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Image 6 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), November 14, 1940

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

THURSDAY, NOV. 14, 1940. THE! MOUNTAIN Middle Dry Fbrk EAGLfi, WHITESBURG, KENTUCKY Notice of Sale THE BEST OF CAR." HAVE By LUNDY ADAMS fpcal Happenings By MttS. VIRfilNIA COMBS Betty Jo Combs, Anna Jo Mc intosh, Katherine Back, Ava nell and Norma Polly, Cleta Bentley, Anita Adkins, Helen Fae Fairchild, Mary Lynn Lewis, Jerry Childers, Anna Roe Nell Hogg, Stevie John, Ralph Hall, Arthur Combs, Jesse Stephen Hogg, Juanita Hogg, Jimmie Collins, David Francis, and Herman Sergent. Mrs. Edward Manning and daughter, Nancy, have been the guests of Mr. Manning in Manchester through the past two weeks. Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Little had as their guests last week Mr. Little's sister, Mrs. Sam Garrett and children, Eddie K. and Cora Mae of Levi, Ky. Woman's Club To Meet On Saturday Mis Shirley Hogg went on Monday to Middlesboro to be the guest of her sister, Mrs. Neville Tucker and Mr. Tucker through this week. A popularity poll will be the outstanding attraction of the Woman s Club program on Saturday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Lewis Ammerman, when votes will be cast by the club members for their choice of the prettiest, the wittiest, and most charming club member. Another feature f the program will be a Style .ind Fashon show sponsored oy the Dawahare Department Store. Leader of the program is Mrs. William Sailing. Entertaining committee composed of Mrs. Don Brown, Mrs. Hugh Hurst, Mrs. C. L. Mrs. Herman Hale and Mrs. Emmett G. Fields. Response to roll call is "My Weakness in Fashions". Mrs. Leonard Kelsey returned to her home in Lexington last week after a visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Fields- . Mrs. Ella Fugate, Hindman. is the guest of many friends and relatives here this week. Mr. Watson Caudill returned on Friday to is home in Washington, D. C. following a visit with relatives here. His Kil-tcv- e, mother, Mrs. Mary Caudill, accompanied him for a months visit. Listen, mv children, go home and tell your fortunate parents that they need you. Tell them On Thursday, October 31, C. V. Snapp, Principal of the Jenkins School system, Orell Fields, Principle of Whites-bur- s High School, and Venon Whitaker, Attendance Officer visited our school. After the two latter schoolmen made talks. Mr. Snapp presented the cup we won as first prize for marching in the parade at the School Fair. Agam we thank the Kiwanis Club and others who are responsible for this activity. Our team entered the basket ball tournament at Stuart Robinson on November 8 and 9. We won our first game against Daniel. Camp Branch, with its experienced and team, was too much for us. Glen Brown, Lawrence Brown Hatler Cook, Astor Cornett, Ray Cornett and James Perry, a substitute, you had a fine pirit and fought to the last to continue second. You-wa- nt developing those qualities of cooperation and sportsmanship. Albert Brown, in his thirty-nint- h year, passed oh Thursday night, November 7, at 11:50 p.m. at liis home on Dry Fork. Beloved husband of Jane Brown, devoted father of seven children. Interment took place late Friday afternoon in the cemetery at Johnny Brown's on Dry Fork. well-coach- ed -- Mrs. Leonard Lewis and: daughters, Christine and Anna Jiirlh Announcement Mae spent Saturday with Mrs 30 Lizzie O'Riley in Jackson. Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Hall,: Betty Irene Szabo, Norton, Va. are receiving j Prof, and Mrs. H. H. Harris congratulations on the birth; Dunham, Graduates had as their guests on Sunday j of a son, David Forrest, on1 Mr. and Mrs. James Ryle and j October 28, at the Appalachia j At Bowling Green Mr. and Mrs. James Ryle, Jr., Hospital. Mrs. Hall was before j ot vvarsaw. Mrs. Ryle, Sr., is her marriage Miss Gibson. Betty Irene Szabo, a student the niece of Mrs. Harris. in the Bowling Green Business Mary Caudill Lewis University, was graduated this Miss Florence Kries has re Has Slumber Party week as the first term of the Shere-Avo- d turned to her home in Wart- -' On Friday night Mary Cau- wintera session ended.her comburg, Tonn. after spending: diploma for some time with her brother, dill Lewis entertained six of pletion of the commercial Mr. Walter Kries, who is a her friends at an overnight ecretarial course. patient in Jenkins Hospital, dumber party, in honor of the Immediately upon receiving He has been ill of pneumonia' twelfth birthday of Ethel June iier diploma, she went to work but nig condition is improved, Haynes. A supper, witn .Duncan nines, noieaj lunch and breakfast were author ot cook books. ' served. Included were: Emma Miss Szabo is the daughter Cordon Lewis Carolyn Brown, Christine of Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Szabo In Hospital John, Eunice Bentley, Char-Ien- o of Dunham, and she graduated Mrs. Gordon Lewis went on Mullim-Peggy Ann from the Jenkins High School. Tuesday .to Louisville where: Leach, Ethel June Haynes. 