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Rich Low Soils, 50 to 500 feet. Variabls S.', s, geuterally of good quality. 8ac to 2.500 feet. Rather Thin Soils, o to sco feet. Excellent Soils, no to 5oo feet. I Sandy Soils, Rather Light. .oo to 55o fOct. Dense Clay Soils. , about -oo feet. About too, feet. Best Blule G ass Scoils. Abou: s- foet. 8 '. ./ 3= t. = i 1' =_ I ( , ,/ g \ / =,. Zv ' I =1 = r F I 'r ,L FiE "r) :E. -iir Workable Boal Beds. 20 to 40 teet. Excellent lire Clays and Iron Ores. Potterv Clays. Ir-n Ores. Covals in Eastern Keattiicky. I leitchfield Potash AMads. Iron Ores. 'aimn. Earths. E Fxcellent Bluildting Stones. tena Vista Sandstone. Iile intl Pottcry Claai I ,ricating Oils. Silt Wells. ,d ldi'usdg StoiS. lclinto Iron Ore. tint Earths of excellent quality. Ientuckv Mlarble. euilding Stones. Il 6 eZkw tAis level not exoesed in Ky. 'he source of some Salt Wells and of the Blue-Lick and other Salt slulphbur Waters. CAR BC NI FEROUS f-- I I I El I I i i

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