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Image 1 of Daily Louisville Democrat, August 14, 1855

Part of Daily Louisville Democrat

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY, TUESDAY, AUGUST VOLUME XII. TRANSPORTATION, TUB DAILY DEMOCRAT, FOR WASHINGTON CITY, FRINTED AND rUBLISRKD BY & CO., on Third street, between Market and Jefferson, East side, HARNEY, HUGHES O-l- oe Baltimore, Philadelphia, Dally Democrat per year, payable quarterly do, Do iu advance Or Ten Cent per week, pay able to the Carrier. Dail v Democrat, country edition, per year Weekly Democrat Jo per months Do do In , 00 i HAMPTON'S JL a short time, 1 have given up my business to my son, who will be found at my old stand, in Ki?hth titreet,lx:tween Main and Market, who is in possession of an ample supply of my medicine, as also the full knowledge of preparing them, having prepared all that I have used for many years. The cures witnessed in the city of Louisville by these remedies, render it vain for human language to attempt equality, and one which makes plain and easy to poor -. ,: V uaiu.t . '" " ever been considered by the most accomplished, scieuti- fie, and the most learned and extensive practitioner without a remedy through all lime past. Come, see, and JESSE HAMPTON. JeaJdoin) believe. L IMILKOAD! 300 ! 11 OHIO Ow 6 & MANUFACTURES. HEAR! HE All! j i 3Iot direct through Line for the East. BALTIMORE 6 MEDICAL. j NEW YORK, &C. TERMS. GREAT WORK OF INTERnpHISimprovement (3?i mile from Wheeling toTERMS OF ADVERTISING. L nal .11 00 Baltimore, and to Washington.) was opened to the 12 lines, one insertion Cae square of v Jkj kiih nis now oeen iuiit river in junsan , each additional iusortivn W tnio and approved, both as a freight and passerge'r tasted one inoutU, a iihoui alteration Do ft niu - . This road is located in a romantic country, is do uionihs, tio Do fully equipped, and carefully l. roc moruhs, do solidly constructed, do lo Vi W managed, and is thus rendered an attractive as well as One iquare six months without alteration 1 O0 a sale li:ie for travelers. The late completion of the do ine'.ve months, do Do a 00 Cet.tral Ohio Road, from Columbus to the Ohio river, I month Each addition iquare for six W 1(.ar Wheeling, adds greatly to the importance of this Do do tuelvf months 8u 00 route, offering, aB it tlows, the most thorough Railroad One square six infnth, renewaole once a week connection with the entire West. One aUre twelve mouths, renewable twice 40 W jHTtrr ayiv i t i week i t r Trrr ptc r vrw JEWELRY. THE UNDERSIGNED One aquare twelve months, renewable once LcVl'IPt ILLK AND TliK NATIONAL MKTKOl'OLiS would respectfully inform his friends, and the pub , , . rr ld by this road, which runs direct to Washington l lie at large, that he ficsjusi openea. ana is uunj re- jii oy ',ii, Ti7lTr-.,i-IIt is ceifj, direct from the manufactories, all sorts of L .Vr.iVr1.irnte Dii- - without the delay of passing through Baltimore. rrire. to JEWELRY. t ltv i FPB Prd including that i ! u iu ind.vduai mem!. i lrt0 t;ratuiloui AdvertlMHff. BUSINESS EMOCRAT. E0MSVI1L2E AI2LY tX JVr"uV Los,n,e, ryproreed j i j the Little Miami Railroad at a. at. (or i r. m.,) for Co- counecliiig there with Central Ohio Railroad, to on the Ohio, i neeiirp. At miie oeiow with the B. and O. Railroad is Ky express train oi u is rouie, me ume made ' lr,.nl;mr,re is less than i5 hours, and hours lo Wahincton le th:iti T11ROI Oil TICKETS are sold as follows: By mail steamer" to Cincinnati, from Louisville to Washinflon, 1S; tolUltimore17: to Philitdell hia, 1; and to New Vork. it 50. To le h:idof ". CAitrsR, Ticket at out'ienst comer of Third and Water stieets, Louisville. (L'Ue sure to ask for tickets by the BalUmore aud Ohio Railroad route. TH KOl'G 1 T IC KKTS may also be hnd at the office of the JefferscnviUe Railroad for the Baltimore aud Ohio Railroad route, by way of the Jefferson viiie. Ohio, and Mississippi, Little Miami, and CenlralOhio Railroad, at the following iate: From Louisville lo Washington. SIS to EHiUuiore, II" bu; to Philadelphia, 11 tfj; to New iil. v,. v. uiriort cars of the B. r.ndr. O. lUilroad, which WleaveashS p. M.,for Baltimore, and 11:15 (or Philadelphia.) bv close connecUon, arrivitg iu lri or 17 hours, including stoi.paf.. Forafe:y, aperd, reeularity, beautj- - of the countiy, and general .fiirt. this road is second to none in the Union. FREIGHTS With the larKe eouipmentof ai.r Rail road iu the Cuiled Stales, tne comjiany is prepared to do an ia.uierisebu?ineBi in the transportation of freights, w hich are carried with care and dispatch, and at rates a low as those of any other first class line. The road makes immediate connection at the wharves and in Hie streets of Baltimore w ith the Railroad to Philadelphia and New Vork, steamers of Lricson and Baltimore S'.eamship Company's canal and sea, to New j York and Bostoc, steamers to Nortolk, Charleston, Savannah, kc. For phiticclar? see freight tariff, copies of which may be had ot any of the Forwarding Houses in the West. JOHN B. DON K, feP Master of Transp rution, Baltimore. SOTICES.SS ' i i gStth jaitt ?$?n$X&?VZ thuomiS. luy west'oV other vi fv MKNUEL. street, between Sixth and seveutn, Main Ltider Louisville iioiei. DoUfcul in myl2 TEW STYLES JEWELRY OF NUMBER 24. 11, 1855. ' Auditor Page, 1"0; Public Instruction Kentucky Election. DEMOCRAT. DAILY tup't Matthew. 90: Grea. - More- - fjREEN Coc"ttOfficta. Governor Consnress Eurnett, 8:J: Hughes, 3. , head 476: Clarke 632. Senat Mathison, . Ward (InJ. 4C2; Ham- Lieut. Governor Hardy 45 i: Magoffin 691. mends, C7 Attorney General Harlan 432; Woolley 682. Legislature Waller, 734; Johnson, 112. Front the Evening Edition. Treasurer Wintersmith 4; Garrard 4.1V. Additional School Tax: for 771: ainst, Register of Land Office Me Kinley 679; Frsuer Firr Alarms. The alarm on Saturday after- - 452. ..Gkeent' CorSTT OrriClaU Governor n noon , rorewled from a chimnev carchln? fire on w; x- t rres. T. ot int. imp. Uaggui .nsoui Jlorehead, 041; Clarke, U2. Fifth street, between Walnut and Chestnut. And C73. Lieutenant Governor irdy, 9:'.2. Auditor 1 aze 441; (mastead 6.3. ;,53. last night the alarm was fal?e. hapt. Public Instruction Matthews 673; Green j Attorney General IlnrUu, : 2."; Wooiloy, "IT? Oj:-- . Carrar l OH Winter-rnuRewaro. There w a hand bill iostcd about the 4j1. r Treasurer Prize ' ' " city offerinjj a rewr--l for an Irishman named Ca- V V FX 4- . Agister of Land Gce Mckinley, v I t, " vender or Cavanaugb, who shot young Rhode?, e Ficliine Vauzhn 616; James Lewis pv.j Tf " a' ' Xe.-bit-t, Old mm Barrett shot and hung for killinsrlSlj. 3J ' a,l","u' Khotlei how manv nnre killed him: It is like W Auditor Pae,&-27- : Grinstead, .111. INSERT. A. Sup't Public Instruction Matthews, 'Jl ); Greea. Hknperon Coixty Ogficial. Goveraor 1 5. AND SHOE MANUFACTU - Caranaugh sreinain3are in thesR,veJari or the ruins of Quinn'd row. We stated in our parti- - Morehead S;l; Clarke 67. of Jefferson street, 41 south side Conre9 Cox, 97; Stanton. i". Lieut. Governor H.irly 802; M.i iflin C07. on th of the f'f Seoatc None. drdm forw? , Attorney General Harlan 8;; Woolley ti.j. Legislature Jones, American, V'v: Twjforl, f, to, and work warranted to lit. Rhode-- i was shot thnt young attendel Treasurer Winter?mith Garrard 641. Democrat, 2. fc AVIlPOlPl" without provocation. We ?in?e learn that it wa Frazer Keeifter of Land Office McKinley II 11 School Tax: f.r 1,414; against not so. We shall, in a day or so. have full proof of ! H. if I.' ' Kk'l I III witii "mi i ."