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Image 4 of Daily commonwealth (Frankfort, Ky.), January 30, 1861

Part of Daily commonwealth (Frankfort, Ky.)

hi H 6 1 v. V: IT 1' - Incorporated 1819 Charter Perpetual. CASH CAPITAL, - 1,000,000, ABSOLUTE AD UNIMPAIRED. NET SURPLUS OF . 042,800 72, Aud the prestige of 40 years success and enco. UPWARDS expe-r- OF $12,000,000 Of Losses have been paid by the JEtna Insurance Company in the past 4U yoars. loo value ol reliable Insurance will be apparent trom the lollowing LOSSES PAID BY THE ETNA DURING THE PAST FIVE YEARS. 83 Michigan, In Ohio... $1S8,043 81 In Wisc'n, 10(1 , 955 07 Indiana ... 110,839 81 In Kent'v, 204,939 40 Illinois .... 443,327 41 Missouri... 334,518 04 Tennessee, 97,549 21 IowaiMin I'eun.iVa. 101 ,3119 46 31 ,595 82 Kana.tNeb Ark. Mississippi and Alabama 77 Ga., 23,945 09 S52.412 18 19,9-1- Fire and Inland Navigation. at terms consistent with solvency and fair profit. Especial attention given to Insurance of D WELL-IGS and Contents, jot terms of 1 to 5 yean. The solid service long and successfully tried, and the many advantages of the .Etna Insurance Company possesses in its line, Bhould not be overlooked by thoso ready to insure and understanding their Dest interests. During "striniront times" the nocessitv for re liablo insurance becomes an imperative duty the ability of property owners to sustain loss being Risk accepted S inucb lessened. Agencies in all the principal cities and towns throughout the State. Policies issued without by any of the authorized agenu of the ooni-paniitT" .business attondod delity June 20, 1S80. to with dispatch and fi WI.YOATK, Ajrent. Frankfort, Ky. MRS. WINSiL'OW, Aa experienced Nurae and Female Physician, t presents to the attention of mothers her SOOTHING TKKTIII1VU, SYRUP, FOU CHILDREN which greatly facilitates tho proeeps of teething, by softening the guma, reducing nil inflammation will allay ALL TAIN and spasmodic action, and ia t (ture to regulate the Botorle. Depend upon U mothers, it will give rest to yourselves and lienejit and Health to iiour Infant. We have just put up and sold this article for vVer ten years, and com say, in confidence and truth, of it, what wo have never been ablo to say of any other medicine never hat it failed iia instance to efftct a cure, when timely used. 2 ever did we know an instance of dissatisfaction by any one who use it. On the contrary, all are delighted with its operations, and speak in terms of the highest commendation of its magical effect and medicinal virtues. Wo speak in this matter "ichat we do know" alter ten yeera experience an d pledge our reputation for the fulfillment of what we here declare. In almost every instance where the infant ia suffering from pain and exhaustion, relief will be found in fifteen or twenty minutes after the Syrup is administered. Thia valuable preparation is tho prescription of one of the most EXPERIENCED and SKILL- ILL NURSES in New England, and has been sned with A E SUCCESS in THOUSANDS OF CASUS. It not only AT TUB KVKKUIIKKN ftlRSERlEg, nVf Eutof Louuville, Ky. immediately on the Louiiville and Frankfort Ilaitroad. NEATLY printed Catalogue of tho Fruits, Ornamental Trees, Vines, Shrubs, at the above named Nursery, may bo had by application to A. O. IIodoes, Frankfort, Ky. Orders may be addressed to HOBBS & WALKER, Williamson Postofficc, Jcfl'orson county, Ky., or to A. O. HODGES. Frankfort, Oct. 17, 1854. Frankfort, Ky. ic, Home Insurance If KW Company, It Frankfort, Ky. THE Hartford Fire Insurance Company, IlAKlrOHIJ, CONNECTICUT. Capital, Jr er CURE fevousHeadacliie CURE -- ttintv bCItOFfLA AND ScitOFULOUS CoMPLAIXTS, i.nurriONs and Eruptive Diseases, Ulcees, Blotches, Tumors, Salt Rheum, Scald Head, Svpiiilis and Syphilitic Af fections, Mercurial Disease, Dropsy, Neu ralgia on lie Douloureux, Debility, Dys tepsia and Indioestion, Erysifelas, Rose ort Sr. Anthony's Fire, nnd indeed the whole class of complaints arising from IiiruEiTY o? THE LiLOOD. This compound will be found a rrreat pro moter of health, when taken in the spring, to expel the foul humors which fester in the blood at that season of the Year. Bv the time ly expulsion of them many rankling disorders aro nipped in the bud. 