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Image 1 of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1789), August 2, 1790

Part of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1789)

77 I iw fcelf L13v. Numb. iy tJ KEN itMfcit K TC xtww i 1 ri i ixs. . NOTICE, &J forewarn from taking an oflignment, on a certain in- Urument of y ruing." of mine, tn Eli Cleveland, for ) THIS r -- - -- to .; no 'r WHITE, Late of frEW-Y- SETTLIN'G, ,TOVrJ oirthe Kentucky river, nearly eppofite Frahkforr, called A , , ni ') US'T it : r rr p h . corner RK. d ESPECTFULLY informs tnc ,IV Punljc that he,intends carrying 1. V Where there is a number of ip arid lots for falo. Property will be in all its various branches, (to out of about .iS5 PJpcr U) St.lls, BrW ari1 Die kcttleVfcc. taVen in payment, and twelve months ment currency, dated in A put or May Also) casts a ind rf brars work For credit given. The situation of tfie town, the qua. With mills makes and r'dpairs all kind of '8781 as my contiatt Vas - i n.mal BAnn nnd W.1E DV hrafs ant) sin wnrlr litpwifp ipnatrs ity of the land, and the goodncfs,of ,s "aSment to rcc-ipap.r cur- - a" kimis of locks and keys He buys lhe Yatcr' generally supposed to be . the.diftr.ft; any per. icency, Which the JhWi -- ievc cate t'0 savor son wlio inclines to puichafe, uiay feadiThofe Jad refilled, and Imd he would himw,ntharcuftorf fliallljavBthfelr apply to tha fubferibernov living on soot receive it, therefore am work done In the bell manner antl on he premiles, who will at any time give due attendance, or some other nnt to bav the Tarrie, the perlon tor mm. Lexicon, D.4. 8, 178; until compelled by law. Chrifto. onjhe CopperSmith'sbufinulsaUhis . 1 , ve A 40 'MA Alexander Cleveland. u'"ji :, i7a. jrtince vvuimuj September -- -- . l T I Mr Bradford, ... . . r. .; .1 ! .. pater to inform the r il&fl tV. .i.j rhanntl'os: mir K T '0 ei'nefal. Mrs thofeitmaycoh " ir,nTrtrninr v nnri .- Hint i am a: 'J ar tffiijw tc 5un 'the barrel, lock anX mounting frtmuie the fiukfrm the tree. irf.J , and m mit man hiiiw unnea uJtJi ru as oiaui,ji the neattjl and bejl at lhe judgment t iblJtH0M2 SIMPSON, JNorthO"elma, H90 . ..:" h m and a Mrs interface """" fiarm her sore- - Zjr, tfaiteh i8?J3 to JtfajaaJ 1793 iboMt . " Jr. yDHiV M,fl4.u,:';" u.iik on ..7.mi tti iki LL 1 1 - - ttLliAlfU iitlS herebv Piventhatthelir,!- . ' ns. " ders in tuP fflWn nc ,y - u . k- Jplliit 1790- - Hate in ny .U r county, which were f iheWiUttntfi, aforrel share very old mult mitait, brdhdeK on thetuai Hhite , buttockundJboufdcrEb'. m Alio a Jprtl silly 2 VfsJldl iindfooTwhtte',anatural pacer no brand ptruivatr.e. Atexahder Redd. ync 22,' 1790 NfTlf - ', i Fk iv J ,w a eMlenal' J. ft - j. . - .r Tfi Axir. jae:ies Lanier ciV A? Dii3E i& 1790. EH REK t R . Rb DOJLJb-E I. this I have rm.fili w. tii(,(4 ijyj uiincienr evidencfe. under ,hX j ;. ","u Uir "ia countv. , . r.-- , , Bourbon. """ i, tVJ ". 7un " -- JOHN HALM ii o ? 5 j jf b. ;i -- - . gentSnltt jV dlonrnod.?te.rnsforCiih or Trayed or ftblen the laff 6f Annl n rlnrl Uar mm. cfaet A furuifligd.wifhiln,, 1," feit'err.enrs. daBer.;;P";.:?.'orcor ' & . e flarfcr.! lX$X?Zi tJJl ', liar.. in his firtfohd. m. .' sszrzs re,cat,iab7"ai.i'.., AVORY GRIMES. 1790. tat. staliin 1. a r,j. r -- 1 , - iW. .v -. - mm i iviLin f by iMaoVbri .1 , ?," " b"r'quality, of Jus rr ..Ac,A... A 1. i enn tii 11c him ' r" "icmiMofthe -pUbjic. - ""-i"",;.'- 1 i' is ALL those indebted .to Williaj' Co. either Fv hr,. X J. Morton & .; livinf thefubferiber un. 7. SFUIiGW. 12, 1790. T(fm SOLK T' Op OR .t.wj'ji'ftL, wc JJ .".,. jD.A7.J cnu agprayea to l . .mort feafonabie r 9? . . bgb, branded on, he nenrLV der and buttOck P Whoever with "V ,"" br,n.Ss . e fa,ld tftare t0 m- - stall " f,nt '. , licS-epu- Lexington, May 20, 1796. ' RENTED .. A ,13 trro (lores in this place. vVa.fc At mV ,,eCted a roRe .. '. r .1 . " r .cranciR n, it. one ur mem OPDofite the abouttwn mii "" u Court house. the other where wWfr',. .lexinB!!tona .:i.