., " rrc. hoard of Int. Imp. Haggard ?f)9; ebitt Fi lton Cot ntt Of f ic i A Covenior M .retruth, and will Publish it. V.t- i. 'a Organ Manufacturers. rgMIE SUBSCRIBERS HAVE L COM- menced minufscturing Organs of the finest and are prepared to execute all work best descriptions, and pertaining to this line of business. They are now en- in the en one of faged which, when the largest Organs ever &built stops. completed, a ill contain full The case to contain the work, is 31 feet in length, 17 feet wide, and 21 feet high. Persons can Judge of its capacity. This instrument will hare many new and fine improvements, well worthy the attention of those acquainted ith the construction of Church Organs. All orders at home or from a distance tilled with promptness and dispatch. Persons desiring to examine our work, and lea rn our rapacity to manufacture the finest description of instruments, would do well to crlvA na u .nll af our fHCtfil'V. on Prp.ton atroat. nar Broadway. Thankful for the favors of the past, they nope to gtiu merit a iuii snare oi patronage. JO UN CON KEY & CO jeMdtf AUGUST 14,1855. Tl'E.SDAY, ..... J0".- TiL5 1. ...m.,...u,.,.i p,.! J. BOOT It 8': iiil'II s " SfflS' " 'coLs; "I'hlftteopu.gies; It wiUbe borne in mind that the Carriages here ad- vertised are new; and for cheapness durability, and r.asi ur cannoi oe stock eu ur.e.i, 'c ifciiiunj i""" before rurchssu'K v elsewhere. Hmut v.i uoo. Auditor IV I'W- Sectarianism ts th. WelM Advertiser say, that the School Cotu.ittee of two fetn.Ie teacher, be- under their charge were among the be,t in Lowell. . 25?Wehave , every day this week, ?ince Monday, families pajMnjr through this city from Lonisvilie, to tha countiy.haviri with them their household goodi. They are principally Irish and German-fleeimj from their persecutors. S.Alb. Lr'fy.r, llfA. - CVngre,s-- S. ha, Additional H72; L. 8. heat ,::Cl;irke Lieut. Governor H irdy 170-- . M.ig-.if."2. Attorney General Harlan Woolley Ul. ''' Treasurer Wintrrrnith 1 7 : Garrard :;21. Register of Land OS.-McKinley 171; Fraser 32.'. Pres. 1'H.arl of Int. Imp. -- Hajgard 171: NVbitS o.: (. O.Peyton oo,; Campbell Coi v aaiivt Official. Governor chool Tax 1,011: nnti.-e- Ghki-vTU- instead :. ntt - .31. Auditor ragl"Sl: Grin-teaSupt. Public- Instruction . ioretiM''. 1,0 .0; Clarao,. Lieutenant Governor Hardy, d :j!7. Matthews 171: Green i o2.-.- MagoSia, Congress H. Burnett ;:j: W. G. Ilaghe-- t j Senate G. W. Silvertooth .1 JJ: A. C. bi ke 17. Attorney General Harlan, 9$ 1 ; Woolley, &7. Legislature Richard Alexander 4l'; Dr. John j Treasurer Wintersmith"; l7.": Garrard, 8:12. Ray -'. FORWARDING Ac COMMISSION H1 no21 dtf Kegister of Ijind Office McKinley, V7i; Frazer, f Additional SchodTa.T 4 Factory Diffkxltiks. Trouble has arisen in Merchants, Vlieelinp, T. against 71. Ant, some of the Connecticut factories between the - M4. j WILLIAM BPRADIiING, 3IACDONALD, BULLITT eratives and their employer. At Willi mantic, opPres. Board Int. Improvements Haggard, CorsTT Ofuci al. Goverccr the Clat Louisville, Ky. Macdonald's head 2ti5; Clarke 37i. factories have been standing still on this, account, ! Nesbif, THIRD STREET, LOUIS- JO. SILVER-PLATE- D WARE. GALVANIZED irrl dtf Auditor Page, ?9j; Grinstead, SI t. ville, Ky. anee the lit of August, the operative? being on a Lieut. Governor Harvly 2j0: Mat,2"m r5. Matthew, V 7 1 : '' Attorney General Harlan 2j-- Wovl'.ey UJ. strike fur a reduction of the hours of labor from ! Sup't Public Instruction AGAIN IN RECEIPT OF WithIRON JAXCt T. ROOT. all the modern improvements acknowledged, as twelve hours on five days and nine hours on Satur Green, S25. new and elegant styles of rlated goods of Treasurer Wintersmith tlarrard 41d. JOTTES 8c ROOT. every variety, from the highest and most elaoo-,.,i- v a Family Refrigerator, to be uneu.ualed, and to be Congress P. Campbell; l.rtl'j; Samui O. ley day, to eleven hour3 on five days and nine hours Register of land Frair t.l AND THE in thi T.laiuet sivles. 1 have ou TBK BEST AND CHEAPEST ARTtCLK, FORWARDING, & Peyton, !i7. on .Saturday. The lar;e cotton mills at Norwich uu.rtinpnt of ware, consist ins of Tea Sets, i.rcCOMMISSION, pecond street, ltween Mam ..on. MOST CONVENIENT, ' Seuato James P. Buc kner, 1,0 jU; H. G. Bibb, ' Pres. Falls have been partially suspended on account of t. Cake Baskets, Waiters, Castors, elegant Cups auduob-da'l- v uf Int. Imp Haggard 247; For Fruits, Wines, the strike, and and Water streets. Louisyilie,Ky Ms, (cilt inide,) Spoons, lorks, butter Knives, e Acc., cooling and preserving Meats, Milk, of other establishments are embarrassCoin-therhaving received commendatioS the most disdies. Claret Pitcher?, Butter Coolers, Saltcellars, Audit-r-Pa- ge Legislature - Ben Berry, lHl; Lewis Hrdy C.riu-teaed in ft iinilar manner. At North Windham the :.7 1. WILLIAM KAYE, munion Sets, 4ic, allot the heaviest plate, ana warrant- tinguished scientific men, and hands demand ten hours, and tho employers otler s'- Supt. Pubiie ed asrepreenud Mtthew.4 't THE FIRST PREMIL'M AT EVERT FAIR ELL AND liRASS FOUNDER, Those in want are especially Invited to call land ex Additional S ho.l Tax l,ft6i-- , agiinst 7o9. Where it has been exhibited is for sale wholesale and to compronirio for eleven. 31. t JvH- - XVlAiO, amine. Water street, between Virst and Second, LouUretail. i Conres Elliott .rll: ! Main street, between Fourth and Fifth. jel3 V'.iie, Ky. AYNELorvrv Ui FiciAL- .- t.otertier - More- Legislature Garrarl 4:V!. Gilbert What is iih NamkV We would like to know This Refrigerator i. no Experiment, SPLENDID STYLES OP JEWELRY. As hundreds will testify. Circulars giving full descrip- the namo of the individual wa. reports for the j head. t Clarke, '.;;. For Schrn-.- l TaT 7i); distion, with names of many gentlemen of the Lieutenant Governor-Hard- y, Associated Press at Louisv il'e. Of the many dis-- 1 f.7'; Magt.Sn, JUST RECEIVED, HY well known scientitie assortment of the verv latest and tinguished parts of the reputation. a::d corroborating citi- honest reporters of that Association he u certainly j CENTRALsideTEA AND FAMILY f..n nr. C cited Stales, zen of all all of Jefferson street, bet woe n First JOHN KIT IN luost elegant styles of Jewelry. Attorney General - Harlan, fio.1: Woolley. f).4. the greatest liar of them ail. He even 's we have said, will be sent to any address on application and Second, Louisville Green C. J. Walton, Atiii. Main street, between Fourth and tilth. jel3 . W. MAC DONALD. to jell Treasurer Wintersmith the notorious Richard Smith, formerly the agent Garrard, '4t. Wayne N. B. Ston, K. N. JOHN V7. SHARP, Oifiee McKinley, 6i-- . Frezer, Kegister of at Cincinnati but, happily for i f truth, Morgan J no. P. Morton. Anti. OFFICE CRAGG & CO.'S noy no more as any one can ?os by comparing '"'i- -TORN E McCracken J. A. King, K. N. Pres. Board of Internal Improvements Haggard, JeSerson street, between Fourth and Fifth Lou-., the telegraphic messages Tvith thi new-papWOULD re- KENDRICK Hickman and Fu.tou G. W". Silvertooth, Aa?i. Louisville, Kr., will practice in all the Courts of e call fur the removal if t'ais lying,1": esbitr, t; WV portj. respectfullv call aUention to his stock of beauMain street, between Thirteenth and Fourteenth. aiid in the Federal Court isviile, the Court of An HOI SE OF RErRF.SKNT VT1VES. Page, 673: Grinstead, C40. e don t tiful SILVER 'AR"K, auch as i oij that at t ranktort for t!iis dis'net. SUBSCRIBER BEGS LEAVE tellow at Louisville. his place we only ask that Auditor .SHORTEST ROUTE TO BALTIMORE Democrat shall H 11 Sap't Public Instruction Matthew. 