able to separate Tune. Elkhart them. TanAs Fracas AT the Depot. cars, Mr. Gordon morn yesterday ner was leaving upon the -' s ing, IIT COllUllOUO, t..t ollv unarmed, he was attacked bv Hon. Jona than W. Gordou, with a heavy hickory cane, by f w hich oue of his arms was severely injured. the final termination of this affair," it is unneces- sary lor U to speak.-il'- (.., ' UtzK'MV (!.) ....n , Brushing with hasty steps the dew away" morning on Newmarket Heath. He ha wrliieu the following letter to George W ilkes, who is now in England : Nbwsiajbj-.i- t, March 12. To GuoRGE Wilkes, Eso.. Pm .pbietcb or Spirit of the Times:" iMur .Sir "Wilkes' I had the pleasure of meeting you at the Gordon Hotel, in London, last Monday, it ha struck me that you would not perhaps consider It lost time, after having come set tar to look after the "big match"" you made between Heenan and me, just to run dow n here to see how I go on with lny training, and to have, if you lise, an hour or two's walk with me. NVhetner I wiu or lone, 1 feel oi liged to you forgetting me this chance, and if lean atforJI yon any iuformaiion, or be of any service K von, why I should like to do so. In fact, sir, 1 have nothfug to conceal or make a mystery of iu my preparation, and I only am "not at home" to general visitors, because it would interfere with my work, and bother me--if I had to sec everybody that called. As I aM before, I have no secret- about my method ot getting ready for the fight: I only take the usual means of keeping in good health, and nearly ail my training is confined, as you will see ii T"a come dow u, to w.ills, wy.U tiiy old liieud,icU Fuller, who you will recollect meeting with at the Gordon. I am happy to say 1 am as well as I eoul.l wish to be at prcs?r.; I you I am also glad to bear tllat y ur nnd friend Heenan is doing equally w ell. I hope . ill will excuse me for taking the liberty to sy tLak the reports which have been spread about my being so greatly disappointed in not meeting Heeuaa soon atu r his arrival in this country are a good deal overdone. I was rather disappointed, it is true, but ii w as as much ou account of my not being able to give him. a stranger, the hospitable erecting of an Englishman, as fr.i: any curiosity to know the kind of man 1 have t. contend w ith. I suppose, however, he had g"-reasons for the course he took; and if it Is lively tube of service to him, I shall be the last n.;.u to complain of any advantage he may ilrhvu from it. He is it si ranger here, ami it" there "to be any best of it" before we go Into tti- - r.i.r. I am more willing that heshould have it than iny-cl- f. I will do my best, when w e i!o t there, you may rely upon it. My colors are ;h British flag, and if my countrymen do not otjvci them, I wiU try to make aure to my uphoid-iishall occur to them through that no ine, even though 1 should not come off victorious. And now, iir, as I may not see you before thu t;me t. day of the fight I unless' you can run down here i, I wish you would say in yonr pivper for me, that I feel' grateful to the newspapers of your country for the kind manner they have always spo ken of me in connection wiia the national mutch with Heenan. So fir as I :;ia concerned, I have not heard of a single unfrii ndly word; and you can, if yon please, say for me ia acknowledging it, that I hope and trust Ileeran will have nothing to complain of from me whil.t he is here, froui hrst to last, however the I ai;io may go. After it is decided, and w hether 1 w ill 4r lose, I think it likely I may pay a visit to America; and if I do. I will in person lhauk lt".j Americans for the liberality of feeling, andgrxat ifoodwill, that they have all aiongshowa towards me. Hoping yon may find it convenient to down, I remain, dear sir. Yours very taithlully, TOIL SAYERS. every Walter S. Land, who has so recently been convicted of the homicide of his brother-in-law- , B. F. Flaunagan, arrived at Norfolk on Wedn.