'Multitudes can, by tho aid of this remedy, spare themselves from the endurance of foul eruptions, and ulcerous seres, through which the system will strive to lid itself of corruptions, if not assisted to do tnis tnrouga the natural channels ot the body by an alterative medicine. Cleanse out the vitiated blood whenever you find its impurities bursting through the skm m pimples, eruptions, or sores ; cleanse it when you find it is ob structed and sluggish in the veins ; cleanse it whenever it is foul, nnd your feelings will tell you when. Even where, no particular disorder is felt, people enjoy better health, and live longer, for cleansing the blood. Keep the blood healthy, and all is well ; but with this pabulum of life disordered, there can be no Sooner or later something lasting health. must po wrong, and tho great machinery ot' me is disordered or overthrown. Sarsaparilla has, and deserves much, the reputation, of accomplishing these ends. But the 'world has been euregiously deceived bv preparations of it, partly because the dun? alone has not all the virtue that is claimed for it, but more because many preparations, pretending to be concentrated extracts of it, contain but little of the virtue of Sarsaparilla, or any tning cise. During late years the public have been mis led by large bottles, pretending to give a quart of Extract of Sarsaparilla for one dollar. Most ot these have been iiauds upon the sick, for they not only contain little, if any, Sarsaparilla, but often no curative properties whatev er. Hence, bitter and painful disappointment has followed the use of the various extracts of Sarsaparilla which flood the market, until the name itself is justly despised, and has become synonymous with imposition and cheat, bull wo call this compound Sarsaparilla, and intend to supply such a remedy as shall rescue the name from the load of obloquy which rests upon it. And we think we have ground for believing it has virtues which are irresistible bv the ordinary run of the diseases it is intend ed to cure. In order to secure their complete eradication Irom the system, the remedy should be judiciously taken according to directions on the bottle. rr.r.PAitrD uy C. AYE St & CO. j DR. J. LOWELIi, MASS. Price, $1 per Bottle Six Bottloe t for 3. Ayer's Cherry Pectoral, has won for itself such a renown for the cure of every variety of Throat and Lung Complaint, that it is entirely unnecessary for us to recount tho evidence of its virtues, wherever it has been employed. As it has long been in constant use throughout this section, we need not do more than assure the people its quality is kept up to the best it ever has been, and that it may be relied on to do for their rchet all it has ever been found to do. Ayer's Cathartic Pills, lots 2oo i;ewal!L. REWARD. 1 or Kentccky, Commonwealth or Kentucky", ) Exceutivo Department, Executive Department. J mo that nEREA, it has been made l:ii"U'n to WnEREAS it has been mado known to me, that ISAAC II ALL and HEXRY KIXO. who were JAMES AVILLIAMS, who killed and murdered coutined in the Jai of Montgomery county, unone Daniel B. Calvert, on tho 2d day of March, der the charge ot felony, have escaped from said ISoS, in tho county of Caldwell, has fled from jail, and arc now going at lnrc: justice, and is now going at largo Xow, thescfore, 1, 1IERIAH MAGOFFIX, GovNow, thcrcforo, I, B E III AH MAGOFFIX, ernor of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, do hereof the Commonwealth of Kentucky, do hereby offer a reward of One llrxpi:nn Dollars each, by offer a reward of Two II i ndeed and Futy Dofor the apprehension of the said Isaac Hall and llars for the apprehension of said Williams, and Henry King, and their delivery to tho Jailer of his delivery to the Jailer of Caldwoll county, witli-iMontgomery comity, within one year from the one year from the date hereof. date hereof : . IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I V TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I r havo hereunto set my band, and caused f havo hereunto set my band and caused I L. S. tho seal of tho Commonwealth to bo af- L. S. , the seal of the Commonwealth to be af-- J flxod. Done at Frankfort, this 15th day fixed. Done at Frankfort, this 15lh day of November, A. D. 1861), and in tbo ' . of November, A. D. 1SCU, and in tho 69th year of the Commonwealth. COth year of tho Commonwealth. By tho Govornor: 15. MAGOFFIX. By the Governor: Tuos. E. Moneoe, Jr., Socretary of State. l. MAGOFFIX. , Tuos. R. Jr., Secretary of Stato. By Jas. V. Tate, Assistant Secretary. liy J.n. Iate, Assistant Secretary. novlO witw3m. DESCRIPTION. James Williams is about 6 feet in height ; weigh about 150 pounds; very straight and Proclamation by the Governor. very ; dark, straight hair, and very 250 REWARD. keen, piercing black eyes; general cxpresiioa of countenance bad; rather grim and austore in big COMMONWEALTH OF KENTUCKY, ) manners ; talks very little; rather dissipated in Exceutirt Department. his habits, but V II LI. LAS. it has been represented to mo that years of age. never drinks to excess; about 26 He