67: Green, CASTORS, warranted solid, COFFEE URNS, rgMIE call the Jessauiine J. H. M Campbell, K. N. JL to of attention 3y. g KMT, 19. such an unmitigated fal?ifjer and TEA SETTS, 1'ITCUEKS, liOBLETS, Adair N. (further, Anti. t,,t UnirLpst Ronte to iladcl ih i a. dealers, professors, and others, 4rsrr- - iX?lS,'.'lB be no longer allowed to use one hundred newsCongress Fox, o7; Talbott, 6 ?. CUPS, FORKS, SPOONS, dc. Hancock S. B. Pe l, K. N. 1855. 1855. Summer Arrangement. to the extensive assortment of Kt m'rv- - Mvnn First and Second. Senate Stone, fi'.tl; Kyan, (2'. papers to extend his falsehoods. Igan R. C. B,w:;Ug. K. N. 'iff. I'ot, 1 If A. their improved circular scale I o !'. takes the liiiery of ofiering his aen ices to ciQci Legislature Van Wiokle, 6:? J; Bei-diTrigg G. P. Grasty, Anti. full iron frame instruments, now aed strangers in curing all diseaseO' Homoeoj.'iic Additional School Tax, l,t'4--- ; against J5Wh at a Lifk! A wretched specimen of humanGraves L. Anderson, Anti. Silver, of many varieties, such as Chronom- - on hand and ready for finishing. Gold and rjy mucn rim ana experience, to remedies, building, ity was taken to the second district Station-housLever, Anchor, and cynnaer. Magic, By the erection of large SkCord rehel in Uie most desperate caaes. Christian Ben. Berry. K. N. To ZaneavUle. Wheeling, Baltimore, Wa- - ' eters, Duplex, other styles of casing, many of which are they are prepared, ashould additional factory trade the want of the Hunting, and Dr. L. aieo gives his attention to all diseases of the County Official. Governor VI Mot: Russeli and Casey -- M. Foglv, K. N. it, to turn out seven ins.rumeuts per week, or Thursday evening, whose Listory, if written, would ' in snecial order. inl.i. an.i Eye. lit h had maty years experience in treatment ""bwu "-j'- i T3r.ilarT.lnhia , furnish a volume. She zavc her name as Mary Morehead, 379; Clarke, 1 ,04 per Lewis -- F." M. Woods. K. N. CHAINS, SEALS, AND KEYS; PEARL SETTS 360 i'ianos may annum. f ocnlar diseases, ALSO TO Buyer rely upon getting instruments fully Ann SherTtrxid. Upwards of twenty years sinca Lieut. Governor Hardy, ; Magofan, 1,'47. Greenup Richard J ncs, K. N. Cantor information, call at my office,i above EAR RINGS, AND OF NECKLACE, equal, in all the requisites of a good piano, to any made she left this city with Munroe lei-- aom (aentioned PETERSBURG, NORFOLK, AND J RICHMOND, Attorney General- - Harlan, 37a ; Woolley, 1,02!. Edwards, in what' Fleming -- H. W. Bruce and in the I'nited States, and at a saving of from twenty-nv- e Grimes, K. NY. PINS; DIAMOND BRACELETS, to fifty dollars on each instrument. All the wood capacity may be easily guessed. She was then a' Treasurer Wintersmith, Garrard, l.ujl. lLiUClU., Bracken -- J. T. Brtvlford, K. N. EAR RINGS, PINS, AND A: used in our manufactory U thoroughly seasoned, and no fair young girl of sixteen, but already hardened Register of Land Orhee McKinley. 34J : Frazer, Shelby-- J. Tevis and T. W. Browa. K. N."s. in KINGS; MOSAIO AND expense are sp FORWARDING AND GENERAL CENTRAL OHIO, AND LITTLE MIAMI RAILKUS, ' CAMEO EAR RINGS, PINS, & BRACELETS. pains orin every respect.ired in turning out each piano vice. Sue has returned to the city, and has been ' l,o". H. Wood. Anti. perfect Louisville, Ky. "We.the r. ' years the Agricultural AssociaC,,- -.Live t'.is oay lomied a copar.neriiip lor For two President Bi ard of Internal Improvement Pen lieton- - Chas. Duncan, K. N. general assortment of articles in my line tion and consecutive Institute have awarded first committed for vagrancy. Even now she gives evi- t In a word, a via i. Mecharics' denecs of talent that might have made her an Haggard, 5j1 ; Nesbitt, 1.04. Bath Hawking Anti. ' and General are oHered ou fair terms at niy place of business, No. premiums to these pianos over aU others, when in com'i t'. puueu oat, a:i iJCting a Forwanlingll.e Loose Columbus and Wheeling. ment of any circle, but alas! her Ufa has Wen 51 Tliird street, between Miin axid Market, Louisville. ss, and l.vt taken Auditor Page, 3o7: GrinsteaJ, 1,00. Iione Corbio. K. N. petition. t Reference is made to the folio wing dealers, and the worse than w;ksted.and alo now begins to rean Sui eriiUen lent Public. Instruction Matthews. k'u pidaiid J. uiver. i3, Caktaide f Third, npiIREE DAILY TRAINS LEAVE my Warren Geo. C. Roger?, K. N. me between .l. r,..: ,.ri..,.:..t r- -. protession generally :)C'2 : Green, l.ol . "SL Cincinnati at i &. X., I0: a. M.f andti r. u. Barren T. H. M. Winn and R. P. Beaa.-haJiei.-FRANK C ARTER, p. I AM RE- - n v i.,i.M.IUru r,ni.i. cinnd A-- un..i . n. . ... ... (.'ongress R. 11. Stanton, Alhnny l!" S. M. Cox. K. N.'s. I.otusnlle, O '.. 1, IV. JfOCRS; ceiving nearly every week, direct from the man-- i Bahuer and Weber, St. Louis; Curtis At Truan,Cincin- x t3Consignmenu of Nails, Glase, Cotton Tarns, and t uowntr-at .noouy, u )v7ir.l''l (' W i To.ll James A. R u ?:!. ufacturers, the latest styles of Jewelry. I ha ve now nan, i)!ggmsW. et to., .Misnvine; Courts At. Rutherford, Sep) PiiXkburc Manufactures solicited. Bi'.each OF PROMISE. The Clarksville Tobac-- . II. Fox, Natchez; 70 mi.riMokt: ;.v,'t hovrs; on hand, by recent arrivals, in part, Diamond, Mosaic, Vicksburg; Senate Jjhn P. Mottin, Dem. RockcastleS. E. Co.k. K. N. i Cameo, Enameled, Gold Fruit. tc, Setts, or Pin; Ear Clarksville; Schaub &. Murphy, Barlstown; Patrick At J'lant relate s somewhat amusing case of breach Perkins, (K. N. ; U-Greene F. Vaughn, Anti. te TO lV.iSHlMl.Y IX 2 JIOL RS. Rings or Bracelets separate; as well as a general assort-- ! Croose, Lafayette: II. D. Hewitt 4. Co., New Orleans; otr' promise "r marriaze. of 'Sottire John Bmdsher. Lee & Walker, Philadelphia. ia4 Legislature John Horgus, 1.2rS ; no opposition. aU warranted as represented. Wayne Van Wickie, K. X. Connecting at Baltimore with Traits Philadelphia, Wil-- i went of Jewelry, j of l'ersou county, N. ('., had beeu a widower for TAILORS, WM. KENDRICK, 71 Tiiird street. to Pliiladelphia. and Baltimore Additional School Tax, l,34d ; against, Jn. Morbus, Anti. MERCHANT Market and Jefferson,FIFTH tningf-u- , with Train New railroad, railroad, to New Con-- t By7 are row uecung only a few months. He was 7i years of ace; but Jersey Vork GAS LIGHT. Marshall W. Wa.ier, Anti. C' w "TS am tl W Styles of DKLSS via Ne Brunswick or Aniooy. receiving their Spring and Summer began courting Miss Franky Lea, a lady of .17. who j Washington Clay Garrard, Anti. Cassiincres, GreuadiliC, Silk, and This is the onlv route which can make the SM. hours 600IS. Broadcloths, the attraction of a dowry of $ 12.0urt. WHOLKSALI AMO IHTalL PKALBRS 1M Cincinnati aiid Baltimore; turning 5, time Fulton R. Alexander, Anti. lld- - Morehead trlendid Marseille? He was accepted, and a day for the marriage fixed: i.ieu't Governor-Magoff- in,' This is one of the richest importations ever secured lioursiu advance oi any otner route. 