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Image 1 of Kentucky gazette and general advertiser, January 9, 1806

Part of Kentucky gazette and general advertiser

"B-f- " "P"" nnT U i sV E3 - 3- .Ok-JLJ-L T rir A ?W IM mF f H AND GENERAL ADVERTISER- pgitfrww''vlw',wJW'WWJww'w'wtr' 'STyi VTTg BY DANIEL BRADFORD, Np 1009. VOL. XIX. ' ,,. valuable trail of LAND for sale NOTICE, indebted to RIDGELY and hA iXLtli for Cash. FISH11ACK.FISHBAGK.&STEELE to exercise his rfTiQJJSISTING of 600 acres in the ' j. rioiiijivis., are requested to mv llieiistate of Ohio, situated on the Miain yi lo Geo. M. Bibbj TERMS OF THE GAZETTE This naner is miblifhed weekly, at two dollars per annum, paid in ad WILL cor-'inu- e HAVE called WolF water TAVERN, STORAGE V COMMISSION respectfully HfHE subscriber that he has lately X informs the publick, opened a house of 'VTavwilV. ENTERTAINMENT acres to suit the purchasers. For terms apply to Doer. Tames Wellh, of the town of Dayton, or John Bradford of Chewing TOBACCO, Manufactured Lexington, who are legally authonled andSEGARS; aforesaid county. to dispose of Also Rappee, French Rappee & ipdifputable. the said land the title is , ScotchSNUFF, of superior quality. Sept. 3rd, 1805. tF March 6, 1805". JOHN DOWNING; BLUE, RED, GREEN, Yhl.LOW at the sign ot the friends and the publick in general, BROWN DYING. The house is con-- . SQUARE .& C0M11 ASS. at he continues . to keep ahoule ot ml lnih five - ...." C IHJIL m.i. inii '. inn " .. . N lJiKTAlNJIENT, . .nir fn.- ll 'Tv 1 VYJA, L color cotton and linen PVCrV .u:. U1U1U lltlAamr ........oliu.1 ll7lt and otiiers, who m?,tirai of travellers tlUt commodious frame house, on witka lot dye, which I will warran may think proper to iaor mm witn a can nc to return the money, and on Main Street, opposite the Court WARE w,th Urc-- and convenient i is; as lKafonatSe terms as any dyer in house, at the fig,, of HOUSE, for the reception of goods, equal, - Lexington. 1 will dye wool a deep THE BUFFALOE not superior to any m m hfor where he is prepcred to accommomake SALES upon COMMISSION, blue at is. 6d. per pound. those who may have any thing to transact in HUGH CRAWFORD, date Travellers, andothers who may together with the that way, which will be dons, He most reduced fn,- - Rtnratre. upon At the sign of Dr. Franklin please to call on him, in the bed manr!,, ex- ner. He is well provided with a court-housterms. He flatters himself, that from the in the old criencc he rtas had in mercantile tramactions, variety of the best liquors His Bedcorner df Main St Cross-streetattention to business, nnd a desire to be useful, ding and other accommodations will Lexington. of pjttona&c. oracrit a pv.t . v.avi-ii- n n ,.il named ftauror s, r REMOVAL PORTER CLAT, fZ t will X the CaBINET AND CHAIR MaKER r HAS lately removed his Shop to his new brick house, which he has built for the purpose, on Bank immediately back of the Bank, and fronting the house lately occupied by Mr. John Jones, and now by Mr. Pew and where lie has on band a Hook of tuff, equal to any in this State. FURNITURE of the lieweft and moll elegant fashions, may be had on the ihorteft notice, executed in as neat a manner as any !Vierr in the United States. He flutters himielf, that fiom the many; iources of information which he has bad in his line of business ; the regular cjrrefpondence which he has l'"-- t with all the principal Cabinet Mofc.-rboth in Philadelphia and ' . t'vt he will be able to ' .'. 