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Image 3 of The Adair County news., April 28, 1909

Part of The Adair County news.

J itti I I TE T C I HE ADAIR COUNTY NEWS HUBBUCH BROSJ 524 526 IUIVI1I LUUI3YILLC3L 3M I 1 w 71 < > 1 so broad and varied that every tasteE be thoroughly satisfied Our buying 1E power is effectively demonstrated by the fact that manu¬ f ic facturers in need of funds appeal at all times first to the E biggest and most prominent storeWE get the best and IE choicest always selection IEand every purse can T Visitors Always Welcome > reportsS everybodyS I I ± ± Correspondence Solicited ¬ VEI1Ij 1 lit 1 vvv us J1 VIWI 4I1I7i51I5 iSiSiSu1 f2711IIA15f1Z5lt PI Fifth Avenue Hotel iE ¬ 7 j e Refurnished Redecorated and mpdied A Firstclass Hotel at Popu ¬ lar Prices Convenient to Wholesale i 1 j I D MGR PIKE CAMPBELL f v w I FIFTH AVENuE Il LOUISVILLE BET GREEN AND WALNUT STREETS 1 I I I Louisville Ps J 5f1 f r v1Ie PUiifIII Thf1I7i5I5 As7i5 r r r r r fr r tl KIMBLE GOOD BEDS 4 LIVERY AND FEED STABLE iN CONNECTION 4wwww 4ww v L www w ¬ I heatingS 8 4 KENTUCKY II ¬ 4 7 LII hensS I I il SAMPLE ROOM FREE 4d 4RUSSELL SPRINGS I SIGrant PROPRIeTOR 4 4 4 Co22lm Poultry Notes applied outside RichmondWhitewash the hen house once For The Farmer each yearA mail pouch was stolen at Potato and turnip parings boil Lebanon Junction and found in Never feed mash or grain in as Grant farm has converted It into a ed and mixed with the morning rifleS soiled feed troughs model game preserve says a St Louis the woods near by cut and Empty all water receptacles at feed are excellent for laying Deputy Sheriff A N Crooks dispatchThe log cabin which was carried around the country for exhibi- and John Scott were badly hurt night so as to start with fresh A tablespoonful of cornmeal tion now occupies a position on the j in a runaway accident in Bath water in the morning farm overlooking the Gravois road It may be fed to breeding ewes if will be opened to the public as a mu ¬ Now is the time when the lice countyThe seum It is the intention of Mr Busch they are in rather thin flesh but Presbyterian Church was get busy in the chicken house to collect as many Grant relics as pos ¬ sible and restore them to the cabin burned down at Fredonia Cald At em with the kerosene can be creful with corn as it is too The cabin itself is as General Grant left it except that a few logs have well county and night riders are andwhitewash brush been cut out of an inside partition suspected During warm sunny days Do not shear your sheep too The old spring house where the gen eral kept his butter eggs milk and it Former United States Senator raise the windows and open the early If the season of 09 is is rumored his liquor which was said anything like last year late and to be the best to be found In the state James B McCreary has return ¬ doors so that the houses may be has been preserved In its entirety A ed from Washington to his home thoroughly aired and dried out cold a hint in time may not fence of musket barrels that saw serv Clean out the nest Koxes oc ¬ come ice in the civil war surrounds the at Richmond cabin A veteran who served under Every dollar added to the av¬ The body of John Russell who casionally putting in a fresh Grant is caretakerTo the right of the cabin and a short was drowned six wee sago was supply of bedding or chaff erage income from the dairy cow distance away stands the former home in the United States adds over of Mrs Grant a two story stone house recovered from the Ohio River or other serviceable material period The large barns typical of that Apply kersone to roosts with 20000000 to the nations pro- ¬ and other buildings put up afterward at PaducahThe under the personal supervision of GenPacific Railroad a cloth or swab every two weeks duction of wealth eral Grant are in their original state Co has paid its Franchise Tax during warm weather to kill the To make the greatest profit r S KIMBLE HOTEL I 4 JW Busch to Collect There All the Generals Relics He Can Find Augustus A Busch who recently iiI A A school tax of nine cents was levied in Madison county to be Augustus KentuckyEI i1i1Z725 oneJ I I I FIFTH AVENUE s ¬ ¬ J ¬ 1v t Theaters m streetS I t7K I specialS ¬ T1 11E pondentsS fectlyS Offers The public I ¬ I E J is the name of an interesting A SPLENDID OFFER iff 1 Vi mechanical