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Image 1 of Bourbon News, December 18, 1906

Part of Bourbon News

j 1 THE BOURBON NEWS 1 J r< < i < f 1 For the Little Boy Taxes Lielu ruled At the last meeting of the City Coun ¬ Get the little boy a nice little over cil an order was passed returning to coat for a Christmas gift at TWIN BROS the First National Bank the sum of 143t 112790 coUef e the form of taxes Buy your Christmas at Koches J3e fort he yea 19405 The action of the is the candy kid 182t Council in rmuiiirrfg the above amount was iIi pursuance of a recent decision Bargains in Sideboards tAn I j r I I r II j I WIII Fifty dozen ladies all linen floral ini tialhandkerchiefs 25 cent quality at 6 for 100 at W Ed Tuckers 143t A Hot Lunch For You ¬ Masters Sale a We have just received a beautiful line of Holly and Holly Wreaths for Chistmas decorations Beautiful fancy baskets and good things to put in TWIN BROS 143t for l them Everything nice and fresh can We we saw it before we bought Taking a Look > Phone 400 f The show windows of Rummans show you BAIRD TALOR 1431 Co are attracting no little Tucker attention from the little folks and from The best Jewelry service those whose hearts grow young at Christmas time They have attractive- ¬ in the world at ly arranged them with all kinds of Stock ot Stoves Must Go toys and daily large crowds can be Our large stock of stoves must be seen taking a look Within their store room they have sold and gotten out of the house before This is your opportunity gotten together a splendid line of ar- ¬ January 15 appropriate for gifts for all to get a bargain as we have all kinds ticles F ling that their stock will not suffer and all prices They go at less than any by comparison with other stocks cost McEHEECERS It they invite the inspection of the public s At Low Cost Big toys for little money at credits of six and twelve months for equal parts of the purchase money for which the purchaser will be required to execute bonds with good security payable to the undersigned Master bearing interest at the Commissioner rate of six per cent per annum from Said Bonds day of sale until paid shall have the force and effect of judgments RUSSELL MANN I I I I t Mens Sweaters l McMillan 1825l3t r Boys Sweaters Juvsnile Sweaters Price I I Christmas Neckwear Mufflers Dress Shit t Protectors Holiday Gloves Handkerchiefs both Silk and Linen Cuff Buttons Scarf Pins Canes ° Suspenders Shoes Dr Reeds Cushion Sole and Korrect Shape Flannel Novelty Vests Wash Vests Traveling Bags Suit Cases Soft Hats Dunlap Stiff and Soft Hats Silk Tuxedo Vests Stetson Underwear Shirts from 19 cents to 350 Collars and Cuffs Umbrellas II C JTr TOAMES 1 PARKER JAMES SUCCESSOR 1 HEAD TO FOOT OUTFITTERS WRITE FOR ANYTHING YOU WANT MAIL ORDERS FILLED IUi MCBCC i 1 Caps Talbott Attorneys 1 a values Elx trao rdiii ary S 4 Smoking Jackets Bath Robes Hose Price at a post then with Wilsons line N 36J W 850 poles to 7 a stake corner with Masonic Lodge lot then wi same N48 E 175 poles to a stake in t e Iron Works road 15 feet from the S margin then with the road S 35J E iO poles and 2 links to the beginning j TermsSaid sale will be made up n Christmas Decorations- Half Boys Overcoats Pair of Odd Trousers I i µ Cravenette Rain Coats Boys Suits Half s- I During the Holidays when you are too busy to go home to dinner stop at Cravens Lunch Counter next to Ober dorfers and he will serve you with a hot lunch that will please you It < Mens Overcoats Our store will beopen Saturday January 5 1907 oclock a hour of every night until after the at about the described11real estate m to the following holidays You can call and witBeginning Iron Works on the get waited on any time from road now turnpike Bigfeet from the 15 7 a m to 1030 pmT South margin thereof corner to J M Thomas then with his line S 9 Hinton 1750 poles to corner to B F Wilson