't'sfacYion. L.:xi,:gton, Dec. 7, 1805 Al-le- v - 1 rent two i'urnaces at Salt Works, in Madison County, with convenient houles, fo'r the accommodation of workmen &c. The water is good, the wood convenient, and the terms will be very reasonable. Goose-Cree- k be fiirnifiied equal XHE fubfenber rcfpcflfoJIy j tf thatl,e llas toJx opc-;.C- acall5 'MllOB,, anKtherS ih l,eO Ma-'- - "o ob .f mg een X' he flatteishimlelf.thathe will be to accommodate his visitants in every uwimny luit their convenience ' , WILLIAM SATVERWH1TE Lexington, April 20, Soj. to any in the Western Country. His Stable is well supplied with Hay, Oats, and Corn, and his Oftler particularlyat-tentive- , and careful. Those who are so obliging as to call on him, ma) rest affured that they Aiall receive the greatest attention, and every ex- - bY el nun win oe maae to maKe tneir JAMES HEARD. situation agreeable. Private par- May !fr, 1805. ties may be accommpdated with a room undisturbed by the bustle of a , J iLiiiuj trom tlie luufcriher in Lexing- muivuu mc jiiuiiiu. aiiriimr tavern. BAY HORSE, Lexington, April 29. About' fourteen hands 1 inches liloV win. A GREAT BARGAIN." uiacK mane ana tan, thiee years old lad 1 tf "iHAUD TAVi.nrj REtiirn,?JFtULY,informs his a thepubhck,tliathehasopencda use J Ewtainmcnt, mthat Wand commodious bnct house btelv andvil;nnPPUredwitI,,,lle every land. modatK Pad ,! be fU bet of Muors His stable - arrrJ,gen,entslnade t" vs' and the auention rf Frankfort, October 24, com- will 1SQ5. EOR SALE, John Patrick. 18,000 Acres of Land, Madison, ft Sept. 180$. tf N the lest hand side of the three 'nng, no brand or mark that I recolleft, ex subscriber, intends forks as vun mimtL yD.. cept long bobb'd tail, shod before, a natural the (late, and the trotter. Any up JOSEPH HARBESON, Hollowing property, with offeri for saletitle, and delivering person totakingfliall the laid liorfe ky, and at their junftion. This land indifjiutable him t )ypn of die Still, just from Philide! annpouemon given immedntelv 111c, bcgeiieroufly runs n -- the river three rewarded and all expences paid. miles, and phia, has commenced the &c. nine m.k, back. The bottoms are ? Tin Manufactures, Copper Lng-'dTeiset Tht valuable and well known tnft or parcel Lexington, September 16, 1805. rich laud ; the ridges are capable of In Pittsburgh, and lias now foi ale, and shall litCtetl at the month of Tate's creek. 1 producing wheat, and ot'..r wM. conlin'ieto keep asupply ot aii sizes of stills miles from Lexington, on the miin road lead demanded. iag to Madison court house, containing 1000 1 OBACCO MANUFACTORY grain. The pafturaie is si2;e and STILLS of c cres, or thereabouts, for raififig stock of all kinds' as irJ- of which isexceU description, Can be had by lent bottom land, t'.e350 remainder hilly, but nas a plenty of cane brakes, and V Copper Hollers for bieuers giving seasonable well timbered; 80 or 10a cres JACOB LAUDEMAK, pea-- 7 cleared, part Hatters' Kettles, notice. INl'fJUMS his friends and the nnh- - vines. All along the river is the of which is well set with red clover and timoSoap Bo.'ers' ditto J thy. On the upperpartnf ihistrafl iseretted lie 111, general that he continues his sugar tree, wild cherry, ind ether Tea Kct a Merchant and Grist Mill, both woods common to this Tobacco Manufactory. 3iassand Coppei- Wash settles, and every double geered, with d pair of French and country. Burrs ncr article in tne copper line. ard 3 pair of Laurel Kill floncs. The house in Lexington1 on Main Street, nearly When you go back some difhnce, is Pe te". assorted. the pine ; which produces tar. tur is large and convenient, being 50by 40, with opposite Wilson's Inn, where he ha Tji V are cf e cry sour floors, rolling screen. bouiting cloths, fiirnilhed himself with all npmCr,, M A D N E S S. pentine, pitch and rosin ; which will p his indention to pursue the business It effeftaal reiredy on the hit oxtens,' vl", he hopes for the patronage of the hopper boy, hoisting and packing works, by tools, and flayes of his own, so that he nn:.lly be valuable, independent of ana in good older; the dam is new can manufacture body, for that dreadful malady pi'blicK, andanv orders lest, shall be cuncrualh waterentiiely of white about twenty or thirty the wood that is man built upon the land. oak, liewetl and filled thousand the most reasonable weight of Tobacco a year, There is also with stone, not inferior in any refppfl to the the bite of mad it being fulfilled,and at Pittsburgh, Sept 28,prices. a rock close to low 3ni 1805. best in the state the fitnation is perfectly - by which means