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Image 7 of The Kentucky Kernel, November 16, 1956

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

Tun Kr.NTrc.KV ker Religious Notes HVstminstrr Frllowshlp. The Westminster Fellowship will have its weekly supper and program Sunday at 5:30 p.m. The program will Include a discussion on "Koinonia Farm," a cooperative living project In Oeorgia. The meeting will be in the Westminster Center, 174 E. Maxwell. Wesley Foundation The Wesley Foundation will have a swimming party at the Coliseum pool, tonight at 7:30. There will be a worship and com- The Kernel Was There naptUt Student I nlon foreign students breakfast will be held at the Baptist Studrrtf Union Sunday at 7:30 a.m. All foreign students are invited to attend. A program entitled. "Hands Across the World." will be held honoring the foreign students. A group of University of Kentucky American and foreign students will attend a national meeting in Oak Ridge, Tenn. Nov. The meeting Is for the purpose of discussing the world problems of today. The Christian Doctrine A "Lexington's Only Hobby Shop" era By BILL MAMMONS l ive Years o (Nov. 16. 1951) Kentucky routed Tulane 37-- 0 as they looked forward to their game with high-rankTennessee. Ten Years Ago (Nov. 13. 1916) After beating Marquette. 35-Kentucky had Its best record since 1939 six victories. Sigma Chi beat SAE 3 tt take the intramural football championship. Twenty Years Ago (Nov. 13 and 17. 1936) "Red" Simpson's place-kic- k of the extra point gave Kentucky a 6 upset victory over Clemson. Forty Years Ago (Nov. 16. 1916) The Sophomores beat the head-shavFreshmen 12-- 0 in football. The Juniors and Seniors battled ed HOBBY HOUSE 7. 22-2- 4. 347 W. Main St. 19-1- munion service at the Foundation Center, 151 E, Maxwell, Sunday at will also be discussed. 7 p.m. Disciple Student Fellowship The Choir will rehearse Monday The Disciple Student Fellowship will have a Thanksgiving dinner at 6 p.m Saturday at 7 p.m. 'OPEN 10 A.M. TO 1 A.M. The dinner will be at the College of the Bible and tickets may be purchased from any Fellowship member for $1. to a scoreless tie. "Noon devotion will be held each weekday in the Y Chapel of the No Cover Charge WIDt Everyone Has Fun At Student Union Building. VISION Newman Club Chart! Reeder'a SCMiiN The Newman Club state convenCwrtiMMt frM 2 PM tion will be held In Lexington tot, Nov 16-1- 7 Lime Grill morrow and Sunday. Newman Club AMBASSADOR'S DAUGHTER members may register Saturday 1410 NO. LIM. from 8 to 9:30 a.m. at the Student Colpr MEET YOUR FRIENDS Union Building ticket desk. Olivia De Hjviljnd John AT THE GRILL There will be a supper Saturday Forsyth beginning at 5:30 pjn. OPEN 10 A.M. TO 1 A.M.i 7-- ed Dancing Nightly ' North GO, CATS, GO! iett Rink was made to got to tho top so ho could have the fan of falling all BEAT XAVIER! mm the way down.. NOW "Secrets of Life" You'll Dig This Hcppcd-u- Order ff,Uflffaf3, 18-19-- 20 1 Also QUEEN OF BABYLON Color Rhonda Fleming Ricardo Montalbon Wed-Th- Chicken is not precooked or drowned in detn fryers. "We "give our chicken no high sounding titles or "commissions." WE JUST FRY IT IN OUR OLD Nov u, 21-2- 2 LADY AND THE TRAMP clc Disney Color Cartoon Feature Also DISTANT DRUMS Gary Cooper Mari Aldon FASHIONED SKILLETS AS YOU ORDER. V o I S73 We also serye STEAKS, CHOPS, SEAFOOD, REGULAR AND DOUBLE - DECKER SANDWICHES. Our Plate Lunches are prepared freshly far each meal. Mid-Summ- COLD BEVERAGES IN-CA- Comfort er HEATERS! R o NOW OI & SAT. BIG STAR PARADE UNFORGETTABLY GREAT! 919 S. Lime James Cagney, Pat O'Brien, and Dennis Morgan Across from Town House Motel "THE FIGHTING 69th" 2ND ATTRACTION Friday, Nov. Gary Cooper, Admission $1.00 16 HELD OVER For You! Walter Brennan, and Wayne Morris "TASK FORCE" o SUNDAY O 2 NEW FIRST RUN HITS! I Imi , j I AT LAST . . . The Screen Probes the Startling Mystery That Will Shock You With Its Answer . . . REINCARNATION! CHARLIE t Shown At 1:20, 5:00, 8:40 THE TIME HAS COME FOR mbwcuw niswis1 AUDREY I D HENRY I ? i! ; zrjp-- r mr OHM I a 0 I GEORGE STEVENS' PRODUCTION I ZSXJZEDW FERBER Jock Mahoney, Leigh Snowden and Ann Harding r ft ELECTRIC TO 8:30 P.M, ' 1 OPEN 6:30 A.M. Tonight p Sock Show! Nov THE LAST WAGON Color Richard Widmark Felicia Farr Sun-Mon-T- Fried STARTS SUNDAY! J'ftv Also AFRICAN LION Color Disney True Life Adventure As You SAT. ENDS Walt Disney's Fri-Sa- Skillet K-Tu- Hot anything you need for your hobby Model Airplanes and Supplies, Magic, Novelties, and Toys 2ND GREAT HIT! 16 PIECE ORCHESTRA Virginia Mayo, George Nader and Peter Lorre f "CONGO CROSSING" (Technicolor) JQYLAND CASINO j I ,h v,r ft 1 i f . ELIZABETH TAYLOR IS LESLIE LYNNTON ROCK HUDSON IS BICK BENEDICT JAMES DEAN IS JETT RINK PRESENTED OY "I'VE LIVED BEFORE" 7 1 Warner Bro3. I in WarnerColor NOW! If "TWILITE MATINEE" SATURDAY AND SUNDAY AT 4:4 P.M. J1 I Fustcst With The Mostust! Elvis Presley in lituuvc mc T" ki icnacr Wed., Nov. 21st BEN AU 1 , , ' I

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