-.- ? ..v vuiiir.snn ti ' ' now hve; which th'ey will king on f& 0f Glens freek, a darkbrown herfi Filii TX' Mr o. ...u to tranfaft the B"'J "" "M ,ay." "'" ' b ufinef ' t0 James ThS "k J xyvutrfkujMf&tutikn ffil"S&Benoc:tpeftMi fur, -- m pryfi W Valuable house a,nd;Iol: m A5 GEORGE COTTER, Lexington; with several 0- March tii 1790- thel improvements on it, it is known in the plan of thejbwr? b'v J3 b ii SALE A and is well calculated for public bufipefs.' Any .1," In bwn Ton may to A DOUSBandLOT, maintheftteet, of Lexington, on near the Court hntile, well calculated, tubicriDer in uanviue yv ., t r 1 K - z' 1 ns tk VHy ' it&Art: brought out - 1VJ. JC nrL' ;ris Ru nr-1f- Hiving near Boons old - pfftf' - , 71 J AMES idni months nciweri them "a 9Pea q large onawcu compleat their buildings on Jortment bf f tlie famfe; agrceable to ail 'Aft. yf AflembK in that case ma'de TtTTnr A "fT, . July2o innii inpr "777 . rl t IV JV " cmhtecrt JK'xAjOLLT.' 1 U June 28, 17901 , "yHcuuu.uuncuuniyjnave " WL"y mJKFftupBylhcfubfcribnezr a wf '. - T g ry r-i- N "J con h, near (boulder 1 wft anting tail crejl fallen aboul 1 4 Aanr I t IS h j. p ffune t up vy, .?. tnc.iHw County on the lieatl or in Fayette " i -- Ncvr-port- . . . vs k . county, Satiner i..v7, Bryan. . LL Penrns are 'reby dif ennrfen rnm rQLrinrA, .n lignment on a bona gnei. t, the fubfcribCr to,Valum Nia as bf WafbinfetoA County Statfi of Pennsylvania, conditioned for the parnent of one hun-' dred pounds current money f said Staiei ft being j Pay of a a4l of jlridStuJte lying and .being in. the county and state aforesaid which land I pdrclmfed of thefaid Nicholas, but finding he could not mae me a Efficient title did In the year pubIc. y forewarn all perions ffum havma any corcernfe wjth fa,d bond ; he hkewife sold the land 0-l- ir the-pa- v 'E nr iyw , ' .':. . Owda, at the at his CHA RLES is T E ? i x u & .WWWVW "; ,U ii w vj w ii ii " A ' . . . .i. J c , ,, , Main and Cross Streets where Snbfcrlptjonr advertifentents tfc. for ef by JOHN BRADFORD Expedition 'th'ls paper, "are thankfully received, and 'Printing, in its different branches dont with Care . -- ,. JLEXINGTON: Prlntad' t " v a, el a. ? '" ':& - Tr& Lexington,' July i'j'1790. tEGARDEN & M'CULLOUGHi "so Efpeftfully informs their " curtomers,and',the pubJid, in general, that as they ar.e oJ blipecl to leave the diftridfc orr and vrU the fifteenth v 1 X thatf Mpbfent a sew j ce.V'1 . - .... ..- ir uuc uucuuiiiiLc win uc givcti i, . '. 4..riir..fc 1.. L. r.Mrtfiri wff. rmn 41.. nrtic. 17. r...t.n. their itore in Lexington by Mrv j jleifet three years nld. marked with culars inqiiirc of the Printer or the Archibald Hufton.who ishere nWi i aJwallowfork and underieel in the o fubfenber. authorifed tatranfac the bit . rfM , :;je nigh NICHOLAS WOOD, Baker by da var . fjnefs; durir. their absence. buimkiUi Lcxingttn, May 10, 1,750- cow thrsi . J"x bribed i, . w m, a white M tyrftu acqif,) mark- - A.. Petinon will be offered to 5 . - n)r eX .j. ii!. - . ' cu.J.t. u uvu it in ,.',; j -iiC ncxr Hiipmn v iti A kinds of blank books foi 'branded, tun ynr ,"'TA ", and a crop in the nigh ear, AppraiJ. ftab(h ScptSTare- - Merchants, Clerks, &c. made ... a f,atcrtofltk-CoHe,abtimejwcr yf... I. ft and ruled to anV pattern ; Alio' ? . J4MES U0GjN.rWf, William MumtiomRt 6ld book's new bound, on rea'j ju'-- t4ISc bnablc terms, atUisjoJ L- - .n Stanford, our JlTayil ciis a bay tare, dboitt 7 yfarr oia.neat vc ic Aflrfr tiiirjf. braitaca sin anion tite un (bohldtr nearly thus b mtocA ,S j a brovn tlie is hahdsMghyf Handed i black sbouldcr: and lest ' a J'8? JW. oti h, in in hssforilmi, no bt&,.djexnivabic itaroldnot rtfo . hlnck mare ctlt,ne .. i. a Lmai I. L. ..A P: Tardiveau. . -- J""'' .1 jJue .7 fqr a store. pr public house, frirwhifK will be taken in payment, Vheat, flour. lait. cow.s ana calves, a good horle, and , , . d . , ,s .lt -- .- r- a :,. . . y 'hSarS&Sm? V , TT J

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