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Image 1 of Daily Louisville Democrat, April 11, 1860

Part of Daily Louisville Democrat

LB j. - NUMBEIi 227. A Difficulty in Shelby Countv. at North Simpsonville, in Shel- Cey"Within nine years, in one of the dis- Forcible Letter from Hon. Wm. n. Dim- ALL HAIL, WISCONSIN! Fire in the Woods in Hew Jersey. AH Sorts of Paragraphs. tricts of London containing 1 30,000 inhabitants, mick, one of the four Democratic RepA ST All E DRIVER AND TWO FEMALK PASSENGERS The Maaonio fraternity, just now. Men U b by County, Ky., Dr. Dohoney, whose conduct according to the report of Dr. Letheby, its resentatives from Pennsylvania. IN FEARFUL DANKER. The Constitution and Democracy differing materially amongst themselves ia had been such that his wife could not live with health officer, the annual mortality has been Triumphant Washing, II. R.. Ajirtl S. 180. The Mount Holly Mirror, of April oth, says New Orleans. The difficulty appears to b him, sought her at the house of a friend of reduced from 3,703 to 2,900. owing to the establishment of Grand Bodies, Mr Dsar Sm : In answer to vour letter of a fire was raging in the pines, in Burlington Printl and PitbliaUed tT the 2d of April, I will replv with the utmost AN " IRREPRESSIBLE " CANDIDATE MADE TO BITE county, last week, to a fearful extent, and of not known to ancient Masonry, and with which hers entreating an interview. She refused to THE 1)1 ST. KrThe rittsburg Chronicle, of Thursday ankness, for at such a crisis as the present, HARNEY, HUGHES & CO. course doing gTeat damage. It started on the Urand Lodge of Ancient York Masons will see him. He however pressed into her presnot hold fellowship. The two bodiea, it ia is due to each constituency that their chosen evening, publishes an account of an accident Wi- Inesd.iy, at Garontown, half way between OffloeEaat Kide Xhird Street, between ence and seized her and ordered her to return in a coal mine at Irwin's Station. Six men representative should, when requested, declare We do not know when we sat down to chronRed Lion and Friendship. Its course was averred, have, in their zeal to fill up their 44 with him to his home. He menaced her and Markst and Jefferaon. is opinions wiinout ine slightest reserve, icle a Democratic victory with a more heartfelt across to Dobbins' track at Retreat, ranks, "made," passed," and raised," and reasons which have led him to adont satisfaction than that which it is now our from there to Burr's mill, thence by Brown's even advanced to the higher degrees, persons undertook by force to take her with him. He were precipitated one hundred and twenty feet HBM KIPTiON I'KICE-I- N ADVANCE. initiapleasure to proclaim as having occurred last Hill toward Mingon's, in the vicinity of which who were never required to pay any left the premises without her, bat not until his down the shaft, by the breaking of a rope, and them, pursuing a particular course of policy. $8; U if p!d In adToce. DAILY DtMOCRAT DUy to as you know, i nave Deen a consistent sup- week in Wisconsin. It is a victory over which place it was burning en Friday. The extent tion" or "degree" fee, whatever. , or au cciiu pt niuiila. uif c".iin.rT conduct was so shameful as to call down the all killed. W KKKL IjKMiK'KA'I porter of the present National Administration, the Democracy may most heartily rejoice, and of in ravages at that time was a distance of Out copy, $2; Un copla. $1 10 Forty seven gentlemen, citizens of Washingjus t indignation of the entire community. He flta?" The Union Convention, to meet in Balhaving always been, as I now am, an euthusi- - every patriot in the land feel proud. It shows about ix mtles in length by three in breadth. ton, have subscribed to the erection of tha 1"LLAK M i;.K.LV lns!e copies, or for ny number WHEELER & WILSON'S uuer ally, (1; Dtty Dd over to ou adiireu, HO ceuu. returned a second time, to apologize, he stated, timore on tho 9th of next month, has secured tic aamirer oi its illustrious chief; with that when the issue the supremacy of the The most of the timber that it passed through Clay statue to the amount of hatever ability I possess, I have uniformly Constitution and laws against higher-laAdTrnUlac-l- a Dnilr Imerrat. fanwas of a second growth. the Front-strefor the disturbance he had created. The genTheater, for five days, at the On square (10 Una or lean) drat Insertion $1 (10 sustained its measures and The Detroit Free Press says, three years Tho fire, at last accounts, was doing consid. 26 kacn aoUiuoaai tnrUuu.......-tleman upon whose premises he had obtruded rate of 5100 per day. The front tier of boxes umphs. But Mr. Buchanan rejoiced in its tri- aticism is fairly presented to the people of 1 Maaaic Trmrlr. Kr. N. having indicated the Northwest, they will sustain the former erable damage, and it is not believed can be a man invested I'l.OM) ia real estate in St. Weekly Denecrao. himself, gave him a cool reception. This was U to be devoted exclusively to the use of the his unchangeable determination to retire at the and denounce the latter. TOE GREAT ECONOMIZER OF TIME 1 1 00 fully extinguished while the present dry, Paul, Minnesota. A short time since, deterEarb aaimrv, flrat toivrtloB. AND rUEZEKVER OF HE ALT II, tact) aa.Uun&: lncruou.w mining to realize what he could en it, he aolJ closo of his present term of office, it became late in the night. The Doctor retreated. Shots ladies who may wish to be present. That issue was fairly made at the late State windy weather continues. HAVE WON THE HIGHEST PREMIUMS my duty to carefully survey the field in search election in Wisconsin, for Judge of the SuThe Mannaiiawkin stage, on its way to Mt. it for just $1,S00. were fired at him and he returned the fire. AT THE FAIR OF THE . APRIL 11. A girl, aged fourteen years, of Boheof a candidate who possesses more of the preme Court. Mr. Dixon was the Democratic Holly, on Friday, met with a narrow escape WEIX1DAT MOKX1XO. ? Capt. Daniel Seirles, Doorkeeper of th The Doctor was wounded, not seriously, we unUNITED STATES AGRICLLTLRAL SOOT, from the lire. The driver, before he was Louisiana House of Delegates, cemmittej aui- mian parents, living in the town of Koseutb, requisites for the present emergency than any nominee, and Mr. Sloan, the Republican nomiAT THE STATE FAIRS OF derstand. On Sunday morning Dr. Dohoney uer. nee. The history of the nomination of these aware of it, found himself almost in the midst oide at Baton Rouge, La., on the H 1st ult., by Iowa, having become dissatisfied lately with DEMOCRATICCONYENTION. 1 saw that before the swelling MAINE. VERMONT, tide of Black gentlemen will show the character of the con- of the Mauies. The great body of the fire, howwas arrested by an officer of the law and was blowing out the hard work she was subjected to do on the CONNECTICUT, epublicanism, State after Stale in the North test, and the importance, in a national view, of ever, seemel to be in advance of him, and he kept his eotUn his brains. For yeirs he had to have his trial in Shelbyville on Monday, but and windin? sheet in his house, XLW YORK, NEW JERSEY", as gone down, until the Democratic party the victory. farm, and having often vainly requested perturned around to make good his escape, but he and had his tombstone in the cemetery with his The delegates to the Conven- upon the failure of an important witness to ap- mission of her 1' E N N S Y L V A N I A , VIRGINIA, Mr. Dixon was originally appointed to a h id not proceeded far before the flaniej checkparents to allow her to go to cannot be said to positively have a majority in name inscribed. He was 70 years of aze. MISSISSIPPI, MISSOURI, a Bingle one north of Mason tion, to be held on Saturday pear he was discharged. Dubuque to live, grew depressed in spirits, unless it be Oregon. Nor does and Dixon's line, place on the Bench by Governor Randall, as a ed him in his retreat, and he was obliged to OHIO, INDIANA, ISjIa the Supreme Court of Boston, on th When the celebrated Booth there seem much Republican. pursue his journey in another direction. A public meeting was to be hold in the neighand was found a corpse, suspended by a rope ILLINOIS, MICHIGAN, 2d inst., a libel was presented from George H. rospect of reversing, at present, the disas case for setting at defiance the fugitive slave lu a short time he again found himself next, the 14th inst., are notified borhood yesterday to consider his case, and WISCONSIN, CALIFORNIA AND trous current. Even Connecticut, the most law of Congress came before the Court for I by wi:e from a limb of a tree. the ll.uue.i. ? siw n f-?Z2JiiAZ Lx a 'I.TPic:.fraa AT THE FAIRS OF THE that Mozart Hall, on the corner the general impression prevails that unless he ovv iio Dtuiucraat lo J'ursu.