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Image 1 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), April 11, 1946

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

It's Circulation That Tclb? It's Circulation Sells; Advertise In The Eagle JH muut&in WHITESBURG, LETCHER COUNTY, KENTUCKY, THURSDAY EVENING, APRIL 11, 1946. .VOLUME NO. 39. Barkley Opens Up Snapp May Announce Boone Motor Co. Prepares For In Congress Race Jenkins, Ky., April 10 post War Business Dr. Hawk, China Missionary for 40 Years, Dies Letcher Girls Win 100 Points In Athletic Activities Debate on Housing Bill In U. S. Senate NUMBER 40. Aunt Mary Combs Dies In Hazard Plans Complete For Hazard, Ky., April 7. Aunt .Mary Combs, widow of the, i Blacktopping of Blackey Road , T,.-lhere considerable specula : . mL. vvoDr, Knn rris rannnfc xvyAdThe Boone Motor Company, Washington, April 9 Marion, Va-- , April 6 v mv- ,C V 1ato n V. "nrl John C Hawk, 58, who had In regad to the black' r TCpntuotv one of Whitesburg's oldest ministration battle to retain men's Athletic Association of u roii.v made preparations to return e,ucto may soon announce c. oDiie businesses recent- what President Truman calls M, rar o nllarro ninnnnnnn of the Blackey Road this month to Chma, where he as a Repubiican candidate for ly increased its personnel from the heart of the housing bill that three girls from Letcher at her home on h ita which has been discussed knn ucui nl il tt h iiT r J spent 40 years as a Methodist ' c j heretofore, c to six employees some uaa Unnvi tiaiixciiCLl IU UIc f irmibjr nave nun li tinrJ fn. hill at 8:00 P. M. yesterday. Judge uauiicu iui Arthur the SeVenth membership by earning 100 and who was seiz- -, tri.t6 Tt , knnwn that he w of the late members of the Senate proper. uixon received the following Mrs. Combs was widely -, ed by the Japanese at the out- urged to make the race four . .ce naving returned from The two controversial pro- - p ints or more in athletic ac- known letter fom in this section of Ken Highways the Department of .vi;& and defense plants-Th- visions call for ceiling prices tivities. break of the war and repatri- years ago and two years ago, this week: ated to the United States in but refused to leave his post as personnel at present con- on existing homes and a 600 Miss Ruth Haynes, the dau- - tucky, and aided her husband Frankfort, Ky., December of 1943, died yester- school superintendent during sists of: S. A. Collins, General million dollar subsidy to spur ghter of Mr. and Mrs. Char- "T April 8, 1946. day in tne local l,ee Memorial the critical years of the war. Manager; Wesley Riley, Parts production of scarce building lie Haynes of Sergent, has Hotel. After operating the original The Hon. Hospital, after a brief illness. Through his frequent appear- Man and Shop Foreman; Mar- materials. e rned 500 points, and she is Arthur Dixon They were cut out of the bill also president of the associa- hotel for many years, D. Y. County Judge Letcher County Dr. Hawk, a native of Hol- ances as speaker for Parent-Teach- tin Profit, Chief Mechanic; built a five story brick hotel Whitesburg, Kentucky ston Institute in Sullivan Associations, the Am- Charles Reninger, Mechanic; by a Republican - southern tion. She has qualified for the in 1921 which was destroyed County, Tenn., returned to this erican Legion, meetings of . rlie Collins, Mechanic; Jack Democrat coalition in the small "P" emblem. by fire. country with his wile and a farmers. Re: Letcher County Kiwanis, Rotary, KirkpatrickJ Body Man; and ' house, but later they were put Misses Keva Adams and exdaughter on the diplomatic Road Lester Banks, Bookkeeper. back by the Senate Bankmg Mary Rebecca Adams, both of Funeral services were held commencement programs, an change ship Gripsholm. He teachers' conferences he has The local company also has Committee. Mayking, have 100 points at the First Baptist Church at Dear Judge Dixon: 2:00 P. M. Sunday with burial came to Marion last December visited most of the district and a branch office at Jenkins and Now Senate Majority Lead-- I each. in the to make his home with his made hosts of friends. Those the force there consists of In response to your teleer Alben W. Barkley has openThe W. A. A. plans on hav- Baker Combs cemetery on Hill. and daughter, Rev. who know Snapp best realize Eugene Daniels, Manager, and ed debate in the Upper House ing Softball, tennis, badminton, phone inquiry of this date, and Mrs. Olin Troy. Surviving are one son, Estill, please be advised that the that his aggressiveness, his W:lliam Casteel, Mechanic. by appealing for passage of v lleyball, and various other Hazard, a daughter, Mrs. Delia blacktopping of the subject The Boone Motor Company the housing bill with the sports and activities this throughout experience in leadership, hi Widely known Cody, Lexington; a brother, road via Blackey is scheduled deals in Chevrolet Cars and measures included. spring, as well as several parthe Holston