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Image 1 of The Adair County news., April 28, 1909

Part of The Adair County news.

t I 4 b L i Ir A ij < I jsf t I J- ft La r jf fJ7f r rr i < F MittrJt > f VOLUME r j J I i bif > e f 7 L all 8 ZCOIJMfA nJAlRCtuNTYtlKENTUCKY XII I APRIL WEDNESDAY 28 J j 5 said school The school was represent- ¬ THE REPUBLICAN PRIMARY ed in tier litigation by Montgomery by The Republican primary election held throughout this county last Saturday The death of Mrs Harriet Yates the Montgomery and the contestants W W Jones Rollin Hurt and James brought out a very large vote bur it was a very harmonious affair dis ¬ beloved wife Yates Garnett An appeal was prayed by the turbance in the county so far as we have learned The successful candidates brought sorrow to many homes in Adair are as follows County Attorney M Rey Yarberry Circuit Court Clerk W T county The end came Tuesday night contestants the school I Price Superintendent Miss Pearl Hindman Jailer A W Tarter Assessor J the 20th inst at her late home Grady ¬ Russell Springs Fair August10 four M Wolford The candidates for County Judge County Court Clerk Sheriff and villeShe day Coroner had been previously nominated by the Committe and their names given had been an invalid for some at the time The following table shows Saturdays unofficial vote and the offic ¬ ¬ time and her death was not wholly un See the basket ball game next Satur- ¬ ial count is not likely to change the result i expected She was a lady who wascday afternoon at L WeT S dearly loved for her many noble traits of char ter and for her devotion to The Columbia Fair will begin Tues rJailer IICo Atty II Cir Clk11 Schl S God home and Church Her maiden- day August 17 and will countin e four naewas Turk and her whole life was days spent in the neighborhood where she Mr James Garnett will make valua- ¬ died She was about sixtyfour years old The funeral services were con- ¬ ble improvments at his residence in the ducted Wednesday afternoon by Rev way of building varandas etc Gatton of the Campbellsville 351 751 031i08 73 64 130 90 Buy the Ox and Homestead Fertili ¬ E Columbia 78 71 36 Baptist Church assisted by Rev W See B Cave and W H C Sandidge There zer For sale in Columbia Ky w Columbia 77 65 65 81 6082 ii 79 54 62 25 8 17 253t were aaaany relatives and friends pres ¬ C E Young Milltown 58 1 29 50 32 105 2 78 19 S 62 10 9 ent to pay the last tribute of respect to J the one they were so much devoted to I have a lot of new buggies which I Keltner 48 42 85 4 23 r 52 t will sell at rpckbottom prices I also 7617 14 29 12 36 in life 7 C E Young handle harness To the husband and only child a Gradyvil1e92 79 49 < 105 159 19 6 142 29 V84 25 18 16 Columbia Ky 25tf daughter Mrs Ella Robertson the 49 L M Elroy 102 88 48 96 90 19 87 52 14 News and this entire community ten ¬ Mr B G Redmond bought of Lu ian ders their sympathy Harmony 21 37 2 < 31 20 32 25 in his fathers old 3 4 A friend who was well acquainted Moore his interest home placeon the Stanford road for 97 jarith the deceased will write a more 21 Glenville 23 86 42 45 14 11 47 4i 63 10 which he paid 450 The interest in extended notice 77 acres is 45 82 103 9 84 49 84 79 White Oak 76 F 63 29 26 42 lL J R 000 orJH 110 I 00 O Jo Coffey Jr sold Rollin Browning a bay harness horse for 165 ooo Tilford Petty of Inroad purchased a Montpelier Mill Company grinds and good young mare of J N Coffey for crushes corn every day Exchange flour 195 Glensfork cor for wheat Flour and ship stuff for 000 sale Pay 125 for good wheat Judge Herriford Columbia bought MontpelierKone milch cow from G G Campell for 18 one from W J Bean for 24 and If you want extracts arid spices that are pure and will give entire satisfact ¬ ion get them from J B Grant who represents The J R Watkins Remedy per pound 1 of J M Campbell 1 Co 22lm J W Campbell 1 of J G Campbell of 1 of H M Stotts and 2 of G G Camp Dr R M Armstrong of Salisbury bell for 25 He then bought a mule North Carolina son of the late W J from same partyfor 40 Ed Stotts Armstrong of Creelsboro Kentucky sold acow