- Lui lu g'. airtkigut ahead, ud cuui conservative of the New England States, has its decision, JmJr Nelly Sprague" whose vagaries ani eccentrici toot in urged AMERICAN INSTITUTE. NEW YORK, adopts a new manner of life in the precincts of fJX. Within the past few months, nv (be ruMtiyunder the mosta rtiic ni.lui our lorces ground in favor of the constitutionality of the soon tohis h irses to their ui most speed, hoping ties have recently furnished several items for of Fourth and Jefferson streets, old fought favorable auspices. The law, ami in opposition to the law of the State, be free from the devouring element. MECHANICS' ASSOCIATION. BOSTON. Shelby, Judge Lynch's coutt w ill assemble Philadelphia Inquirer, large orders have been candidate for Govt-rnothe papers. The libel alleges that the parties was Mr. Seymour, who which mads it a criminal offense to r.ttempt to But when he surrounded by the greatest FRANKLIN INSTITUTE. BALTIMORE, has been procured for the use ol to consider his case. received in Philadelphia for engines and boilhad already h;ied the omce with great credit enforce the fugitive slave enactment. By body of tire and smoke his horses became were married on tha lVth of October last, METROPOLITAN MECHANICS' INSTITUTE, ers for the Cuba mills, and in tho establishto himself, and who, personally, is the most adopting that course he gave mortal otl'cnse to frightened and stopped, and it was impossible and that the woman committed adultery with WASHINGTON, such Convention, and the deleSee advertisement of a well To Printers. Albert B. Hall, of Augusta, Maine, at Island MECHANICS ASSOCIATION, CINCINNATI, ments making up this work the hands are em- popular man in Connecticut, without a single tho Republican party, as did Judge Swan, of to move them. Here they remained for a min14th of March, and at fond, KENTUCKY INSTITUTE, LOUISVILLE, gates of the city and county are stocked and furnished printing office for sale, ployed late in the day, and in one or two in- xception. in addition to his great individual Ohio. At the Republican Convention which ute or two, tho fire roaring and crackling to a Chicago ermont, 1 on the March, at which tints on the 8th of rength, Mr. Seymour has recently returned followed. Judge Dixon was thrown overboard, terrible extent, when, suddenly, the smoke LOUIS, MECHANICAL ASSOCIATION, ST. which is complete in every department, and requested to meet at 10 o'clock. suitable for the publication of a weekly paper, stances all night. Tho aggregate of this kind from Europe, where he had been during the as was Judge Swan, of Ohio, and a Mr. Sloan, clearing away, tha horses started, and the the parties were found lying together. Thers MECHANICS' INST1TE. SAN FRANCISCO, of work to be sent to Cuba alone, this year, bitter contest upon the Lecorupton constitution a decided Republican of the "irrepressible" driver found that the great mass of fire had was no appearance for the defense, and ths AND AT HUNDREDS OF COUNTY FAIRS. husband stated that the wife) issues fOThe Democrats of the Second ward will as the material is nearly new. There ia also will exceed $.200,000. In former years, the and the other was, distracting tho Democratic stripe, nominated in his stead. The Democracy crossed the road a'short distance in advance, counsel for the Insane Asylum at SomerviUs. therefore, in a position to took up Mr. Dixon, and, at their convention of and was making tho most fearful ravages in was sent to the The Lock-Stitc- h made by this Machine it meet t Turner's Hall on Wednesday, the 11th connected with the office a good job office, with Cubans were entirely supplied with these arti- party. lie unite the Democratic party, which he, did. the d of February, nominated him, as should its track to the rijht of him. end the only stitch that cannot h Tibribls A.tD Fatal Exnosio. Ths cles by the English manufacturers. inst., at 7J o'clock r. ., for the purpose of plenty of type for all kinds of job printing. He was soon enabled to get entirely out of Jackson (Tenn. ) Whig learns from a gentlemaa commanding its enthusiastic support. have done the Democracy of Ohio with Judge LhtX presents the came Appearance upon each fhe terms are easy and can be had by apply appointing delegates to the convention to nomtime, too, was propitious. To the still Swan. Their object in doing so was to have a fair its path, and felt that he had never before been whose son waa one of the lhe Bide ef the cram. It is made with two threads, that ths ing to Chas. E. Nourse at Gardner & Co. 'a on Personal vivid remembrance of the John Brown raid and square fight on the great question whether in so terrible a positiou. At one time it apone upon each side of the fferic, and inter boilers of the steam-mi- ll inate candidate for Sheriff. A full attendof Mr. Bell, near Tom. Marshall is very ill at Buffalo, New was added the present example of the strikers the Constitution, and laws of the United Slates peared to him that the flames must entirely Main street, between Fifth and Sixth. locked In the center of it. Bell's Station, in Haywood county, blew up on ance is earnestlj desired. surround him and cut off all means of escape. the 20th alt. and killed George 8. Brigaztce, throughout the East, giving practical proof of made in pursuance thereof, were to be the suYork. - SEND FOR A CIRCULAR. trutii oi ine democratic warnings, that the preme laws of the land, or whether they were He had two female p issengers, and, as may be Jacob Lock and Joseph Lock, and so wounded fsayBreathe fresh air if ye would live long. 1fcsT The Democrats of the First ward will First Lieutenant Dabney II. Maury, Regi- the Republican party is agrarian and revolutionary, to be made to yield to Abolition fanaticism. supposed, they were frightened beyond all de- James W. Lock and William Spraggia that MidwxIAeowlnf WM. M "VER & CO. In New England, farmers, who pass their days ment meet at Schwind's Exchange, on Thursday. Mounted Rifles, has been appointed As- ioj tiring society and the Union in its pursuit The result is cheering to the National, patriscription. Fearing that they would perish in they will both probably die. There were sev12th in st., at 7 o'clock p. u., for the purpose out of doors, live to an average of 04 years. of fanatical abstractions. otic, Democratic heart. Wisconsin, which in the tire and smoke, their screams were fre- eral others more or lass injured. The engiVet notwithstanding sistant Adjutant General, vice Major F. N. all these advantages, we were defeated in Con18o6, gave Fremont a majority of thirteen quently of the most painful nature. of appointing delegates to the convention to The average age of persons who have neer declares that there was a full supply of ve AO"MPi)rDRrMETT.ivwnirH k iiatuml la nominate candidates for Sheriff. A full au occupations at death is, in Massachusetts and Page, deceased. 