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Image 1 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), April 9, 1908

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

The Jeffersonian Vol. I. No. XLHI. CLASSIFIED J EFFERSONTOWN, JEFFERSON COUNTY, KY. night after a week's illness of Dneu monia. Five sisters and brothers, be- siues tne parents survive. Our sym patny is with the stricken family, and their only comfort is to know tnat ne is afe ln tne arms of Jesus Had Many Traits of Character Safe in his gentle care The funeral was preached at the That Were Enviable. Penn Run church and the interment was in Penn Run cemetery. The Rev. Stone, of the Baptist Mission, on Baxter avenue, will hold J. R Z. Favors Our Readers With Another services at Hikes' school-hous- e in Buechel next Sunday morning, April Letter The First Man Brought Sin Into 12, at 10 o'clock. All are invited. The World And It Is Still Here. The Rev. T. S. Tinsley returned from Williamsburg this week, after ADVERTISING. 0. Advertisements under this bead One Cent a word. No ad taken for less than 10c. For rent Flat with three rooms; G. Thursday, April 9, 1908. ADAM WHIZZ. it after six thousand years have Every man who earns his bread by the sweat of his brow is a victim of that mistake. Every man elapsed. who does, does so because Adam made that blunder. It was the first and n iwautLLiujiv hnnw greatest act of disobedience recorded" ucLiiac vour in history. I can not say that I hold icqucst, as we ao not wisn to become a party to murder. malice against the father of Cainr but if the old fellow could have seen For sale Good work mule 16 hands The young lady received a note that 12 years old, fast walker, splendid a little ways to the fore, and been a reaa as iollows: "My Dear Miss:" plow mule. Chas. Brvan; Lud M. little more obedient, we'd be far Will you allow me the exquisite 43-Bryan. better off today. Adam, was tempted pleasure of conducting your corporal by Eve and fell, and the world is full-osystem over tne space of terra firma, For Sale. White Plymouth Rock Eves today who are falling as didt intervening between the paternal Cockerels. Price $1.00. Mrs. Roy old father Adam of Eden. domicile and the edifice 39-for Sims, Buechel, Ky. Of course, Adam lived before many divine services, when the Diurnal of us were born, and we never met luminary shall have sought his restFor Sale. One Jersey bull two him and are out of time so to speak, ing place beyond the Occidental having conducted a meeting there years; six neavy snoats; one Berkdui wnen it comes to censuring him,, honzen? She hove a sigh on reading for several weeks. shire boar, two years old. H. L. Shepherdsville, April 2. Circuit let me insist that those who have it. Her mother askeaV "What's the Misses Gertrude Hikes and Ida 43-Goose, Jeffersontown, Ky. matter, Sis?" Oh! a lot of college Belle Kaiser chaperoned a larce Court has landed on us with both feet. looked into the depths of woman' . . gibberish and I can't tell what th nni-fiand if our lacking in glorious eyes and retained all their rf J""K ui JK"" Margaret ycupie to surprise length or shy letters are we want to senses, are the only ones who can For Sale. Large, 16 hand, bay on quality, jrvliss dratted" tool means. Simcoe on her birth horse, kind and gentle enough for plead a rush of legal work in ban of condemn Adam. "Letthose Col. Grip the nt day Saturday last. J. C. Bruce, Jefferson- frosts falletb lightly, the lettuce Debity, paid us lady to drive. J. R, Z- censure. By the way, an excuse is a cast the first stone. a visit in the last fpw Mrs. Conrad Kaiser, who is now fine invention. I groweth slowly, and dry beans taste 42-town, Ky. believe it was Adam, poorly for the time is at hand when days. Of course, the visit will be re convalescing, after an illness, was the very first of his kind, who membered as given Grateful. I am profoundly grate- the new grown green" and the smoke ing, sneezing one of the trying, sigh- April a3, party on her birthday, Friday aged to find an excuse when he manAGRICULTURAL was and coughing episodes by a large number of her discovered ful to the people of Jeffersontown and cured fowl form a partnership for the of our in his first sin. He said it vicinit for the liberal patronage