30 she entered the St. .Tnsenh's! Hospital and on Saturday she! Mr. U. submitted to an operation, To l,eave Hospital (Continued from page one) performed by Dr. Abel. Her Mrs. R. nroe Fields, who condition is rather uncertain has been for more than a to tell you he didn't know at this time. month in the Pir eville Hospi- whether he could hold that tal, suffering from a broken mob back or not." Coach Hern-do- n lIriiie-Ve- ll was given another police leg, is improving rapidly and Anncuncement is made of expect to be removed to Pike- - escort back to town and anothe marriage of Miss Dorothv vi lie within the next two ther umpire took over. Shoupe was still calling 'em Ilorine of Louisville to Mr. weeks, where Judge Fields Fi n: Webb, son of Mr. and will be during Pike Circuit and didn't let on that he had Mt. .r.'hn A. Webb of this Court. Miss Hazel Fields has come from the same county oit . The marriage occured in ' been with her mother during as Herndon. Jenkins went ahead, In the last secJuh. They wjll make their; her slay in the hospital. onds of play a Whitesburg hoi. e in Louisville. Me. and .Mrs. Emei-soplayer romped down the sideI. wis Move Away lines and over the goal line. Itirtlulay Party Vor Me. Hale This week Mr, and Mrs. Em- Tempers again flared from the Mr. B. W. Hale was guest of erson Lewis and daughter, Jenkins ranks; they showed Shoupe where the runner had r. honor at a birthday party giv-- : Margaret, and Mrs. Lewis' Mrs. Margaret Schweers, stepped out of bounds. No en 'on Saturday evening. In-- i eluded were Mr, and Mrs. Edi- -' who have been for the past matter which way Shoupe rulson Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. A. K. four yers living at Sandlick, ed, he was in for a scalping. Franklin, Mr. and Mrs. Step-- ! moved to Lexington, where Another police escort gatherhen Combs, Jr., Mrs. Jerry Mr. Lewis will be in business. ed and Willie, too, was given Montgomery, Mr. and Mrs.: Mr. and Mrs. Lewis will be officer protection back to town Bert Routley and Messrs.1 greatly missed in Whitesburg and out of the county amid social and club activities, the hisses and jeers of "robSimeon and George Hale. where they have been very ber". popular and eneacod i Standing in his back yard Miss Florence Hale. Miss ' helpful and worthwhile civic at ("Vol--. T Cumberland that night, J Tl.- Pi Hansford Bowen, students at work. Mrs. Lewis has served Coach Herndon looked up toMHIigsn College, Milligan, as president of Woman's Club, ward the mountains in the Term., were week end guests also as District Governor. Mr. Whitesburg direction and told Leww' place at Sandlick Coal his little gold, "There's gold oi i heir parents. Company will be filled by Mr. in them thar mountains, child, Frank Maturo, who with Mrs. but your papa ain't going back Pjrly Kor Maturo and two sons, Franke over thar." Aulell Hojck Something went by on the and Jimmie, will take the Mrs. Doyle Hcgg entertainhome of the Emerson Lewises highway like a bullet. It was ed on November 7th in honor n Sandlick Road. Willie Shoupe. He was in too o? the eleventh birthdav anni big a hurry to stop. 30versary of her daughter, Sandwiches, cookies and NOTE It so happened that Dr. Peppers were served. Ar-- ,' we chanced to notice the above ddl received many nice gifts.' Included were Geneva Combs, j All persons, firms or cor- article in the Harlan Daily porations having, claims or de- Enterprise. Wo regret that our mands against the estateof county is given this undue (Frankie Nunley, deceased, lublicity. We were not presFor-Sal- e are hereby notified to file ent at the game, but from rejaid claims, properly proven liable reports certain things as required bv law. with m went on that did not seem to Purebred bh ok Poland-Chin- a hoggs. Pedigrees furnished. on or before the first day of us very sportsmanlike. Let's hope that there will not be a Guaranteed January, 1941. God