usually goes well dressed, and I.EROY D. KING, who did, on tho 2Sth day of September last, kill aud murder James Lackey presents a genteel appearance in his manners and address. He is now in Texas, and was heard from in tho county of Madison, has fled from justice Commonwealth Vv : Gov-orn- n -- "j ' Mon-boe- d and is now going nt large: Now, therefore, I, EEUIAII MACOFFIX, Governor of the Commonwenlih of Kentucky, do hereby offer a reward of TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY' DOLLARS for the apprehensiou of said King, and his delivery to tho jailor of Madison county, wiuiu oueyenr irom mo oaie nereor. , . IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF. I ") hove hereunto set my hand and caused L. b. the seal ot the Commonwealth to be J ouixed. Done at Frankfort, this 27th ' . day of Oct., A. D. 1800, and in tbo (iUth year ol tho Commonwealth. Ey the Governor: E. MAGOFFIX. Tuos. E. Monroe, Jb., Secretary of State. By Jas. W. Tate, Assistant Secretary. DESCRIPTION. in Texas only a few weeks ago. novlG 3m. i'rocliimulitm by the Governor. S2S0 REWARD. 1 Commonwealth op KcNTrcKY, Executive Department. J TTnEREAS, It is represented to me that J AS. WILSOX, under an indictment in the Henderson Circuit Court for murder, did, on the night of tho 29th of Xovcinber lart escape f rem tho jail of said county, and is now going at lare ; Now, therefore, I, BERIAU MAGOFFIN, Governor of the aforesaid Commonwealth, do hereby oiler a reward of Two IUndeed and Firxr Dollars for the apprehension of said Wilson, and his delivery to the jailer of Henderson county, within one year from the dato hereof. IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I Leroy D. King, formerly of Xorth Carolina, is ( "I have hereunto set my hand and caused about six leet high, rather thin in flesh, will weigh the seal of the Commonwealth to be al-- (. j L. S. aoout 14J pounus, red complexion, whiskers scat J fixed. Done at Frankfort, thia 12lhdy tering about his face. Ho writes a poor. hand ' of December, A. D. IStU, and in tho will always laugh when talked to ; rather dark, C3th year of the Citnmonwealth. sanuy-coiore- a wi;-w3oct-- U hair. By tho Governor: B. MAOOFFIN. Tuo. B. Monroe, Jr., Secretary of Stato. By Jas. V. Tate, Assistant Secretary. COMMITTED TO , JAIL tue iin inst., as a runaway siavo, a negro man calling himself JAMES MOXROE.-Wh- cn arrested he had in bis possession a pass da ted December 2d, ISoS, in Franklin County, State ot Kentucky, which he claims was given to him by Wm. Sncad, of Danville, Ky., who ho says holds his free papers. He is a dark mulatto or copper coior, aged aooul zts years; live leet two inches high: weighs about one hundred und fifty pounds: stout built; has a full black eve; a small scar on his torebead, and several on his back, which have the appearance of whip marks. He had on. when arrested, a light colored coat and pantaloons, blue cloth cap, and shoes very much worn. The own M J DESCRIPTION. Wilson is about 26 years of age, six feet high ; raw boned; weighs, obont 130 pounds; very dark or black hair, light beard and mu3tacho ; rather palo from long confinement; grey oyoa; had oa black clothes, nnd soft wool hat. decl4-witw3- m. Proclamation bv the Governor. S20O REWARD. COXUONWEALTH OF KeSTCCKT, ) I Executive TleTntrtinfiT. .'. i. uiiiLM,uci.-kuowo to me er ot said negro man is hereby notified to come that WILLIAM ftAPtiTVPl? PATjrje um . .IT ig u forward, prove property, and pay charges, or he kill and murder enn .Tccto P.nvtnn ; Of Rockcastle. hfl9 sinefi flpil ffnm'i.ail. ... 1 will be dealt with according to law. ..vw. JU.H,,, AUU I, now going at largo : 11. K. MILLER, J. F. C. Frankfort Aug. 15, 1800-t- f. Now, therefore, I, EERIAH MAGOFFIN, Governorof the aforesaid Commonwealth, do hereby oiler a reward of Two llrvmrn t . na r- the apprehension of said CAPP3, and his delivery to the jailer of Rockcastle county, within, oaa year from tho dato hereof. j.'. tttttt?i? t? a r ii! -,. ju EXCELSIOR PARAFFIJVE OILS, For II ur nil: it and Lubricating. " lLSllMONY WHEREOF, I . have hereunto set my haud and caused the sea! of the Commonwealth to be d. Done nt Frankfort, tbi 12th FREE FROM OFFENSIVE ODOR. At No . 