-s-- ' day, from Princess Anne county, iu charge of W. M. 'Bouncy, Sheriff, and Deputy Sheriff Lapps. He was heavily ironed when he arrived, and was locked up in the city jail uutil Thursday moni-- j ing, wheu he wasfaken off to Richmond, where he goes to take up his residence in the penitcn-- i tiary for IS years. He appeared cool and eollect- that he could ed, and said", "he reckon'd by stand it as well as anv body else." He also ex- pressed his satisfaction that the matter was set-- ! tied. It is said that the majority of the jury were at first in tavnr of hanging hiin. If so, he may esteem himself most fortunate in c,ettingotT with his lite. lMj .lf;.'t l:.".l .1:47 Fitiana. bracing Kobertson and Montgomery m lennes-seaud Christian, Todd, and Logan, iu Kentucky, and their reports are uniform in regard to the condition of the wheat crop. It is not possif of an average crop, and ble there can be many intelligent men w ho have had opportuniof ties for observation, think that not Many farmers an average crop will be secured. will have difficulty in getting enough" for seed. We have ourselves noticed the wheat ficldsalong the line of the railroad for fifteen miles from this place, and there is but one single field that is not almost a total failure. Our farmers will have to make ur for this de fleiency of the wheat with extra crops of oats and corn. t larkmult lmi.) Jtjfentoiuan. ...7 . The coming international pugilistic match inin interest upon both sides of the wter, and more money will change hands after the niaiter is decided, than at an v other fistic conflict that ever took place. In England the odds range from tt and 7 to 4 on Savers, and some evea hundreds were bet by the friends of Savers that their champion would win the fight within forty minutes. M.icDouuld, liccnaas trainer, has, however, sriven evidence of the staying ca; acity of his mini, by belting even that he is not whipped in an hour. He has changed his quarters to Winchester, from w hich it would appear that the Beuicia Boy has rather a liking for cathedral towns, the" ancient bishopric of Salisbury having been his first choice. The Loudon Field says lhat Sayers may lie secu Tub Wjieat Crop. We have conversed with fanners from all of the ailjolning counties, em ...d ..A Jos. Ferguson.... ....8 Jas. Woodward.. .....1 R. Bernard ...A 1st heut. crease-) t W. Loekmau J. Lockman . Ben Higdon F. Mundy s L. A. I larris 7 T. Marsh 5 Perry I. Moore.. fi W. S. Hudson... 5 Tin. First mile Second mile. Third miie. . Fourth mile. fitful fever, she sleeps well. But who sluvil picture me agony ti ner nusiianu, w nen tiie uoor of his cell is opened, and this new torture thrown CAiopo iu upon him t Lichdendohl !' life j S Ben Housman J,we:r unfit for publication, she had succeeded, and was delivered of a fetus, three and a half months old. Inflammation of the womb set in, and death speedily followed. Thus ends another chapter of the history of " . .' a. "V. ' ,lo i,,, ,r r A sh.nyt-In- g The Siiootinq Match Yesterday. match between the Washington and West Eud Shooting Clubs took place yesterday, at the Cincinnati Trotting Park. Eight birds were al- lowed to each man, the conditions being SI yards rise and 100 yards fall. racing career. The race can be told in a few Words, which will at once be perceived by the MMMARV. P.DAT, April ckey Clnb Parse $l,.Vo r our mile In ats. T. & T. V. Gi. f. Fannv Washington. by Kevenue. ont i f S 1 v. o. D. F. Keener cli. f. La Varicie. by Louis Or, out oi' Louisa Jordan. 