and purpose of making man happy pcl would uneventful life. The colonel relatives. was woman. Since that good day or the cordial welcome they are extend- tone up his appetite for other spring sneeze tickle our nose and we would The Junior Christian Endeavor met was it a bad one ? excuses have mul- Society Organized at Harrod's Creek Last Friour head half off. Then change at the home of Mrs. T. S. Skiles on tiplied Keep it up, boys. I will relishes. '"Gosh, we'er Hongry!" ing to me. as rapidly as the people who day Mi'ch Interest Manifested. continue to treat you as good as I "Ye editor" says that a man who the program to a cough that would last Sunday. A large number of visi- n.ake them. And in about nine out sucuse our entire corporal system like tors and 43-know how. Fred Prell. members were present. does not take his county paper seldom a of ten times woman is said to be tov terrier does roin, or ever marries. That may oe so ir perhaps would a rat. Thon Harrod's Creek. April H. The Har- The ,Rev. R. Hopper is holding blame. "She tempted me," said ensue until we were may be so. But what reason has Mr. almost in a doze when the colonel services this week at 10 a. m. and in Adam. And so say we all, as the rod,s Creek agricultural society was in single Crescent Farm Durocs Editor) for remaining wrong, orblessed would jump on our anatomy and the evening at Buechel church in "gentlemen of the jury" are wont to yigdmzeu rriuay aiternoon last by someness!. something observe. The gentle art of making C. M. Hanna from the office of , the Fern Creek. body at fault? Own, manage and pound us like a base drummer. Then excuses has been reduced to a science Commissioner of Agriculture at Mrs. of Frankfort. About thirtv farmers were control a county paper and can't cease pounding for just enough time Creek, Herman Schnieder,Yann,Fern by the majority of people. and Mrs. John We have a choice lot of Durocs on hand own L" us in tne small ot the back of Speaking of a wife! now and in order tomakeroom forouryoung Adam, who was re- present who evinced much interest in Buechel, are visiting in Jeffersonville ana cause us to be shut un puts, we will make very attractive prices and garded as one of the first citizens of the proceedings. Addresses were made The cominsr fair of the Jefferson barlow knife; then straighten like and Uharleston, Ind. us out can sell you most anything you wish in the County Fair Company, bids fair to be oy ramming couple of hot Mrs. Joel Yann, Mrs. William Yann Eden and who was second to none but by C. M. Hanna. L Rowdelrsh. of Durocline from a Herd Boar to weanling pig. best one yet. The premium list rods in each ear anda heat our head Mrs. John Yann andlittle Miss Esther Ji,ve, recalls to mind, or rather re- Ohio, and Col. James S. Ray, of. the minds me, that the grand old man of Florida Heights. The officers of the catalogue will soon be ready Wheeler Bros., and press, a general overhauling for until the water boils out of our eyes visited Mrs. H. Schnieder Sunday of iiKe tne uataract at Fodona. the harden was a very fortunate fel society are C. E. Hunt, president. the Our u: nT. . R. F. D. 11, Buechel, Ky. the old list will be given and a new nose begins to smell at juw. xu uis iuve anairs ine was so John S. Waters, vice president. blind that he could not see anyone Kemp, Secretary and crop reporter. 7fe4z be made and newer and more up-- eyes giving it a bath. the idea of the list Cumb, Phone E Our upper lip WITCHING HOUR" but Eve, and for years regarded her A meeting will be held at the HarHome Phone, Fern Creek Ex. articles be placed on the twitches: our breath on Friday,. as the only woman in the world. They rod's Creek school-hous- e premium list. By the way, will some enure Doay is drawncomes quick, our together to re lady, or rather ladies, send a list of sist the shock and did not have to elope to get married April 17, at 2:30 o'clock. R. Wheeler. So Successful In Louisville that Manager Jno. for L. B. it. Wheeler. household, needlework, painting, etc., noo and we finally draw there was none to oppose. Adam life back, had no rivals, and those of us who T. Macauley Has Been Requested To Our Motto: "Honest Work and a Square to the secretary not later than April and behold the colonel is sittintr