1,115 : lUrdy, 401. This is the Quickest Route from Cincinnati to Phila- but a younger suitor, Mr. Johnson, the same Uuscitv. lue styled are new mu rufaia, im our ; ; Harlan 42t. Att(.rnev General -- Woliev, l.i.y-Nkw-Boydeli'hia. arri inz in ad auce of any other route. s. ecved with the greatest possible care He iinite The authoritiei i f are HfDfU)TPIjy r UOJi (IV ' invited Pipes. Gas Burners, ana Chandeliers put up,give as the lady herself, sent wor-- e. by a neighbor that Treasure- r- Garrard, 1.0. S; Wintersmith, 417. Licensing the Tloit is the only route w hich ctm make the 2v hours nends to look on us. I-n UlfclCjlk. VIJflAI t have to call on us, even should they prefer to sixty boys to sv'.l WELLS t ARMSTRONG. time from t irci'inati, or by which Through Tickets can BMULwl eio-pi .Tie consenie.i, cm.j,u,u..cuiiiiii Fra r. 1.1)76 of O'Ji tooth-pick, T, -, neva, Jiaia Street, mree uoun uir aouhu, iu meir mora wj some one else, aiier lenriuim our prices, andi y papers, he procured ietween Cincisi.ati and Wa.siiiuptou City J Ac. "E.vh . l an hour before the jey. ".u;, Tne7 we,r? u7 trnt Jacob's Buildintis, be leave to call pubiie attention lo as it wiil be money in their pockets by so doins-haj a locality assigned to him, beyond which hj' hours iu ot any otherruulj. arriving ... i: r- The Dublic are asked to tiike no one's assertion to ceremony whicu was to mnke 'S.iuire llw.l.hpr n u..Mr n..ri vai, .1 atiurtmetit of Watches and Jewelry, LtWK Cincinnati bv Little Musi Railroap. cannot stray. He is obliged to wear a badge, with happy man was to come off. Bradsher threatens Resident Board of Internal' Imrro. emecis selves. 1st Trun Lightning Express Little Miami rai'.roa .11 tha word "licensed-- ' u:xn it, so that he can ba the whole stock was selected by one of the firm. leav, s t ineinnalt at t o 'c'ock a. M., arrives at .an ojuaius uuuoeo, i 404. ajr Neshitt, 1,070 ; Hag-ar- d. r iue KefeUlHlora, lor aiiiie iwh.lii nunng. leS;U rroc!l known to the police, who have orders to complain ja-urires. jiain it..,dc.. r.iiiin et inm. ville t 12 o'clock, noofi. Leaves Zuiifesvilltf at IJUJ, Afh,nflii'.'.B. r tnml-ruli rourtii bL, No. Sajierintendent Public Green,l,0 12: of any boys selling without license. In the reguTfir LorisviLLK Riotss and their Effects. awid heeline ;.l P. M. Glasses, Jiatenais and looia lor r aicuiuancri, k,! rn-lTie W thitl ith 4Traiii Baltimore nd W atchYr.-nri,ii-. West side, between Main and Market. - ui t The following circumstance, well authentieatetl, ' Mattnews,:'.V. EAGLE CARRIAGE FACTORY. .i Watches directly imported from ourown manufactory lations, a boy, to obfain a license, must have preDIAMOND Ohio raiiroinl, and sirriviag at lialtimore11 at b:30 o'clock ' : i:ur,u a was related to us yesterday. On Monday an Indi- - ' Congress Jewett, 1,10 i ; Wintersmith hool fur a certain period. In viously attended KEATING! aV JOIIXSOX, o'clock a wi.nisaio uml relil. at New York Alices. Arrivinu at aching Un City al INVENTOR OF asTHE is prscticed in this city. Representativ- e- Booker, 7M Batner. 017. ana merchant from one of the largest interior towns many cases the small amount earned by these boys Connecting Watch cleaning and repairing done with neatness and CARRIAGE MANL'FACTLRKRS, Lad.eTWigs, half Wigs, Braids, Curls, etc, made to and New Vork,with Train al Baltimore for Philadelphia ' : lieviil. direct. Circuit Clerk Marr, gitve orders to several of the Louisville wholesale is the chief means of support of families f. reertaia order. Connecting at Washington tor tredencksburg, re- - 'lhefatest style and patterns of Jewelry ,&c, received JEFFERSON ST., BETWEEN SIXTH & SEVENTH, houses for biils of goods. On the afternoon and ' School Tax - For, 1,"S7 ; against, Ear periods in the year. These boys are under thi Also, Hair EraiJg of every description, such fee. every week. Louimille, Ky., ' Hints, Bracelet, Breast Fins, Fob and Uuard Chains, night of that day occurred those terrible riots and Little Miami railroad, leaves Cin call superintendence of an ofij-eexamine for who has brought tyWe invite the ladies togoods.andAll our goods them-- !j Ui-K A Hopkins Coi nty war-Official. Governor cinnati at lui o'clock a. m., arrives at Zanesvilie al 5: selves. No trouble to show - Ladies' Hair Dresir g done either OX HAND destruction of human lifo whick will give Louis- ra HAVE NOW forth order out of disorder, and abated what at one t4S p. m. Leaves 2anestille al i r M., aud arrives at ranted or no sale. Clark l,Cr. M. ZIMMKB. D.i?'. . c??i2 and are constantly making Carriasres of ville a world-widf aiJ though unenviable notoriety. Morehead time threarened to bo a dences or at the store of Boys W heeling at 10 r. M. Lieut, (lovernor Hardy ;t7: Mag--rTievery ueacription, in the most approved style and finish. On Tuesday morning, the Indiana merchant went l,i."3. ith Train Baltimore and Corii.ecting at Whet-lin, no longer sell newspaper merely to get money which, for durability, cheapness and elegance of work- Woolley l.t'of'". frequent the theatre, and to gamble ia alleys and Attorney General Harlan Ohio Railroad, for Baltimore and Washir.etou. to each of the houses to whom ho had given orders maiiebip, cannot le surpassed in the West. Philadelphia Connecting at Baltimore with Train for STREET, WEST The attention of the pubiie, as well as strangers visit- - and countermanded them, savin,, that he would: Treasurer Wintersmith Wl; Garrard 1,04 ''. G6 and New Vork, direct. (Formerly J. R. Winter &. Co., Main street), Register of Land Olfice McKinley -- 7:: Frazer 1 side, dealer in Watches and Clocks. Havingbeen ing the city, i respectfully iuviled to examine our never more purchase a dollar's worth of gooxls in a Connecting at Washington for Fredericksburg, Richmond, &c. severs years engaged in the is scarcely-necessar- stock.warrant all work of our manufacture for one year. ' city where such terrible outrages on life and prop- - 1,01 AND Eviiiftivr We urn At CVu-I- ('. m a.. We to recommend himself lo press Little Miami railroad, tor the subscriber 3d iLt Pres. Board of Internal Improvements-Ha- rd TLo names of all the parties retail Dealer in, and Manufacturer of, lenvesThais : erty were tolerated. eount is kept of the money each emigrant brings Lj"' Repairing done with neatness aad dispatch. Ciucinrati at o o'clock v. M. Arrives at Zalies-v- . public favor. Bsgs, hngine -V ahse. 13 W Trunks, Carr .Ml: Nesbitt l.ot my31 He claims to have a thorough knowledge of bis trade, to this transaction have been given us, and there ail specie, ot course, aiaoe Auu.t lie at i u'clorlc a. m., leaves Zanesvilie at -.