blood-linereoccurance of future games. satisfaction and extra low GEORGE W. STEWART, Administrator of the estate Good losers are to be admired "rices. Write or see Harry of Frankie Nunley, deceased j as .veil as good winners. Caudill, Whitesburg, Ky. I J i mid-nig- ht i Mt-s- ! , MERRY-GO-ROUN- D e j 14-1- 2. mo-:he- j T- -- Ar-de- ll. NOTICE! s. -- . BLOW-OUT- S! Notice is hereby given that the undersigned, administratix of the Estate of John W. Combs, deceased, will, on Saturday, November 16, 1940, at 1 o'clock p.m. at the front door of decedent's store house, at Isom, Letcher County, Kentucky, sell, at public auction, to the highest and best bidder, the stock of merchandise and fixtures of John W. Combs, deceased, as shown by appraisers' report now on file in Letcher County Court Clerk's office. Said sale will be made on a credit of three months and the purchaser will be required to execute bond or bonds for the purchase price, payable to the undersigned, with approved personal security, and bearing interest at the rate of six per cent per annum from date until paid. The purchaser or purchasers shall have the privilege of paying cash at the time of sale or pay cash in satisfaction of said bond, or bonds at any time before maturity thereof. Given under my hand this 13th day of November, 1940. - MATILDA E. COMBS, Administrator of the estate of John W. Combs, deceased. 30 SECONEWS By RAY G. H1XSON We are very happy to announce the marriage of Miss Frankie Fleenor to Mr. Don Report On Letcher A Note Of Thanks Brown. Miss Fleenor was at the Seco Hospital. It County WPA Project is our understanding that they ; We take this opportunity to will make their home in The W. P. A. Indexing pro- thank our many friends who Kingsport, Tenn. Congratula-- i ject under the supervision of helped us fight our campaign Carrie Whitson, has complet- and bring it to a successful Mrs. Roma Milich is the ed 4 Grantor Index books, and victory on Tuesday, November proud mother of a baby girl. 4 Grantee Index book for 5. The battle was yours. You Mrs. Milich was formerly Miss deeds; also 2 Mortgage Index put up a good fight and as Roma Frazier of this town. books and have 2 more prac- members of the Letcher Countically done. Also they have ty Board of Education we Mrs. Johnny Preston is visit- the leases and contract books sincerely hope to be the voice ing her father-in-ladown on ready for typing, and now are of the people. As your public the Big Sandy this week. 50 workin? on the marriage In- servants we want you to feel free to call on us at any time dex books. Miss Katherine Kilgore was .They have 16 Christmas Cards, workers re- when the welfare of school the guest of her sister, Miss viving a total of $631.20 for children and the school system PRINTED WITH Sarah Kilgore last week-en'!e workers on this project per lemand our attention. Our Your Name aim is, and we intend to immonth. OXL.Y Miss Onieda Murray was in prove the school system and the hospital last week.suffer- - The Pack Horse Library un- chool conditions in Letcher ing from appendicitis. Her der the supervision of Susie County. With your cooperation $1.00 condition is better, so We un- Fields has 2002 Registered and advice we feel sure of efAnd up. Yonr choice of 12 borrowers, and 3803 individual derstand. borrowers and 1367 homes fective results. To those who smart designs. have I pen visited by the car- fought us in the campaign we MUSINGS riers hiring the month of hold no enmity. Your sinceriORDER NOW so easy to criticize. Its Octob . 1940 which enables ty led you to pursue the course Its THE ;o easy to notice-th- e faults of those cm tot come to the you took and now let us join in the common cause and work someone else but its awfully library io select their own Mountain Eagle hard to say something good. books. This project has fifteen together. Whitesburg, Kentucky To notice the attributes of the workers receiving a total of Again thanking you, one other one; to give credit where $569.20 for the workers ton and all, we remain oscredit is due. Some people like this project each month. most sincerely your friends, Stuart Robinson to take all the credit themThe W. P. A. Sewing ProHolds selves. And then I've seen ject, under the supervision of THOMAS R. COLLIER, people, maybe you've worked Mrs. Ruth B. Cole has made Tournament Nov. 8-- 9 FRANK BLAIR. for them, that as long as and turned over to Mrs. Kil: 30 everything goes well and you gore in the month of Novemare pleasing them they are ber 1585 