97 Walnut Street, Cincinnati, 0 the 611th year of tho Commonwealth. Jty the Uovernor: B. MAGOFFIN. Thos. B. Monroe, Jn., Secretary of State By J. W. Tate, Assistant Secietary. (1S7'E warrant cur Oils to bo equal, if not supe-- f f rior, to any in the'market. JT3"Wc invite those in the city and vicinity to ill and examine for themselves. ;2SPorsons ordorine from a distance, satisfac tion guarantied in all cases. We invite a compar ative trial with any manufacturing establishment in America. C. R.IIARKIX, Agent, or A. G. UODCES, Treasurer, Kanawha C. C. M. Oil Manufacturing Co. 7 Walnut St., Cincinnati. Feb. 11, 1S0II. DESCRIPTION. CAPPS is about 17 venra of ra tTV, .U 140 or 150 pounds; light complected ; light hair; very little if any beard; blue eyos; about S feat 10 inches high. He is supposed to have gone tu Xorth Carolina. dec4 witir 3m. Proclamation by the Governor. Commonwealth of Kentucky, Executive Department. COAL AND LUMBER YARD ) J rjHHE undersigned would inform the citizens of Frankfort und tho surrounding country, that no will keep constantly on hand lohegheney, Kentucky River, 1'omeroy and Cannel Coal, which he will sell at the lowest market price, either by tue quantity or cart loan. 11c also keeps all kinds of LUMBER, which JL u PHOENIX FOUNDRY NEW! Unarge!!! BY DRS. HARDY CO. & OFFICE. By the use of thoso Pills the periodic attacks o( MEDICAL AXD SURGICAL Nervout or Sick Headache may bo prevented; and VT0. 31, East Fourth stroet, corner of Svcaif taken at the commencement of an attack, im- the more, where he gives his entire attention to practice of Physio and Surgery; had thirty mediate relief from pain and sicknes9 will be'ob-taineyears experience in Hospitals and private prac tice, and has devoted twenty years to curing cer They seldom fail in removing the Samea and tain PltlTA TE DISEASES, Headache to which females aro so subject. he will will guarantco a euro in their most oom They act gently upon the bowels removing plicated and severe stages. Recent Coitiveneet. cases are cured in A VERY FEW DAYS. For Literary Men, Studente, Delicate Females, Young Men injured in mind or body bv a 6ocrct and all persons of sedentary habits, they aro valu infatuation, should at onco apply. He has cured ablo a9 a Laxative, improving tho appetite, giving many thonsand such persons, aud will restore you tone and vigor to the digestive organs, and res tor to health happiness, friends arid society. AVomen havingderangemcnts peculiar to their ing tho natural elasticity and strength of the sex, are invirca to call tor rohel. whole system. JiT'Skin Diseases carefully treated. Tho PILLS aro the result of long ji;,i2Bo particular as to the uamo and number. 31 East Fourth street, Cincinnati Ohio. investigation and carefully conductod experiments, Persons living at a distance can receive medihaving been in use many years, duringwhieh time cines, by writing a history of their case and sendthey have prevented and relieved a vast amount ing two stamps. Address, of pain and suffering from Hendacho, whether DKS. HARDY & CO. Cincinnati, Ohio. Jan. 27, ly. originating in the nercous system or from a de- i WHOLESALE AUD EETAIL GROCER, AND DEALER IN Hardware, 7'uici, Gla, and Qrecntirare, and Wiilow Ware, Clears and Tobacco. AOENT A FOR Al.T. KINDS fVood as Reapers and Jlowcrs, Horse Powers, Ciders Jlill, ic. I orn also true exclusivo Agent in this county for tho CLIMAX GRAIN1 FAN", which is a new patent just out, and greatly cu peri or in point of workmanship aud in every other particular to any other fun in use. July 9, and customers, bo still continues the Book Binding business, in ,.r all its branches, at his old 3 stand, over Hon. J. Har lan's office Si- - Lfair street, and will give his whole no respectfully management, attention to its solicits a continuance of the patronage heretofore extended to the establishment. fflVT CLERKS will be furnished with RECORD BOOKS ruled to any patron, and of the very best quality ol paper. jsS'BLAXK BOOKS of every description manufactured at short notice, to order, on reasonablo terni8. his friends ic, - v- - . that EL jL. GOODWIN--,.- ' finAK.ES pleasure in informing the public that Jl. ho has returned to Fiankfort, and taken tho of C. A. Clarke, adjoining tho Telcgranh Oflice, and that he would be pleased to wait on those wishing porfect Likenesses of themselvcj or friends. He is confident ho will be able to please the most fastidious in any kind of picture they may desire, from a life-siz- e portrait to tho small est Daguerreotype or Ambrotypo. Also, Daguerreotypes of deceased persons enlarged to the size of Life and Colored in Oil, and satisfaction given. July 2, ISCO-t- f. I am also prepared to make thoso rremB of Pho Frankfort, tography, the Daguerrcotypo, which is truly t durable small picture yet produced. The Ivorytvpc, (made only at this Gallery.! it T! T" f T V n 9. fTTT V acknowledged by all to be tho most beautiful style constantly on band a fine as of Photographic pictures ever presented to tho v. tlht rS? any public. Iu brilliancy of tono and color, delicacy sortment of Carriages kind of Carriage made to order of finish, correctness of likeness, and durability, It and of the best material. Wc is far superior to the best rninaturo on Ivory. .T.ilwO ICCfl anil have purchased the iolo right of COACH FACTORY. EVERETT'S PATENT COUPLING. For the counties of Franklin, Anderson, Lincoln. and Garrard. X. B. AVe would call the attention of parchai- evs to our Spring assortment of Caniages. r All work made by nt warranted lor one year. April z, liOO-t- f. ,OOK AT THIS! L. MOOliE & SON, OF GRICUL TURA L IMPLEMENTS, SUCH Threshers, Daguerreotypes, Ambrotypes, Photo A. C. KEENON'S BOOK BINDERY. graphs, and Ivorytypes. , , A. C. KEEXOX informs v $500,000. 