- 12 a. m., 1" emion band, m and warrants his work. He Auditor Page M''.; trinstead 1,017, can be no ijuestioa as to its truth. grants have arrived, and confessed P a total spejeil and arrives at V heeling .tb:ao . Morning Train Balti- - comprising jeweled M atcties, has a sue stockuiobtexieu- - xixa vv vLViViaa.urxj i.TJ.a.i.s 1. '!' ret. near MsrW et, LouismleKy. . Clocks, ana a Coiinecting at Wheeling ith ui Green cie means of 72.'.'V., bein Supt. Public Instruction Matthews Alh t u3 Led.j., 11A. more and Oiuo railroad, tor CumbTlaud, where pas- - sive assortment ot v aw;u v.uaius, uuarus, ci.ifi f 1 1 jo f,.r every man. n 1,049. UULiL Kn- wuman. and chil l. The Germans br:n rnct . sriiders sieep audreaumehy Morning Tiaiu for the East pins, Brooches, Ate. a manufacturer or clocks ana. ' 3 Mlj r? U IM11 1 IU. Il Mr. Uirsrhiiahl is .Iamf-jIg,,ectf ally inform the put 11c of Louisville that tht-Congress W. direct. T.,.,, fj 4.. Huhe, Amer., ;?.: H. C their average, on confession, is $u( far every soul Mowrvv Rfi pash. , . ' ', i n.'.n Coi:nectinc with Train at Baltimore, for I'LuIadciphia watches. lie lias devoted years oi ciose auenuon anu haveentered into the c.irri;ice husinessiu all its branch- - ' LOUISVILLE, KY., lande-J- . The probability is that th emigrants . me case 01 James 1. arrested New York direct. careful industry to his business, and lie teeis conudent Kgm They p.iy especial attention to the lighter styles Senate 1. A. Bnsks, Amer., J. I. Head bring more than they confess, and that the aver- Connecting at Washington for Frederickshurc, l'e- - cf his thorough ability to repair Clocks and Watches, of work, such as is made in the Ea.--t. .:a;v. Y.T.7. SEVENTH AND EIGHTH STS. and . Tht v ha te just last April on the charge of beinz accessory to the ' Ursbui-cKichmond, 6lc. and it will allord him pleasure lo regu.aie tae ume- got out a nert. an(t ,piendiil Kockaway that weighs less, mnrJer of Arthur R "in of Pi "n ramo ! ley 1,0 li. .'lu t r Iri.-.h- , '0 ft.r .ertnans, BIBB ii SON, Proirietors. and .'. J" is ?l sr.Q.m his customers. t, ' Baggie checkeil from Cincinnati to Wheeling and pieces ot He has constantly on hand Odd Fellows and ?ung lighter thau any oth. r, and is evsry wav the lst tne Grand Jury at 1 roy ? week, and to the sur- M. Amer., Representative others. At the wreck of the New Era :',n tais from theoce to Washington City, A.C S.B. article in the market, having an improved patent fifth ;ii).ii00 were 0f alm0st every one, they have failed to re- - !:U, W. Morrow l,ol. checked from Cincinnati to Baltimore, and Masons' KEGALIAe, of every degree, plain or beauti- wneei. persons, mostly Germans, were bet: iTl ROUGH TICKETS FROM LOUISVILLE. The necessary Jewels are also kept fully embroidered. frotn ihence to Philadelphia, 4;c. Kepa!ring done on reasonable terms and at short no- - turn School Tax For 1,10'.'; against til found in the trunks and on the b elies of the perh'm . ani he if liDcrtJ. i hill They flatter themselves that, bv strict . . . . XLrouEh tickets for Washington City can only he pro- - on hand. ITEW ARRAN G nMEIT. ished. Altogether, the tile of Kufiin emigrastore, o. bo imru tice. tj,e killd of work,they will eiieage a attention. 11 W1" be remembered that suspicion hrst lell up.jn call at Inviting by w hich an(j and this fair share this Comnt'nring Monday, July Id. 1S55. cured I vticketsroute,be procuredis the only route to l'hila- - street, west the public to he pays his particular attention to of the custom or Louisville. Cull and examine speev him in consequence oi a letter which he received IS35. side, where can via Baltimore (.bittendev ' ointt Official. Governor -- tion brings us aauuaily several millions in specie. watch repairing, he remains the public's humble servant. lcri. A ic 1 r!c pnpjrr. ffiee in Try' t"romMrs'- - Ka-n- ' th in Morehead Clarke 5'.3. j. liineuiiPLim. J firougti tickets to vt inc!ictT, Kiciimonn, rreaer- ml 7 U-- : niyisdam which she had proposed a plan for the poisoning of Lieut. Governor-Har- dy Magoffin icksburg, Petersburg, Norfolk, W eldon, and Wilraing- Mr C HEIGHT & EXDF.R3. " tjn. can only be procured by the Little Miami Uouie, EMOVAL. S. D. CHOATE HAS her husband. W: Woolley iio. Attorney General Harlan f and liie only route by w hich passengers can go through removed his SILVERWARE MANUFACTORY t. rrotu the tone ot the letter, and the manner in Treasurer W mtersmith 44. : Warrant i i wuiiuut detention lo cuarle.lon, Stavauuan, Jiacon, to No. W Fourth street jalidtf VIA COLL 31 n I S. AUlanta, Augusta, and ail points oulh. THE L A R G EST which the death of Ragan was spoken of, it was j-- Register of Land !fcee -- McKinley Hi; Frazer 7E FOR THE AT 6 A.M., 9 A. If. DAILY EASTERN TRAINS evident that he at least knew her designs, lhis FOE TLIROCGH TICKETS," stock of Lumber and Shingles in the city. To Dealers In Jewelry and Watches. VIA THI AND b P. X. yellow Fine Flooring, at Ai to o0 per letter wa3 opened by mi?take at the post office. 10 A. White Pres. Board of Internal lmi.rovenients Hazard And all information at Cincinnati, please apply at the W JeSTersonville anJ Ohio and Mississippi Railroad, RETURNED FROM tnv?.?J:?- and HAVE JUST again sealed and delivered to Jlowrey, when 44: Neshitt i7'., p,ortext, od Jof Lirrci Koute,loth Little Miami Othces, l. W. fctraler, General Ageutj f.r,tPi pi Th QuliLt-M- , vmtMinn L. S. Mail Line Steamer Jtcb StrvJer an 1 o. auurnei iiouse, ursi aoor wcsi oi ii;c, .m. i the East with a most complete stock of Jewelry Auditor Pajre 467; Grinstead oli. for doors aud windows, Sash, (primed and glaied,) he called forit,and he acknowledged it to be his to and rout Cincinnati and th Lal. Telegraph No. 3, ' . . Sunt. Public Instruction Matthew 4jU: (Teen alter he had examined it. way and Front, directlv opposite epeucer House, and The stock is unsurp'assed for quality and taste, and j Glass and Nails, I'uttv and Fainting LAID WITn HEAVY T IRON. WaShbOardS,! Also, Dressed shelving, Arcmtra A.fO THI at the Littie Miami Depot. will be sold at the very lowest prices. Every article is IHoUw.II.vIW. n... iatnt.l writV. fbr..r.