to W R Royse Royse then has been appointed member by the sold the cow to J W Harvey and Gov of N C for a term of five years bought a brood mare from same party 77J 73 34 102 92 49 15 40 67 24 Mrs Vena Coffey sold her home in Little Cake 107 56 A Tribute of Respect47 to the North Carolina Board of Exami ¬ price unknown Dirigo cor ners and Registration which she resides on the pike this side I 50 h 20K24 P llyton 62 Ill 21 WThe 000 2 611RGradyville Baptist Church and of the bridge last Friday to Charley Charles Herriford sold John Parrish Coun- ¬ I will be in Columbia May 3rd 81 89 8 10 4 liftMissionary Society were bereft of one Herriford for 1500 Possession will be oley of Cumberland county a horse for 110 K 22 12 f 1 36 13 ty Court day and any one wishing lots and bought a span of mules from him loving given in three weeks its most active devoted and 23 Egypt 413a1 20 ir 161 44 in the Mulligan addition can see me on The offerings for all purposes in the day Will sell a few lots cheap to for 340 He also bought a pair of 68 60 19 22 44 that 72 61 Cane Valley 98 90 26 63 Presbyterian Church for this Church anyone wishing to Imild Will trade a rules from the Widow Daugherty of the same county for which he paid 350 > 238 939 year was 1303 The figure onewas 1030 759 790 79Q959 811 603 Total 665 334 349 345 lot for good saddl horse v 7 in the amountjgiven last week Mulligan omitted R0 boo the sum only showing 303 Mont Harmon of Edith sold a span S Stapps Sale KS D Suffers Shutout at The The Jf R Watkins Remedy Com- ¬ of extra good mules to George Grace r In publishing a list of the names last pany is represented by 3 B Grant in of color for 400 of LWiLS It lovedand one who loved her church week of all those who united with the P James Garnett executor of the es ¬ Adair county who solicits your trade if A and society 000 various Congregations thename of Mr B < Deering of Campbellsville reThat we as a church and society Mrs Tom Waggener was overlooked The fastest game ever played by the tate of the late J S Stapp disposed of in need of pure extracts spices stock i and poultry food and several valuable ceived i may ever keep her name and life jshe She Joined the Presbyterian Church nice bunch of hogs at this LindseyWilson Base Ball Team was property as follows last Thursday Fred Myers one bay mare 76 00 liniments salve etp They guarantee place Tuesday prices from 4 to 5 cents lived before us and try to emulate her > played in Danville Saturday April 24th v 1 Dennis Eubank sorrel horse 22 1m per pound J R Tutt sold to J A 7000 every tiling they sell Team 4 character Let us as members of said I handle the Ox and Homestead Fer ¬ against the SD 60 00 t church and society follow the good ex tilizer the best brands that are made Thomas one three year old horse for V Judd pitched a great game for L WI- D Crenshaw bay horse Frank Sinclair brown hdrse 67 50 110 Mrs N B Dohoney sold to Mrs amples set before us by her and so My place of business is at Montgom ¬ TSwhileas much can be said for C Mr John A Parrisli of Bakerton 7 29 00 who was here last week and informed Sara Thomas a cow for30Milltown v when the summons comes we will be erys barn Columbia Ky Napier of KrS D his team making- Albert Stapp bay horse r 62 00 us that he thougfit the Adair County cor ready to go to meet Aunt Harriet where p E Young s veralerr rs he pitched the same way C F Mantz bay horse 253t i Same party brown horse 65 50 News thebest paperheever read did partings will be no more throughouthe game 00 O 51 00 not muster up courage sufficient to tell That we offer our tenderest sympa ¬ JEld W Gi Montgomery who acceptThis Wds4he worst defeat that the Grover Grissom black mare Mr T Hamilton sold one mule for 8900- us that he was married to Miss Hattie thy to the devoted husband and loving ed a call to a church in Meridian Miss Dummies have met with this year al- ¬ J C Vanlf oy bay horse 100 Mr Clay Kinniard sold one mule 30 00 Brockman the accomplished daughter daughter knowing that they have sus several months ago has tendered his though they played three games with J T Page