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Image 1 of Kentucky mountaineer, September 11, 1913

Part of Kentucky mountaineer

Ken 1U CKY mom TAINEER at ft for the VOLUME 2. l'cople of Kcnlutky Not Their Wrong. RlRhto of the Mountain SALYERSVILLE, MAGOFFIN COUNTO KENTUCKY, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER NUMBER 35. Telling the Truth. "AWAKE, MY ST. JOHN!". "Jen Our OlaBosom - '. It is not pleasant and profit-- ' always to tell the. truth in1 jJhe co cf R newspapcr. Men wl0 ,mvo lried this hm,t0. Fnecd Admonishes Business Ken. in Rim?. Our dear old friend of these fore have always come to grief. many years, "Unc'c Sam" Wil - Only a few days ago the editor son, the celebrated' singer of ,of a paper in Indiania grew tired mountain toners, of Hazel Green, of being called a liar, and an-- i seems to be taking the apathy of .nounced that ho would tell the im nf thn hnsinew men of Sal- - truth in the future: and the next ycrsville toward Tha Mountain-ke- u issue of the paper contained the "to heart. " Beyond the pow- the following items: er of word we appreciate the Jchn Bonin, the laziest merchant in town, made a trip to following poem from. his. pen: Belleville yesterday. to rat bdjikess kts cf smtssvaiE. John C yip, our grocerymun, trade'mcnall, Flaaso listen, merchant, is dirty and dusty. How can he And I will try to rime do much? A line or two on business points Within your own dVnr clime. , Rev. Sty:; preached last Sunday night on "Chanty." The And to these people 1 will st'n'.ey " sermon was punk, If they wish a business year, Just have on ad. displayed at ohco Dave Sonkey died nt his home MoUNTAmEth. 111 TlIK KKNfUCKY in thk place. gave it And you will sec ere long, the trade out as heart failure. Whisky JUST REMARKABLE GOoSf A '4 WORD. Sard Keaton. "COSMOPOLITAN1 DR. RUIE JOHNSON. tucky Mountaineer: Kentucky Mountaineer. Ks. Monsieur Editor of The Elooi.iinp.ton, Is What a Brother Editor Says of The Is a Money Prodigy. j navigating f Circum- - unpremeditated ris- - Who knows as much of the val - fjj, SamTCeeton, colored, of Bloom- p;cy napjrntj03( t wj iiigton, this county, left Sunday no of a real newspaper as a real lnrnm,hnnil,.mn,!nmn!1;nJ!ln -- How many MoUNTAiNF.nii' readers recognize the fact that the access of the paper depends greatly upon tha maty mcr in which you speal of jt, to your friends? If you are, a friend to the only newspaper published in Magoffin counft; nlwnys make it a point to say; n good word for it whenever Tun Mountaineer,; possible. is n Republican newspaper thru principle, but it will never bo hardhcaded in politics na some papers and some individuals. But it stands uncompromising'-- , ly for tbejcio'l of all all of all political put t'cs and all of nil reliuious creed. Therefore, it is the duty of ALL to help an institution that helps ALL in return. We reiterate, always speak a good word for Tun KENTUCKY MOUNTAINEER, the only paper that HELPS YOU.- - Calvaiof NEGRO WHOLE NUMBER 87. 11, 1910. morning lor mo ait. sterling mar - iius.mi.j. ..., . . . nrother essay to your newspaper, I.- AHA l n trr I. f I, IIIUU.! in 4 414a KCl W.lll O.UUU Or$lU,WJ U01IR1S tun." uiuuiwio 0An niiniinli 111 Till' which you are 30 nobly and masworth of cattle. He was forced Mountaineer to take time to terfully converting into a mag,to take tha stork awav on ac-- 1 write us personal complimentary nificent and ideal publication. It count of the sejreity of water, Utters we feel that we nrencith-- I i3 stimulating nnd which, we are toll, threatened to or laboring in vain nor "wasting to observe your impetuous be a famine in his neighborhood ioar sweetness upon the desert struggle in this journalistic on 'until-th- e situation was relieved nfr." We have received several terprise, nnd I am half fearful bv Sunday afternoon's showers. such letters lately, but there is that