4 v. o Mu'!i' A Harper'si th. e. A. L HingHiuun's Endorser, by Wagner, out of Fanny u., 3 y S. M.nor s F. s ruggs i ,.!. c jlfiin c. Lreckin- r'.ige, i.y Lexington, dam by imp. (.Icncoc. ' amount of indignation, the parties d into print. ' iu. Vui. A Sad DoMEs-nStory. ft will be rcmem- bered that some time ago : Mr. Mitchell, com- mission merchant oi tins city, his wite and her mother were arrested upon aVharge of passing large qnuntilics of counterfeit money. Mr. M. was finally brought to trial, convicted and sent down to Alton, but tlowere discharged. On the night before M. Mitchell was sent down to the penitentiary, which w is line months and a half ago, his wife was permitted to pass the eight with him in the cell. Yesterday Cor oner James was notified that Mrs. had tiled under verv suspicious circuiustanct -- , at her residence on West Madison street, .ni l he accordingly held an inquest upon her remains. From the testimony taken upon the inquest it appeared that some time after the departure of her husband, Mrs. M. found herself pregnant, and that she dreaded the remarks w hich her neighbors would make about her having a child while her husband was in the teni ten Gary. It also appeared that some one or two of her neighbors had advised her of the means requisite to procure an abortion, and that finally, through means they were ruuuing at a miserably slow pace l t Uii.c in, continued to g. t a full four m.le distance behind the leading nag, and when the , ce quicki he had to run than anv .f them io get inside the distance flag, which," for nis"t.a kers, did not imr. If, w itii sin h inaii-t- . ii, t iit, or properly mismanage-nt, it can ho xptcled that his claims to poUiss race horse are to be proved sition as a fir-- it hard row to hoc iit his, he will iuueeTiiaVc STt 'i ' rot .d, w as merely the i Brlligerent Correspondence. ' 4 first heat, Breckinridge, who was looked upon :u the champion lor the second place in the ntcc,wi:i!c There has been a slight outbreak of chivalry in Indiana. The symptoms ore described by the Indianapolis Sentiuel as "a highly pinuant and belligerent correspondence between ilou. Gordon fanner, reporter of the Supreme Court, and CoL J. C. Walker, editor of the Laporie Times, as the friend of Mr. Tanner, on the oue side, and Hon. Jonathan W.Gordon, Speaker of the House of Representatives, on the other." The correspondence is unfortunately not well described by the Sentinel. It is very long and rather dull. We cannot think of a more inappropriate word to describe it than "piquant." The amount of it is. that at a recent eonlerence of Election Boards in Indianapolis, .Mr. Jonathan W. Gordon told Mr. Gordon Tanner that belied. Mr. J. C. Walker, in discussing the matter in an intro-- j ductory epistle explaining the correspondence, says : "The difficulty occurred between Messrs. Gor-- j dou and Tanner, wheu the latter could not resent the insult offered without involving a large num-- j ber of excited men in a bloody collision; the for-mer boastingly announced that he held himself, In all respects, accountable for his conduct." There was a good deal of letter writing done, and an etfort made to have an "amicable and honorable adjustment" by " mutual friends." The friends proposed that'" both parties should withdraw all offensive remarks," siuiulLffieously, we suppose, which is the prevalent style where such things are formally done. This was not satisfactory to Gordon Tanner, however, who held that he had not used any otlensive languag And so the adjustment failed, for the reason, as it appears, that no one engaged in the ail'air understood how to manage it i oW. Gordon Tanner at length reached the following point : lam forced, though reluctantly, to close the correspondence, so tar as the same can be con- din ted, iu this fctatc. Engagemunts made before th;s unfortunate difficulty was created, compel me to be absent until the" 10th of May, You will, therefore, plea.-- e signify at what tine-aftethe 10th of May, and at what place uut of the State ot LuHhh'i, a further note will reach you. Mr. J. AV. Gordon informed the friend of Mr. Gordon Tanner, that he had "uo reply to make" to this suggestion, wheretnon, witii an adequate .,,,,,,s a,.ri'.l,!..rsi in tlie I mot, n. inn rnoU llis wt,u known that those communications,' if not w ritten, were nt hast dictated by Mr. Otway, w ho could not sec that his recall from here came from no other cause than his natural hatred for his ow n countrymen, and his utter inability to to which he had been un- till the elevated expeetedly raised. His hatred fur Engli.