7f Proclamation by the Governor. Proclamation by the In the namt end ly tin aulltirlty of tht Cornmcm- iceaiin o &.cniuci;y: WITEREAS, it has been made known tn ma bv J . B. Anderson, Esq., the Commissioner appointed by mo to count the money in the Decosit Bank of Owensboro, Daviess county, paid in as stock, and to take the oath of the President and Directors of said Bank, that the same has been paid in ai capihe will sell on acconimodc.ting terms. .iiHis Coal and Lumber Yard is on the Ken tal stock 6owa fitle: that bo has counted the same, tucky river, immediately below tbo Railroad aud Five Thousand Dollars of tho Capital Stock, linage, being tue same formerly occupied bv Todd has been paid in by individuals, fcc, as required by the charter, and the President and Diiector, JOll.N C. BATES Crittenden. made oath that tho same was paid in bona fdt September 3, lSGO-t- f. capital stock. Great numbers of Clergymen, Physicians, States Know, therefore, that I, EEBIAH MAGOFFIN, men, and eminent personages, have lent their Governor of the Commonwealth aforesaid, by virnames to certify the unparalleled usefulness of these space here will not permit the. tue of the power in me vested by the law charterremedies, but our TENTH ST. BETWEEN MAIN AND CANAL, ing tho Deposit Bank of Owensboro, Daviesa insertion of them. The Agents below named fur OPPOSITE THE ARTESIAN WELL, county, approved March 5th, lStiO, do proclaim nish rratis our American Almanac in which they of the above WM. If. GUAIiVGEIJ, Agent, and declaro the said Bonk is authorized to comare given ; with also full descriptions complaints, and the treatment that should De fTANUFACTURER of Steam Engines and mence operations and do business under the charfor their cure. ter and all laws pertaining to the same. Machinery lor Saw or Grist Mills, Coa Do not be put otF by unprincipled dealers with ITJL Ac, Ac, Cranks, Gudgeons, Rag Irons , . A' TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I Miues, other preparations they make more profit on. saw havo hereunto set my hand and caused. Miues, carriage Segments, Cotton Gin Seg Demand Ayer's. and take no others. The sick L. S. the seal of the Commonwealth to be af-- ) heels, Grato Bars want the best aid there is for them, and they should ments, and Pinions, Car fixed. Done at Frankfort, this 2Cth Mill Spindles, .Mill Dog3 andStirrups alway on have it. ' . day of October, A. D. 1SC0, and iu tho nanci. All our Remedies are G9th vcar of the Commonwealth. Hotehkiss' Reaction Wntrr W7ifii For sale by J. M. MILLS and V7. II. AYERILL, Ey 'the Governor: B. MAGOTFIX. rranKiort, ana Dy all .Druggists. for Grist or Saw Mills. Thos. B. JIonroe, Jr., Sec. of State. n. A. ItOBl.N-iO.- V jt CO. , LoulMille, Ky., A large assortment of Patterns for Mill Gear-gW. Tate, Assistant Socretary. By Jas. &C. April 23, 1860 ly. oct2'J wit-w.3General Agents Castings made at the shortest notice. W. SOMET-IHNAll Diseases Treated Entirely Free of January 17, lS60-t- f. II. GRAINGER, Agmt, Louisville, Ivy. TOR THE OUBE OP Jaundice, Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Costheness, Dysentery, Foul Stomach, Erysipelas, Headache, Piles, Ilheiimatism, Eruptions and Skin Diseases, Licer Complaint, Dropsy, Tetter, Tumors and Salt Ehcvm, Worms, Gout, Neuralgia, as a Dinner nil, and for Purifying the Blood. so that the most sensiThey are sugar-coatetive can take them pleasantly, and they are the best aperient in the world for iill the purposes of a lamily physic. Price 25 cents psr Eox ; Five boxes for $1.00. 