'J'rrnton Gazette, April C. necticut, so that more than ever I am forced thousand over Buchanan, now gives Dixon, the xpl-sio- n, water ia the boiler at the time of th ci Second Lieutenant Leroy Napier, First Dratxtrm t f i'u f'ar&ai'axutja, kr mm lev Ii a three the conclusion that we are in a minority in Democratic nominee, a majority of from and that he had tested it a few moments Rhode Island: Shoemakers 43; tailors 42; edi mo OiOiWwm witb oilier iu'mi.c ol n'vtur urativt tendance is earnestly desired. goons, has resigned his commission, and his nearly every Northern State, if not every one. to five thousand over his Republican comThe Precious Metals. tsar H.u- lot the d!tsut anti povtr as to art :J an before. No one could in any way account for tors 41; druggists, jewelers and teachers, from to cur. It i i utrvni that biiih a ruj aapaniia i reut-it hat, then, is the hrst point which presents petitor. Few, who have not studied the subject, have the accident. i waiiW by ltiu tD' cuflrr trua Mrumous omi ftSThe Republicans claim that Mr. Clay o'J to 40; machinists 38; printers 30. Fresh resignation has been accepted by the Presi- tself to one seeking for the best candidate? This young State of the Northwest has cov- any just idea of the increased production of uich lii aiuiimU their cunr muti aUDU, an j t&at to dent. of our art:u-t-Ueld the sentiments lately avowed by Bates, From "Vanity Fair-- ' Evidently our search must be for a man who ered itself with great glory. It has rebuked the precious motals since 1S18, when gold was I rov ot Huiueiti ii nrtc to tin iarr cm tir, therefore, almost doubles a man's life, con.p.etrif tint coiii,Kutiti wili doii Iuhh beo prove-y on us outside votes. The candidate fanaticism and shown its deep devotion to the first discovered in California. The estimated ol tue worvt c Mozart's Wasdkrisu Misstesl. Fernanof Missouri, and that, consequently, the great whilj it more than A Cosspiract Discovered. It is declared, can bringonly be unexceptionable tpU: doubles his capacity for to ;t to U- ruud oi Uie ciiit:m i must not for abilities, Constitution and the perpetuity of the Union. available? production in 18(7, amounted do Wood. H L l CM r'f.ATVT?. FRCP A M SCK commoner was ft pretty good Republican a dispatch to the Baltimore Sun, that the for experience, for Democracy, but he must Nor can we omit to say a good word for the to ?27.Tl annual of silver, and $15,ti75,0t0 in 1 LCr.KS, PIMr'LM. enjoyment. TloNS ANb Ths Knack or Deiskiso. Cogniac. ),i)t)0 hr.Al: H'JViifc, U MokS, fAi.1 KiiM M. n.AU MMCtRather impudent that, considering that Mr. Black Republicans mean to invoke the Legis have the power to obtain suffrages from among Democracy of Wisconsin. They have fought gold, making a total yield of $ 4 ,:i'jO,000 per Ths Lost A an. Wendell Phillips ba been HIYPHIMnANO M I'HlLin gsayThe Registrar-Genera- l of England, in Il?k.A.-lUK TK" Clay's living sentiments and actions are not for I'ri lature of Connecticut to pass a law restricting thoso who have, for some years past, acted well; they have done nobly; they have gained annum to supply tho use and loss of these pre- lecturing before the Young Men's Christian AshiAL I'M'r.l'clA A N i NVlNDI'ir.S iiis report for June 26, 1858, reckons the presense cious metals. After 1SH the production rapBut their great good sociation on "The Lost Arts." Ther is HKK TION. gotten by the present generation. They hare .hlit.LAs,- KK.lK T. AMri the suffrages of naturalized citizens, in order against us. Without this latter, it appears a priceless victory. Lid tupossible that we should succeed this fall: was shown in taking up the rejected Dixou idly iucreased up to the begining of this year, one lost art which he neglected to mention ia tie Wi, Oi" ( COBlpLstlDtt aTLIDg iTOm lJtl- as much right to claim Henry Clay as they ventable deaths in the city of London alone al secure the vote of the State for the Black and the desire to succeed is, at this coniunc- - and making him their candidate, thereby when the annual yield was estimated in round this lecture, L the lost art of humbugging t loand trrftt prom ut of bal t h i wia Tin cotiipoun 15,000 every year; and yet, were New York as hare to claim Jefferson, Washington, and wUro taken in the public. ure, a sentiment which is identical with true bringing the great issue directly before the numbers at 5 j ,W,0O0insilver,and Republican presidential candidate in Novem tsriiif. to rpfi lite rtui surujr wvlmii fcauv.i. u. ihi at ibat amn ol w e Tear, by the uiut-I- t healthy as London, we should save more than Who, then, of the candidates can people for their decision. The result shows Ca.n't be Done. It is really too much ta atriotira. in gfild, making a total product of three i uaauy raiiKiitut uiwr.:cr a bipMeuiii others of our earlier history. Jefferson was ot ber. We have no doubt of the disposition of Cin. Enquirer. 9,000 lives every year. toe bU'i. Mull can, by luv iJ of tiu ruxiieuy, .ar their wisdom. from hundred million dollars, against less than fifty expect that an Express Company ean forward opposed to African slavery, and favored emann iuruc- of (ul eru(uon aud uior the Connecticut Abolitionists to do something drawwin forthe Opposition the necessary votes liiema-- ! f rroiu and us the great battle? In looking This is probably why such million only about tea years ago! These inexpressibles. out aure. Uiruch a'hKti tnr etntetu will in to rul tH of this kind, in imitation of the disfranchising over the list of names that will be presented to cipation in Virginia; but no one was more ol com; pUuun n ot aiiLMti to uu th'A tUrou-- b LUe itatura From Missouri- comparative figures show how senseless is articles are so frequently franked by M. C.'s. Owlistic. Monday a great yellow-eye- d nieiiu-iticC'Ulf chaauUi o' ttie bHiy by an The Isnobakcb or those Foeeiosees ! Jwrnaos Citt, Apt 97 v. M. measure (two-year- s hostile to the purposes of these political owl perched in you OdJ tu iupunuf Uj amendment) adopted by the Charleston Convention, I only discover one buMwt the ponic of those who look with dread upout vlt;atd riifitevT the third story window of Winruptuma, or ar-h- . tHirUn(t thruk'b the e.iin in piTiipi", un which wo can maae an inroad upon the The Democratic State Convention of Mis- on the increased movement of the precious Newly arrived Englishman, (to Barkeeper) Abolitionists. Jefferson was not opposed to ters' clothing store, in th ucV'd atij Ctaraae: u a iiu you tin a U at the corner of Third and their Massachusetts brethren ; but we very enemy, ihere are a number of statesmen who souri assembled here at 11 o'clock this morn- metals as shown in our foreign commerce. I say, my friend, give me two mint juleps, m; ciean- itwtifti-vil it ti. i4.ul. anI your much doubt the courage of the conspirators the extension of slavery, and he wrote with the wuvn. KveDwb'Ta bo tb you eiij(T betu-- ba ili an! tiariicular d.rdtfr ta "big-eye- d ould receive the unanimous support of the ing. It is the largest representative body ever But a new phase is about to appear in coo. will youi vlarket streets. The turkey," as i:ve, tor ceaiiiiiL fMlie ho have contrived the scheme. If actually utmost bitterness of those who would use the ; It is now positively ascerCktaceocs. party, but I can only discover in a single one, held in the State, and contains a great num- nectiou with this production. Heretofore, it iLy.and ai. u but aiU. li UvWl. lKw. t'i bl Pat called him, blinked wisely at the crowd in be no latitu ttiat pal) ul urn ol hie Uinordt-re.i- , tbre Federal Government to prohibit slavery. The adopted by them, however, we have not the the elements which would obtain for us outside ber of talented men. It looked quite stormy will be seen, the m ist important gain has been tained that the Benicia Boy has departed for r iafr a..uitLimr riut go wronc. ana LL the street, and answered not their wonderings n. on a Whaling expedition. or ovnbro trength. That one, you have long since at the commencement. There were a number