- hmen ana uis made linn act witii the cirrgy against, utter want of tact permitted him to do so in such bungling manner that his disgraceful conduct This is the man was found out and exposed. who has succeeded iu bullying the Foreign Office into the appointment of a man who knows nothing of Mexico, in the place of a man who has proved his knowledge of the country and its people by his many successful negotiations with them. There is no other news worth mentioning. The Indians arc raising in many new places, and war of castes is rapidly developing itself. The a defeat of Mirauion before Vera Cruz, will be the signal for the country to pass into a w ilder anarchy than Las yet becu seen in the history of poor Mexico. J. Zimmerman 77. A Fearful Scene. From the Mt. Holly Mirror. A fire was raging in the piues, in this cuuatr. lust week, to a fearful extent, and of course great damage. It started on Wednesdav, at Garoutown, htilf way between Kcd Lion "and Friendship. Its course was across io Dobbins' tract, r.t KetitH!; from there to Burr's Mill, ihtnce by Hiil toward Mingen's, in the vicinity of wl ;cli place 1. was burning on F'riday. The extent oi its ravages, a: that time, was a distance of about si;.; miles i i length by three in brtadth. The MuHm KjpeJi'io,, JvJtjf.J tt on iit the Capital -- AnArit,ntnt of a Suiaevr to Mr. MatluwVrtat Olteofttu Clergy f'iKthti, and Dugutt of the KmjlUli i CohtquenetJn-tlitiIiisvrrtctwn. et c. fj UMBER course was the closing one lo the most racing meeting ever held in the South, and, indeed, iu any )rtof the United states. The. race lor the Jockey Club purse, 1,.j. four mile heats, brought together Faun 7 Washington, greally the favohte aguinst the ti' i I, Endorser, second favorite, Breckinridge, . and La These positions, in the betting urt !. s, in. i at the pool rooms, were maintained wh-- u :.oi s than fifty thousand dollars had kcai. bceu The day was intensely and uncomfortably Lot, ond the ruaj. toand from the coere, the toui e itseLf, wasaimost one unbroken, and cloud of diiot. 'lhe race, it, If, so far a any struggle or contest was concerned, ali'ords no opportunity i..T descriptive display. It waa too plain, frow it tommenceineM to its close, that Fanny had the re-ttlo ui lonipletely at her dispooaL, if she should be ealled upon, innt it Wk-- d interest. She beat them in each heat without puttino' herself toauy trouble lhe first heat in 7;.'IT, It is m.i thy of remark that she Pan the lust three miles ..f tiie first heat iu appartnilv with out ellort, and, as the record will show, the tiird mile iu 1:47. What she could have done, if called upon, must be left to those ho madly ihiiik they can opeu the s roll of events. In the Firein the Je rsey Pine IMPORTANT FKOJI MEXICO. - Xew Orleans Picayune.) Jletairie Jockey Club Race Sprit? Heeling, laCO. Last DaT. Yesterday's rate over th Mccii.c 11, i860. From the New Orleans The Democrats of the First ward will meet at Schwiud's Exchange, on Thursday, 12th inst., at half-pas- t 7 o'clock, r. M., for the purpose of appointing delegates to the convention to nominate a candidate for sherilt A full attendance is earJESSE TALBOTT, nestly desired. A. GILMORE, JOS. CROXTON, TOM. RYAN. April 10, lsiiO. dtd at received - j Tueatcr. The heavy rain of last night seriously e.ll'cctcd the house on the second appearStill the attendaance of Mr. aud Miss Riehings. nce- was fair, and no doubt, if the weather had been favorable, there would have been an audience somewhat commensurate w ith the extra- BASHAW. SIS Main street. choice lot of Macklin and Dullield Hams Just Hi bids strictly pri OUR BON WH ISK old Bourboa WnuUiyrecelveo ana ! W. A a. bLKhLliAKDT, 417 Market street. The aiithorilies of the ienitciitiury in JcIRt-- I sonville have been vvorliiiijr the