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Image 7 of 2004 - Board of Regents Meeting Minutes

Part of Murray State University Board of Regents Meeting Minutes.

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7. State Budget The state budget, as you know, is still out there. There is not a state budget and probably there won’t be any movement before the November elections. However, there might be movement after. Most likely we will go into January and the next legislative session without a state budget. We are still holding our cut that we had last year because we know we are going to have to give it back at some point. SACS Accreditation l I The final vote on the Southem Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) accreditation l will occur in December. SACS will determine whether Murray State has fulfilled all the promises that we made. Drs. Tim Todd, Sandra Jordan and Gary Brockway have been very instrumental in their work with SACS. It has been a very comprehensive effort. Every ten years you are accredited by the Southem Association of College and Schools. This determines whether the University gets federal aid as well as whether it is considered one of the peer institutions. We already have some indications that we will be alright as long as we do what we said we are going to do to make many of the changes. Fundraising We are up 324 percent in fund raising but it is only two months into the year. Most of that is from an Implant Technology gift. This will level out and hopefully continue on a much more consistent pattern of increasing 8 to 10 percent. Universig; Libragg The Library Renaissance Funds for Knowledge effort continues. There are plans and blueprints laid out for the Board to see. We are hoping to raise anywhere from $7 to $10 million at the end of this effort so that we can really make the Library our foundation for infomration and the foundation for our campus. _ Facilities ` - The Recreation and Wellness Center continues to be on schedule and we are i anticipating opening it in December. It is coming along well. It is going to be a ` very important part of student life on our campus. - The Innovation and Commercialization Center (ICC) Incubator has not received a lot of publicity but it is under construction on the northwest side of campus. This incubator is being funded by federal assistance from the Tennessee Valley Authority, Economic Development Administration, as well as from the State New Economy dollars that provided funding for the $3 million facility. This will enable new entrepreneur business opportunities to come into that facility and give them one to three years of start-up activity. The best way to describe it is our own mini-research park to help get these organizations kicked off. - Plans are underway to secure a bid for the Agriculture Equine Classroom Facility. Once we have signed the contract construction should begin within a month or two on the classroom facility, This is Equine Tmst money from the state. This fund is completely separate from any other resources. This will give us locker rooms and equine classrooms for our 100 plus equine students that keep their horses out in our agriculture area. — The Biology Building is open and we have had our Ribbon Cutting. Students are in it, we are learning in it, we are interacting, laboratories are functioning. With regard to residential colleges, President Alexander asked Oliver Muscio, head of the Residential College Association, to comment on the progress of our residential college effort this year. For the new members of the Board, Dr. Muscio gave a brief overview of the Residential

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