in gold, for while the annual production of England great maci.itiery of i.Jf if slightest doubt whatever as to what the result tttempt to keep Missouri out of the Union on aud oewnm mucii, ue f fciayrii whence he came. A. Lark, Esq., our poet onjectured, I conceive to be Mr. Douglas. of delegates whose seats were contested, or silver has only increased 80 per cent., the proFut tinaVoaj..ti.iiM: lurstir:l baa would be. account of slavery, met the denunciation ol clecrive-- i by pr imraiMria ot It, parUy beatif th Fob Pike's Peak. The rush has evidently Among the other gentlemen named, there are rather whoso credentials were not in proper duction of g ill has increased 1,500 per cent., laureate, has done the incident in rhyme, as aru aioie ba nol al. tue virtue tLnl i iianied r It, bui Mr. Jefferson; and he deplored the drawing ot those distinguished in war, in the that its ultimate effect upon commenced for Eldorado. Within the past form. In the morning session only a tempo- a change so V be Coiiu-kuore bexau nian 'bllows: JS50ne of the grand, glorious sights tf hamber, for this or that particular Senate rary organization was effected. It is now commerce is vast forty-eigCrated exura:t oi u contaoi laaL iiLue rf Ui virtu of fear hours over one hundred men hav beyond all computation. omen, a geographical line as of evil talent. . Once upon an evening dreary, while I wdnJar!, weak and aianiia, or anytLiup ature is to watch the rise, progress and de ith this or that record, but for not one of holding an evening session. Just as this startling truth has become fixed left this city by the Chicago, Burlington, and the puMfc tare been miaicd by lar lunu: lt Mr. Clay was an Emancipationists, too; he weary. tKKXMsa, prvtudiT to jrive atjuart of tract of arpnu in the minis of those who have studied the Quincy Raiload to take the Hanibal and St. them does his most enthusiastic friends claim cline of a rain storm. First comes the rush There is no prospect at present of the dele. f or oae bave man; but he was as much Along the pave, thro" many a volunia of limestone duat, iot ot u Litle. Ilbetro trauda Uin tbt was not Joseph route. These were in different parties any. arpiia, bui for ifify iioi oikv that 'roa. and bora ing wind ; the sun is blotted out by great that he can obtain more than a strict party gates to Charleston being instructed for any subiect. all the theories they have evolved orves no curative pr jri juirvrr. lince, i'iu-- au. opposed to the adverse interference of the Into my aye, now nearly blinded, auddcnly I waj remindvote to elect any one of them we should have Presidential candidate, although the leaders of from it are again upset by an announcement ranging from four to a dozen. One party of amful di?apiOiHtiu-i:- t La-- f Uo d tbe uie ot tua vnn masses of dark clouds; people in the streets to rely upsn the Democratic ed (scting a crowd that quickly winded wing intended to instruct for of an eiuil probable increase in the yield of I fifteen was from Chenango county, New York- party, and it the xtra ie of aniia a bicb fionl Uio niartet. until tte Federal Government, and to the whole Abolii uuy u i tmam iuelf cTi aid Lac become 'ynoiimouh urry to and fro to find shelter; the clouds alone, uut we require more, and we require DanielS. Dickinson. Into a apot before a atorej silver. Wo see no reason for doubling the as- - These mostly go out taking with Lhetn their That was the Ui lmfMuoa ana cbeat. ttid mecmli Una ouuicxKiaf tion agitation as was Jefferson. Jf a poem, by Put engraven, a Lout a black and ominous precisely that which Mr. Douglas is able to aanapan.a, and- inland ittauppiy mch a renfay a auai programme agreed upon and sent out sertion that in two years the production of personal outfit, but intending to procure teami gather strength and blackness; even the winds trie- nanit- from tie tad ot vbiouy a b.ra r rwacaQ(mh Indeed, Jefferson and Clay were but types raven. lve. from Washington. It may yet carry, but the silver in our Pacitic possessions will amount and provisions at St. Joseph. Their freight e bavf grx'Uini Kr belifv.iui It ha vir U And we ttiink for a moment are hushed; then, with a burst Who, to find a aueliered huvan from the storm that outThey contemplate Every person concedes that Mr, Douglas has indications at present are against any move of to fit'ty million per annum. The effect of has made three carloads. to arbn-- are irrit)t..f Lv the ordinary run of the uto ot hundreds of thousands of conservative men aaana u i Uiind- - to cure. In odt-- to secure U'1r com- of thunder, heavens red artillery flashes; the personal and peculiar strehgth among men the kind. The feeling among dalegatcs seems such a production is not to be considered sole- - I being from forty to fifty days on the roao, ana ward bore. anoula ite era iicaiioL from trie FyoTeni, the un Uie botue. be in the United States who scorn the action and Entreated entrance at the lattlae at tha Poet's chamber flood gates are blown open; the tide pours who have not been acting recently with us; to be, to send an untramiueled delegation to ly as sen ling the question of a supply for In- - j were off in high spirits. Among them wer U0JCMua4 UULeti actjru:iig to direction objects of the Republican party on this ques-io- n lattice and, being admitted gratia. FK a. PA LED BY di t. It has a much more important bearing I quite a number who were in the Pike's Peak while at the same time, his long and consist Charleston, and who will exercise their judgdown; the wiud sweeps and sways the rain, which now agitates parties. Mr. Clay was Perched above hit chamber door. ent Democratic services would ensure the warm ment in favor of the most available man. upon the commercial prosperity oi mis city. region last season, but came back to winter ia For my eye, being now uplifted, aoon the mystery I seething and bubbling like mad. AYCR & COn DR. J. C By and by, and energetic For many years the silver current in Eastern the Sutes. Success to them. support of our whole party. most emphatically a The Douglas men are satisfied with this, as He sifted. LOWELL, MASS., the clouds are blown away. The evening star uis recognized great ability, his bold and man they know the Little Giant is by all odds the Asia consisted altogether of Spanish pillar Of aeelng the crowd that had thare drifted, la front of would have Congress do nothing with slavery BotUS 8U Bottle for rrlre, SI mm to fill that bill, and t'ley are on'ideta doHirs. After these became scarce, Mexican comes out and Luna rules tho night with her ly bearing, his dchance of the combined as Winters' clothing store, Mabriahe is Literary Life. Th Quea in the Territories. This was his solution of tn aii lately few Amerelevated casement, three floors above th. basement, lvery light. The quiet stars come out, old saults of jealous foes, his consistency amid that the delegates will soon Make that thpse dollars were admitted, andreceiveda All 'he difficulty. lie was opposed to both exthat of Bohemia is to be married. "Ad Clare," ican dollars hve been and persecution, have won for him a t ' v-.ery. I am wearied at the slow manner f here aat, in wild amazement, a bird that somew hat bore Hae woo for itself roch renown ftpf the cure of every vart- mother earth has her face washed and goes - who once essayed the traijia stae. has at last A resemblance to th. raven, who had sought the sheltered would be i.ei ess.arv to make tha la:ter as cur- found her otr of Throat an J Luup i u tue pupuiar u:uri wuicn cannot ri that it is emirelT ui tremes as they exist now. Whilst he would i yoy1e do p their business, i... 7 t lae happy aiaa ia s Umlet lv ol rour as thj former, would 'Jiheir shipment bed. ed. Hi nomination would pf;Ab v I aC"uv- - tions are that the convention C, V liaven. - if r- - t.nir ren tn cr.Htatf jr., the soo of Mr. Robert W. have the Feleral Government strictly neutral, vi U La ietii ox On a pallid bust of Pallas, above a chamber door; vaiue. ium wealthy Quaker Pearall, we throuruui tttik i.i lucre inaotuie two days. ton. we need not cioiurethan a lent election ; lhe nominat; :i 7 t'T genllemn. He was at on oure Uie t i he would not prohibit the people of a Terri h ever ) uiii if oq np to tbe But Uut bird was not a mveu, but a ghastlier looking could readily be done the!a,'otient the silver time a proprietor of the Saturday Press, for There is gTeat strito and a warm o iti u- relied Kentuckt State Fair. The next annual other would, to sny the least, leave the coute-- t w ao lor luai rcutrf ai. Ii and tuat Ii uj beti. craven. kaa ever beeu luitd to ao. xceeuiagly problematical. Hence I f ivor the between the opposing candidatesover the State bnl'ion was sufficient for the purpose. tory from passing laws respecting African which "Ada Clare has written for son time. fair of the Kentucky State Agricultural So From the Night's Plutonian shore Now. we pvy for our tea, spices, drugs, sua. nomination of Mr. Douglas, by officers. 