Magoffin county is sleeping Sanv Keeton is one of the most one among thorn of which we arc it) a thorny bed of dereliction; in 'widely known "cattle kings" of particularly proud, namely, the other phraseology, it is not quite Eastern Kentucky. Despite the one from Mr. Emmctt Swimme, yet the excellent efill luck of having bc.n born nNo-;gr- o editor of the Campton Courier. forts you arc putting forth most and being raised in detest-- I Editor Swimme lias studied law, courageously to make it one of able poverty, he has accummulnt-,e- d taught school, etc., etc., but has the foremost counties in the big many thousands of the Al-- ! discovered within the last few dominion of Kentucky. I have mighty Dollar. He is a farmer, years that God intended for him taken the liberty to do a little sobut the major portion of his huge to bo a journalist. He i3 a very liciting for you, and I am hero- . To Salyertville is due; . j wealth has been realized thru brilliant. young man and we know with enclosing five dollars to pay .' killed him. Let TrinUr's Ink l thy Ins friend-Tw- ill dealing. Like other suc ibis heart is in the letter fiom his for your paper one year each for cattle Married Mus Sylvan Rhodes give It life anew. cessful punchers,' he "takes the versatile pen. Ilis letter follows: the five names enclosed. and James Conlin, last Saturday, The merchants, doctors, lawyers all, 9:tddle" and rides from county to Campton, Ky Sept. 2. Simplified Spelling. Were it not for the truth that at the Baptist parsonage. The Will sure a harvest reap; , clock Mr. Emin Elnrn. Editor Moun - Jmw. E'am holds the splendid ' b: ide is n very crdinary town giri TheLoui-vlli- e Herald has adopt-- 4 county nnd a3 regular Dig business, like a star, will beam cr'mg I would feel highly TAv.S,fi? doesn't know any more t wl simplified . spelling for twolveWv.crks lie ' at m- ; who And all its brightness keep. . , . , . . .. . lid H. ..4iiv..i-t, l""U issue of your paper has reached nonoreii to uo maae associate edabuut cooking than a cfurruiy wllu sevt'ri" il. words cs follows: Altho, decalog, And there's MnEoflin Institute,and never helped her mother Ipedogog, program, thoro, tlnu. Jsantl dollars' worth of the lo - niy tlosk, anl it was with a deal itor, that I might hustle around Where knowledge can bo won To fit the graduates for the 3trife three days in her life. She is, catalog, dem'ogog, prolo. tho, vm6s. faliould bam keeton, trt 'iof pleasure that I read its) blight, over tho mountains and halloo And cares beneath the sun. For' acme Magoffin bounty nigg.r," fail to newsy pages, especially "JiU a that I held a position on the stnlf not a brrmtv lv .inv mems. and truant. man of one the best newspapois their J,, has a gait like a duck. The groom tinv; pa it thp II?rahl ba, b.a be on the market arJs the b!K The Editor is a bright young Whose heart, whoso very soul, peaks shadow. is an loafer. He has running a scr. of arl e es onl white gem'men' would flea thru ik.; it. .m.r.mHUv r tiw.t thing Are with you in this grand, good I also noted its But the editor having been gen- been living off th 2 old folks all Simulified Soelling. exulaininel superstition like an ac or when n 'or antithesis. This enterprising role. ami niiow me eroiis enough to supply me with psriect maKe-uhis life, and is net worth shucks. that in doinu so it was trying t do- -' trots across the r tagc He needs your help, and you reed his, Sam KVeton was hori', rctreu to say that it wis certainly Cos- - carda with my ognomen and be'a hard life. make life a little less bprd:n- in hand, And, together, hand ',' .' and (not) educated at I'.lcomin3 mopolitan tide on the toutine life agency for the paper embellished The governor of our great some in Kentucky. Your ar Can make Salyersville's burners hum. state,' a very ordinary man, and believed that in itsltop, in the northern end