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Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

-5- R. Chanres in Akreeelent Between the Universitv of Kentucky and Kventuckyv i-edical Services Foundation (PrT 6A) With President Singletary and Chancellor Bosomworth so recommending, fir. Farner moved that the Board approve the three changes in the 1983-84 agreement between University of Kentucky and the Kentucky Nedical Services Foundation as recommended in PR 6A. 1-1r. Farmer's motion was seconded by 1Mr. Larry Jones and passed without dissent. (See PR 6A at the end of the Minutes.) S. Interim Financial Report (FCR 1) 1Ir. Clay, Chairman of the Finance Com.miittee, reported that the committee had met on the morning of August 26, 1903 and considered eight agenda items to be presented for action, the first of which was the Interim Financial Report for the period ended IWay 31, 1983. The committee found the University to be "on target," and fir. Clay moved that the report be accepted. His motion, seconded by H1r. Griffin, passed, and the report was accepted. (See FCR 1 at the end of the Iinutes.) T. Adoption of Resolutions Authorizinr, Issuance of Community Colleres Educational Buildinrs Revenue Bonds, Series p : FQR 2 ) Thereupon, a motion was made by l1r. Clay and seconded by 1lr. Larry Jones that the following titled Resolutions, which were read in summary form to the Board of Trustees, be passed and adopted: RESOLUTION AUTHORIZING THE ISSUANCE OF t3,500,000 UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY COMMIIUNITY COLLEGES EDUCATIONAL BUILDINGS REVEIIUE BONDS, SERIES E RESOLUTION AUTHORIZING THE ISSUANCE OF $3,500,000 UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY COMMUNITY COLLEGES EDUCATIONAL BUILDINGS REVENUE BONDS, SERIES E, AND THE ISSUANCE OF $3,500,000 UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY COMMUNITY COLLEGES EDUCATIONAL BUILDINGS REVENUE BOND ANTICIPATION NOTES, SERIES E, IN ANTICIPATION THEREOF. (The full Resolutions being attached to these 1Miinutes as Exhibit 1 and 2, respectively.)

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