sorrel horse V 75 00 of Mr and Mrs G W Brockman few for 125MNeircor J W Stone bay horse resignation and will return to More- Central University irreparable tamed an Clem Burton black horse 55 00 days before leaving home That these resolutions be spread up l nd Ky and will engage in evange- ¬ Lineup Will Build A Brick Nat Montgomery black horse 51 50 on the records of our church and soci ¬ listic work LW AB H R PO E Albert Stapp bay horse 90 00 ety and a copy sent to each of the Persons1 desiring to buy the Hotel 4 12 00 The official count in the primary is T Judd iyr 52 00 property at Russell Springs including J T Page black mare county papers for publication and also Mr Brack Massie has contractedwith now in progress Should the commit Mrs Hattie Stapp the widow to the family of the deceased the celebrated chalybeate Spring or to Mr Lonny Simms and father for a T tee find mistakes in the table we pub retained under will eleven Mrs Ella R Nell buy building lots inthe town will re- ¬ brick residence It will contain eight 6 15 lish today the corrections will be made R Juddpi head of horses their apMrs Maggie Y Nell 1 member that there will Joe a sale of this rooms and the plan will be modern Mr 0 5 IP St and the table again published next Stearrnaccr 850 00 property by the Master Commissioner E G Shaw has the contract for the praised value of Diddle Flowers O MUllsey 0 0 8 week sawmill Sallie B Wilmore building will Rpsenfieldcfir i 5 2 i 0 0 A Stapp for was sold to Edwin 175 00 of the ssellCircuit court on the woodwork The Mr Massies be locatCommittee present grounds on May8tb next Goodchance ed in front of 4 1 1 2 0 Wilson 3tfri3 Mrs Stapp also retained other fi Mrs Robt Yates who was a sister Young for homes or investment Some eight home Material is now being placed on L T 410 personal property amounting to Mrs S F White and Mr J N Cof ¬ or ten building lots will be sold Sin ad- ¬ the lot A Tribute of Respect 9 42 11 27 2J to 49190 dition to the hotel property fey died McGregor Texas about ten > AB PO Ej The Spectator plant was sold to days ago She was a victim of pulmoBuff Orpingtons On Tuesday April 9 1909 the wife of nary 1 00 Hovious rf 1 Harris for 475 00 trouble and was a very excellent Besgjfi Boston a little girl six years 7 W W Yates departed this life There- ¬ 0 2 2 Type writer buggies harness lady She visited her relatives here Porter 2b i old who is living with Mr and Mrs There is no better breed of chi kens fore be it resolved Q Fleming c Jrkv 6 4 and other personal property last Robt Hudson met with a very painful They are large industrious and the That in her death Gradyville Baptist CIarke3b vi 4 1 0 2 2 were sold and the total amt accident last Wednesday afternoon In best of layers Healthy and strong Chuch and Spcietyhas lost a true and In the Republican primary held in Napier p > 1 0 4 of everything disposed of by passing across the pike at the Stapp whil small but little trouble to raise devoted member Though her afflic- Adair county last Saturday there were Scott ss 01 1 0 4 1977 72 the executor was livery she stepped upon a nail which them I have as pure bred as any one i tions kept her from being an active cast in i 0 14 1 Total amount of the property the Jailers race 1988 votes in Ballenger ib penetrated her foot about onehalf inch in this State and none will surpass them prayers sympathies and the County Attorneys race 1789 in the Carman If Her 1 3 01 0 retained by the widow 1361 90 Dr R Y in form size and color Eggs only for causing great suffering tears were ever with those who were Superintendents contest 1770 Circuit Voycf 0 The property Mrs Stapp retained is T Hindman was called and administered sale at 100 for 15 Mrs Hugh Noe l working for the Master 30 3 Clerks rate 1589 and in the Assessors d 27 7j for livery purposes and she will con- ¬ to the child but it was several hours Columbia Ky ilThat we offer our sympathy to the race 1698 Hit by pitched ball Judd 2 Napier tinue to run the stable at the same before she was entirely relieved from husband and relatives of the deceased on balls Judd 1 Napier 1 