1 hnd considerable division oi senti is, or de slavery. He voted to strike out a restriction The the same course cf reasoning,and influencedcol- - ment prevailing among delegates as the proper and other 'twas au Owl! and nothing mora. ietv is to be held at Bowlinecrccn. n products, chiefly in drafts The lady with the above omyourpiumt many of my latitude. FoB TUli C'LKK OF ought to be, well known ia upon their action, and it was stricken out. In our exchange on Lon We m-ime fixed is Tuesday, the 18th of September, policy of the State to be pursued in regard to on Lond-mcagtie3 from the Southern States are joining Jau94xfr Tgjnna. Intlffifm, Dy$nfny There must be something connubial in th at Ion by shipping gold, and the English banker short, Mr. Clay was for the policy now advo Literary. tn the movement which promises to carry him nternal improvement by some. and the four following days. mosphere, or else all the pretty actresses and Gov. Stewart's late veto of the Railroad bill pajs his correspondent in India by a remit The second and last volume of Baron de Ba- numpliantly over the b.tter hostility of men cated by Douglas; and by conservative men letter, lumtirtand Silt i:rrvm H.rmt lyvt ArKrauJ. clever authoresses would not b like th girl The annual address is to be delivered by who r iurtring au a Oittnrr rV,flnrf prefer the defeat of the Democratic party is vehemently condemned, while others sus tance in tulver. The moment we can coin in the ballad, ever repeating the comman- dzancourt's narrative of the Italian Vorth and South who are opposed to the irre They are can Utu ov. Beriah Magoffin, on the second day of o the success ot a rival. tui te ruowi liver at San Francisco and ship it to India tain it. It is feared that this question will Rock the cradle, Lucy. tbm piejua!ii.y,aiid Uiei ar- - tb U apeneut in the worn: pressible conflict. War, just issued, contains, among other mat of a loiiii'.y phyaic rect. wo turn the whole tide of exchanges, at fur aii e purp-weeriously endanger the Democratic ascendency the Fair. I am, very respectfully, your ob't serv't, Cor. Charltston lourter. lea-- t for own purchases, in this direction. ter, a detailed description of the interview of Prftoo tti Ool or Box; Five Eoxeo for 91 in the State unless judiciously handled. W. II. DIMMR'K. The Society has determined to hold two JtSSquatter Sovereignty is now understood the two Emperors at Instead of a flow ut eot l tnrougi .?ew mm Cincinnati inquirer. Yillafranca. of rTIyi :anp, FtatPKmen m. airs for the exhibition of tobacco during the Ort numrie Ill DEATH II! be the right of the people of a Territory to to England to buv silver for India, California r cjt have 57 One of tho most singular wagers we inui to ceit,!y Um omineot Ths Japanese Lakgcagk. After seventeen : liiiparawwrird ITIRT FORM A3D SHC IBB O.i ol t4iie rtrUi but out tiac Terrible Life Story. A young and beauti- - will p .y our debt to our antipodes by a remit xclude or protect slavery as they please; and years the commissioners appointed to compile present year one at I'aducah, on the 9th of ever heard of was made in Chicago on the day Vene w.,l bet jeri'.'t it.e inwrtiu t ir e was Anna Ma- - tance of silver, and the overplus may ne usei bame1 lurn'-jai - o;:r r Aiinauac tt he Opposition South denounce it as worse than a Dutch and Japanese dictionary have finished May, at which one thousand dollars will be efore the municipal election in that city. The ful woman, whose last name with e Itiii b Wbich tbey ae luf.fc of tb e the London banker a credit on New bet was between a Water street merchant and euire. while living with a notorious fellow in he hrst five letters of the Japanese alphabet Uie truauit-u- t given in premiums, ana at which public ad he Wilntot Proviso. tbal nbouid be toUow oorf complfc:iiU, It is not Louis, committed suicide on the S a ult., York. The silver will be paid for in ban "Costar's" oti far tln'ir cutk. to, no, tjo, ro aud to. The expense at this rate dresses will be delivered by W. B. Machen, Ned Osborne, of the Treraont House, the St. uufortun-at- e be put off y unpTincj.lfd dealers wiTh other enough, we presume, is the trouble; for it is a Francisco by a draft on the Atlantic States, "Costar's"Eat,Eoach. &c. Exterminator lo nt largest cigar and tobacco dealer in the city, by taking arsenic. The life of this Ayr-will amount to cUti.OOO florins, nearly JEi,O00. eejarattortf tuer profit on. Costar s supplies will still be needed to leea creature, says the Republican, has been an sq., and Judge James Campbell; and the and was to the effect that if Wentworth was fact that we owe every slave State to Squatter and take no ctb.'r. l ue nek waiit tiie beat aid Uicre ia for London and China Telegraph. "Costar's" Bed buj Exterminator. The moment that lijeta, aud tu-- . tuo'J - d naw it. and clothe the miners. other at Louisville, on the ICth of May, at not elected, Osborne should have the privilege eventful one. bhe had received a good educaKoTns-I Co anri Ai' our "Costar's" Dr. Hayes' "Arctic Boat Journey" is an t u:a; te K.. A.Lckjn A kCo.. Ciu Sovereignty, and not one to Congress or any exchange upon this city is once estab tion, and wa3 the daughter of respectable pa rati? of t kickiDg the Vater street merchant afore fuire, Sutrft1 A H .i:b-- , Lui eeventy-fiv- e dollars er-- r "Costar's Electric Powder, for Iasects. other tribunal. a lt re. Ja24 deocA bm and by all nounced for republication in London, by which eleven hundred and said from the Treraont House to Springer rents in Illinois. At the age of seventeen, six lished in Europe and Asia, that moment LonAND DESTROYS IISTANTLT will be distributed in premiums, and public ad- Florida, Louisiana, Missouri, Arkansas and Bentley. treet. lhe day alter the election, the mer years ago, she was seen in Cincinnati, where lon ceases to be our financial center. I'ur Ground Mic resses delivered by Hon. W. L. Underwood chant having lost, came to Osborne's store, she was known as Josephine frank, a snort buyers will no longer pay for their Manchester Rats Roaches Mice Moles lexas, were made slave States by Squatter Augusta Sal has published in London a s Mosquitoes Moths Ants ehe came to St. Louis, where purchases by a sterlmir draft under a letter or and presented his person to him for the con time afterward tnd E. M. Covington, Esq. overeignty; that is, the jeople made them book called "Lady Chesterfield's Lectures to Fleas Insects on Plants, Insects on Aniredit which cosis a commission, cut py templated kicks, and demanded that Osborne she was called Mrs. Wilson, and had afterward and spelave States without dictation from any quar her Daughter," It is a reprint of her contri should take the stakes. Osborne had been several oLher names. She was at one tiaie en- bill payable in this city, and New York will mals, &c, ic. in short every form JfcaJ A correspondent furnishes the follow year she married 1 . become the financial center of America, and cies of ter. If bquatter BovereientT had been let butions to the "Welcome Guest." raining his right leg all the previous day, and eaired in a theater. Last ing vote on the steamer Asa Wilgus, on a late Maeuire. and Jlaguire having aesertea ner K a certain extent of the world. alone, we should, probably, have now a slave rip frjm Jenerson City to at. Louis, lhe had armed his foot with a heavy cowhide boot. six months szo, she formed an attachment for Mr. William Ballacot will shortly publish, Juurnal of Commerce. 