apparatus designed You can get The Louisville by a Pennsylvania man to take the place of the ordinary farm j Times regular price 500 a helper It is said the machine year and The Adair County can be installed for 900 and News both one year for 350 that it will do the work of two The Louisville Times is the bestlt afternoon paper printed a n men There are many good v points to the automatic hired where Has the best corps of corres ¬ man It will not smoke a pipe in the barn or chewtobacco be- ¬ Covers the Kentucky field per hind the kitchen stove It will not tell wicked stories to the Covers the general news fieldS farmers sons or tell of the strange things to be seen in the completely city It will not take the best Ha the best and fullest mar¬ I ket horse out to give its lady friends Democratic in politics but faii a ride During the summer the to abtomatic man will work in the Send your subscription right sun as well as in the shade and away to this paper not to the in the winter it does not lay off Louisville Times This because of misery in the back low offer may be withdrawn at It can even be made to build the any time so get in now This fire in the morning which is rate is good only for inail sub ¬ something that no human chore scriptions and we cannot accept man thinks of doing orders for the Louisville Times c where that paper has a regular ID Rather Die Doctor agent who furnishes papers by than have my feet cut off said M L Bingham of PrincevilleIll but youll the month die from gangrene which had eaten a Two papers for less than the way eight toes if you dont said all doctors Insteadhe used Bucklens price of Arnica Salve till wholly cured Its cures yi CARPET AND RUG STORE 7l x ¬ 7 rC I Kews Cincinnati Board of Education Will Gov Wilson has been confined Establish One In a Forest The Cincinnati board of education to his bed during the week recently adopted a resolution intro Mrs Richard Cobb 78 years duced by President Withrow providing for the establishment of a old died last week at Stanfordforest school where children suffer ¬ ing from tuberculosis or exposed to A golden eagle weighing fifty the danger of the dread disease will be taken care of The resolution di pounds was captured near Win ¬ rects the building committee together chester with the superintendent of schools and the health officerUto investigate and Miss Lizzie Butner aged 13 report upon the feasibility of estab lishing a forest school where such was married at Lexington to Jas children may be kept in school with Yeager surroundings best adapted for their Jim Holt a police character of Instruction and for the return and preservation of their health Dr Withrows plans are farreach Louisville was run over and kill ¬ ing He proposes that the forest school ed by a train shall be located somewhere out on the Fire at Georgetown caused by hilltops or even In the country He Is now considering a site In College the explosion of a coal oil stove Hill Once the school is established arrangements will be made for taking did 27000 damages care of the children They are to be About 75000 was distributed taken to the school at 730 in the morn ing and kept there until 6 oclock in last week among the tobacco the evening The transportation will be paid for by the board of education growers in Shelby county A kitchen will be established in con Mary Hayman was arrested nection with the school and the chil dren will be fed also at the expense of and fined 10 in Louisville for at¬ the board Every endeavor is to be made to keep the children outdoors tempting to kiss a man on the the lessons being conducted in the open whenever the weather permits After the school has been given a trial The Southern Electical and In it is probable that tents will be put up so that the children can even sleep in dustrial Exposition at Louisville the open air is proving a great successThis will be the first institution of the kind in the United States There E Cassell a widely known are a few such Institutions in Ger many and the results they accomplish aeronaut died while on a visit to are said to be wonderful Every mem relatives in Louisville ber of the board was enthusiastic over I tiiink it is the most the matter James Kennard of Mason of Eczema Fever sores Boijs Burns If you want extracts and spices that humane thing we have it in our power county committed