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Image 10 of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1789), June 12, 1800

Part of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1789)

1 1 B fcecperof said prifdn to release said Robert, so far as he is holjlen, by virtue of said proceft, in savor of tbe United States. And provided alto, That thejudgmtnt obtained, or to be obtained on said procc-fs- fliall remain in full force against any the said Robert may hereafter acquire. THEODORE SEDGWICK, Speaker of the House of Representatives. s Thj JEEFERSON, Vice-Preside- nt of the United States 'and President of the Senate, .Approved April $, 1800 JOHN ADAMS, President of thr United States. CHAPTER XXI. is n ACT to allow a drawback of duties on goods expo t ted to and therein to attend the ail entttitled " An atl to regulate tb: collection of duties on imports and tonnttge." Nevj-Orlean- s, it BEtie enabled by the Senate and House of liepreseutatives of 'United States of Congress assembled, That America-t- n any goods, wares or merchandize, which lhall be exported from the United States, aster the tenthiuy df April current, in he manner prescribed by law, to the port of on the be deemed anil taken to be entitled tofuch river Mifiifiippi,-Qial- l drawbacks of duties as would be' allowable the,reon, when exported to any other foreign port or place, any thing in the act intituled " An aft the collection of duties on imports and tonnage" vto the contrary hereof notwithstanding. THEODORE SEDGWICK, Spsaier of tie House of Representatives, 'New-Orlean"- s, Th: JEFFERSON, Approved of the United States, Mud President of the Senate, April 5, 1800. JOHN ADAMS, President of tie United Slates, ' GHAPTfiRXXII. JLn ACT to continue in force " An ail concetningcertain 'fisheries of the United States-- , and for the regulation and govern ment oj tbe jisbermen emjuoyed teerein, poses as therein mentioned". and or other pur Sec t WK" lt enac 4? tbc Sinate and House of Representa- -' tives of the Unitetl States of America in Congress assembled, That the act intituled u An act! concerning certain fiflieries of the United States, and for thJ regulation and government of the'fifliermen employed theron," hall be in force and is hereby continued foV tbe teVin "tof fen years, 'from the -- O

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