he is enabled to sell on the remedy that Dit. Stoy of Lebwater mark; that when the water N B. Three or Four Apprentices wanted. cure, eicner irom oacK water or Ireflies in the the lowefl thrms for cash, or he will anon, of Penn))"ann, ha9 effected is very low, fliews clear fait creek diltance from the river, 1 1.2 miles. give from three to nine upon s months credit, so many with A number of THE SUBSCRIBER and no hill interfering. On the lower part on and the rock itself bond with approved fecuritv : its surface; person ha e been cured by Dp.. Sto i TAKES this method of informing the of this trafl, ahd about a half mile from the he giving will also take orders in some good taflesfalt. There has been three puolic, that he has now on hand, river is situated the saw mill, incomplete s and myself, that had violent s A Handsome Assottment of (aj they call them,) and capable of doing as much business as More in Lexington, for goods. Persons of the hydrophobia, from one any in.the state. A good framed dwelling. applying, may oe lurnilhed with thefol trying the experiment, and say, BOOTS &? SHOES; kitchen and lore house, with a number of lowing kinds of Tobacco viz.'til two days raeins. The cure can there is sour feet square of ver fait And intends keeping uictui eahbins, and a Iirge and never sailing beeffeted as long as the confeituent Chewing, in twists, pigtail of differ water at the top of the bank, which A Constant Assortment of . jpiwivuiivcnienr. part of the blood is not leparated; The Best Impoi ted ent iztnas, smoking tobacco of dif- is not an hundred feet from the waLEATHER, which will happen sooner or later, Fror.i Philadelphia ; and will prosecute hisbn within 40 A DISTILLERY. yards of the mill, with ferent kinds, cut and in papers, se- - ter ; and close to it a very easy as-according to the state of body, or the rmefs in a way so as fliall enable waters, and twoitills containing 250 gallons. vars, scotch and rappee snuff of centling hill, tor several miles ; and x nat celebratedjull blooded effect of the bite. I would adifei him ro sell on better terras than lias been ufu- Sfti Hw mfferrent kinds. The whole also the wood along the river. A al in this State. YOUNG BARONET. every person to make application as of which he will warrant equal is not su- coal bank within three hundred Higli Crawford, Riling six years old, full n hands inches perior to any manufaaiired in the state. yards. There is also five soon as the nerfon has received the Inch, was by valuable Baronet, Main Street, infection. No trufl can be expect- B un's New Brickoopodte A. Logan's and P. w equal got any the imp6rted imported; who Lexington, Oft. 17, 1805. coal banks, which arc near the rivro none ever Hnnfes. old ed for the above. AT. B HFM1, WHISKEY, and a variety Baronet was bred by sir John Webb, N. B. A good price will be given for er, with easy access to them. ban. got A of COUN rRY PRODUCE, will be taken in br Vertumnus.fon ofEclmfe. his dam called one or two hogsheads of good Kjtefoot coal yard and Michael Scbaag. boatyard; and it is Penultima, by Snap, grand dam bv Cade, great tobacco. p.iyniint. Any person wifhinp; to nur- - said, several e caves. The BLUE DYING will he continued as usual grana iam ny vrab, great, great grand dam chase, can be Lexington, March 18th, 1805. supplied with tobacco ofj by FlyingChildcrs.outofaconferteram fitlev! bottoms and along the creeks would in N. B. The various Printers (lie was got by Grey Grantham, her dam bv the the riillereiit kinds at the floreofjo-fep- produce good cotton or JAMES HAWTHORN, hemp. Lexthe Western States are requefled to Hudson eppofite the Court House aulceol Hutlano's Black Barb out of Bright' sew times Tajlor, fj? Ladies Riding-Hab- it ington alone, independent c the Rom. Young BaroneVs dam was got by the in Lexington. give the above a place a imported Othello.crand dam bvthe imported country blar.kfmiths, confames their reflective papers. Malier, F.ignre, gieat grand dam by thirteen thousand bushels per ann. Dr. Sen a ac. Ktsbes to