of Ma nf !i rrinnlrir oilitnr was fcrhiinlv threon, I shall labor valiantly The Herald The best on Kentucky's land. who waselected by accident, was tendency to make education more' goTli'n county. He "don't know .fine, nnd in the main was true. nnd unceasingly to convince tho Then see him now. and let thy wants i win pave, next, wceic, a ipinr- - people of the necessary of propHe Ins very p. aciical ilicmoyemanthas much a letter in the hook.VUaing Ins here, yesterday. displaycj Be every week fiic-ndnwn words, and neither can he to instead. of tho folio, nnd'the erly supporting Tiik MountainIn the columi.3 of Tun Mountaineer Ho to commend it, 'hnd for this fow here now. way 1 am going to campaign for trade. And you will catch prpmisd,s;mc of the voters in rcascn bps adopted the change. "figure." In short, lie is abso- new subscriptions will "make eer. Why, Magoflin county's pa- ):v miBlil bo spoKen ot (which is this. precinct of pie in Other advances will he lnade lutely il iterate. But his wife is your bend swim." Stata Treasury Coniithn. Well, things are nlout as usual awkwardly done) thusly: Esse event, of . h;s election, but ha3 whenever the "man inthestreet" well educated and they are ed Auditor Bosworth made' public forgotten a'l.about it when the is ready to lake them. Lexing- - ucating their offspring. Had this in tins buig, but vitliiu Hie nextiruain vidcra." few days work will have. begun, the balances in theStatc'trea3ury time to liand dyer tlic little ofilcej ton Leader. All hail for you, Editor Elain. Negro been blessed with an edu- - and then I am expecting some in the venous luncs at ttie uc J rolled around," jcafon he-- w 11, wacan only con- - new life to be injected into town Oddj fish! don't you know I r..r f A ginning of business for the first had about let "Mr." Ruio John-so- n on that side cf it. His life. . Com!ng4Jack in Falls City. of in- - me.hod of cicunton is simple, L.rcuit JuigoB.-nton- , of this month. In the sinking My rrsport3 to the "Fran" and sl'p my mind? But now I , fund there aro $1G,323.45; in the The Republican party in Louis- chcMtc", Saturday sentence Un- nn(, rcmar;allc. This is "Kind." Wishing you abundant am very much perplexed. What far Dfi'tcr position to cle" Fletcher Deaton to serve a how he (ocn ,t. Fw dolar ,10 success, I remain, general fund, $119,413.50; bal- ville could have "gone" with him, as Yours truly, ,. i,if i nn,, ance in the treasury, $524,27-- GO.. make a ttrong "light tliij year hfetarm in the Lddyville peni- he himself would most likely ask Emmett Swimme. in The outstanding warrants Sep- than its enemies'- realizo. The tentiary for alleged conspiracy it? I did not intend for my first dollar he makes half a mark; for Why Bahies Cry. tember 1, were $2,200, 73G.13, as Republican committee is the best the assassination of Ed Callahan a quarter he makes a "little" firo to slaughter him. Did my against S1.9G7.00G.8-- at the be tl.e party ha3 ever had here. in Breathitt county. An appeal mark; for a dime lie makes a Becausj they arc tiroJ lying fusillade of knock The Republican ticket, as nom- - was granted and the defendant "dot," and for a nickel, hut he on one sid-.- ' and they arc unable him into amitlieieens and cover ginning of August. Anent this condition the Lex- -' inated at thc"elirect primary, is j was given until September 25 to says he "pays r.o tcntmn to 'em. to turn over. Turn a baby once him over in his own debris? He The party file a bill of exceptions, Intel a iinytnnT.nilersnv.iwitlinru(l 'tipfi! unusually strong. went alter me with a white-ho- t He married a daugh ter of Green in a while. "The State Auditor has just platformt a!th5jy;h subject to '3tay of exscuti'.n for sixty days. flnnlner. and the union has been BccAusi their diapers are wot poker heated in his literary flame opinion in two or pending tha decision on tha