garments, consisting Atta Wise Takes Over Letcher County's southern district grade tournament was 3'our best friend, but just let of men, women and children's at Stuart something happen, just let clothing valued at $1510.00 to H. Wise Store November Robinson School on with fifteen things go wrong. Why, they be distributed among the teams as entrants. The first will hardly speak. It seems to needy. They have 44 workers. strain them to look toward National visiting week for ' Mr. Atta Wise of Neon only day's eames were verv close. you. I believe people like that all these projects from Nov- recently took over the entire The small Blackey team imneed something. They lack ember 11 to Nov. 15. The pub- stock of the H. Wise store and pressed the crowd with its ship. The way to do things lic is invited to visit these is now operating it under the fighting spirit. Most of Saturv that indispensible gift, friend-whe- n projects and register. name of The Star Dept. Store. day's games were thrillers, A money raising sale is now especially the someone disappoints you is not criticize. That only KELLY FIELDS, in progress and many valuable game, and the final between throws that person further DOYLE HOGG,' bargains can be found at the Colson and Camp Branch. The down the way. Make an effort counters of this store. Atta latter two were winners iri GEORGE STEWART, pick him up. Say, "Maybe, i is not only a wide awake classes A and B, respecively. Publicity Committee. Id man, you can better what young man but very efficient The finals between the : 30 j ou did. Let's try a little hardand knows merchandise and winners at Fleming and Stuart er to do it better' This, coushould make good in this ad- Robinson will be played in Card of Thanks the Stuart Robinson gymnapled with a smile, will do wonventure. sium on Saturday, November ders. You can never guess the 30 good that comes from not critiWe wish to express our sinMr, and Mrs. LeRoy Cook 16, beginning at 1:30 p.m. 30cizing or picking out the mis- cere thanks to the Jenkins and little son, Vernon Lee and takes of another. Look for the Hospital Staff, the Jenkins Mrs. Vernon Hunt, all of For Sale good in a person if you wish Funeral Heme, the Bov Scouts Wheeling, W. Va., arrived on that person to do his best for of America, the Pall Bearers, Saturday for a visit with their you. No, I don't mean to love the Flower Girls, those One Chevrolet Coupe abanj Mrs. Sarah a person up and make them contributed flowers, the Revs. Bentley and with their uncle doned on the streets of Neon feel like they are the best Regan and Ring'o, and all of and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Ballard about two weekfa aeo. The but a little encouragement our friends who were so help- Salyer. Mrs. Cook is the only license number is 20D70, .":Iong helps. ful and consoling during the daughter of Dr. and Mrs. j. Letcher County license. Motor Criticism is like a dagger sickness and death of our son, N. Mcrearv, who formerly re number 3609463. Storage and .uck in the heart and twist- and grandson, David M. Ferg-erso- sided here. Mrs. Cook being advertising costs, as will as ed. It tears at the very roots the niece of Mrs. Salyer. All j' court costs. Now stored at of the soul. Its like whacking except Mrs. Cook and the baby Arlie Lewis' garage, MRS: MARIE FERGERSON off a finger or sticking your MACK BENTLEY, returned to their heme Sunand family, :ead in the fire. It hurts, hurts day, these two staying to visit Chief of Police, Neon. very much. When you feel MR. and MRS. J. M. FULLER for a week or more. 30 like saying words of scorn, Mrs. J. L. Roberts ami Mrs. 30 MR. ind MRS. T. N. FERGthat will hurt someone else, Mr. and Mrs. O. Lewis and Helen Yonts left Thursday for ERSON and family. think of yourself. Would you Mr. and Mrs. D. I. Day went a tew days m Louisville, Le30 like that? Let's stop and think Mr. George Rogers of Hemp- on Monday toLouisville, be- banon Jnct. and Stanford :nd trj' to leave this old term hill, who has been in the hos- cause of the condition of Mrs. with relatives. criticism" out of our vocabu- pital for some time with frac- Gordon Lewis, who underwent 30 lary and try to better this old tured legs, is reported doing an operation on Saturdav at Miss Lanis Coldirrm una a world in which we live. Si. Joseph's Hospital. ' nicely at this time. bunday guest here. em-jloy- ed w d. . ! . -- ; j 8-- 9, Doty-Sycamo- -- grand-m;;the- r, i n. j j -- . re

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