struck t stand the business to be managed by base pain A basket ball game will be played on out Judd 8 Napier 6 Time one hour her sons Alber and Julius Farm For Sale the LindseyWilson campus next Sat ¬ and fifteen minutes Attendance 300 Mr A G Dunbar who lives near and a copy sent to each of the county urday afternoon between girls of the Umpire Collins v Is at The First National I have a good farm containing reached Columbia last Jomestown papers for publication and also to the Baptist Academy Campbellsville and l it Wednesday night with the remains of acres good > dwelling good outbuild ¬ family of the deceased Jl Program Lindsey Wilson girls It will be an in ¬ Mr 6 A Taylor of the Montpelier his wife who died at the Seventh Ave ¬ ings near Esto Kyfor sale B Wilmore teresting contest and the public is in ¬ country has C 1 Medaris a position in the nue Hotel Louisville at 4 oclock that 224t t vited to be present The Adair County Medical Society First National Bank this place and morning The deceased was very much Esto Ky V v Campbellsviile Loses a Good Citi ¬ will met in Columbia on Thursday May entered upon the discharge of his duties afflicted and had been conveyed to the z zen H Blacksmith Shop Mrs J W Richards of this place 13 1909 when the following program last week He is a oung man of ex-¬ city by her husband the intention be ¬ J whose reason has been dethroned for will be rendered cellent character possessing fine busi ing to place under treatment of a spec- ¬ Pneumonia H B Simpson i Wednesday afternoon Mr F P ten days will be taken to Lakeland ness qualifications Whatever he under ¬ ialist She grew worse soon after Jo McGaha has opened a blacksmith The pestiferous Fly William Blair gaines died at the home of his daught¬ She is an excellent lady and her many takes to do he does well He has many reaching Louisville and died at the above shop back of the Columbia Grocery Co rf Smallpox U L Taylor friends throughout the county all of named hour Her death wis a great He does good work and besides shoe- ¬ er Mrs Dr Black in CampbellsvilleI friends hope her mind will be restored Whooping Cough W F Cartwright whom will be glad to learn that he has shock to many Russell county friends ing he will repair buggies and wagons This action was a trying ordeal on the He was the father i The signs of the times J C Gose accepted this responsible and honorable Gowdy Mrs W I Header and Mrs husband but it was for the best Try him 25tf The Mosquito R H Perryman Black and was one of the best known My MockingBird We shall know them by their grunts men inTaylor county Formany years Mr Rufus Defevers of Abshbr lIas We are receiving private bids om our EL a colt only two weeks old for which he store stand but have made no positive Eloped to Tennessee v Where have you nmYbon Ybird We would like to see every doctor in has refused two offers of 100 each No sale Anyone wanting a good stand To leave alone so long day ImportHe was 76 years old and if we are cor ¬ finer colt of its age has ever been pro- ¬ the county here has an equal showingLast Wednesday afternoon Mn Hen- ¬ One whom you have so often cheered rectly informed was a devout member duced in Adair county This colt was ant business to be tr J M Lester Sons Kendall Stephens of ry Keen and Miss Mamie > With your enchanting song I W R Crissom of the Presbyterian Church His wife sired by Grey Lexington Plato Wades Tenn ¬ the Gradyville country eloped W F Cartwright > Committee cQlegEbeen1 one year ago died Red Bird stallion Any one interested essee and wire married on Thursday Haveyou away to Taylor Subscribe for the Adair County News in raising a highclass colt should not As runs f Both the groom and bride are quite and the Louisville Times Thetwo fail to see this one before breeding young They doubtless have returned lOr gained your vocal knowledge in The Orders Have Been Hadjh Strayed Plato Wade will give v papers for 350 The birds own common scnool a season and been forgiven by this time The 1 free to any one that will find a sorry C Steph Each morning at the dawn of day bride is a daughter of