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Image 1 of Bourbon News, January 7, 1910

Part of Bourbon News

r < and ft tr mr j tI 0 1 4 C t o t f < i 0 10 t t J < i r J it t f 5r fJ ire 9 f r THE BOURBON I i CiVoI PUBLISHED EVERY TUESDAY AND H VOLTJSIE XXX z 0 J J of Maysville was named Wednesday night by Governor to fill the vacancy on the Boards of Control of Charitable Intsi tutions Mr Wall is a prominent ata life long Demo ¬ torneY t crat former Cohfederate soldier Garrett S Wall The equalization of a number of the school children in each subdistrict in the was determined upon at a i meeting of the County School Board Wednesday An investigation of the number of school children schools had i an overflow of pupils while others equally accessible to the same terri tory were able to accommodate from ten to twenty additional pupils This condition of affairs is particularly ap ¬ plicable to the colored schools and the matter of rearranging each district was placed in the hands of a compe ¬ tent committee The board met in the office of County School Superintendent Miss Mabel Robbins who addressed the board in the interest of a more equitable adjustment of the boundary lines and pointed out the advantages of both teacher and pupil to be gained by such a policy Miss Robbins gave in detail the sub districts where improved conditions were needed The following commit- ¬ tees are appointed Jackstown and Letton SchoolsRH Burris and J T Purdy Deaver and Cane RidgeR HBurris and Mrs Albert Mitchell J T Purdy and J T Stewart Jacksonville and Pleasant GreenD C Lisle and H C Clifford Stony Point and Redmon J N Mason and J W Tanner Dud leyJ F Ingels and Joe Jacoby Gle town and Huddles Mills J B Tu ey and C A Harney Millers burg and Shippville J T Purdy end J H Stewart Emsonville and Houston F Ingles and Joe JacobyA motion postponing action in refer ¬ ence to a deficiency in school fund till the next meeting was adopted After making appropriations to pay claims 32407 the board adjourned j I < rf < J i y i Avill 4 1t 11 rich and JD t iI > like the J Coffee f t a coffee pf Improved flavor slow ked long seasoning It aud drycured a I i s the bitterprinciple is extracted but the real tang will set the A on our feet and make the days work easier Sealed in while still hot to preserve the natural flavor r e 7 tf J I lloward ogau I 00 < J I < o 4rL > 1I < Para J ti Sole Agents I < < IDL I o 4 f p y v 1 1 7 izt < < r o K i iEE c > f I Be sure andrea thej oid new thai will appeiun in 5r this space iri the next issue H 1 The g Oy 1 PRICE1 I J d lli CiIiT i irf wfii Gb Bi Bargains vf of Silks Dress Odd Lots Odd Pieces and Remnants r- l o if Y QJ 5L f > s ti I rF >rt l rllr t f k 414 y rt i k s t j Q ks Z Napkins Towels a > r <4 yrra4 r Dr R lri its Ay 4 4 Coais 4r i l tp 7 = w All r > f ror I oa 4 A I G h V Sale is for Cash Don Miss It 0 7 1 sQ < F r x x Are Invited > d 1 f4 i J THE LADIES STORE I r 7c > y iimi C 1 7i < L L G 0 c t f Linens = jt 3nl 1i J n C- c t r s s < 4 t Hamburgs in i1 Q DeDartment I Dont Porget the Last Bis Cut P ice Skit ttCI ti zt I r this t I FRANKS CO = I Y White Goods I > s J Special Sak of IttusJin ftndwwear- I ts r d January 7 I have the best Shu bet att- edTherefore I plead wih every one who in the success of the is Grand and want to see good attractions here to go to Obeidorfers drug store their this morning and have is one seats reserved The of thee best carrying a car load of scenery and as every thing used in being the production I am told the people of Paris will pat- ¬ O I can gets them I f ronize good will know Friday nijjrht whether they will or not Respectfully Il S >R Mgr PORTER The i i and L 1 Wednesday Jan 1 2th Liee Curtains and Spreads i t SALE Goods Linens Wash Goods Laces I J rn f 1 This Blue Mouse company is under a daily expense of oer 350 as are also most of class attractions and it will be bvious to every one that unless the gross re eeipts are enough to enable them to come here without a Joss they are not going to come I have received a D letter from Mr Deer the general of thViSijiiberfs tell r tgwHether T me itqixfo 1o lie l5e ut6r Set the 1 If th dplhe right kind pf buisinessJ in titter will they HcId 1 Parr Will bee scratched¬ off the map as 2aas they are concern 1 White Goods Linens Muslin Underwear Begins To the TheaterGoing Public Having again assumed the management of the Paris Grand Opera House it will be my ambition to preset a class of attractions secondto none of any town of the size of Paris in the country But to do this I must have the cooperation of the people It will impossibility for myhe an self or any one else to secure the high class attractions unless they are liber raction Ii > 1 Special Sale of u 1 < AND i ed what is sr i GIififl CLEARANCE r ally patronizedOn next Friday r CF1 i TbS Jt