'at their ranged state of tho ricirA. They are entiroly vegetable in their composition, 1. ITS CAPITAL IS AMPLE and may be taken at all times with porfect safety 2. ITS RATES ARE REASONABLE without making any chango of diet, and the ab 3. IT PAYS ITS LOSSES PROMPTLY. sence oj any disagreeable taste, renders it easy to ad- H. HUNTINGTON, Fretident. t'.nitter them to children. T. C. ALBTV, Secretary. J. M. .Ml I. L Agent at Frankfort. BEWARE OF COI XTERFEITS. Samuel's New Establishment! July 1, 1860-b- y. The gonnino have five signatures of Heury C. Drksskr, palding on each Box. HENRY SAMUEL, Barbk akd Haiiithe public to inform his friends and Vacant for Sale. Sold by Druggists and other Dealer in Modi- that ho is again established in comfortable and several beautiful vacant Building Lots commodious rooms, and ready to attend to all who TnAVE Call on me at my residence in South cines. may give him a call. His new establishment is in Frankfort. A Box will be sent by .mail prei.aid on receipt THOS. A. THEOBALDS. the building of Col. Hodges, on St. Clair street, July of the PHICE, 25 CENTS. lie solicits publio patronago, and hopes that his All orders should be addressed to oid frionds and eustomors especially, who patronCRANBERRIES ized him before the late fire, will now find their HBtiy c. gPALDl G, barrel fresh Cranberries just received and tray back to his shop. Cedar Sireet. 'ew Yorlr, Jlareh 12, lS9-b- y. ONE sale by GRAY oot6 TODD. novl2 witwly. i fellow-citizen- $i,c 00,0 and J. W. Walker, iWrc A compound remedy, in which vrc have H rjorcct to proauce the most orlectual altcrativ tnat can be made. It is a concentrated extract oi rara fsarsaparilla. so combined with nth substances of stiU greater alterative power a3 to anora an caective antidote lor the diseases Sarsaparilla is reputed to cure. It is believed that such a remedy is wanted by those who suffer from Strumous complaints, and that one which will accomplish their cure must prove oi immenso service to this large class ol our afflicted How completely this compound will do it has been proven by unent on many of the worst cases to be found ot tne lollowing complaints: A' Oct. 12, 1859. CULTIVATED AND FOR SALE BY A QfU'onnnrill 11. VmC uai aayiuiucl vl a A Thk Amalgamation of Lant.i; ior.3. There id n growing tendency in this ago to appropriate tho JANUARY 1, 1SG0. most expressive words of other languages, and after a while to incorporate them into our own; A S S ETS. thus the word Cephalic, which is from the Greek, Cash on hand nnd in signifying "for the head," is now becoming popHank ularized in connection with .Mr. Spalding's great $38,333 11 Cash in hands oi Agents, Headache remedy, but it will soon be used in o more genoral way, and the word Cephalic will beand in course of transcome as common as Electrotype and many others, mission,' 62,690 S.I Cash loaned on call,.. whose distinction as foreign words has been worn 30,000 00 $131,029 00 away by common usage, until they .seem "native Bills receivable for loans, amply seand to tho manor boru.'' cured 70,223 5? Real Estate, unincumbered, (cash 'ardly Realized. value,) 15,000 00 2409 Shares Bank Stock in Hartford, Hi 'ad 'n 'orriblo 'cadacho this haftcrnoon, hand market value 260,352 00 I stepped into the hapothecaries hand says hi to 2200 Shares Bank Stock in Now York, the man, "Can you heaso mo of an 'cadacho ?" market value 200,225 00 " Doos it haclio 'ard," soys 'o. "Exceedingly," 960 Shares Bank Stock in Boston, says hi, hand upon that 'o gave mo a Cephalic 107,565 00 Pill, hand 'pon me 'onor it cured me so uick that 400 Sharos Bank Stock in St. Louis, I 'ardly realized I 'ad 'ad an 'headache. 40,300 00 240 Shares Bank Stock in Railroad GHeailachc is the favorite sign by which na16,750 00 and other Stock, market value, .. turo makes known any deviation whatever from Hartford City Bonds, 6 per cent., 56,500 00 natural state of the brain, and viewed in this light it may be looked on as a safeguard, intended to StatoStocks, (Tennessee, Ohio, Michgive rrotieo of disease whhih might otherwise esigan, Missouri,) 6 per cents, market value, 36,25 00 cape attention till too late to be remedied; and its indications should never be neglected. Headaches 20 Shares State- Bank Wisoonsiu, 2,140 00 may be classified under two names, viz: Symptomarket value, matic and Idiopathic. Symptomatic Headache is $936,709 59 exceedingly common, and is the precursor of a Total assets great variety oi diseases, among which are Apo Total liabilities, 66,930 85 plexv, Gout, Rheumatism, and all febrile diseases Insurance against Loss or Damage by Fire, on In ito nervous form it is sympathetic of disease of Dwellings, Furniture, Stores, Warehouses, Mer- tho stomach constituting sick headache, of hepatic chandise, Mills, Manufactories, and most other disease constituting Otitona headache, oi worms kinds of property, can be effected in this Company constipation nnd other disorders of the bowels, as Diseases of upon as iavorable terms as tho naturo of the risks well as renal and uterino affections. the heart are very frequently attended with Head and security of Policy holders w ill admit. aches : Anaemia ana