hv 0KOL0NA. have been the victims of successful Deal." lath or 20th? The committee is at a our side laughing and preparing to Present the Play again. rivals can very well afford to envv loss to know how to change the list give us another round. March 30. Mr. and Mrs. Stanley him even at this late day. And atrain. Adams, of Louisville, were guests of or revise, and request the lady friends O. G. Whizz. Mr. and there were no cartoonists to to assist them. Please address E. B The fact that Louisville people have up in the papers. Of coursefix Adam f Misses Mrs. Spence Minor, Sunday. Berry, secretary, Route 11, Buechel, our inContracting asred "The Witching Hour" back to formation concerning the habits, oc Brooks.of Mamie Robyand Mary Tyler Ky. SHREWD WORK play a return engagement at Macau-ley'- s cupation and disposition of our com- Mary a leldBrook's Station, visited Miss Brooks. Saturday and SunTheatre, beginning- next Mon mon source is Jeffersontown, Ky. In memory of late Capt. Charles B day night, April 13, shows how willing from the facts somewhat meague, but day. Mrs. George Kirk visited hersister, now in our possession. Stivers is new Manuel Training By County Patrolman B. F. Tyler Id The anxious Kentucky people are to patand with a little guess work added, Mrs. George Pearson, in Louisville School named: The memory of the ronize the theatre when the dramatic we soliloquize thusly; Used late Captain Charles B. Stivers, who All Kinds Capture of Charley Cooper, Alias this week. offering is worth while. While everyMr. Will Thomas and family, of was principal for 26 years of the oid Adam was no grafter; Charley Thomas. GIVE US A TRIAL. one knows that "The Witching Hour." He was no beoze grafter; Louisville, are spending several weeks-witCentral and its successor, the tsteele by Augustus Thomas, has met with reHe did not wear a silk hat; his mother, Mrs. J. S. Thomas. High School, will be perpetuated by markable in Mr. Henry Sanders and family, He neve: wore sharp toed shoes; naming the new manfcel training high Charley Cooper, who is known hv Chicago, asuccess manyNew Nork and people were jae school the Stivers Manual Training the people of this locality as Charlie skeptical asgreat been spending a few weeks to how true a picture to He am not cnew Kate lira vely plug; Hijrh SchooL Such was the action Thomas that name having been giv did not smoke Duke's mixture; and relatives here, have reKentucky life this play might be. He never ate canned salmon: taken by the Board of Education at en oy mm wnen nrst coming here turned to their home in Louisville. The drama has iust concluded a Nor fished with a reel or fly; Mrs. Bert Thorne is with her mothnight. Dayton, u., was arrested on a charge of cranil three nights' engagement in Louis-of Comfort and Style its session last Nor told big fish yarns: er, Mrs. Vincent, of Portland. paper. Iht larceny oy (jountv Patrolman. R. F. ville and so successful has it been Capt. Charles B. Stivers was a ly.'er, Saturday morning at 6:15 Nor courted a dozen girls; Mrs. Lizzie Hays, who has been in Nor run from big snakes; Louisville quite a while with her sick Shoe discomfort is impossible to the native Kentuckian, born near Fern o'clock at the First street ferry in that Manager Macauley asked to have theatre another Nor have a brain storm ; sister, is at home for a fcTT days. wearer of Vogel Shoes. They are as Creek, Ky. He was a graduate of Louisville, just as Cooper was aboard-in- g it play at nisseemed impossible, week At first this but, Nor shave himself on Sunday; Miss Ida Beeler, who has been the brimful of style as any Shoe and to West Point Academy, N. Y., held a boat to make his exodus for alter mucn telegraphing, the engag week-en- d Nor abuse the Society of Equity; wear a pair will convince you of their captaincy in the U. S. army, served parts unknown. Cooper, who is 17 ment at Milwaukee was guest;of Miss Georgia Brown, so cancelled Nor run off with another man's wife. of Louisville, has returned home. throughout the civil war, at close of years of age, had been making his those who missed durability. seeing this drama The Voirel low shoes include two war was put on retired list as Captain home with Mr. JoeGellhaus, who lives on It is not shown that he was passioneyelet