hill r rf l Ito < 4 nl 1 v ii1it 1 r fot I f tfJ n Jfif f < > i tJ fr + iftt > f v < ii ffiJJ f J 1 I 1 1 i h Cushion S0I g1iQ J tj i xrt rf tt iJ < L ± s I Jr IP < i J- t 5 I i q < ¬ j 1tf > EM M > > I ti > id 0 U TrI T T E R S T Q Cost of Liying Increasing Farmers are now reaping ctfe largest r0 Our Patrons U f aCSMti Mitchell B1aomoraiJv < V 1 r Nt1i 4 of Paris v I > cLt- Hr t ii dY f a i Itf J d 1 1 I 1 R AC I r > t rij iI 1 I i < > sy < c Jo J < J- I The ClothIng Rouse i cI 1 I 1 j J M 1f 1 t c i I 7 c j1 1 f < t f t wo1j b iI 1i t < > I Yt 1 EE 0 + FI OTMBEE Ee L Yis Some FOR RENT FOR SALE f < 1 harvest ever known in this section rodu c from the sage of lIDtr while consumers in the city who have i Five room apartment oh the second everything to buy are Complaining at 11 floor of the Steam he in the water and janitor service AppJyto Butter is scarce and high while eggs R J NEELY tf are 30 to 35 cents per dozen Dressed fowls are high chickens 18 to 20 cgnts per pound and turkeys at 25 cents per FOR RENT f pound In fact town people are try ¬ Horsey j r J STORE ROOM fresh arid ing to figure out how they can live ir WRPI Y J3 0C YARDS f t without eating > Pans Iy 2tItI r i On corner of Main and Second Clean Your Sidewalks streets opposite Windsor lintel Ap ¬ Mayor J T IJinton requests the ply to R P DOW STOCKHOLDERS M F FT IN ft 28 tf citizens to clean the snow from the 5 sidewalks in front of their business houses residences sass he wilt ADMINISTRATRIXS NOTICE promise andhave the crossings and gut- ¬ to the city ters kept in good condition hands If everybody will heed this ere will be a meeting of the stock As administratrix of the late L 3 request of Mayor the pedes- ¬ ITholMrs of the Pails Electric Light M Bedford request that all accounts trians will have no trouble in getting held at its office on Main- of Mr Bedford be presented to me through the snow Saturday properly proven according to law for S street at 3 O J O C Um palmary 8 1910 for the annual elec settlement Stricken With Paralysis of officers HEDGES Col John W Powling editor of the NE GEO ALE President Administratrix M fStf Nicholas Advocate and one of the best known men in that section of the State was suddenly stricken with paralysis while standing the Council meeting at Carlisle Friday His whole right side is affected and his condition t is serious suffered a Last year Judge stroke which affected his left side but l from which he had apparently recover ¬ J d I 71910 I night time began to fall and if the beautiful Direct from one solid year at the there has been any letups in its fall- ¬ Lyric Theatre New York With the ing since it has been when we were game splendid company and production asleep Thursday morning the ground was covered by six to ten inches of the white drapery Last evening before Prices 5150 1GQ 75c 50c 25c going to press the snow was from 16 to 29 Inches deep and huge drifts of several feet in many places Several of the rural route boys were compel ed to return to town before covering their entire route and there is no tell ¬ ing how deep it will be this morning SHOE by the way it locks outside at this writing It is the deepest snow for and county Simons Department Store years in this citywill no doubt and unprotected stock suffer Sole jfgrents for O iiJIIitI or Snow Snow Snow BY CLYDE FITCH I flr ¬ BLUE MOUSE thingsor prefer just Electa 7 t taSteswhether Amusement World THE plain wholesome We have the goods to please you all men who selected with utmost care kuov We warrant the freshness and quality of everything we sell And the I are ways If you want a treat for breakfast try our t 1 I > Tell mewhat you eat and Ill tell you philosopher are He might with equal you buy and Ill tell me you what Ou buy here widest foods of finest What in equality i r SAMS AND LEE SHUBERT Inc Offer the Sensation of the Entire what r 7 JAN I Announcement Extraordinary Co Finest Food Products In Widest Variety f t PARIS GRAND e ttt Paris Milling 1 1 K Just One Sack of Flour convince you it is the kind you cannot afford to be without hereafter Order one today and youll have better luck with your taking than ever before Those FRIDAY our flour once always regularly afterward We EVENING use it believe you will too Theres a reason y t I Floyd Rankin residing on the farm of A J Skillman on Cane Ridge swore out a warrant before Ccunty At- ¬ torney Qeorge Batterton charging Buford Claypool and George Carter with wilful destruction of property in shooting a number of guineas Their trial was set for today 1 I j Charged With Shooting Guineas LA RIDAY IN THE YEAR J r Meeting of County School Board J NESi PARIS KENTUCKY FRIDAY JANUARY Willspn Names Wall C t n > > i 4 C i C 0 dl 1 d Jti > IJ tI = i J J t Q r t f > J I it i l a- < f

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