10 years established ia New York City used with soles as thick as two clapboards. The passengers were mostly from North-westeState or twe in the Northwest New Mexico through Trubner & Co., "Antiquarian, Eth the City Prisons and by the City Postoffice merchant started up by the Tremcnt, Osborne Ned Lundy. She was married to Maguire un Missouri. The vote stood : s now slave Territory. Depot. As Mr. uorlon Station Houses the City Steamers, Ships, Ac tho name of Ann S. Lew'i3. She has atIt comprises an im nological and other P.esearches in New Grana Fracas at the delivering a heavy kick as he started, but drew der GENTLEMEN. "8L, tempted to destroy her life on nine different Tauner was leaving upon the cars, yesterday theCity Hotels, "Astor, ichoias. mense region, and we owe to Squatter Sove ...... back his foot with a spasmodic action, and Doulus da, Ecuador, Peru and Chili." paroxysm of countenance absolutely pitiful. occasions stabbing herself at three several morning, for Columbus, Ohio, and Washington sc. and by more than ai,UW private lamaies. reignty the fact that slavery exists there. One .. A posthumous fragment, by Charlotte Bronte, Dickinson and City, totally unarmed, he was attacked Dy JqjT Druggists and Retailers everywhere sell He tried another one, but the loser flinched times, and taking arsenic, chloroform, uont...f.l.. thing is certain: Congress will never make a is announced as the leading feature of the next . Uordon, wun a neavy mc them. not, nud kept on his way undisturbed by the morphine. She was also addicted to opium Hon. Juuathan COOTS, EACES 1XD LEATES, LADIES. Wholesale Agents ia all the large Cities. clave State, nor aid in making one. If another vs. volley he had received. The result of this eating, aud under its influence became very orv cane. by which one of his arms was se- j Doula number of the Cornhill Magazine. lar sizes, 20c. 5Uc. uiiured. ot the nnai termination oi fl Boxes was worse than the first, and he fairly curled much excited. f Kioseons Drcs and Foisonons Minerals. ever comes into th Union, Squatter Sove vtho is Junius: is again the exciting is unnecessary for us to speak. Flasks. this affair, it up on the ground and howled with pain. AFK Tf!K AFFLiCTKItOF FITH1R FEX, WHICH reignty will bring it in. question in the literary circles of England. Mr As India Brave The Aunia (Texas) a and ttrup, com t do you lhe merchant stopped and calmly inquired: Intellisencer gives a description of the gun. Appointments which could not ba delayed 5?jy ! ! ! Beware ! ! ! of spurious imitations. pvuodrd from .Na'un f c u kMiie'Ji- - one lika wil It is madness in the South to get up this Merwales' paper on Macaulay and Junius in Douglas is Alabama. A letter published crn.p"Lrid-Lcraufuvthy don t you take the stakes; you. "What bow and arrows, trappings, etc., ot an Indian have taken Mr. I anner away a lact ot wnicn Examine each Box, Bottle 4 Flask, and tak j?itif and inimftntiv nil Nau-oi;- or tlte viie- bi m rlr r and uaeu. wui ai, Mr. Gordon waa duly advised), but whwn wilt nothing but "CostarJs. silly clamor against popular action in a Terri- - the Cornhill Magazine, Mr. Bolin's statement in the Selma, Ala., Sentinel, from Hon. Alex have you got in the basement of your pants?" M " t,i- diieaie, many tuo lol recently killed in Burnet county, a wild Co 51,00 Boxes sent by MaaL ory. To such action, this section of the of the discovery by him of a large collection White, on the political isaue3 ef the day, con cried Ned. "Milwaukee bricks," shouted the manche, and adds: Mr. Hunter, ot lurnet. not shake the confidence of those who know kv,uf tr,, u of M;u. ral Fo -- i. ' own t .Valu 5rr;flr tnrOon-trrLo- . Tt X'tierok $i k $5 Boxes for Plantations, Hotels, him. in Lis courage. AVe have every conn tuerchant; "and we aru't within a mile of . Grv-'.- , h"icU:re, Union will owe all the accession it will ever of letters relating to the Junius period of his tains the following paragraph : "or Allxi l A t:t- describes his conduct and death as being brave deuce that Mr. Tanner will, at a proper time tssfby Express. Ac. Springer street yet." Osborne subsided, paid f th I rliiary t!jio runni; and all ih, in the highest degree. A party of abjut ten get. ioi Uh orders or for "Circular to alter au ot)ir o.Baara by l.auira. himself. indicate tory, from the commencement, and Parke's the champagne, and has been wearing a list I will support Judge Douglas with alacrity tiavr ia led: and t oii- ot Havw. a t ti oDnd had pursued and overtaken the Inlians, about In this connection we ask, if an individual, Dealers" to tiK it. an luritani- - te produced of iu eduda wwicL coming LiT of bir 1 hihp Irancis (who, as ana zeal, and so will the Democracy or Ala slipper ever since. the same number, and at last intercepted who boasts of his physical strength and (Hi4 aiare crviunty. Ptichmond Enquirer does not con Indeed, were I a member or the IICXRY R. COSTAR, lietwrfor osd har failed: Tl iiauowuf (rf,rjt! the claimants for bama. took to the timber, lhe ell as The Spirit of the Times is justly en them. The Indians pursue, when this Indian hickory bludgeon, can mke any capital out of for but Ui,, La4 livt ;u . i li.ui:! bn known to tall cede that the Virginia delegates will be for Junius' his father, is among revival of pub Charleston Convention. I should votenotni PRrsciFAi, Depot, 410 Broadway, N. T. Lmppi r for mu.o 1. ir Governor of Ue vorld la a Fallurt whites attempted to fame), account for the thusiastic over the famous horses of Mr. Rob my first choice for the :kisi a much weaker and a totally un SOLO BT , Judge Douglas as Hunter. It says, thirteen are for Davis, twelve aliK-tt;ot to k i, b it o rur. t ii on foot and faced the whole party. . armed man, especially if he admits that he is dradfu' In nttrrcv ta apttni--- . . quu in for tli has stee Is," says the Spirit, turned 1st. Leause nis ert Bonner. nation, for two reasons: for Hunter, and three uncertain, whilst one lie interest in this political riddle. to his shoulder he rushed at one amenable to tho code of honor, and has had an Jimiai ia. viif:b. ky Ufa to aU taix ot mrl JAwlawlni Wholesale aua itetai LoujfUa. T. which Phteton might have envied, viz: Lan With his trun a every hi aw l wuiia &ie it lu u tarn new vol nomination would ensure the election of Mr. Charles Swain has in press a and another, although fired at all the district has yet to elect delegates. The En Ijfvpr fcr;e li rst until U ba opportunity of vindicating his courage, in that athi coi.rar tnl: a'ltiiirt' Democrat and the defoat of the Black Reptib tern, Lady Woodruff, and the Flatbush mare Nviy.a-tand succeeded in keepin; xim1U-.i ii troin '' Uie uiioujpit-.Lantern and the I latbush mare, taken all m with at bay. He did not fire; and at last. way. Mr. Gordon s antecedents preclude nim H. quirer insist upon it that the Democracy of ume of lyrics. licans in the Presidential election; and 2d and vior. Ui ;oriii- -r them A suggestion resently male, that publishers TLia ' Kriiifdy' nrn al u rtrj root ot th dliK'aa: That it would bring about the expurgation of all speed, beauty, docility in harness, and when shot several times, Mr. Hunter says ne from seekinx or claiming any advantage by Time la iMH almo