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Page 44 of B.O. Gaines history of Scott County / B.O. Gaines. (vol. 1)

T7lC 1. (). (,ain'Cs I9Kiflh''. I _/ Company M, Second Regiment, K. V. 1. OFFICERS AND RANK. Captain, George Green, Kenton county; Second Lieuten- ant, Oscar L Wells, Georgetown; First Sergeant, Wnm P Mont- gomery, Indiana; Second Sergeant, Allen W. Travel, Franklinl county; MINusician, Wm C James. Franklin county; Musician, John G Barlow, Georgetown. A CO.NMMENDABLE BOY. HOPKINS MOORE. The above it a likeness of Mr. Hopkins Moore, who owned and was conducting a printing establishment in Georgetown that cost him between 3,000 and 4,000. but for the love of his country and a duty to himself lhe closed the doors of his estab- lishment and enlisted in Company M as a soldier, a thing that few men, if one at all, but himself would have done. (oiim- pany M did not get farther than Chickamauga, and while in Camp Mr. Moore was taken violently ill, refused a discharge, but was brought home an invalid on a furlough. He recov- ered slowly, and Peace was declared before he got well. He sold his establishment to B. 0. Gaines, and resunmed farming near Great Crossings. In 1902 he married Miss Mary Smith, daughter of the late John D. Smith. THE HIGH PRIVATES. Joseph E Anderson, Scott county; Geo L Athey, 6 Floyd county; 'Bennett -D Atkins-, Scott - county; William T Barlow, Georgetown; John F Bartlow, Mason county; George N Beckham, Mason county; Oscar C Brown. Clark county; Isaac D Best. Millers- burg; Charles E Bryan, Bourbon county; Thomas V 49 Cassady, Sangamore county, Ill; William J Cheno- PRIVATEs with, Baltimore, Md; Alma J Childers, Scott coun- ty; Frank W Childers, Grant county; Risk Chown- ing, Scott county; Henry E Clark, Corinth; Robert H Craig, Franklin county; Mike J (Crowe, Fayette county, Jas Dailey. Claysville, John H Elliott Jr. Scott county; Walter Eperson. Corinth; Gordon T Gayle, Georgetown: William Goddard, Woodford county; Elind H Hammond, Scott county; Williallm Harp, Scott county; Cloud Houp. Woodford county; Calvin Houp. Woodford county; Jesse W. Herrin, Nicholas county; Jesse T Johnson, Scott county; Scott P Jones, Scott county;-, Ralph W James, Franklin county; Harvey D Randall, Scott county; Thomas Linville, Robertson coMnty; Jim Loganj, Georgetown; Arthur Long, Fayette county; John C Lynn, Scott county; Thomas R Markham, Franklin county; Julian A 1lcClintock, Millersburg; James 'McLain, Grant countS.I Ethelbert P Moore. Georgetown; Hopkins Moore, Scott coun- 'ty; Haley E Montague, Scott county; Hulbeirt Morrison, Ha w- ilton, 0; John M-ass, Scott county; Parker Osborne,'Newtowmi; Ross E Osborne, Carroll countY; John S Pangburiu, Brownv county, 0; Jasper N Railey, Corinth; Orla W Robinson, Grant county; William W Rogers, Scott county; Eugene Runyon. Georgetown; George W Sidener, Georgetown; Charles B Sin- clair, Georgetown; Robert H Smith. Calloway countv; Franiik W Smith, Scott county; Emanuel G Spencer, Lee county; Jis W Stancell, Fayette county; John A Thomas,, Georgetown; Burl Tucker, Scott county; Charles A Vanberg, Covingto; Fred Wacis, Covington; David Whisman.Elliott ounty; I hos C Whitson, Scott county; George Williarns Mason county; Robert M Wood, Scott county; James Woodruff, Scott county; WalterS Woollen, Boone county; James G Yadon. -Compensation, Tenn; John E Yutte, Hamilton, 0; Jame'wS Donnelly, Kenton County; Charles H Thompson, Fayette couaty; John N Welsh, r'ayette county. ll - - i I I I

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