op- blessed with sjveral ehildren, six or eoilou and therefore tincom-o- f iik tho he moaut lo fling me thirmade public the statementof tho differencc-ofty days beyond Judgment Day, thijee matters, i3 a stronger docu-- 1 psal. Mr. Deat'in stated in court condition of the State trersury on He is still fortable. whom are living. and tho ludicrous portion of it is thari, the,,emi-Sociahstithat he had not had a fair tual. in the prime of life, being only the firf t of September, which is ment Because they aro thirsty. that ho has never been heard of c Sincerely yours, worthy of the careful and (leclaraijon oOhe; Progressives. Andrew Johnson and Jim 41 or 42 years old, and if lie keeps Babies m ut have water (boiled since. Repiki.cJii'C will have half ton, under similar sentences for Dr. Ruie Johnson. thoughtful consid ration or every, not iced) to speed his land coo'od-n- ut up bis money-makintaxpayer. The sinking fund,': 'the? .eleitu'ofiicers, and, if they the tarn ciime, will aho appeal. children will never have it en drink Kentucky Fair Dates. Because thoy aro too warm and which ptopcrly established and fo"rce,t'he fighting,, should be able dure tilings their father hat. Hodgenville ...Sept Another Educational Novelty. . ogrcssives by poisibly irritated by "prickly Larue. Monticello. maintained, should provide, .for to eliminate Nre .Sept. Wayne, Because there is so much comtiicj middle! df CUober. Thqre is Dry in the West. the bonded liahiliti's of the heat." Pendleton, Falmouth. .Sept. 3 plaint that Kentucky is full of laTgctihtr-iJcm'Jcrati- c vote that and Butler, Morgantown. .Sept. 3 Because they arc sloop as they become due, contains a Gate, Oki,a., August 30. $16,323..15. There is a balance i? a' y'lt 'undecided where to go rural school teachers who cannot Editcr The Kentucky Mou- wish to lie down nnd bo let alone. St'ite Fair, Louisville. .Sept. 0 Sept this that the Repub-lica'h- s read proptrly. Prof. T. J. Coates, ntaineer: If you want to publish Becauso their clothos ar3 too Allen, Scottvillc in the scbool fund of $388)007.50, ar.3 it; r Cave. .Sept. 7 will direct theircampaign. rural school inspector, lias decid- Eomc'thing ttnent it 1 will write a tight or porhaps a pin is sticking Hart, in the general fund S110,443.56,. Warren, BowIingGreen. Sept ed to issue a bulletin to teach or a total of $507,352.15, avail- - LoufsVjlle Post. little concerning the dry, hot thorn. L'gan Robertson, Adairville how to read, Ifi many teachers Because crying is the only way able to pay tho running expenses weather In Gikjaboma. We have "Twas Ever Thus." instances Prof. Coates h aZtfarn- - not had"4fjXJtrain in this coun- they know to tell you something Trimble, Bedford. .Sept. 7 Tits, n,ti:fa! ii.n cutn (inic 1'ivu prisoners escaped iroin rrfPfeorPaducah, Paducah..Sept.3p.()ct.J statement shows a ba'ance of the Faette county jail Friday ed that the teachers rea"HiiWnned- try for aho55?sixty days. We l .rm, will, thom Oct. 4 Davics. Owensboro. lv that thev cannot be twenty-eigh- t babies cry when in Vlhli,fl)Wt GasK0VV Of course, days $524,274.70 in the treasury, but morning at 11 o'clock, after hav not.. 1.4 i have hid abotit in public. this includes the linking fund ing sawed one of the bars of their Oct. 4 of hot winds, and :iIl&erops are pam, butyousiiouiu nnd out it it .Calloway. Murray Oct. 4 Supaib Horse Sense. which cannot properly ba used cell thru with a about gone. Tho crjlj.p arc like- isnotsomeof the above stated Todd. Elktou saw. , ...... tw it- tsj'l'onnvrovul.HonkinBvilla.OctG-l- l for tha payment of any debt, ex- All of the five men were being .,-,,Poor road beget poor schools, ly to burn up If wodonltjfetrain v.fii,i n,io.ii cept maturing bonds. With five held for the grand jury upon poverty, sickness; good roads be wthin a few days. Stock issuf-'pai- n which is causingjlio crying. hundred and seven