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Image 8 of The Adair County news., April 28, 1909

Part of The Adair County news.

11111 4 ij I business here one day last week Dunnville Olon and Sallie two little We are glad to state that little children fMr and Mrs J M Bill Rubarts mad aliripto D tir3ohn Kelso who has bee u very pampbeil are very sick with Liberty last week low with typhoid fever is recov- fever at this writing Mr Josh Abslier of Rheoeri S> r ering nicely Saddle V Harness Horse Miss Annie Harvey who has was in Dunnville a few days ago V ft Taylor purchased the been very low for the past few He reports his brother Logan is a dapple bay 16 hands house and lot known as theC61e week with appendicitis is im ¬ some better high and is not excelled by man property of J Z Collins proving rapidly and it is hoped Huddleston for Prosecuting any horse of this section she will be out again in a few Attorney was in our midst a few for 300 days days ago shading hands with the qof the State in breeding I J V Dudley who has been out GI 4 stork Rex Peacock i A a l I- THE ADAIR COUNTY NEWS F i > F j EHer music returned home a few days While returning from Co ¬ lumbia John Wilkersons team Qingthemi r Rev J M Williams of Wind ¬ Loula Willaimson bought sor filled his regular appoint¬ the portion of W K Taylors ment at Clear Springs Sunday farm lying north of the Glen J F Eastham one of our best vile Vand Montpelier road for citizens died Saturday April 17 500Arthur Stanton of the Russell W E Dudley was in James ¬ Springs visited at D E Sharps town a few days ago purchasing Tuesday night farm impliments Rev A F Chrisman and wife Casius Taylor and family who left Thursday to spend a few have been in Oklahoma for days with relatives in Adair about a year have again wander ¬ county ed back to that loved habitation J- H Bernard and 6 E Foley called home sweet home were on Cumberland river Thurs ¬ agoMrs r 1 qualities giving his colts size and style His first colts were foaled last Springy = Out of the entire number there is not a sor = 1 voters 7an an extended tour teaching running away One of the horses stuck the pole in his shoulder the other hurt his ankle We understand that they ran off the day before in Russell county and threw Mr Wilkerson out of the == = I day after fertilizer Wheat is looking fine in this Every thing seems to be section and farmers are ready moving along all 0 K in this to plant corn section The farmers are a little J W and Elmer Wilson left season Tuesday for Somerset where ahead of themselves this The fruit is not hurt so far and- they expect enlist in the stand- ¬ i we have promise of an abundant ing Army yield of peaches apples and Mrs Willie Dunbar and Mrs plums Victora Flanagan of Wesley 4 Several from this place attend visited here Monday red the Stapp sale at Columbia There will be preaching at Thursday last dear Fork Saturday and Sunday Finis Baker Amandaville did b y Rev Jas Williams v ago S L Ferryman visited the family of G A Pelley last week R K Jones of Pellyton visit ed his son J D Jones last Satur day and Sunday R L Dickenson has Iiisa annual attack of sun grins All the sick people are getting better G r r Russell Spring t ° M W Brockmans tobacco barn TS AT L W KENTUCKY COLUMBIA MAY SATURDAY PARK I09 AT I OCLOCK Match Game of Basket Ball BETWEEN Girls of Russell Creek Baptist Academy Cyule L and Girls of WTlv 44t Run 1 = 2 Mile Run F Running Broad Jump Half Hammer Dash > > Pole Vaal- > r Somersault Race 50 yds 1 Egg Race 100 Yards Dash boysuni = Shoe Race14 I years j 100 Yards Dash boys un der 17 years J20 Yards Hurdle Race Running High Jump der F N s Sack Race I > u 4 Shot Put y ever held here x A PREMIUM WILL BF GIVEN TO THE DINNER event and a Gold Medal to the winner of the iof eh thighest number o 5ilr f iI points The Imported Coach Horse 1 I ¬ Irvins Store v d JHGK CHINN TheSfce terms s me as the yy hove named horse A Ef r j The health of this community Peacher Barnes of San6 died is very good now last Wednesday Most all of our farmers are ready to plant corn and a few Mr John White this place will r move to the house recently vacat ¬ have anted v ed by Perry Burton in Burton R P Smith and wife visited town Mrs M J Smith last Sunday Mr J L Cravens who has SJ T Wilson of Longstreet been Jn Mississippi for the past was here yesterday ten months has returned home Mr Schuyler Neat was here Several of the boys from this yesterday If he ever has the neighborhood have gone to Illi ¬ blues no one knows it r nois to spend the long Summer Jo Gosser who has been in Among them were Elmer Leach feeble health or some time has f Lilburn Leach and Granville been adjudged insane > Cravens Our fertilizer men have sold Mr L P Bottoms has moved out and yet a number of farmers to the H T Baker property at have not been supplied This this place shows that the home made ferThe singing here under the tilizer is not cutting much figure management