instruct a E(jS le?vc to infarm the Ladies and Oair, her dam was imported the imported Wild with Wild STATE OF KENTUCKY, we willfuppofe Frankfort five thouPupil or tzvo, to practice Medicine and Gentlemen of Lexington, and its vicin gov. Delancy Wild Diitbecame so Dair, bv famous circuit court, f3ep. term, 1805 fand, which sells at the Surgery. that he ha commenced business in he was returned to England. Several brood Malbn 10 ity, landing at iQim cKson, oomplainanl, mares with Baronet colts, nr.d now with foal one shilling per bufliel, and twenty All persons indebted to M. the brick house opposite to Mr.Charlefs' by the fahiehorfe. AGAINST r !.w m Sinitji U Office, thousand might be sold: this Daniel Vertner, defd'ts VI T SciiAGfor medical services, are Piintmgwhere he Main Street, LexingCATTLE purposes carrying on ton ; be made productive by a IN CHANCERY. A final! stock, among which are two valuable 4man of requefled to settle and difr.harge the above business, in all its various a HE Defendant William W. iinau capital. independent off their respective balances, a - nolong branches. Those who may please ro sa- Yoke of Oxen ; sitlarge flock of Hogs, 40 or ol which h, having sailed to entei these advantages, the mouth of the cr indulgence can be jriven. it is vour him with their custom, may depend 50 As I intendare to killtothis sell.this flare the &. pofitivcly leave to be hoped that no compulsive mea on having their work done in the most enArns fp"ng and not wishing to leave any his appearance herein agreeably to three forks is the best fishing place in the State. In a small cr'D therfures will be neceffiry. frtlliionable manner, and with neatuel's property behind me, it will be well worthy law, and the rules ot this Court the attention of any person inclining trt pur. it appearing to the fatisfactiou of ein get five hundred pounds 0f r,fJ nd dispatch. One or two fmait slays, chase this kind of property; it will be sold at Mr. DELISLE, Court, that the said William IV in a day, and may get by a feV between the age of 10 and 15, will an under value, the whole together, or fepa. the CFrnn Paris in Fiavce ) five or seven hundred i i as apprentices to the above busi- rate. In pomt of firuation, there is no prop- Smith is not an inhabitant of this ESPFXTFULLYinf)i-mthe publ'c that erty of the kind in the slit.--, that furpaffes it. Commonwealth On the motion o( annum. I obacco, flour. Deec ',; nsfs. tf he ndhs for salo. There isa thick settled, fertile country around tfie Complainant, by bis hogs' lard, hc ,M RT Kf '.TRICK MACTTINK. Lexington, Nov. 12, 1805. counsel, ;r,whe-et- h lieateftabund inceofDroducemav vh.ftey, or call irr.,, U,U be lakb ' with all fie ncceTiry apparntusfora complete Hie collcftet1; the land abounds with rood it is ordered, that the fjid DefendSPRAYED courfsol Natiual Philofop'iy, includnj the timber for boat buifdin- -, and a very conve- ant William W. Smith, do appear in payment. Parc credit will i0 oL price apparatus ior medical Frankfort, on Friday tho 29th nient pot for that purpose on the bank of the hereon the, third day of our next ven. xr me w0ole cannot be Id, E'ct'ick Machines dollars. He 50 1015, a bright riverXentucky; boits fo'the ri.fllffippi trade answer the a half willbs sold, or a t ,ir.I. of all fuc, Pinifck Miclrne?, can he built, and Imdedatthe menthol' Tate's December Term, and BAT HORSE, heel- c itt ni. Cbcl: and Watch neaflv t 5 liandi liiff'i, about 8 carso'd, (lmd creec si ith mnre convenience, less expcicc, Complainant's bill, or that the fault uear and r.,d.IputabJe dcoj v !1 be fi O",, 'i.oid and Small Swords, Sr-R- all difpirch than at ary other landing hall be taken as confeflrd vtn. for tcims apply to Mr. tounrl, branded . the off' t'liR'i or ! lit ard ami that -- S:c. 