thousand grand latceny charges. The CottOI Crop, Heavens! get good schoo's, prosperity and fir water and food. We Above all else, ge$notion, crop tins oat ououoaejiiu, eiiaiycry dollars on hand, the Stats owes TkpF.ivettPeotmtviailha the health. When a people establish W II not nave niiite a decrease of nearly f?aTooo,000 bales as compared with $2,200,736.13 in currcit bills.attd notorious rcputation'of being the Rood roads in the highest degree year. Wo can't tll whether we the balyffl? it h hungry. If you rfro sure that none of?a'5t ycar'H output the south re- accounts, and which e in the . i.lvmi will fiml Mint- m'nnln nil in will make it thru or not. If wo -...v. toxm of warrants issued by the nil fin il will u iv tins ohm ui ino me hiiiiko a uncn ui v1 it desarves the cred ti,v tr 1. - thn inner. cottqn,.ircjuding l .7, auditor and are unpa'd on account what the bluegrass slwtsnunurii Iperous and intelligent in the na - jteethand toenail. Some peoplplthp cause of the crjinar, then tho mrcial crop of .WO.OUO.duu, or would probable catise ia intestinal. 0y(,r'fil 000 000 above' (ho value of no funds have said had this happened in tion. ".UtJvernor Major,' or Mis-- 1 would leav here, but they donfggioit 'and 1012. crops, ac- "Such a situation in any privat? Magoflin county? ' However, the'B0UrI- .know whore to go. .If Easter$Tndigestion and theeiuickeat way 0f tne people want to buy thinlnnu they to relieve it is y an enema 01 cording to tno ronori-o- i secretary business institution wou'd give State pr.i3.i ip vie vjng us in the To Teach Journalism., the, N'Orleans cot- rise to the gravest alarm, but can got it right now,' hut it dees salt solution (a teaspoonful of Hester, of better light' nowadays, and WC A school of journalism hag been ' the whole people arc re- - Inng for the day to dawn when hotUkliko much. - It is worst, salt to v pint of warm water.) ' glitJL.V11? decided upon as one of the rec- It !, nr tK- v9r. This If vou don't know how to g ve it. sponsible rorthefatate debt, tneir K t k in t,e.aS0ne State. ognized departments of tho Kenrepresentatives and officials show instaj 0f looking like a leaving us in close tiuart:rs, lam, .consult a doctor. IJo not try to 11VQ .akcl, most 0f it. tucky State University. Enoch little concern as to arcj,'s broken body, A reader of Tin: Mountain- - do too much without his help. uu'iZ Black. Pot Can t Grelun, city editor of ihe LexM. M. Carrick-- , M. D. D. F. Eeaji. how it is to, be paid. The fact EEit. ington Herald, is regarded as the ,,' , About tho dirtiest mess just Must Know Banks' Cond.llon. however, that a day of (We d advuo you and all other UfJ0 th(J ,lome paper t0 inform nfcw befor(J th(j pw)plo ja tho du. probable head of the school. Pres- A call on the State banks for a reckoning corner to debtors, and w homo loiK ot tnc boous iney can yelopmcnt ol political matters in " ident Barker says it is a part of 141.. t. 1..... .1 Unwik 4lic,i ....( rnirn.nil l.l, (Zttl Ht . 4 .n . Tlint ..mill.. nn- the State, managed by indiffer-- 1 statement of their condition'at plan to publish a small daily 4 the the close of business September ate a home 6pirit and keep all fellows find timo to talk and ent ornctai3, or neeaiesj ana 'Mago.T.n countyl-EmT(good things at home. Then all write about "lawlessness in legislatures, will be no was issued Saturday by Banking newspapr. Mesoinscr. Send us Magoflin county news. will get results. Advertise in this paper, exception to theinev'tiblerule.", Commissioner T. J. Smith. .The-.dopto- . ' i county-encouragin- g . ! u 1" jack-rabbi- W'" , ., ', .1, ! flower-perfume- - , is-i- ,luo thot-bultc- ts c. Dea-Th'- g f . 7-- 10-1- 11-115-2- 18-2- 0 . . 24-2- 24-2- 7 . . 2(5-2- , 2-- - ten-inc- h one-tour- tn "'"jii j:Vk.i a-- o ni-n- -- iju VjHve fr - I '""u","r Qit) v

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