ties, Blucher Oxford and Col- Made his home at Dayton, Ohio, three miles south of town, and was of the its first visit to Louisville will have ately fond of Ben Davis apples; in R. F. D. 21, HARROD'S CREEK. opportunity next week. where he died. He was the brother gooa appearance and Mr. Gellhaus lege Strap Oxfords. fact we are bound to admit that he The story of The favorite leathers will be tan, of three of our prominent citizens A. pjaced every confidence in him. He with Kentucky the play is one dealing was a model husband, a good father, April 4. Miss Fannye Peyton, of politics and the fact and a neighbor without neighbors Russioncalf, golden fcrown kid, gun M. Stivers, L. J. Stivers and S. A left Cooper in charge of the place Louisville, is spending several weeks is mention metal calf and vici kid, $2.50 and $3.00 Stivers; also a brother of Mrs. Wm. Friday and went to Louisville. On that there a frequentgovernor of the and at last, a gardener without a with her cousin, Mrs. Jennye Hibbs. recent of the A full line of Ladies', Chuargu and Brown and Mrs. David Hickman, of his return he missed $12 in money, a killing of Mrs. J. B. Clore, of Beard, spent state, will add interest to what the garden. He had no warning neighthis place. Men s Shoes always to be found at gold watch and chain. eod rintr. and New York and Chicago critics have bors to land him on the arbitration the week-enwith her mother, Mrs. boards nor was he ever summoned to C. E. Hunt otner tnmgs amounting to about $45 declared to be a beautiful drama. The people generally have no idea also Mr. "Thomas." He immediately testify to the amount of alimony his Mrs. Belle Rosson, and Mrs- - John The critic of of the difference of the valuation of notihed Mr. Tyler, who, together said that Mr. the Louisville Herald neighbor's wife was justly entitled to. Broyles and daughters, of Henry William Morris, who Jeffersontown, Ky. he real estate of this country when witn ivir. ueiinause, started on a plays the leading part, At county, are thatof a Louis- ltering the time Adam cooled hisofswe- Misses Nannie visiting their sisters,, anatomy iven to the Assessor and. when placed search for the bov. Believino- that ville gambler, the and Anna Broyles. the I. TTT resembles Goebel very old apple tree,"in and "shade o tne real estate agents oook. we he would cross the river, thev went much, and this lends listened with Mrs. Orlando Johnston and daughadditional rapt attention to the melodious matins ter, Miss Catherine, ave in our mind a sample. Value down to the ferry early Saturday maut a flyir Buff Leghorns Deuerletn rhapsodistical rhamphor-hynchuI given to assessor $2,500; price to sell morning and had been there onlv a vraisemblance to what is already a of the trip to Louisville Thursday. striking and true picture of an exon dodged with consummate Strains for, $10,000. Another instance, two short while when Cooper showed up. citing episode. The cast is one of un- Miss Bettye Hoke has return. acres, assessed value $600; 135 acres He was immediately placed under ar- usal excellence and has been shower- skill the picking points of the preco- home, after attending tlie DemplyV Wyckoff cious and persistent porcupine, he Clark wedding at Valley Station. adioininsr $2,500. "Consistency, thou rest and lodged in jail. ed with in New York art a jewel." Many years ago when On examining him the watch, ring Chicago. praise bothMorris appears"and was regarded as the best dressed man T. C. Tyler, who has been sick for Best in existence. William as in the garden. Most of the time he the past three weeks- - i somewhat Blue ribbon winners at Louisville and I was a boy I read where a man and and $2.60 was found, also, a revolver, a Kentucky gambler, who comes to wore a very his wife were called on to pay tithes which he had purchased with some of the concluson other leading shows that his hypnotic powers and a couple ofleaves.fetching smiles improved. few fig on their property and because they the stolen money. When the bov make ic impossible Adam made Miss Fannye Peyton- and Miss Anna really All pens carefully mated failed to give the proper value they was taken to jail he was at once play an honest gamefor him to Ameli a just one mistake; but it was a big one. Miller, of Worthingtonr spent Friday of cards. So big that we can feel the effects of with Mrs. L. E. Hoke and family. EGGS $1.50 PER FIFTEEN. weie struck dead. If that was the recognized by the turnkey, who a clever case now the country would not be so formed Messrs. Tyler and Gellhaus in Gardner, plays the and distinguished of actress, leading feminine P. M. Brown, densely populated after the Assessor his real name. The examining trial role. or titheman went his round. 