plethora arc also atlection J. M. MILLS, Agent, which frequently occasion headache. Idiopathic May IS, '60-t- f. Frankfort, Ky. llea'.laeue is also very common, being usually dis tinguished by thenamoof )icrronAcaYacic,8omc FRANKFORT AGENCY times coining on suddenly in astatoof apparently OK TUK sound health and prostrating ut once tho mental STew York Life Insurance Company. and physical energies, and in other instances it a meeting of the Local Directors of the New comis on slowly, heralded by depression of spirit acerbity of temper. In mos instances the ork Life Insurance Company, held in the or the front of the head, over one or both city of Frankfort, Ky., December 4th, 1858, tho pain is in eyes, and provoking vomiting: under lollowing was unumniously adopted; namod Xeuraliu. "The undersigned, President and Directors of this class may also be of ei:her class of Headache tho treatment the Company, bavo examined tho report and ex thei'or Cephalic Pills have been found a sure and safe hibit of tue New York Lite Insurance Company lor remedy, relieving tho most acute pains in a lew the half year ending July 1st, lhib, and being sat and by its subtle power eradicating the isfied wiUi its prosperous condition, cordially vec minutes, 01 wnicu neadacne is the unerring iuax ommend it to tne encouragement and support the community. The New York Life Insurance Company has been Buipckt. Missus want? you to her a box in existence fourteen years, its capital has attained of Cephalic Glue, no, a bottle of Prepared Pills the sum ot but I'm thinking that's not just itnaither; but , 0:0 'e Invested in State stockn, bonds and mortgages on perhaps ye'll be afthcr knowing what it is. see she's nigh dead and gone with the Sick Head real estate. ache, and wants nome more of that same that re We think it a most safe and profitable modo o investing money. Tho profits enuro to the benefit laived her before. Drwjgint. You must mean Spalding's Cophalic ot tho insured, and have averaged not less than I'll is. 30 per cent, per annum on the premium paid. Brld'jtt. CH'h ! sure now and you've sed it Besides these investments in stock, &:., the law of New York requires as additional security, that here's the quarther, and gtv me the Pills, and don t he all day about it, aither. 3HH,UUU shall be deposited with the Mate Loinp troller, to meet any lawful demands which the Company may fail to pnv. Constipation or Costiveuess, He invite attention to the nature, objects, and advantages of Life Insurance, as set forth by this j o one oi ine "manv nis nesn is neir to is po prevalent, so little understood, and so much negInstitution. It will be peen bv the above statement that this lected as Costiveness. Often originating in careCompany is in a flourishing condition. Those de lessness, or sedentary habits; it is regarded as a sirous of information in regard to the subject of slight disorder of too little consequence to excite Lite Insurance, would do well to call on the Local anxiety, while in reality it is the precursor and Agent of the above Company, who will give tbtm companion of many of the most fatal and danger any inturmation that may be desired, or lor reltr-enc- ous diseases, and unless early eradicated it will apply to either member of tho Local Board bring the sufferer to an untimely grave. Among tne liguter evils ot winch costiveness is tho usual all ot whom are insured n this omce. C. S. MOREHEAD, Freldent. attendant are Headache, Colic, Rheumatism, Foul KM D. II. TAYLOR, Breath, Piles and others of like nature, while a TIIO. S. PAGE, long train of frightful diseases such as Malignant CHAS. O. PJJ YTHIAN, Director: Fevers, Abceses, Dysentary, Diarrho?, Apoplexy, R. W. SCOTT, cpuepsy, rara lysis, Hysteria, Hypochondriasis J Melancholy and Insanity, first indicate their presH. I. TODD, ence in the system by this alarming evmptom CLAIMS PAID AT THIS AOKXCV. Not unfrequently the disease named originato in John Lane $5,000 Constipation, hut take on an independent exis Thomas F.Thornton 5,000 tencc unless the cause is eradicated in an early it follow Joseph H. Daviesa 5,000 stage, i rotn all these considerations William ii. Craig 5,000 that the disorder should receive immediate attenJohn C. Herndon 5,000 tion whenever it oecurs, and no person ahould John T. Pendleton 1,500 neglect to get a box of Cephalic Pills on the first appearance ot the complaint, as their timely use $26,500 will expel the insiduous approaches of disease ana destroy this dangerous toe to hnman lite. MEDICAL EXAMINER... W. C. SNEED, M. D II. WIIVUA1L, Agent, A Real lilessin?. July 1, ISCO-- tf. Frankfort Branch Bank Phinician Well, Mrs. Jones, how is that