- -. warranted, and may be returned oy ouyers ii tuey arc and Weatherbnardinff. Wheeling Passengers dine at Zanesvilie. Pittsn. sot i ii ISAAU ties, that Mwrey was a lover of Mrs. Ragan be- ' Confess W. G.Hughes, K. N. 4.1.: H. C. Bur-for- e CINCINNATI, HAMILTON, AND DAYTON Can do square and circular work of all kinds. S jperintendeut Central Ohio Raih oad. not what they are represented to be. Iunkirk burg Passengers dine at Crc-Einsoap, Starch, Candles, Candies, Ate. Boxes for the marriage of either. These nett, Iem., i01. BKOWN, C. W. Country Merchants are invited t insject my assort- furnished, and Buffalo Passengers dine at Cleveland. tSTrinted bills of prices will beBUEEDEN it desired. even taken aside from the testimony of Mrs. Ra- jyH dtf ment befire purchasing elsewhere. I confine my AEent C. O. R. R., Cincinnati. Senate 1. A. Brooks, K.N., IF.: J. D.Headly, t CO. gan, seemed J. N. fcbiJ ness exclusively to the aiwve articles, and have selected sufficient to hold ilowrey for trial. Dem., 051. AND EVERY TRAIN BY them in person, ana win sen mem low Ju- - j Miami route runs into the Depot of the But we must abide the opinion of the JAMES SOIVIMERVILLE, C. C. Cobb, K. N 410; J. Representative sTElNAC, corner Fifth and Main sts., l.uke Mint- rrmd at Cleveland. over Lichten, Lcewenthal Ac Co.'s. mr20 ry, and believe, if we can, that no undue iudu- - Clement, Dem., iJl. Manufacturer and Wholesale and Retail Dealer in "The roads by tiiis rouie are in very fine order," laid AND LEXINGTON & FRANKFORT ences were brought to Lear in the case. It is not GRATES, AND CASTINGS, A large majority for School Tax. smooth, and comparaSTOVES, with heavy T iron, tively ire from dust." Ite'.ng the shortest and moot di probable that Mrs. Ragan will have . trial this Copper, Tin, and Sheot Iron Ware, arNEW YORK, BOSTON AND red route from Cincinnati to the East, the Ume ii socer- Casey Cointy Official. Governor More-hea- d are Through Tickets to Cincinnati. ta'iged that it is made with ease. Connectn-TEA KETTLES, SAD IRONS, COFFEE MILLS, JL Philadelphia via Dayton & Clyde to C'eT-Ia11 :!'.': Clark S. tain, and passenger have full time for meals. SCALES, Stc., FOR TWO DAYS. FAKE direct matin the same con nectiousaa Are made dj acy Ail ho tke this route will be sure to return by Lieut. Governor Hardy t3'2: MazoEn 427. other Lines out of Cincinnati. OR Souta side Main, 3 doors above corner of Seventh, it, at this route makes the quickest time both to and UMMER ARRANGLMLN 1 . v Nitmehs. ca The nutme? is f..und o other line from Cincinnati makes quicker time or Attorney General Harlan rial; Woolley 421. trom Cincinnati and til the eastern citie. i ;, , ;, ,v IXHliSMiie, rvy., unanolis. Chicago, and Cincinnati more reitain connections loliie EaoI, and none so'jmc :f Treasurer Wintersmith 629; Garrard 419. Lightning Express leaves Cincinnati al 6 a.m. for the Monday, April 3uth, trains will run as r On and after hour. from the East by one and TWO PASSENGER TRAINS DA1LV. SOMMERV1LLE WOULD sUmnes" river. The extensiou of the ' Eureka East; arrives al Cleveland in advance of any other Register of Land Office McKinley 0J8: Frazer The lime on the CinciDu.u;, liaxaiit.-n- , and Dayt ia JAMES Inform-hiiMj ..t .,;. friends and the iiublie. ,i;,t, route. i;..v . M. ti,. Road is quicker than is aiaoe on any ol.ler railroad in 417 7 HKST TRAIN LEAVES LOUIS fLeave Jeffersonyille f opposite Louisville) for- - India- Express arrives at Cincinnati at :! t. considerable height, and "bushels may be of the distance tins road n ior Ohio. For pre,. Board of Internal Improvements-Hagga- rd grow from the Fast. to see and accn.mtdawuV,ho,''ma'y nearly level aud strantlii, and it is substantially duilt ! leave Cleveland fifteen minutes later, and arrives at 02U: Nesbitt 417. favor him w ith a call. Me warrants his work to be as gathered near the above named extension. that it can be run al high siecd with &re.tier saicty than Cmciunati hfwen minutes earlier than any other route. ' good asany made in tne :cu . lermareasonaoie. 6:1:'.:- Grinstead 41ti.Anlitor-P- aM roads. other CINCINNATI TO CLEVELAND in r.1, hours. 3 H. B. Kooung auu Ji'juac ftura iu general uouc who ! the arrivU Kirst Tninleavirg CLE ELAND TO CINCINNATI iu e.S houra. mrlOdtim Miscellaneous W ar Items. Sapt. Public Instruction Matthews bi'3; Green ofThe Louisville Morning Cincinnati, Cincinnati, neatness and dispatch Car, is on me the 417. A letter from Odessa, fif the 1 Ith. in a Vienna Hamilton, and Dajton Koad- - The Devot are ri-ia wrrt ft i,t a TIME VIA LITTLE .MIAMI IUHTE. PECOND TRAIN leaves Louisville at p. m., and WILKIN'S A3IIELi:T. oer, From Cincinnati to the er.3i- - j congress--r . a. rox, rv..,., on, ... v. announces the death of t L0R1LLRD, M WUFAC- - ' COLCMftrg In 3 hours; Train remain om t night in Lexington and resume by rfllHIS MOST VALUABLE PREPA- ... - Burton, K.N. o..: C.N. Polley, sary trouble of hauling it two miles through ti.ct- yC I. E E L AN V in S lioura: i:ie ociock I rain next morning lor Cincinnati. Senate- -J. H ration for reston'na- - and rreserving the Hair, in . Sinco the , .. .. DI' N K IKK in 14 hours; ofPete, 1 v v. was originally neriect luxuriance , 4i . iJCtFALO in l hours; and ! the most ndt.,, i,y the celebratetland color, Dr. Samikl I. Snufi and Tobaccos in general use. lor particulars, a death ot General Todtlcben it is General MeluikoST franafort with stages for Sal visa, Harrodsl-urgoculist, Representative-- M. ALBANY in 2b hours Danville, and at Lexington with sUges for Nicholas- - Elli"oxt of sw vorki aud has for the last ten ye.irs Price Currentcan be obtained by as above. who is charKe4 witli the internal defence of the ' i ogte, K. N.,h..o: J. L, Ua- - check their ba.a e through. e notdetvned half an hour at ViU4bttrg N EW YuKK in hours; 0U ille, Danville, Lancaster, Stanfwd. and Crab Orchard, hee gratuitously distributed by him to his friends. Dr. m for Crestline, nner. without unr.c- . kfeniVdlyhe plaee." We in i ample 4lt. the previous arrival W inchester, Ml. sterling, Owmgsvtlle, Richmond, hours; nitetesme " UOSTuN in and w ur(.eil b many to an0w- this most valuable cure L-School Tax For 90j; against II,. fhat General Todtlebeawai wounded in the lee. puw t'KESTLIN E in hours; fArsisW anl fcstill prings. for baldness to be brought before the public, has now FlTTfBl Ki in 14 hours; ttage line continue through to Estill springs and kindlv and ! ll.o...,.... A a. t. .nr.,mt.l v iresented the undersigned with hours; FHILADKLl'IUA in tjBagztige checked through to Dunkirk, Ba3o, purpose, as win oe seeu lroiu tr. Lavrkl Cofsty OFFiciAL.-Goyernor--Commissioner at the Enelisj headf.uarters. and ' 10 hours; fr-i tnerecipe ior matv.i..,:. WHEELING in Stages all the abtive points arrive in Lexington i;.A. -" i!.- - : and Pittsourg. BALTIMORE in Ji L hours; in timt- for the evening Train from Lexington to Louis- - commended for general use as a most pleasant and ex Captain Tallyland Perigord is appointed to the nead S':J: Clark 4 11. fI Train, Cincinnati, Fasseugers by the o ciock, a. W "ASHINiTlN in 2 hours; L'eat. GovernorHardy ..r.0; Mffia 40j. vile hilt-ra-t i head, keeping it entirely same office at the Sardinian headquarters. Hamilton At Dayton Railroad, breakUal at Cincinnati ETtL'BEN V ILLE in 1 hours. by this route are comparatively exempt from ne wash lor the price 50 cents per bottle. free 40-- . I'assergers 3j5; W olley Attorney General-Harl- an For and din the fallowing day in New Vork, Phiiadeis a. dandruff. . Retail 1'itti-buThe uniform of the llritUh foreign legion is for ... t Br.ige checked from Cincinnati to W heeling, trom me annoyance 01 oust in itie cars, anu pass ......u-.