1 St. Matthews. Ky. Monday in Squire O'Connor's was held Court and resulted in a fine of $25. R. F. D. NO. 14. "Say, pap, is cofferdam swearin'?" which was paid by the boy's father. , my son, it is not, but why do County Patrolman Tyler is to be "No-oBAASS' PHARMACY you ask me such a question?" congratulated on his shrewdness in March 24. Mr. and Mrs. Geonre Well, sis has got the grip, you the capture of the lad. , He was up sehart entertained at dinner Sun says if you don't get till i o clock Friday night searching know, and she 7 day in honor of the twelfth birthday Prescriptions carefully com- rhp ricirtnr t.n tnve her some meninnp Ior mm Are the BEST for your GARDEN and FARM anniversary or tneir uaugcter, V iol a. she "believes she will cofferdam head She received several nice presents Descriptive Catalogue Mailed Free. pounded at all hours. off." Those present were Misses Susan, BUECHEL Laura and Bessie Paris, Stella Smith, Jay bird sitting: on a swingin' limb. Viola and Myrthe Wisehart Mr. OIHe He winked at me, I "winked" at him; The Drug Store At the Loop Paris, Master Jordan and Saw the Blackbirds flying: Wise Buechel, April 6. The trustees of hart and Mr. Willie Paris,Ollie Louis Are the leaders in Jefferson county. They And heard the Bluebird's distant cry. of district number one school took up ville. Cumb. 'Phone E. 547-Home 'Phone 1770 Sparrows building: in the Martin's place, produce the LARGEST and BEST Quality of the school census in their district last The Cat and brown wren havin' a race; Mr. Willie Wisehart, of Louisville, REINGARDT BAXTER ' Plowboy for the dinner bell's ring: Friday. Louisville, Ky. AVENUES visited his brother, Geo. Wisehart, Everything- points to the comin' of Spring. The C. W. B. M. composed of vounp and tamily Friday. Spring, yes Spring, that joyous time. . ladies and matrons of Buechel. held Mrs. Will Gilliland spent the day A Brush in hand, and eyes full of lime . 2A.I. AT f vv tneir montniy meeting Wednesday, wilu irirs. ricuJ jiuidu TTT eunesaay. To keep from "enssin" you try to sing INCORPORATED nome 01 Mrs. u. Mikes. W welcome! joyous Spring., Welcome! at tne Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Spienel, of 215-21- 7 Harry F. Kirchdorfer, brother of Louisville, was the guest of Mr. and E. Jefferson Street, The rich dude passes in his1 automobile. 55 Years The poor boy limps with a thorn in his heel, J. u. Kircnaorter, of Louisville, died Mrs. Jim Savage Sunday. L. The "Angler" is seen with a jug of bait. LOUISVILLE, KY. Mrs Lon Durr spent Sunday and And you doa't get supper till almost eight. Friday morning at tne home of his brother on the Bardstown road, in Monday with her brother, Mr. Joe All these things will come to pass Buechel. His remains were taken to Mathews. And the old grey gander nip the grass the home of his sister, Mrs. Henry Stanley and Clarence, May and The dove will coo, and the Cat bird sing ROGERS BROS." And Easter flowers bloom in the Spring. L,uraing, 01 unnsty avenue, from Marion Snyder, visited their grandf where mother Spoons, Forks, Knives, etc. "Well," said the old Nick, "1 will Monday the funeral was conducted Sunday. in Louisville last Saturday and 4. morning and the burial was have been made and given perfect sans- - J let you off if you can think up three Mrs. Kate Palmer and Miss Lizisie in 'Tk. "XH.A1 Dno.p. Rpnt" V tasks which I can't aecomnlish " sickSt. Louis cemetery. He had been Goose spent last Wednesday with M rs. Jfor about four years of tuberculwe observed," find a suit on any knife, fork or spoon , wherever r'Allriht, H. L. Goose. to osis. able name for Frank William's build- months He came had Buechel a few bought, guarantees its high quality. Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Whaley were in a hennery built, Show the value of doingr business in a bank, as it extends a line of credit to those aep and ing, the exact date when the cars Saturday. who would otherwise be embarrassed in trying: to meet their obligations. The will reach this place, and a premium hoping thlt the exercise and country Louisville last Goose and Mrs. Ka te Miss air Jefferson County Bank has cared for all of its customers and many others who list that will please all the directors." the would benefit his health. He was Palmer,Lizzie CHAS. W. ROMPEL spent Thursday afternoon son of Lawrence Kirchdorfer and needed financial assistance that ;hey could not secure from any other source. The old boy shirked terribly, but there We make it a special point to care for our customers at all times, and the deposiwas nothing for him but to acknowl- leaves several brothers and a sister with Mrs. Myrtle Whaley. Mrs. PalMiss Emma Snyder visited Jeweler tors at our bank have every assurance of being- cared for no matter how hard edge gracefully that he was beaten. to mourn his loss. He was thirty-on- e mer and Miss Lizzie Goose lastSunday. ye; .rs of age and unmarried. the times sret. Become one our patrons by opening an account with us and you Diamonds, Watches, Clocks We received a card from a young Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Whaley took m blacksmith shop belonging will never regret it. Our metkods are our policy liberal, and we safeX'n miss saying it would afford her undinner with Mrs. Palmer and Miss guard the interests of all who do business with us. Pour per cent on time dePine watch, clock and bounded pleasure to have our auto- to George Ash burnt about a week Lizzie Goose last Sunday. And SILVERWARE. posits. Safety Deposit Boxes for rent. Come and see us. We will please you. ago with considerable damage. The Jewelry repairing: a specialty. graph and it would tickle her to new shop was Call for oneof ou saved by hard work. tie pamphlets, ' 'Banking Made Plain, " death to get our photograph. (Gee! 419. E Market st Louisville, Ky., Sunday-schoEntertained. A rally will be held Don't she gush, and over so little!) H. N. KEUBELT. President. WM. H. AMES, Cashier. Opposite Home Hotel. Now, my dear miss, our autograph is at Fairview Christian church on the Buechel, March 31. Mr. and Mrs. JOHN J, McHENBY, Vice President. always in use signing notes, Bardstown road in Buechel on Sunday, Joe E. Schaefer entertained a number almost p. at etc., photograph, April Stockmen, if you want duns,suggestand as for ourare cheaper invited.19, Good3 o'clockand m. All are of friends at their home at Doups music we interesting Point Sunday. Those present were that there ways to kill rats, and owing to the speakers are on the program. the kind of printing Miss Lula, Ida and Thresa Frederick "stringency," economy everything Matthews, the little and Mr. Coman and BridwelL brings business, see The should be practiced eveninin extermi- Floyd son of Mr. and Mrs. William All had a delightful Williamand a jolTPTTPPDCr.XTTr.WM' ITV r 4V 4 S f 41 .WV41 Jsupper 36-- 3 Jeffersonian. 'Phone nating rodents. . Therefore, it be- - Hart, of Newburg, died Thursday ly time. apply to D. A. Floore, Jeffersontown, Ky. No Station, Aprile Spring has come (after the freeze); green, the little lambs gambol and the "coons" shoot craps on the public roads on the high smooth spots come seven, come 'leven but the Captains of Police come not. Wanted A nice quiet place, where house cleaning is not rampant, where "Electric Paste," "Death to vermin" and soap suds are unknown. Please address: B. Bug, Hotel de Hot, Scrap Ave., No. 23. Onions set were all set, but the late rains upset the sets that were set, and now the setters have to reset the sets that the rains upset. See? The sun shineth brightlyy, the on-th- 2t 4t 2t Q j-.- x ,.- e d r f 1 - erand-nenhp-- w 2t tf 1 SC-- tf T 1 S-- to-da- te Wheeler Bros. Plasterers Plaster to-wi- t: who-hav- e VOGEL SHOES km with-friend-s 1 d M. W. Agee's - 1 1 1 I s, 40-- 4 Wood, Stubbs & Co.'s Blue Ribbon Seeds hig-h- Acme Brand Fertilizers . A long-in- T7 t. For F MM 3 i Wood, , Stubbs & Co. Seedsmen R 'I 1847 X the; recent hard times ol Fa-me- rs' The Jefferson County Bank that -- four-year-o- ld A y mlief V f WHr V li

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