Conierence of the ability to stand before people Trucks in Letcher County. interest them m what he The appeal came as two lum- ties. Last fall the members Bill Brashear, of Kodak and for early construction and d Methodist Church from plans are now complete. ber . industry groups charged painted and outfitted a play- several grand children. ory and Henry College; served proposes to do, and his sincer-a- s It is expected that this proof purpose will make him Scout Meeting To Be the administration with using room in the basement of the pastor of the Anderson ity Street Methodist Church of a strong contender for the of- - Held Friday Evening the emergency housing pro- girls' dormitory under the di- Eugene Phillips Given ject can be included in our next construction letting; ad- gram as a political football. rection of Miss Marie Cuthrie, Life Sentence On Bristol in 1902, and then en- - fice of Representative should i April vertisement for bids should be director of women's physical University he enter the race. M. tered Vanderbilt 12, 7:00 P. made SUNDAY SCHOOL DAY education. at iashville, where he receivHabitual Criminal Act weeks. within the next two On Friday evening, April SET FOR MAY 5TH ed his D. D. degree. New Home & Auto M. (CST), a 12th, at 7:00 P. Eugene Phillips, a young Very truly yours, Surviving are his widow, From the headquarters of-- ! the interest of Boy man around of age Appliance Business meeting isinplanned to be held ice in Louisville, the Kentucky! Cut In Steeli Produo was sentenced25toyears impris- . the former Jean Buchanan 'of H. St. G. T. Carmichael, Jr. i Scouts life Dy Glade Springs, Va.; two daugh At Whittaker 1st Asst. Chief Highway onment by Judge R. Monroe' and all citizens of Letcher Sunday School Association an- - tlon caused New te., Mrs. J. K. baunders, Troy, The Collins Home & Auto County who are interested in nounces that Sunday, May 5,'C0al Strike Engineer. Fields after he was found' York City, and Mrs. Olin the Scout work are urged to la4b, will be observed as bU- - The strike of 400,000 AFL- of store house breaking' opDAY one son, Dr. John C. Appliance Store recently Marion; ened for business at Whittaker, attend.- The meeting will be inKentucky. Inaugurated 32 United Mine Workers in 25 by a jury this week. The young School Buildings in Hawk, Jr., Charlottesville, Va.; Ky. , had been convicted and , the management of held in the basement of the coal producing states prtl . three brothers, A. N. Hawk of Mr. under Mrs. Curtis Collins. Presbyterian Church dinner years ago, by the late Dr. Geo. soft withmit. fanfarp intnmov- naa spent iwo terms previous- and its A. K.itsport, clerk of Sullivan Both n young will be served, sponsored by this Joplin, the observance of second week today as low coal lv to this charge which accord- - Mr. Thurman, Building Sup-an- d day has become a part of County Circuit Court, French peopleare Letcher County, Mr. the local civic clubs. coke stockpiles brought inS to Judge Fields definitely ervisor for the State Depart-deep- er Hawk, Whitesburg, Ky., and Collins of The main purpose of the the regular program of the the class of habit- - ment of Education, was here only recently having cuts in steel produc- - Puts hp1 Dr. Carlock H. Hawk, Meth- been discharged from service meeting is to organize the Kentucky Sunday School As- tion. from Frankfort, Ky., on Fri- ,uai criminals. sociation. Its purpose is to odist minister of Florida, and after several years in the County into a separate Boy focus attention 6n the Sunday!. me Pfevanea mrougnom tRecently Phillips and two - sisters, Mrs. N. K. Doan, Army Mrs. Collins has been Scout District so as to secure coal fields and represent - ntw nriRnTlprs Pari(Vq fr.nm pamed by Miss Potter, County Kingsport, and Mrs. W. a field executive to live here Rnhnni orrmfanefeiTi ite Henry Elbert s teacher in The Neon School and give his full time and ef- nortance in the development" atives of the operators and the the countv iail but were frPe Mrs. "u" ,WCiC ."""""s 48 hours Phillips be Deal, Building Supervisor for of Holston Insti- for years. Prior to entering forts to the promotion of of Christian character, and to for only Barnes, both the service Mr. Collins was encourage the Sunday schools tion of contract negotiations ing caught at his home and the County, spent the day tute, Tenn. as sales- Scouting. also a teacher as well the other two returned volun looking over the proposed of the state to participate in in Washington. Funeral services were held man for the former Whitesbuilding sites for the Whitestarily. this united effort to increase afterCombs-Di- x at 3:UU o'clock Sunday burg Gymnasium and the burg Wholesale Company. Mrs. Lettie Niece noon at the First Methodist Mr. and Mrs. Lenville Combs attendance and enrollment. Hemphill, and JULY 1 IilKELY TO BRING The new business is located of Raineyville and formerly Mrs. Lettie Niece, age 95, Church of Marion. j Cowan school buildings and in the store building