- ii Baiumore and Washington. nnin .:ith m:tt!,ni Treasurer- -) mtersmith 343: Garrard4il. Cleveland, I'ankirk, and Buffalt. V ork 30S hours; through some of il,e richest and most highly cultivated , the light infantry; black, similar to that of the EXPRESS COMPANY, itrn.Ji,.ir.1K1. Ne t & lh Sders&ned, will be promptly Register of Land Otfiee-- - McKinley, 3 1 . : traier From Cincinnati to m S, h.urs, Passengers y the t o'clock a. M. train. Little Miami portions of the Mate. f..r ibinfannr a. fl.irlr irroen tnni. street, Louisville. M WILKIN To Philadelphia C incinnati and dine the followat Railroad, freak n' New For tickets and any desired information call at April 1. i.dly R0 44 Maiden lorK. I Albany in inhours: after Tuesday, Louisville our Messenger and with light green collar, dark pants and blackcap 40; On and " ing day in New York, l'hiladeiphia, Baltimore or 36 hours; the Depot, corner of JeUcrson and Brook streets. To Boston for Frankfort and Pres. Board of Internal Improvements Haggard City. SAMUEL (JILL. Kw YORK, June4,lR?a. Express freight will leave with blue tuft. All are to be armed with the To Buffxio ia 1" hour; This is to certify that I have given to Mr. M. Wilkin Lexington in the afternoon 6 train. Returning, leave Mini Supt. L. 4k F. and L. At F. R. K. llie Louie Miaou i is the eastern depot at Cincinnati. j aul To PuD tirK ia US hoars: rifle, and the officers wear no distinctive 361; Nesbitt S'Jj. i.evimrtnn in the morning, at o'clock. the prescription for restoring and improving the Hair, To Fiururi( in U honrs; 371: Grinstead 394. Auditor-Pa- ge ....... . I'ive Daily Trains. ana Dens. . i and known as the rrei. ni wagon Biv-..- -v S" Amielet." which I invented, and for To Baltimore are PPVJ WITHm IlfllTHT l . v. 11 --- A.r tyour receicu w ill cau lor ireigni.ii onersAient leu ornament, excepting swords Tiasr T aiw. Clevctatid, I'lttsburg, Steuben ville, and -- uuiII a Supt. Publio Instruction Matthews 334; Green j N. nthev Lin from Cincinnati nun in hoars. to which 1 make no charge, but give gratuitously iu iui ouiclier time a. A. JUStS. Aimutu wiurt uwi umu rein insurrection - 40' Wheeling Lsghtning Express leaves Cincinnati al b a. at o ur office. tcnHinn holders. Just received, a larce assort SAMUEL M. ELLIOTT, M. D., Adams Express Co. The troops, to aid the Bey of Tripoli. the Eaat, and none so quick from the Eaat by on and a Coluiiilu,Civeland, Dunkirk. Buffalo, Albany, ment of first quality Gold Fens, (long and sjiort ribs). aplri for No. 1 Clinton Place, and Elliottville, Staten Island. W. York, and Boston; Crestline, l'iushurr. Kalimn. with and without cases ia that province had assumed a serious aspect. M.Congress Geo. W. Danlap. K. N.. 373, John h ftiour. uu.i atiso ctm:iati. Fbiladelphia, and New York ; Zanesviiie, Wheeling, Bal- - ' jyiu Elliott, Anti, 4 Main street. XV. IS. Two thousand Turks were defeated by the insur- w ashington City, F"hUdel.liia, and New Vork, timore, Senate-- W. C. Gillis, K. X., 37i;, Barton, j 32 mlTRNERIN GENERAL, CORNER sent Arab 4cc.;tMeubenville,?anausiiy,aua uetroit; Aenia, ellow i ' Dunkirk, Buffalo, Albany. New Yorlt and Boston; The Duko of Newcastle was at Constantinople in Anti, 3o0. f pringa, and tKiiigheld; Wilmington, CircleviUe, and New MusiC just reCeivM from the East. AND ANNUAL BUSINESS ADVERTISER, JL of Eighth and Oreen streets, Louisville, Ky. he Fitt.burg. Phila Irlphi. 357; R. Hack- - eonnecuaiForestfi'rCresliine, -- vi.i,,.Lesrislature M. J. Cook, K. would respectfully announce that iustify himself. Mriv, ,if - The subscriber to 1''astng"'rs 'T this train for Lake steamer. hT five FAVORITE AND STANDARD MELODIES. Tor 1855 'oG. -- ! r. j Baltimore and New York, arrives ai Cleveland 1 has fitted up an establishment at tne anove named Ia the Iiouse of Commons on Friday night, iviajirLa n.wa roa a uiuwi m ssi caifuor iir,Ai'. now irciTCu "'I. .I.'' r or Violins, Guitars, (superior manufacture,) constant- WORK .WILL EMBRACE Dlace w here e is nemanner vi; w 'Vi? . 'Ld against and Pittsbur,x, E, r School Tax r making cloaw connection wita Like shore KAi.roa l iu . j July 2 workman-lik1n th, fcir J. W alsh asked as to the trutn 01 a n .t n n tr a . u . u r .w 1 ..1 n ... ... v. . l,.,.J L'klirniin.n. . . 1. ' the Eastern usually contained in such publications, coa- Cities; arrives at Fittsburg at S r. leaves Linciiiimu m prepared with the strictest regard to correctness and reBalustrades aud Banisters the rumor that Omar Pacha had returned to Con-ut. just received; Flute of the beetqualitj Dunkirk, Buffalo, Newlork, and Boston; rvUine and Morehead ; necting with Fast Express Tram Onirk l"VrvTyOyriri . . Chilhcothe, osTaAlw.-Cleveiliability, and will be printed on good paper with clear Columns of Architecture. All kinds of Cabinet stantinople, and was about to tender his and Fittshur? Aecomo.U- i, ......... iti.nrhto-r- Cleveland directand Lake ateam S, Exprea, ai.d Ume; Accoraeons, r iuu-na- s, every order and superior with type, neatly and strongly bound, and shall be a credit for Cievei nd, lun:r. tion at S'ctick a. Also, connecting at Turnings. Scroll sawing of all de- - tion.' Lord Palmerston replied that Omar Pacha 9.11; Clarke SO J. m and all Musical Merchandise, to all panics concerned. It will be delivered during the nd Butlaio, AUany, New Yora, Bon,Crfsi.iu Lieut. Governor n.irdy 915: Mayn r Qrm or th WtsT and Cat ekt Citv, and conhad returned to Constantinople to hold consul ta- month 01 uctooer, or soouer 11 11 is possioie to nave it scriptioiis executed. necting at Buffalo with the early morning trains for At .0 Third Street. Louisville, Kr Attorney (veoerIIU- tyOrder promptly and punctually attended to. ZZZZ ready. tion with his government on military matters. It Albany, Work, Boston, Wheeling Niagara rails, Montreal, c. tvaittr 50, payaTreasure- r- mtersmith K i ifarrard ib. The price per copy to subscribers will be Kt'ut CUy End yuw.n 0, the wst. througa without Eipress "whaling, Bail V was not true that he had any intention of resignThird Taain. HAVE JUST RECEIVED, DIRECT ble when the book is delivered. The chargesII for adverRegister of Land OtEee McKinley 871; Fraxer lan.Ung. This tram stps at :i Nation. at 10 a. It- - for Co umlHis, .Hiievi, Shirts! Shirts!! ing, and he (Lord PalmerstOA) hoped he would as at i cloea well selected assortment kTHiau TaAW. Clevend itr. Philiulelohia, and New lork. JL from u..inr.ti Accommodation leaves wnnnuim ' cianaara theeat a large and uuitars, (01 suienorman-a-oft tising will beand follows: Directory 12 00 one copy One page .fieiodies, lolius, DAY RECEIVED BY long continue to hold his command. fovnTM TaAis. One-nai- f 7 00 ,v page and one copy Directory y ork and Boston. Pres. Board of Internal Improvementa-Hagga- rd ufacture,) Uerman B HAVEanTIIIS invoice cf ready-madA floatintr battery, named the Devastation, Sr. M. fr Xenia, Fellow (rings, and Springfield; cordeons, I lutinas, and and Italian Strings, Flutes, Linen additional express h page and one copy Directory 4 50 any other ronia all other Musical Merchandise, Xesbitt "hi Fare fro Louisville aa low as by aud Lan c iter; Ulan Chester and Cluliicotht; great and Muslin Shirts, comprising amodern variety of styles launched at Cherbourg last spring, is now ready To non subscribers the book w ill be ti per copy. which I am j.repared to sell at low rates. I have also Hilialiwrougii. 