of Jan Dudley has yet but more will be ordered in come to a close and we believe time for planting has been of great benefit to the The prospects for wheat was r town i never more promising ti J c BROWNING i tr 1ordan Peacotk Mr Ben Allison and family meadows are green A large a have move here for their health amount of ground is being pre ¬ pared for corn Will charge you only 15 for the best colt you ever saw Just look at a few of the sales of his colts since last Fall Seven suckling colts to W S Paynes of Clarksdale Mo from 100 to S150 two to Moody Tex for 1000 and Highland Peacock to parties at Spring ¬ field Mo for 800 Charley Cabell one to Tennessee parties for COQ A L Foley one for 500 J T Page one for 300 Sam Mackin one tp Captain Hampton of Washington D Cra fine saddles gelding for 300 J F Pendle ton one to Lebanon parties 3year old gelding for 300 This horse was to parties sold Jeffersonville Ind for fancy price and he is liked so well that State that I hake received letters from several pariearthere that they were goin o sendsjinie mares to Jordan in a few days J M Wilson over in raisedby Monday is riot all the sales since last Fall but enough to show you that you ought to thatwillbring as any others It Respct ofOa veS I ADMISSION a 5 TO ALE rt wf1 A r- pf4 K x ° t r Msr tA > > Iv 1 4 t j 7 5A i = i nr r r t c n d t < > >rV s r 2g vL Y r kr r 4 5 fr1 > at Stock of all kinds is selling W L GRADY e well and now if the special Con ¬ We are having plenty of fain gress will not revise the tariff his life last Sunday wHile walkV at present t the wrong wayby heaping the ing along the road he was Misses Maggie Wooldridge and tax up on the poor mans neces ¬ struck on the head be a falling week buying hogs J Ghoul Helm spent last Saturday limb He is able to be abputat sities of life Ben Cats4nandGreen °Lu treIrand Sunday with Miss Illa Les- ¬ might live yet Truly the V 4> > farm this Writing of Windsor were here one dat 1 ter v n 6s are an independant set and Do woo t winter in these i > last week Sunday School in Jackman Bat showld be thank ful ions Messrs C P W altersf n E toms is progressing nicely Y> Some ourfanners have been Wilson yere at A is e I Sunday tSchdol opens at Beec h land scorns this week dY last wee k huyin g fer Grove the first Sunday in May 4 Messrg jc andOtho Brad wIloon e tilts Mrs Emma Heath and two Mr Leo Crismahof ythis place shawoflum eymade afl visitedheremothechildren J and ElIa Mae an had Ja very narrow e aeoith ing trip to this county r list week 1wee yrHelm 4 Music by The Columbia Brass Band i fi Arwed if Our Contestants have been invited from the schools n adjoining counties to take part in the exercises whicH will make this the most interesting Field Day a f g WheelbarrowRace Relay Race shouldany Ky3sEiC3f mare traded bred to ° The following is the order of exercises for the day 106 Yards is get > v ¬ rsl The school at this place 6 for horse 7 for mare colts Pedigree Gov Wood was sired by Wallace Wood the Murry Jack he by Gov Woodrhe by Woods black Jack TipTop he by Peters Black finejennettejlck he by Royal Mammoth he by old imported Morings Mammoth Dam by Brown Beck she of Black Molly Ben McFarlands H Bob Meadows of Nashville made a trip to Burnside last Will make the present season at my barn 1miles south of Mill week on the Str Rowena The telephone line extending town and will be permitted to serve mares for the sum of 1 2 to from Sewellton to this place will Insure a Living Colt If Money due when mare is traded or bred soon be completed to other stock The Str Robert Rhea of Nashville was u to Creelsboro one SWi K t day last week The farmers of this vicinity are through sowing oats and pre ¬ paring for a large corn and tobacco crop was consumed by fire last Fri day cFarland big Jack the noted breeder gets more high priced colts than took a trip down to Celina on the Str Rowena Easter Mrs Welby Powellof thisp lace who has been in Bowling Green School returned home a few days ago the Str Rowena Mrs Stella Harmer of Car thage is Visiting relatives at this i tr place x- I The Mss Ghoul Helm of this place ¬ r V Wflftfl He is black with mealyip of nts15 hands high Serve to insure hvlngcolt at What about Gus Jeffries for County Judge I have heard several Republicans say that they would vote for him What W about it Mr Jeffries K Miss Helena Henson visited 5 her sister Mrs Ellis a few days Dingo Columbia M 8the fiOV j a 1000 to Insure a Living Colt PEDIGREE Sired by Jordon Peacock No 1148 A S H R he by Peacock No 498 he by Blue Jeans No 3 === = Jordons first dam by Cabbells Lexington No 3234 he by Jests Blackhawk Second dam H J izzie Jordon she by Louis Jordon thoroughbred Rexs first dam by 2nd Jewel he by Artest Jewel Second dam J by Cromwell Denmark he bp Old Denmark buggyOscar Cunningham who lives about 3 miles from Dunnville had a big log rolling a few days ago at Serve Cr fi J- U

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