head ache ? Mr$. Jones Gone! Doctor, all gone the pill you sent curea me in just twenty minutes, and 1 IN "V" O li. . O you would send more so that 1 can have them wish OFFICE, No. 4, WALL STREET, handy. Phiinician You CASH CAPITAL. sson.non oo Call lor Cephalic can get them at anv Druggist Pills. I find they never faii, and AMMKTS 1st Jan AI'T OF LI AM' 1' OF Villi.! ! Ill's, 41,110 01 1 recommend them in all enses of Headache. Mr. Jonea I shall send for a box directly, and This Company continues to insure Buildings, Mer shall tell all mv autferinc friends, fur thev are a recu bleasifit. chandise, Ships in port and their cargoes, Household Furniture and Personal Property generally, against Loss or Damage by l ire, on favorable terms. relieves tho child from pain, but in- vigoraies tue stomaen anu Dowels, corrects aciui-ity- , and gives tone and energy to the whole system. It will almost instantly relievo Griping in he Bowels and Wind Colic, and overcome eonvul-ions- , which, if not speedilv remedied, end in death. We believe it tho BEST AND SL" It EST REMEDY the world in ALL cases of DYSENTERY AND DIARHCEA IN CHILDREN, whether it arises trom teething or from any other cause. W would say to every mother w ho has a child sulfur Losses Equitably Adjusted aud Promptly lng trom any of the loregoing complaints do not Paid. let your prejudices, nor the prejudice of others, stand between your suffering child and tho relief that Alttraetof the SEMI-ANUAL STA TEMENTof will be SURE, yes, ABSOLUTELY SURE, to fol the atjaxrt ntiri condition ot the iiO.YllS WSLK low this medicine, if timely used. Full directions ANCE COMPANY, of the City of Sew York, on lor using will accompany each bottle. None gen the Alft day oj JJecember, lbii. uine unless tho fac simile of CURTIS PER ASSETS. KINS, New York, is on the outside wrapper. Cash, Balance in Bank $ 47,000 55 aiT- - Sold by Druggist throughout tho world's Bonds and Mortgages (being first Principal Ojfice, So. 13, Cedar Street, Neia York. lien on Real Estate, worth at least Price Only 25 Centi Per BottW. $891,000,) 460,600 00 ly. June 6, Loans on stocks pay able on demand, (market value of securities, $253,-607- ) 150,859 85 HOWARD ASSOCIATION, Bank Stocks (market value) 77,000 00 Real Estate, No. 4 Wall Street (the PHILADELPHIA. office of the company) A Jlenrrolent Inntitvlion ettabliehedby nperial endow 67,604 72 went, for the relief of the .Slcjfc and Dislretted, Interest due on 1st January, 1868, 93 has Bince (of which $12,025 ufllicted xrith Virulent and Epidemic Diseuset, and been received) especially for the cvre of dineatet of the Sexual 14,375 93 Balance in hands of Agents and in Organ. course of transmission from Ag'ts, FEDICAL ADVICK given gratis, by the Act-- ! on ilst Deo., (of which $7,857 57 ing Surgeon, to all who annlv bv letter with has since been received) 24,684 75 a description of their condition, (age, occupation, habits of life, Ac.,) and in cases of extreme pov- - I'remiums due and uncollected on Policies issued at Office 2,087 53 .iiiiii.Mc.i nee 01 cnarge. VALUABLE REPORTS on Spermatorrhoea, and Total 84,213 34 other diseases of the Sexual Organs, and on the NEW REMEDIES employed in the Dispensary, LIABILITIES. sent to tho afflicted in scaled letter onvclopes, free .of charge. Two or throo Stamps forpostago will be Outstanding losses on 31st Decem ber, 1857, estimated at $39,410 01 acceptable. Address Dr. J. SKILLIN HOUGHTON, Acting Due Stockholders on account of Seventh dividend 1,700 00 Purgeon, Howard Association, No. 2, South Ninth Street, Philadelphia, Pa. Bv order of tho DirectI). HE ART WELL, Prc't. ors. $41,110 01 EZRA Oi-o- . Juno 28 lhtSO-l- y. Fairchii.d, Stc'y. New York, 22d Januarv, 1858. CHAS. J. MARTIN, Pret't. FRUIT AND ORNAMENTAL A. F. WILMARTH, I'.cc Prn't. J. Milton Smith, See'y. TREES, VINES, SHRUBS. &C, Ed. D. Hobbs MISCELLANEOUS. FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY, CHOICE INSURANCE -- HARTFORD Fall and Winter Fires! Guard against arc rctcr.ivisG tiikik LL & WINTER GOODS! September 3, Artesian Well Water. SUPPLY alwavs on hand at SAMUEL'S BARBER SnOP. 1SC0. Manufacturer and Wholesale Dealer IS ALL KINDS FURNITURE NO. 71 WEST OT AND CIIAIBS riFTH STIIEKT, (BETWEEN WALNUT AND VINI STEPET,) CINOI N NA TI, OHIO. 4t5 Keens constant lv rn TianJ n i. aa v j BLOCK Of well made Furniture of all Uinda nt tbe lowr.t prices. All oraers received thrguca tha Tost Ol'-tico will he promptly atteaded to. COLORING. EXTLEMEX enn have their Whiskers. Goatoe Moustacho orlmpcrial colored in thh;.rwJ. stylo cf tho art. bv calling nt Jan. 8., 1SC0. BA2IVEL3 BARBER SHOP.

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