suicide by and Piles astound and world 25c at are pure and will give entire satisfact ¬ to do said Member Emil Pollak Paull Drug Co ion get them from J B Grant who shooting himself with a shot gun represents The J R Watkins Remedy GRANTS CABIN A MUSEUM 528 WEST MARKET STREET I 1 4 IKentucky SCHOOL fOR CONSUMPTIVE E 715 E TTI > > 7 T I L The Louisville Trust amissS ¬ I ¬ I CompanySouthwcstiGorncr IBLOOD amounting to 100000 into the St Louis Florists New Carnation May State Treasury 30000 Flower Rival Lawsons Mach and Arthur Whisman A variety of the carnation wnich may rival the famous plant for which father and son were arrested in Thomas Lawson paid 30000 is aI Wolfe county on the charge of product grown by Vincent Gorly a Louis florist and botanical connoisseur killing Goff Prcfitt The flowers which bloom on these William Sidner a wellknown grafted and regrafted stalks measure from three to four inches in diameter resident of Waddy Shelby few of the blossoms being under three county died of hiccoughs com- ¬ inchesMr Gorly has named the new varie- plicated with the grippe ty the Vincent pink It is blood red Over 12000 were worn in St Louis Gov Willson pardoned Charles LOUISVILLE under I I I i It accepts and executes trusts of varied character and its fair impar lal and profitable management guaranteed by its large assets its cor ¬ porate property its magnificent fireproof office building and its great ancial strength i Wcp Bmrat0 JPUli tAND SHAlE r FREE1909 Edition Kentucky Governors Wal to all who Subscribe for Six Months or aY EVERY TRUE v Cures Dyspepsia Trial Is Fre I YEAR OFGREAT PROSPERITYJ READ i Last year over 23 000 000 bush els of rice were raised with a value of 1800000029 per cent above the fiveyear average and its value 23 per cent above I 1909 1909 the farmer must get the maxi ¬ mum yield of milk from his cows this can only be done by liberal and intelligent feeding red spider lice Hens that begin as pullets t3 show signs of developing spurs very rarely make good layers they will be found slow to come to the laying age and their eggs will not be very numerous nor as a general thing will they prove very fertile The ordinary corn or wheat cockle is described by the De- ¬ McKinley day of McCracken county partment of Agriculture as a bad Already the variety has been intro¬ Carrol duced into France England Ireland serving four years in the peni poison fatal caseshaving result-¬ and SwitzerlandS nentiary for malicious cutting It is a popular mistake that only ed from eating flour containing awealthy people who cat rich and BY MULES TO INAUGURAL Miss Zena Schwaller aged highlyspiced foods suffer from dys very large proportion of cockle pcpsia oras it is also known indi- ¬ IP Four Ohioans to Ride In Antique Car ¬ nineteen years was found dead gestion The laborer in thestreet riage to Washington in bed at her home near Anthos the worker in the field also finds him Buff Orpingtons self a victim of this disorder Among A unique pilgrimage to Washington the very greatest sufferers from it are to attend the inaugural of President ton Henderson county There is no better breed of chi kens S Elect Taft is being planned by four womenDyspepsialslndicated by a constant They are large industrious and the Chas H Waldron was killed by well known Columbus 0 business feeling of laziness by loss of appetite and best of layers Healthy and strong sour stomach and menC M Kinnaird B H Harmon gas while tightening rivets on troubled sleep by by bad complexion dis ¬ while small but little trouble to raise tress after eating and them I nave as pure bred as anyone Simon Lazarus and J W Moore They lusterless eyes the inside of a boiler at the L no surer and speedier cure for in this State and none will surpass them There is will make the trip from Columbus in this trouble than Dr Caldwells Syrup in form size and color Eggs only for the old Governor Tod carriage pulled N railroad shops in Louisville Pepsin which dyspeptics have been using j sale at 100 for 15 Mrs Hugh Noe1successfully for twenty years This by four mules Columbia Ky compound cured Dr W E Cave for twenty herb laxativela of dyspepsia caPtCgreatr The rig will be driven by George and of Buffalo The J R Watkins Remedies rep ¬ Crouthers who formerly drove a forty five years pastor of the First stomach that he had had for forty or until the lucky