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Image 80 of Catalogue of the University of Kentucky, Volume 9 (1916-1917)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

RESIDENCE AND GRADUATION. 31 · V - ` ~ l · 1 Conditions and Failures. , ’ . E ' ` . A Condition may be removed by passing an examination, either _ '· · _ ' regular or special. A condition not thus removed before the beginning ` · · · wks of the next collegiate year becomes a failure. If a student does not ° » A xm pass the condition examination, the condition becomes a failure. ~ r · A Failure may be removed only by taking the subject again in ‘ ,_ the class. This must be done as soon as the subject recurs in the uni- Om versity schedule; and studies in which a student has failed or is ` I mms deticient take precedence of all others in the arrangement of his · map, course. 3%;: Examinations for Removal of Conditions. “ ` Regular Examinations for the removal of conditions will be held " A 1 the the week preceding the opening of the nrst semester, and six weeks A ;ifica· after the beginning of the second semester. ed for Special Esmminations may be taken at other times agreed upon by ·_ the Registrar and the head of the department concerned. A fee of n . lr all- $1.00 is charged. eriod. A ·ec0rd Dropping of Delinquent Students. F a fw Any student, who, at any time, is found delinquent in one-third of · , his work (estimating the same on the number of credit hours he is · for a carrying), shall be placed upon probation for so much time as may be » necessary for him to remove his delinquencics. Any student, who, at the end of either semester, shall be found delinquent in one-half of his work (estimated upon the same basis as the foregoing), shall be automatically dropped from the rolls of the abml University., Such "dropped" students may not be reinstated except upon permission of the special faculty of the college in which he is a matriculate. In making such application the student shall appear ill person before such faculty. 1 Any student placed upon probation shall be ineligible during that r · Dcriod to represent the institution in any form of public contest or exercise, such as membership of any athletic team, glee club, or of thc drznnatic association would involve, nor may he serve during that to the time as a member of the editorial or managing staff of any college ossiblé llllblication. i 2, mid- A student placed on probation, who shall fail to give such evi- 2 doing dence of improved scholarship as to warrant the belief that he will, by r. y time

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