convicts outside the tirisou walls, hireino; them to w hoeVer would ciii;lov them for any purpose, at jdiets much less; than those paid coniliion laborer, thus briiio'incjtheiii in competition with the mechanics and working nu n of the city. The citizens have objected to this, not only because of the compe-- I tithm, but because of the demoralizin;; influence thus exerted, aud because it was calculated to make labor d.'irriulin";. In a few years past, fifteen or sixteen public meeting havebeeu held to protest against this practice, aud to secure a change. The last one lor this purpose was held some ago; and the Prison Superintendent was informed that if no change wa-- s made by the lirst of this mouth, they would take matters iu their own hands. Xo change havimr been made, a meeting was hel l on Monday night, at which it was resolved, should the prisoners be sent out of the prison wall to woik again, they would compel them to be taken back. Yesterday nioruiui:, they were sent out to work as usual. The fire bells were run;:, and a large number of the citizens immediately assembled, and proceeded in the direction of the place where the convicts were employed. The authorities of the prison at oaee withdrew the prisoners within the walls; and for the present, the people have triumphed. We have heard of no understanding being had between the belligerent parties; and thu dillk-ultThe ( itizens are determined may be reopened. to put an cud to the evil of w hich they have coin- plained. C1 by !'n Lad of the manufaetur. LADD a W ATTS. 4'4 Main street, between Third and Fourth. BEtVER FELT II ATS LATEST STYLES OF Brown aud Black Reaver Felt Hat- - to be had of M S. 4 'l lam street. LAUU i and Fourth. m;,l -wj HATS AND CAPS A I.AItOF AND (OMPLKTE assortment of Men's and Boys' Hats aud Caps con stantly on band ami lor sale ny " l (ovra Cable Laved Seaprass, new kind; Convoy Silver and iirass Keels: Do Cai li!e Snellrd Hooks, Lest; Limrick Snellcd Hooks, best: ii.isv Carlisle Hooks, extra hue: One dozen Fisiiins books. Parchment; mi line Floats, painted; Evtra Lance Wood Tip and llinir; Extra Snells. Leads, Ac. Ac; New style of Lunch baskets: Complete call and buy your Tackle at A. D. MANSFIELD. a;;d4S LOUISVILLE STVI.E-- A fresh lll,nlv of our LOU IS il.I.E I.E. of m k and Cassimere Hats will ap- our shelves this morning, direct from our manufacture rooms. This stvle can be had only of A. CltAll.. corner Fourth and Main. urJ4 SHOES, HOOTS AND Pprinr Stock of d,, . H4VE received fh.1r 5W1 iwh't? f . tsaL ITi CKLE llo' nid Xvvlh T O shall at all times be lull and complete, wnicn T,...;.,-U1- FISHING Just received from voy's. asuDiTiorsto Reel.. Lines, Si.elled Hooks, too r ine Rods, two and three pieces, new ic. patterns; pieces, very litht; Fine Rods. fine Cane Rods, new patterns: Medium and low priced Rods: Silk Line, plat and twisted, best; eK5rr.T-- l " " Fishing Mods. QrEEXSWARE, M 1J O A T A of heretofore existinr rpFE partnership HOPKINS is this dayunder the stylemudissolved by A CAvCUA Lonsrit-IA- . &ii i AND DEALERS IX STEA gcoeb. nouss runNisHiwG AXD Co.. I old firm cf Cen. P. Moore Mossr.. Moore. Wheeler. A B.bin-sou- . gentlemen aorthy of the patronage A j j An entire new Stock of GENTLEMEN' S AND BOYS' CLOTHING AND FURNISHING. GO IDS! Selected from the Four Cities. Cull and examine for yourAT THE THIN OF THE GOLDEN" HAND. self, utrtft-Sout'tiie't Coi'iirf Muiii and d.tS Louisville. Ky. AXD W.1LT0X f rm C. Masou Moore Co. i Ids to dissolved THE John of Oeorre selling outt his interest day James F. Wnr" of In yl FFVSWAIIK. KY'. i: L) -- sCOME AT LaVS- TI, O N G i4 Al'.E. XOV OPEMX4J AT ISIaiicIna'd & Son.