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Image 386 of Catalogue of the University of Kentucky, Volume 9 (1916-1917)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

ADMISSION AND CLASSIFICATION. 71 ‘ · ·_ ls gwéu 5. The equipment must be sufiicient to properly teach the sub— p I A fer ms jects offered. 6. The enrollment must be limited to thirty pupils for each » teacher. - provided 7. The school sentiment must be normal. ` ` S, The work must be approved as satisfactory. t . now ou A list of accredited schools is prepared by the committee on ac- ` Imay be credited relations of the Association of Kentucky Colleges, which o1·ClasI committee employs all sources of information as to extent and char- . ents: eeter of work done and courses offered. In every instance the en- ‘ dursement of the State High School Supervisor is indispensable. of study A school applying for admission to either accredited list is re- m them quired to furnish information concerning its work on a blank form Iumished by the Association. It is also required to sign an agree- eww an Intuit not to make any change in its course of study which will lower A many way the character of the work done without notification of the mils pm. Slate Supervisor of High Schools. The list as at present constituted " follows: p in acade [lege ACCREDITED PUBLIC HIGH SCHOOLS. Mich "“i' Class A. eekélduiq ·`LOCATION’. NAME OF SCHOOL. SUPT. OR PRIN. Ilexaudriap County High Miss C. E. Reiley the sub AL“h°I¤§6 V'! Graded High J. B. Sibley Wand L·" High School J. W. B1‘3.dn€l‘ e subjec Album V County High J. D. Spears Augusta L/‘ High School A. J. Jolly mmuuit m*?l’I1€ V High School J. W. Ireland ` Billing Greenlf Western Ky Normal H. H. Cherry ‘ .v_ Ming Green High School E. A. Signer ‘ €atlettsburgI/ High School J. O. Faulkner , (Emil! City ;.· High School T. Sanford \Vil1iamS ‘ ly rcqmr (milton f High School W. F'. O’Dounell _ [Miele 5 High School R. D. Squires * Hu er ludvu u· High sciiooi E. L. west UUUELOII V High School H. C. Cox *5* i ifhiana ;.-» High school R. I. Cord ¢ be ma ‘“'E°¤ Springs l' High School J. C. Jenkins ‘*‘l¤¤ High School L. N. rayior

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