formerly of Whitesburg, announce the Two Neon Youths passed away at the home of PEAK IN PRODUCTION other places where occupied by the late John D. marriage of their daughter, her daughter, Mrs- Sarah New York, April 3 Despite buildings are needed, school County to Benefit Collins, father of Curtis. Combs of Whitco, Tuesday af- interruptions by major Miss Mint Combs, to Chief Held for Attacking Plans, specifications strikes, and Many valuable and useful Warrant officer John G. Dix, By Money Spent On ago Grand Jury Foreman DUC XC11 CU1U couple weeks 11U3 production of consumer goods blue prints for these build-i- s items are to be found in this Newark, Ohio, now stationed XIOULUICU IWU expected to reach a post- - ings have been prepared Rural Repair Jobs store. and from that time she was war peak by the end of June the buildings will be and at Fort Knox, Ky., which was This week two Neon Youths iconfined to her bed Expenditures totaling more solemnized at Elizabethtown new labor disputes structed as soon as materials than $705,000 will be made in Mountain Folk on Sunday, March 31st. The are uexug iieiu in me .wniiegin life she burg jail under indictment for Early county as came to iorce widespread shutdowns, a are available. few years by home the next bride was attired in a light tne bride oi; survey by the National Con- - Under the Civil Production ietcner Berea owners on farms and in small' restivai blue dress, with navy access- attacking the foreman of the tne late Unas JNiece, and she. ference of Business Paper Administration order, these Letcher County Grand Jury, of Letcher Coun- - a Dril 12-1- 3 communities ories and her corsage was an Mr. buildings cannot be constructWillard Sergent. The in thisthe remainder of her life i0rs indicated today, ty to improve present electric orchid- the cere- young men being held are County where she made Representing 132 Dublica- - ed at this time due to the fact Berea, Ky., April 7 The mony the Following groom service and home plumbing. bride and left Lloyd Strunk and Hobert And a host of friends as she was tions, the conference's survey that they each exceed the 11th annual Mountain Folk for a honeymoon in ad- These outlays will mean expenditure of will be held at Berea City and will alsoNew York erson both of Neon. .The two truly a friend of all whom she disclosed that strikes notably maximum festival met and was at all visit m young men ditional income to practically College April retarded $1000 which is designated as Frank H. Milwaukee, Mis. were said to have to aid and assist times ready the steel shutdown anyone in consumer goods output from "Small Job Expenditures orevery iocai uusmebi. emu wm Smith, Berea, chairman of the The bride is a graduate of been mvolved m the destroy- need. 30 days to as much as eight der. wiring, pwiVal Vms announced. finance additional ing of another's rpoperty in bathroom improvements and Approximately 230 dancers, Whitesburg High School and Neon and according to report She is survived by six sons: months. Although the County Board new electrical equipment for representing 18 schools and has bee nemployed recently as were under indictment for this Jim Niece of Cleveland, Ohio; Editors discounted the slow- - of Education already has on the county's 2,878 farm and colleges in Kentucky, Tennes- typist at the Armored School charge. At present they are Bill Niece, Washington C. H. down in steel production caus- - hand the brick, flooririe and rural homes already served see, Georgia and North Caro- at Fort Knox. under indictment for banding Ohio; Harrison Niece, Gore, ed by the coal mine strike by roofing necessary for the with electricity, according to lina will be here for the festiit a temporary situa--' struction of certain of these and confederating and are Va.; John Wesley, Bob Niece, Captain Kenton Whitesburg, Ky., and Bud tion. a study released by the Tile val. Recreational leaders arid Mrs. Fairchild Fairchild held on $5,000 peace bonds. j buildings and have advertised will leave Council of America. Descibed as still holding up for bids for their construction, from several other states will Mr. Sergent is a resident of Niece of Rockhouse; Three this week for Louisville, where Democrat, Ky. The latest re- daughters: Sarah Combs, Mar production were: Labor strife not a single bid has been filed Introduction of running wa- attend. The purpose of the festival they will live. He has accept- port states that he is suffering garet Day and Mary Niece, all in scores of small plants mak at this time, due, it is said to ter, installation of tiled bathed his position as accountant oi Whitesburg; and many mg component parts necessary the fact that the other neces rooms and replacement of out- is to encourage the preserva- for Burroughs Adding Mach- from an injured ear drum as grandchildren. , for assembly of finished prod- - sary materials are unavailable. tion and recreational use of a result of injuries received in fixtures moded plumbing ine