Mr C Special Judge J W Tuttle of Monti colt sired by Grey Lexington He will There are five black hogs with a few ens one of Adair countys prosperous Upon a perch so grand rr s cello held a special term 01 the Adair not have to dp r MJlltow this because Grey Lex¬ white spots on them marked with split farmers Thegroom sa young farm ¬ As it to make a reat display Circuit Court on the 21st inst for furI ington never gets weigh about 190 that kind >y 1t pounds They have been oh my premi ¬ er and has many friends t i> proceedings in the case involving You sing to beat the band l Th healtEQfcthis community school at Colunibia Pur the ses about seven nvbrithsv The owner Sweet harbinjBrerof genial Spring 0 f Taylor county has come to awise con ¬ can have same by proving his owner How to foiled Your Accounts Is good at this rijtingV To tell of Springing flower i clusion and will pay off her railroad in ship and paying expenses ¬ of advertisThrice welcome eas we hear yptf sing < d yMri iainOg the school and dismissing the ing Allen Keltnery V t 5Tec6llect mites accounts and claims To us of shady bowers > fj cA the Contestants United States and anywhere m KMilltQwn Ky Also counler claim 244t ing yisiteif at Mrs Sate Thoma thac the common schopjIon the one hundred dollars for said make no charges unless we collect Should human kind their arts pursue aidjudginff e Saturday and Sdnday property Holders iof the pose Wtth all their vain endeavor Writextousi fpJlOpertrtD the towhi6fColunbia by county The soon pay the debt andwnen will such strains as you S Could they produce AYS COLLECTION AGENCY Sopertiofl o law vests in the tru teds the burden is lifted the whole county are busy erigaiged atfr To rival you could never Somerset Ky 253m graded school tor school pur of beat tittil ltaP i 12 pure bred cpckerel t l if V will be at ease The Fiscal Court his this place plantiigv corn If J Ii I l Although your songs are all so sweet certainly pursu the rightcpurse and and plumage at 266 each Eggs from oJ trustees of the graded schdoLwill for sale Aamioit p f us ypuf re phoney > Mr EddHatcner will move hi i L its action should be unamimously rati- prize winning t Xkfcookltrain at Z flow proceed to organize the school Tils not p panic pricsL00 for 15 Mrs Ps4TW mill from Blis3 and at tliepropeitime em fled The only way to get rid of a debt 75bD15 Scbrri WC YateBiPprtlaud j levy R T BaksrBut sngnone of your own aSuperintendent and teachers for if to pay it Kyi K Ky JT T Amaiaillc fiogf 20tf f homas farm next week JS 39i4 20tfS ElroyI 1 t 42f it 3925 2217 2851 707O574788546 377 11 jof r LS J A Parrish bought a harness horse from Charley Herriford Thursday for The funeral of Mrs Mattie Bennett who was the wife of Mr Z L Bennett will be preached by Rev Marion Antle the fourth Sunday inMay at 11 oclock at Pierces Chapel I r J B Abrel bought a horse from R L Neat price unknown Mr S Williams sold one cow and calf to Mr Easom for 32 dollars Ella cor resented 22lm c c Watkins Remedies rep ¬ by J B Grant in this county can also be purchased from Rob ¬ Pelly Columbia ert Hudson The ITEMS STOCK Columbia Lodge No 96 F and AM will meet next Friday evening ota S I 25 NUMBER Get ready for Field Day at the Lind ¬ seyWilson May 1 IIIASsessor y iV 1909 Death of a Good Woman ofMrCH I j >1 +t 20htr1l SIS o 131 l g93 j > Hands S I L lie i 1 i l S 108sp I ¬ TS 1Rich rf fMrs S S 10211 21 1 rfvv I KSD yearI a 00 r f HR 4000 00 upt I I 10 > Jmember I 3000 0 S CS 0 i t T at N ill r 1Sallie iNew ¬ tLast positionS f BurdickI SalleeS V I onat nsactedI Kyc < tlJ I themoderoruler SS III i1 j or blI f I titsle1centmeet ij l I tb I i IS 1 BullS iT j < t i tx 4k 4S fotl1erStCrePfttY > I J < h lAv v f I fY i j f r < iit Ms JC j 1 4 0 0 > o 1 itl 7r n J 41S ifi iit r iti7 lt t > fjff jTp flJ 0 Y f 23t w A h > tt1 f ± i r 1t r 7 < > < lk tr iJzMjrrJ ii i 5ST f p t- I i if 3S < l J SIS i j l61Yt it1 o Ji 1t9 J I 4 1 Sc tn 11 t y J > < d fIf Ji r C > o C r I j Irmers 5 w T S ITF 1i 7t I t 1 I > rrsssiusBr te rj > i inrghtearwin thr J c ¬ 1f <

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