v ... aftiieij'l tb Mlaou. but to re- - Virginia are overwhelmingly for Wise. to brute force to vindicate his honor MANUFACTURER AND DEALER, should announce the weight on the covers of the Democratic party of Alabama. Ine lines exact resemblance are justly esteemed the down on his knees as quietly as a man -Andi:at KVHAM le lis VALCK, te the enttr will soon tell who the delegates are for; but each volume issued, has been put into practice would then be drawn, an t the battle tought finest team in the world. Both have long taile, got to prayer, and, making an effort to draw This is & rufian's arsruuient, LOCISTI1XZ, XT. No. 7 FOURTH STREET. going see Colonel abiHirc f ail wnw but" or aiiffA. Itcno Uy In u 1'. S For further particulars who the majority of tbepeople are for, will ever between the conservative Democracy of Ala botli have white faces, and are so marked that, eouiititii room or on in to'! tmir, w: bout tut Walker's card iu aaother column. by Messrs. A. & C. Black, of Ediaburg, in bama, and the destructive, and the avalanche to the common observer, they look, when har his bow. tell dead, pierced witn a dozen dui aaa iwm(iv" lor cret dia-banct be an open question. FindTngs I .U diroctlo&a for The party join in tho belief that he aA enorrl dineaa. hvoti Indianapolii Sentinel. nessed together, exactly alike. These 'twins lets. his deith to enable the balance of his their volume of Macaulay's Biographies. from the mountains would sweep the last hop tlxs.r oemutueul ni ancompany met l'hl' K. 12 KK it ifTLt. trot together without a break, with the precis band to escape. Only ouo of the others was Messrs. Derby and Jackson announce among of Disunionism from the State. taL'i anddaiTs In rnedl tUThe remarkable feat of reducing to six BWMi by all . The India Rcbber Manufacture Great ion of beautiful machinery, and have A MKUI. Poie I'r dm. killed. He was not tall, but was a model of Profit. In the trial of a case at New York days the period required for communicating other novelties, a volume from the French plished unparalleled speed, attached to a com "Sold tn Lor'.rti State News. bv Rarinoiid a Tv ir, hi.rtnr'-- A symmetry, and displayed great power of mus Clothinff, philosopher Descartes, with an editorial pho last week, the evidence developed the enor mon road wagon which, we are informed, is has been ac and reUii. Ini;e.:1tA. bi In between London and Calcutta ujr, atid a'i tti At a meeting of the members of the bar and ued by Mr. Bonner in hi9 every-da- y IMii7 voi4-mous profits made by India rubber manufac driving cle. complished. The first private telegram be legomena; the editor's name is not mentioned officers of the Washington Circuit and County Hiram Woodruff, Wm. Wheelon, Hoagland, and turers. By way of illustration, it was proved tween India and England, via the E.ed Sea, but may be guessed at Mr. O. W. Wright The Wat Science is Treated. In the bill Courts, held at the law office of Pat. Simms, in others of the best authorities, assert that the increasing the pay of the officers of the navy, that I'ue entire cost of a pair or India rubber was received at Lloyd's, dated Calcutta, the the translator of Cousin, and author of a "Cy by th Ford Rubber Company, on the 5th day of April, 1800, Bonner team can beat any other horses that which is before Congress, the Chief of the shoes, mads Springfield, Ky., was only mmieen cents, (they usually retail lor 10th of March. It reports as follows: "Ship clopedia of Philosophy," destined to see th can be brought togetner Tacony, r lora Tem ! Rureau and the Superintendent of the Obser on motion Wm. II. Hays, Esq., was called ple, and kindred stars of the first magnitude. 19 AT UANli W II KS THKSE SCXirROF ad- Red Gauntlet, bound to London, burnt and light "on the coming of that milder day, vatory are excepted from the proposed ciii'UiO'd lu stock, whose par value was one nundrea dol to the chair and Pat. Simms appointed Secre t'tn Uoi;rn"ma anc included in the category. W.)r.M danr-w- na. I'R. J HS M UK VWiKTAhLK The Superintendent oi ine voservaiu scuttled. Some careo will be saved." when political agitation has quieted down hundred dollars per la a retiu' ly L. ke ;!eaant and ncf:ai Ut tary. The following resolutions were offered. Maury, who has done lars, is now worth three Tt;?rv - not tnr toand a translation of Alfred de Maury's work a.'l.i ioiv in t tinn cbndm L7orebyhTs"Windand We heard the other day of a very dar Current Charts" and share, and has It U tac th nif'.tlue. and, on motion, unanimously adopted: r'ar"1 In tti loan of cand B3 In one of the districts of the Romitgna, "La Terre et L'llomme," a title similar t tha liropa, and wiii hr rat-- n wltu avid ty l.r ot al the cent, rer annum on its capital; and tnat tne Indiana State Prison, at ing escape from uraa. i detro anl rkri Womis n.ore ftua'iy that Whereas, Death has again entered our Jettorsonvillc, bythe girl, which pretty nearly "Sailing Directions," for the benefit of North British Rubber Company, estabbshed it is eaid that 500 women presented themselves of Professor Guyot's popular book, but taking a country, than all the other ouicers in me navy in Edinburst by the defendant, paid a divi aui rvny bow In ue, at l.r aapf k j 11 lil In no midst and taken from us our friend and fellow tbay ail?ct of thoc.'.tiO. to deliver their opinions and votes on thepoliti equals the enterprise of the adventurous girl combined. Y'et Congress would raise the pay a. wider ran?e over liniruistia and ethnological It ran be procured from and country atore citizen, John B. Starr, Esq., the late accora iMo in January, and another of 20 in tho Columbus 1'enitentiary, of which tne of those gentlemen who sail on pleasant dend of of the same year, on a share nomi- cal questions of the day. The offer was most science, and executed with the peculiar neat plished Clerk of the W ashington Circuit Lour Llk. JOilS BULL'S r.incloal OEoe, Ix.u'-tI'towns ia July account gave , tO'ky. zznm ungallantly declined, and it is not made k nown ncss and elegance which characterizes French Resolved, That we recognized the decease papers range an cells in recently. The is cruises, drink good wine, visit pleasant nothing nallv of 100. but on which only j0 were Gum our penitentiary of and have a good time generally, doing as a gentleman whose acknowledged ability men's r 4T .j rwiris (In fcon toroO, wlta Ml dtacrtp how the ladies intended to vote; but, jadin four stories in bight, we believe, with grated all the while, aud would dole out a pittance to paid up, or a net profit of one hundred per scientific resumes. unquestionable honor, and stern integri M.'.lxra. vuLj Jiure looking into the court a man whose discoveries are of the next mari- cent.: windows in each story, from the well known sentiments of the ser, we Among the books to be expected from abroad eminently qualified him for any position M"vhaii aiJ otn. yard. This girl climbed up the highest win time importance to those of the compass aud The Murfreesboro A SnocKiso Affair. should say they would most unhesitatingly are "A History of the Game of Chess, from trust or honor to which his fellow-citizen- s feir dlaAw'l' dow as far as she could, the grate bars en the chronometer. (Teun.) Telegraph states that the dwelling have voted fur annexation. Bl't-- S bUUXUB the Earliest Period to the Present Time," by might have called him. officer, he was alway abling her to cling to it firmly, and when at IkJ M Itr-UU- U housa of Alex. I . Todd, residing aoout inree 31 nL ration UI 4or Mu Rttolved, That, as an No. 489 MARKET STEEET, TttA. HAVDO. the " Book of Jacob," authorized miles from Woodbury, in Cannon county, was the top, she managed in some inexplicable Esq., a distinguished Orient Duncan Forbes, Berlin honest, faithful, and impartial; as a friend, he way to Sad Ooctrrshci. Yesterday forenoon. NKMr iuuLAV-- A VtL B? MI.