--, ATTEXTIOX! IIAIGHT & WHEELER'S, mMd3m TIHE copartnership heretofore eristitirthebetween firm of and l.eorfe It. Petiton. under A FF.NToV. was dissolved ou ths 1st inst.. by the The businfstof the late firm cicala o4 4;orge R. Penton. up oy the utidersisned. rili oe fc. Z. MAKI'iX, Surviviut Partner. leil du V ' apt dtdiwS Ac, &c; OPPOSITE P. Z. MA jonx GGIES; FISE ASSORTMEXT FOR S ALE CHEAP AT DIRK, itt oiuiirm. Bl P TROTTIXC. IWOTICE. V 15. Further Information given nt the I'ni 'n Railroad Ollice, southeast comer Main mid Third stre- ts. A. S. CKiiTHKRS. apTdtAprillS HT BL'GC.IES; P SIIIFTIXG-TO- t A. F. W AIU). A. D. MILKS, lA ROCKAWAVS; FOUR-SEA- T SLIDE-TO- JollX W M EVENS. COPARTXERMUP. T1EFFERING to the above, we rive notice that we will IV Continue the WOOD AND IKON inauiifacturiTig curaitu. rto crrierl on by A. F. Ward A Co. at the lier f Maiu at. 4 I welfth vrcets. under the name and etvle IV ARK. We respectfully solicit a call ..f L1GH1 blRX from all persons wanUbC aruclea In our liu. In retirinr from th the successors, a tue lately mi; t;ui j XOTICE. t 1 ..!'. It. Jeii'ersonville in Arms (ireat Excitement Convicts Withdrawn within the Pri-- I son Walls. COMMERCIAL HANK OF KENTUCKY. ) Panel au. March Id. order of the Bonrd f Director i f this Institution, anneal election f r Inn . tors of this Hank and branches will be held on the 7th day of May next, in the Directors'-- i ooui of tue bank, toru of Puducah. at the May. being the first .Monday iu Stockholder will please attend to thi in person or by proxy. J. L. DALLAM, Cashier, ROCK A WAYS; T ( I. wT. SONS & OWDEX, and durability of the Goors. larre This cautl"n is rendered essentially necessary. qiiai. tities of inferior and detective Linens are prepared, season atterseasou, and sealed with the name of by Irih Houses who. reeardlos of the Injury thus inllieted on the American consumer and the manufac. abandon aid not the genuine tores of so profitable, tio.uls. purchasers readily be imposeda can a bile business a worthless character. cnaithtJooil.-o- f ; Witi. Watcins. March 23. lngo. RAILROAII CO. u as a guarantee of the aouudness W. f. Ward A Co. ilarch C 1oU NEAR WALNCT. 4 . JL. Itun STREET. LOl Is 1LLE, KY. 'll Janlldtf C.T0.iC. uuua, TTT.1s-cwho, rp FIFTH Che llr.a. SMITH. No. .il.i Market stnvt. Second and Tmrd. I I.L issue half fare Tickets from Louisville to Charle-t4n, S. C, to those who uisii to attend the National Com ention. Tickets good from April lath until April I'Uh. T .m Trains will leave Jeltersonvilie .' P. at t and M.. making connection direct for Charleston Citv. Persons holding thron-- h tickeU will he allowed to stop over at any intermediate station. Fare from Louisville to Charleston and return, wi'.l he Board, Miller agail.Et Pal'.ie. 4il6 JT H.tnk of IxmisviDe. 'over the Agricultural More of O. W. 1 n'S Comi any i enrajred In a peneral O--NSl'RANCE busi-MARINE AND FIHE s IKK.UU the njiM t'raif. Jfc.cE K. 1 KLL, President. m. V" Dr.iT. Secretary. IltKkT DIRECTORS. If. Ptokes. Jisse K. Bixt. Jon liiKBKa. F I. SM. P. ORKT. MlksHll.L Wh. II. RoKiaT Dux. tR09ite .M. APRIL The dek'irutes to the convention to be held on Saturday next, the 14th, are notified that Mozart Hall, on the corner of Fourth and Jellerson streets, has been i roeured lor the uie of said convenlioii, and the. delegates of the city aud county are remiestcd to meet at 10 o'clock. M.uo:n ll.VII'lKi:. JEIFERSONVILLi: t n T7 Wm. Carrln. J 'hn W. AndeTSon, Win. Iiu?hcs. Warren Ne a comb. Vm. Terry. Ilovh brenL b. Wilder. ' F Johnson. L. N ck. i.e'. C. 4 aaUeiuun. jr5 dA tf .! J. J. S. Morris Sons, against John Onatbniey. ic, BP JAMES TRABCE, President. aAT Eite, SecretaT. A, MORMVU, Convention. iir.i.Mi nr.Mt.iit MiruiAMilMi my business, I will sell at cost, for t.'iirdy davs, a splendid stock of c 1 MARSHAL'S SALE. It XXaSkTSANCS COHTPT, and Bullitt street, second rt.'ry of , eriirance ou Main streeUjaJ THIS Company continues to make Insur- a?aiut the perils oi navi :id their Carti.m on Ships. Steamboats. by Fire on esseLsend als against buiidiug and in port, and - 5eJ?