Christmas Special r Mens Suit of Clothes I from Winters its all right d A I 1 > Gifts that are useful I I I BUYING DAYS i I rz 11 Christmas Shopping is Pleasant Profitable and Comfortable at my Store but I urge you to begin NOW and buy Christmas I I I ul tQI f4N From Now Until Christmas Are Limited 65c Ib I 4 NUMBER II r THE I I > < 1GB of the Court of with reference Call at McPheeters corner Fourth to municipal taxation to which National and Main and see those handsome side subjected Lyons Fine Chocolates our own Banks are boards he is selling They have been 40 package u Candy and 50c lb reduced from 50 to 27 and must be Cut Prices 50c lb French Fruit Glace You can now buy 2795 sideboards BestHoine Made Candy on Earth30c lb 30c doz for 2794 at Large Florida Oranges J T HINTONS 20c doz Large Fat Bananas 20c Ib Best in the World All New Nuts your order Old Vanhook the best etc 8 l3c lb New Dates t No one knows better than those who the world Wines Rum 15c lb have tried them that Gold Seal Rub ¬ 182t New Figs DESHA LUCAS u 20c lb ber Boots are the best in the world Extra Malaga Grapes Dinner Sets 15c lb We are still sole agents for Paris London Layer Raisins French German English and At ri Baskets of Fruit in Faris GEO McWILLlAMS Finest 182t r can China Dinner sets 100 Pieces from Tangerines Grape Fruit c 600 to 100 Nothing except firstclass goods in Dont Forget the Boy t FORD CO my stock One look will convince you 114t A nice suit or one of those foxy little C B MITCHELL overcoats for the boy would It would 182t We please him Christmas morning A Beautiful Gift has them yVe are selling beautiful chiffoneers TWIN BROS 143t at from 6 to 15 they are dreams and Santa Headquarters i are going fast Remember this is only cost price too Baird Taylor have been delegated BOURBON CIRCUIT COURT McPHEETERS as first assistants to Santa Claus and It Statutoi they have everything ready Fruits Thomas Shirley cWilkersons on Petition ft Guardian Report Their Talent Money candies nuts cakes line line of Will NOTICE OF SALE 182t The children of the primary class of groceries fireworks etc By virtue of a judgment and order of the Methodist Sunday School will meet Christmas Special sale made and entered in the above next Sunday at 2 p m to report their talent money The friends of the child ¬ Seven dollar and fifty cent all silk styled action at the November term ren and the school are invited to be petticoats beatutiful colors only 500 1906of the Bourbon Circuit Court I high ¬ present 143t will sell at public aution to the House at W Ed Tuckers est and bestbidder at the Court Everybody says It it comeS door in the city of Paris Kentucky on Open Every Night Candy J r 1906 PARIS KENTUCKY TUESDAY DECEMBER 18 At C B Mitchells Best stock of candy ever brought to Paris 20c lb Good Chocolate Creams 15c lb Fine Cocoanut Bonbons 20c lb FineHand Made Mix Candy 15c lb A Strictly Good Mix Candy 8 13c lb Cheap Mix Candy Large Stock Lyons Fancy Box L- PUBLISHED EVERY TUESDAY AND FRIDAY IN THE YEAR 0 VOLUME XXVI 1 0 j i1 fJ w I FRANK Store CO The Ladies New Fancy Loose Coats New Loose Black Coats See our Late A rr1Vt in Values Special Line of Ladies FURS I at 65O VALUES SPECIAL fUR 5 Sf50 ft50 Special AT 1O 950 Up Childrens and Misses Fine Furs for GMsrtas t t EXTRA SPECIALE- i very y Ladies and Misses Suit In our Entire Stock at Just 4 v f 7 I I IJV I JP 1 J llf51 n fltlll H I fI al It I I fIH I2 f A 91 TOYS I 2 h CO 70 l the Original Price v j1 t J I t IIj t Squares Center Pieces Comb and Brush Sets Plated Silverware of All Kindt TELEPHONE Paris Kentuck 175 1 it f i It the Children I fl 2 1 Toy Department is Now Ready for YOur Visit Come and Bring New lines of Handkerchiefs Chiffon Scarfs Stocks Ties Linen Scarfs 5 1= DOLLS TOYS OtI r1 < If 1 1 it r g r 1 I 10I J 0 4 < > 1 1 J II 1 1 art II it 1- 1 k iTt

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