-- FAV fasten the sheet of her bed to the bars edition ef the "Book of Mormon," the follow from rai arr ef Tblrti &aifc iUfi burned down on Tuesday night, the 27th ult was firm, true, and reliable, and as a citizen al scholar, who it is expected will throw muc CLakSE S. japS VLlfi. eaye the Boston Transcript of the 6th, daring of the next window above, then climbed the Jl Hi ooa ef liri ll t.D A LLX AMJf A vounj man bv the name of r hulips, atom fc larga liirht from Eastern sources on the vexed honorable, generous, and patriotic. Umwum I sheet to that window, climbed up it to the ing passage occurs ECCIVKD THIS DAT PKR EXFKf S, who was spending th the gale, Messrs. C. E. Whitney and A. A. OsResolved, That in our intercourse with th French and American Fell Hata aver whom seventeen years of age, Behold, the Lamanites, your brethren, npKtions connected with the orisrin and an tl'klv.(l Arifcl7MMFB l iu iinrt with the first one, and deceased, he was always affable and courte top, as she had done to the window above, ve hate, becausi of their filthiness and the n:M at .Mr. load s was ourned to aeatn. a w i 6rt)0tfcj th:i market. borne, of Cambridge, started from a point on 9 WITH. 4M Mala at. PRATHKR A tiquities of the game; a new "Grammar of th ous, and we feel that in his death the peopl again fastened the sheet of Mr. Todd's sons young men were burnen G(30I)S, Charles river, near the Colleges, to come to and thus managed to get to the roof, wheuce cursings which hath come upon their skins. very badly ; one of them so much so that it is PF.KRLRS9. OPERA Au vm Language in English," by M. Leon de of his county have sustained an irreparable VHTflT WILL tK SOLD LOW AT WII'JLFF ALU A she escaped down the ladder which is used for are more righteous than you; for they have thnurht iiiinnssibla for him to recover. Mr. ZOUAVE, Soil lln tnt EK A wtiwli' , ... . - . this city. One of the parties, Osborne, it is Chinese ua ap FttAtU ! Rasney; and a work on American Antiquities, loss. mount to the wall with. Her not forgotten the commandment of the Lord Todd, himself, in endeavoring to rescue m eupposed, was in an open wherry, and the Resolved, That we are fully conscious of the the guards to unto our fathers, that they I OU1SVTLLR AXt NTV TORJt ST T 13 OT DRX3: hich was given . until some time after, IVlIIotvivarc , ., "Antiquarian and Ethnological Researches in heavy affliction that his death brings upon his escape was not known ... - vounff men. wf very badly burned, out it ia lUta can b sad chp fKR . M . . nJ other propelled a eovered boat. Between ana should have. save it were one ?Ti MAF.KFT BAkKTS. ALL FI7KS; and she has probably got safely off. it M Wl - . PKA f H ap ,. thouirht he wul recover, Tt,.;,. Mthonirlit Tew Granada, Ecuador, Peru and Chili," by i. ,,1,1 i family, and that we tender to them our heartAu mm Cbii'lreui cana, 1 ai.d 4 Let is, varvoui Whittemore'a Point and thev Indiana Journal. the Flats the open J : to be tho result of an accident. 1AR-- 1A BARRELS OF 1 KJCT&A QUAXITT. felt sympathy in their sad bereavement. fax. Bollaert, Esq , the latter to be published M lilow Cra tios: not be whoredoms committed among iliem in Resolved, That as a token of respect for the HTBBTTT k 90. nmrra. IUpt, tuana,u wherry suuk, and its inmate was thrown Into Wtth a eHi assortment ot C.o:h In a Delicate Fix! A the late session of And now this commandment they observe to Messrs. Trnbner & Co. r at 1mm rx. tc. 1 or k All visitors for the last twenty years the water. His comrade immediately went to deceased we wear the usual badge for thirty the Circuit Court, held ia Gosben, la., a goad keep: wherefore, because of this observance TSRT l, B Hlra aud t feaiB am I, BM. the Hotel Vittoria, on the piCKLE- 3- BARRKL3 IN TlXEOAR. of Swedenborg will levn with days. Admirers KLSSELI. a; looking young lady had a divorce bill filed and in keepinz this commandment, the Lord God know at Naples the rescue, and, by his endeavors to save the lor aaia by nicmrr t 1V .u Resolved, That the proceedings of this meetready for the Judge to act on. Previous to will not destroy them, but will be inerciiui to Chia a. kept by the honest Bwitier, and Air. pV&sure that Mr. Elihu Rich, a gentleman KEiiS ASS'iKTF.D FIZK8 W IIEELLN "ATIJ! struggling young man, upset Lis own boat, ' cof host'' has just been seiied CASKS flLl.UB u otva- researches in mystical lore, and ing be published in the public journals of the this, however, the lady had become reconciled them, and one day they shall become a blessed "Minewith a whole batch of the nobility and pICE-4 fll'iS. 8. HATDOV Al by and precipitated himself into the river. A kno wn for his fered HTBBTTT A SO. State, and that the Secretary of this meeting and had dispatched a letter to on "The Occult Sciences," furnish a copy of the same to the family of the to her husband, instructing him to discontinue people. . Author of a book " ecntry. The raxia had been going on thrts WBLP, H ALT 6 AND KITTS, Noa. Tl f ACKrKFL-l- W . B.nir. miTI.Elt. ..Q few moments after, both of them sank beyond her attorney, Ivill KR PLATS. tor tmm H'11 r.d jl, lu atore aj.u lor i ithou dnys, and the fangs of Police Minister Ajosa 1 Piaw la wr and3B IV .us low-'i H. HAVDtlN iThe statement is reiterated This letter failed to just completed a classified analysis, and deceased. the legal proceedings, TlMS. the reach of aid. They were promising young W. B. BKt.g1AF A PP. lot 01 On motion, the Chair appointed T. B. Hardin, reach him before the prayer of the fair peticontradiction that on the large private sale of have clutched a multitude of lawyers, in the order of instruction, of the rrAgement Ofcl VALEDCORJi . A 3CPKJUO& RIVAT3-- 0F men of about twenty-tw- o years of age. present a copy of these resolutions at mr, she urilisn V hr 1& aiofa ail lor a.- bv Ijereat work of the Swedish Seer, the Arcana Esa.. to terms of the Washington Circuit and tioner was granted. When livingheard of her week todry gooas, uiauo ui .u there was a Miruuis Volcano, Marquis Bello, Duke rrow, A ,IP;R. iaAND BOILA o. W. EA'!TAW.M6M' oi.ity, atora auu wr lU w 00. the amount of $l'J0o0, y(.1L BELKSAF outside the the next volumes of County Courts, and move that they be spread predicament having been divorced lover sue loss to the importers of near S10O.0O0, and have fled. The capital ia in a paroxysm ( gW. P. Bran nan, the poet and artist, and ,Cakrt- - It will form two bulky UPK AND FRIXE 6ELKTKD matrimonial line with a CFFT) fN'RN.-RACrRAVi3 JT.SC terror, tne embassadors oi r ranee, r.uSiu I'T ut O rn-- bun hi u ui i. W BASHAW. I! Mate at author of "The Harp of a Thousand Strings," concluded to make the best of it; so a new li- that iarre lines of French and Swiss dress ri 40tt closely printed pages, and has been ex upon the record or said Courts. arnw On motion, the meeting adjourned. cence was obtained and the pair were respliced goods have been sold this spring at half the and Spain, have made ineffectual xemonstranOwut Lm Lw ii tiuMl. has been engaged as one of the editors of the '.oaitedAS a labor of love in moments snatched WARRANTED 1 WM. IL HAYS, Chairman, I ces IIJ'SA HEMI'sEED. oat of importation. as good as new! uy PAT. 8IM1I3, Becrwtorr V I." a licttiiaeej la tor auj i"r Chicago Leader. Irom. pressing daily avocations. Jpailg democrat s . LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY, WEDNESDAY MORNING, APRIL 11, 18G0. VOLUME XVL' r BIBJMOCE-AT- SEWIA'G MACHINES, On Saturday . w rld. Ayer's Sarsaparilla, u, i. rr Ayer's Cherry Pectoral Ayer's Cathartic Pills. VERMIN. tThe . W. WILKES, Jr., Factory geii'lly, Woolen .Macninery. Card llubber Belting, Fan Mill Castings, Calcutta Lace Leather, Leather Belting, Wove Wire Screenery, f Worms! Worms! WORMS Tn Sieves,HiddlesandTraps, llosa and Packing. No. 489 No. 439 MARKET ST. llrs. C. Scllifjcr jr I MILLINERY 200 .. t.n "" ' t? it. uvu i i,

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