8- Kaat. improvements, ; Grinstead"'" Auditor-Pa- ge This battery steams 4' and Datterns, made with all the every particular. Wheel' nf Pianos; also. s to sail for the Baltic c Fiith Taam Cleveland, Pittsburg, andfor Colum- - on band Hailett At Comntoo'a snperior be of superior Advertisement on cover subject to special contract. in 1 uoiio jnsiruction Subscrilx-r.nanasw c"- -; "reea The travel'icg public are cautioned agiinst the faT- who also advertise will have their names and warranted to fls perfect articles in the above line are , Emmerson's; which I can warrant to rupi. Night Express leaves Cincinnati aU r. knots an hour at ita greast speed, and draws only in search of well made displayed in the City and Business Directory depart-men- t TO. bus, Cleveland, Dunkirk, Buffalo, New Vork, and Bos- - manufacture aud of excellent quality an durability, atatemnU m.i in me niimwmcii. feet of water. in full face letters, with reference madeto the page invited to call and examine my large and superb assortdesire those wishing anything in the Musical of Philadelphia, and New lork; ton; Cresthre, Pittsburf. L?I Congress-Jo- hn P. Campbell S06; S. O. Pey- ami lUilroad Company. Among tt most M ,c ment, have been again behaving in which their advertisement appears. Subscribers . ,:,. 11 jjuiuiuw Tho Bashi-Bazouanesvuie, v iuu ,LU itura vn;i ubi iiuvuiu risrwurre. v. these may be nirued: . m mm im.n im not business, t'l,iU.llnl.i mi,i Nr. l csiumore, peiore urk. j. 11. 76 Third it. who doinsertedadvertise will, if inin Business have their Fine ready maae un duji, Byron y"-- i broad do; badlv. A part cf them '( in English pay, under ton S54. A.i.'i do East; that Uirr Cleveland, Do Agent fur liallett It Comston. Directory names in plain capitals jee dil for Colum- Wm. J. Berry, K. X 1,003, 0. th Legislatnre-D- r. o'clock r. do, do, no do; do Oat train on Sunday at way of Clyde to do do Do Gen. Beaton), mutinied in the town of Iardanelles, will have no such advanonly, while 11 ipres by on rente DCS. An the Pittaburs do; dn, asu'd pat'ns, do do C. Horter, Dem., 72. Fancy do tage afforded them in any case. fiT" ha been exercised f" Trains run by Columbus time, 7 minutes faster than - j-- Q HUMBUG, .k- do, lawn bosoms, stand, col.; pillaged the place, and commutca muraer, viodo hr. OTHER Over l.lOu sulfscribers are already secured, and the Fine do Muslin do, stand, col., broad plaits; lation, and all sort of excesses. Two French frigates School Tax-F- or lW; agVrnst 2n2. the promise that these misrepresentation weeks, on do Do TIIROCOU TITKETS, 1 places. Fr. Weihe, Pilk and Fancy Dyer, has re-- work will be put in the hands of the printer so soon as daily iu do, Byron do, do do; do should be corrected; but they are still tho do Do fired on the seoundrels, on which they left the And atl information, cau ICVained at the N'ew Of- his Dvinc Estalilishment to Fifth street, between the manuscript can be carefully revisedsay in ten cautioo do; Aa do. no collars, do hand-bill- a and aewspapers. -- akin, do Marshall CorNTT Official. Goyernor W. LEE UllITE, Do Trew, o. Biirnru House rri.idiiig, W . L. O'Hmkk. Market and jecersou, w nere ne is now prepared again days. town and dispersed themselves over the country do, lawn bosoms, stand, col do do IvJS Do O. COLLINiJ. Agent; N. 177 Froutlfttice, Gibson House Build- - to do all kinds f tilk and rancy Dying Morehead, 104; Qarke, 803. """IltBT O. AME3,3pt--C. H. R.D.R. . ass'd Fancy French Gingham do, linen-boso- patterns, fast colors; Troops have gone in pusuit. 2,000 copies at least will be published. Ticket Agent;or at theOidOftice, T. ing, The ladies aud gentlemen of Louisville and vicinity K B PHILLIF. supt. Shirts, broad Lieutenant Governor Hardy, 98; Magofiin, 60 doien of low priced Musiin Supt. M. R. at l. f . R. . ouitieast corner Broadway and Front lnv). - re resiectfullv invited to call at my new store if they r.' f!osbon.f 77S. orthrough ticket ,rp!y fpejicer House; or al the Eaausro (Liui Fiiami) Depot, I wish to have their Dresses, Mia wis, C a pea, Bonnets, or farther infi anon,V Collars, at wholesale, a bar- BtandTnjf and Novel Description. The Neburyport Herald tTrFor ,!T a ceof the Jetfersonv; Rvlrnad, No. 6, front street. CoaU, Pants, 1 esta, ttc dyed and finished in a supe-Attorney General narlan. 73: Woolley, 764. f tells of an old lame caulker who immigrated from a. . nmu r. n. wefit rior sty le and manner, vrap cuawis, ia uiores, ana Jfo. 02 JOHN STREET, NEW YORK. f yumot no urs rroro of Main If Register of Land Office McKinly, 100. Fraier, Lreeuorw CAFT. I. 4- - MlARil K AD. . y all At-No- . Callat frjs southwest corner sot Third and warrantedyou the Isle of Shoals, and haying never seen a horse ,V,- WAl,.TJtTaD.E.'i;e,ieri4,AenU bearing Apparel cleane4 aDd neatly .ireet. to -rof Shirts, well made wanta superb and vMMol P LINK wtll ea'J for yaasengyrs t.y eTTheO-nlbosU- ne JUDSON, FOWLER & CO., or carriage, called the first horse and chaise he met til fit in every respect. Calls for pengers at all the principal Hotels, for each Wholesale Dealers In P. 8. All work lent Id my store will be dose In the 1 Pres. Board Int. ImproyemenU nagganl, 5; thvir aa e at 1 wovtv vww JM) doien Collars, standing, Byron, straight, Sevastoaeow without horns running awaj with a every train. By leaving directions at either of tha time promised, and at th shortest notice. Dd lJ straight . Xesbitt,7j3. j ve ooe, will call foe pKceri la aU jan of the I Shirts Collars and Drawers. 43n pol, new styl spring Lir! nvnt, !eorded and plain. P. WEIHE, Fifth street, A- MANSIIELU. Remember jy-d- ly Aq eiteniiye stock constantly on hand. JyJ etweej3 Mirltet and Jettenoa gity,w:U.juttU HUM ritixi. H. HaWElNS- B. F. PEARCTJ & CO., - just received at JAMES I. LEMON S, Main St new aud very beautiful 1 insets and Bingle pieces. As I am stvksof Jewclrv,every few days, my stock is always receiving Goods" very complete. I have now on hand a beautiful lot of GooJs, aud iesire to call the attention of ail who wish niiB iD niyUnetUiU JA3. I. LEMON. .r.,1 Third l. have latelv received some BEFRIUERATORS, ICE CHESTS, EW. S It). WATER COOLERS. i'i; Mr. REFRIGERATOR, SAM i.iuirriivn,. n.....i 15 li. AViltoiiN AT VV"M"rfV H I fHAVE jw e ITILLIAM li It Y . Inl PETERS, i. Piano Forte Inmif'actor y, lh WATCHES, Carter Jouetl, jTEW JEWELRY. tii. Armstroii?r, Wells FiTTILVGS. ring gas GAS watcnes, jeweiry, exc, eic, jipERSONs REaui inroT WIG Zir.lMER, - AKE K, 1. tf i;iEpre.i- - J. nirschhuhl, TIIIRD WHOLESALE t uxjsi. .. CITY HOTEL, jt p.,, ."""'"' ... fr iiint liittlc lliami Ilnilroad, S"e?a" Jilllllllvi KEEP JlUI t9ii. EAST! pi;. IACH RAILROAD??? Louisville and Frankfort, RAILROADS. JclIersoiiYillc Itailroad. t Expeditious Koutc raO ' m&?U i,,, ,u iv bead rrr PFTER Pr, , pr, f ..;...- ii.i.ii..i, ni. t,,.,i, ft ttf rif iAa Change oi Time. ADAMS .. W a..., ami, litrnd sr t',. EXPRESS NOTICE. " S. lUalioiic, Louisville City Directory, .; TIIIS t lllllXZti itpa, r ....., ..,, ua 7i f. LIKE ty irrios. ","T'V' """'i'V'.I - Shirt Establishment. fr""'! t. tt ly

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