- C . - v? a buslard. corner M ain tlr0mccomb's building-Xca Ji-J- APRIL General Council. Ii'I'or Latest Tt'lfttrnph Iii)tcliesJ, River and Steamboat Xews, Commercial Matters, etc., m e Fourth Page. ) BANK OF KENTUCKY, Lucisviu.k. 2d April. ls.fl." 1HE ANNUAL MEETING OFTIIK STOCKHOLDERS MONDAY, the ;tii of May of this bank will be held on an election lor next, lit iu.. clock A. .!. on the part of the stockholders, to serve the eusu-inveal w ill take place. P. II. BULLLX. Cashier. Geo. W. uiaU. ULIILLE, uroEsntY -. HAXK XOTICE. DIEECT0R-- . R. II. WaegTer, janlaotf rHANELIN S7. IIARniS& GILMORE, PK0PRIEI0RS. apfl dly 2Vnf1 A Rawson. T. hiaTicaneil. J. A. UcDoaeO. John Cornwall. brandies; do Iu , do do; in '4 do R.iciielle k ii do Pert Wine; W du Madeira Wine; IS do; do Slierrv lo Jl blls old Apple Brandy, ! do; do do. do do Chm.tpaime Wines, various brands: A N. L'nigwnrtii Co."s an,l J. McMiHen's Native i and Sct. h Pale Ales and Porter. Claret in Wines Curaeoa, 4c. cases, Ainiisette. A' synthe, Marasciiino. Alse. a lars--e and a ell assorted stock of fresh FruiU, Sau- Mcklea. and hermetically Sealed tiOoOS of all scrii'tious. ut lowest market t of the THE undersiimed. liable Companies, will do a general t ire In-surauce business at the lowest established as uuaL promptly adjusted paid. 'V rtli'niKi a return of the pi In snare of lil former friend lo liu buii.ea. and of the public generally. ad Iibla superior Bourhon Whisky. 4 years old; 2 tlo; do do. li' bbls 0t'osmac in 's caks Wall street. Sew Y'ork. Capital and Surplus ykiijii 'a ' RIME an AXD AT COST! FURIHTURE LouUville- - EOOH XtlATrrjrACTORT. WEHR A I .EVFRINO.Ml Min street. .Id dorbel 1't.ird. I.ouisviiie. ky..niHiiufHe. Hirers of all kind of lUi.k Il.ioks, and kee;roiit:tntlyn bund a latve assortment BlaAlJE ?7 BY Tolin aud 04iv, the Httetittn ot tli 4r.. Ac. t. are rryuettt'd to call and rx- Thaiikfiil purchaiin: elffwliere. :ti;!ie her ii4H-fr Htf fnxon. ti h'pt- - i- merit a oontirr.innce of the Kki AGEXTts. tsOXs H.iuuiiiw. 1 T 4V. S. VEItSOX Itu.ll dly styled of Hosiery. AC. 1VIRS. LI. A. O'CONNOR with a larfte nAfl Jut retumel from th Kat and Fancy uik.rt.mcut 4'f .tillii:trr y Muss. U.(Km PAID PROMPTLY New York City. tl.M7.uuU CO.. of Conwa?. CONWAY FIRE INSURANCE Casu Capital and Surplus. MORNING, Both Boards of the Council met last night, and the new members were sworu iu by Es.piire Clement. All the Councilmen were present excepting Dr. Pyles,whowas necessarily absent in consequence of a melancholy affliction in Lis amily. ixitisvHiI,i:. KNOSrSI. 4 STTIOEIJS, nr" Euroit n n LlUrnturt ami JWvie, Nl DEALERS IX SCHOOL HOOKS. BLANK BOOKS, Market street, Eiigravimrs. Giltiiiouldim;. Ac. No. t between Second and Thirl, and soutiieast com. r of apu dAS.Jm and Preston streets. L .uis ille, Ky. t UtT. ill remsin to receive and Mrs. Bryant vait iinon her fi i.Mids od the oublic Ht her old st md. while Mr. Miller a iil be ideased to nit on Lis friends and cuMoiuers at the tand No. Ukt Fourt street. Orders promptly tiled. Package! delivered in the city m.sdif and Portland. JUi.uOU CO-- DAILY COUKIER. Importer aisidlraAS IJaU.UUtf NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE ( uli AcsuuaUatiou of tlie UMI'M mow FIKL INSURANCE CO.. of New York City. LAFAYETTE XICIMD BOOKSELLERS Hnre just returned fmni the Eoat with of Milliner' and Fancy aa(irt:nent Xriti miliuel.conmtina v''ff lorer. of New York VV CaaliCpiuL 1 M AiH).4- mi$. aiAsUOJ. CITY FIRK INSURANK COMPANY. urplu CaMti eapital Hid KE1T ENGLAND t. it. urpiua... KENTUCKY, WEDNESDAY glfecrttancottrJ. the foilnwiur relia- - Represent - LOUISVILLE, S. 6c Ijeibman's More, v COUI VOLUME 30. AOHNTS, OfIie No. jir AND' TIIE Tl'RF. TFrom th Gen. A S. Johnson. As Gen. Johnson h.n left us, it may be proper to state the estimation in which he U held by the people of V tali. is geueral'.y considered to be a gentleman of high character, with a great deal more of the soldier He has the than the citizen iu his composition. reputation of having kept his soldiers under strict and wholesome dieipiine, and at the S lum time he has sedulously abstained from the first act of