day that he horse team in a circus They will be resented by J BGrant in this It Church at Pa- ¬ Dr Caldwells Syrup Pepsin Ala after t county can also be purchased from Rob guided through the West Virginia Presbyterian Joel Adams of Montgomery suffering continuously for sixteen months mountains by Sandy Wilkin an old only a ducah has resigned on account These areexpensive few of the many But ert Hudson or JH Pelly Columbia West Virginia hunter to be cured with this 22lm it Is not bought at any I grand remedy as it can health I 1FHE I I special charter for the safe keeping of valuables of every kind and description and the transaction of a general trust busi r ness is authorized to act in any part of the State as Executor Admin trator Trustee Guardian Assignee Retver amtto fin every pr si tion of trust that can be held by an individual f Organized PINK RED KENTUCKY SHOULD AtlasI HAVE A COPY OF THIS SPLENDID WALL ATLAS > I I U Full and Complete MapUp Engraved especially for The Evening Post at a cost of 3500 colors on heavy map paper It contains six pagesx2x36 inches> J The Chart alone is worth 150 The portraiSof all the Kentucky Governors sonic of them very rare one the 1 OUi in There S1re11Ucothermap3of great value among them a map of the United the and the Panama Canal Zone also map States of the World The Atlas shows portraits of all the Presidents the Rulers of all Nations with Coats of Arms and Flags A page is given over to Historical Kentucky from formation of State to the year The Latest Kentucky Ii To 1909 > VotetStilteOffiClals HouseCongre JIALPRIocratic ¬ NM tol land < THE WALL AT AND THE EVEIHNC OK Ky potWITH THISPAPER u LWl Adair OQunty fostinii the f i ir d ii t r t J liws I1 AIII< t I Y1 t > 1 I ft f 1iiJ1tr > V 0 l maI Possum May Jt itcir Turkey next It is reported that Thanksgiving dinnerrs rved in tihe thl 1ttb 350 I Iiltn4 ctbe r 2 t r 1 < c I VJY A jury in the Circuit Court at man farmers and their families from Campbellsville gave W A Druin Oklahoma eighteen in all recently ar rived overland in Logan in 12 years imprisonment for viola ¬ the eastern part of the territory to of the age or consent law settle in the surrounding farming tion country The caravan of schooners Subscriptions amounting was accompanied by twenty head pf hors the first schooner carried 370 were taken up in the Second big Ge n3nbIIld of eighteen pieces Presbyterian l Church at Paris a the martial strains of Die Wacht am Rhein heralding the advent of the Kyioto be used for foreign mis> P home seekers sions of the Pananma Cana Great Lakes Islands Porto Rico Alaska Philip ¬ Area and Population of Statesand Coun ¬ The States eningPost Kentucky Governor Wall be who subscribe to Evening Post for One Year at 300 or for at 200 by Mail This price only for cannot get The Evening Post delivered r or Agent for Sample Copy and full description of 99 better stiSI subscribe today ami pt at once THE EVENING POST LwiiivUle of bad Home Seeking With a Brass Band Prairie schooners carrying five Ger lonal ludicial and Railroad Commissioners Districts Dem andRepubUcan State Central Commit ¬ State Executive Committees Senatorial Counties of Kentucky when made and Counties Area and Population 1 rt 1 s < r < 0 t tvt 7 otJAItJJ < n fJi p jj J r i r J ll < < Iitr D I Si3he U + if- I j i I 1 > ur New Man ion li J 1F JFt fr Jk tie ftflfc HrdMnJ ir drugstore In a 50cent or 1 bottle Your very neighbors are probably life- ¬ long users of Dr Caldwells Syrup Pepsin but if you want to know without expense what it will do for you personally send your name to Dr Caldwell and he will be HeIs keepIt test of his remedy as constipation sour stomach In- ¬ digestion biliousness dyspepsia heart- ¬ burn torpid liver etcwhicbmaycome family any day It on a member of gently and is pleasant to the taste does not gripe It is the great childrens grericy laxative If there is anything about your ailment that you dont Tkr are iwke understand or if you want St c ca than of any eouaco advice1irrUIit you fully 3rhr answet no tito mt kDr wile W The ddreis ii B- Mwl Ncadw 121 b- 1at1o l 1J 1 + FI i httsoJaintbeUAit l ofP i211 i cudeT cotiIesJapiine Hali La abipiioni2 otkertnaka accuracy patterns jty Mea Qireen year < I nunibrs v II t dal > Otis 1a eta a MCMPM r t- OIl > j t aiim oom iil f t b u of t

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