'I1 mi: v ith a !nr e lh(ie, or the letters on the ri er. " c .ntinnei toelei'tvrife thofeaf tock ;, in tVni. Leavv Lpinr cony of this order bc l,r at tms There is on hirrl a fioV of ID, a lump on his bellv ,itio t fci'bned inches 1 toil ri ' . Keiniattfin, Appopletv. Hurt the C'lth p'nee, about the no pf an b: ; flour Ixtne'.s and flu'Tdreff-- lor a number tome aut.ior.lju luptr, tv. a n.o.iths f, size efE andF,:'.!ip'" ("ml pinftotviernervon I.sxingto'i, JDeant:- - 4, 1S05 To. f.u ther particulars enrpure ol the flicceflfcl; fiddle ni.'.ik'., moves we'l and at , t N. B. in thu lioule .l 'rant M'H, ci ,p'. ins, ' '.:. lo.'S'Mg-Ik re aie a iiumboi of liiblcrVowl the pi 1e. A Co, B atrcs of 1 THE a land, mills! " . 1 .irnt ") q-- J-- over-fli- - ( 4$ desc-iptio- be'-.- . se- cu-e- sym-tom- r, water-witche- o - over-hea- d falt-peti- h mio-l-i- b"-rP- s ta-lo- 1 d en-in- -r Lov 1 e gre-Mc- O'-- 1 . S.-- pcr'-ap- i e) d d.tL-rcn- -- V tC constantly supplied with the moft'eenni ,7 lV quorsofdifferent kinds; Is beddmgis five, and attended to with size of hisftable, he is i hopecs To as commodious as any in the slate; and "sc will always keep on hand a ff .ay, oats, and corn, together Jnh good'oft-er, s t lJ Eagle Tavern. John Ilopfwts. ht e, September 13th, 1803. N. B. Is you want to have voitr1 cotton coloured free from spots, Lye . H. 0. your cut1? lopfe. rrr s it a 1. rr tV U i Ji I K A a. its o. ."g the pr:l ". . 1 s it JAMES DAEDIS. L'.S 1. J;',:t, :; '. I Lt-a- aged about foty-eigyears, five feet, eight or nine inches high, a blacUmith by trade, has a sear on his head about thefizs of 'a dollar or rather larger, which is not covered with hair : he is extremely fond of liquor, ahd itifolent wnen diunk; was purchased of Mr. James Ware, near Lexington, Ken tucky, about twelve years ago, and taken to Virgiiii.aHe has no doubt obtained a pass from some worthless per-soas he could not have got to Kentucky without one. Any person taking the said fellow and securing him in any jail, or delivering him to rhr. Wilson in Lexington, (ball be entitled to the above reward, and all reasonable charges paid - "'""' SAMl. JANUARY. 2xmgton and RUN off from the fubfenber, living street, lately occupied by the V, in Frederick county, Virginia, Abou ly oppofiw the Court house, in Bank, and ar- the town of I eleven months ago, a Mulatto fellow ington, where he is nrenareH !.;,.,. - 1 T LutTiiup, in - HOUSE OF KNTERTAINAlEVr a informs his THIRTY DOLLARS REWARD. in that large, commodious h.,si.i: .. ' RESPECTFULLY in n.'-- . I C'INE bricl-hotif- IYING more than a mile and a half from the wanted immediately, by Godfrey Bender, town ; it will be laid oft" in trafts of 200 . E .D vicinity; jjr. b. BROWN iill continue Jiir, rcfidence ii; the e adjoining Mr. William vy s Store Dr. E. WARFItLD has removed to the large brick house formerly the property of Dr. F. Ridgely, ai.d lately occupied bv Mr! ' JohnV. Hunt. PriI 4tb, i8or. in the county of Henderfon. on the waters of Highland and Trade Water. I will sell the above land very low for cash, horses. bees, pork vhifkey or flour. Any person wishing topurchafe, will please apply to me, living near Robertson's Lick, in tile (A I removed their Store to Hili Street, Lexington. Who has for sale a quantity of brck house opposite the mar- - ket r iu Acres laud is directly opposite the town of TWO APPRENTICES the Tobatconift's business, Dayton; the most remote corner not TO - au- jf FOR SALE, 5,000 of Land, creek, that makes through the whole of it ; the ' A, NOTICE. YRS. S. BROWN, & E. WAR- " i.'iiL.L, continue to pracliqe JU r profeflion of counsel and attorney at law, rNpectue accounts to col. Dcdman,vho is those ciicuit courts in which he has heretofore mi River ; the land is of the full; quali- thorised to collect and recein'i for the same. pracVifed, and in the raurt of appeals, and ty, well timbered, a large bottom, on a court of the United Stales, for the KentucU course final! vance. Those who write to the Editor, mult diftrift. pay the pollage of their letters. REMOVAL. MtfACCOUN & TILFORD, THURSDAY, JANUARY 9, iCc6. ,,fir.,.jrire'.rfi?nrcivng3X8rrn e T?1TjggWsvsg.-CT?nTrmvnsgr- LEXINGTON. ' , ar 'irtton bin1, in.i re. '' - l.) :.i v. -- j

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