comity towards the Utah people, further than his duiies positively required of him. In a word, the Mormons think there could ha-- , e. 1 been a more free, mander, and there could have been one a gre;ii, deal worse. Gen. Johnson and 4iov. Cumming have not The Govexactly run together from the firsL ernor's policy Uis been of a conciliatory hue; the General's has been decidedly inclined to tho dictatorial. Both have suited their respecti. o positions, and both have done very well: at both might have done much worse than they Cor. . .V. Y. Trihm.e. have .S'f t com- Deatii of Mus. Bi rd. Mrs. Eliza Howard Burd, widow of the late Edward Shippen Burd, died yesterday morning, April Cth, h year of her age. Mrw. Burd in the maiden name was Siinnis, and she was an only WooUrorp Siinms,f the firm of Jos. daughter of A W.iodropp Siinnis, who were large shipping merchants, formerly engaged in tlie Can too Mrs. Burd's' Either died in Kit;', of yellow Trade. fever, while she was a child, and left her under He built the guardianship cf Joseph Siinnis. the bouse at Ninth anJ C hestntit streets, which has been for many years the residence of the deceased. Mrs. Burd w;w married at the age of eighteen to Edward Sbippen Burd. He died in September, W. worth over a million dollars. Mrs. Burd, in addition to the alsolule bequest under her husband's will, was entitled to receive the income of nearly all his estate during her life. Though she expended this income profusely in charities, her estate has. nevertheless, grown and t half a million. She spent increased to many thousands of dollars each year in charities, in a quil t way. Speculation is rife on the subject ot the disposition ot her property, but it is generally supposed, from her habits of benevolence while living, that the larger part of it has been left by her for charitable and humane I'U'J. n.uirer. purposes. Intrepidity or a School Gihl. On Satur day morning, the large school building known deas the Cleveland Institute, tex'k fire from fective flue, and was burnt to the ground, The house was insured for 11,000, and the furniture for 2,500. The Herald says : Whilst the southwest wing was wrapped in flames, an alarm was raised thai a girl was in the burning building. It was soon ascertained that Miss Minne Le C'ompte, a young pupil front Canada, w as ut the building, working desperately to save some of the furniture from the flames. A man ran up through the fire to save her, but she refused to go until the property was saved, and ended the controversy by striking the maa in the face, pushing hint out of the room, and fastening the door. As she was now in imminent danger, sheriff Wightmaa and deputy sheriff Beunctt ran up the bUzing stairs, but she refused to let them come near her, and continued throwine the furniture out of the window. Sheriff Wightman at length succeeded in carrying her off to a place ot safety. Miss Le C'ompte. Is quite a young girl, but she possesses unlimited courage. Liverpool Albion says a young lady, the eldest daughter of a well known political baronet, who was so deep a sleeper, that it wa always difficult to wake her ; and in the year lN,"a fire broke out at night in the family mansion, when a male domestic burst in her roeni. and. snatching her as she laid in bed, conveyed her to a place of safety. Strange to say, tho lady's high sense of modesty caused ht r preserver lo be discharged from her father's service. The lady is still unmarried, but theniauwhc risked liis life to that of his mistres. u.ia been rew arded by a legacy of 500. bequeathed to him by his hue master. A Flippant Fhvicia Aswerbt. A cele- brated physician said to Lord Eldron s brother. Sir William Scott, nt her more flippantly than "You became the trravity of fcis profession. know, after lorty, a man is always a fool or a The Baronet archly replied. In au physician." both. insinuating voice. "Perhaps he may Doctir," ,

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