Company, which he had Services will be held at the'uets; a lack of flexible price However, just as soon as the of most wanted the songs, games, dances and before he went into the ser- the attack. He was taken to head the list the Fleming Hospital for home Wednesday evening by ceilings which is causing some C.P-A- . order is rescinded or farm home features, D. P. other folk traditions of the vice. treatment but was able to re- Elders Kirby Ison; Kernel Sex- - consumer products to disap-to- n modified, and the materials Forst, chairman of the Coun- Southern Appalachians. and Dewey Sexton and pear fom the market. are available, construction of cil's residential construction Mr. and Mrs. Morris Hogg sume his duties after a short Thursday afternoon at the Other factors named as the buildings will begin imtime. Urias Prichard Committee, revealed. One in and daughter will move before funeral services will be tarding output were: mediately. five families throughout the Urias (Red) Prichard died May first to Pikeville where held by Elders: Bob Sexton, 1. Untrained employees. Miss Martha Jane Potter, nation plan bathroom improve- at the Veterans Hospital at he is employed in an Insurance Elkins Cleared on Tommy Collier, Dewey, Ker- - 2- - Reluctance of workers to County Superintendent, the ments, he said. Oteen. N. C. March 28. He Company office. nel and Bob Sexton and Kirby take jobs available in certain High School teachers, Helping Slaying Charge Additional wiring is needed was taken to the Hospital Ison. Burial to follow in the manufacturing fields. Teachers and numerous others v in practically every farm about a month before his Miss Anita Codispoti and Sandlick Cemetery by Evans' 3. A form of slowdown on of the school personnel left The trial of Hibbert Elkins, Funeral Home. accord- - death. Red, as he was known Miss Christine John were vishome with electricity, j the part of some employees Wednesday morning for Louine to the study. A huge mar- - to his friends was inducted itors in Lexington during the Jenkins Policeman, for the j who were slow in getting back isville where they will at- into the Armed Services in K. E. A. holiday. slaying of Turner Mullins, ket likewise exists for milkMrs. T. C. Adams had into full ing machines, quick freezing November, 1942 and was resulted in an acquittal as three sons and families her dispute. swing after a Jabor tend the Annual session of s, to- the Kentucky Educational As electric motors, baby orably discharged in June, Mr. and Mrs. Rolan Price rendered by the Jury last Sat- gether after more than two sociation, which approximatechick brooders and other 1943 due to the illness which and children visited his par- urday evening. years, while they had been in PARKS & PARINASH LEASE ly 5000 teachers and school equipment. ents at Adairville during last caused his death. service. On last Sunday she NEW FILLING STATION people are expected to atExpenditures in the county He is survived by his wife, week. Local Option Election and Mr. Adams had as dinner Mr. O. O. Parks and Mr. tend. are part of a $41,804,000 pro- - Mildred, two sons, Joe C. and guests, Mr. and Mrs. Emmett The High School will be gram to be undertaken by Sammy and one daughter Mr. and Mrs. Astor Hogg Set For June 15th Fields and son, Emmett Burke. F. L. Farinash, both of Jenkins closed the remainder of the Kentucky farm and rural Mary Eva and. an a ?ed mother, and daughter, Janelle, Harlan, have leased the new filling The local option election Lieut. Commander Archie home owners in the next five Mrs. Jo Ann Prichard. were week end visitors in which has been the subject of Reed Fields, Mrs. Fields and station recently built by Joe week but class work will be resumed on Monday of next years, the study revealed. An Funeral services were held Whitesburg and Roxana. much discussion here recent- - children, and Mr. and Mrs. I. Day, local business man. week. on at hte Home Saturday, 2:00 estimated $2,294,900,000 ly has been approved and the Orell Fields and sons- The new station will be similar improvements to pre- - P. M., bv Rev. Edear A. Cal-seDr. and Mrs. Preston E. date set for Saturday, June known as the P & F Service Mr. and Mrs. D. Boyd and electric service will be loway and burial in the Sand-spe- Sloan returned on Saturday 15th. A petition filed by the Bradley Goodwin and CecD in the nation during lick Cemetery bv Members of after several weeks vacation "wets" was signed and filed Webb were visitors in Louis- - Station dealing in Pure Oil Mrs. Henry Sewell, Leather-woo- d, Products also tires and were guests of friends that time. in Florida. the Evans Funeral Home. several days ago. ville last week end. in Whitesburg on Friday. jrus-eviuc- ca - , op-pi- ng I ry. 4 -- e er ! -Is- om-Cornettsville j son-in-la- Em-(an- wtjr well-know- iV d Pfr"lentand nT Neon-Flemin- g, - I ite? . ! con-unle- ss at Edi-spe- nt 12-1- 3, i re-hom- e : hon-unit- nt nt con-calli- ng

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